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Contacting McDonald’s Customer Service Center

The history of McDonald’s is a story many know and hold true to their hearts. More than 50 years ago, Ray Kroc started the company as a drive up hamburger business and within 3 years sold more than 100 million hamburgers. Through the mantra value, cleanliness, service and quality, McDonald’s has grown into the number one fast-food retailer on the planet.

The company not only serves billions of customers on a daily basis, it also gives back to the communities. With its brand at stake, McDonald’s knows the importance of taking care of the customer. When questions and concerns arise, the company provides a world-class customer service team ready to provide support.

Contact Info:

In order to contact the customer service department, customers can either contact by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is available every day, 8am to 8pm EST.

  • Customer service: 1-800-244-6227

Mailing Address

Customers can send messages and correspondence to the corporate headquarters here:

McDonald’s Corp.2111 McDonald’s Dr.Oak Brook, IL 60523

Official Website

Customers visiting the official McDonald’s website receive valuable information regarding the history of the company and the in-store experience. Nutritional information is available, as well promotional materials. In the event you want to find the nearest McDonald’s, customer can utilize the search tool.

Aside from the main site, the company provides links to websites showcasing its commitment to the communities, including:

  • McDonald’s Happy Meals
  • McDonald’s for Tweens
  • Me Encanta
  • 365 Black
  • My InspirAsian
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities

Customer Service Email

When we attempted to contact the customer service department by email, we received a 40 error message. Since we wanted to contact the customer service department, we used the Twitter page to send a message asking of the customer support center had a dedicated email address. We are still awaiting a response.

Customers can also contact the customer service department through the Facebook page or the Google+ page.

Our Experience

Receiving fast service at McDonald’s is what the company prides itself on. We were connected to a customer service representative within 3 minutes. When the agent answered our call, we asked if we had multiple questions and concerns, do we need to send multiple emails to the customer service department. The representative explained if customers send one email with multiple questions, each will be answered accordingly. They did recommend sending one email per concern in order to receive the appropriate response.

The customer support team is serious about customer service. Did you connect with the customer support team in a timely manner? We want to hear from you. Keep the conversation going; share your experience with us below.

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68 Comments on “Contact McDonalds Customer Service
  1. ordered food for lunch store#189 , the sandwich was cold and dry the french fries cold and soggy…..I would think it should at least be hot… was 05/13 at 13:37 they were not extremely busy and I used the drive thru my work is only 2 minutes from there…..KS#13, KVS order 55 I felt like I was eating something that was left over from an hour before I came thru…….

  2. The McDonalds on Coldwater and Victory in North Hollywood has poor customer service. The drive-thru operator sounded like he didn’t want to deal with customers and was in such a rush to complete my order. I never understood why McDonalds charges for their sauces when they make all the money in the world already. And when I order a big meal they only supply me with one sause.

    • Sauces are made for nuggets, they charge for them if you have no nuggets. They will provide u with one or two, because most of the time when customers have nuggets they dont have their sauces because they where given to customers for sandwiches and fries. Thats when the poor employee gets yelled by the customer for not having the sauce for their nuggets, when actually the store was being nice to another customer giving them sauces for their sandwiches and not charging them for it. Thats how they explained it to me, and i understood, besides theres nothing free in america.

  3. I would like to complain the BINTULU, SARAWAK branch.

    please investigate the Mcd at bintulu,sarawak. the price is not follow the advertisement and not same with the others Mcd.

    please check it out.

  4. as the advertisement showing the lunch meal is only RM 5.95 include drinks and starting at 12:00 – 3:00pm. but when we go and buy on 1:00pm, the 3 set lunch meal is RM 27.86. all the drinks is different charges.

    what kind of business like this? is mean cheating people.
    i am so angry with this kind of services.

    The bintulu branch just opening and now they simply charges the customer like this, all the prices is not follow when we paid.

  5. Very disappointed in the happy meals toy. They not only frustrated my two grand children but that of my sisters two grandchildren. Hope the next batch of toys that come out are gere to children ages between 2 to 7.

