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Contacting Kindle Customer Service Center

E-readers are relatively new to the marketplace. The products were created for on-the-go individuals who loved to read as well as loved the portability of a tablet, without paying the high price tag. One of the hottest products on the market is the Kindle. Created less than 5 years ago, the product has taken the e-reader market by storm. Currently the products include:

  • Kindle
  • Kindle Touch
  • Kindle Fire
  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • Kindle Fire HD
  • Kindle Fire HD 8.9” 4G
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Contact Info:

Contacting the customer service department will take the customer to various addresses for the parent company Amazon. Considering Amazon serves millions of customers a year, the company provides numerous methods to ask questions and voice concerns regarding the Kindle. The customer service department is available to new and existing customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Kindle Customer Service (U.S.): 1-866-216-1072
  • Kindle Customer Service (UK): 10800-2796620
  • Kindle Customer Service (international): 1-206-266-2992

Mailing Address

Customers wanting to send correspondence to the customer service division will need to address the corporate offices. The company recommends lacing attn: Kindle customer service division in order to expedite the response.

Amazon.comAttn: Kindle Customer Service Division1200 12th Ave. South Suite 1200Seattle, WA 98144

Official Website

The official Kindle section of the website provides a link to purchase the new and existing products. Customers can view the recommended e-books as well as the best sellers. The company also provides a link to the Kindle FAQs as an invaluable resource.

Customer Service Email

Customers can email the customer service department here: You will need to be a registered member I order to send communication to the customer service department. Once customers are registered, you can select the Kindle link and explain to the customer service department the issue/concern and write the question. The anticipated response time is less than a day.

We sent an email regarding a dedicated customer service line for the Kindle and accessories. With such a short turnaround, we should be hearing from the customer service department soon.

Our Experience

We like calling Without a doubt, the customer service division is one of the best in the business. The company is truly in the business to serve the customer. When we called, we were speaking to a live representative in less than 60 seconds.

We asked questions regarding the new assortment of Kindles and the representative explained all in detail. They even provided the link on the website. Overall the experience was something we grow accustomed to when contacting Although we feel the customer service department is perfect, how do you feel? Let us know what you think.

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46 Comments on “Contact Kindle Customer Service
  1. i just got of the phone ith your office and was treated with utmost courtisy THANK YOU
    I don’t know if was me or the person on the other end but i had trouble hearing (understanding everything)


  2. After just speaking to a customer service rep in the Phillipiness, my opinion is your customer service is ineffectuiual. Language and needs perception are a great barrier.
    I purchased for my kindle “The Petite Advantage Diet by
    Jim Karas. This book is completely inapproproate for a kindle. One needs to have an actual book. You can’t follow on the kindle because you have to keep going back and looking at food plans etc. Now that I want to use it I can’t. Readers should be advised that certain self-help books are not appropriate for the kindle.

    I would like to have Amazon exchange the kindle version for a paperback version. This seems simple to me.

    I really hope this can be done. If not, I do not know if I will buy any work books for the kindle.

    Not that anyone cares.

    A disgruntled user.

  3. I love my Kindle, which is one with the keyboard, and I am constantly using it, but it has quit working today. The book I was reading has the page frozen. It cannot be turned on, off, page turned, etc. What is wrong and what can I do to get it corrected?
    Gerriann Robins

  4. Thank you so much for your help in customer service. When I picked up my kindle this morning for a quick read I noticed the bottom third wasn’t working much to my dismay, I called the customer service and with in 15 minutes I was finished, with my problem solved. Again thank you to the two representatives I spoke with and I look forward to doing business with you in the very near future.
    Your satisfied and loyal for life customer
    Mrs. K.L. Moulton

  5. My brother, Iwao Higashinakagawa, has a problem with his Kindle touch. His machine’s battery life became pretty short recently; initially with no problem. I want to help him solve this problem. Would you suggest any means how to proceed with this problem further?

    Regards, Toru.

  6. I brought my kindle fire 1 1/2 years ago i loved it. it was my world i live by myself so thats all i had to do now i cant get it carged its not the cord brought one and now i cant afford to buy another one , so its something that is no use anymore all my games books i brought money wasted . barbara robinson jacksonville arkansas

    • I had purchased 2 kindle fires now neither of them are charging properly. It is very disappointing to know that I not only have one non properly working device but have two. I think it is time to change brand. I was happy until these systems became faulty. Both of these devices were gently used Thinking it is time to change to something bigger and better!!!! Something more well known and reliable! To know that the kindle fire is faulty and people have had so many issues with charging the least they could Do is fix the product that is faulty especially with so many issues and problems! I will not be purchasing any Amazon products or shopping on this site due to the poor customer service and not properly having the right concern to the issue!

  7. i got my kindle over a year old and now the plug in is no good they wont replace it .its ashame that they are selling junk

    • i have had a kindle key for at least 4 yrs. my first 1 just locked up & was replaced. The replacement lasted 3 yrs now it has cracks all over it i spoke with customer service and they r replacing with a touch free. i want the paperwhite w/o advertising but u have to pay extra. shouldn’t they be paying me for advertising in my space. i hate that

  8. my kindle will not take a charge the port were i plug in the charger wont hold it (i think something in there is broken) is there some way to fix it or do i have to mail it back
    -Jennifer Patterson

  9. I bought a kindle fire last week and have sense spent a week trying to rester it. what a waist of cash! any suggestions?

  10. I bought the kindle fire from Best Buy two years ago. I bought the two years warranty. I have returned it four times it will not charge, I could not get it to do anything. I keep getting a refurbished one and it is still doing the something. You would think that I could get a new one instead of returning the piece of Crap every 4 to 6 months to get another one that’s not going to work. Very disappointed

  11. can anyone tell me if it is safe to charge my kindle on a wall plug that has a USB connection?

    or can I only charge it via my computer?

