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Contacting Little Caesars Customer Service Center

Little Caesars is a franchise pizza restaurant founded in the late 1940’s in Michigan. The company is a mainstay in strip malls across the country, as well as standalone restaurants. As the company began to grow and prosper, Little Caesars began to move beyond its Midwestern roots and plant new roots across the United States. Known as one of the fastest growing franchises in the world, Little Caesars currently has locations situated in Canada, Asia, Central America, South America, Europe and the Middle East.

Contact Info:

Customers wanting to connect and communicate with the customer support team have the ability to through social media, including the Facebook page or the Twitter page, through traditional mail, by phone and by email.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer support team is available Monday through Friday 9am to 11pm; Saturday 3pm to 11pm EST.

  • Customer service: 1-800-722-3727

Mailing Address

Little Caesars2211 Woodward Ave.Detroit, MI 48201

Official Website

One of the main features on the official Little Caesars website the available franchise opportunities. Customers can expand the reach of the company into neighborhoods across the United States. Customers can also save money by using the applicable online coupons and signing up for email alerts.

The company also provides informative information relating to the corporate operations, especially as it related to customer service on the In the News section of the site.

Customer Service Email

Customers can send general question, concerns, complaints or compliments to the customer service department here A disclaimer indicated customers should not include personal information when sending correspondence to the customer service department. We sent a message to the customer service department asking if the company could provide us with information relating to known allergens included on the menu. We received confirmation the customer service department received our message, but no indication as to when they would respond to our concern.

Our Experience

We had the pleasure of contacting the customer service department at Little Caesars. We say this, due to the overwhelming joy we encountered with the agent we spoke to. After waiting though the automated system, the agent answered the call and was bright and bubbly. We asked about how to contact the customer service department after hours. The agent explained customers had options, including contacting their local restaurant, using the customer feedback form or visiting the company through the social media pages. The agent assured the message would be delivered to the appropriate party, resulting in a quick response.

By far, one of the best experiences we encountered. Was your experience this great? Tell us in the comment section below.

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21 Comments on “Contact Little Caesars Customer Service
  1. I had an extremely extremely bad experience @ little caesars in Newberry sc tonite (4/2/13), I went in to the store & purchased a supreme, deep dish pep,& a cheese, I was told to give them 10-15 min to prepare them. I returned in 18min & found that they had not made my deep dish yet, the manager was the one who helped me & offered my $ back for the deep dish & still make it, I accepted her offer & returned to my car to wait. I gave them 12 more min before I went back in to get my order. When I got back in the manager was going thru the ready pizza & went back to the make line & was talking real low to the female worker asking where my supreme was & she said she had already had made it & said that the front end must have gave it to another customer. The manager then told the female making pizza to make another one & did not bother telling me what was going on & walked to the back & stayed back there to avoid me. I asked another male worker where my order was & he said he didnt know what was going on & I needed to speak w/ the manager, she then decided to come back to the front from hiding in the back & told me that my pizza was about to come out the oven(which I saw go into the oven less then 30sec before she came back to the front) & I asked her how my supreme is just now going in the oven when I had placed my order 45min before & she rolled her eyes & smarted off at me. I asked for the owners name & number & wanted her name, she then tells me the owner doesnt have a # & she wasnt allowed to give her name out(which she is the manager) so I told her that im not stupid & I know the owner has a # & that if she is the manager she is supposed to give her name for any complaints. She refused to give the owners name or #, but did give me her name. She told me that if I wanted to get in touch w/ the owner I would have to call the 1 800#. She then through me a couple more eye rolls & I walked out the door, as soon as I cleared the door she started talking about me & was telling other customers in the store that I was lying about having to wait & that I made all that stuff up. I then went back into the store to ask her why she was telling the customers that? She then claimed that she was talking about “another” customer. As I was walking out the store I heard someone saying something to me, so I turn around & a male was hollering & cursing @ me saying I better watch my f ing mouth or he will beat the shit out of me, & was saying that is his sister & he will beat my ass. That was the most horrible experience I think ive ever had @ a fast food chain. It is just really sad that we have people like that as customer service manager. I really hope that I can get in touch w/ the owner so I can let the owner know what he has running his business. I need someone to get in touch w/ me as soon as possible. My phone # is 803 944 4647. Thank you in advance for getting back to me regarding this matter.

    • Every time I have come to the port st lucie location I have a a least a 20 min wait…I thought there his was a no wait ( hot and ready ) is what is advertised, but never what I get and is becoming quite annoying….if I wanted to wait for 20+min there are plenty of other better quality places in almost ever plaza around

  2. i didnt not have a friendly experience @ the little ceasars in conway sc i simply wanted to get another topping added to their deep dish pizza an they told me no when ive gotten it hundreds of times before then when i asked them to cut the pizza n triangles they told me corporate doesnt allow any alterations to the pizza at this time im a paying customer who wanted to be able to share equal portions of pizza with my family and was told a blatant and deliberate lie i know it will be a long if ever before i go bk to this location again

  3. Why does the Little Ceasers in Wasco Ca. don’t have the hot & ready, and also why are they so slow, it takes any were between 20 to 40 min. to make a pizzia.

  4. At your Wasco Ca. store why don’t you have hot & ready? also why does it take it take them 20 to 40 mins. to make a pizzia?