  6. I am beyond frustrated with some workers in management at the Gilcrease location namely Jessica Robles /asst mgr and Nicole Taft/asst ngr as well. I am so offended by their actions that I will be sending a certified letter with the details. = have seen several reports of McDonald wanting to improve their customer service my first suggestion would to be cautious who you place in management. Simply because as the head goesso the body! The store # is 35401 in Tulsa. I refused to be disrespected when my money produces the employees paycheck!

  7. Store #24108
    Manager: Uuryn
    Date of Incident: 5-2-13
    Time of incident: 8:35
    I am a very regular customer of McDonalds and I work in customer service, and never in my life have I dealt with such rude, inconsiderate, incapable, ignorant, foul, poor excuses for human beings in my life!!! A simple transaction of 3 ice cream cones, large shake, and large diet coke turned into an experience that will forever be the worst family fun trip to McDonalds and might even end our fun forever. At the first window where the young man took payment was handing me my change and as I was asking him for different change, he turned and slammed the window shut so I pulled forward to the next window and as the girl was handing me my food I asked her to correct the change an she refused. I then asked for the manager who is an absolute beast of a person, refused to help me saying she could not and would not open the register for me, which is absolute nonsense because many time at McDonalds have they opened the register to make different change or correct change for me in the past. I then continued around the drive through and parked and went inside only to find the “manager” talking about, making fun of and mocking me to all the staff and patrons of the store. REALLY!!! Are you kidding me!!! I didn’t cause a scene, or was rude or made some unreasonable request. I am demanding a very strict course of action be taken against this Manager!! I am demanding a immediate phone call from your so called customer service that doesn’t even care enough to be open. Call me at 702-574-8860 which is my cell phone and we can talk about the course of action that McDonalds will take to rectify this situation.
    Carollyn Lloyd

  8. The managers need better training! I was at this store two nights ago with my family and we spent $28.62 on all the food we ordered. The food at most Mcdonal’d stores is normally very good and we enjoy it. This visit had to be different? that is because the Manager Selbey I think she said her name was got so angry because I said I did not want to pull over to the side and wait for a minute to get the rest of my food. I said that I would like to wait there if it was going to be only a minute? She then told me SHE JUST WANTS TO GIVE THE LADY AFTER ME HER DRINK! I then asked if she felt that $1.00 was more important then treating me like a customer that just spent $30.00 she then twisted her face and called me a FUCKING NIGGER! in a low voice me and my kids were in shock! All of her underlings were there to see from her how they should treat their next customer?

  9. I have two McDonalds in my immediate area. One of the locations is very consistent. Consistently terrible customer service. The other location in Everett on Evergreen Way has the absolute best customer service each and everytime. Typically McDonalds has very good customer service, but this location is operating on a different level. It’s almost like the smiles, speed, courtesy is genuine and not fabricated. Thats wasnt meant as a back handed compliment, but I know that it must be a challenging job when it gets really busy. At those times one would have to fake a smile or two. I tell myself everytime I go there that I’m going to write somebody. It’s just so obvious that whomever owns this particular location takes every detail very seriously.

  10. Hi Guys. Guess What. Gregory haven’t met Ronald McDonald for a long time for this year.

  11. Hi guys have no option but to complain unfortunately . Was in MacDonalds wishaw and they had no vegatarian food available,and since I’m veggie had to take two distraught kids else where very disappointed would love a reply:-)

  12. I like your new wraps, However the little tube you put them in makes it impossible to remove them with out tearing the tube apart, Then you have a leaking wrap, you must hold on to. Nice presentation of the wrap, just a worthless way for the customer to open their food… thanks…..

