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Contacting Kmart Customer Service Center

In the volatile world of retail, there are the titans such as Walmart and Target and then there are the little guys such as Kmart. The mass merchandising company is now wholly owned by Sears Holding Corporation. Although the company is not considered the top-tier among retailers, Kmart sets itself apart by offering world-class customer support.

When customers have problems or concerns with the stores, they have the ability to contact a trained customer service representative. The available methods of communications include calling customer service, sending correspondence by mail or emailing customer service. The contact list is available on the official website.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department at Kmart is available to answer customer questions and concerns Monday through Saturday 7am to 1am EST. Typical questions revolve around product in-stock and availability. Additional concerns revolve around the status of online orders and company policy.

  • Customer Care Department: 1-866-562-7848
  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-847-286-2500
  • Parts and Inquiries: 1-800-366-7278
  • Product Installation: 1-800-326-8738
  • Home Services: 1-800-469-4663
  • Manage My Life: 1-800-803-6775

Mailing Address

Customers can mail questions and concerns to customer service here:

Kmart Corporate Headquarters
333 Beverly Rd.
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

Live Chat

Customers can speak with a seasoned customer service representative by utilizing live chat.

Official Website

The Kmart website provides a multitude of information to the customers. The company provides details for the product line as well as links to various category items. When visiting the website, customers can check the status of online orders and returns, find additional information regarding the store policies and procedures and save money by checking out daily deals and promotions.

The most visited section of the website is the customer service page. Customers can locate a nearby store, contact a live customer service representative or even live chat in order to receive answers to concerns. The website also lists contact information for various departments within the company

Customer Service Email

Customers can email Kmart here Simply fill out the information, subject and comments and a representative will respond within 24 hours. We sent an email asking about the types of payments accepted at We received an automated response awaiting a response from a customer service representative.

Our Experience

We wanted to speak to a customer service representative, so we called the customer care line. The automated system provided several options. We attempted to press 0 in order to expedite the call, but this did not work. We listened to the options and pressed 0 again hoping to speak to a customer service representative. By doing this the call ended. We called again and after several transfers, we spoke to the customer service representative. I explained to the agent we waited approximately 10 minutes prior to speaking to a representative.

We asked about the in-store credit card program. The representative did not provide a suitable answer. We were then transferred again. The total experience was a disaster. We hope you didn’t have the same experience. Let us know in the comments below.

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80 Comments on “Contact Kmart Customer Service
  1. Want let me register or get my kmart .points or nothing is this a skam or what I want my points I’ve saved they go out on 30 this mth and I would like to spend them please. Tex me back thanks .Brock .is like to get them before 30 th thanks if its only free bag of chips .

  2. Bought a floor model snow blower at kmart grayling. My mom brought her minivan from bay city ro grayling so i could get the blower home to from ind the missing parts. Also had to pay some local kids $20 to get the dang thing out of the van!! Called grayling kmart 10/2/12 at 4:45 pm and asked to talk to a manager. Gotva gruff “hello” and i asked who i was talking to. Manager said “well, who sisthis?”. I said “a customer.”. Then she finally said she was jody. She said to bring it back in to get a ref und. But i am not going to ask my mom to bring ing the minivan back and find some neighborhood boys to load the stupid thing up again. Jody then said to bring in the parts list in and she would order replacement parts. But i did not receive a parts list…big surprise!! So i am stuck with a $649 snow blower that is missing parts and no way to get the dang tging back to Grayling ing…got no help from jody….can corporate step up here and grow a pair?

  3. I got a pair of boots an they made noise in the heel. I was unhappy an truest to get my money back. I couldn’t becuase I couldn’t find the receipt, so I figured I could just exchange the bad boot. If I could just prove it so I put another boot on to show the diffrence. But the rude cashier didnt care so I got mad an tryed to leave but I forgot I was wearing the other boot an the alarm went off and loss prevention came of an “took me in.” I was hoping they would understand an let me go. Now two months later I get a fine for 400$ 400$ I mean I paid for boots. Came back the next day. Accidentally walk toward the exit an now I’m paying 400$ I paid for the boots so why am I being charged

    • you tried to walk out with the product you hadnt paid for so yes you were fined and are lucky you werent arrested. And I know very well that you can make returns without a receipt if you have a sywr card. If you dont have a membership or a receipt you will get store credit and can make the exchange. It’s no ones fault but your own for throwing a fit. Maybe $400 will inspire you to make better choices.

  4. My 98 year old Grandmother went to the Kmart at 175 E. Pottstown Pike in Exton Pa, she had the worst experince of her life, the first time she was standing in line with several other customers for and extended amount of time do to the lack of proper amount of employees. This time the pinpads at the register didn’t work. she said there were about 8 registers there and only like 3 or 4 worked and not properly. So i took it to a higher level and reached out to Edward S. Lampert the chairman of Kmart/Sears. I’m just informing the public of the unprofessionalisam of this establishment. Something needs to be done, because if my grandmother is experincing these problems who elses elderly or other family members are a victim of the unprofessionlisam of this one establishment? Gets you wondering doesn’t it?

