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Contacting McDonald’s Customer Service Center

The history of McDonald’s is a story many know and hold true to their hearts. More than 50 years ago, Ray Kroc started the company as a drive up hamburger business and within 3 years sold more than 100 million hamburgers. Through the mantra value, cleanliness, service and quality, McDonald’s has grown into the number one fast-food retailer on the planet.

The company not only serves billions of customers on a daily basis, it also gives back to the communities. With its brand at stake, McDonald’s knows the importance of taking care of the customer. When questions and concerns arise, the company provides a world-class customer service team ready to provide support.

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Contact Info:

In order to contact the customer service department, customers can either contact by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is available every day, 8am to 8pm EST.

  • Customer service: 1-800-244-6227

Mailing Address

Customers can send messages and correspondence to the corporate headquarters here:

McDonald’s Corp.2111 McDonald’s Dr.Oak Brook, IL 60523

Official Website

Customers visiting the official McDonald’s website receive valuable information regarding the history of the company and the in-store experience. Nutritional information is available, as well promotional materials. In the event you want to find the nearest McDonald’s, customer can utilize the search tool.

Aside from the main site, the company provides links to websites showcasing its commitment to the communities, including:

  • McDonald’s Happy Meals
  • McDonald’s for Tweens
  • Me Encanta
  • 365 Black
  • My InspirAsian
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities

Customer Service Email

When we attempted to contact the customer service department by email, we received a 40 error message. Since we wanted to contact the customer service department, we used the Twitter page to send a message asking of the customer support center had a dedicated email address. We are still awaiting a response.

Customers can also contact the customer service department through the Facebook page or the Google+ page.

Our Experience

Receiving fast service at McDonald’s is what the company prides itself on. We were connected to a customer service representative within 3 minutes. When the agent answered our call, we asked if we had multiple questions and concerns, do we need to send multiple emails to the customer service department. The representative explained if customers send one email with multiple questions, each will be answered accordingly. They did recommend sending one email per concern in order to receive the appropriate response.

The customer support team is serious about customer service. Did you connect with the customer support team in a timely manner? We want to hear from you. Keep the conversation going; share your experience with us below.

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223 Comments on “Contact McDonalds Customer Service
  1. ordered food for lunch store#189 , the sandwich was cold and dry the french fries cold and soggy…..I would think it should at least be hot… was 05/13 at 13:37 they were not extremely busy and I used the drive thru my work is only 2 minutes from there…..KS#13, KVS order 55 I felt like I was eating something that was left over from an hour before I came thru…….

  2. The McDonalds on Coldwater and Victory in North Hollywood has poor customer service. The drive-thru operator sounded like he didn’t want to deal with customers and was in such a rush to complete my order. I never understood why McDonalds charges for their sauces when they make all the money in the world already. And when I order a big meal they only supply me with one sause.

    • Sauces are made for nuggets, they charge for them if you have no nuggets. They will provide u with one or two, because most of the time when customers have nuggets they dont have their sauces because they where given to customers for sandwiches and fries. Thats when the poor employee gets yelled by the customer for not having the sauce for their nuggets, when actually the store was being nice to another customer giving them sauces for their sandwiches and not charging them for it. Thats how they explained it to me, and i understood, besides theres nothing free in america.

  3. I would like to complain the BINTULU, SARAWAK branch.

    please investigate the Mcd at bintulu,sarawak. the price is not follow the advertisement and not same with the others Mcd.

    please check it out.

  4. as the advertisement showing the lunch meal is only RM 5.95 include drinks and starting at 12:00 – 3:00pm. but when we go and buy on 1:00pm, the 3 set lunch meal is RM 27.86. all the drinks is different charges.

    what kind of business like this? is mean cheating people.
    i am so angry with this kind of services.

    The bintulu branch just opening and now they simply charges the customer like this, all the prices is not follow when we paid.

  5. Very disappointed in the happy meals toy. They not only frustrated my two grand children but that of my sisters two grandchildren. Hope the next batch of toys that come out are gere to children ages between 2 to 7.

  6. I am beyond frustrated with some workers in management at the Gilcrease location namely Jessica Robles /asst mgr and Nicole Taft/asst ngr as well. I am so offended by their actions that I will be sending a certified letter with the details. = have seen several reports of McDonald wanting to improve their customer service my first suggestion would to be cautious who you place in management. Simply because as the head goesso the body! The store # is 35401 in Tulsa. I refused to be disrespected when my money produces the employees paycheck!

  7. Store #24108
    Manager: Uuryn
    Date of Incident: 5-2-13
    Time of incident: 8:35
    I am a very regular customer of McDonalds and I work in customer service, and never in my life have I dealt with such rude, inconsiderate, incapable, ignorant, foul, poor excuses for human beings in my life!!! A simple transaction of 3 ice cream cones, large shake, and large diet coke turned into an experience that will forever be the worst family fun trip to McDonalds and might even end our fun forever. At the first window where the young man took payment was handing me my change and as I was asking him for different change, he turned and slammed the window shut so I pulled forward to the next window and as the girl was handing me my food I asked her to correct the change an she refused. I then asked for the manager who is an absolute beast of a person, refused to help me saying she could not and would not open the register for me, which is absolute nonsense because many time at McDonalds have they opened the register to make different change or correct change for me in the past. I then continued around the drive through and parked and went inside only to find the “manager” talking about, making fun of and mocking me to all the staff and patrons of the store. REALLY!!! Are you kidding me!!! I didn’t cause a scene, or was rude or made some unreasonable request. I am demanding a very strict course of action be taken against this Manager!! I am demanding a immediate phone call from your so called customer service that doesn’t even care enough to be open. Call me at 702-574-8860 which is my cell phone and we can talk about the course of action that McDonalds will take to rectify this situation.
    Carollyn Lloyd

  8. I have two McDonalds in my immediate area. One of the locations is very consistent. Consistently terrible customer service. The other location in Everett on Evergreen Way has the absolute best customer service each and everytime. Typically McDonalds has very good customer service, but this location is operating on a different level. It’s almost like the smiles, speed, courtesy is genuine and not fabricated. Thats wasnt meant as a back handed compliment, but I know that it must be a challenging job when it gets really busy. At those times one would have to fake a smile or two. I tell myself everytime I go there that I’m going to write somebody. It’s just so obvious that whomever owns this particular location takes every detail very seriously.

  9. Hi Guys. Guess What. Gregory haven’t met Ronald McDonald for a long time for this year.

  10. Hi guys have no option but to complain unfortunately . Was in MacDonalds wishaw and they had no vegatarian food available,and since I’m veggie had to take two distraught kids else where very disappointed would love a reply:-)

  11. I like your new wraps, However the little tube you put them in makes it impossible to remove them with out tearing the tube apart, Then you have a leaking wrap, you must hold on to. Nice presentation of the wrap, just a worthless way for the customer to open their food… thanks…..

  12. On August 10,2013 I was @ the Clare, Michigan McD’s, Store# 5829. @ the counter I asked for 2 Side orders of McGriddles. I received my items fairly quickly considering they were quite busy. I later found out after reading my receipt that what I received was 2 McGriddle sandwiches without sausage @ cost of $4.78. A couple days later, I stopped @ the Reed City, Michigan McD’s Store# 11633 & ordered the same items @ a cost of $2.00. I realize Franchise stores can charge what they want but 4 McGriddles @ a cost of almost $1.80 each versus $.50 each is quite a difference.

  13. I have been unable to go into your restraunt for the last three days because the air conditioner has been broken and has been running non stop and it is 60 degrees or maybe even colder than that . This happens all the time and on other occasions it has been so hot you could hardly stand to touch the table tops. This has been going on for a long time and the employees agree with you but do nothing to fix the problem. No way to treat good customers .I have been going to this Mc Donalds every morning 7 days a week for 40 years. I don’t think the managers or owner spend enough time there to know what is going on .This is a new construction and I find it hard to believe that you cant set the ac on auto around 70 degrees and just leave it alone. Employees should leave ac settings alone .Hardees is just up the road and they don’t seem to have any problemns with keeping a comfortable temperature in their building.

  14. Me & my friends went to McDonald’s tonight, and we are all now sick with stomach aches and poop issues. The French fries were raw, the mcdoubles were cold, and my vanilla milkshake tasted like egg nog. I am really disappointed in McDonald’s tonight.

  15. why no more hot mustard?!

    Sweet and sour tastes like it was a mistake, BBQ is ok, but pretty sweet and the others are just marginal—Hot Mustard was the best!

  16. At Pekin, Illinois McDonalds inside walmart on veterans dr.
    I got a 2 cheese burger meal, while driving home I began eating it and within the first bite I bit into something crunchy and pulled little black pieces from my mouth. Called and complained they said they would notify the store and get back to me. she just said oh it was a piece of burnt bread and she would give me a new hamburger. I said it was a meal she said I only had the piece on one sandwich right? I said yes that was enough and I didn’t eat any more. after some discussion she said I will give you a meal to which I said that’s not enough, after much more arguing she said I will give you 2 free cheese burger meals to which I reluctantly agreed. today I went in to get one of the meals and they refused to let me get them separate I said how can I possibly eat 4 cheese burgers and 2 drinks and 2 fries all in one setting? They said that’s not what they are willing to do either all or nothing. I took the meals and decided to write and complain I was only able to eat one meal at a time and did not even accept the 2nd drink since I was the only person eating it how do you get away with this rudeness and I am the paying customer and they McDonalds gave me sandwiches with something in them… I am extremely angry over this ! I do not know where else to call about my terrible experience at this location.
    Lee Jacobson

  17. I love mickey d’s big mac. But I have to say that the Xenia shop on main St. has to be the worst I have ever had. The service is AWFUL! They can’t keep an order straight to save themselves. This past couple of weeks have orders sent that have been so mixed up. I asked for a bacon-egg breakfast biscuit and received a sausage, egg and cheese. A lot of people grumble about mixed up orders, specially those to go that are always wrong, but they are on their way to work and don’t have time to go back to fix the order.

  18. Everytime i go to Reedswood Mcdonalds in Walsall WS2 8XD there’s always a delay because the tills are always down. I don’t appreciate this because the customer service is no good when they tell me that it will be a 15 minute wait, i then wait 20 minutes and go back round for them to say its another 15 minute wait. The customer service is rubbish as sometimes the man or woman on the mic doesn’t even speak to me or speak properly to me.

  19. Really? Just went to your restaurant on 27th ave and US1 in miami, fl 33133 and I ordered the simplest order. A mc chicken sandwich (add cheese) large with dr pepper and another large coke. And you guys can’t get that order right? Really? It’s a simple order. Do I really have to open my wrapped sandwich in front of the employee to make sure it’s the right sandwich? Really? How can they mistake a burger meat for chicken? How? Really!?!!

  20. I ate at my local McDonald’s last evening (4/24/14). While I was there a couple came into the restaurant. They went immediately to the drink fountains. I looked over at them because they never went to the counter and the young lady at the drink fountain was looking around like she was standing guard. She did see me looking at them and I looked away. The young man was carrying a back pack. For roughly 10-15 minutes they filled an empty liter they had with a soft drink and she pulled out a plastic cup and filled that also. During that time frame of 10-15 minutes customer’s went there to get their drinks and the couple just stepped out of the way. A manager also walked by (I assume he was a manager as he was wearing black) he never paid any attention to what was going on nor did anyone at the counter notice either. The couple stopped to visit with a couple of men that were getting food. After chatting with these two men, they all went outside to the picnic tables, sat down, lite up cigarettes, the men ate the food and the couple were drinking their “free” drinks. There wasn’t a lot of customer’s in the restaurant, which is why I didn’t find a manager as I knew the young lady would know I was the one who turned them in. I just wanted you to know that the staff needs to be more observant of what’s going on in the lobby. There were certainly enough employees there. Thank you.

  21. I just visited the Edwardsville Illinois Troy road McDonalds. I ordered a large order of fries and two mcDoubles with onion and pickle only. It was about 10:40pm and I was the only car in the drive thru. After waiting several minutes a worker finally came and took my money. Several minutes later I was given my food. I left the restaurant and drove home to find that my fries were inedible because they tasted like old cooking oil. My Mcdouble sandwiches had neither onion or pickle, instead they were smothered in ketchup .The sandwiches were even marked ” order slip # 51, time 22:50
    McDouble Only Onions , Only pickles.” I should have known not to visit this location because it is consistently terrible. I worked a 11 hour shift, visited McDonalds on my way home, and once again had a lousy experience!

  22. 7/11/2014
    Dear McDonald’s,

    I have received the best service that can be deliver by one of your worker at the #6968 store that can be given. Violet is her name, and she is the best worker at the 1035 SW 6th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97204. She run most of the operations all around. I watch her not only doing handling the cashier, running the food and checking to making sure that her co-worker are actually serving & mopping the floor and not hiding away in the restroom. She even standing up to tell non-customers to either they are there to eat and not just hanging around and begging. She caught one of her worker left a key [link to a shelf handle]that could be use as a weapon to the patrons, to make sure it return to their proper place. Violet an EXTRAORDINARY WORKER!!!