  13. On August 10,2013 I was @ the Clare, Michigan McD’s, Store# 5829. @ the counter I asked for 2 Side orders of McGriddles. I received my items fairly quickly considering they were quite busy. I later found out after reading my receipt that what I received was 2 McGriddle sandwiches without sausage @ cost of $4.78. A couple days later, I stopped @ the Reed City, Michigan McD’s Store# 11633 & ordered the same items @ a cost of $2.00. I realize Franchise stores can charge what they want but 4 McGriddles @ a cost of almost $1.80 each versus $.50 each is quite a difference.

  14. I have been unable to go into your restraunt for the last three days because the air conditioner has been broken and has been running non stop and it is 60 degrees or maybe even colder than that . This happens all the time and on other occasions it has been so hot you could hardly stand to touch the table tops. This has been going on for a long time and the employees agree with you but do nothing to fix the problem. No way to treat good customers .I have been going to this Mc Donalds every morning 7 days a week for 40 years. I don’t think the managers or owner spend enough time there to know what is going on .This is a new construction and I find it hard to believe that you cant set the ac on auto around 70 degrees and just leave it alone. Employees should leave ac settings alone .Hardees is just up the road and they don’t seem to have any problemns with keeping a comfortable temperature in their building.

  15. Me & my friends went to McDonald’s tonight, and we are all now sick with stomach aches and poop issues. The French fries were raw, the mcdoubles were cold, and my vanilla milkshake tasted like egg nog. I am really disappointed in McDonald’s tonight.

  16. why no more hot mustard?!

    Sweet and sour tastes like it was a mistake, BBQ is ok, but pretty sweet and the others are just marginal—Hot Mustard was the best!

  17. At Pekin, Illinois McDonalds inside walmart on veterans dr.
    I got a 2 cheese burger meal, while driving home I began eating it and within the first bite I bit into something crunchy and pulled little black pieces from my mouth. Called and complained they said they would notify the store and get back to me. she just said oh it was a piece of burnt bread and she would give me a new hamburger. I said it was a meal she said I only had the piece on one sandwich right? I said yes that was enough and I didn’t eat any more. after some discussion she said I will give you a meal to which I said that’s not enough, after much more arguing she said I will give you 2 free cheese burger meals to which I reluctantly agreed. today I went in to get one of the meals and they refused to let me get them separate I said how can I possibly eat 4 cheese burgers and 2 drinks and 2 fries all in one setting? They said that’s not what they are willing to do either all or nothing. I took the meals and decided to write and complain I was only able to eat one meal at a time and did not even accept the 2nd drink since I was the only person eating it how do you get away with this rudeness and I am the paying customer and they McDonalds gave me sandwiches with something in them… I am extremely angry over this ! I do not know where else to call about my terrible experience at this location.
    Lee Jacobson

  18. I love mickey d’s big mac. But I have to say that the Xenia shop on main St. has to be the worst I have ever had. The service is AWFUL! They can’t keep an order straight to save themselves. This past couple of weeks have orders sent that have been so mixed up. I asked for a bacon-egg breakfast biscuit and received a sausage, egg and cheese. A lot of people grumble about mixed up orders, specially those to go that are always wrong, but they are on their way to work and don’t have time to go back to fix the order.

  19. Everytime i go to Reedswood Mcdonalds in Walsall WS2 8XD there’s always a delay because the tills are always down. I don’t appreciate this because the customer service is no good when they tell me that it will be a 15 minute wait, i then wait 20 minutes and go back round for them to say its another 15 minute wait. The customer service is rubbish as sometimes the man or woman on the mic doesn’t even speak to me or speak properly to me.

  20. Really? Just went to your restaurant on 27th ave and US1 in miami, fl 33133 and I ordered the simplest order. A mc chicken sandwich (add cheese) large with dr pepper and another large coke. And you guys can’t get that order right? Really? It’s a simple order. Do I really have to open my wrapped sandwich in front of the employee to make sure it’s the right sandwich? Really? How can they mistake a burger meat for chicken? How? Really!?!!

