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Kia is a car company founded in the mid 1940s in Korea. The company started out small, developing single passenger trucks, but soon production expanded to include larger vehicles. The first exports were sent in 1975. The company eventually merged with Hyundai and became a substantial name in the inexpensive import market.

When we researched Kia customer service we were surprised to find a wealth of contact information for Kia Canada, but little for Kia USA. The USA website for Kia makes customers search page after page to find something as simple as a customer service phone number.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Kia customer service phone number is the ONLY piece of information openly available on the website. All other information requires customers register for account access on the Kia website.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-333-4542
  • Kia Canada: 1-877-542-2886

Canadian customer service is available from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday to Friday.

  • Corporate: 1-949-468-4800
  • Roadside Assistance: 1-800-333-4542

Mailing Address

Kia Corporate Office111 Peters Canyon RdIrvine, CA 92606


Kia Canada Inc180 Foster CrescentMississauga, OntarioL5R 4J5

Official Website

Visit for information on the latest styles, financing and customer service. The Kia customer service side of the business, however, is less than appealing. Customers are required to register for an account before being shown any contact information other than a phone number. Even after registering, the only contact information listed is an email form.

Customer Service Email

We were able to find a Kia customer service email address on an outside website. We are testing the email address to see if it actually connects customers with the support department.

Customer Service:– We tested this email address and it does NOT work. If you find this email address listed on any website it is NOT valid.

There are a number of email forms on the Kia corporate website. These forms direct customer emails to specific departments like After Sales and Media Inquiries. We tested the Kia USA email system and we were highly disappointed. You have to register and you can send only ONE email per day to the customer service team.

If you want to contact Kia Canada by email, visit and choose the category for your contact.

Our Experience

You can skip the beginning message on the Kia customer service line by pressing 0. You will be taken to a list of options. Do NOT press 0 unless you need roadside assistance. Press 3 for customer service then enter the extension if you have it. Press 1 for English and then press 0 to reach customer service. While the beginning of the call was extremely confusing, we managed to reach an agent in less than two minutes.

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27 Comments on “Contact Kia Customer Service
  1. I bought a 2011 Kia Sorento in April of 2010. It is now December of 2012 and my car has had problems starting three times in the last two weeks. We’ve had it towed to the dealership twice and everything checkers out fine. This is getting to be a REAL inconvenience. We live an hour away from the dealership and it is a pain to have to travel to pick up my car when no one can find anything wrong. I love the look and drive of my car but am seriously considering trading it in because I am afraid of what will happen after the warranty runs out. Kia you really need to fix this problem ! Not a happy camper, Annie Blan

    • If you have remote start installed you may find that it is what is causing the problem. If the engine turns over but it won’t start, try starting it with the remote. Mine has done that once in a while. It seems there is a conflict between the after market remote and the computer.

  2. On August 21,2012 i bought a 2013 Kia Soul based upon the stickers fuel information,paid $21,521.40 in full for it,have yet to get close to the fuel economy on sticker.As of today the car only has 1874 miles on odometer since purchase,because i cant afford the poor gas mileage it gets.So a new car i was depending on to do what i needed based upon Kias Souls ratings sits in the garage instead. As far as i am concerned its a gas hog lemmon.Kia sent me a reimbursment letter concerning the poor fuel economy,which they admitted to and are calling an “error”,they want to give me $39 to supplement lost fuel costs.What a slap in the face getting that letter was,i deserve a refund as this was no simple “error”…to me this was false advertising that has been allowed to continue to make sales!!! As far as i am concerned,the Kia company has ripped me off and i think they should be held responsible to rectifying this situation!!!

    • Bogus compliant. The error stated was 3%. Or about 1 mile per gallon. The Soul is great vehicle. Perhaps you need to have the dealer advise you how to calculate mileage.

    • I agree they have been doing more than just gas ripoff your tires are maypops thats why you were coaxed into the warranty for the tires because they cn fail at anytime my nephew work at a reputable tire shop and say kia tires are dangerous .then theres the lack of suspension and if you try to fix it they will void your warranty.the list goes on.