  23. I used to really enjoy McDonalds, ate there relentlessly while I was an extradition officer around the nation. In recent years, seems McDonalds has done some GOOD things, but they use we know terrible meat and meat sources. Now I read that they have capitulated to the marxist michele obama, “wife” of the fraudulent obama and now she seeks to have her image on all McDonalds products . Well, they tried that trashbaggery at Subway, we boycotted, and I do not see that foul “woman’s” face on their ads, if I see them at McDonalds, with her dictating vile food be issued to OUR children in OUR schools, I will forever be DONE with McDonald’s and encourage all to follow mwe in the boycott FOR America and American Ideals which “michele” abhors!

  24. I used to really enjoy McDonalds, ate there relentlessly while I was an extradition officer around the nation. In recent years, seems McDonalds has done some GOOD things, but they use we know terrible meat and meat sources. Now I read that they have capitulated to the marxist michele obama, “wife” of the fraudulent obama and now she seeks to have her image on all McDonalds products . Well, they tried that trashbaggery at Subway, we boycotted, and I do not see that foul “woman’s” face on their ads, if I see them at McDonalds, with her dictating vile food be issued to OUR children in OUR schools, I will forever be DONE with McDonald’s and encourage all to follow mwe in the boycott FOR America and American Ideals which “michele” abhors!

  25. Don’t stop at the Lehi, Utah McDonald’s right off the 15 freeway. Me and my husband ordered a medium coffee w 5 creams and 5 sugars. we both thought it tasted like Soap, but I thought it might be a cheaper cream they switched to. Needless to say, we both got profuse diarrhea and horrible stomach pains. Worse, when I went to the manager, he was very rude and said… well how do you know it was here? The district person was just as non caring. I will tell everyone to be careful as food poisoning CAN kill you.

  26. I ordered an egg, cheese, and sausage mcmuffin this morning. I went to cut it smaller so my 2 year old son could bite it more easily and found that the egg felt like rubber and appeared to have a greenish/black mold like spot on it. Not even sure what it was. Needless to say my son did not continue to eat the sandwich in case there was some sort of bacteria. I have a photo of the egg but it will not let me post it anywhere. I just hope that others have checked their food before eating. Just wish the cook at the store took the time to make the right decision and not serve that egg. I’m sure he knew what it looked like.

  27. Store located on Route 70 and Route 9 in Toms River, New Jersey. Hit up the drive thru around 12:15 AM on Sept 4th 2014. Food was good and service was great. I don’t know her name but the young woman working the drive thru was working her butt off and still managed to have a huge smile on her face at midnight. Those are the type of employees you hold on to, take care of her… whoever she is!

  28. I called today around 6:50a.m.asking for Bea and she said who’s this I gave her my name and she said she’s busy and I said ok when is she available to talk too her she told me at 1:30p.m. and I said okay thank u and I called again but this time asking for Sonya she said who’s this I said me again and she clicked on me and asked for Sonya again she said what I want I said nicely can I speak with Sonya she clicked on me again and called one more time asked for Sonya the same person finally tells me she’s not there and I told her that’s all you have to say instead of clicking on me and the only reason I was asking for them to see if I can try to get my job back but I rather not try anymore its just a waist of time even though I have all the time in the world all I have to do is pray on that person for forgiveness for being rude to me as a customer.

  29. 1) Yogurt, the type that you are pushing is full of sugars as well as fillers; it is not healthy in other words; in fact, ice cream of a soda pop is healthier, please do something different, like a Greek, Organic.

    Our planet is dying from a multiple of reasons, HAARP, Chem Trails, Ethanol and PLASTIC; there are a few ways you could cut back on the use of plastic, please study and employ. Plastic will not return to the “win”, Mother Earth where papers, cardboard, etc., will…please desist in using Styrofoam and use the paper like cup instead..they can be recycled and why not have an area for customers to place their plastic after eating? It would help immensely and the planet needs all the help it can get. Thanks.

  30. Why do we have to listen to noise instead of decent, music, like the Golden Oldies or classic country western…rap and the noise that they play now are not conducive to wanting to go there and eat, then you walk in and it too cold to enjoy one’s dining experiences!

  31. Plenty of problems at 15 E Dundee Rd and one at Rand Rd (83 and Rand). 1)Static on speaker 2)not very friendly service people, no smiles like they didn’t really want my business 2)ranch wraps were cold, lettuce wilted and dripping with runny ranch sauce, very little cheese, top inch of tortilla was empty, chicken small piece looked like it had been chopped up and was cold.

  32. All the McDonalds I go to have the same prices except the one on East Main Street in Torrington. I have been paying $1.06 for a side salad and that includes tax. The one on East Main Street charges $1.29. They told me they are private owned so they can change their prices. I don’t think that is right

  33. Generic email from customer service. Lame.
    Saratoga springs utah location is charging my card twice , no resolution and is fraudulent. ref#:11406589

  34. On the morning of October 5, 2014, I went to a McDonalds at Hwy 90, Ocean Springs, MS 39564. Went in to get two Senior coffee, after I gave the young blonde girl with glasses (I guess she a shift supervisor) my money with return change I ask for a Monopoly Game piece and she reply back they only come with a large coffee cups, I reply back the other McDonalds given out these games pcs with no hesitation. She left the front for a minute and then a curly blonde hair male with glasses (guess shift manager) came up asks what I needed and told him the same thing a Monopoly game pcs. Said that if I want one that I have to send in stamped envelope with sufficient postage and envelope to get game pcs, I said the same thing to him about the other McDonalds and his reply was “they was not supposed to do that”. I knew this if you did not order food items but I order coffee and this is a food product. There is only certain food item that comes with games pcs but it does not say what certain food items. The point is I order a food product from this McDonalds restaurant and these two individual refuse to give me a game pcs to make a customer happy instead they just got me mad. I have manage for thirty years in business and the saying is know your job before you answer a question to a customer if you don’t you better do your homework and it seems these two did not do their homework. I believe this place owes me couple of games pcs, who knows I might have won something nice. I will apply this on Facebook, twitters, YouTube and email a statement to the BBB and state officials on this issue; it is nothing but a sale gimmick to buy certain food items. If a game played like this then all food items package should have games pcs on it or just games card pcs for items that do not have them applied to package.

  35. Its no wonder your company is losing business. I heard that customers are leaving for the competition because of the high prices. Today I experienced myself. While my mechanic worked on my car I went to the closest place for some breakfast. I was stunned at the prices for breakfast combos. It wound up costing me close to $4.00 for a biscuit egg and bacon sandwich and a SENIOR coffee. For five to six dollars I could have had a complete sit down breakfast at a diner. And the egg and bacon biscuit was puny. You won’t be seeing me again for anything but a senior coffee.

  36. For years grilled chicken has always been one of my least favorite foods, … all dried out. Yesterday (10/29) my wife and stopped at store number 7896 and had lunch. We both had the Premium Chicken Bacon (grilled) Wrap. Man, … this has got to be the best chicken sandwich on the market, … hands down !! It has just the right amount of everything from the first bite to the last !! And the flavor AWESOME !! This has got to be a masterpiech if there ever was one !! Magnifico, … bravo, … very well done !! Thank you !!

  37. I order the Sausage McMuffin with Egg take away in Wanchai shop located at bridge to HKCEC at 08:00 this morning, but I wait & wait over 6 ppl ahead of me & I tried to talk to your screw.
    The answer is wait but no invoice on the table, why?

  38. I was in McDonald’s flamwood walk the manager was in the kitchen with out mob cab mob refused to call her she was scared

  39. Glenway Avenue McDonalds sucks I’m on my way to Burger King now customer service goes a long way actually most important variable there is and I’m sitting outside your location I can see a half a dozen employees sit inside on their butts at the tables texting yet I was turned away at the the window was told I had to wait an additional 8 minutes what a joke just a place my breakfast order cuz I was a little early

  40. WHY is McDonald loosing terrain against all others?
    THE answer is very simple:
    Change the flavor and you’ll see better results.

  41. Please send me an official address including email, telephone, the person in charge to officially send the a request on franchising.
    Thank you,


  42. Put a big singe on your menu telling person who don’t under stand that (hounders ? Is hot hot super hot my kids and me got so sick we could not Finnish are quarter ponder that i didn’t know it was super hot

  43. Put a big singe on your menu telling person who don’t under stand that (hounders ? Is hot hot super hot my kids and me got so sick we could not Finnish are quarter ponder that i didn’t know it was super hot

  44. They manger did replace are burger but was to late took kids home gave them some pep toll bis mole to help with there pain thank mr cormier

  45. Just wanted to say thank you for that great ad. re messages on various McD signs. Inspiring and heartwarming.

    Thanks again.

    Jim and Barbara

  46. On January 25th on the way to the Greyhound bus terminan my daughter and I went to the McDonald’s at 9401 Foster which is across the street from Valley View Bank. We were there at 8:15 AM getting 2 egg Mcmuffins and 1 order or hash brown pattie. We weren’t running late and we expected to get there 15 minutes early which we did however we wouldn’t have if we had gone back to McDoanlds to show them the egg they had given to my daughter. I’m actually surprised she noticed it and the only reason she did was because she doesn’t like ham and took hers off to put in my sandwich. That’s when she saw what can only be called disgusting. Parts of the egg were actually green! Whatever the green stuff was it was cooked into the egg, not an afterthought like maybe jelly mixed up with yoke which produce a green color. I’m not a scientist but the only explanation my wife or anyone I talked to about it said “it’s mold”! I brought it back and as usual at that McDonald’s no one knew what the hell I was talking about but they can see! I have no idea what she said or who she said it to (my Spanish has never been that good, in fact, Adios is the only word i really know and would recommend that word to anyone before going into the McDonalds, at 9401 Foster, which is across the street from Valley View Bank) but the answer to my situation was “give him another egg mcmuffin”. Are you kidding me? No manager talked to me and why would anyone want something from a place that had actually given you food with the definite possibility of food poisoning? I was in disbelief walking out of there. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result.

  47. when you use the same mcyds for YEARS and have the same friendly get things done gal there, than find out they didn’t appreciate her AT ALL after 10 yrs. But hire these dumb kids because they can get them cheaper! You should be ashamed of your self!!! We NEED workers like Becca who loved her job and her customers. You made a big mistake and you are no different than any of the other bottom feeders who $ is there god and could care less about their customers.

  48. Do you HEAR ME????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. I want to just start off by saying that the Mcdonalds located on speedway ave. in Fairmont WV is just down right nasty and disgusting. Bugs are everywhere. Today when the Frappe Machine was cleaned ( first time in about a month ) there was green/black slimy mold coming out of the machine. The coffee pot is also the exact same was as well as the mocha and latte machine. The tea timers are never set and there are numerous complaints about spoiled or sour tea. Orange juice machine is down right nasty. Bugs have gotten into peoples drinks and also a older woman came through the drive through complaining about her milk being dated clear back until December and it is now February. She also proceeded to say that this was not the first time this has happened. The employees are treated like total crap while the managers set around and talk all day long, following each other around like lost dogs. New employees hardly get any training and then shoved into positions they don’t know, thus having the managers scream at them right infront of customers when a mistake is made.. even tho they’ve had hardly any training. The bathrooms smell like a barn. I honestly don’t think there is one good thing about that McDonalds down there and a surprise inspection should be done. There are some good workers but a fair share of bad ones.. especially the managers. I as well as a few other employees have all agreed what a bad place it is there. I also have children of my own and I must say.. we will never eat at that mcdonalds ever again after learning how nasty of a place it is. I am afraid to even drink a coke without getting a bug in my mouth or mold from the machine. Something needs done about this because I am aware that this is not the only complaint. I just happen to be up close and personal with all this nasty stuff. Something needs done.

  50. Most of the time I just order a regular cheeseburger and they never get it right .the only thing I order is the strawberry banana smothie. So basically what I’m saying is that McDonald’s is 1 half of a joke. Ps they should make what the costumers want.

