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Contacting KGB Deals Customer Service Center

For nearly two decades, KGB Deals has been the go-to service for text-based informational assistance and directory services. In recent history, KGB Deals has moved beyond information systems to offering customer discounted products and services. Customers locate a deal and make purchases wither on their mobile device or on their personal computer. Customers can choose whether or not they want to receive national deals of hyper-local deals within their respective city.

Contact Info:

At times, customers may need to connect with the customer support department to ask questions or voice concerns. When this is the case, you have the ability to reach the customer service department by email, traditional mail, by phone or through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • KGB Deals Phone Number: 1-212-909-8282
  • Fax: 1-212-909-8283

Mailing Address

KGB Deals655 Madison Ave3rd FloorNew York, NY 10065

Official Website

Customers visit the KGB Deals website will need to select a city in order to search for deals or they can locate deals on a national level. When customers reach the deal site, they can browse or make purchases. For customers on the go, you can sign up for deals on the go. Sign up with your email address or download the app to your device. Once you set your individual preferences, you will receive customized deals and promotions.

Social Media

Although we didn’t see active conversations on the various social media sites, it doesn’t mean the customer service agents are not available. There were several back and forth conversations where customers were asking questions and receiving feedback related to concerns. We have to note, although there were no engaging conversations, the responses were in real-time. This leads us to believe a customer care agent is available after traditional business hours.

Customer Service Email

We sent a message to the customer service department using the customer feedback form. You have the ability to send messages relating to purchases, deals, technical concerns, careers and general feedback. Our message related to the hours of operation. The website gave no indication as to open and close times. One thing to note is KGB Deals recommends reviewing KGB Deals FAQspage prior to contacting the customer support department. This page typically answers questions relating to your concerns.

Our Experience

We are pleased with the care and professionalism displayed by the KGB Deals customer care department. The total amount f time invested in contacting the customer service was less than 5 minutes, from start to finish. The automated system offered several options, but we pressed 0 and connected with a live agent. When the agent answered, we asked several questions relating to the refund policy. Without hesitation, our concerns were addressed. Can you say the same when you called KGB Deals? Comment below.

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35 Comments on “Contact KGB Deals Customer Service
  1. I ordered something in Dec. 2012. I have still not received it. The money was taken out of my credit card.
    Iwant what I ordered, Iwill never order anything again and will recommend to everyone not to purchase anything from this company. Iwill also delete this company from my e-mail if and when Ireceive it. If not this will go further.

  2. I bought tickets to a famous museum. expiration date is feb 8, 2013. my daughters went on feb 7, 2013. when they reached the front of the line, they were turned away and the tickets were not honored. the greeter at the front door said ANY TICKETS OR VOUCHERS FROM KGB DEALS ARE NOT HONORED. WE GIVE THEM FREE TICKETS AND THEY RESELL THEM FOR PROFITS! Unfreakin real! I would never do business withl kgb deals. I will be contacting small claims court & consumers affairs. DO NOT BUY NOTHING!!!!!!! FROM KGB DEALS! YOU WILL REGRET IT.

  3. Order placed in Nov.2012 Never received merchandise. Have e-mailed company at least five times. Their answer is that the matter has been resolved. I have not received the products I ordered nor have they credited my credit card as I requested at least three times. I also requested that they contact me per telephone. They have not honored that request either. It is now Feb.2013. Think twice before you order from them.

  4. Ordered a jewelry set through them. Received a defective set and when asked them to refund the money, they are asking me to return the item on my own expense. This is not acceptable as it is a defective item. Very bad customer service, nothing like groupon. Will never purchase from them

  5. Had asked about now 7 days ago to refund me back 15 dollars for an fuel shark device from a website that seemed to not agree with my norton anti-virus protector.

    After the first attempted, they told me to still redeem the bloody voucher. A second attempt is being made at contacting them. I want my money back. I work too hard for some dumb company to take my money.

    • I ordered am IPad in the morning and cancelled my order by the afternoon. I sent numerous emails, left a message on their voice mail STILL no refund!!!! I keep getting the runaround. I am sooooooo done with this company! They have my $209.00 and won’t refund it!!!!!! Don’t order from them!!!

  6. I’m from the UK but at least you’ve got a phone number to call all we can do is email them and they say that they’ll reply within 48hrs which is no good if you’ve got a problem and need help before the Voucher expires, which has happened to me and I’ve lost money on a voucher I’ve paid for because I couldn’t talk to anyone from KGB. This is getting ridiculous now and something ought to be done not just for the UK but every country. Can anything be done legally?

  7. Do not — I repeat — do not order anything from this company. If there is any issue with your order, their customer service is non-existent and you will never get your issue resolved, must less get any refund.

  8. I agree I would not buy anything else from k g b my daughter bought us a night in southport and it has gone bump and they are not answering. Our emails I have never had this appen with groupon so I will buy from then in future

  9. I regreted to buy Notepad from them. NEVER receive it and very disappointed. Don’t buy anything from them.

  10. kgb sends me a link to buy 4/16×20 canvas’s thru easy canvas, but thru their national deals. and when i click on that link. the deal is there, still counting down the days that the deal is available, but it will not let me purchase them…then i contact kgb and they tell me they no longer have that deal avaialable, but yet, the link was just sent to me two days by one of their customer service agents…what do you do…..