  3. I love my Forte SX. Gets mileage as predicted. Fit and finish is great. Performace is terrific. Very comfortable and steady on the road. Compared with Ford Focus before I purchased. Focus is a terrific car except for the transmission. It is a bit jerky. Forte is velvet smooth. The things I love most are the bluetooth system and the remote start. So far no problems.

  4. Bought my Kia 2012 Soul 1 year ago – Love it – However, I did feel it was a little wanting on the gas mileage but oh well….. and the company is reimbursing me, at least I hope they are. The dealership did all the paperwork regarding the reimbursement (which you get yearly by the way) and that was back in December – haven’t seen anything yet. Other than that the only mishap happened the other day when I started to take off for work, put my foot on the brake and it sounded like I was carrying 4 tons of steel under my car – forward and reverse gears. Car had to be towed to a dealership far from where I am staying, waited 6 hours there while they had it up and down and for test rides trying to figure out what it was. Turns out there was rust on the rail rotors and it had to be scraped off. I asked what would have caused that after only a year. I was told water!!! uhhhhhhhhh……cars drive through water all the time and after a year I would have rust????!!!!! They insisted that was the answer – okay……but that was a little puzzling to say the least – car is working well again. Yeah!!!

  5. Bought my Kia Sorento October 2011 in preparation for my first child and have been rather disappointed in the purchase. I have been in the shop at least 9 times. Repairs like a couple of wiring harness, remote start and now a fuel sensor (check engine light) 5 days after my annual service. I was mislead to believe that buying this new car would be a solution to my reliability problem with my previous car.

  6. I bought a kia sorento two days ago under the impression it had a third row seat was checking it out yesterday to find no it doesnt…..the dealership said pretty much im out of luck. I told them im bringing it back unless they knock my down payment off. Im very disappointed in this dealership

    • The tactics at schemes at Luther Kia of St. Cloud (Minnesota) has horrible service just as you put here. They promise, promise, promise and do not come through. My daughter was lied to by the salesman and pushed into buying a $33,000 USED Kia Sorento. She is 21 years old and a college student! She was promised the paper work would not be processed so she could talk to her bank after she was promised by a salesman a specific payment (he banked there also) and when she called the next day to say the info was incorrect and she was bringing the vehicle back, he said sorry, I already pushed the paperwork through. The vehicle is nice but this dealership took advantage of a young woman just starting out that has been financially stable. Pushed her into a 508.00 a month car payment and says well at least you will graduate college in 6 months and then can afford it!! Not to mention all of the other things that were promised such as remote start within 3 day (taking over 2 weeks, took her 2011 Chevy Cruze with a full tank of gas and gave her a vehicle on empty. But the most horrific using tactic and schemes to convince her to buy a vehicle AFTER she told him she could not afford that and then promised her that her bank would match her previous 2.9% interest rate and drop her payment to an affordable range. There is just to much to list of the lies and schemes. DO NOT EVER BUY A VEHICLE FROM LUTHER KIA IN ST. CLOUD! THEY LIE ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND DO NOT HAVE THE BEST INTEREST OF THIER CUSTOMERS IN MIND!! It is time to take a stand against shady dealers and thier lying salesman (who also thinks Kia is on the same “level” as Cadillac. Luther Kia of St. Cloud, You are an EPIC FAIL at customer service!

  7. Preparing to buy a new SUV. Saw the new 2014 Sorento 4 cylinder LX FWD. Milage on the window sticker says 20 city 26 highway. The 2013 model whose weight is 200+ pounds more with the same engine is 21city 29 highway. How can this be. Less weight = less milage?
    Thank you Robert.

  8. Spoke with customer service for assistance with dealership. There wasn’t empathy and basically they were unable to assist me. The last thing she said was your vehicle is outside of any warranty anyway.

  9. Not impressed with Kia customer service. They are expert at denial and refusal to acknowledge any shortcomings of their product. I have experienced the worst reliability of any vehicle I have ever owned! Having a bolt shear off and the harmonic balancer end up on the skid plate over and over is just not acceptable!!! The Sorento is deadly!