  51. After trying for a month to find a Mcdonalds that had Vanills cappachino One was out the otoher machine was broke the 3rd didnt hacve a machine and last one said time ran out. Hmmm Called and lady said for my inconvenience would get A coupon. Sure did/ Good for one SMALL REDULAR coffee. You cab get that on any Monday for free. Also Wendy gives it free for seniors any day. They could have given a large coffee or small special. How cheap can this company be. I get my cappichino at Sheetz Gas and it is cheaper and better. Also can get it at our local Ggiant Eagle and it is better. Good bye McDonalds. Hundreds on Advertisement but .50 for customer appreciation. Hello Wendys

  52. Yesterday I went to Jonesville Mi store for decaf coffee on way to work. I actually went inside because 2 drive thru lines full. Y 2 drive thru lines? Can’t handle 1 in timely manner! Anyway, no decaff made. Manager puts coffee on to brew. She puts in cream, when pot has just enough coffee to fill a cup, SHE POURS IT INTO MY CUP! I’m on my way to work I don’t have time to argue that this is UNACCEPTABLE. I made 3 cups of coffee w that 1 cup of coffee. I feel sorry for those after me who ordered decaff. Is this the way to: 1. Run a business? 2.Treat customers? 3.Expect repeat business? WHY NOT TRAIN EVERYONE TO DO THE SAME THING THE SAME WAY EVERY DAY? You lost a customer! Listening? This is not the first time this has happened to me at McD in many locations! Hurry up get rid of customers at counter! Okay im going to the gas station down the street. Consistantly have decaff ALL DAY LONG. NO WAITING. ALWAYS HOT AND READY. And 1 cup is 1 cup, not so strong i can make 3 out of 1.

  53. I have been a loyal customer ever since the first McDonalds came to Maine on St. John St. in Portland back in the mid 1960’s but when Heather levia was fired for paying for firefighters meals in upstate NY after fighting a fire in subzero temps. I can tell you I am done with McD.. The front office claims she swore at someone who refused to pick up the firemen’s tab. So What!@! I am posting this story on Facebook and all the social media.

  54. I think one of the biggest problems in the hamburger buns they are so so cheap. I think you need to also have a two dollar menu as well. Those chicken nuggets are nasty. Than the drive thur is the worst of any chain hand down. The employees aren’t engaged they could care less if somebody has a bad experience!! Other chains make sure the customer comes first! Overall hire some better workers, put hamburgers on better bread, serve better chicken nuggets, and offer a two dollar menu besides the dollar menu and I bet things will change. If you need to talk to you further let me know.

  55. biggest problem you have are your employees and owners of you stores, they flat don’t care anymore about quality that they are serving you and if you don’t like it, lump it or go somewhere else they say. Get some manager out there and buy some food not close to home and if they are honest with you, you will be surprised with some of your findings. I worked for you when I was in high school 55 years ago, your quality has gone down the tubes, I still purchase some but not like I used to.

  56. Hi I don’t know if I am able to do anything about this at this point. I purchased a med ice coffee at the McDonalds on Chicago, IL. As I was finishing my ice coffee I spotted something black on the ice. I looked closer and found a little animal. I really cant tell what it is but it is very disgusting. I did call them and they told me to go back and they were bribing me in a way. They told me I can get whatever I wanted but I really didn’t want anything. All they told me was that I could either get my money back or get another ice coffee plus anything I wanted. So I ended up getting the ice coffee and some fries. This has never happened to me before so I really didn’t know what to do. I am very disgusted and I wanted to know if there is something I can still do about this issue?

  57. I was at the drive thru at McD’s on Allen st. in Springfield Ma. I waited for 17 minutes, there were 6 cars in front of me. I was ready to give an ear full of disappointment to the girl working the money window but I could tell she must have heard plenty of that from the people before me. Some were quite angry enough to pull out of line with squeeling tires and doubt they will return, and I was thinking the same. But I kept quiet and then the same girl appeared at the food service window a few minutes later. She apologized and said there were only two working today. Glad I didnt vent on her and I told her SHE deserved to make double whatever she was being paid. I would love it if someone from corporate would voice their appreciation and acknowledge this individual for showing up for work and having to do double duty while putting up with exacerbated customers .

    Still a fan of McD’s

    Regards, Daniel Blais

  58. I have stopped going to Mcdonalds since they stopped making fresh food. They pre cook it, throw it in a warmer and use a microwave to melt the cheese and warm it up. That is not good food. Back in the day, like in the early 70’s, they cooked food fresh, put it in a bin and held if for a certain period of time. If it want past that time they would throw it out. You always got fresh food.

  59. We are very disappointed with the quality of food and drinks 3 0f the 4 mcdonalds has in chillicothe. Tonight we went to bridge street and got a large coffee for 1.60 and my husband couldn’t even drink it the coffee was old bottom of the pot and very strong. We have this problem almost every Friday night we go to the other bridge street and get coffee for my mother in law and husband her decaffeinated is always cold for 1.60 it should be hot and fresh. Also fries are either salty or dead(cold) I worked there for 7 years it has definitely changed. If things don’t change we won’t be going back my husband usually gets coffee 3 or 4 times a week. Hope to hear from someone Cheryl lowe

  60. Was at exit 343 on i-10 at baldwin, Fl at 9:15 4/2. The manager was rude to her employees. I went in for sweet tea and there are 15 people wait ing for food. She’s barking direction for the juice and coffee stuff (after back finished sandwiches). No one seemed to know what they automatically needed to do. A girl makes 2 juices and is standing there holding them. The manager snaps “Just put them down”. It was rude and im the customer that still hasnt been waited on and i still thinks its rude.

    Everyone should have a role and do it without stumbling over the others. That store needs attention for organization and how to teach staff what to do.


  61. I have expended a considerable amount of time and frustration in recent days trying to discover an email address to which a complaint about a meal ordered online in Hong Kong recently can be addressed.
    The experience with the meal, followed by the learning experience in how little MCD want customer feedback, have radically and negatively changed my perception of MCD. It is clearly a corporate policy to make emails from customers as difficult as possible. Even the relevant link on the MCD website is broken. If you don’t care, then why should I?
    NOT loving’ it, guys 🙁

  62. We always stop at McDonald’s. Paul and Debbie Adams McDonalds just east of Houston has the filthiest bathrooms we’ve seen at a McDonalds. We will never stop there again. Also shame on the Winnie,TX McDonalds for charging $1.79 for a large coffee.

  63. I was very excited about the survey offered on my receipt until I tried to do it. then came the frustration and a little anger. Not everyone is a computer wizard.I could not follow the web site for getting to the survey. I know for some people a free sandwich is no big thing but in this economy any little bit helps. I had to give up on your offer. here is my info . store #19145 date- 4-17-2015 order 98 amount $10.88 I have no validation code to use can u help me

  64. went to your sandy plains Marietta ga location today ordered chz brgr sm fry sm ck every thing was incorrect diet drink (which I despise)no salt on fries and a burger so stale the bun fragmented when I bit into it nothing short of what I’ve come to expect from this toilet but when I call to complain I don’t expect rude reps who refuse to give contact numbers I will never go to any McShithole again and I’m going to let every one just how filthy that toilet is

  65. We would like to say Thank you to Toni Johnson an employee of the Mc Donalds off of Pacific and 19th St in Albany Oregon. She has made our walking group feel welcome. We now go to McDonalds for coffee after many of our walks because she makes us feel welcome.

  66. I recently visited your restuarant on queen street in Cardiff, went to use the baby changing facilities and to find the whole toilet including the baby changing station, floor and sink covered in feces. I came out of the absolutely appalled and left your restaurant without feeding or changing my daughter and cousins. They say they are regularly checked, but I’m sorry there’s no way tha toilet had been recently checked.

  67. Your restaurant in Iron Mountain Michigan was rebuilt a few years ago a and for awhile it was well kept up…..
    However, now the entrance in and out is pretty dirty and not inviting at all. I believe this is poor management and lazy workers. The wait time for an order is quite long..something that is notacceptable
    Where are your standards? Shame on you. There’s plenty of competition so get your act together.

  68. I am 71 yrs old. been going to McDonalds for thirty years plus. was delighted that you had a dollar menu. It was a senior and low income people could afford to go. Now that is no longer true. There is on more dollar menu. Prices are up for McChicken and Hot fudge sundaes. Seniors with fixed incomes like myself can not afford to go there anymore. Used to go at least three to four times per week. Sometimes twice a day. Why are your prices different in different locations plus what is up with the hole in the lid of the sundaes? Dirt gets in it when you take it to go. Will now take my business else where as other seniors and low incomes will have to do.

  69. Inside Wal-mart on airport rd and queen st
    I was wait in line to get my coffee refill and the manager
    Told me ” sorry I got no time for this service, I’ve been
    Serving since this morning” then…..she just keep me waiting on the side
    Until she finish with other customer and come back start question me
    When did I get the coffee and she say she didn’t see me this morning I say I got
    The coffee from other location just two hours ago
    She say she is not give me the coffee because I didn’t buy it from her….???
    Is it McDonald service what we are getting this days?
    She looks at me like … I’m a criminal or something
    I say I didn’t know that… and finily she put coffee into the cup and I say thanks very much
    I feel so… Helpless and …don’t what to say anymore
    Even that’s my problem but as a McDonald manager should be always have smile
    On their face and talk to customer

  70. hi your link on my email for printing out the coupons is NOT working… I get to where I pick alberta for coupons click on that and then blank screen and NOTHING… please fix

  71. Bought the 1/3lb sirloin burger very dissatified the burger look the same size as the original very small and thin would take it back but as a truck driver thats over the road thats not an option will never buy another exspecialy at 5.00 $ the bun looks like a mcrib bun and the vegies died a week ago or more thanks for nothing i should have bought a double cheese burger in stead could have gotten two and still had change left over

  72. Was going to eat at McDonalds on Raiinbow, Las Vegas while I ordered my food, I saw two painters in the store painting the ceiling. One with a roller and one with a paint brush also noted that they were painting over where the food was being cooked and prepared (wow) one painter brought his ladder over the the French fry area put his ladder against the tray holder and started to paint the ceiling over where the fry some were being cooked and the tray that they were put in (double wow)
    When I started taking pictures of them the stopped painting and went to the rear of the store, when I got my food, I went to a table a noticed that the frays had more than salt on them, I took the food back tried to contact the manager but she was not at the store ? I got my Money back and will never eat a that McDonald’s again
    I have pictures

    • Was going to eat at McDonalds on Raiinbow, Las Vegas while I ordered my food, I saw two painters in the store painting the ceiling. One with a roller and one with a paint brush also noted that they were painting over where the food was being cooked and prepared (wow) one painter brought his ladder over the the French fry area put his ladder against the tray holder and started to paint the ceiling over where the fry some were being cooked and the tray that they were put in (double wow)
      When I started taking pictures of them the stopped painting and went to the rear of the store, when I got my food, I went to a table a noticed that the fries had more than salt on them, I took the food back tried to contact the manager but she was not at the store ? I got my Money back and will never eat a that McDonald’s again
      I have pictures

  73. I’m 75 and have always had more IN N OUT MEALS THAN MAC’s that is until u came out with th Sirloin Lettus n Tomato!!!! My God u finally hit a home run!! Believe me when I say all my friends just love it. It what a Hamburger should taste like like it was made at home not fast food. Please don’t stop selling it . You’ve got me as a customer from here on out.

  74. first, I email customer service. I get back a bland reply which did not even cite my complaint. I am so annoyed I call customer service and reiterate my complaint point by point. my complaint happened at several of their restaurants and I gave them each restaurants address.only one of them replied but again did not address my complaint directly. it is irritating to just get a form letter which shows you how little they think of their customers even when you take the time to help them out by pointing out something that needs to be corrected.

  75. Hello my name is nina kelly and I just wanted to tell you how much I love
    your company and its food! I want to help get the word out in my town how awsome you guys
    are with some stickers-samples- shirt- gift card or anything lol my shirt size is 3X I just
    wanna show off all the love I have I’m pretty sure I’m your number one fan I
    heard about you through my bestie and ever since then I was hooked. I work 2 jobs and go to school
    so funds are kinda low anyways I look forward to hearing from you thanks!

  76. We travel to the south for winter and stop at MANY McDonalds on the way up and back and have been doing this for 7 years. If I gave you feedback on each individual restaurants we visited it would all be the same.
    Why do we stop there? I am not sure. We do feel very safe at their locations that probably is the main reason. The bathrooms are not always clean which is something I see have changed over the years and need remodeling.
    The food is never hot. Unless u get fries right from fryer. Often the ice cream machines are not working which has actually become a joke between us.
    ( u need to find different equipment )
    The service is always good but it is the food. What has happened to McDonalds?the food is slapped together, cold, not appealing at all. It all tastes the same.
    Why doesn’t McDonalds upscale their menu? Get something more like Panara but fast food.
    We r baby boomers who have money who travel but don’t want spend too much sitting in a restaurant while traveling. There are lots of us out there!
    We want a safe place to eat. Use clean and updated bathrooms and food that is hot appealing and tastes good
    U have kids menu down pat. Our grandkids love them. But how about a new menu for adults?

  77. My experience at the McDonald’s located in Miami Gardens, Florida on 183rd Street and 47th Avenue was very good. I have been a customer of McDonald’s for many, many years but today the food wads excellent the English muffin was prepared correctly and as a result of that it was nice and soft, done just RIGHT. The Sausage McMuffin was perfect along with a fresh hash Brown. If they are striving for freshness In preparing their food there. They need to keep it up and serve one customer at a time.

