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Contacting Living Social Customer Service Center

Living Social is a deal website that offers local and national shopping deals. Customers can spend $10 on a $20 gift card from a featured company or purchase a gift card for a local spa at a fraction of the price. New deals are added daily and others retire along the way. You pay for the deals through Living Social, so customer service is an important part of the business.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers who wish to contact the Living Social team of customer care agents can call from 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. EST through the week. You can also call on weekends between 9 A.M. and 6 P.M. If you have a Living Social Rewards Visa, contact customer service using the Chase phone number or the number listed on the back of your Visa card.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-521-4191
  • Chase Customer Service: 1-800-436-7916

The customer service team at Living Social will not answer questions about your Chase account even though the card is offered by Living Social.

Mailing Address

In a virtual age, not all companies have physical addresses, but Living Social leases multiple areas from corporations and developers in Washington, DC. The main headquarters is listed at:

Living Social
1445 New York Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20005

The company is reported to be looking for a huge space to house all employees in one location.

Official Website

If you’re looking for deals or you want to log in to your Living Social account you can do so on the official website at This site also offers the contact form and customer service information needed to handle all inquiries. If you are interested in learning more about the Living Social credit card visit

Customer Service Email

The customer service email for Living Social is attached to an email form You can fill out the form and send your customer service inquiry to an agent and you’ll receive a response by email. You are NOT to send credit card information to Living Social using this form. All credit card communication needs to be handled by Chase.

Our Experience

We want you to have the best customer service experience with Living Social – so we tested the customer service phone system. We were immediately greeted with a message that said the customer service line was busy at this time. The automated system then gave us nine options to choose from. You can press 0 at any time to be forwarded to a customer service agent. After pressing 0 we were placed on hold. The hold time was more than four minutes. When we finally reached customer service we asked if Living Social offered deal in small towns. According to our representative, only larger cities were supported at this time, but Living Social is constantly updating available service areas.

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42 Comments on “Contact Living Social Customer Service
  1. The refund for teethwhiteing hasnt been credited to the account allso the marchant didnt live yp to the deal so there refund in full is the right exspectation 100091570570 liveing social emailed me saying that id recieve refund shortly

  2. I am still waiting to hear from anyone re my fandango ticket purchase . Purchased Nov 7 2012 confirmation is 124334810 and it was charged to my account immediately. I was told to contact living social but no one seems to call me back.

    Pretty sure I wont be buying aything on this again. How about just regular mail and my ticket please……

  3. Still on Hold, 25 minutes and counting. Never got a response via there email system for a refund on a deal, I cant redeem because the advertiser does not exist.

    Got a deal for a chimney sweep, yet when I call to schedule the appointment, they take my name and number and no one ever calls back, hmm sound familiar? It looks like Living Social has just as bad customer service as the deals they set up for people.

  4. Also on Hold!!! Still waiting for email response to my request for a refund as well. Company that I (and two of my friends) purchased vouchers for never upheld the deal. I would like to know how this whole thing works? Does LivingSocial “share” the $250 deal price with the company that “advertises” with them? That is what I am beginning to think. My deal was for landscaping services… Got the company to come out to the house to be told that everything I wanted them to do was “Not Included” in the deal. Ok, lets talk about what is. Left that day to go back to his office to draw up some plans for the work we agreed on. NEVER heard from him again. Have called, emailed, driven out to the place… Nothing. My voucher was received on May 16th 2012.

  5. I purchase a boucher for a tree (treetopia) & is been 3 weeks & no tree yet! I’m so dissapointed How about purchase a tree at home depot?

  6. I ordered something over two months ago and still have not received it. I called customer service and have been on hold for over 3o minutes.

  7. Purchased an automotive package from Living Social. Made two service appts needed a punch card called Living Social. The young lady told me that refunds are given within seven days. Who schedules a service aoot within seven days of purchase if not needed. She was continuously trying to bounce me back to the third party, although living Social was the merchant..