  10. I too am very disappointed in my 2013 Soul. Heating/cooling system did not work from the beginning. Took it to the shop and they said they fixed it but it actly was worse. They got it right the second time. Drivers window does not seal well and whistles and slight amount of air gets in. After two tries they still say they don’t see a problem and say I’m hearing the wind in the side mirror. I have “rail dust” on front and rear wind shield. They have tried unsuccessfully twice to remove this. I have had the car four months. Gas mileage is abysmal. All in all I am so disappointed and don’t know how to get my problems fixed.

  11. I’m not to happy at all with my brand new Kia Soul it rides like a piece of Korean garbage.I have several pieces of metal in my back and if it the ride continues to destroy my back I will be in court over this with your company for building a substandard vehicle. You need to fix this.

  12. I have tried to find a valid way to send a email to someone at KIA that gives a dam and no luck. No one replys. My 2003 KIA optima airbag system keeps failing,had it serviced 6-7 times. 1-2 years it fails again. Now out of warranty dealer says KIA won’t cover it even though problem never fixed correctly.

  13. Hi my name is bill travis, in 2010 I bought a kia optima it had 15000 miles on it and and paid 6000 dollars for it. It was the deal of the half centry Ive been buying cars. I loved and took very good care of it, changed the oil every 5000 miles and a few minor repairs to it. The car just turned 111000 miles and ran and drove as good as the day I bought it. I told everone I met off and online how these are the best cars I have ever owened. That all changed on 5/31/2010 when I passed through a toll both in Penn. The car died leaving the toll booth, so I pulled over to the side of the road and called triple A and told them to take it to the nearest kia dealer. They did and when I got to the dealership they told me it was the timming belt that broke, so I told them to repair it. What I heard after that shocked and made me so mad I thought I was going to die.
    They told me that when the timming belt goes the pistons go up into the valves and ruins the whole motor and I would have to buy a new motor. I said you have too be kidding me. They said I have to change the timming belt every 60000 miles. The car didnt have a mannuel when I bought it and have never heard of this before, even when I have had my car to the dealer several times through the life of the car and was never told this. The last time was at 75000 miles. I think if kia does not help me out, I might have a law suit.
    I cant believe that they have warnings all over there cars and the one that protects the most important part isnt on it. Why dont they have under the hood in big letters, WARNING CHANGE TIMMING BELT EVERY 60000 MILES OR YOU WILL HALF TO BUY A NEW MOTOR! But they dont tell you this till your broke down and have to have a car to get home or to work and make it so you have to buy a motor or another car. I think this is the worst way to keep us fixing and buying new cars I have ever heard. I loved my kia and thats why I took such good care of it, if I knew I had to change that belt it would have been changed. I ve had other cars in the past break timming belts and it cost 150 dollars to repair them why If this happens now when techknowlegy is so advanced how could this problem now cost you a whole motor 2000 to 4000 dollars. Something has to be done about this. Please help me out here or I will have to take back all the great things I have said about your cars off and online.
    censerly; bill travis

  14. I purchased my vehicle at University Kia in Alabama. Kevin Mok was an EXCELLENT sales person. I had some paperwork issues and he took care of it himself. I am appreciative that he took an angry customer (myself) and made me a happy Kia owner. Thanks for your effort and work. I hope to drive my Kia for many more miles to come.

  15. Gas got into the catalytic converter. Had to replace the injectors, coils. Still run poorly. Took it back to Dealer, they say there is nothing wrong. Mileage is 5 to 6 gallons off.

  16. Until recently I owned a 2008 Kia Sportage. I finally gave up dealing with the horrible service at Berlin City Kia located in Williston, Vermont. I never really had much of an issue with the vehicle itself, but the people at that location are more worried about trying to get more money out of the customer than providing great customer service and focusing on customer retention. I traded my Kia in for a new vehicle and will never give my money to Berlin City Kia again. Again, the Kia product has not been the problem. I think that someone would like to know that these people are the face of your product and they are doing an awful job when it comes to service.