  21. I ate at my local McDonald’s last evening (4/24/14). While I was there a couple came into the restaurant. They went immediately to the drink fountains. I looked over at them because they never went to the counter and the young lady at the drink fountain was looking around like she was standing guard. She did see me looking at them and I looked away. The young man was carrying a back pack. For roughly 10-15 minutes they filled an empty liter they had with a soft drink and she pulled out a plastic cup and filled that also. During that time frame of 10-15 minutes customer’s went there to get their drinks and the couple just stepped out of the way. A manager also walked by (I assume he was a manager as he was wearing black) he never paid any attention to what was going on nor did anyone at the counter notice either. The couple stopped to visit with a couple of men that were getting food. After chatting with these two men, they all went outside to the picnic tables, sat down, lite up cigarettes, the men ate the food and the couple were drinking their “free” drinks. There wasn’t a lot of customer’s in the restaurant, which is why I didn’t find a manager as I knew the young lady would know I was the one who turned them in. I just wanted you to know that the staff needs to be more observant of what’s going on in the lobby. There were certainly enough employees there. Thank you.

  22. I just visited the Edwardsville Illinois Troy road McDonalds. I ordered a large order of fries and two mcDoubles with onion and pickle only. It was about 10:40pm and I was the only car in the drive thru. After waiting several minutes a worker finally came and took my money. Several minutes later I was given my food. I left the restaurant and drove home to find that my fries were inedible because they tasted like old cooking oil. My Mcdouble sandwiches had neither onion or pickle, instead they were smothered in ketchup .The sandwiches were even marked ” order slip # 51, time 22:50
    McDouble Only Onions , Only pickles.” I should have known not to visit this location because it is consistently terrible. I worked a 11 hour shift, visited McDonalds on my way home, and once again had a lousy experience!

  23. 7/11/2014
    Dear McDonald’s,

    I have received the best service that can be deliver by one of your worker at the #6968 store that can be given. Violet is her name, and she is the best worker at the 1035 SW 6th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97204. She run most of the operations all around. I watch her not only doing handling the cashier, running the food and checking to making sure that her co-worker are actually serving & mopping the floor and not hiding away in the restroom. She even standing up to tell non-customers to either they are there to eat and not just hanging around and begging. She caught one of her worker left a key [link to a shelf handle]that could be use as a weapon to the patrons, to make sure it return to their proper place. Violet an EXTRAORDINARY WORKER!!!

  24. I used to really enjoy McDonalds, ate there relentlessly while I was an extradition officer around the nation. In recent years, seems McDonalds has done some GOOD things, but they use we know terrible meat and meat sources. Now I read that they have capitulated to the marxist michele obama, “wife” of the fraudulent obama and now she seeks to have her image on all McDonalds products . Well, they tried that trashbaggery at Subway, we boycotted, and I do not see that foul “woman’s” face on their ads, if I see them at McDonalds, with her dictating vile food be issued to OUR children in OUR schools, I will forever be DONE with McDonald’s and encourage all to follow mwe in the boycott FOR America and American Ideals which “michele” abhors!

  25. I used to really enjoy McDonalds, ate there relentlessly while I was an extradition officer around the nation. In recent years, seems McDonalds has done some GOOD things, but they use we know terrible meat and meat sources. Now I read that they have capitulated to the marxist michele obama, “wife” of the fraudulent obama and now she seeks to have her image on all McDonalds products . Well, they tried that trashbaggery at Subway, we boycotted, and I do not see that foul “woman’s” face on their ads, if I see them at McDonalds, with her dictating vile food be issued to OUR children in OUR schools, I will forever be DONE with McDonald’s and encourage all to follow mwe in the boycott FOR America and American Ideals which “michele” abhors!

  26. Don’t stop at the Lehi, Utah McDonald’s right off the 15 freeway. Me and my husband ordered a medium coffee w 5 creams and 5 sugars. we both thought it tasted like Soap, but I thought it might be a cheaper cream they switched to. Needless to say, we both got profuse diarrhea and horrible stomach pains. Worse, when I went to the manager, he was very rude and said… well how do you know it was here? The district person was just as non caring. I will tell everyone to be careful as food poisoning CAN kill you.