    Your help will be much appreciated.

    Thank you

  12. The usb slot is loose so my Kindle Fire won’t charge. I’m 65 and I love my Kindle especially to read at night so the light won’t bother my husband. What do I need to do? I’m lost with my Kindle Fire.
    Carlene McGehee

  13. WORST customer service EVER!!! The woman refused to fix my paper weight of a kindle saying the warranty was up. I asked how long their warranty was for this issue She stated 1 year. I have the receipt that I purchased this kindle 12/12/2013. She argued that no I purchased it in 2012. I said that was my OTHER kindle but she kept arguing with me. They could sell me another kindle for $89 I said why would I want another paper weight? I want this one fixed. I asked for a supervisor and was told NO. Then she recited my phone number and stated someone would get to me in the next 7 business days. WOW!!! I will NEVER buy a kindle again! This thing is a piece of junk and we have BARELY used it. Over an hour on the phone and the woman could not understand we had more than one kindle Fire HD. DO NOT BUY KINDLE

  14. i called cusomer service and could not under stand the man that i talked to his english was bad and back ground noise was so bad i gave up ,i want to delite history on my fire ,i tap wed and then go to the menue button that should get me to settings but,the menue button wont work so what do i do now

  15. I have had a wonderful experience when it was new because of all of the apps that were with it. I was quite
    new to the world of technology. I had it for a year and the wonderful IPad came out and since it was so much
    more expensive, I just knew it had to be much better. After using it for a year, one day last week, I got my
    Kindle out of mothballs and played around with it for a day or two. I use a pad for reading, emailing. Facebook and just acquiring general knowledge. As a senior citizen, I have concluded that Kindle is all I really ever needed. I would recommend it to anyone. No, it I is not better than IPad but for money spent, you get more for your dollar. I have always had good luck with Amazon Customer Service. I had a hard time
    finding their phone number but after I got in touch, they have been fabulous giving me new products. or whatever they had to do to make me a happy customer that keeps coming back for more. I love their Prime
    service. Janet Buxton, Boonville, IN

  16. Love my kindle brought and borrowed many of book. I have taken two years with of pictures. My problem now is the battery will not take a charge any more and they told me they give me a new if i buy one but they can’t change the battery so I lose every contact information I and calender and plans that I have save on my kindle

  17. I brought a kindle fire hd from best buy 1 year ago for my birthday and i love it. Now i charged it up but it do not want to cut on i dont know what to do. Please help

  18. I brought a kindle fire hd from best buy 1 year ago for my birthday and i love it. Now i charged it up but it do not want to cut on i dont know what to do. Please help

  19. I recently had a concern regarding my Amazon Account and called the “Kindle Customer Service” number. The customer service rep with whom I spoke could not have been more pleasant; but, unfortunately, she was unable to handle my concern. I was transferred to a person in a “higher position” who was, also, very pleasant and was able to resolve my concern. Having dealt with other companies previously, I must say that this experience was very gratifying as compared to those other companies. Thank you, Amazon. :-)

  20. I received a kindle fire as a gift about about 2yrs ago and like some of the other ppl my charging port has issues with the plug in connection. My boss had the same problem with hers. Is there solution to this problem? Please help me, I’m getting so irritated, I have to go through so much to charge it!!!

  21. I have a kindle BO23 since 2012 the kindle is fully charged but it constantly says no wireless network I have tried turning off and restarting but it still continues to say no network – what can the reason be?

  22. I am very upset at your second level service. She was going to get back to me today. My kindle 7 is not working and will not hold the ip address to connect. I have no problems with my internet. We run a radio station on this network. I have 6 internet devises on that. I have grandsons that run 6 devices. And I run many kindle. Now let me know how we handle this. This kindle shows it connected to the Internet but the ip address doe not stay where it needs to be. I want this taken care or I will have to write a less than good comment. And will go to someone else who wants my business.

  23. Something is wrong with my kindle. It won’t play videos properly and no matter what I do I can’t figure out why. Is anyone else having the same issue? And come someone help me out

  24. our kindle is set on parent setting but we do not have a password on it so we can not log out please help us ASAP

    • WHY aren’t we? I spent 2 hours between 2 people, one a “supervisor” who was harder to understand than the original person. oh yeh, the account problem I called about was never even addressed. They came up with other ‘problems’ and an account I never knew I had that I now have to jump through more loops to close!!!

      It would be nice if someone would initiate a “no Amazon” day until they got the message…I wonder if that would be possible?? ann e

  25. On May 18th I ordered the love gone lonesome blue by Maggie Dhayne and the money has been taken out of my bank but my apple IPad says it’s here but it’s not I order a lot of books and really would like to read this one please help me so I can being in up thank you this has never happened before.
    Geanine Akers

  26. I bought 3 kindle fires for my grandchildren for Christmas at Best Buy. One of the children dropped her kindle and the screen broke. Went back to Best Buy for repair & they said they couldn’t help, that I should contact you…….What should I do ?Went to several places & they said the same thing… Amazon…..My granddaughter has plastic wrap over the screen.
    Every time I see the commercial & see the kindle being dropped & and its fine, I get angry.
    Again, what should I do?

  27. Not happy with service for my Kindle Fire. It is out of warranty, but took it out of case to use and the rt. side is bulging for no reason. I am afraid the battery may explode. I called CS and was told I could purchase a new one for more than $100. Because of my circumstances, it is not affordable for me.
    Too bad, since I really enjoyed my Kindle Fire and so did my grandkids. Obviously there is a defect that was also noted by other reviews.

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