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Contacting Kohler Customer Service Center

Kohler is a manufacturing company based in the United States, specializing in generators, engines, tile, cabinetry, furniture as well as plumbing supplies. The company was founded more the 150 years ago and has since grown into multinational leader in the manufacturing industry.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is open Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm CST.

  • General customer service: 1-800-465-4537
  • Corporate headquarters: 1-920-457-4441

Additional contacts for various departments include:

  • Mirrored bath products: 1-215-826-9800
  • Ann Sacks: 1-800-278-8453 or 1-503-281-7751
  • Baker Knapp: 1-800-592-2537
  • Dapha, Ltd.: 1-800-284-4063
  • Hytec Plumbing: 1-800-871-8311
  • Kohler France: +33 1 4917 3740
  • Sterling Plumbing: 1-888-STERLING
  • French Heritage: 1-323-655-0454
  • Kallista: 1-888-452-5547
  • Mark David: 1-336-821-2250
  • McGuire Furniture: 1-415-626-1414
  • Kohler Power Systems: 1-800-544-2444
  • Kohler Rental: 1-888-769-3794
  • Kohler Power Systems (Asia): +65 6264 6422
  • Kohler Power Systems (Europe): +33 1 4917 8300
  • Kohler (Mexico): 1 525 587 3530
  • Kohler Engines: 1-800-544-2444
  • Kohler (China): +86 23 67257456
  • Lombardini: +39 (0)522 3891
  • SDMO: +33 (0)2 98 41 41 41
  • SOREEL: +33 (0)2 41 64 52 00
  • BES: +33 (0)1 30 72 60 00
  • The American Club Resort: 1-920-457-8000
  • Old Course Hotel: (01334) 474371

Mailing Address

Kohler Co.444 Highland DriveKohler, WI 53044

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Kohler website http://www.kohler.com/corporate/index.html have the ability to choose the department prior to locating valuable information relating to products and services. Aside from viewing information relating to products, customers can also find out what the company is doing to be a better steward in the community. Customers can connect with the customer service department from around the world by locating the country here http://www.kohler.com/corporate/worldwide.html.

Customer Service Email

The customer feedback form http://www.us.kohler.com/us/static/contact.jspallows customers to voice questions and concerns directly to the customer support team. We sent a message asking for information relating to installation questions; specifically, who is the point of contact in the event customers have questions or concerns relating to a product after installation. We wanted to know if customers should contact Kohler or contact the store where the item was purchased. The automated response system stated we should receive a response within 1 business day.

Additional ways to contact the customer support team include:

Our Experience

When we contacted Kohler, we thought we have the privilege of speaking to a live agent in less than 2 minutes. We encountered the typical automated system which directed us to the customer support team. This is where things became sketchy. After being connected to the customer service department, we endured an additional automated system. When we selected the customer service team again, we were placed on hold for more than 7 minutes.

The agent answered our call, but appeared hurried and not interested in our concerns. We asked for information relating to the return policy. The representative explained the return policy is based upon the store return policy. The company has a year return policy, but it does not override the store policy. Although the information was helpful, we didn’t care for the wait time. Let us know is you had a better experience dealing with the customer support team.

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25 Comments on “Contact Kohler Customer Service
    • kohler has been proved itself as the worst service provider of its product to his customers as we are builder in profession, and its sales executive can make any false commitments and dispatch the wrong material which the company has stopped manufacturing the units for their sales target……

      we are very disappointing from the sevices of best company worldwide.

  1. Service request #1991435
    I am trying to send pictures as per my service request.

    My email keeps bouncing back.

    I need your correct email address or a fax number.

  2. I’m starting to wonder if there are any live people working for Kohler. I placed a very small order #o84560359 and was notified it shipped on 5/15 but it still has not arrived. I have tried to trace the shipment on a number of occasions without success. I have called customer service only to be told to “push this or that button” but could never talk with anyone. Would you please trace this for me? I sure would appreciate it.

  3. Trying to send email to
    Like we were told over the phone and it is not the correct address ?!

  4. Today Leanne S and I resolved 2 problems I recently had regarding a Kohler faucet. Leanne was unbelievingly patient with me and so knowledgable about the product. It was my first call to your company and I am really impressed with your customer service. Thank you Leanne.