    Sometimes we fail to compliment let people know that they have done something right. So I definitely let the Manager know about how pleated and satisfied I was about the food and that they continue. With in serving FRESH, HOT AND DELICIOUS FOOD!!!

  78. Hello-FYI. The piece of information I’m sending to you is free. If you want to increase your bottom line and your customers appreciation start having a Retro-Tuesday where the cost of eating at McDonald’s is at 1965 prices.I can remember the 12 & 15 cent burger with fries and a drink, all for under a dollar.We would eat more times at your stores if one, the cost was lowered and if you also added a burger to your menu like they have on Steak and Shake.Just a thought or two that one of your customers wanted to share with you. Hope this will be helpful. Customer who cares for the company that cares. We’ll return to our regular prices when this depression is over! SP

  79. My family got lunch today at store 4749. We received incredible service from Kevin. He was very helpful and friendly. Please commend him for a job well done. We will stop there again

  80. I just like to know if the McDonald’s around my area the workers and the management just don’t care no more cuz its just the fact that there’s 3 McDonalds within 15 minute radius and you have one that they never let you order you always have to go up to the window and knock on the window before you can order because you’re too busy yakking on the phone or outside smoking cigarettes the other McDonalds seems to always be out of things and the other one always screws what’s your order you never get nothing that you order

  81. I went to the McDonalds in Ennis, TX. This one is inside the Walmart store. I had completed my grocery shopping in Walmart & stopped at the McDonalds on my way out for a drink & a snack. A young man was by the register & was loading fresh cookies into the display shelf. I told him that I would like a large diet Dr. Pepper and a medium French fry. The young hispanic man looked at me and said ” no English.” I repeated my order again. to the young man. He grinned at me and again said to me “no English.” A young lady came rushing over to the counter after hearing this conversation. She told me that she would take my order. I was so upset by this that I told her I would go someway else for my food where the staff could speak English. This happened on Sept. 1, 2015 at around 5:30 in the afternoon.

  82. I love your ice cream!! My only concern I s that your location closest to where I live never has ice cream. NEVER. Not once have I been able to purchase an ice cream at this location. Why is that? St Claude and franklin, new Orleans la

  83. We went to the Andrews,SC location at 10:10pm 9/8/15 and tried to order, the girl ask us to pull up to the window, where there was no one. She finally came to the window and we ordered. We ask for a milkshake and the machine was down, this is a constant issue. So we didn’t get the milkshake. We paid cash for our meal. The girl said she couldn’t give us a receipt because the machine was acting up. We then pulled up and waited behind another car for over 10 min. The car that was behind us got their food out of the 1st window. Finally the car in front of us got a bag of food. They left. We were handed a Big Mac and another box w/ 2 lg fries. We handed the bag back. We had a crispy chicken salad, a crispy ranch snack wrap, a buttermilk chicken sandwich, and a diet coke. Well we had to wait another 7 min for them to make our meal. We ended up with a salad and 2 burgers. We had already pulled off when we noticed the error. The girl at the window had gone over the order with the other people but it was still incorrect. I wanted to touch base with you as I have been in good and beverage for several years and know this not only affects food cost but customer service.

  84. Decided to purchase a sugar free vanilla iced coffee at Edgewood McDonalds. Drive thru person made an error in telling me that the coffee would have sugar syrup in it. I informed her that she was incorrect and that I asked for a sugar free iced vanilla coffee. When I got to the window to pay she quoted a price of $3.11 so I gave her $20.11 and received $16.99 in return. When I asked why she informed me that the price was actually $3.12. I told her I gave her the $.11 because I didn’t want the change and offered the other penny so that I could get the dollar bill instead of 99 cents in change. She informed me that she already closed her drawer and couldn’t open it. At this point I was fed up with the lack of customer courtesy and requested that she get the manager and return my money because I no longer wanted the coffee. The manager came and retuned my money and told me Walmart had better iced coffee anyway. Both the cashier and manager were rude and disrespectful. I worked for a McDonalds franchise for many years and I’m appalled at the behavior of the workers at this store. When I worked for the restaurant customer service was a top priority. Apparently customers don’t matter anymore.

  85. This is not a complaint as I am sure you have many, rather a helpful comment.
    I had an upset stomach the previous nite and was looking forward to something tasty to start the next day off with an egg McMuffin which was bland and dry which I disposed of after 3 bites. I understand the salt and health confinement requirements but you may reconsider a different recipe for the bun as others offer

  86. Hi,

    I live in Mineola Texas and our local McDonald’s does a great job, but they do not offer dipped chocolate for their ice cream cones. It seems they are missing an opportunity to increase sales and profit.

    Secondly, most McDonald’s charge 50 cents for a senior coffee. They charge 64 cents.

    And last, but not least, McDonald’s chicken sandwiches have the consistency of rubber. You need to get your chicken where Chick Fila does.

  87. My grandfather died 3/2/2010. He was a loyal customer at the McDonald’s in Reed City Michigan. He used to go about 3 times a day for his favorite coffee. When he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, he had trouble speaking; however, the staff always had his order ready when they saw him coming down the road. My grandfather was known to always have a McDonald’s coffee cup near by and because of this, my grandmother has a McDonald’s paper coffee cup on her memorial shelf for him. I was wondering if McDonald’s had any coffee cups that look the same but more of a perminant material

  88. Got a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer that’s printed on receipt and finally decided to take advantage of it by getting my validation code this morning. Went to McD #13675 I Newington, VA on Alban Road. Went thru drive-thru and told order taker what offer I had and he tells me that we don’t participate in this. I said you do and he says we don’t. Do you still want something, so I went ahead and ordered something. Go around to the 1st window and what do you know the cashier hands me the same “buy one, get one free” receipts and I told him why are you handing these out if you don’t participate. He did not understand so another woman came by to help him understand so she asked if I wanted another sandwich and I told her no, I want my money back for being charged. Then this real nasty African woman comes up and snatches the receipt from her subordinate and looked at the receipt and said that this code does not match and I said what are you talking about and she said this does not match. I told her that I would never eat at McDs again. Then go about 500 feet to see that the store had given me the wrong sandwich so I turned around and went into the store and demanded the right sandwich and that same nasty African Lady, just shoved a sandwich in the bag and pushed it out to me. McDs you ought to be out of business, but you really need to fire that African witch you have managing store #13675.

  89. Tell me why can’t i but a cheeseburger happymeal for my son in McDonald’s here in the Philippines?
    He does not like the hamburger the comes in the happymeal he likes cheese on his hamburgers.
    U can in Canada.

  90. wanted cups of ice, to put sundaes in …had a long travel…they charged me $3.24 told me cups cost want my $ back…besides they were so rude store 34636

  91. Went to the McDonalds for breakfast today, 10/13, at the location on 38th Avenue in Myrtle Beach SC. It is the BEST egg mcmuffin sandwich I have had in our area in over a year. I stop once a week for breakfast, and this by far was the best. Efficient staff, with a pleasant morning greeting along with a great breakfast!
    Not many people will send a note of encouragement, please pass this on to the location that it was a great morning for one local family!

  92. Sunday, October 11, 2015 I patronized the McDonald’s on Union Center Blvd in West Chester, Ohio. When I entered the parking lot there were a long line of cars in the drive thru, but it was moving. I then entered the restaurant to find at least 8-10 people waiting to be served food. I placed an ordered for a Steak Egg Biscuit Meal with a small orange juice. I encountered customers who had been waiting as long as 20 minutes to be served. The manager seemed very overwhelmed and unsure of what she was doing. One thing she was not doing was assisting the staff to fill the orders that were lined up in the lobby. The drive thru staff worked hard to keep the drive thru moving, while all the lobby customers had to wait to be served. The one staff person that was making orders for the lobby would fill bags with food and yell out orders that no one was there to receive. When customers addressed her to let her know of their dissatisfaction, she spoke of being overworked and underpaid. I paid $6.19 for the order I placed, I waited 10-12 minutes to be served. I had to ask to be served my orange juice I ordered and could wait no longer because I was trying to get breakfast before attending church. I then grabbed a sandwich out of a bag that was left on the counter unclaimed and left the store. I worked as a McDonald’s employee as a teenager and I know what good customer service is and how the store is supposed to operate during a rush. Seems like there needs to be some retraining/re-education in this store. I WON’T BE BACK!

  93. Tried to get a simple mcmuffin with bacon and no sausage, the young girl carefully took my order, twice. The limited education cook who may not have a good understanding of English couldn’t figure out wtf apparently? I got a sausage & egg mcmuf with sausage instead of bacon 🙂 (I hate McD’s bisquits.)I notified the girl who thru away the original and got me another mcmuf with 2 TINY pieces of bacon. That’s the problem with McD, going downhill like Radio Shack…How many sandwiches does McD throw away daily? Bacon lovers LOVE bacon not bacon bits!

    No email replies, no SHAIRING my email address :with “partners”, they’ll get dumped and reported like porn…

  94. I’m a former McD District Mgr from the ’70’s-’80’s, and still a stock holder. Not happy with the company performance, I decided to shop a # of local units in northwest NJ and eastern Pa. I’m shocked by the low levels of QSC that I experienced! Clinton NJ rt 31-Wed 6:35pm- 10 dt times taken – ave = 8 minutes 13 seconds.Sun, Washington NJ/Hampton rt 31- 8:20am dt times ave = 8 minutes 11 seconds (these are the 2 worst service units shopped) Best = Flemington NJ dt times ave 2 min 25 sec – product hot – mgr Kim on the floor @ 12:33 pm, Unit @ 25th st Easton pa, dt times = 2 min 45 sec also good food quality Unit @ Hackettstown nj dt times 2min 52 second good quality, restrooms needed attention. Note: spoke to crew members @ Clinton and Washington, owners not allowing proper staffing, always running short, turnover is ridiculous. hire 5, 4 quit was an example given. Also today 11/1, I shopped the unit @ 660 memorial pkw, Phillipsburg, NJ, dt times 7min 44 seconds, restrooms dirty for that early is unheard of in my era, 4 trash cans stuffed full in lot, muffins not toasted, no carmelization to speak of! Where’s the accountability? Ed Novak concerned stock holder and former DM.

  95. Good morning
    This is just a FYI I am a Army veteran and today is veterans day.
    I drove through the drive thru of McDonald’s and I ask the lady that was taking my order did McDonalds offer anything for veteran and the lady said WHAT IS A VETERAN.
    I ask the lady who took my money the same question and she said WHAT IS THAT.
    So while get my food I asked the lady who gave me my food and she said well so I showed her my (ARMY ID ) id and she said no; and I drove off after paying for my food and got to my computer to write this fyi.
    Question everyplace I pasted this morning had something for veterans but McDonalds ?
    the employee did not know what a veteran was ? this was in Dallas, Texas at east grand and highway I-30.

  96. Congratulations, it must be nice to have so much profit, that you can dictate to the customer when and what they have the privilege to order. New promotion made me think I could get a burger any time. Bzzz-zzz! Wrong. One would think a burger place would have burgers 24/7, and a breakfast place have breakfast 24/7. Thought you were a burger place.

  97. Tiffany, thank you for your quick and effective response to my previous email about inferior products at one of the franchises of McDonald’s. (ref#:12514242)
    I want you to know that William from that particular McDonald’s called me yesterday and was very pleasant, offering his apologies for what we experienced, and offered to compensate us for the poor quality. We took him up on it today and got a meal we hadn’t tried before that was delicious, and well-made.
    Tiffany, thank you again, and I hope this helps your company!

  98. Here is a suggestion: return to outstanding service, pleasant crews, accurate and freshly made food, get rid of the aggressive rudeness.

    You seem to be in the news alot; discussions abound that maybe your profits are dropping and that you are trying to reinvent yourself. I suspect that you are doing fine. You introduced all day breakfast, which is a gimmick that won’t get me in because I can’t get a biscuit in most stores after breakfast.

    But even during breakfast, it is very hard for me to get what I want :sausage, egg, cheese biscuit. I do not stutter (not that there is anything wrong with that), I speak clearly and firmly. Still I don’t get what order —– EVER!!!

    I get just sausage a lot. Sometimes there is cheese; on the rare occasion that I do get what I ordered, the biscuit is either overcooked or stale. In fact, most often the biscuits I get are stale and not worth eating.

    And if I return for better product, you are met with arguments, disdain and often refusal, or people who need to finish a personal conversation before they can help you, or the manager is just nowhere to be found.

    And here is the kicker: IT IS EVERY SINGLE MCDONALD’S I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. Dozens of stores across the Dallas Metroplex and down into East Texas; Stores filled with rude, uninterested employees who apparently think I want to spend hard earned money on bad food or food that I do not want — EVERY STORE!!! I have never found an exception, a well run or even and above average location.

    Hence, I don’t go often. Each time I lapse and go back –always for breakfast on the run– I am met with the same awful service and food.