    • Hi I’ve had a. Horrible experience with sears kmart both. I would like to know if there’s an email to the k art sears CEO ? Something has got to be done about their poor customer service. You have contacted mr lambert ? Please provide me an email to correspond with the person in charge of this inept company! Too many complaints and still nothing is done to improve this! I went on the Internet after my experience and found so many complaints! Help me get in touch with this person! We need to join forces against this company’s inept workers and! Boycott boycott sears Kmart.

      • i agree, i have had the worst experience yet, i tried to call this so called “mr Lampert” office and all i got was this rude who said “mr lampert does not talk to anyone” and slammed the phone down, mind you i called back 4 times after that and the same thing happened..boy was she rude..their customer service sucks !!!!, i have about 16 different names of people i have talked to and left messages with, to no avail, i was seriously thinking of calling my local news team to do a piece on them…feed back is welcome, thanks for listening

  5. On 11-24-12 I sent Kmart customer service an e-mail concerning the ordeal I experienced with your on line service.Iam still waiting for your 24hour reply,48hrs plus.I find your customer service deplorable to say the least.I tried to make a purchase on 11-22-12 on line and have been given the runaround by reps and supervisors.I consider this treatment a disgrace.I plan to relate this experience to family, friends and whoever else will listen.This is not the way to treat people,especially if you plan to remain in business.

  6. I really love shopping at Kmart for clothes for my little nephew. As of right now, I have a layaway for my 2 yr old nephew. I am upset with Kmart because of a layaway system that doesn’t let their customer make late payment. I work at Walmart & they would never want to give customers back all of their by concealing a layaway…

  7. I had one of the best shopping experiences I have ever had in ANY retail environment! We were at Kmart store 7777 – 770 Broadway in NYC…we had great help from your rep Atiba. He was incredible! I would be very fortunate if I had just one Atiba working for me….Please let his manager know how much we appreciate all his help. He was very helpful with us locating a yoga mat and helping us get some shoe boxes down from a shelf. You have a real professional in Atiba. Thanks – We give hime a 10 in customer service Raeganne and Joe

  8. i live zip code 54614 and the lacrosse tribune (home delivery) never has the kmart add in it. the tribune says that is because kmart decides what market to put there add in, is this true? i can walk across the street and the kmart add is in the lacrosse tribune but not for a subscriber who gets home delivery. puzzled and i guess i’ll shop elsewhere

  9. Customer service at is RIDICULOUS!! I placed an order on 11/26. I received the incorrect item yesterday, 12/4. I called to make sure this was addressed and that the correct item would be shipped. They told me it would take 5-7 days just for the issue to be processed. Then another 5-7 days to be contacted. They are now telling me I have to return the incorrect item, then wait another 5-7 days to get my money back. Why do I have to wait for a refund because of an error they made at their shipping facility?!?

    • Amee you are experiencing the same problem that I am having, dont think we should have to wait for our money especially when its not our fault

      • Lets start a petition against sears Kmart customer service! There are many like us that have had horrific customer service nightmares! They cut you off if you call and don’t call you back! Same with their online chats. How can they run a business like that. I’ve already advised anyone in my family and friends to cut up their sears Kmart cards and stay away! From those stores. We need to shop elsewhere ! Where our money is appreciated. Shop walmart! Amazon and other online stores with great customer service reps! Lets unite against sears Kmart! Already ten friends and relatives are cutting up their cards! And boycotting! Lets shop where we will be treated with respect and integrity.

  10. Was shopping at store located at 8800 Frankford Ave, Phila Pa store was busy and I went to customer service desk to make an exchange and the clerk,Jamie was very polite>I then went to get a Christmas tree, and the store didn’t have any. I returned to Jamie and asked if I could purchase the one on display. She made a call and then said it would be ok. A short far woman(employee) was walking over and Jamie said that it was approved that I could purchas the treeand could she get it wrapped for me. As we walked away this person says this is F—-ing stupid, we will not have any trees left. She then walked away and never returned, and after waiting 45mins,I took the tree apart my self and put it in my cart and paid for it and left. This woman should either be fired or quit as she has no customer relation skills at all. She should take some lessons from Jamie

  11. How can allow you to place an order, provide you with an order number, and debit the money from your debit card, but have no record of your account? Then want to pass their responsibilities off on the store location. This was a horrible online shopping experience. I will never shop online at again and I will also advise my peers not to.

  12. I was reminded again today why I rarely shop at KMart. As usual, there were only three check-out lanes open. Then the computer went down at one. I moved to one of the two remaining. Two customers ahead of me were slowed to a crawl because none of her sales items were registering at the sales price and the poor clerk was having to re-enter everything. When I finally got to checkout, my sales items were also not registering, so she had to start over. Then her computer went down. We finally had to move to jewelry to check out. Something like this has happened every time I’ve shopped at K Mart in the last year. I doubt that I’ll be back. Helen Olson

  13. I am at a layaway Line in San Patricio shopping mall. They are about 50 people waiting It has been an hour and the system dose not work. Tomorrow is tree king day in puerto Rico and the toys are stock in the layaway. I will never shop at Kmart again. And I will tell everyone I k now how much it sucks to make a layaway here. A word of advice to the corporate department CHANGE THE IBM CASH REGISTERS NOW!