  11. I canceled my order minutes after I placed it and it took 5,6 days for customer service to email me and saying it’s too late for me to get a refund because my item has been shipped already. The tracking code they gave me isn’t even valid for usps and they never answer their damn phone! please don’t order from them!!

  12. going through similar ordeal like everyone else, purchased a Revoving spice Rack stand since march and still haven’t recieved it up till now.

  13. I orderd 12 tank tops in april 2013 have not received them as yet i think this company is a rip off i will never order from them again . I think when a company does not post their phone number they are a fraud please do not order from them

  14. I did the Las Vegas deal and the “travel company” has a weird web page with no way of reaching them. They are not honoring anything.

    I called KGB, I got someone on the phone and as soon as I told them about the Vegas deal the call got disconnected, and they didn’t answer my calls after that…disappointed. I hope this gets settled quick!

  15. Beware!!!!!!There is very bad customer service!!!!!
    I purchased 4 pair of sunglasses from kgb deals for ichameleons. I was given wrong codes per ichaneleons. I have contacted Kgb They are unable to give me new codes at this time and they are refusing to credit my account because it has been longer than 7 days.

  16. I have just FB All 3,000 of my friends not to purchase anything from
    KGB deals. This site is a scammmmm!! They take you
    Money and you will not receive what you have
    Purchased. I work at a major hospital in NYC, and
    Im going to post on every post board this is a scam company
    I’m also reporting KGB to the BBB.

  17. I paid you the money ( $22.00 ) for the twin sheet of Egyptian cotton from Direct deals. After waiting six weeks I received a set of sheet in the wrong color and made of 100% polyester by Cannon and sold through Kmart for $9.99. I don’t know if this is bait and switch scam being run by you. I have tried to email “Joel” in customer service and they keep insisting that I pay the postage to return your mistake. I proposed to keep the crap and for you to refund me the difference of $12.00. That way no one is paying the postage. Please resolve this matter ASAP. Thanks.

  18. The worst customer service I have ever experienced They even stopped me from complaining by posting an error message in the history of my account so I can’t even find out what is going on. Very disappointed BUT I will get a replay and satisfaction I am very persistent and their Facebook page is going to get lots of bad comments suggest all of you who have had a bad experience publish iy on their Facebook page and on your own if we don’t get satisfaction maybe we can close them down

  19. KGB Deals has been nothing short of a nightmare of an experience! From deals purchased in October that have not arrived yet in January (and a total lack of customer support) to a worthless piece of crap that they presented as merchandise. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY or TIME ON A KGB DEAL! This has been a horrible experience and I do not recommend them to ANYONE!

  20. It seems we’ve started out on the wrong foot. I placed an order for the backup android charger(micro usb) but to no avail dealsondirect was not honoring the voucher number. I called them,and they told me there’s nothing they can do at this time the system has been compromised. Wtf… So i asked Cory my representative what does that mean? My concern was did this site leak my personal information,now im asking for a refund. He then connected me to KGB Deals NYC. Rep picks up told me she has to connect me to a 866 number but,to no avail again, nobody picks up I’ve stayed on the line for 20 minutes. Kgb i want my refund.

  21. I bought a deal via KGB for SALEBREAKER (no phone listed for Salebreaker) they said to send an email – after 4 emails letting salebreaker know I never received my merchandise, they never responded. I emailed KGB for salebreaker information, No response I think salebreaker is a scam, why wouldn’t they have a phone number, a corporate office, an address or any other info. KGB has my money, I now need to make a dispute with my cc.

  22. I bought a deal via KGB for SALEBREAKER (no phone listed for Salebreaker) they said to send an email – after 4 emails letting salebreaker know I never received my merchandise, they never responded. I emailed KGB for salebreaker information, No response I think salebreaker is a scam, why wouldn’t they have a phone number, a corporate office, an address or any other info. KGB has my money, I now need to make a dispute with my cc.

  23. I made a purchase, and the deal number/ voucher code never arrived by email or on the purchase acknowledgment screen, but they still took money from my account! So no product, no code, but i paid £79 for it! Total scam. No response to emails being sent, I want my money back!!!

  24. I Place an order for snoring and gloves and socks to soften your feet. I finally recieved the snoring appliance the box was torn and packatage tape together. It has been 2 weeks since I placed this order.The package did not contain an invoice to even send item back.

  25. cant get kgb on the phone or e mail could you please contact me with an e mail link as I have a queiry Many thanks

  26. “MIND HACKING”new, TOP SECRET, Spying ,NSA’s Hi Tech INNOVATION,is
    USED ALREADY IN GREECE BY EΥΠ(National Information Agency)of
    Greek State.IT IS REALISED THROUGH SATELLITE EMMITED RADIOFREQUENCIES,LEF(Low Electromagnetic Frequencies),Ultrasounds,Hypo sounds and “SUGGESTION TECHNICS” VIA

    • Continuing previous comment:I NEED E-mail to communicate
      JPEG Files,concerning Story.TASS PRESS AGENCY HAS BEEN ALSO INFORMED (Emails sent).By dr G.F,Medical Degree.

  27. I Wanted to communicate those messages to the former? KGB RUSSIAN
    SECRET AGENCY,that means the CIA’s equivalent,so that messaves should be officially tranmitted to KREMLIN,RUSSIAN GOVERMENT AND

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