  27. I ordered an egg, cheese, and sausage mcmuffin this morning. I went to cut it smaller so my 2 year old son could bite it more easily and found that the egg felt like rubber and appeared to have a greenish/black mold like spot on it. Not even sure what it was. Needless to say my son did not continue to eat the sandwich in case there was some sort of bacteria. I have a photo of the egg but it will not let me post it anywhere. I just hope that others have checked their food before eating. Just wish the cook at the store took the time to make the right decision and not serve that egg. I’m sure he knew what it looked like.

  28. Store located on Route 70 and Route 9 in Toms River, New Jersey. Hit up the drive thru around 12:15 AM on Sept 4th 2014. Food was good and service was great. I don’t know her name but the young woman working the drive thru was working her butt off and still managed to have a huge smile on her face at midnight. Those are the type of employees you hold on to, take care of her… whoever she is!

  29. I called today around 6:50a.m.asking for Bea and she said who’s this I gave her my name and she said she’s busy and I said ok when is she available to talk too her she told me at 1:30p.m. and I said okay thank u and I called again but this time asking for Sonya she said who’s this I said me again and she clicked on me and asked for Sonya again she said what I want I said nicely can I speak with Sonya she clicked on me again and called one more time asked for Sonya the same person finally tells me she’s not there and I told her that’s all you have to say instead of clicking on me and the only reason I was asking for them to see if I can try to get my job back but I rather not try anymore its just a waist of time even though I have all the time in the world all I have to do is pray on that person for forgiveness for being rude to me as a customer.

  30. 1) Yogurt, the type that you are pushing is full of sugars as well as fillers; it is not healthy in other words; in fact, ice cream of a soda pop is healthier, please do something different, like a Greek, Organic.

    Our planet is dying from a multiple of reasons, HAARP, Chem Trails, Ethanol and PLASTIC; there are a few ways you could cut back on the use of plastic, please study and employ. Plastic will not return to the “win”, Mother Earth where papers, cardboard, etc., will…please desist in using Styrofoam and use the paper like cup instead..they can be recycled and why not have an area for customers to place their plastic after eating? It would help immensely and the planet needs all the help it can get. Thanks.

  31. Why do we have to listen to noise instead of decent, music, like the Golden Oldies or classic country western…rap and the noise that they play now are not conducive to wanting to go there and eat, then you walk in and it too cold to enjoy one’s dining experiences!

  32. Plenty of problems at 15 E Dundee Rd and one at Rand Rd (83 and Rand). 1)Static on speaker 2)not very friendly service people, no smiles like they didn’t really want my business 2)ranch wraps were cold, lettuce wilted and dripping with runny ranch sauce, very little cheese, top inch of tortilla was empty, chicken small piece looked like it had been chopped up and was cold.

  33. All the McDonalds I go to have the same prices except the one on East Main Street in Torrington. I have been paying $1.06 for a side salad and that includes tax. The one on East Main Street charges $1.29. They told me they are private owned so they can change their prices. I don’t think that is right

  34. Generic email from customer service. Lame.
    Saratoga springs utah location is charging my card twice , no resolution and is fraudulent. ref#:11406589