  14. to sears and kmart!
    Tell your CEO to go undercover and see why his company is failing.

    Your reps need some serious training! It’s no wonder they are closing stores and sales are down! We used to have two kmarts in our town! Now there’s one kmart and one sears only. Go figure! Back in the day ! Kmart was the place to shop. I do not understand why kmart sears isn’t going online to read how many of us frustrated customers there are! Unbelievable.
    I am sticking to walmart and amazon! Their customer service is top of the line! I thought the hang ups and rudeness was just my one bad experience! Until I went online and researched, I spent one full day online and on phone between my trip to ups
    I last night I went online to kmart to order something else because the supervisor offered me 10% off my next purchase! So I go o line to order and again like a fool! I called kmart to get my discount and again two more times they cut me off!

    That was the icing on the cake for me

    Boycotting these two stores and alerting my friends to also do the same. We should do an online petition.

  15. I am a concerned employee of KMart and I have worked with various retail and even conglomerates such as Starbucks and even managed a few. I recently had to leave my job as a manager to pursue a serious medical treatment for cancer and I understood I would be replaced due to several months of absence but I was always welcome to come back. I put in numerous applications around and eventually got picked up by KMart as receiving. It was much easier on my schedule and the circumstances I was already dealing with. I’ve stayed with KMart while pursuing my return to Starbucks which has been put on hold due to my choice. I’ve continued to be an outgoing person and treat my job as it was when I was the manager of heavy traffic downtown location at Starbucks. Unfortunately KMart doesn’t earn my respect like Starbucks did. I have no motivation whatsoever to try and strive to be the best because of the way I am simply treated. I have literally gone into the store sick as a dog, throwing up, sweating profusely, and weak down to my ankles. My manager
    (Store Manager) declined me to go home. I didn’t complain. I brushed it off and said, “Whatever.” So from that point on, I started to call in. I have never called into work in the 8-9 years I’ve worked until I came to KMart. Because I was so easily declined to go home for the betterment of myself, I called in when I ended up with the flu last week. Because I called in, rather than showing up to be sent home, I now have three infractions alone from having the flu. If it wasn’t bad enough to deal with the flu along with missing work that could’ve given me some much needed money, and after witnessing the apartments across from my bedroom window get obliterated by a fire, I have to say I’ve had a horrid week. So why does KMart give me these infractions when I’m thinking of employees and customers first. Do they have a trust issue to the point you have to show up sicker than all hell they decide if your sick enough to go home? After contracting mononucleosis a couple years ago, Target Corp was more than willing to give me two weeks off to get better. Not a single infraction was given to me. KMart penalized me for being sick. I DO NOT AGREE WITH THAT. It is infuriating that there is no care for the wellbeing of its own employees especially when a woman up at our service desk has reputedly called in and the amount of tardiness alone would be enough to fire her a few times, let alone the fact she’s left well over 1,000 dollars of KMArts money just laying out on a counter overnight with the cleaning crew there but she has no infractions? She calls everyone a racist, while making anti-white jokes and how about blacks are better than everyone else. She treats everyone with ludicrous amounts of disrespect no matter how nice they are to begin with. Is it because she is black they don’t penalize her? KMART, I’m calling you on your bullshit. Your policy makes no sense and is extremely flawed. It is no wonder it struggles the way it does because all of the head honchos only care about how much money goes in their pocket and they don’t ever acknowledge the truly positive workers but they favor the terrible, lazy, tardy, constantly absent workers.I would have come in sicker than a dog with the flu but like I said. I only started to call in sick when I was declined one time while throwing up and breaking into sweats. I never complain as an employee and never cause any problems but seriously. It’s about time you either make a 180 degree turnaround or you just continue to let the company fall deeper into the hole it already is in. I’m sure I will get terminated if my store ever reads this but if I do, I’m bringing everyone with me with lawsuits of failure to meet equal oppurtunity and failure to approach a black woman who truly doesn’t deserve her job let alone one red cent all because they are scared of her skin color being brought into the reason for her termination (which honestly should happen)

  16. The worst customer service iv ever gotten, the female on the phone kept asking me the same question over and over even after I told her I didn’t know the answer, I answerd all the questions I could an gave her my name and information, she then hung up on me.

  17. I have purchased a bed frame I lost my receipt And they refused To make my return; I don’t need it; did not fit the mattress that I bough from K mar too I have bad experienced they not like wall mar… Still need To return it.

