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Contacting McDonald’s Customer Service Center

The history of McDonald’s is a story many know and hold true to their hearts. More than 50 years ago, Ray Kroc started the company as a drive up hamburger business and within 3 years sold more than 100 million hamburgers. Through the mantra value, cleanliness, service and quality, McDonald’s has grown into the number one fast-food retailer on the planet.

The company not only serves billions of customers on a daily basis, it also gives back to the communities. With its brand at stake, McDonald’s knows the importance of taking care of the customer. When questions and concerns arise, the company provides a world-class customer service team ready to provide support.

Contact Info:

In order to contact the customer service department, customers can either contact by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is available every day, 8am to 8pm EST.

  • Customer service: 1-800-244-6227

Mailing Address

Customers can send messages and correspondence to the corporate headquarters here:

McDonald’s Corp.2111 McDonald’s Dr.Oak Brook, IL 60523

Official Website

Customers visiting the official McDonald’s website receive valuable information regarding the history of the company and the in-store experience. Nutritional information is available, as well promotional materials. In the event you want to find the nearest McDonald’s, customer can utilize the search tool.

Aside from the main site, the company provides links to websites showcasing its commitment to the communities, including:

  • McDonald’s Happy Meals
  • McDonald’s for Tweens
  • Me Encanta
  • 365 Black
  • My InspirAsian
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities

Customer Service Email

When we attempted to contact the customer service department by email, we received a 40 error message. Since we wanted to contact the customer service department, we used the Twitter page to send a message asking of the customer support center had a dedicated email address. We are still awaiting a response.

Customers can also contact the customer service department through the Facebook page or the Google+ page.

Our Experience

Receiving fast service at McDonald’s is what the company prides itself on. We were connected to a customer service representative within 3 minutes. When the agent answered our call, we asked if we had multiple questions and concerns, do we need to send multiple emails to the customer service department. The representative explained if customers send one email with multiple questions, each will be answered accordingly. They did recommend sending one email per concern in order to receive the appropriate response.

The customer support team is serious about customer service. Did you connect with the customer support team in a timely manner? We want to hear from you. Keep the conversation going; share your experience with us below.

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16 Comments on “Contact McDonalds Customer Service
  1. ordered food for lunch store#189 , the sandwich was cold and dry the french fries cold and soggy…..I would think it should at least be hot… was 05/13 at 13:37 they were not extremely busy and I used the drive thru my work is only 2 minutes from there…..KS#13, KVS order 55 I felt like I was eating something that was left over from an hour before I came thru…….

  2. The McDonalds on Coldwater and Victory in North Hollywood has poor customer service. The drive-thru operator sounded like he didn’t want to deal with customers and was in such a rush to complete my order. I never understood why McDonalds charges for their sauces when they make all the money in the world already. And when I order a big meal they only supply me with one sause.

  3. I would like to complain the BINTULU, SARAWAK branch.

    please investigate the Mcd at bintulu,sarawak. the price is not follow the advertisement and not same with the others Mcd.

    please check it out.

  4. as the advertisement showing the lunch meal is only RM 5.95 include drinks and starting at 12:00 – 3:00pm. but when we go and buy on 1:00pm, the 3 set lunch meal is RM 27.86. all the drinks is different charges.

    what kind of business like this? is mean cheating people.
    i am so angry with this kind of services.

    The bintulu branch just opening and now they simply charges the customer like this, all the prices is not follow when we paid.

  5. Very disappointed in the happy meals toy. They not only frustrated my two grand children but that of my sisters two grandchildren. Hope the next batch of toys that come out are gere to children ages between 2 to 7.

  6. I am beyond frustrated with some workers in management at the Gilcrease location namely Jessica Robles /asst mgr and Nicole Taft/asst ngr as well. I am so offended by their actions that I will be sending a certified letter with the details. = have seen several reports of McDonald wanting to improve their customer service my first suggestion would to be cautious who you place in management. Simply because as the head goesso the body! The store # is 35401 in Tulsa. I refused to be disrespected when my money produces the employees paycheck!