  5. We thought we would try the new deep dish pizza tonight, hoping for a upgrade from the normal “hot and ready”, but once again it was a very dry pizza lacking pizza sauce under the cheese and toppings. Same old crap, different day! I don’t get it? I would think you might skimp on cheese or toppings, but it always seems to be the lack of sauce. We are done giving you a chance. Moving on to Domino’s or Pappy Johns. Sorry….but you are obviously not training people correctly.Or maybe its just your plan to save money on sauce?

  6. Me and my family always go into little ceasrs we are always treated like family a young gentleman by the name of harrison william is always so nice to everyusand always make sure that our order is right and he knows exactly how i like my icb and every time we walk in their he is always on top of every thing and always hard at work hes a real nice gental man if i had my own business i sure would have him as an employee.

  7. Me and my family always go into little ceasrs we are always treated like family a young gentleman by the name of harrison william is always so nice to everyusand always make sure that our order is right and he knows exactly how i like my icb and every time we walk in their he is always on top of every thing and always hard at work hes a real nice gental man if i had my own business i sure would have him as an employee.Jacksonville florida #7684 103rd street

  8. Omg .. I never thought i could wait for a 1/2 hour for a pizza. Every time at rosehill location .. Is the same thing.. Wait.. Because is a caos!!!! No good customer service.. Big line.. Always dont have crazybread..

  9. Waiting for u guys to offend every other ethnic group out there.. Your new commercial for ur lunch deal is disgusting to me and I will not set foot in any of your locations… Very stereotypical what the heck where u thinking!

  10. Last week i went to little ceasrs in dublin ga and ordered the crazy sticks and they were the best i ever had just the right amount of garlic and parm cheese. I went back today and ordered twice the amount and when i got home my family went straight for the crazy sticks and we were all disappointed neither bag had any garlic or parm cheese or even butter. They were just plain bread. Not sure if i will go back, my family was so disappointed.

  11. My only compliant is them not washing there hands after handling money. also not wearing gloves . I thought that was mandatory in all restaurants. Needless to say I will not be eating there pizza anymore. the thought of them not washing and not wearing gloves is a complete disgust. Not a happy customer

  12. I stopped at the Watson Village location in Anderson, SC at 12:30 today. I guess the server gave the last lunch hot n ready to someone in a car. I was telling him I wanted a hot n ready lunch too, he took my money then told me it would be 5 minutes. I asked for my money back as I was not waiting as it was supposed to be ready. He said why did I trouble him to take my money. I asked why was the pizza not ready like it was supposed to be. He said they didn’t want to have to throw any away. 12:30 is right in the middle of lunch. No excuse to not have the deep dish lunch pizza ready…..I only do business at LC because I c an walk in and usually get pizza; someone is not doing their job.

  13. It was the worst experience ever at the store in San Juan Tx. I called for a fresh deep dish and crazy combo and they were old and sour my kids were so upset I called the store and they did not answer the phone they just let it ring and ring I called between 9:30 to 11:00 and they never answered the phone im so disappointed I guess the took me as a joke and it was a waste of my money

  14. I went to a Little Caesars on Hwy 6 and Bellaire in Houston, TX. Store number #1362002. Adress:6763 S. HWY 6 Houston, TX 77083.
    The cashier named Daniel was not at all kind. I walk up to the register to find no one there. Then when cashier Daniel finally came, he did greet me at all. No silent and no eye contact. He was completely silent until he told me the price. His attitude was off putting and unprofessional.
    I have gone to this location in the past, and the cashiers will carry on a conversation while you are waiting to have your order taken. They have bad customer service.

  15. I went to little caesars on 162 n division for the 5.00 pizza that is advertised on tv and they don’t honor it so why do you advertise it. it doesn’t limit the locations on tv so I don’t understand.

  16. My dad had emphysema and a heart problem. He was a very proud man on an extremely limited income (a total of $874.00 per month) and would not allow anyone to help him financially, but luckily was able to save his pennies and buy a little motorized scooter. He had been a car mechanic all his life and was devastated that he could no longer drive. So I moved him close to me, near downtown Jasper GA, knowing his life would be shortly ending; and also knowing he could drive his scooter to the grocery store, and Fred’s and the auto parts store. I did not know, then, that he loved pizza. He had never tasted pizza until the last years of his life, having grown up on “beans and cornbread” in the rural south, but when he did, the love affair began. I cannot tell you how much it meant to him to be able to drive his little scooter into the local Jasper’s Little Caesars and be able to buy his very own large pepperoni pizza, for $5.00!, which would last him for 2-3 days. This act may seem very small to some, but for him it was huge. I hope you will never stop having the $5.00 pizzas-think of my father before you do.

  17. Been a faithful customer of Lil Caesars for years. No more, after experience at your Roswell Rd, Marietta Ga location yesterday, Wed, May 27th at 5:30 pm. You need to hire competent employees who care about your customers.

  18. Today is May 28, 2015.. about 9 at night I walk into the store located on Frayser blvd and Overton Crossing and noticed that the person making the pizza dont have gloves on. I asked the cashier to speak with rhe manager and guess who the manager is…. the employee making the pizza without sanitary gloves on. Will not come back to this location. Manager needs to be trained on proper food handling…

  19. Went into store on galley and circle gave them a gift card which still had 10.37 the store said it only had .97 then the lade
    Y erased the amount couldn’t get the amount back I told her what ever I still want the food they couldn’t figure it out so I left lost out on my 10.00 and they lost my buisness

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