  18. Kmart store #7749 Complaint

    Hello my name is Katie I am a customer who have been supporting the store for many years at this location store #7749 located at 250 West 34th street. I have been a paying customer from 2000 – 2013 purchasing clothes and shoes for Myself, Mother, Brothers Nephews and even Co-workers of mine, as well as purchasing groceries so in conclusion I go there to shop alot, and would like to continue shopping there but fot the past 4yrs the employees that have been hired to work at this location haven’t been the best the majority have an attitude like they are not happy to be working there, especially the employees who are working on the sales floor. My complaint is for my recent encounter at the grocery section I was with my family and the young men who work in that section we’re talking about some of the customers and started mocking my family and making of my family and had to one point take out my cell to record what they were doing to me and my family. This is not a way employees should treat the customers. Please do your best to hire professional Managers who will make a change in hiring professional sales associate who knows how to give good customer service to the public and to not judge and to treat all customers equally and not to favor one customer over the others. I think it would be good if you have someone from corporate come in and surprise visit to the store. Thank You.

  19. I went into Kmart (2851 Dale Blvd, Woodbridge, VA 22193) to return an item with my receipt in hand; I was told that I had to get a gift card. Since I do not often shop a Kmart I did not know the policy so I did not argue with the young lady instead I went home to look up the policy online to find out that I should have received cash for my return. I went back the next day; a different young lady was at the service desk. I made her aware of the situation showing her all of my receipts because I had a new return as well. She told me because there was no proof to prove that I returned the items she could not refund me; but that she would give me cash for my new return. She said the receipt was too faded for her to see any of the items. I asked her if she could have a manager pull up the transaction number and look at the items returned and she told me no because the customer service manager was not there and it was only forty- seven dollars. I was extremely mad and asked was there any other manager I could talk to she told me no. she said the manager was on a conference call and was unavailable. I said that I would Waite, after 45 min I was told that the manager was no longer on a conference call but that they went out to lunch and would return in two hours. I left and came back the next day and I was able to get my cash return less ten dollars because she said she needed proof I return the item. This young lady was very nice and helpful; but I will NOT be shopping at Kmart again.

  20. My comment is about how inattention as well as there places have pulled Paula Deems products becouse of one person that she gave a job to how can stores drop her first of all that something happened years ago and as good to people as she is do this to her the word BIGGER meaner igenert and thee was the lady that’s started all this crappy is that.You don’t bit the hand that feeds you .k mart has lost all of my spending in there and all the prescriptions I am going to move mine and my husbands you will go down for this .

  21. I never shop at KMart because their service has been so bad in the past but gave them another chance yesterday, 7/1/13. Saw a sign in the store saying if you spend $50 you get a coupon worth 30 cents A GALLON off on BP Gas. Since gas prices just went up, I bought more stuff than I’d planned to, just to get the savings. When I checked out, there was no coupon. Thinking I had to go online, I found nothing. Called the store. Clerk told me it only applied to certain items..asked how a customer would know which items, she said she didn’t know. Put me on hold..after 10″ I hung up. That isn’t “world class customer service” and I still want my gas coupon.

    • I called the customer service number, which is answered by Sears. Explained what had happened and that all I wanted was my gas coupon or pin code so I could redeem it at the BP station. Nope, she could not help me at all. Didn’t want to know which store it was. Just advised me to go back to the store and talk to the manager.

  22. I put a ladies Huffy 26″ bike on layaway on May 3, 2013. I paid it out on July 19, 2013. It arrived at my home on July 23, 2013. When I took it out of the box the front tire was flat. I took the tire to an air pump and put air in it. The air leaked right back out. This morning I entered a chat session with one of your associates (I have attached a copy of the session). I was informed I have to pay for the tube and then they would reimburse me my money. I don’t find this to be very good customer service. I did not damage this tube and do not understand why I should have to put money up front to get a replacement part. I then called the customer service number and got the same response with a few other options. The other options was 1. I could pay for the tube drive to a store and back home (with the gas I pay for), then be reimbursed for the tube or 2. take the bike back to the store and see if they have another one and if not get a different bike and pay the difference if there is one. I really think this is very bad customer service. If I had bought this same bike from Walmart they would have just simply sent me another tube or another bike even if they had to give me one that cost a little more. If this is the kind of service when I have a problem a part or product that I didn’t cause then I will go back to shopping at Walmart even if I have to pay more. I have been shopping at Kmart for years because of the layaway, rewards points, and cheaper prices. As I said earlier, if this is the service I am going to get then I will go back to shopping at Walmart. When I tried to call corporate and explain to them she told me to call customer service. I tried to explain to her that I had already called customer service and she interrupted me and said customer service took my calls not them and hung up on me……….is this really the way Kmart does business?

    If you need to contact me please do so.

  23. I feel that I must write to you and let you know that I do not like your new advertisements for school clothes. All I see if a bunch of kids, who appear to be like adults; talk all that jive “stuff” and really one can’t understand them. Surely, your advertisement department can come up with something that is appealing to your customers.