  17. I have a 2011 sorento. I go in for the regular scheduled service to make sure I do my part in keeping the car in good working condition. After one month I needed the entertainment system fixed I hadn’t used ur more than 3 times. Again another repair on it a year later. Recently I had the full 30 thousand mile service done along with brakes and oil change. $1000 later and after one day my battery is dead. I had it charged and two days later dead again. Seems odd to me that right after service the battery dies. I again needed roadside service and a hang up from the Kia service person. When I arrived I was told I needed a new battery. The car us not even three years old. The danced around the issue and gave no reason for the obviously defective battery. Another $200 and two days of missed work. I am ready to sell this car gof fear of what the next issue will cost not to mention all the inconveniences.

  18. I find it odd that you can manage to write more here than in any contact email that I have found, please fit all complaints into a nicely worded 1000 character email.
    don’t buy a kia, the manufacturing is shoty at best, customer service is definitely lacking… and I would like to CONTACT SOMEONE….god is it that hard to post an email that people can actually email you. how frustrating is this. any help anyone

  19. I bought a 2014 Kia Souls Aug.25 2014. Ready to leave the lot the salesman points out the rear trim round the panel on back door was gapped. the finance guy says we’ll fix that when it comes back from having moon roof put in. by the end of a week both had been done. I took trip to see daughter. Noticed upon coming back the trim was warping . Dealer fixed it,saying they placed some extra adhesive on the trim, they’ve been having problems with them and they have a replacement part coming in appx. 3 mths, if it happens again come in, we’l do the same, when the part gets in we’ll replace it for you. OK … SoI thought. A few days later its warping again, even worse. Now it extends appx. an inch out and is wavy all way across between spot swhere extra adhesive was replaced. So 3rd time back, the salesman, who’s been telling me all along don’t deal with Service deal with me, the car’s no good, it’ll always cause you problems, they need to put you in “another” car. We talked about this one being a Lemon, etc… So now he says let me talk to the “Guys” inside and see if we can get you into another one. So he takes the keys & off he goes.Ovber the next 5 hours I am bambusled…bombarded…pushed…etc., they wore me down. Finally it’s done Im going home. I sign papers and leave. Sister gets home & goes over paperswith me to find out…..They have Dismissed my orig.$11,000 CASH!!! Down Payment, I have been re-financed for a $21,000 car verses my $19,000 to begin with. Mthly Pymts gone from $193 to $296… And now have Latte rather than Black which I wanted to start with,but “Because of the HEAT the Black will Always do the same thing. Im now looking and really paying attention to that trim on every Soul I see in a Parking Lot to take notice, and Im pretty sure that the HEAT thing from the Salesman is a bunch of HOT AIR to MATCH…. So they say TOO bad, You signed the papers, you knew what was going on. There is NO recourse for you in this state, call any anttorney you like, it wont help you.No cooling off period in this state too bad… Knowing that the $ down came from an accident taht paid me a settlement, and knowing I am disabled, fought Cancer, twice, botched op that nearly killed me. An abusive husband that decided I shouldve died and didnt, the loss of my 2nd son less than a yr. ago, Even after after acquiring all this info., the Dealership Ripped me off $11,000. I am financing $21.000, not $10,000 I started with after the ins.,pape4rwork,dmv stuff.etc…@ 56 on a fixed income. They’re operatons are Unethical to say the least. And yes,my sister is going to help me fightthis as well asthe bank. Pray for us to overcome. Robin

  20. I bought a 2012 KIA in Oct 2011. 0n Sept 2014 my car stoped had to have it towed to KIA. Three wks after they worked on it,it stopped again, now KIA is saying i need a new engine and because of my poor maintance they will not replace it I will have to pay for it. I am still paying for my car I dont have $5000. 00 to pay for a new engine.

