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Contacting Macys Customer Service Center

Macy’s is a high-end retailer available online and in stores. Macy’s also owns Bloomingdale’s so the two websites are nearly identical and the customer services lines may be routed to the same call center. There is a Macy’s store in almost every state in the US and the District of Columbia, but that doesn’t mean there is a store near you. Macy’s stores tend to be located in malls or as the cornerstone store in a shopping center.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Finding a phone number for Macy’s customer service was a bit more difficult that we’d expected. The Contact Us and Customer Service pages provide links for various questions or concerns, but no phone numbers are openly listed.

The customer service call center is open from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. weekdays. You can also call on Saturday from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. or Sunday from 11 A.M. to 7 P.M.

  • Order Help: 1-800-289-6229

If you’d rather not wait on hold you can enter your phone number on the Customer Service page by simply clicking the Click to Call link.

Mailing Address

At the very bottom of the page there is a small line of words – that is the customer service mailing address. This is the first time we’ve found the address placed at the bottom of the page like this. We don’t know if the customer service department is trying to hide the address or if so few customers use the address that it is not really worth a more predominant space.

Macys Credit and Customer Service
P.O. Box 8113
Mason, OH 45040

Official Website

The official site for Macys is located at Customers who’ve placed orders online should have access to the My Account portion of the site, but offline customers will not. You can register for an account, but that new account cannot be linked with your physical purchase. You can contact customer service using the information provided for both in store and online purchases.

Customer Service Email

We were unable to navigate the customer service page to find the contact us form, but we eventually managed to find it using a search engine. A company like Macy’s should not hide the customer service contact form where customers cannot access it quickly and easily. Simply fill out the contact form with your order number and submit the form. If you don’t have an order number it looks like you’ll have to contact customer service for help.

Our Experience

We called Macy’s customer service to test the call center system. We were not able to bypass the system by pressing 0 and the automated voice spoke very quickly. The customer is given no time to press a button before the next option is read. There were no options for general customer service, but we eventually managed to sort through the button pushing to reach an agent after more than three minutes. We asked the agent for the phone number for the Macy’s credit card. We were placed on hold for two minutes before the agent picked up and told us she was still looking. She then attempted to place us on hold again and disconnected the call.

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19 Comments on “Contact Macys Customer Service
  1. Dear sir or Madam,

    I am writing to you regarding a very poor quality  Mickael rose gold  bracelet that I bought from your Glendale Macy’s store 3 days ago ( please see attached e-receipt and picture) .
    The bracelet literally broke on my wrist after 10 minutes of wearing it !
    I do not live in the US so therefore I am unable to go back and return it. However I will be back in 4 weeks time, could you please tell me what is the best solution?
    It is a pricey bracelet 65$ so I was expecting it to be of high quality unfortunately it wasn’t the case.
    I have been a Macy’s customer for many years and I hope that you will do everything possible to solve this issue.

    Kind regards,

    Aouali Si ali

    Glendale Galleria
    2100 Glendale Galleria
    Glendale, CA 91210


       10129420  0067  3:43 PM 10/09/2012


    M M KORS HDBG                  313.20
    884485311857   313/4  
    Orig 348.00 10% Coupon  
    STATUS JWLRY                    76.95
    691464900151   294/36 
    Orig 95.00 Today’s Price 85.50 
    10% Off 10% Coupon  
    STATUS JWLRY                    58.50
    691464797829   294/36 
    Orig 65.00 10% Coupon  
    STATUS JWLRY                    58.50
    691464881481   294/36 
    Orig 65.00 10% Coupon  

                  Sub Total        507.15
        8.750% CA  RGLR Tax         44.38
                      Total        551.53

    Cash                           551.53

    Total Coupon Savings is $56.35
    Your Total Savings is $65.85


    OF $23.50 OR MORE
    Visit the Clinique counter
    for more details


  2. Hi,I’m curious, do you have some kind of blacklist? I think I’m on that! Because all my online order are refused. I never ordered online successfully ever! Once, I called the customer service after a failure order, the customer service said i passed and send me a confirmation letter. But it cancelled again the next day. I tried all my credit card and I’m sure it’s not the cards’ problem. Are there any way to solve this problem? Very disappointed.

  3. What horrible service. I placed a large online order that included Christmas dinnerware and linens. My order shipped in numerous different deliveries. I received smashed dishes and the wrong tablecloth. The wrong tablecloth baffled me because it was totally different than all the other linens. They were all supposed to be the same. How do you not notice that even when you don’t pay attention to the packing list. I had to go into a store to experience the further nightmare of getting the right tablecloth. I am still waiting replacements for the smashed dishes. Macy’s is horrible, I will never order from them again.

    • Macy’s customer service is horrible I recommend calling their presidential offices at 877-887-8781 and discuss your problems with president terry lungdren. By calling this number you avoid all red tape and non English speaking robots. Good luck and call 877-887-8781 9 to 5 m-f located in mason, oh!!! Tell them jarrett sent you!

  4. I have been trying several times to order on line, however it doesn’t allow me to put anything in the shopping bag. Am I doing something wrong? Also your website is not at all friendly, I have been trying to contact you however, it just answers all kinds of questions but you can’t find the right one. I had to search on goggle to find this.

  5. Macys have the worst cutomer service ever. I do not know if woman could not understand what i was saying or what. I will no longer shop with macys because if you have people that work in your customer service that can’t understand english it is a problem. She should have stick to answer question in what ever language she speaks. I am done this has total turned me off. Very poor customer service. Then just called there store operator transfered me when she did she diconnted my call.