  24. I would be more than pleased with your corporation after you’ve FIRED your entire advertising team on the back to school very offensive racist ad campaign. If you continue to produce such garbage I will NEVER again shop at KMart, Sear, or Lands End. My nine year old daughter asked “Do you see how the girl is acting?”. The parents of the children on the commercials should have CPS called on them. Not even almost cute. Just so that you’re certain which ones I’m referring to the “yo momma” and the children rapping on the bus commercials. It’s 2013 not 1913!!

  25. I bought a Kenmore Oscillating Heater at The heater stopped working within the one year warranty period so l read the warranty which stated: “…return it with proof of purchase to any Sears store or other Kenmore outlet in the United States for free replacement.”

    I took it to Kmart as they sell Kenmore products and are, therefore, a “Kenmore outlet.” Kmart said if I bought it at Sears, it has to be returned to Sears. That’s not how I read the warranty.

  26. I just want to say that when I come into Kmart to get a perscription filled, the line is very long and slow moving. It would move a lot faster if I didn’t have to answer questions about donating to the stores favorite charity that is set up on a machine to point to my answer. Next after the transaction is completed I am asked by the same machine to point to answer if I would like a receipt. I would like to stick to the basics. I and everyone else in that line just want to get the prescription filled and get home.

  27. What is with the nasty new kmart commercial with the men swinging they’re testicles to the tune of Jingle Bells!!? Really? THIS IS NOT FUNNY!! Is this the only way you can sell boxer shorts? It’s CHRISTMAS for goodness sake! Sick and vulgar way to sell a product.

  28. I generally love Kmart, but I am disgusted by the “jingle balls” commercials for a number of reasons. One, I don’t care for overtly sexual advertisement for a place that would be considered appropriate to take my children. Two, “jingle boobs” would have women’s groups all over it; what isn’t good for the goose shouldn’t be done to the gander either. Three, it is just plain gross. Nothing about testes tapping out tunes makes me want to rush out and buy household goods. It is time to fire the person or entity that handles your advertising.

  29. The ringing bell ad is the most disgusting thing we have seen. We will not again NOT shop at Kmart ever again. Your other ads are just foolish…definitely not created by responsible or gifted people. In our area of the USA Kmart’s are closing up…I wonder why??!! Who is leading your stores? You need new leaders…

  30. Your ad for boxer shorts is, to say the least, disgusting.
    With the way things are going, it seems that nothing is x-rated, and no one thinks of protecting our children from that type of garbage. My personal opinion, like many others, will probably be ignored. However, it does give me a reason to no longer shop at your local store.

  31. This new Christmas ringing bell ad with a bunch of men in their under wear giggling their crotches around while hearing bells is so immature, adolescent and perverted. I had to rush my 10 year old girl out of the living room, you should be sued. I think who ever had this idea needs to grow up, get their head checked, they have rocks for Brains. Understand young kids may be watching TV, What the hell were you thinking?

    I am very upset and will never again shop at Kmart, you have lost another customer due to poor chooses and using sex during the Christmas season to try to drum up business, unbelievable.

  32. I find your commercial with six gay guys jiggling their balls around on TV is disgusting. I think your company is very desperate and looking for anything to get a response.I don’t need my 6 year old daughter yelling at me, daddy, daddy, look at the guys on TV jiggling there boo boos. I will file a complaint with the FCC and hope to bring a lawsuit against you .

  33. I find your commercial for Joe Boxer Jingle bells to be offensive, obnoxious and lewd. For me to watch prime time TV with my 17 year old grandson and his 4 year old disturbing when I see this commercial and what it implies. I have shopped K Mart for years but will never darken those doors again. There are other places to shop- those that do not show offensive ads.

  34. Have never before had problem using my 30 cents per gallon of gas in get from you at speedway gas stations until today. Went to speedway in Seymour indiana and clerk said he could not give me the 30 cents off each gallon. Coupon expires tomorrow. Went elsewhere to buy gas. Only needed 10 gallons.

  35. I was in the store in Richmond, IN today around noon and the intercom music was WAY TOO LOUD and in my opinion was ROTTEN

  36. One in every three shopping trips to our local Kmart, I have to return an item that rings up different than what the shelf price is. If the customers could SEE the SCREEN when prices are scanned we could catch it before we get a receipt. If we get the receipt we have to go and get in the customer service line to get it straightened out. I will never just get an E receipt again (printed only) that way I can get it straightened out before I leave the store. What I like about Walmart and Target is the screen is visible to the customer. Kmart desperately needs to upgrade.

