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Contacting Malaysia Airlines Customer Service Center

Malaysia Airlines has a storied history in the aviation industry. The company formed as a division of Ocean Steamship Company and subsequently became Malaysian Airways Limited. The airline experienced exponential growth after Malaysia became a country in the early 1960’s. In the years which followed, Malaysia Airlines began to fly locally and between Malaysia and Singapore.

With the turn of the century, Malaysia Airlines became a name synonymous with success and best in class service. The company has won numerous awards for best cabin crew, 5-star airline, On-board excellence, service staff excellence and Asia’s leading airline.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Corporate headquarters (Malaysia): 1-300-88-3000
  • Customer contact (International): 1-603-7843-3000
  • Customer contact (New Zealand and Australia): +132627
  • Customer service (U.S.): 1-800-552-9264
  • Customer service (UK): +44 (0) 871 4239 090
  • Customer service (Hong Kong): +852 2916 0088
  • Customer service (China): +8610 6505 2681
  • Customer service (Malaysia): +60 4 7101 800

Mailing Address

Malaysia Airlines Media RelationsCommunications DivisionGround Floor, Admin 1 BuildingMAS Complex ASultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport47200 SubangSelangor Darul EhsanMalaysia

Official Website

Visit the official Malaysian Airlines website to plan a vacation or business trip. Customers can check into flights and check the status of existing flights. You also can sign up for promotions and specials designed to save you more money. One of the key features is the rewards program in where customers earn points the more they fly.

Customer Service Email

Malaysian Airlines offers a customer feedback form where customers can contact customer service to voice questions and concerns. We sent a message asking about information relating to traveling with passengers with special dietary requirements. We hope to receive a message within 24 hours.

We found several customers attempt to contact the customer service department on Facebook or Twitter.

Our Experience

When we have to contact a customer service department, we want to be able to speak with a representative without having to endure a complicated automated system. Although we encountered an automated system, the wait time to speak with a customer service agent was less than 60 seconds.

The customer service agent was polite and attentive to our request for information relating to the hours of operation for the customer service department. The agent explained the majority of the customer service departments were open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Typically contacting an airline causes confusion and stress, but this call was different. How did you feel at the end of your call? We want to hear your thoughts.

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21 Comments on “Contact Malaysia Airlines Customer Service
  1. i want to make a complain about an unauthorized person change my flight booking, this case happen on yesterday 4/12/12, where i have make a online booking of air ticket from ho chi minh to kul, on 4/12/12, when my friend reach the airport of saigon need to check in , the officer of saigon airport say her flight has been change to 7/12/12 whereby i or her didnt to any changes before this, these make me have to pay another 50usd to change back n make my friend miss the flight n delay a days.

    Pls look into this case it is a illegal action ,
    and investigate it ..

  2. I found that Malaysian Airlines ground staff must be one of the worst in the world when it comes to service. I have send messages via their website and nobody takes the effort to reply. I posted a message on facebook and I was asked to send a email to Malaysian Airlines media service and as usual no reply. I have called customer service and I was asured that someone from baggage claims would call me back and as usual nobody took any effort to come back to me. This is not the first time dealing with ground staff. If it was not for the excelent air crew I am sure Malaysian Airlines would not be flying anymore because of rotten service.

    • I agree with u Gary. I was charged twice for my booking, emailed them and its been a week since i rcv their reply. Called but no one was able to answer i guess.. Disapointing tho.. I will be going to their office or where ever once I arrive in KLIA!! Lets see what can they do..

  3. I traveled 4th aug13 kuala lumpur to lankawi in malaysia airlines flight no mh1446 time.14.10. I asked glass water more than 4 times but wantedly he (mr arif) refused my request.but reson i dont no. i never seen any flight like this person

  4. MAS ground staff especially customer service is indeed the worst in the world. I am now determined to ensure that all possible flight options are exhausted before ever flying with MAS again!!! And have warned friends and family of the fraudsters in MAS.

    I have called many many times to change flight details, generally same flight but with different dates and every time i called, usually in a space of ten minutes apart to test, the cancellation fees, penalties etc differs.

    An example is when i called this morning (2.1.14) at 0920, one En Kifa who answered my call said that to change the flight i would incur penalty and cancellation fee of RM210/-. When queried why it was so high, he could not provide any explanation I then hung up and called again at 0930 of the same day, and one Ms Joey also told me that the charge was RM210/-. Mind you, this was after putting me on whole for more than 10 minutes on both occasions to “check” the charges. This time, i was furious and insisted that i have never paid more than RM57/- for the said changes and Ms Joey again out me on hold to “re-check” the charges. Another ten minutes later, she tells me that i only have to pay RM60/-!!!

    What the hell is going on? This is not the first time this has happened and i have now decided to complaint as i’m convinced that MAS is running a scam and others need to be warned! Who the hell is pocketing the fare difference of RM150/-???? That is a lot of money and cannot be brushed aside as a mistake.

    I expect an answer to this soonest or i will be taking this to higher authorities and perhaps the press as i have all the details of my call time, persons i have spoken to before this and the flight details.

    As all your calls are allegedly recorded to monitor service etc, please check your call logs on the above mentioned date and times to verify my complaint. I will be taking this to the next level. I am contactable on e-mail.

    Lavenia, Advocate & Solicitor

  5. I was a passenger on the 6th January 2014 MH-370 flight that was delayed by some 5 hours. I was supposed to reached Beijing in time for meeting with PETROCHINA officials at 10.30 am but because of the delay, this meeting was cancelled and I am unable to get another appointment refixed until today.
    What adds to my frustration is until this comment is penned, I still has not been contacted by MAS to offer me any apology or consolation.