  7. Store #24108
    Manager: Uuryn
    Date of Incident: 5-2-13
    Time of incident: 8:35
    I am a very regular customer of McDonalds and I work in customer service, and never in my life have I dealt with such rude, inconsiderate, incapable, ignorant, foul, poor excuses for human beings in my life!!! A simple transaction of 3 ice cream cones, large shake, and large diet coke turned into an experience that will forever be the worst family fun trip to McDonalds and might even end our fun forever. At the first window where the young man took payment was handing me my change and as I was asking him for different change, he turned and slammed the window shut so I pulled forward to the next window and as the girl was handing me my food I asked her to correct the change an she refused. I then asked for the manager who is an absolute beast of a person, refused to help me saying she could not and would not open the register for me, which is absolute nonsense because many time at McDonalds have they opened the register to make different change or correct change for me in the past. I then continued around the drive through and parked and went inside only to find the “manager” talking about, making fun of and mocking me to all the staff and patrons of the store. REALLY!!! Are you kidding me!!! I didn’t cause a scene, or was rude or made some unreasonable request. I am demanding a very strict course of action be taken against this Manager!! I am demanding a immediate phone call from your so called customer service that doesn’t even care enough to be open. Call me at 702-574-8860 which is my cell phone and we can talk about the course of action that McDonalds will take to rectify this situation.
    Carollyn Lloyd

  8. The managers need better training! I was at this store two nights ago with my family and we spent $28.62 on all the food we ordered. The food at most Mcdonal’d stores is normally very good and we enjoy it. This visit had to be different? that is because the Manager Selbey I think she said her name was got so angry because I said I did not want to pull over to the side and wait for a minute to get the rest of my food. I said that I would like to wait there if it was going to be only a minute? She then told me SHE JUST WANTS TO GIVE THE LADY AFTER ME HER DRINK! I then asked if she felt that $1.00 was more important then treating me like a customer that just spent $30.00 she then twisted her face and called me a FUCKING NIGGER! in a low voice me and my kids were in shock! All of her underlings were there to see from her how they should treat their next customer?

  9. I have two McDonalds in my immediate area. One of the locations is very consistent. Consistently terrible customer service. The other location in Everett on Evergreen Way has the absolute best customer service each and everytime. Typically McDonalds has very good customer service, but this location is operating on a different level. It’s almost like the smiles, speed, courtesy is genuine and not fabricated. Thats wasnt meant as a back handed compliment, but I know that it must be a challenging job when it gets really busy. At those times one would have to fake a smile or two. I tell myself everytime I go there that I’m going to write somebody. It’s just so obvious that whomever owns this particular location takes every detail very seriously.

  10. Hi Guys. Guess What. Gregory haven’t met Ronald McDonald for a long time for this year.

  11. Hi guys have no option but to complain unfortunately . Was in MacDonalds wishaw and they had no vegatarian food available,and since I’m veggie had to take two distraught kids else where very disappointed would love a reply:-)

  12. I like your new wraps, However the little tube you put them in makes it impossible to remove them with out tearing the tube apart, Then you have a leaking wrap, you must hold on to. Nice presentation of the wrap, just a worthless way for the customer to open their food… thanks…..

  13. On August 10,2013 I was @ the Clare, Michigan McD’s, Store# 5829. @ the counter I asked for 2 Side orders of McGriddles. I received my items fairly quickly considering they were quite busy. I later found out after reading my receipt that what I received was 2 McGriddle sandwiches without sausage @ cost of $4.78. A couple days later, I stopped @ the Reed City, Michigan McD’s Store# 11633 & ordered the same items @ a cost of $2.00. I realize Franchise stores can charge what they want but 4 McGriddles @ a cost of almost $1.80 each versus $.50 each is quite a difference.

  14. I have been unable to go into your restraunt for the last three days because the air conditioner has been broken and has been running non stop and it is 60 degrees or maybe even colder than that . This happens all the time and on other occasions it has been so hot you could hardly stand to touch the table tops. This has been going on for a long time and the employees agree with you but do nothing to fix the problem. No way to treat good customers .I have been going to this Mc Donalds every morning 7 days a week for 40 years. I don’t think the managers or owner spend enough time there to know what is going on .This is a new construction and I find it hard to believe that you cant set the ac on auto around 70 degrees and just leave it alone. Employees should leave ac settings alone .Hardees is just up the road and they don’t seem to have any problemns with keeping a comfortable temperature in their building.

  15. Me & my friends went to McDonald’s tonight, and we are all now sick with stomach aches and poop issues. The French fries were raw, the mcdoubles were cold, and my vanilla milkshake tasted like egg nog. I am really disappointed in McDonald’s tonight.

  16. why no more hot mustard?!

    Sweet and sour tastes like it was a mistake, BBQ is ok, but pretty sweet and the others are just marginal—Hot Mustard was the best!

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