  37. I spoke with customer services several weeks ago about badly littered K Mart property at their Eureka Calif store. K Mart officials said it would be resolved. Sadly, the entrance is still a mess and degrades the entrance to the store and the south entrance to the City of Eureka. Saddens me that we work to clean the roadsides and K Mart will not maintain their property, more importantly they have mot kept their word

  38. I spoke with K Mart management about the terrible appearance of their Eureka Calif. South Broadway store. They promised to clean the grounds up, very important because it is at the city entrance. Despite their promises weeks ago, they have not cleaned the litter. We are very disappointed

  39. I went to the nearest Kmart to purchase a trampoline that was on sale in paper just to find out the had none. Before I went I called to have it up front at costumer service desk before I came to get it. When we get there the had none after the guy on phone told me they did. So the manager tells me to order it online and have it shipped to my house for free shipping I got online to order it the charge was 59.99 for shipping to my house so I had it shipped to store for free. 3 hours later I get a notification my order was ready for pick up at Kmart so I called to make sure it was there before I drove there for nothing the guy told me it was ready had it in stock how weird for them to give me run around when it was there

  40. I went shopping at your store 3818. Nicole was very busy with a project as I was leaving with 2 items she immediately smiled and asked if I was ready to check out. She gave exceptional customer serve. She is kind and authentic we exchanged plesenteries and informed me of a new recipes. This day and age stores are having to upgrade customer service in order to compete with other retailers. I hope you acknowledge lease let her know she is a shinning example of this type of service makes the ddifference. I will go out of my way to shop at your store because of your warm and friendly employee.

  41. I went shopping at your store 3818. Nicole was very busy with a project as I was leaving with 2 items she immediately smiled and asked if I was ready to check out. She gave exceptional customer serve. She is kind and authentic we exchanged plesenteries and informed me of a new recipes. This day and age stores are having to upgrade customer service in order to compete with other retailers. I hope you acknowledge and let her know she is a shinning example of this type of service makes the difference. I will go out of my way to shop at your store because of your warm and friendly employee. Nicole works in the garden center. I hope you make a shining example of her.

  42. I went in to my local kmart in vineland nj looking for work talked to the manager of the store he said he was hiring but told me he couldnt hire me it had to be done on computer I dont have a computer I put an application thru my cell phone it just sounded so ridiculios that he said he couldnt hire me I even said id start tommorrow but no luck I dont understand im looking for work and he was hiring but still no job whats wrong with that just dont sound right.

  43. I want to send a fax to register as a garbage bags manufacturer & supplier to Kmart. But given nos wrong 847-645-3819

    Please help me



  44. I will keep telling you how wonderful the store is in La Crosse, Wisconsin on State Road. Recently, I noticed there is a new customer service desk manager. I think she’s the manager anyway. I hope I get this right but I believe her name is Rachel. Stellar customer service!! Kudos to whomever hired this gem! She is so so helpful, courteous, efficient and can multi task like I’ve never seen before. As if I didn’t love this store already, this just adds to my list of great things about Kmart. You guys probably get a lot of complaints but I have come to realize that most Americans are chronic complainers. So please listen to the customers like myself who have good logic and reasoning. This store is clean, organized, has super helpful employees that are kind and even smile. Wow! In a million years, I would NEVER get this great service at Walmart. Which by the way, is why I will not set foot in another Walmart. The rewards card at Kmart is fantastic and you have excellent sales. Kudos to the Kmart team for making this store a fabulous place to shop. When I walk into Kmart, I am always happy to be there.

  45. It never ceases to amaze me how people are so eager to post negative comments about a store. But NEVER post a positive experience they’ve had at any given store. It’s unbelievable.

  46. I purchased a patio bar and 4 chairs online. I received an email the same day to let me know the bar was not available and my payment would be refunded. I called K-mart to let them know I wanted a refund on the chairs also. The K-Mart rep told me the bar would be in stock in two weeks. I picked up the chairs from the store and have been waiting for about a month and a half for the bar. Now I am being told they do not know if they will get the bar in stock. I was told by K-Mart they could let me have another bar for the same price, but they could not let me have a complete matching set. We are talking about two different colors. My complaint is I was given wrong information on when the bar would be in which made me make the wrong decision in keeping the chairs. I will return the chairs because there is a 60 day return policy. I will not shop at K-Mart again.

  47. I left a very positive comment on here for Kmart this past Sunday, May 4, 2014. And my nice message is not on here. I don’t know who is moderating this blog, but I am calling Kmart Corporate about this. You should not be eliminating positive comments!!!!! YOu will be hearing from corporate, I guarantee it.

  48. I purchased a lawnmower on Saturday 9/7/2014 took it home and it would not start it was suggested that it may be the spark plug I soothed that still didn’t start I returned the lawnmower with the desire to purchase another one I used my debit card they said I used card and they must return the monies to my card it is a debit if the money wasn’t available the sale would have been rejected I was one disappointed with my profit and the fact that K mart does not stand behind there products and giving a refund saying it could take 7 days till the issues will be resolved. . Not only did I buy non functioning waste time and money on this item and a addition spark plug my time and my gas to return it even though the manager and the customer service clerk were professional the policy is raucous
    Ridiculous you process my purchase in seconds and my return in days. ..I back in the 90’s I worked the service desk at k may in Greenbelt so I know there are exceptions to any rule I will be call and blogging about this issue until I’m satisfied that the processing of money on a debit card is treated like cash cause if you don’t have the money available you can’t make a purchase even called my bank they said it doesn’t matter if you sign like credit or put in your code it is still a debit purchase… kmart register system could really use a update with the times so their employees and understand that fact… lessons learned never going back to k mart die to the prehistoric return policy with a receipt and faulty equipment… signed C. Giles

