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Contacting Mandalay Bay Customer Service Center

The Mandalay Bay customer service department is located within the resort and casino. If there is an issue you’d much rather address by mail you can use the address below. You should address your letter to the attention of a specific person or the current resort manager to ensure your letter reaches the correct person. If you are contacting the Mandalay Bay about a reservation you currently have you should call customer service rather than write. Your letter may not be received before your reservation date. Also, include contact information other than your mailing address in the letter to faster resolution.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Domestic callers can use the toll free line, but local or international callers must call the local number.

  • Customer Service (toll free): 1-877-632-7800
  • Customer Service (local): 1-702-632-7777

If you will be traveling with a group, you need to contact the Mandalay Bay Group Sales department. The Group Sales department is open Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM and 10 AM to 5 PM Saturday and Sunday.

  • Group Sales: 1-877-632-7900

Mailing Address

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino3950 Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89119

Official Website

Customers can read about the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino online at The website explains, in detail, all the places and spaces available at the resort for reservation or free enjoyment, including the Shark Reef, House of Blues Music Hall and Moorea Beach Club. Like so many Las Vegas hotels, the Mandalay Bay offers specials deals for weekday visits and combination deals for discount prices when you book air travel and rooms at the same time via the Mandalay Bay website.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer service email address or form for general customer service, but groups can contact for group lead information and support. Otherwise, hop over to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to speak with a representative from the Mandalay Bay customer service center.

Our Experience

The customer service number for the Mandalay Bay is answered by an automated message. You are given several options if you wait on hold, but pressing 0 does speed up the call. We talked with the reservation specialist about booking rooms that span from mid-week through the weekend. According to the website, the rate increases dramatically during the stay. The agent claimed this was common among all hotels, even those located off the strip and no price adjustment would be made to even out the room cost.

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25 Comments on “Contact Mandalay Bay Customer Service
  1. I live and work here in Las Vegas. In my opinion giving someone a stiff and unfriendly warning about disturbing other guests in the hotel after booking and paying for a suite just because I live in Vegas is discriminatory.I found out this is general policy for the hotels in this chain. I will never again use a MGM hotel ever. This was to be a holiday treat for my family and I was taken aback when after checking in I was approached by the manager at the front desk about having extra guests and not disturbing other hotel guests. Iguess that’s the price you have to pay to be an elite resortist.

  2. Yes. I feel they do discriminate and do not address issues. Please speak to the head department of customer service how they discriminate employees. This takes away business away and quite frankly just because of their attitude I am not going to stop going to the House of Blues or other nice stores.

  3. Such a BAD & destructive decision of House of Blues/Mandalay Bay Resort Las Vegas for booking rapper/singer “Tech N9ne” to play a concert there. Even allowing 16 year olds in w/18 & up “gaurdians” This “musician” encourages/asks fans in his audience to commit RAPES, violence, murder and riots DURING his shows in the venue. His lyrics are the absolute WORST most satanic “songs” I have ever heard. Saying he has sex w/a different woman every night & when they get pregnant he has them murdered if they will not have abortions. He is an admitted satan worshipper & professes to be a “demon” himself. I can not BELIEVE Mandalay bay would want this THING performing there, asking the audience to Rape & abuse the girls there & to “tear down & destroy” the place. It is SO sad that some young girls would degrade themselves to be present for this & to endanger themselves so greatly.I can see the headlines already, I almost guarantee a shooting or worse will happen in Las Vegas while he is here. A young girl was recently beaten until her skull cracked at one of his concerts & many concerts have had stabbings etc..Las Vegas needs to stop booking these acts all together. (but he is the WORST) There is a growing group of residents/employees in Las Vegas protesting these violence promoting concerts, but is called “racism” to NOT want them here! I for one will never gamble at Mandalay Bay again or step foot in the door of Mandalay or House of Blues & will encourage everyone I know to do the same & have asked for support on this through “One MIllion Moms”
    Some of the Lyrics n one of his most popular songs to be preformed tomorrow night:
    **Warning** Graphic!

    This one right here’s for the Riot Makers!
    The moshers! The stompers! The jail breakers!
    We gon start this shit off right!
    We got KCMO in the house tonight!
    We gon start this shit off right! (Off right!)
    We got Tecca Nina in the house tonight! (Come on!)

    This is the moment for riders and thugs
    Strippers in body bags, empassin violence and drugs
    Poverty, a bunch of minorities die in the clubs
    They say my music’s makin ‘em lose it, I write it in blood
    This is my music for all my people missin my music
    Keep listenin to it, and like I said, get a pistol and use it
    Satan shot my homie Maintain with a missile and blew it
    for the industry, cuz he was one of the truest..