  6. Totally sucks for all those flight attendances as well as ground staff! I dont owe you a single cents as a customer we do not deserve how the way u treat us.

  7. Your international economy checking counter is not even near local class. We have been here since 10 am and only 4-5 customer were served because out of the 12 counters, only 3 were opened…it is already 11:17 am and only 2 are open to serve customers? Pls explain what class of service are you giving to your customers? I complaint to the supervisor I presume in green jacket and he too disappeared?
    What is happening to MAS?

  8. This incident took place on 8 march 2014 2250hrs (Singapore time)
    I had to reschedule my flight to london due to an unforeseen circumstances. I called the customer service hotline. i spoke to this customer service officer (ZOEY). i request for her assistance on the matter for rescheduling, she is incapable of handling my request and keep putting me on hold. SHE EVEN WENT RADIO silence without informing me that she will mute my call. She can tell me that the rescheduling of flight will cost me SGD$7K if she confirm w me on the phone and thats not inclusive of the no show fees.

    End up, when i went to the website and do a rebooking, i only had to pay SGD$642.

    FYI, my conversation lasted an hour with her and i hang up the phone when she put me on hold! I requested MILLIONS of times to be put to the supervisor as i believe a higher authority figure would be able to assist me more swiftly. But AS INFORMED BY ZOEY! she dont have authority to transfer the call to the supervisor. I THINK THAT SHE IS FORGETTING THAT WE AS PASSENGERS are indirectly the bosses of the company. THE SUPERVISOR CHOSE TO LEAVE ZOEY OUT THERE TO HANDLE ME and chose to cowardly BEHAVIOR.

    I will write in a formal complaint to malaysia airline and will be writing to the press about this! I STRONGLY ADVICE ANYONE CHOOSING A FLIGHT NOT TO CHOOSE MALAYSIA AIRLINE!!!!!!!!! Pay A little more and you will get more deserving customer service.

  9. My Childrens travel to Los Angeles on MH92 on 8/1/2014 and the flight was delayed !my childrens missed all the connecting flight and i did called the mas custemer service and they say will arrange the connecting flight but the true is they need to buy and pay extra in order to get the connection ticket !
    As a customer i m very disappointed and concerned !
    I have make a complain by call ,fax and by email but until now MAS still not contact me ????

  10. I’m Idris.

    About missing MH 370 plane with whom I can contact. I have information about MH370 plane I want to contact “E-mail”. It’s very important.

  11. Idris.

    My advice to search the reason from passengers of China…

    When they arrived in Malaysia did they contact with foreign countries from Kuala Lumpur? If they contacted which country it was? To search every numbers, phone conversation is very important.

    To search every cell, e-mail, fax the whole thing.

    Don’t forget to search passengers from the first class also who was in the first class it’s important to find out what kind of Passengers it was (passengers of China) his job, travel countries between 4 and 5 years, friends in Malaysia, friends job in Malaysia also to check every passengers who was on board with whom they contacted everything, because this information helps to find out also. Among them (passengers of China) who worked in the government a long time ago don’t forget about it also. It doesn’t matter if he is retired.

  12. Malaysian airline your service is ridiculous ! I was flying from Seoul to Singapore transit in KL by MH607/MH067 08th may . U know what happen in Seoul airport ! Check in counter issue me boarding pass from Seoul to KL as usual but KL to Singapore they say flight is full , they can’t get any seats for me and my mom , and the customer service officer try to call KL head office but they not respond ! It take 1.5 hours for him to solve the problem and get the seats for me ! After that I & mom have to rush to gate directly otherwise we gonna miss our flight ! We’ve wasted 1.5hours in airport , we have no time for breakfast & shopping in duty free ! When we boarding MH607 from KL to Singapore I check with cabin crew and she told us the flight is not full we still have more than 20 empty seats in economy class !!! Malaysia airline shame on you ! I will never ever fly with Malaysia airline anymore !

  13. MAS very bad service. I want to ask the special service for my mom through helpline 1300883000 because she is 1st time from Kuching to Bintulu along and she just can speak in English / Malay. So i ask if can ask somebody can speak in mandarin to guide my mother from main entrance until inside the flight. But…… what happen?????? She direct put down the phone… never answer my question… MAS really shit……. shit……


  15. MAS is sucks. changing time a week before “hari raya” of course you dont know that we have another flight before. but at least something we have some compensation and trying to find solution for this prob. the staff say yeah… we will change another date for you for free. what is this mean? change for free? we already buy the ticket MAS only change the date not giving us free ticket? MAS this is already unlucky year for you and now you treating your customer like this. we manage to get another ticket because we have connecting flight before with fly MAS. because of this cost us more by buying another ticket. MAS IS SUCKS

  16. I am traveling first time with Malaysian airlines and the airlines have rescheduled my flight and I not getting any information from Guangzhou because all the numbers they have given online are either busy or not working because of weekend who should a customer contact in this case I am sure I not going to travel with this airline in future

  17. To : Enrich Management
    From : Mohd Shaifuddin bin Mohamed Ashaari ( MH 080164313)

    First Of All, I Would Like To Ask About One Thing. How Could I Apply The Government Of Malaysia Enrich Card? Because I want to transfer my enrich pont…. Can You Explain to me…..

  18. I am a frequent traveller on Malaysian airlines but my last experience was just pathetic. I filled two feedback forms one from auckland to Malaysia nd then from malaysia to India and I am not sure if those forms reached to the customer service team. Flight staff don’t care about customers their attitude was horrible. I am hoping someone will contact me or at least reply to me on my email.
    Naresh unhappy customer.

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