  6. In January, I made an error in setting up my Macy’s credit card payment online, therefore a payment was missed. When I received the new bill, I realized what I had done and promptly reset the payment(in full)to be made 2 days prior to the due date in February.I received a call last week regarding my missed payment, I explained what I had done and that payment is scheduled. Today, I received another call from Mason, Ohio regarding the same scenario, but this time, your customer service rep had no clue as to how to do his job. I do not know if there was a language barrier or not, but he would ask me a question, such as my phone #, and there would be a long pause and then another qustion, another long pause, etc. Also, I lost count as to how many times he asked me my social security # which I would only give him the last 4 digits. I have NEVER lodged a complaint like this before, but I have never been so frustrated! @ the beginning of the phone call, a recorded message said that the call may be recorded. If you are at all interested, I am in Conn and the call took place on 2/11/13 around 3:45pm eastern time. If he told me his name , I did not understand it.

  7. Macy’s is impossible to contact by e-mail unless you fit into their standard questions.
    I am sick to death of all the “reward cards” I receive and can’t keep track of all the dates and the exceptions, so I just throw them away. Customer service needs to know this.

  8. I bought a coffee maker to give as a Christmas gift. The published shipping window showed my gift would arrive in time. When I received the order confirmation, it showed arrival 3 days after Christmas. I called to cancel the order 2 hours after I had placed it. I was told I was too late. My poor family got the thing, and it took 4 attempts to return it. Now – 3-months later, I’m still being charged (with interest!). I have called over 20 times, and each time told it has been taken care of (return received and account credited). My most recent bill still reflects the charge — and more interest. Now -NO ONE answers the phone at customer service – just a recording listing their normal working hours (I am calling during normal working orders). So terrible I am cancelling my long time credit card with them. A shame.

  9. I live in Uganda, Africa. I bought a Franco Sarto healed shoes, blue in color from Macys Green Acres mall in Newyork on Saturday 30th march 2013. I was on transit through JFK. I was given two different sizes. One 8.5 the other 9.5.I bought them at $79. I lost the receipt while on transit I hope to travel to Miami some time in May 2013. Please advise if I can take the shoes back to a Macys in Miami and get the sizes rectified or get another pair of shoes altogether.or is it possible to trace the receipt because the purchase was between 2.00p.m. and 4.00p.m. On the same reciept was a Bandolino metalic grey wedge shoes size 8.5 at $69, Alfani black wedge shoes size 8.5, ALF page f0121 at $69.

  10. Dear all,

    I have trying to buy some items form Macy’s online store. In fact, Macy’s couldn’t allow my international Visa card.
    This is bagging ID: 2032-20818. I have tried to complete this order with ANjelya and another 2 staff who is from Macy’s with live chat -it wasn’t completed.

    Now, my request can we send confirmation mail to me about this order uncompleted. Cause i need to get deposit, on my bank account.

    Macy’s said it will automatically get back in my account in 3-7 days, i asked bank they said still need mail from Macy’s order cancelled or uncompleted.

    Thanks very much.


  11. This is my third attempt to get a scheduled interview.I was contacted by phone,attempted to set up time for interview was unsuccessful.Could you please let me know what my next step is.Appreciate your help,this is urgent.

  12. I don’t even know where to begin. The customer service is HORRIBLE HORRIBLE – you cannot speak to a person who knows what they are doing. You cannot speak to a supervisor. I made an error and instead of making a $75.00 online payment on my account I made a $7,500.00 payment (ok dumb mistake on my part) but trying to get it resolved was a NIGHTMARE. I had to fax a letter and a statement from my bank, which I did. I kept trying to call to see what the status was, they said it could take 5-7 days. Meanwhile, my bank ended up returning the funds to my account and not paying Macy’s. I had already faxed the letter to them. I even got a notice from “” where I made the online payment saying that my bank had returned the funds. However, Macy’s turned around and sent me check for $7,500.00! haha what a joke, so I am now in the process of sending back the check, I serioulsy can’t stand the thought of calling their customer service line one more time.

  13. I tried twice to place orders to Macy’s via a couple different websites. After shopping for a considerable amount of time and trying to place the actual order…neither one would go through. The first would cancel the items in my shopping cart if I switched departments I.e. apparel to shoes. The second time wouldn’t accept my phone number. Crazy.
    I found it difficult even finding an accessible contact for reporting problems. Guess I will not be shopping Macy’s online…or the store for that matter

  14. Lost my wallet and cancelled my credit cards. New ones arrived almost immediately except for Macy’s. I have called five times to customer services; they all give me the same info and nothing comes in the mail. I’m done with Macy’s; they laugh at you on the phone and do nothing to help you

  15. Joined the Thanks for Giving, was given a $25 certificate to use until yesterday. Must have gone shopping three times with this coupon not once was it good for purchase.

    Not a certificate was a coupon buy $100 get $25 off. Then it had everything I wanted on the no eligible list. Never got to use it.

    Yes I know for charity then don’t give anything as I don’t want your junk and anything good was not able to purchase on certificate.

    Not liking Macy’s anymore. Very disappointed.

  16. Last year between Thanksgiving and Christmas I was in two of your stores. I was surprised to see that
    “The miracle of 34 th street store” had Season Greetings and not Merry Christmas.
    I did all of my shopping at Dillard’s and anywhere but “Macy’s”.
    Haven’t shopped there in a year and will avoid the store until they change to the original Macy’s.

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