    I don’t know why they keep pumpin it’s somethin
    Maybe in the music they wanna be bumpin
    it’s crunk and it’s hella haterific
    Throw your set up in the air is all the DJs really wanna play
    when October is lookin bloody and Satanistic
    Killas from everywhere listen to me when I be bustin shit
    then turbulence, don’t get nervous when I wreck arenas
    Concert promoters in Honolulu don’t wanna see me
    cuz they say that Somoans will riot on Tecca Nina cuz I’m a..

    RIOT MAKER! That’s if you don’t know… I’m a..
    RIOT MAKER! They mosh at my shows… I’m a..
    RIOT MAKER! And I come out bustin… I’m a..
    RIOT MAKER! RIOT MAKER! I don’t give a damn about nuthin!
    I’m a sly dranker… I’m a skyscraper..
    Riot maker

    Hop in a mosh pit fa sho!
    You push, you shove, you get elbowed!”

  4. Christi,
    Please stop making untrue claims about TechN9ne its absolute fear mongering. Tech is not a satanist, and none of his songs encourage rape. Its ridiculous that you would even put that here. Its one thing not to like an artist but its another thing all together to just slander that person. I happen to be from Kansas City, and have known tech for quite a while. My cousin Icy Rock used to be one of his original producers. For the record Tech is an entertainer, he is a rapper these things are very true, but he is also a family man with 2 children of his own, and a believer in Jesus Christ, if you had the foresight to actually listen to any of his albums you would know that he was raised in a very spiritual home and discusses it and his beliefs in every single album. The lines you wrote above mention Satan shooting his friend. Thats a metaphor for the force of evil doing something to harm him, why the heck would a satan worshipper say that? The truth is you are just some suburban, right wing individual who doesnt know anything about rap nor can decipher the words you type. This is ridiculous that Im even having to respond to your post, but it is just the most insane, incorrect thing I have ever read.

  5. I’m staying in room 6331 today it fathers day and it’s my second night on the couch we’ve been asking replacement for metres 2 days about seven to eight times everything has been documented we have paid hundreds of dollars for that room I will dispute the entire charge for that room since we sleeping on the couch in my entire request in all my request are being ignored to replace the mattress second day in a row I will be check out tomorrow Monday and we won signed the check out of the few minutes and the credit card charge if you would like to contact me you can reply to this email or you can call 818 590 8699 thank you bye

  6. I travel a lot . This is the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at. We have been trying to check in for 5 hours now. One excuse after another about the room not being ready. Had 3 days planned here. Now there’s only two. Thanks a lot Mandalay Bay!

    • Look; I don’t know if you’ve worked in the hotel business, but these things come up. Such things like leaks, a huge mess from the previous occupant; employees have to clean up those messes. So you have to be patient. You’re not entitled. It isn’t Mandalay Bay’s fault your room isn’t ready, in your scenario nobody is to blame. So stop being a douche bag and suck it up. That’s life. Get use to it. The worst hotel you’ve ever stayed at? No, the worst hotel you could ever possibly stay at is on Freemont street.

  7. I just wanted to take the time to say how pleased my wife and I were with the whole customer service experience at your hotel. We,ve been to Las vegas many times, but this is the first time that we’ve stayed at Mandalay Bay during auction week. As busy as evryone was during this hectic week of the barret-Jackson auction, evryone we met were super helpful and extremly pleasant to deal with. I special thanks to the kind and extremly helpful cleaning staff that helped keep our room (15312) so tidy during our stay there this week. My wife especially loved how cheerful and pleasant the little grey haired maid was.

    We will be back to Las Vegas again next September, and our first look will be at Mandalay Bay.

    Thanks again for making our week there so enjoyable.

  8. Horrible check in. No room ready. My room had food left in night stand. Bell cap not on duty. Over priced for a bad room cleaning and front desk service. Motel 6 would have been better ! Thumbs down

  9. During my stay, I witnessed several acts of inappropriate corporate bullying. Without mentioning any names, I had a conversation with a certain employee after witnessing him being bullied by his manager. He informed me that this was normal working there and that he was used to it. My partner and I were completely offended by this and will never stay at any of the MGM properties on the strip, As a business owner, I feel that corporate bullying is out of control and I could not imagine allowing any bullying at my business. I feel it is quite obvious the employees at Mandalay Bay are bullied and are unhappy due to this. No employee should feel bullied. Shame on Management of Mandalay Bay for allowing this to continue.