  35. On the morning of October 5, 2014, I went to a McDonalds at Hwy 90, Ocean Springs, MS 39564. Went in to get two Senior coffee, after I gave the young blonde girl with glasses (I guess she a shift supervisor) my money with return change I ask for a Monopoly Game piece and she reply back they only come with a large coffee cups, I reply back the other McDonalds given out these games pcs with no hesitation. She left the front for a minute and then a curly blonde hair male with glasses (guess shift manager) came up asks what I needed and told him the same thing a Monopoly game pcs. Said that if I want one that I have to send in stamped envelope with sufficient postage and envelope to get game pcs, I said the same thing to him about the other McDonalds and his reply was “they was not supposed to do that”. I knew this if you did not order food items but I order coffee and this is a food product. There is only certain food item that comes with games pcs but it does not say what certain food items. The point is I order a food product from this McDonalds restaurant and these two individual refuse to give me a game pcs to make a customer happy instead they just got me mad. I have manage for thirty years in business and the saying is know your job before you answer a question to a customer if you don’t you better do your homework and it seems these two did not do their homework. I believe this place owes me couple of games pcs, who knows I might have won something nice. I will apply this on Facebook, twitters, YouTube and email a statement to the BBB and state officials on this issue; it is nothing but a sale gimmick to buy certain food items. If a game played like this then all food items package should have games pcs on it or just games card pcs for items that do not have them applied to package.

  36. Its no wonder your company is losing business. I heard that customers are leaving for the competition because of the high prices. Today I experienced myself. While my mechanic worked on my car I went to the closest place for some breakfast. I was stunned at the prices for breakfast combos. It wound up costing me close to $4.00 for a biscuit egg and bacon sandwich and a SENIOR coffee. For five to six dollars I could have had a complete sit down breakfast at a diner. And the egg and bacon biscuit was puny. You won’t be seeing me again for anything but a senior coffee.

  37. For years grilled chicken has always been one of my least favorite foods, … all dried out. Yesterday (10/29) my wife and stopped at store number 7896 and had lunch. We both had the Premium Chicken Bacon (grilled) Wrap. Man, … this has got to be the best chicken sandwich on the market, … hands down !! It has just the right amount of everything from the first bite to the last !! And the flavor AWESOME !! This has got to be a masterpiech if there ever was one !! Magnifico, … bravo, … very well done !! Thank you !!

  38. I order the Sausage McMuffin with Egg take away in Wanchai shop located at bridge to HKCEC at 08:00 this morning, but I wait & wait over 6 ppl ahead of me & I tried to talk to your screw.
    The answer is wait but no invoice on the table, why?

  39. I was in McDonald’s flamwood walk the manager was in the kitchen with out mob cab mob refused to call her she was scared

  40. Glenway Avenue McDonalds sucks I’m on my way to Burger King now customer service goes a long way actually most important variable there is and I’m sitting outside your location I can see a half a dozen employees sit inside on their butts at the tables texting yet I was turned away at the the window was told I had to wait an additional 8 minutes what a joke just a place my breakfast order cuz I was a little early

  41. WHY is McDonald loosing terrain against all others?
    THE answer is very simple:
    Change the flavor and you’ll see better results.

  42. Please send me an official address including email, telephone, the person in charge to officially send the a request on franchising.
    Thank you,


  43. Put a big singe on your menu telling person who don’t under stand that (hounders ? Is hot hot super hot my kids and me got so sick we could not Finnish are quarter ponder that i didn’t know it was super hot

  44. Put a big singe on your menu telling person who don’t under stand that (hounders ? Is hot hot super hot my kids and me got so sick we could not Finnish are quarter ponder that i didn’t know it was super hot

  45. They manger did replace are burger but was to late took kids home gave them some pep toll bis mole to help with there pain thank mr cormier

  46. Just wanted to say thank you for that great ad. re messages on various McD signs. Inspiring and heartwarming.

    Thanks again.

    Jim and Barbara

  47. On January 25th on the way to the Greyhound bus terminan my daughter and I went to the McDonald’s at 9401 Foster which is across the street from Valley View Bank. We were there at 8:15 AM getting 2 egg Mcmuffins and 1 order or hash brown pattie. We weren’t running late and we expected to get there 15 minutes early which we did however we wouldn’t have if we had gone back to McDoanlds to show them the egg they had given to my daughter. I’m actually surprised she noticed it and the only reason she did was because she doesn’t like ham and took hers off to put in my sandwich. That’s when she saw what can only be called disgusting. Parts of the egg were actually green! Whatever the green stuff was it was cooked into the egg, not an afterthought like maybe jelly mixed up with yoke which produce a green color. I’m not a scientist but the only explanation my wife or anyone I talked to about it said “it’s mold”! I brought it back and as usual at that McDonald’s no one knew what the hell I was talking about but they can see! I have no idea what she said or who she said it to (my Spanish has never been that good, in fact, Adios is the only word i really know and would recommend that word to anyone before going into the McDonalds, at 9401 Foster, which is across the street from Valley View Bank) but the answer to my situation was “give him another egg mcmuffin”. Are you kidding me? No manager talked to me and why would anyone want something from a place that had actually given you food with the definite possibility of food poisoning? I was in disbelief walking out of there. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result.

