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Contacting MAACO Customer Service Center

MAACO is an automotive repair company that specializes in auto body repairs and vehicle painting. There are about 500 MAACO shops in North America, spanning the United States and Canada. It is estimated that the company handles more than 12,000 repairs each week with more than 16 million repairs completed since the company started in 1972.

MAACO is a franchise company, which means each shop is owned and operated by a person who has bought into the business. The shops generally all look the same, but the chain of customer service command could be quite different.

Contact Info

Contacting the MAACO customer service department feels like it should be easier than it is. We tried the phone number for the call center and we were directed to the personal voice mailbox of a woman named Kelly. With more than 12,000 repairs a week that is an awful lot of potential calls for one woman to handle.

Phone Contact Numbers

MAACO has two headquarters. One is located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and the other in Ontario, Canada. If you are a United States customer, use the US phone number and address. If you are a Canadian customer, use the Canadian phone number and address.

  • Customer Service Direct: 1-610-337-6155
  • Customer Service (Leave a Message): 1-800-523-1180
  • Headquarters: 1-610-265-6606
  • Canadian Headquarters: 1-905-875-1248

Mailing Address

MAACO US Headquarters
610 Freedom Business Center
Ste. 200
King of Prussia, PA 19406

MAACO Canada
8400 Lawson Rd.
Unit 1
Milton, Ontario, Canada L9T 0A4

Official Website

If you’re interested in contact MAACO through the official website you can visit The official website offers a bit of contact information, but the majority of the website is dedicated to explaining the products and services available from MAACO.

Customer Service Email

We found no email address listed on the MAACO customer service website, but there is a form you can fill out if you wish to contact customer relations by email. The MAACO contact form is available at After sending the customer service email via the online form, we did not receive a confirmation number – just a thank you and we’ll contact you shortly message.

Our Experience

We called the direct customer service line for MAACO. Out call was forwarded to an employee’s voice mail system. The employee, who called herself Kelly, asked the caller to leave a message. We also tried the customer service contact number to leave a message where we were prompted to – you guessed it – leave a message.

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8 Comments on “Contact MAACO Customer Service
  1. THe cost of $ 1600.00 is very caostly for a paint job on a 1974 chev pickup. One color only and no body work.I was given a price in Sulphur Springs for $600.00-$700.00

  2. I brought my truck to Maaco in Pantego, Tx for minor body work and paint job. They had
    my truck for a week longer than they said it would take and when I got the truck back, they had not repaired several of the dents that I asked them to fix and the paint job was
    very sloppy. I asked them to repaint several areas and they took the truck and parked it
    in the back and told me the paint booth was broken and would not be able to repaint the truck until the booth was repaired. Three weeks to paint a cab only flat bed truck is
    ridiculous. I will never use Maaco again.

  3. I got a coupon through the mail but it seems
    that none of the stores in Denver area wants to honor it.
    Two stores told me, is up to the owner even though the
    addresses shows in the back.

  4. My name is Elias Getaneh. I gave my business car to be painted
    on one of the maaco location in sterling Virginia. They told me regular external paint would take only 2 to 3 days . And they kept my car for 7 days. I’m a father of two and
    depended on this car. They gave me the car on yesterday Apr 28/2014. Now i just realized the painting on the car is cracking badly. Since they are unprofessional and don’t respect as a customer, I’m worried what can I do about the car .
    please consider this issue and impose the repaint only with on one day or money back.
    . Elias

  5. Not sure what’s going on but was told my vehicle would be done on Friday. It has been a whole week! I called the said it would be done Tuesday. I never received a call so I called them to discover it would not be done on Tuesday. I have a very busy schedule not to mention days of renting vehicles. I can only hope that the work is worth the wait! I will report and upgrade upon the completion of the work! Guess what I came to pick up my vehicle and it’s still not done. Paint did not match. It’s been over a week now I have to bring it back again. The bumper is also a different color. Top it off had to pay full price for a job that wasn’t even done in order to take my vehicle that has to come back. I paid over $1,000. You have got to be kidding. Do I have to get my lawyer or contact the news because this is a total rip off!

  6. Today I had the opportunity to see Mark Fahlberg and had the time to converse with him and another employee name Tony McAllister. I am LOYAL, COMMITTED and will continue to be a customer with MAACO. I received excellent repair services and remarkable customer service. T. McAllister with the conversations and visits to the 111 Westhampton Avenue Capitol Heights MD 20743 shop extends the above and beyond service with a smile and positive attitude. I enjoy visiting and was so impressed I have cooked for the entire staff and have offered to cook again. There I enjoy the service and will continue to send patrons this shop. Thank you for allowing T. McAllister to be a value employee with the MAACO business his personality will go a long ways. Kudos to T. McAllister.

  7. Yeah, I loves the maaco America’s bodyshop center, and I am driving my old car I like printing in black color, and I loves the car color in black now I’m driving the new car everydays to any places, and I loves the maaco America’s bodyshop company here.

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