  8. Trying to get an answer on how to get a refund on something I purchased and the company went out of business……………..have failed to get an answer….HELP!!

  9. I recently purchase a coupons from Living Social. For Extreme Carpet Cleaning. The service I purchased from Extreme said they have a 1-2 hour process for $49. They came in, quickly cleaned the carpet (3 rooms in less than 20 minutes, then stated that if I wanted a more thorough cleaning it would require additional money. This is the first time I had a bad deal on Living Social. Definitely false advertising and Extreme Carpet Cleaning is not concerned with repeat business. Very shoddy company and ashamed I purchased this.

  10. My last 2 purchases were immediately charged whereas I could NOT get any satisfaction from either one of these clients. They don’t allow access either to their website or return phone calls!!

  11. I contacted Living Social regarding services I purchased. THe agent I spoke to did not care about my satisfaction. The best she can do was to offer me 5$ and that’s not even cash but towards another living social purchase. I asked to be transferred to a manager and I think she deliberately put me on a long extensive hold. If that is not the case, is this how bad Living Social hold times are? I am no longer a fan. I am angry and frustrated and sad. It seems that CASH is GOD to LIVING SOCIAL. THey worship money rather than pleasing their customer. Bad bad service!

  12. I to made a purchase for a waterproof cell phone cover for nine dolars on the 10th of august.advertisement stated it would be delivered within 7 to 10 days.but that didn!t I checked my account on the 10th of Sept 2013,still no delivery then I found out I HAD TO PAY A S&H fee which was not a problem.I expected that.Plus the product was only 9 dollars & s&h was 3.95 so I pd that and then it said delivery between 7 to 15 days.All I will say at this time is it!s sad how people try to get over on you,and you learn from your mistakes.And beleive me i!ve learned.But there is a bright side for all uf us who was wronged .They forgot GOD sees all .

  13. never will buy voucher from living social any more. i was bought a voucher from living social with code of 1000162036576. i came to the shop to redeem my voucher but my code is not on the list. i called to living social but i just get a reply with write complain here!!

  14. its a bloody disgrace that i cant talk to some one at the end of a phone, i will go public soon if i dont get a call back

  15. bought and paid for an item from them. When I was sent an item different from the one I had ordered and paid for, I learned that the merchant was located out of the country in UK. I e-mailed Living social twice to have my money back and to return the item, they said basically chase the merchant myself !! are they kidding me!! if a merchant is out of the country, Living social MUST disclose that to customers at the time of ordering especially if they are going to wash their hand of all troubles after they collect customer’s money !!!! shame on living social…… bad business and bad customer service !!

  16. I have tried to order some items from this site. Both times, I was left totally disgusted with their services. On both instances, my orders never arrived and I can never reach their customers services as most of the time they are busy and engaged on the phones. If they are not interested in this business, they should shut down this site!!!!

  17. i ordered this 3 things still not yet receive . can u check for me .
    1) 19.4.2014 (kipling small pouch (RM58)
    2) 7.5.2014 ( L’occitane hand cream 6 pieces gift set (RM50x3)
    3) 8.5.2014 ( Polo Raph lauren canvas tote bag with large pony logo ( RM99)


  19. We ordered 3 sets of wireless headphones on 02/10/15 and paid with pay pal, we have not received them and are getting ready to move. Please check statis of our order and ship ASAP.

  20. Had a wonderful experience on a B&B I ordered on Living Social ! Beautiful Inn, Rosewood Country Inn, Bradford, NH ! So clean, and every room was decorated so beautifully ! Breakfast where amazing !! Great deal, to !

  21. Had an issue with the online refund system. Called and was almost immediately connected to a CSR named “Will” who was extremely polite, very helpful and personable to boot…all in a timely manner! Thanks Will and thanks Living Social.

  22. I cannot find an on-line customer service email for these guys, so
    I’ve been on telephone hold 30 minutes. Agent did solve my problem–great!
    I did ask about that email address. Nope, you have to call and wait.