  5. I looked on line for a comment section for Kohler. I even called and the email I was given didn’t get me to a site that I needed. I just wanted to compliment an employee by the name of Leann. I believe she works in parts. She was amazing to work with. She helped me with my problem and it was settled effortlessly. KUDOS for hiring her. Hope this gets to the person or persons that need to see it.

  6. 71183605269.==i havent been able to redeem my rewards points since the beginning[wasnt sure how to do it, anyway i do spent money at kohls because of their special sales. i would like to get a gift certificate for the hassle i have encounted

  7. I had a very unfortunate experience with Kohler Toilet it had a internal crack ,but when I contacted Kohler directly Ms Dawn she was quite helpful ,but today When I spoked to Mr Terry he understood my situation and he mentioned they will take care about the plumber situation .I am grateful for that ,Thank you it was a bit scary& UNFORTUNATE experience ,I am not letting my kid go near the damage .Unless the ceiling is repaired you don’t know whether it is damaged more.

    Once again I am really appreciative of you all by trying to help ,so please help me to rectify my house back into my normal house soon .

  8. I recently installed a second k-10491 toilet and the fill valve leaks.
    The Kohler website doesn’t talk XP. Very un friendly.

  9. I had such a pleasant experience a short while ago when I called for customer
    service. I needed a replacement spray nozzle for my kitchen sink. I had very little info. since it was installed by my contractor who could not locate receipt or product pamphlet. I was connected to Heather in cust. serv. and she was able to resolve my issue promptly and while being professional she was such a pleasant and knowledgeable representative. You have a remarkable employee in her. I am sure this was my most pleasant experience of this nature all due to Heather.
    Shirley Krevics, Plano, Texas

  10. You have the incorrect phone number for customer service. The phone number listed is 1-800 465-4537 1-800 456- 4537 is the correct number.

  11. Had my contractor install a new Santa Rosa model toilet. Nice unit great design for our space. Unfortunately the workmanship is under whelming. The top edge of tank is not glazed white. So when you put the top tank on you see this dull pinkish colored line between the lid and the top of the tank. It was a $309 toilet which for us walks a bit expensive but the we felt the name Koehler would be worth it. It sounds like a small thing but when you walk into the bathroom everything is that nice shiny white except for that stripe across the top of tank. It really stands out. Not my sure if it is just my tank or a design flaw but would love to find out!

  12. I have a Kohler faucet, and small screw on the back came off. I don’t see a model number on the kitchen faucet I’ve had for over 9yrs., how will I know what size screw to by?? I’m really surprised I can’t add a picture of my faucet to this email.

  13. I just. Brought a Kohler toilet from Lowe’s. The toilet had an rebate $100, sticker. The toilet does not qualify for the rebate. Why did Kohler put an rebate sticker on models that do not qualify for an rebate.
    Very disappointed!!!!

    • I think the $100 sticker is for a rebate thru your city for water bill credit.
      It is an incentive for old home owner to change to WaterSense Toilet to save water.

  14. When good customer service is received it should be acknowledged. I called Kohler a few days ago concerned of marks
    On my new enameled cast iron sink. I spoke with Christian and he help me tremendously. He recommended a cleaner which brought the look of the sink back to its original luster and beauty . He also registered my sink while he had me on the line. I am so pleased I just felt compelled to thank him and the Kohler customer service team. Keep up the good work.

  15. Purchased a new faucet and when I installed it there was a water leak at the handle. Decided to call Kohler and see if they would sent a new cartridge which I think would of solved the problem.

    Amazing their customer service number is not accepting calls they want me to send an email and they will get back to me in two business days. Waste of my time returning the entire faucet.

  16. Earlier today I spoke with Sarah in Customer Care and she was most helpful and provided me with a claim #3402066 and asked that I send a photo of the Item via email, however the address I was given or that I misunderstood would not send. Could someone please give me a proper email address to allow me to send a proper message.

    Thank you
    Richard Yoe Architect

  17. I installed 2 Kohler toilets model K-11464-0 in my house, 1 leaks slightly and 1 leaks the whole tank within an hour. I found out that the factory did not tighten up
    the lock ring (part #53154) at the bottom of the water tankl for the water drain pipe for water goes into the bowl.
    I think most buyers will not check the tightness of the lock ring, but they will find out the water level in the tank will drop slowly and water will be pumped through the input valve (making noise when doing so). Please pass this info onto the factory
    and customers.

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