  10. Big kudos to ray Martinez at beach level valet!!! I was at luxor and realized I left my phone in the cab I had just gotten out of. While I was at luxor security trying to track the cab down, ray had spotted my phone when he opened the door for the next customer, he retrieved it and started calling my last numbers called and knew I was at the luxor. When my son called my phone he answered and told him where to retrieve my phone. I was so thankful and wanted you to know what a great caring team member you have!!!

  11. I stayed at Mandalay Bay last week with my sister and my young son. I had a really great experience with an employee named ‘Bill’ who works as a parking garage attendant. Without going into the morbid details of a sad situation, I will just say that my sister and I were not getting along due to her antics – we were only in Vegas to pick up my father from the airport the following day and drive back home to Southern California, so when she insisted on making our overnight stop into a raging party I was NOT happy. My son is just a baby and being around my intoxicated sister while she tried to pick a fight with me was too much so I left with the little guy and went to the parking garage to get us into the car… I had been having a really difficult time with my sister for quite sometime, and it was the holidays, so tensions were high and all I wanted was to get away from her until she sobered up and calmed down. As I approached my car, a nice man on a bike came over to offer his help. His name was Bill. He saw that I had tears in my eyes, the baby was fussing and I was struggling to load our things into the trunk while my sister yelled at me over the phone (she was mad I left; but I had to and I wasn’t sure what to do). Bill stood with me and listened while I explained the situation. He wasn’t pushy or nosy, he just really wanted to help. He was older and had the kindest eyes I’ve ever seen in that town! He seemed very calm and when I finished talking he looked at me and said, “I know how that feels but whatever you do; never give up. Never EVER give up. You will be ok. Your sister will too. Just don’t give up.”
    I don’t know why but hearing those words calmed me immediately. Bill then offered to ride to the front lobby and help me find my sister. He gave me directions and I drove to the valet where he smiled at me again and disappeared inside. A few minutes later my sister appeared. She was crying too – she apologized and gave me a hug. We got her into the car and went to pick up my father… Needless to say it was still a very long trip home for me and the baby but the fact that this total stranger took a half hour out of his day to help a distressed young mother and her family means so much. This man was not selling anything or looking for tips. He wasn’t worried about whether I was a ‘Vegas Player’ or a ‘Pretty girl wanting to party” or any of the other things hustlers in that town have tried to suggest I be… I will be honest I outgrew the Vegas scene a while back but I would return to Mandalay Bay anytime if Bill was there. He should be the MANAGER of that hotel. He has a heart of gold.

    BILL if you ever see this message… THANK YOU from Leah, Judah and Ali. You made a difference in my life. You are such a great person. God Bless you.

  12. I wanted to make a positive comment about an employee at the Raffles restaurant within Mandalay Bay. It was my last morning in Las Vegas, and I stopped in for a quick breakfast. I was greeted by Jeanne with a genuine smile and sense of humor. She was incredibly attentive, and I noticed what I good role model she was for the other wait staff. She treats each customer with kindness, patience, and infuses her warm humor. She should be praised for her work ethic and attitude! Thank you Jeanne!

  13. Sitting at orchid lounge to work on my laptop.
    asked the lady at the counter if I could smoke. She said not until 2pm. It was 1:55 so I waited. Then at 2 I asked if there was an ashtray that I could use and she told me there was one at the bar. I walked around and only saw them on the counter behind the bar. Not sure why she didn’t just take a few steps to get it for me.
    so I went back to her and asked her to please get it for me since I didn’t want to go behind the bar. She walked into the bar, took out an ashtray and slammed it onto the bar. And walked away.
    so I took the ashtray and went back to my table.
    very poor service.
    I own and manage 6 hotels in Seattle (#1 trip advisor in 4 of my markets ) and rarely see this type of service.
    what really irked me was that I had tipped her twice this morning when bought coffees. The coffees were $4 each and each time I tipped $1.50.
    guess that wasn’t enough for her.

  14. I’ve been going to Vegas for 25 years and the service I received as a first time guest of Mandalay bay was pathetic. At check-in they tell me that they are fully booked and don’t have suite with twin queen beds. After examining to them that I’ve had this reservation for six months and that I’m playing in a wsop event the next day, they proceed to put us in a handicapped room. As if the situation wasn’t bad enough, the desk manager, Kristin koucher, gives us attitude and tells us they have no obligation to honor our requests. Then she really became rude. Fine, we go to the room and the next day we use the shower only to have it flux the hole bathroom. Go down to the desk, they offer nothing for our inconvenience, send up a maintenance guy who fixes the problem then uses all our towels to clean the floor and throw them in the bath tub. I’ve stayed at motel 6’s with more class then this place. What a nightmare!