  49. Yesterday,June22,2014, I visit Kmart to purchase a poster frame. There was one on sale and Unfortuntely I could not find anyone to assist me. There was also two other people waiting and no one came. I scanned the item but the price was not correct. I got on line so the cashier could scan it and after I explain the situation she seemed to be bothered. I notice she had the same attitude with the person in front of me. I continue to service desk and no one could help me. I asked for the manager and Thet looked at me ( the two young girls there) as if I had two heads. I also ask a man carrying boxes and his reply was he had to take the boxes somewhere else. I ask a pregnant worker for help and she i form me that her scanner was not working and would send another associate over to the frame dept. In the meantime,the gentleman and lady that were waiting were still there. We finally figured out the dilemma and was able to get what we wanted. On my way out I finally spoke to a manager,or he said he was and after explaining all that occurred he said he would speak to them. I very rarely go to Kmart in Arecibo, Puerto Rico because of the lax,uncaring and lousy attitudes of the workers. The island is literally bankrupt and instead of doing their jobs with respect and caring they are really a sad bunch. Unfortuntley,this is the opinion of many of my friends and people I have spoken too. “either shape Up or Ship Out.” I can’t wait for Burlington to open here because if sales are bad now at Kmart they will be sadder then. I honestly hope you will read this post and do something positive for this store.

  50. After reading all posts displayed here YOUR Store and your Ad People,Ypur Service are really in BAD SHAPE! I see your PROBLEMS are International,Sears is the same condition. The j Forefathers of Kmart much be turning in their GRAVES!,,,,,,,

  51. worng item shipped to me.i ordered item#011w005717378001 1.2cu.ft. countertop microwave/ez clean interior-stainless stell. instead i recived black color

  52. It is only tuesday and we only have 2 kmarts in our area. I was sooooooooooo excited to see the notebook deal in the ad this week…my oldest daughter is in juniors and her leggings are on sale too. THEN we went to our usual kmart and NOTHING! I understand that it is first come, first serve…but why would there only be 2 little shelves for them? I only have this issue with your stores. When we ask, people just say that they must be out…really? If they don’t have enough, then shame on you for not supplying it! I get that it is to bait people to come in but at least have enough to keep them there! Thank you amd have a great day!
    P.S. I would like them to offer that deal for when you fill those notebooks even though you probably don’t give rainchecks!

  53. I used to work for kmart in Boston ma Somerville store for a month theb I quit! The store is always hot there is no such thing as customer service and the percent thing on the cashier is annoying! I applied for shoe position next thing you know I am on cashier I am in the garden department I am in intimates like really they treat you like crap and want you to bust your butt for$8 00 yeah right the only good thing was getting paid every week out of all my retail jobs kmart is the worst!

  54. Kmart’s stupid ( Rap ) commercials make me want to throw up in my mouth. How distasteful, is that the best you can come up with. If that is supposed to make me want to shop there it is havin the opposite effect x100.

  55. I have never been pleased with the customer service at K-Mart. There never seems to be enough checkout lines open, cashiers have no idea how to resolve problems on their own, the SYWR points system & website are riddled with problems. I’ll give a few examples…
    I had been award $15.00 in SUPRISE POINTS. So, I went to my local K-Mart to use them. After I had carefully chosen my items, I went to checkout. When I tried to use my points, I was refused. I politely explained the situation to the cashier & then the manager that she called over just minutes laters. I even pulled up my email showing the proof of my award points. The manager thouroughly looked it over & told my cashier to call the K-Mart 1-800 number. The cashier explained the situation to the voice on the other end of the phone. Her advice was to re-ring the items. The cashier did just that, but to no avail. select mechanidise could be puchased with these points. I scoured the ad, looking for such a statement, and none was found.

  56. I ordered 6 shelf bras to be shipped to my home address and only recvd 2,when i called customer svc i was told i had to pu them up at the store,my order was not placed to pu they were suppose to be shipped to my home,talked to a guy named ash who was hard to understand and totally ignored what i was telling him..these charges are on my bill and of course i wont pay them i never recvd them,i dont drive anymore,your service sucks

  57. I am so disappointed in your company and I will not ever step foot in your store again! The last time I think it was in June when they had the double coupons going on I saw several customers doing several transactions and they had no problems, I stayed true to the 5 coupon rule and my friend with me they wouldn’t let her do 2 transactions, what is good for some should be good for all! Anyway I went today to do one transaction and I heard you had to spend 25.00 so I made sure I did. My husband bought a shirt that was I guess in the wrong rack because it rang up 11.95 instead of 4.00, so after waiting in line forever we had to go to the service desk and wait forever again. While I was waiting I was looking at the receipt I noticed my coupons didn’t double so I ask them why and they said I couldn’t use the shirt as part of the 25.00 what the heck is the big deal I spent my 25.00, so I said just give me my money back on everything, I wanted my coupons back, I used them to get Christmas gifts for my son and they said they can’t do that. Hey I pay for those coupons and I lost them, you are going to turn them in and get reimbursed for items I didn’t buy how is that fair? I could have used these coupons somewhere else, so I lost 9.00 and you make out! How many other customers get screwed like that! This store was in Belleview Florida!! There were some many customers complaining how busy they were and only 2 registers open! Things need to change at these stores!! I guess I will stick to Walmart!