  21. I bought a kio rio 2005 did all the oil changes and had all repair work done when recommended,took it in to dealership last week and were told transmission was leaking,they checked it out and told us the bottom pan and side pan were completely rotted,my question to the dealership was why did none of the mechanics notice the rust starting when we just had the oil changed,I am still waiting for an answer,so will definitely never buy another kio and would never recommend one,

  22. I bought a 2006 kia sorento in 2012 and ever since it has been a problem for me. It consumes 50litres of petrol in about 25km. It has constant burning of brain box between january 2013 till date, I have bought 4 brain box and also the air flow meter. It has developed another problem which is when moving in the highway at about 120km/h, the car stops, the car will no long be supplying current to all parts of the car at that point there will be several explosion in the exhaust tail and after about 5 minutes the car will start to work and within that time the engine compartment will be heated up and the kick starter bendix and some wires will burn. At exhaust tail there will be liquid petrol coming out because of incomplete combustion and the spark plug will be wet. The kick starter burns about 2 times in a month. Please help me out so I can enjoy this car like others.

  23. Dear Kia,

    I am attaching an email I recently sent to Covina Valley Kia. I think it is important for all businesses to know who is representing their products. However, I would like to make one comment that I notice there is not much mentioning of how you serve your customers. Isn’t service just as important as the product itself? Thank you in advance for your time.

    “I would first like to say that I very much like the car we leased through your dealership. However, I have not been pleased with the service that has been provided since the purchase.
    I originally did not want to get a black car, but it was the only one in stock that my wife was willing to drive away in. As you know black cars get dirty quickly and I did not want to have to pay for the extra expense of carwashes every week. When I signed the contract for the lease I was promised free car washes that would be completed in 30 minutes. The car washes I have received there are poor at best and take at least an hour with an appointment.
    Second: I have brought the car in for 3 oil changes. Each time I brought the car in the drain plug was not completely tightened which left oil stains on my driveway, and also increases the risk of low oil and /or a lost drain plug. After the first incident I requested that the torque of the plug be double checked. As you already know the service dept. failed to do.
    Third: When my wife took the car in for an oil change the third time we also needed the tires rotated. She did not have time to do both the tire rotation and the oil change. She had the oil change completed, and made an appointment for me to come back the following day (Saturday) for a tire rotation only. I brought the car in the next day and left it there. When I came back for the car I was charged for the tire rotation and an oil change. Before leaving I realized that my wife had already been charged for the oil change. I asked for the service man to refund the charge. That’s when he noticed that they did an oil change on my car on both Friday and Saturday. The appointment on Saturday was only for a tire rotation and the oil change should not have been completed. He said he would have to speak with his manager on Monday and “MAYBE” they could give me a credit. When I asked to speak with someone who had the power to refund my charge the same service person proceeded to refund my charge.
    Fourth: The same day my wife was at the dealer getting the oil changed (in the above circumstance) she was speaking to a salesman at the front desk picking up her keys after the service. That’s when the same sales person who leased us the car (back in November/December) came up behind her and touched her inappropriately by placing his hand on the small of her back. This surprised by wife and made her extremely uncomfortable. The salesman standing behind the counter, who was helping my wife, stated to his coworker exactly these words, “Oh, so you can touch the customers now?”. I have spoken to 2 different sales managers about this and to the salesman himself. The salesman did not deny the incident, but said he did not mean to make her uncomfortable. However, had I been standing there when it happened (and it wouldn’t have happened if I was standing there) he would have known very quickly he crossed the line. It was not only unprofessional, but is easily interpreted as sexual harassment. I have not received an apology from anyone at the dealership even though I have brought it up on 3 separate occasions.
    I understand that bad service can happen. I understand that people can do stupid things. However, there has been no effort on Covina Valley Kia’s part to fix any of this. How am I supposed to remain a customer?! My wife is extremely uncomfortable at Covina Valley Kia, because the salesman physically touched her inappropriately. On top of my wife being sexually harassed the service is the worst I’ve ever encountered and refusing to refund someone for a service they did not request is flat out stealing. This is my last attempt to make things right with Covina Valley Kia. It would be nice to have a pleasant ending to this story, but I am unable to do business with people who do not take responsibility for their actions or a business that does not take responsibility for the actions of their employees. I have no ill will towards Covina Valley Kia, but my experience tells me your dealership does not have its priorities correct and its values in the right place to make it to the top.”

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