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Contacting Kimberly Clark Customer Service Center

Kimberly Clark is a parent company. Many consumers will have no idea this company even exists, but they will be familiar with the brands that operate as part of the corporation. You likely have come in contact with brands like Depend, Kotex, Kleenex and Huggies; all Kimberly Clark brands.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Number

Kimberly Clark customer service is live from 8 AM to 4 PM Monday to Friday Central time. You can call during these hours to reach an agent. If you live in a different time zone, recalculate the times to meet your needs.

Kimberly Clark Phone Number: 1-888-525-8388

Mailing Address

Kimberly ClarkDept INTPO Box 2020Neenah, WI 54957

Official Website

Your official Kimberly Clark website is available at This is the site for the parent company, not the individual companies operating under the parent corporation. Brands include Scott, Kotex, Poise, Kleenex and more.

Social Media

Considering Kimberly Clark is the parent company for several brands, we expected the company to have a presence in the social media world. When customers are having difficulty reaching the customer service team through traditional means, you have the ability to keep the conversation going on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Customer Service Email

We knew the customer feedback/email form would connect to the parent company. We wanted to find out additional information relating to the brands associated with the company. The question sent related to customers receiving free samples and coupons for products associated with Kimberly Clark. The response we received thanked us for our comment, but did not provide information regarding a response time.

Our Experience

Contacting Kimberly Clark and speaking with a customer service agent was easier than expected. We call and listed to the standard automated system, but were surprised to note, we were speaking with a live agent in less than 90 seconds. The call and overall experience was great considering the agent addressed and resolved our questions and concerns in less than 3 minutes. This was a great experience. We want to know if your experience was great or sub-par at best. Do you have a free moment? Share your concerns with us below in the comment field.

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8 Comments on “Contact Kimberly Clark Customer Service
  1. My wife and I have always bought Kleenex tissues for the quality of the product. We recently bought three boxes for the cold season. We were surprised and dissapointed at the poor quality of the “new” and “unimproved” product. The tissues were something I would expect out of some startup company, not Kleenex. We will shop for a different brand that has the quality we are used to.

  2. As a daily user of Depends I have finally reached the point where I must comment on my disappointment with your product since you changed the color from white to peach and at the same time changed your assembly procedure. I can live with the peach color, but the pad which is glued to the panty ALWAYS rolls down in the front and sticks to my skin. Irritating and annoying. Please rectify. I feel certain that I am only one of countless others who have submitted this complaint. Thank you for your attention to this problem.

  3. Thank you so much for the samples and coupons I received on the mail. I am very impressed with this product. Have a gray day. Happy coy stoner in Tennessee. Flossie I’d 235106

  4. I, as well as my mother, have been using your “Poise Maximum Absorbency Long” pads for 3+ yrs, with great satisfaction. Recently I purchased these to find that the thickness and material amount is considerably thinner, and definitely not as effective. Why does your R&D group feel the need to change a successful product? Your “newly designed” pad no longer aids those of us who are more than LBL, but not at the diaper phase. Somebody needs their bums kicked to the high heavens! You are going to lose those of us who have found the previously used pad to be “just what we need”. Sometimes “newer & improved” are NOT BETTER. When will you people learn, “it if ain’t broken – don’t fix it” ? Consider yourself being informed….for the worse.

  5. I can’t echo sufficiently the previous complaint. I’ve been buying DEPENDS for 15 years or so and I’ve never ever been disappointed until the last year or two. They used to last 2 or 3 days but now they stick to your skin and dismember themselves in short order. I have to use scotch tape sometimes to keep one of the flaps in place. I notice this problem does not occur much when you a box of 3…but that’s so damn expensive even if your lucky enough to have a coupon that hasn’t as yet expired. Frankly, I would call this an almost criminal breach of customer satisfaction–you should not put such a product on the market with such a hideous quality.

    Damn angry in Groton, CT

  6. I was trying to print $1.25 coupon for Kleenex tissues. It didn’t print. When I tried again it said I printed it the maximum number of times. I only use Kleenex.

  7. i am 22 and i still have problems wetting the bed and i have worn the goodnite for over 10 years and i am getting over wieght a bit and the goodnites just dont seem to work and they do not stretch on the sides like they used to and they need to be made with a better material and they also have fallen off cause on the side of the front part they rip when i sleep and are not strong enough to withstand what they say they are supposed to

  8. I recently bought Back to School pattern kleenex at Sam’s Club..have always used the brand, Kleenex, but about to change to another…in taking a tissue out of the box, it is full of little pieces of lint…gets all over floors and furniture…these are not just particles of dust….take a tissue out and shake it a bit and the tissue pieces just fly everywhere..makes me wonder what I might be inhaling at this point. At the moment I am not at all well or Sam’s Club would get them back…when feeling better I fully intend to let them know of the problem….Thank you.

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