  48. when you use the same mcyds for YEARS and have the same friendly get things done gal there, than find out they didn’t appreciate her AT ALL after 10 yrs. But hire these dumb kids because they can get them cheaper! You should be ashamed of your self!!! We NEED workers like Becca who loved her job and her customers. You made a big mistake and you are no different than any of the other bottom feeders who $ is there god and could care less about their customers.

  49. Do you HEAR ME????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. I want to just start off by saying that the Mcdonalds located on speedway ave. in Fairmont WV is just down right nasty and disgusting. Bugs are everywhere. Today when the Frappe Machine was cleaned ( first time in about a month ) there was green/black slimy mold coming out of the machine. The coffee pot is also the exact same was as well as the mocha and latte machine. The tea timers are never set and there are numerous complaints about spoiled or sour tea. Orange juice machine is down right nasty. Bugs have gotten into peoples drinks and also a older woman came through the drive through complaining about her milk being dated clear back until December and it is now February. She also proceeded to say that this was not the first time this has happened. The employees are treated like total crap while the managers set around and talk all day long, following each other around like lost dogs. New employees hardly get any training and then shoved into positions they don’t know, thus having the managers scream at them right infront of customers when a mistake is made.. even tho they’ve had hardly any training. The bathrooms smell like a barn. I honestly don’t think there is one good thing about that McDonalds down there and a surprise inspection should be done. There are some good workers but a fair share of bad ones.. especially the managers. I as well as a few other employees have all agreed what a bad place it is there. I also have children of my own and I must say.. we will never eat at that mcdonalds ever again after learning how nasty of a place it is. I am afraid to even drink a coke without getting a bug in my mouth or mold from the machine. Something needs done about this because I am aware that this is not the only complaint. I just happen to be up close and personal with all this nasty stuff. Something needs done.

  51. Most of the time I just order a regular cheeseburger and they never get it right .the only thing I order is the strawberry banana smothie. So basically what I’m saying is that McDonald’s is 1 half of a joke. Ps they should make what the costumers want.

  52. After trying for a month to find a Mcdonalds that had Vanills cappachino One was out the otoher machine was broke the 3rd didnt hacve a machine and last one said time ran out. Hmmm Called and lady said for my inconvenience would get A coupon. Sure did/ Good for one SMALL REDULAR coffee. You cab get that on any Monday for free. Also Wendy gives it free for seniors any day. They could have given a large coffee or small special. How cheap can this company be. I get my cappichino at Sheetz Gas and it is cheaper and better. Also can get it at our local Ggiant Eagle and it is better. Good bye McDonalds. Hundreds on Advertisement but .50 for customer appreciation. Hello Wendys

  53. Yesterday I went to Jonesville Mi store for decaf coffee on way to work. I actually went inside because 2 drive thru lines full. Y 2 drive thru lines? Can’t handle 1 in timely manner! Anyway, no decaff made. Manager puts coffee on to brew. She puts in cream, when pot has just enough coffee to fill a cup, SHE POURS IT INTO MY CUP! I’m on my way to work I don’t have time to argue that this is UNACCEPTABLE. I made 3 cups of coffee w that 1 cup of coffee. I feel sorry for those after me who ordered decaff. Is this the way to: 1. Run a business? 2.Treat customers? 3.Expect repeat business? WHY NOT TRAIN EVERYONE TO DO THE SAME THING THE SAME WAY EVERY DAY? You lost a customer! Listening? This is not the first time this has happened to me at McD in many locations! Hurry up get rid of customers at counter! Okay im going to the gas station down the street. Consistantly have decaff ALL DAY LONG. NO WAITING. ALWAYS HOT AND READY. And 1 cup is 1 cup, not so strong i can make 3 out of 1.