    Michael sima

  15. Hi

    My husband and I stayed at your hotel for 7 days the service cleanliness of the room was excellent
    My husband played @ the race and sports bar area he was told that d/t the above he would receive two hundred dollars off of his hotel bill as a part of using the race and sports bar and his Mlife rewards we did not receive this beneifit he was told it would automatically come off of the bill could you kindly respond as to why this was not done
    Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated

  16. My Wife and I just stayed at Mandalay Bay again and as always had the greatest time. We have been coming to las vegas for over 20 years. We love the Mandalay Bay. The sevice is next to none. Everyone there only wants to help you, what a fantastic place. Thanks to Amy lunsford every stay is great and shes the one that got us to stay there a few years ago. And thanks to Andrea Chrisensen also. Just wanted to let you know that the Mandalay Bay is the best. The service,food,gambling,beaches are the best in vegas. A great big Thank You Mike& Diane from Kansas

  17. Just stayed at Mandalay bay. Booked trip last minute due to the great weather. I am a frequent guest at MB. I enjoy the wave pools and lazy river. I was surprised to find that the wave pool was not open and only one pool was. All guests we crowded into one pool area and there were no chairs’available. I believe there should have been a notice when I made the reservation that only one pool would be open. Ver disappointed!!!

  18. Visited the shark exhibit. It was fantastic. It was spoiled by the fellow in the horseshoe crab exhibit who called me a liar for saying there are horseshoe crabs in Washington State. He was so wound up he called his supervisor. What a pity and a blemish on such a fantastic facility.

  19. Stayed at a room in MB and left on check out day. Me and my girlfriend accidentally left a couple hundred dollars in the room safe, not realizing until I was back home half way across the United states that we left it in there, we made a few calls and the only thing they could have us do was to file a missing property report on the website. Over a week has gone by and neither of us have heard a single thing about anything and I’ve called a few times and they say nobody has any clues on what is going on. Not exactly happy with the hotel, not even counting our whole party spent a lot of money on hotel rooms for a couple days.

  20. We stayed at MB 15/17 March. On the evening before leaving we decided to order room service. It took a little over 45 minutes to arrive, and when it did, it was shocking. It came in takeaway tubs not plates with an actual knife and stone cold. The fries looked grey, and limp. The supposed Angus burger looked like a hockey puck. The flatbread which is supposed to be crisp was soggy, and then there was the chicken. All of the food had been clearly been precooked then microwaved, and clearly left till brought up to the room. I would have had a better meal if I had ordered from McDonalds, and at $20 for the burger, we were very disappointed. The food was shoddy at best, and an embarrassment to the MB.

  21. My comments are in reference to a suite I rented at MB from April 13 thru 15. The room was in need of renovation. The carpet was worn and dirty, one table was scratched in five places down to the wood (two to three inches long) and the other tables had stains. The furniture was worn, the floor in the bedroom bathroom was chipped in several places. The closet door near suite interence did not fully close. the Michael Jackson one sign over the suite windows had a large hole in it.

    For the price of the suite I expected to receive a room that was a step above the norm.

  22. Hello Customer Service

    I hope you can help, and give us some kind of a response. I sent a letter of complaint over a month ago and we have not heard back from Mandalay Bay Upper Management and Risk Management regarding an event that took place back in May 23rd. I would appreciate it if someone could call me or email me back to confirm that you received our letter and hopefully are still reviewing this matter. The fact that it has been over a month and no one from Mandalay Bay or Risk Management has not called me or emailed me regarding this matter really upsets me, I feel that Mandalay Bay doesn’t care about what happens to their customer. I truly believe that my family and my self were treated very bad, and security management and Light nightclub handle that situation very badly. I would truly like someone form Mandalay Bay to get in touch with me regarding this event. If for some reason you do not have the letter that was sent to your please advise and I will make sure we send it off again. The Letter was a formal complete regarding the following parties Robert Rocha Jessica Valdez and myself Ruben Rocha. I will wait until the end of the week to hear hopefully hear back from some one. If we do not hear back, i will assume Mandalay Bay truly doesn’t care. I will then have no choice but to send may letter to all the news stations here in LA and Las Vegas, maybe some one from the media might agree with how we were treated and would be interested in meeting with us. I truly hope we don’t need to go this route. than you

  23. please advise,how I can get my friends cell phone returned,left 14 aug 15………freddis williason..cell..ken d

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