    So perhaps as you look for gimmicks and ways to reinvent yourselves and reinforce you place as King of Fast Food, perhaps you could focus on customer service and food quality that makes running through a store worth the time and the money.

  99. I visited a McDonald’s in Oklahoma City and after waiting 10 minutes in the drive thru, I received soggy fries and a cheeseburger with no bottom bun. The cheese was literally stuck to the cardboard. To go back thru the drive thru meant waiting for the six cars ahead of me so I drove to another location in nearby Edmond, Oklahoma and told them what had happened and asked for a new cheeseburger and fries. Do you know what happened? A MANAGER said I would have to pay for a new one since they were not affiliated with the first location I visited. I was absolutely stunned. It’s shocking to me a manager was so badly trained he was more concerned about a few dollars profit than protecting the company’s good name with a customer. I’m sorry, McDonald’s, but I’m done. Your company should be setting out to do what’s right.

  100. Today, Sunday, around 1 PM we stopped at the 516 River Road, Naperville, IL location to redeem a coupon for “buy one get one free” egg & sausage mcmuffin. This was from a promo from the same location that we were given from our earlier purchase last week. Forget anything favorable that I submitted on my last survey. Todays service not only fell very short but the management style is extremely poor! After waiting over 5 minutes in the forward driveway, I parked the car and went inside for a refund. As I entered another customer from behind got the attention of the only supervisor on duty and called her over to a table. When I explained the length of time waiting for my order the cashier informed me that he could do nothing without me speaking to the supervisor, that he had NO authority to refund inspite of the fact I showed him my current receipt. I left the receipt and walked out!

    Having spent my career as a GM for upscaled hotels I cannot imagine a guest service clerk unable to refund a guest for inappropriate or undelivered services from the restaurant/lounge outlets, let alone a $200 to $300 room charge. I do not believe that the definition of “Fast Food” 5 minute and undelivered food applies. But much worse only a supervisor can authorize a refund from a receipt dated and time stamped for an order not delivered in the amount of $2.89? This action puts my rating for McD’s at the very bottom of Burger King, Subway and KFC. For several of the upscaled brands of hotels secret shoppers are sent by corporate to rate all aspects of the properties. Suggest that you act more aggressively as the above comments rate McDonalds very low and doesn’t seem to improve your customer service problems.

    On the last questionair

  101. Hello, I was at your store 13512 in Itaska Il.
    Receipt no. rs13 11/30/2015 11:06 req no. 830934 merc 23203702
    I had ordered 6 quarter pounder with cheese, was told they weren’t on sale.
    When I got home, I noticed on the receipt at the top, but one quarter pounder get one free.
    Also, I ordered 4 buttermilk chicken sandwich. When I got home, I was short 2, only rec 2.
    This is not good

  102. I pulled up to the drive through. Heard a women taking an order at the other speaker. Once she was finished, i heard direct communication coming from the speaker assuming she was speaking to someone on the phone because she said you will have to “call me back”. I then proceed to order.

    With that, all i heard was ‘this shit is crazy im doing everything this morning’ ‘what you getting this morning’. This is word for word what she said. I begin to order coffee and breakfast and she then said “im confused” i asked “why” she stated “she didnt understand my order”. I then solidified my order again. At this time she said “listen if you want to eat this morning you better get your shit together”.

    I didnt finish ordering I just drove to the window where she took my order. I paid.
    As I was about to pull off I requested her name and a packet up mayo…she then gave me the mayo then through a packet of mayo at my face and it scrapted my eye. She also called me a bitch and then blantantly pulled a cell phone from her chest area while threatening me that she will be calling the cops.

    I have this all on video and plan on uploading it online so that the world can see this women and the customer service others may experience at this mcdonalds.

    I will be visiting the ER for my eye where the alumnium packet scrapted.

    This is unacceptable. I will also be contacting a lawyer as well.

    3260 South Cobb Dr Smyrna, GA 30080-mcdonalds

    Date and Time Dec 10, 2015 7:15AM She stated that she was a manager and refused to give me her information!

  103. Am really disappointed with the attitude l was given by the manager at Bossman station MacDonald. It was on Monday 14 Dec 2015′ the lady manager gave me a sucking attitude . I wonder how does she lead her staff if she is failing to give customers a right attitude

  104. I live near a MacDonalds in Discovery Bay, Ca., and have been frequenting this business about twice a week since the breakfast became all day. Unfortunately for me, I am experiencing a rash of problems with almost one out of two orders I buy. I have had to return to the store twice in the past month because the orders have been wrong or missing items..all I got was fries the hamburger! Your website advertises things that either none of your stores have any longer or this one doesn’t serve a full menu..either way it is damned annoying . Sometimes when I order breakfast the sausage is old, like it has been sitting around all day. All of this returning to the store to get what I actually order is becoming almost not worth going to the place at all. The other night they had to replace my granddaughters meal because by the time I drove back to get my burger her whole meal was cold. This is costly for your business as well as it gives this store a bad reputation. This has happened to my neighbor also..wrong orders or not prepared as requested. I could go on and on but I am sure you get the drift. I really would really like something to be done with this store.

  105. Hi my name is Ashley Martinez and I just recently went to a near by McDonald’s about 10 minutes ago and when I got home I notice that one of the mc doubles I had order was really badly burnt. The location I had visited was 3601 S Federal Blvd, Sheridan, Co 80110. I had the worst experience here after tonight.

  106. I have to say your websites are terrible, all I wanted was a number or email to voice my opinion about the poor attitudes of the management staff at the Rte 111, Hauppauge NY store. I have never seen such disrespect for employees. On the morning of December 12 my 17 year old son let Rapheal and Rissy (managers on duty) that he would be unable to work Christmas to New year’s because our family would be away. My son had been working there since July,lo her than both managers. He left that night at his scheduled time of 7 pm, Rissy had yelled at him for leaving early he said he was not leaving early he was scheduled to work until 7 . Rissy proceeded to write him up for insubordination. At the end of his shift on Sunday December 13, Raphael called him over to speak to him about the write up, then took him off the schedule for the coming week and said he needed to speak with another manager named Steve. We had no contact from McDonald’s or Steve after that, until Thursday December 17. My son went to go pick up his pay check and was told by Rapheal that he was fired and needed to turn in his uniform before he could have his check. What a nice guy, firing a kid the week before Christmas. Sounds to me like my kid gotfiredbecause he was honest and said he couldn’t work. I will also state the Raphael is not exactly conscientious on more than one occasion my husband or myself need to explain that our son could not work Thursdays due to a scheduling conflict, he continued to schedule my son for Thursdays. I myself am management but if I ever behaved like your management team I would have been gone along time ago, the blatant disrespect for employees and there families is disgusting. Please do not send me the employee service number, it is of no use for my complaint. I would appreciate an answer or a number where I can speak to a human and not a machine !

  107. I don’t care how smart you market breakfast all day I went in for egg mcmuffin saw outside display for motzerlla chees sticks ok for breakfast told I cant have till 1100 oclock are ya nuts any menu all day and ya cant provide service that’s embaracing and disgrace

  108. Im complaining about the shiny slippery tiles in the entry way of your southside shop in Rockhampton qld. When they are wet from rain people are slipping & falling over one after the other..people of all ages..they are extremely unsafe tiles to have in such a busy shop ..someone is going to fall & hurt themselves badly if something isnt done.. there is a small mat at the door to wipe your feet…but you have already slipped &/or fallen by then..please look into it for peoples safety..

  109. Store#21652 AZALEA AND MANAGER 3x 3days in a row this store ALWAYS SAYS ICE CREAM MACHINE IS BRoken . I have picture of the machine and it’s working.

  110. Picked up the Big Mac meals at the local Livingston MT store, to have a friend have her first Big Mac. Everything was like lukewarm. When the manager came to see us at the table, she gave multiple reasons why, and had no idea why the fries weren’t hot. 18 bucks and change should get me hot food. No excuses, which she continued to make even after I said no problem. Duh…

  111. I guess I have darkened the doors of McDonalds for the last time. Gave up on your terrible burgers long ago but was inspired by your advertising to try the chicken sandwich. Was that a mistake! The lettuce was a soggy mess and the taste of the chicken was really bad. Took two bites and split the rest with my dogs. Luckily I can still enjoy Wendy’s chicken sandwich. Just have to drive that extra mile.

  112. I have been using your app and collecting points for a free coffee. I have gone through the process two times where I am owed a free coffee and the cashiers can never figure out how to redeem this coupon. I have basically given up on using the app and haven’t gone to Mcdonald’s much due to frustration. I just want you to be aware that the app is having difficulties. Thank you for your time.

  113. Just ordered 5 meals from Pleasantville NJ store on Black Horse Pike. All the pattys were black. Not kidding, black. We got drive thru and opened when we got home. I’m not one to complain because I work in restaurants but this was so bad I took pictures of the meat. We odered at 240 pm. Had a quarter pounder as well which was fine but all the small single burgers were black. We don’t usually go to this location but when we do, it’s close to Sams Club, we always have an issue.

  114. Your commercial for pick 2 is stupid I won’t buy that just because of that commercial. It’s not even close to being realistic.

  115. I am a long time customer at the Pleasant Street, Attleboro, Ma. corporate owned McDonalds.
    Sometimes I go alone but usually go to eat with friends.
    Recently a situation has arisen with a single individual , not with my group.
    The person comes in, sits at a booth, close to the dining area ; which happens to have a TV.
    They take two chairs from the dining area, but them next to the booth, outing out in the walkway, were they place their feet.
    They then put on their music from their computer, quite loudly and when asked by customers or employees to turn it down, they say they need to “drown out the people talking”.
    At the same time, they also, loudly “dictate” into a cell phone.
    And if a group such as was there to watch a program on TV the other week, they complained to the manager that the TV was disturbing them, and the manager came out, apologized to the eight people, and turned it off.
    My question are:
    #1. what is McDonalds police on playing your own music in the establishment ?
    #2. what is McDonalds policy on the TV in general (we realize the TV has only 1 station channel ); complaints, volume, on, off, etc. ?
    #3. what is McDonalds police of putting chairs in the walk way (to an exit and restrooms) and already occupying a both, using them to display your feet ?
    #4. what is McDonalds policy on a Manager in a situation like the above stated, asking the individual to sit further back in the both area, so they will not be disturbed by the TV, or the people talking; which seems like an obvious reaction.
    #5. Is there a place I can read the rules that relate to your policy concerning these issues.
    Please email me back asap, as this is troubling many of us and we would like a resolution…..and do not really want to go in particular to another eatery.
    Thank you.

  116. I ordered al coffee and when I came in the drive through the cashier waste it all on my hand and inside my car. She starting taking the next customer order not really acknowledging what she did to me. When I ask for a new cup she pour the spill coffee in another cup ,not giving me a fresh one. I paid for a almost empty cup of coffee. MY hand burned for the whole night leaving marks. South Boston,VA Riverdale Mc Donalds service is terrible when it comes to having remorse or apologizing to there custmers

  117. I just saw your newest commercial. I don’t understand the message. Why 2 men making out. I will never again purchase even a coffee at McDonalds. Very disappointed. Even if it was a man and woman. No need. Way to fold.

  118. I am sure people throw ideas at yall all the time, but I had to share this. I love your mccafe coffee but the k cups seem so wasteful. I was wondering if anyone ever thought about making a K-McCafe bag. Make it like a tea bag to help save the use of those plastic cups. Just a thought.

  119. My visit to the McDonald’s in lLouisburg NC was disappointing.It was around 11:30 PM on 2/26/16,I ordered a large Dr.Pepper when the server gave me the drink the top would not stay on and drink was running down side of cup,after I asked for another lid I realized the drink was to light in color to be I tasted it and the syrup was out so I asked for another,was given one but it was the same,the cashier said it was changed he seemed to concerned about closeing to make sure my drink was right so I asked for my money back and was going to tell him that the drink had to run in the line longer,but he shut the window while I was still talking to him.I go to that store 4 times a week and have never had a rude cashier until now.

  120. I just wanted to take my time this morning to thank McDonalds for selling my personal information cell phone and email address I have gotten non stop to phone calls and spam email and would just like to say thank you thank you for putting my personal information out there I will never apply for a job here or work with a company that sells personal information you have lost yet another customer

  121. I was deeply saddened and not at all happy to discover that all day breakfast as it is displayed over and over in your commercials. Pictures of egg and sausage mcmuffins, pancakes, granola, hash brown, and 3 different kinds biscuits etc. are not actually available for “all day breakfast”! If certain items are not going to be available then you can not take the liberty of putting those items in your commercial!