  58. I am very disappointed in kmart
    I had put a few items on l away
    At the kmart store in Kentland
    This was a part of my Christmas shopping,
    I had went back to pick them up and they weren’t
    There anymore.
    They just could not find them. I found out that other people had the same problems.
    The store manager said she had found a few on the floor, and when will give me the difference of my money back.
    I will tell this to face book and every social media.
    I am very up set.

  59. Since you’re opening on Thanksgiving I’ve decided to boycotted your store and no shop there any more for Christmas. Thanksgivings a family day.

  60. THE WORST shopping experience of my life!!!! NEVER again will I darken their door. Rude, incompetent. Waited 2 hrs in line to spend almost $400.00…and only 3 people ahead of me…wow absolutely amazing how bad the Kmart in North Charleston SC is.

  61. Could not place an order online. Called Kmart customer service. I was on the phone for 50 min and the order was still never placed. She had no idea what she was doing. I had to tell her things she should have know-and not once but 3 times. Put me on hold 3 times to ask a supervisor for help.I had to repeat credit card info more than once. After 50 min finally asked if I could call back. UNBELIEVABLE. By the way same exact thing happened at Sears customer service. Simply awful reps.

  62. Had a very bad experience trying to pay off my online layaway!!!! What is the purpose of having Customer Service if they can’t help solve anything? Seriously if I am having an issue with the Website while I am trying to make a payment, then the Customer Service Representative should be able to help me. I shouldn’t have to wait 24 hours to make a payment. You have Customer Service to tell me that they can’t help me because they are not AUTHORIZED……WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE?????? The Supervisor was very nice but still couldn’t help me. All they kept saying was we are not AUTHORIZED to take payments. I am so disappointed and I WILL NEVER DO LAYAWAY WITH KMART EVER AGAIN!!!!

  63. At your store in Norridge Il. Waited 17 minutes to check out. Three people in front of me in line. The check out process is far to lengthy. The clerk is required to ask if the person is a rewards member, then looks up the number by the customer’s phone number. Then after several other questions the person is finished. There is a pause while the slow computer works, and then punches out three different receipts that were many inches long. I can only make my displeasure known through my wallet. I will not shop at Kmart again.

  64. Who does your ad’s for television? I mean really a bunch of pregnant women and I mean pregnant dancing around is stupid! First it was the men shaking their balls to jingle bells that was disgusting and now this ! Can’t anyone come up with anything better than this !! Your advertisement people DO NOT know what they are doing !! Give me a job i assure you i can come up with something better than that crap!! And ps, my daughter had her last day to get her layaway out and she has 5 kids, she went to get it out the day it was due and the workers had put it back!!! Now that was messed up so guess what she went to WALMART and got her kids christmas, I see why you are loosing buisness, your employees do not care about nothing , i NEVER shop at kmart, prices to high, WALMART gets my business and always will and i am sure their are millions and millions of people that would agree !!! Get your advertisement team together KMART!!!

  65. Kmart has ruined Christmas for two kids. I placed an order online for two tablets on 12/21/2014 and paid for expedited shipping so that I would recieve it on12/23/2014. Well, when I tracked my order it showed that not only was it shipped via UPS ground but that it also will not be delivered until 12/30/2014. A full week after what was promised. Nothing is worse than looking into the eyes of two children, who hold no fault in this by the way, and telling them they will not be getting what was promised on this day. Especially when I did everything I was supposed to do to make it happen. To make matters worse today is my daughters birthday and having to speak with customer service for a nice chunk of my day took a lot out of me and we still had to celebrate, ugh. In these times every penny counts and wasting it is not an option. Oh, I forgot to mention that customer service wanted to reimburse my shipping fees which I would also not recieve until AFTER Christmas. WOW

  66. Kmart Secretary is the rudest human being and KMART SUcks when is comes to customer service. Their employees sounds angry and will not help resolve the solution for online payments. Sorry excuse for a company and should fire those so call un performing unprofessional employees. They hang up on you and they have a directive not to give out managment numbers.

  67. We drove hour and a half to get to jonesboro ar store, picked out 2 pair basic edition womens jeans, sign said 19.00 were 7.99.took them to cheacout, girl said they were not on sale, and we were the second customer today with the same problem.We went back to jean display, low and behold, the sign was gone.It probably last weeks sign no one took it down, they should have honored the sale, it was there no one did there job.

  68. Worse service ever in store in over the phone, will make a report to BBB and the local news, not to mention upper management failed to contact me. Everything has been recorded and I have witnesses, it’s very sad, every Kmart should be shut down.

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