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Contacting Martha Stewart Customer Service Center

Martha Stewart is an icon in the craft, food and home lines business. The woman behind the business is considered a crafting Goddess, but she doesn’t exactly have the cleanest history. Martha Stewart spent time in jail for insider trading, which some thought would be the end of her company, but just one year after getting out of jail the company was making money again.

Contact Info:

There is a wealth of contact information if you want to get in touch with customer service for a Martha Stewart magazine, but other contact information is a little harder to find.

Phone Contact Number

We found several phone numbers for Martha Stewart customer service. Most of the phone numbers are for magazine customer service rather than general company customer service.

  • Martha Stewart Living: 1-800-999-6518
  • Martha Stewart Weddings: 1-800-950-0019
  • Whole Living: 1-800-755-1178
  • Special Issues: 1-800-274-6800

Mailing Address

On the privacy policy page we found the contact address for Martha Stewart customer service. You can send your letter to this address for all issues about the Martha Stewart company, brand, products or services. Be as detailed as possible and include your contact information.

Martha Stewart Attn: Customer Service601 W 26th StNew York, NY 10001

Official Website

GO to for information on the Martha Stewart company, history, magazines and more. The contact page offers tons of contact information, though few general customer service phone numbers or contacts.

Social Media

Martha Stewart, like most companies today, connects with customers using social media. Social media is a fast way to share new products, services, information and news with consumers. Consumers can also send a message to the Martha Stewart customer service team via these sites.

Customer Service Email

If there is one piece of information Martha Stewart customer service is willing to share it is company email addresses.

Our Experience

We called the customer service line for Martha Stewart Living to test Martha Stewart customer service. The system is automated and focuses solely on the magazine. There is no option to contact the company for general help, but you can press 5 to reach the general customer service department for Martha Stewart Living. You must have the account number or credit card number to access your account or you can press * to reach an agent. We waited on hold for more than two minutes after taking 1:30 to make it through the automated system, before reaching an agent.

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19 Comments on “Contact Martha Stewart Customer Service
  1. I am unhappy with the Living magazine I get and wish to cancel the subscription. There are too many ads in it (I can see plenty of that on TV), and I don’t cook much so it is of no use to me. I do not have the ability to call the 1-800 number, have been trying to find a site to send E-mail to about this matter, and have gotten nowhere fast. It has taken me at least 10-15 minutes to sift thru all the BS on Martha Stewart’s web site before finding this and I am sore about that, too. I will not do business with you again.

  2. I am writing this letter to Ms. Martha Stewart to let her know how very disappointed I am with my latest purchase. This past summer I purchased two Charlottetown Natural All Weather Wicker Patio Swivel Rockers with red cushions. I purchased two Ottomans with red cushions as well. The cushions did not last one full summer. They are completed faded and will need to be put in the trash. Now I trust Martha’s products since I had purchased the summer before a wicker dining set with red cushions and those still look beautiful. Has anyone else had this same problem? I am hesitant to purchase new cushions if they are just going to fade once again. Ms. Stewart, please provide me some guidance as to what I should do.

    • yes, this same exact thing happened to us after just one summer. We have the exact same set (Charlottetown) but the green cushions. Wish I would’ve know they were going to disintegrate before we bought. I will be contacting customer service to get replacement cushions, although I’m afraid the same thing will just happen again…

  3. I make lot of 3 dimensional cards so I bought the butterfly edge punch, thinking it would be nice on my cards. I used it about 6 times. It almost always stuck, but about the 6th time it stuck for good. I still can’t get it apart at all. Since It couldn’t be returned, I have wasted my money and I am a little unhappy about it. I probably won’t buy any of her stuff again.
    Disappointed in Virginia

  4. I have a lounger it rotten on the legs. I have no phone number to contact.I purchased it from Home depo. Please contact me, you need to replace the lower foot rest section. Please contact me. It was not made for outdoors? But it is.. Thank you.

  5. had a very serious incident with my m.s cookware. while lifting lid to stir meal glass imploded into many many small pieces very dangerous incident had to throw my meal out and will probably be insecure of using any of my pieces also pitted with little use. would not reccomend this cookware. others should be warned so no injuries occur sincerely patricia

  6. Having difficulty finding out where to buy Martha Stewart paints. I was given a phone number where I would be charged $6 for an answer!? Called back and was given Home Depot’s number. Home Depot is no longer carrying the paint THAT is why I called Martha Stewart customer service to begin with. :/

  7. As a 40-year-old man Martha, I can’t believe you’re in your 70s here so beautiful. Hopefully this email will get to you it will make your day.

    Just a gorgeous woman You are , Greg

  8. I found an address on line where I could write a letter to Martha. I wrote and mailed my letter to an address in NY. After 10 days it came back to me as undeliverable and unable to forward. I am trying to ask Martha a craft question. I have exhausted all options on my end and I thought I would turn to Martha for some advice. But no luck…

  9. I am being charged the second time for your magazine which I paid in 9-24-. and was cashed on 9-29check number 13397. please straighten this out

  10. I am trying to get my subscription adjusted so that I will be ssatisfiedwith it. I was charged 29.99 for my one year subscription.I also have other issues that needs to be resolved by my speaking to a pearson.

  11. I am attempting to contact someone at the Martha Stewart organization regarding towels I purchased at Macy’s. These towels are awful. They lost color the first time I used them. The wash cloth completed changed color from grey to tan!!! What kind of stuff is this?? I paid good money for these towels, I am a senior citizen on a fixed income, and I thought I’d treat myself to some Martha Stewart towels, but it turned out to not be a treat, but a trick. I’d like to speak to someone about how I can go about getting my money back. To paraphrase Ms. Stewart, “these towels were NOT A GOOD THING” May I hear from you regarding a satisfactory resolution to this matter?

  12. I recently bought Martha Stewart collections Item SME1013 the lid was damaged how do I get a replacement. Your response will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you I hope you contact me regarding this matter

  13. Please contact me with a customer service telephone Number I just bought a Martha Stewart Collection Item SME1013 damagedlid

  14. we have or should say had a glass patio table and it shattered all over the patio, would like a total replacement for this table. I thought Martha stood behind her products!!!!!!

  15. I need slipcovers for the Charlottetown loveseat and swivel rocker. Home Depot has discontinued. Please advise where I can purchase these in the color of dragon fruit.

  16. Hi, I purchased deck furniture. & the umbrella came broken. I would like it replaced. Can someone contact me please.

  17. I recently purchased a Martha Stewart 1 inch butterfly paper punch and after about 10 punches, it locked up on me. I have tried everything to get it unlocked. Because it’s defective, can I get a replacement? It was bought at a Michaels Store, and they don’t stand behind it and suggested you might be able to help. Please respond, I am very disgusted with the product. I have bought others in the past, and never had this problem…..

  18. I also purchased towels from Macy’s when remodeling 2 bathrooms. The colors were wonderful and matched the new colors for each bathroom perfectly. The white ones are fine, but the ones with color are terrible. I have discovered what appears to be bleached areas on towels that were fine when hung on the towel bars or rings. But after being used there are discolored areas that look like bleach has been splattered on them. After trying to discover how this could have happened, I read the last sentence on the attached label which warned that they should not be used with skin treatment products. Exactly what does this mean? The only skin treatment products I use are Dove soap and water, and I brush my teeth with Crest toothpaste which is not exactly a skin treatment product. It seems that Martha Stewart simply uses inferior dyes and processes and her products are not worth buying. I repeat, I did nothing more than wash my hands, rinse them well, and use the hand towel to dry them.

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