  122. I eat at mcdonalds a few times a week but last night I had a horrible experience. My order number was 332, and it was the Kietzke lane store in Reno Nevada.The first bite I took out of my mcdouble , popped in my mouth and tasted horrid. I opened the bun and looked and did not see anything so went ahead and ate it and the rest of the sandwich was fine. I did notice a difference in the coloring of the meat when I took the bun apart but thought nothiong of it. 2 hours later I was throwing up my guts and all I could taste was that awful first bite!!!What could it have been, possibly a blood clot in the meat maybe?? Anyway, I will not go up there again as I NEVER want to taste that awful taste ever again. Just wanted you to know about it. I have heard horror stories about Mc DonaLDS BUT NEVER BELEIVED THEM UNTIL YESTERDAYS EXPERIENCE, NOW i AM SCARED!!!tHIS OCCURRED AROUND 515-530 PM

  123. What have you done to the Shamrock Shakes? Used to look forward to March just to have one. Purchased one on Monday, tasted more like lime. Syrup or whatever wasn’t even mixed. Gave it another try at a different location today. Same thing. Will not be buying another.

  124. I am not happy. I was told that, in the month of March, I could order a Shamrock Shake. After coming to Texas, I am unable to find any McDonalds with Shamrock Shakes in stock. Its been 4 days since the count down has ended, and their is NO SHAMROCK SHAKES!!! I refuse to support McDonalds any more until I am able to drink the elixir of life. (Shamrock Shake)

    • I totally agree with Joey, I also live in Texas and I am unable to find a single Shamrock Shake. This is the one thing I get to look forward to in life. If I am unable to get one soon, I will never purchase any McDonalds food again!

  125. I am currently employed at the Metamora, IL McDonald’s I started on February 15, 2016. I am very concerned that I was not able to receive any on the job training. The day that I first started was watching safety videos but we were having a rush and they placed us four new employees on the service floor to have us help them out before sending us in the back to do some safety videos.. I am aware that when I got to be window I had no experience and not a single minute of training. All I got asked if I was familiar with the menu and I replied to somewhat. Then I worked 03/07 first day back from having five days in a row off. I made three mistakes on three different customers and I could tell I was upsetting the manager that was working that night and I was being completely apologetic to the customers and to the manager and I feel as if its not completely my fault because one of not having any training all I did on my first official day was watch and no one to explain where each item was. I don’t know if anyone would be able to do anything about it now since it has been a while but I am just voicing my issues and thought that it would be a help that you would like to know. The reason why I am voicing my issues is because this is my first job working with food. and I am disabled and the management don’t understand that I am not like normal people I may seem normal but my brain isn’t normal I have a mild case of down syndrome, my brain doesn’t process fast as normal people. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my issues and knowledge them

  126. Why can I get a decent burger from the McDonald’s in Columbus, Hilliard, Powell, but the food from the McDonald’s on Mullica Hill, NJ is HORRIBLE?
    We have tried, numerous times, over the last few years to give them the opportunity to make a decent burger, but they always taste like shoe leather and burnt. Unfortunately, they are the closest to my home, but we have to travel to the next town, if we want McDonald’s because the one in Mullica Hill, NJ is so bad.

  127. 30th St Heath , ohio, horrible service inside and curbside…orders wrong …wait long…Manager is terrible …never smiles …yelling at staff in front of the customers…very unfriendly location…closed the inside service due to not enough staff..staff quitting because of the manager…will not go back …sad use to be a very nice Mc Donald’s ….


    2 WRAPS 1 .99
    MEAL 4.99

  129. Vinita, Oklahoma, the downtown McDonalds. I have learned to go inside to order for McMuffins. I can see them fixing them. I have written in several times to your McVoice Survey and they are still handling the food with their bare hands!! Also the Manager walked in with the Co-Manager and she started working without washing her hands. This store needs cleaned up!!!!

  130. I just bought 2 “Artisan Chicken Sandwiches”. I told the counter person that I did NOT want mayo. She said it doesn’t come with mayo. I ate one in the car. I looked at the 2nd one, and it was slathered in mayo (to which I am allergic). I brought it back and confronted the person, who was indignant and said, “It’s NOT mayo, its creamy garlic sauce.” I strongly suspect that it’s very much akin to mayo – but, even if it’s not, it’s similar enough that ANYbody should have enough sense to suspect that if a customer didn’t want MAYO the wouldn’t want “Creamy Garlic Sauce”, either. This person was a supervisor.

  131. I just bought 2 “Artisan Chicken Sandwiches”. I told the counter person that I did NOT want mayo. She said it doesn’t come with mayo. I ate one in the car. I looked at the 2nd one, and it was slathered in mayo (to which I am allergic). I brought it back and confronted the person, who was indignant and said, “It’s NOT mayo, its creamy garlic sauce.” I strongly suspect that it’s very much akin to mayo – but, even if it’s not, it’s similar enough that ANYbody should have enough sense to suspect that if a customer didn’t want MAYO the wouldn’t want “Creamy Garlic Sauce”, either. This person was a supervisor. It is also worth mentioning that I have been attempting to contact McDonalds for the past 45 minutes. Not surprisingly, NONE of the access points McDonalds provides for complaints or feedback worked, until I finally stumbled on this one.

  132. Personally I think bottomless french fries (while a GREAT idea) will just be bad for your establishment in the long run. Mcdonalds (in NYC anyway) attracts soooo many of the homeless as is, the bottomless fries idea would really never get rid of them! Some of these mcdonalds restaurants, while fairly close to where I live and or work I must avoid as is due the the homeless traffic. This bottomless fry idea would have me avoiding them all. I just thought I would say that also all day breakfast, horrible idea.

  133. I sent the email to you to inform your management team to make corrections, not so the whole world can see that this location has a problem.

  134. Hi McDonalds,
    I have recently read where you are trying new sizes for the Big Mac. For years I have been ordering Double 1/4 pounders made into Big Macs. I like to call them the “Mac Daddy” or “Monster Mac”. I have even thought of an add campaign using NBA legend Shaquille O’neil eating my version and it could be called the “Shaq Mac” because of its size in comparison to Shaq’s size. So I’m giving you these great ideas. If used either hire me or give me a lifetime of Big Macs. I could be an asset to your company, or a debit ( I can eat Big Macs like popcorn) depending on which option you would choose.
    Lifelong customer Patrick

  135. Love the ad with the little black girl who never smiles, until her dad gives her a bag from McDonald’s. Not only is it your best TV ad ever, but also the best TV ad ever. I think it’s been pulled for a while now: bring it back! Makes me smile every time I see it :>} Cudos to the Ad Dept.!!!!



  138. 2575 E Arkansas Ln, Arlington, TX 76010
    (817) 274-2755 ·
    I was very discouraged when visiting this location. I ordered my children breakfast. Which my order consisted of the big breakfast with hot cakes and a sprite, a sausage burrito and large sweet tea. I was charged for a chicken biscuit meal with a sprite, sausage burrito and a large sweet the difference between the chicken biscuit meal and the big breakfast with hot cakes meal was .30 cents. The manager Mayra came to the window and informed me that she was going to have to charge me extra… even though it was there mistake… regardless I gave her my card to charge me for the difference. She came back with the order (now taking much longer) and an additional receipt charging me for a medium sweet tea ( an additional 1.29) I inquired why My card was charged for the amount and she informed me because of taxes. I informed her I already paid taxes on the first order she charged me for and there should have only been an additional 30 cents added she refused to go over this with me (now almost late to taking my children to school and getting to work) she continue to tell me it was taxes and I didn’t pay taxes on the first order even though it clearly has the tax amount at the bottom. This was very unprofessional and honestly showed a true sign of intelligence for your management staff at this McDonalds. I am a bank supervisor and math is not an issue for me unlike you manager at this location Mayra. I would like to be contacted in regards to this issue and overcharge. Thank you

  139. Stopped at the store in Nappanee, IN. I stop there 5-7 times a week for years. Service has gotten continually worse. Got my lunch to go with a large drink. Paid and then find out no Diet Coke in either machine. No sign nothing said. After so many times not getting my order correct, plus the kitchen area filthy and slow working personnel. I am finally done. I won’t be back here. I may finally write off McDonalds completely. Many other choices!!!

  140. I just bought a steak,egg and cheese bagel for almost 5 bucks and got it home I could not eat it. It had some sauce or something oozing out of it that I did not like. I expect to get what I order not what someone feels like putting on my food,if sauce is supposed to be on it it should say so. I would like some sort of credit for it thanks.

  141. All I want to do is email corporate a complaing and all I get is a bunch of run around,this site sucks

  142. Stopped at the 24-hr location on Russell Pkwy, WR GA. this morning. Not sure who made the sweet tea. But they either used more tea bags or didn’t incorporate enough sugar into their recipe. We Southerners like it sweet…bottom line. Also, bacon should be thoroughly drained of all grease, not just partly when a customer requests it. In fact, a customer should not have to request that their bacon be drained. Personally, I believe all stores should have to go through a nutrition class before opening their doors.

  143. Your drive thru really is Bad. Long waiting and terrible at giving you your order. The kids on drinks are not on tight,no smile,etc. The food was satisfactory. Their service could use some big help.

  144. just went to the Tiffin Ohio store they still have the 2 for 5 Big Macs on drive thru order board. I ordered and she charged full price, I went to the pay here window and was told that deal was over two weeks ago. I told them they had to honor it anyway and was told they wouldn’t because it wasn’t in the computer anymore, they also tried to charge for extra sauce on the Big Macs. That sucks! Teach these people how to add in their head and do the honest thing by customers. I wanted the customer service number to complain and she said if I paid the full price I would get a bag with the number on it. I refused to pay more than I should so I left. These people couldn’t have a high school diploma because you couldn’t be that stupid after graduating. I will go to wendys from now on.

  145. I’m so disgusted with the menu time changes what i mean by this is when you stop selling items during the day and start selling another set of menu items. why make it so you can order breakfast any time and not be able to order a hamburger all day or even a milkshake i went to the Ironton hills location in ironton ohio they said they stop selling hamburgers and milkshakes at 2am and only serve breakfast at this time and we had just pulled in to order at 2am i have a couple other Mcdonalds near my location there is a consistent menu system at any of these locations its as random as going to a completely different restaurant than Mcdonalds why the hell cant all Mcdonalds have the same menu times for breakfast,lunch,dinner just serve all items during operating hours if the store is gonna be open from 5am-3am or open 24 hours why make people waste their time , gas and get told we cant serve that you are 30 seconds to late we just changed our menu to serve only this and you are just out of luck or order something you realy dont want if you are realy hungry you will buy it or go some where else and get something to eat at this hour knowing at 2am not many options so people who work late hours are basically told you have to eat what we serve or just do with out like they are your parents telling you eat what we fix or go hungry we are not running a restaurant but hey i am at a restaurant and cant order any thing different than what they are fixing cause they make the rules like you arent paying them to fix something else go figure how aggravating it is to never know what some McDonalds location is serving at certain times of the day and what is the deal with not selling hamburgers at 2am and only sell breakfast rrealy weird when most places dont start selling breakfast till around 5am i would realy appreciate it if your company could get their franchises all working on the same page with each other so customers could know exactly when to go to order what they want and not be sent on a wild goose chase trying to figure out which store will sell the food they are in the mood for or what they like to eat there is no reason people should have to play games trying to find a store to order a meal and get the run around to random menu times at different locations its just ridiculous your stores have this big of a difference between them in such a small area that i live in not like we are traveling half way across the country to get these menu discrepancies get your store owners crap together im being as polite as i can be about this i am holding back on choice words i realy wanted to use this is getting so frustrating

  146. I visited your Mickey D’s on Essex St. In hackensack and was very displeased by the quality and taste of my big Mac’s you have really lost your touch I know you wanna get things done fast but it needs to go back to the old way I don’t know what’s going on it taste horrible now the only thing that was good was the fries I grew up going to Micky D’s and may have to stop if when I spend money it’s a waste for me and a gain for you. .
    Sincerely,Angela Clinkscales

  147. I ordered a mcCafe but they gave me a coffee instead. I asked for an exchange for the mcCafe back without any charge but they refused to give me money back for the coffee

  148. Can you take the fish you serve and add your great French fries and call it
    fish/chips. Do not forget red lobster wonderful tartar sauce and” WOW” what a great taste. I did that the other day and was it GREAT.
    I do not know what kind of sauce red lobster makes but that is the tartar sauce you would need. Marc Big Boy had that same kind of tartar sauce back in the day.