  23. I really need to contact them regarding a damaged order and it seems almost impossible to contact them! The email page doesn’t exist anymore.

  24. I love Living social deals ! I usually have to talk to a representive and they have always been so professional and helpful !! But most of all patient with me, because my computer skills are not the best !! The last Agent was named Richard and he was just awesome, and so helpful !Thank you guys !!!

  25. I purchased a massage deal for two on 12/2/15 at “Be At Ease Bodyworks”, and discovered it was only a 1-person shop, and not at all convenient to times that I wanted to book, so I requested a refund thru Deal Bucks, and got a confirmation email. Today,12/3/15, I purchased a massage deal for two for “Elements of Brookline”, but the refunded Deal Bucks was NOT credited to the new purchase. What happened to my credit??? I also do NOT see it in my account anywhere.

  26. I just purchased a ‘deal’ as a gift…but the website populated my name and address…and now I see my name and address will be required when the ‘gift’ is redeemed…The voucher # is: 1000262223652 …I need to change the name on the gift (it’s now MY name and address) or the voucher needs to be cancelled so I can put the person’s name I’m giving it to on it…Please help!


  27. I have tried numerous times this week to contact Living Social but to no avail. I was on hold 3 different times on the phone for between 30 minutes and 1 hour. I purchased 2 orders on 13th November and was emailed to say they were being dispatched on 1st December. They have been debited from my account and were to be gifts for Christmas and have not arrived yet. I contacted Hermes, the parcel service and they said if I have a query about an order to contact the seller. I have spent hours on the computer and phone and it has caused me great anxiety.

  28. Very Garcia to contact customer service, wait times outrageous. Over 10 minutes. Then when you get a person they don’t care and aren’t helpful. Bad company to do business with, STAY Away from them

  29. I purchased a Living Social voucher for a Café Press water bottle. I tried to redeem it in December and was told it was out of stock. At that time I contacted Living Social. I just tried to redeem it again (at least 3 weeks later) and it’s stillout of stock. I’m not a happy camper right now. Living Social should make sure the merchandise that is offered will be available or do not deal with the offers from this merchant.

  30. The worst customer service of any of the sites I do business with. I have been trying to reach a live person for two days now and cannot get thru. I remain on the line for over half an hour and nothing. I tried to get an email address to request help on a voucher my daughter bought me and I cannot do anything because I cannot reach anyone in your customer service department. This is very frustrating and unacceptable. By the way my daughter got us a message package and the owner of the business besides canceling my appointment to me and I quote. You and living social can go fack yourselves. This is the type of business you associate yourselves with. Please contact me ASAP.

  31. I meant to say the owner of the Wall Street Bath and Spa in lower manhattan told me. You and Living Social can go F__k Yourselves. Bad customer service by living social and you get abused by the organizations they have you do business with.

  32. No contact e mail available. Impossible to contact electronically. E mail requesting feedback for a Voucher ‘used’. I never used it. No way to get any information on how to get it corrected.

  33. This is to inform you that I MAY soon require a refund or some sort of assistance relative to a carpet cleaning voucher purchased from you Jan. 3, 2016. I have been trying to contact USA CARPET CLEANING for an appointment for over a full month now! I’ve left messages…but no response. If this behavior to avoid customer call-backs continues, the voucher purchased from you will expire!!

    Please help! D. McGuire

  34. Have been purchasing deals on living social for years.. went 3 days past the expiration b/c of bad weather for the pressure wash.. living social refuses refund or credit.. Done with them.. They are more into open sky now..

  35. called 4 times every day for a week. waited forever to get a person on phone. when i finally did they promised me a free shipping label to return item that i tried to cancel right away, but couldn’t get thru to living social during weekend. i’m still waiting for the label that was supposed to be emailed so that i can return the item without having to pay for postage. will definitely cancel my subscription

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