  54. I have been a loyal customer ever since the first McDonalds came to Maine on St. John St. in Portland back in the mid 1960’s but when Heather levia was fired for paying for firefighters meals in upstate NY after fighting a fire in subzero temps. I can tell you I am done with McD.. The front office claims she swore at someone who refused to pick up the firemen’s tab. So What!@! I am posting this story on Facebook and all the social media.

  55. I think one of the biggest problems in the hamburger buns they are so so cheap. I think you need to also have a two dollar menu as well. Those chicken nuggets are nasty. Than the drive thur is the worst of any chain hand down. The employees aren’t engaged they could care less if somebody has a bad experience!! Other chains make sure the customer comes first! Overall hire some better workers, put hamburgers on better bread, serve better chicken nuggets, and offer a two dollar menu besides the dollar menu and I bet things will change. If you need to talk to you further let me know.

  56. biggest problem you have are your employees and owners of you stores, they flat don’t care anymore about quality that they are serving you and if you don’t like it, lump it or go somewhere else they say. Get some manager out there and buy some food not close to home and if they are honest with you, you will be surprised with some of your findings. I worked for you when I was in high school 55 years ago, your quality has gone down the tubes, I still purchase some but not like I used to.

  57. Hi I don’t know if I am able to do anything about this at this point. I purchased a med ice coffee at the McDonalds on Chicago, IL. As I was finishing my ice coffee I spotted something black on the ice. I looked closer and found a little animal. I really cant tell what it is but it is very disgusting. I did call them and they told me to go back and they were bribing me in a way. They told me I can get whatever I wanted but I really didn’t want anything. All they told me was that I could either get my money back or get another ice coffee plus anything I wanted. So I ended up getting the ice coffee and some fries. This has never happened to me before so I really didn’t know what to do. I am very disgusted and I wanted to know if there is something I can still do about this issue?

  58. I was at the drive thru at McD’s on Allen st. in Springfield Ma. I waited for 17 minutes, there were 6 cars in front of me. I was ready to give an ear full of disappointment to the girl working the money window but I could tell she must have heard plenty of that from the people before me. Some were quite angry enough to pull out of line with squeeling tires and doubt they will return, and I was thinking the same. But I kept quiet and then the same girl appeared at the food service window a few minutes later. She apologized and said there were only two working today. Glad I didnt vent on her and I told her SHE deserved to make double whatever she was being paid. I would love it if someone from corporate would voice their appreciation and acknowledge this individual for showing up for work and having to do double duty while putting up with exacerbated customers .

    Still a fan of McD’s

    Regards, Daniel Blais

  59. I have stopped going to Mcdonalds since they stopped making fresh food. They pre cook it, throw it in a warmer and use a microwave to melt the cheese and warm it up. That is not good food. Back in the day, like in the early 70’s, they cooked food fresh, put it in a bin and held if for a certain period of time. If it want past that time they would throw it out. You always got fresh food.

  60. We are very disappointed with the quality of food and drinks 3 0f the 4 mcdonalds has in chillicothe. Tonight we went to bridge street and got a large coffee for 1.60 and my husband couldn’t even drink it the coffee was old bottom of the pot and very strong. We have this problem almost every Friday night we go to the other bridge street and get coffee for my mother in law and husband her decaffeinated is always cold for 1.60 it should be hot and fresh. Also fries are either salty or dead(cold) I worked there for 7 years it has definitely changed. If things don’t change we won’t be going back my husband usually gets coffee 3 or 4 times a week. Hope to hear from someone Cheryl lowe

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