    Make it happen

  149. I am so disappointed in the Mcdonald’s franchise in Saint Charles MI …..
    I live in Saint Charles so this store is the store that I frequent. No longer I will drive 9 miles to the Shields store …I wont even go to the Chesaning Store because its owned by the same person.
    Here are my reasons, Every time I have visited the drive thru, in the last 15 times I have been there some way my order has been screwed up. I have had very long waits in the drive-thru because their employee forgot i was there, And last but not least I witness A woman manager I do believe she was the store manager I am not certain of this, but I witness her belittle and humiliate her employee in front of the customers of this store. If that’s the kind of management that you allow at your franchises, and this is the type of service no wonder Mcdonald’s Profit margin is way down. I will not take my business to any place that degrades their employees in from of the people that they serve.
    Signed ,
    One less Dollar from me

  150. I went to the your store 3320, I ordered two happy meals, two 6 piece chicken nuggets. The ordered was placed at 19:25. I waited the usual time for the order. My number was called; 365. I looked in the sack and saw the two boxes of happy meal. I live about 4 miles from this store, with driving and traffic I arrived at home by 19:42. We got the grandkids ready for dinner and open both boxes. One of the chicken nuggets was missing. I went back and was helped by employee KS#3. I showed her the my ticket and she asked for them. In the mean time your manager on the floor ask me what I wanted. I told her what was going on and she told it had been 30 minutes since I ordered. Now with the wait of the food to get put together and sacked and the drive home and the drive back it was almost 30 minutes. Your manager would not give the chicken nuggets I paid for. Very unhappy with that store and will never go back there and will not got another Mcdonalds again. For the price of the meal, yes I did drive back.

  151. the mcdonalds in vidilia louisiana has had their shake machine down for several months can yall get them to fix it thank you

  152. I wasn’t sure about the new coffee cups that came out at first, but as time goes on I really had to let you know that these cups are horrible. First of all “if” when u get a fresh cup of coffee (which is seldom) you burn your fingers. Second, the Styrofoam is much better because your coffee stayed hotter longer, and third, because you have to continuously heat up your coffee, the cup starts to break down and it starts leaking!!! Went to using Speedway gas station Styrofoam cup to keep your coffee warmer longer. Must be nice advertisement for Speedway though!!!! Extremely dissatisfied.

  153. I went through the drive through and my fries where cold and soggy. My quarter pounder was pretty good, but I asked for only meat, cheese, ketchup, and pickles. All I got was meat, cheese and onions. I never asked for the onions, so I thought they must be crazy I went back around and told them. They said that they gave me the wrong meal somebody got out of the line. That was a lie because nobody was there at 4:30 pm. They gave me a free meal and said “Sorry have a nice day.”

  154. Cater for Diabetics as well as health concious people
    Use rye or whole wheat rolls and buns
    Use air frier instead of deep oil fried stuff and french fries
    To keep your salads germ free?
    Dip in a solution of 1 cup water and a capful of ACV
    Bring the prices down so increase your sale
    Cater for sugar free drinks
    Obesity is causing all kind of diseases
    So serve healthy food,nuts,dairy,seafood,meat,veggies,fruit

  155. McDonald’s In El Dorado Kansas discriminates against disabled veterans.

    They either ask them to leave or ban them.

    Also, they discriminate against older men. Young pretty women can stay all day if they want but the older men are booted upon finishing their meal.

    Additionally, DO NOT DO A SURVEY! They will look at security cameras and time stamps to identify you should you give a negative critique!
    Then they ban you!

    Lastly, the noise is so loud there it can cause hearing damage. People have to scream to be heard from the person sitting across from you and in the kids play area they have an interactive game that the volume is turned up far too loudly. Want tinnitus? Hearing loss? Eat or go inside that place.
    Risk maiming yourself or kids? Eat or go inside.

    Surveys are supposed to be anonymous unless you tell them otherwise. If you check I do not want to be contacted, then will ignore it and contact you anyway (harassment).

    Best is to go elsewhere.

  156. A Problem endemic to the McDonald’s culture, is that if I ask for a Bacon Cheese Burger, I get sass instead. In all of the establishments that I have visited, if I ask for a Bacon Cheese Burger I am told that they do not exist. I Then reply, that you have Cheese Burgers and Bacon, so this should not be a problem to put them together and call it a Bacon Cheese Burger.

    Bacon Cheese Burgers are so ubiquitous that I am surprised that a McDonald’s employee doesn’t know what one is and isn’t capable of taking my order. Seriously, no one is going to say I want a Cheese Burger, add the Bacon. They are going to say I want a Bacon Cheese Burger. So, please, if I say I want a Bacon Cheese Burger, hold the sass.

    This problem also occurs when I ask for a Sausage egg McMuffin with Bacon and Cheese Meal. Even when I try to point out that I want a standard MEAL item WITH additions, your employees are too stupid to comply. I get the usual statement of “Sausage egg McMuffins don’t come with…” I then have to tell them I am ordering the standard MEAL and I am also adding ingredients to it. You guys are magnificently worse than Subway. Then, when I get my MEAL, I don’t even get a Hashbrown. I should not have to describe every detail of the MEAL plan, when I said I wanted a MEAL. The problem lies more on you and your inability to LISTEN. Your salesmen just aren’t hungry enough for the sale. If it were I? I would have asked the customer if they wanted a Hashbrown or quite simply, if they would have wanted to make this a MEAL (YOU USED TO DO THIS). If you had done as such, I would be happy and have another Hashbrown in my tummy and you would have made slightly more dosh and you wouldn’t have had to LISTEN.

    I don’t need to explain to you the importance of add on sales, cross selling and the like. It just seems that with me having to write this letter that I have to. There are a lot of missed opportunities for your company to make money. There are a lot of things that misrepresent your brand. Any customer issue becomes a training issue for the frontline, but it is even more so a training issue for the management. Need I say more?

  157. Am a retired dentist,not a lawyer. However your $1 coffee ad arbitrarily forbids an iced coffee. It says for any size brewed coffee. It does not say hot,cold or any other conditions in between. Please change the ad or the policy,as it is more than misleading- PS,is iced coffee not brewed?

  158. I went to the McDonalds this afternoon around 4:45 pm at the McDonalds at 1425 Riverstone Pkwy. Canton Ga. I ordered a Big Mac, large sweet tea,a kids 4 pcs. Nugget meal with apples and coke, was charged $8.14 for the order. When I got home which was 10 miles from the store, I had a double cheese burger, cheese burger, apples, toy, small coke and large ice tea. I am very disappointed because I tried to call the store 4 times but no one answered. By the way this is not the first time my order was not correct, but I am tired of this. These are the same people wanting$15.00 for what. I want answers don’t I will carry this farther.

  159. I am not returning for awhile based on lack of concern by your chains, no wonder sales are down. Example, I frequently dine at your University Mall location in Fairfax, Va. Seems the ice cream/milkshake machine is NEVER operational. Then they have 2 ice outlets but only one of them has worked for the longest time which leads to customers standing in line to get their sodas. Although the staff is friendly some never ask if it is dine in or carry out. If you are dine in you get your food in a paper bag, which is a waste and have to spread your food out on a table which may not be perfectly clean. This is understandable as the staff can’t constantly clean tables but the tray and paper mat at least protect your food from other contaminants. I will say the general sanitation of the restaurant if very good. Just wish they did a better job of making items available that are on the menu. Until something is done I will see you at BK, which I think offers much less appealing food, or Wendy’s who strives to give customers “happy meals”. Oh, and by the way, please don’t send any discount coupons to me as I will just toss them – that is not what this is about.

  160. The customer service at the mc Donalds on felicita ave in Escondido California is very good, and the employees are extremely nice

  161. I go to mcdonalds 1 to 2 times a week. The indoor menu is too frustrating to read. It flips and there is no menu to read. I walked out today every time I saw a screen it disappeared before I could finish reading it. I asked if they had a menu listed somewhere I was told no. I will not return too frustrating, I would like to go in and see the menu not race to try to read it. I go to mcdonalds for convenience not for frustration. There are other places to go where I don’t leave annoyed because they can’t list the menu where you can read it.

    • I read about McDonalds tweet this morning… WELL you just lost a customer!!!!!!!! Saying thing like you did and having NO respect for the POTUS is a disgrace!!!! GOOD BY MC DONALDS!!!!!!

  162. Lousey customer service , employees who CAN NOT READ ENGLISH , and or understand Englifh spoken words and or spoken american words ( and or amircian printed words ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!… Managers who would rather smoke out front of the resturant ????!!! and says nothing but is there a problem with my order ? .. nothing else as i turned , and left the mcdonalds , at 158 New county road , Thomastom Maine 04861 I had to drive back to return my order which was wrong !!!!!!!!!!! and left Hungry and frustrated…… AGAIN !!!!!!!!!! I`ll cheer whren this Micky d`s closes !!!!!!!!!!!!! Good riddence !!!!!!!!!!

  163. “McDonald’s tweets to Trump: ‘You are actually a disgusting excuse of a President’ is totally off base. Have been a customer for over 50 years but no more.

  164. So, Obama’s seditious and accursed Robert Gibbs of McDonald’s tweeted that Trump is disgusting?
    Welcome, BurgerKing and Arby’s!

  165. March 17, 12:02pm Friday, we pulled into restaurant at 5000? University dr,natchitones , la. First of two drive thru’s closed for power washing by maintence mN. This caused a lot of traffic concerns.

    Secondly , Upon entering store there was Ali of 28 customers waiting in single file waiting to order and one customer service staff taking orders. No manager was visible or aware of poor situation

  166. I am so fed up. I like the food but I am so tired of not getting what I pay for. It happens more on the weekend than thru the week. I bet in a years time I have been had for 30 to 50 dollars. That’s how frequent it is. I order a ham & egg biscuit and get a plain biscuit. Do the screens not communicate? I order 2 orders of hot cakes for my 9 year olds and get one with no syrup for the one. Today done it for me..

  167. I am so fed up. I like the food but I am so tired of not getting what I pay for. It happens more on the weekend than thru the week. I bet in a years time I have been had for 30 to 50 dollars. That’s how frequent it is. I order a ham & egg biscuit and get a plain biscuit. Do the screens not communicate? I order 2 orders of hot cakes for my 9 year olds and get one with no syrup for the one. Today done it for me..

  168. Ok, here is my beef (no pun intended). We are very loyal McDonald’s customers, but this is just beyond my understanding. You may find it petty, but it really has been bugging me. I love the fish filet sandwich, which has gone up drastically in the last few years. If you compare it to the other “fast food” establishments, it is much smaller and more expensive. Anyhow, to the main complaint. There has always been a slice of cheese (a whole slice) on the fish filet sandwich, you could see it hanging on the outside of the bun on the fish. Now, why can McDonald’s put a whole slice of cheese on a dollar breakfast sandwich, and are soooo extremely chintzy on an almost $4.00 fish sandwich. I was appalled when I looked and now see only a stinking 1/2 slice of cheese . Is McDonald’s changing it’s practice and more concerned about the almighty dollar than customer satisfaction? I was told they would put on a whole slice of cheese, but would have to charge me for it. This is ridiculous.

  169. Today the McDonald employee spilled a large coffee on me and all over my car in the drive through. Not one person came out to help me or even offer to help me.

  170. I stopped at the McDonald’s store number 10774. And I ordered something simple for my son chicken nuggets and they gave me a Big Mac… he doesn’t like hamburgers so then I had to get him something else.. I just don’t understand how it got messed up.

  171. I use McDonald’s on Lathrop Road, Manteca, CA. Several morning visits for coffee…the morning manager chewed out 3 employees during my visit. It was hard to watch. I have seen her scream in the past but today was disturbing. I told the employees to contact you. Her leadership skills STINK! I do not think she represents a healthy work enviornment

  172. I recently went to my local McDonald’s to get a large fry and large sweet tea. I gave the lady my order and she said, “We don’t serve lunch until 10:30am.” It was 10:29am. I proceeded to tell her the time and she said, “We don’t even have any fries out right now.” I said, okay and left. I think they should have had fries already cooked and ready to go for lunch time(10:30am). This really upset me because it’s the 5th time this has happened in 2 months.

  173. Your company has for a long time garnished information on the quality of its food items and food service. I myself have participated in your customer surveys. At times the store number, date & time, etal. were hard to read, but with a little trial and error the data was entered so that one could proceed with the survey.

    However, now someone has had the idea to require a very length numeric code for validation. The current ticket that I have in hand is so poorly printed that it obfuscates this lengthy string required for entry. There must have been some essential reason for requiring this change. Maybe someone felt that too many hamburgers were being given away..

    I would suggest that your managers responsible for operations make sure that the printers on the cash registers are generating “very readable” tapes thereby eliminating this problem. By the way, this is not the first time that I have noticed this printing problem as I have traveled around the USA.

  174. We are travelling and we were in Arkansas and in Missouri and both states,were out of ice cream today on hwy 63. Very disappointing

  175. Hello,

    Why was the large regular plastic cup discontinued? The only available large cup is styrofoam #6 which is not recyclable.


    Matt Lawsson

  176. the mcdonalds in hermitage pa on east state street leaves little to be desired. i placed an order for my husband, it was 4 mcdoubles with cheese, mustard and pickle only and 1 double cheeseburger for my son. on the screen she put all with ketchup mustard and pickle, i repeated my order 5 times to her, fianally the order was correct on the screen, i paid and drove home, when i checked the bag, i found 1 extra burger, i only ordered a total of 5, and all the mcdoubles had ketchup, a spot of mustard and no pickle. the outside tag on each burger read, mustard pickle and cheese only, so how can you mess that up, we called the manager who apoloized and was nice on the phone and it was not about getting something free, it was about this being our 4th order that was messed up, she said we had 6 free burgers coming and to talk to a manager when we came in. well my son went in to pick them up, watched the manager go back and tell the line to make them correctly, she argued with my son that they were only giving us three, my son told her look you messed up 6 burgers, then complained cause we didnt have the old burgers, what are we to do, let them sit in the fridge until we go up there, she never said to bring them back or the receipt, anyways he gets the order, she says this never happens in her store, and in that time another order was done incorrectly. well my son brought the burgers home, lo and behold they all were wrong again. what the heck is going on with mcdonalds anymore. im ready to never order from them again, but would love to get an email address for corporate office or a good phone number for them, its not rocket science making these burgers, you have a picture to look at and whats on the screen, any monkey can do that

  177. Good afternoon –

    It doesn’t matter which store I visit, in which state, 9 out of 10 times, I end up getting sweet tea, instead of the unsweet tea I ordered. Being diabetic, you can only imagine the horror when I take my first sip and, yet once again, my order has been given to me incorrectly.

    There HAS to be better protocol and accountability in your stores.

  178. Once again I go to McDonalds and order two PLAIN biscuits with strawberry jelly and end up with two sausage biscuits with pork sausage. I do not eat pork, I do not ask for meat. I had stopped going to this McDonalds for this very reason but thought I would give it a try. REALLY! I am so sick of sitting at my desk hungry because your staff have no respect for the fact that this will make me sick. I just wasted my money again. I cannot leave my job walk two blocks back to my car, on the seventh floor of a parking structure to drive to McDonalds and get this fixed. People who work in this place need to know that this is not just an inconvenience. This restaurant is near several office buildings. We cannot just BRING IT BACK! Also, stop giving away your meat. You did not charge me for me but I have two pieces of it that are going in the garbage. SO MCDONALDS CAN BOTH OF US STOP WASTING OUR MONEY?????

  179. Called 800# to report some work behaviors at a store and representative tried to get me to agree for a 100$ Walmart card for a $1.95 fee! What is free about that? Said lines were down to report complaints. Something wrong with that!

  180. I had .lunch today at McDonalds at Walmart in Bedford commons and was very disappointed .They were not busy only 5 people sitting eating,waited 20 minutes
    to get my food chicken was not that hot,fries were not hot and tasted like they were
    not fully cooked could not eat them .
    When went to through away my trash when open the trash can cover I was swarmed with fruit flies,I will never eat at this McDonalds again.I hope all your
    McDonalds are not run like this one.

  181. McDonalds used to be a lot better then what it is now. Before the food actually was priced pretty good. The last time we went to McDonalds we felt that we were ripped off. We ordered two fish sandwiches fries and a dollar soda. The fish sandwiches were half the size they used to be and they were stacked on a tiny bun with the fish hanging half of the bun and barely any sauce at all. Plus it was cold! The french fries were also cold and soggy! with so much salt they were absolutely uneatable! We were charges over 13 dollars for this meal that was worth about three dollars! When we complained to the manager we were told if we did not like it to go across the road to Wendy,s. Which we did and we will never go to McDonalds again!! This McDonalds is located in Palmer Mass.

  182. During a recent road trip we stopped at your New Albany restaurant, what a disappointment! We waited almost 45 minutes for our meal, I’m not exaggerating, and it was well below standard. The tables were not being cleaned and the floor was dirty and it was understaffed, the only reason we didn’t walk out was that we were so tired after a long day driving. This restaurant needs a visit from the area manager, or maybe from head office! From comments we heard from other customers the service, or lack thereof, was not unusual. I doubt I’ll ever stop in one of your restaurants again!

  183. I was at you franchise at Springs Mall on Saturday ( 29/07/2017 ) just before 6pm. I took the kids to get some ice cream. The queue was long and not moving.
    The faces of your staff was very stressed. The one guy on duty was literally shaking when serving or calling out orders, due to stress and pressure they were under.
    I figured the reason why they were like that. They were under pressure because they have been sworn at by customers because of poor and very slow service they offered.
    Now, they were working hard to run the business smooth and fast, but it was beyond their control.

    The Saturday was an extemely busy day and also month end. The owner should at least try and get more staff for peak times/days.
    The poor staff is overworked . They work under pressure and end up making mistakes which leads to unhappy customers and denting the image of the company.

    I stood waiting for my ice cream from 6 pm – 6 : 50 pm. The skipped my order ,and I ended up shouting and screaming because I was very upset.
    The supper I went to get for my family ended up cold just because Mc Donald made me to wait for ice cream for almost an hour.

    This is very bad for the company and you will end up losing customers. You need to improve the service by staffing properly , especially on peak days/hours.

    Hoping to hear from you shortly.

  184. Fairhope, Al. Hey-98
    Watched lady take my order…pull her cell phone out of her waistban…use it with her left hand and thumb punching whatever….then using her left hand stored the phone back inside her waistban…against her body skin below her waist.
    She went over and poured some cooked potato patties into the cooked pan
    One fell out…she picked it up with her fingers that had been inside her pants and were used to work her phone stored inside her pants.
    Something not right here!
    I tries to send feedback but site will not work.
    Good luck!

  185. You have a severe problem at your franchise at restaurant # 6750 in Woburn, Massachusetts. I went inside to order dinner for my wife and I. A young black gentleman was doing a great job helping me. Explaining how they had run out of certain items and such. My order was complete and I realized I had left my wallet in the car and would go get it and meet him back at the register. I was gone less than sixty seconds and when I returned a hispanic woman jumped in and said something that I could not understand. Who later I found out was the store manager. The young man had gone to a machine to get part of my order. She commenced to dress him down for leaving me. I tried to explain what had occurred. She would not stop talking to me. I suggested loudly, that she shut up and go away. She then called me sweetie ! You do not call me, an old 66 year old man who you do not know names like that. She explained that is what she calls her children. I am not one of her children. I am a customer. She finally did shut up and went away to leave this young man to finish the order. Which he did with no problem.I do not know where you are getting these foreigners. that do not speak English well, have very poor management practices and are disrespectful to customers. I demand to talk to the district manager and the franchise manager ! I want answers. And they better be good ! This is the worse experience I have ever had in a McDonald’s anywhere in the world.

  186. I just purchased three buttermilk crispy chicken sandwiches, along with a sweet barbecue bacon cheeseburger. The cheesebuger was fine, but the chicken sandwiches were not. I order these same chicken sandwiches from other McDonald’s restaurants on a regular basis, and I have NEVER received any like these. The chicken was small in size, compared to what it usually is. It was also undercooked. We even asked them to remake our sandwiches, but still, the taste was terrible. So, we have three buttermilk crispy chicken sandwiches that aren’t tasty enough to eat. This is not an experience I’m used to when it comes to eating at McDonald’s. I still have the receipts & I hope you can give me a refund in some way or another. I am too embarrassed to go back to the counter….once again, to ask for a refund myself.

  187. I visited your store # 10809 today for lunch.I have never had an experience at a McDonalds like this before. The lobby was full of people waiting and I thought it was the line to place an order but come to find out these people were waitng for their food. I placed my order with the kid that was at the register. No personality and it seemed like a chore for him to take my order. I had a special request for my burger and he just rolled his eyes. I then proceeded to wait for my food. It took 13 minutes to get my order. 13 minutes. Unacceptable!! You people are better than this. I will never go back to this location again. If you have employees who do not want to work tell them to stay home. The manager was not any better either. Could not get his attention to ask for some ketchup packets. He was just calling out numbers dumping food off and turning around. I have never had an experience like this. I go to another McDonalds in my home town all the time and they would never give this kind of service. Come on McDonalds you are better than this. This issue should be addressed . Other customers were also upset by the lack of service and caring. We were all there spending our hard earned money to have lunch and not to have to put up with incompetence.

  188. My daughter and I eat at McDonald’s at least 1 time per week. Our favorite drink is lavaburst orange. Since you got rid of it…you also got rid of us as a customer. There are many other places to eat that do have it. I guess learning from coke to new coke experience hasn’t sunk in with many businesses

  189. McDonalds, Hwy 51 Madison, MS. Service has never been good, but yesterday 8/15/17 was the worst. Employees are not trained to take orders. Employee did not know how to fix a coffee drink. Took a long time in drive through. Restaurant is always dirty.

  190. This is the 3rd time I’ve had to email about the location in Mt. Penn, PA. Over the last 2 or 3 months, I have not gotten the correct items in the drive-through more than I have. it has been apple pies instead of apple slices, vanilla coffee instead of hazelnut, 1 pack of apples instead of 2. This morning, yet again, i received vanilla iced coffee instead of hazelnut. I DO NOT like vanilla coffee. It has actually become a joke when I get to work. We will look at the receipt and guess what’s actually in the bag. i even have pictures of the receipt next to what I have received. They do not match. If I have time in the mornings, I will actually go out of my way to go to another location. Lately, I’ve just switched to Dunkin Donuts instead which is also on my way.

  191. Worst experience ever. Two customers got in a fight got hit in the back. Ordered a lemonade, was filled 3/4 full of ice and no refills. Ordered a lg soda, no refills, no self serve. Ordered 2 junior cheeseburgers with extra pickles and extra onions. We got 1 extra pickle and tsp of onions, and 2orders of fries. Gave girl 10$ and she said it was more than this. Ridiculous!!! I am so done with McDonalds and telling my friends too. Sincerely, Mary

  192. McDonald’s on keyser avenue natchitoches Louisiana never has cokes. When I asked the manager today he said it was a distributor issue. When I asked the waitress she said they were too busy to hook up carbonate.She said they were shorthanded. I then ordered 2 cookies and 2 apple pies…. waited 15 mins… went inside and was told they had none and were cooking them. I left when a worker cut herself and was bleeding .I think this is a huge, huge problem. Come see for yourself. It has been noticeable for 6 months. Please send mgt down here. This is a blight on all Mcdonalds. No one seems to care. This is a huge tourist town. This is a common topic I’d discussion… to steer clear. The poor workers. The poor dwindling customers.

  193. Shanghai China 337 Jinyan road 200201. Need a time change for opening. I spent 30 min in line waiting for it to open. Me along with 15 other people wait for 8:00 for store to start taking orders. Can we change this time to better serve the community. Thank you

  194. First, I spent ahalf hour trying to find how to reach you by email.
    You brag about all you do for the environment, and tell us how to help save he planet, but you’re missing a lot. Recyclers, at least here, won’t accept plastic without a code. You dispense a billion caps for cups a day. Incredible that you have no code on them. Why? Why? Instead of a simple paper wrap for billions of sandwiches, which can fold out as a placemat, you serve in cardboard boxes, which cost more, use much more material, and don’t get recycled. We value the food, not the dsmned wasteful box. And many of us have to se an extra napkin or two for a placemat. Nobody monitors the parking lot lights, which blare away to no avail, but waste and pollute.

  195. First, I spent ahalf hour trying to find how to reach you by email.
    You brag about all you do for the environment, and tell us how to help save he planet, but you’re missing a lot. Recyclers, at least here, won’t accept plastic without a code. You dispense a billion caps for cups a day. Incredible that you have no code on them. Why? Why? Instead of a simple paper wrap for billions of sandwiches, which can fold out as a placemat, you serve in cardboard boxes, which cost more, use much more material, and don’t get recycled. We value the food, not the dsmned wasteful box. And many of us have to se an extra napkin or two for a placemat. Nobody monitors the parking lot lights, which blare away to no avail, but waste and pollute.
    I submitted and you responded saying I already mentioned that. I don’t remember doing so, but if so,why haven’t you done anything about it since you’re so concerned for the environment?

  196. Windy hill Maritta Ga, at 4:30am only had two people one on window and one cook line going around building inside a mess food on floor they were nice and were working hard it took 35 minutes in the drive up. The manager was not working the lady had to take the money and orders and give you your food.

  197. Good Morning. First of all I want to say that everything I purchases from McDonalds was excellent so that is not my complaint. IT IS AGONIZING just to be able to purchase your food and beverages… long lines, SLOW lines no matter how many order stations you have on the outside. SLOW EMPLOYEES
    I’ve tried McDonalds SEVERAL times now instead of my normal fast food breakfast locations, and can’t wait for a egg, cheese and sausage on a biscuit w/ Coffee for over 15 minutes AND BE LATE FOR WORK.
    Need to figure out what the deal is for sure! You are good but not that good to constantly wait in those types of lines, If that location(s) are that busy then adjust to a quicker staff and add more order stations. Not much better inside. Maybe take notes from Frischs, Arbys, and event sorry to say Taco Bell.

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