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Contact Kansas City Star Customer Service

Contacting Kansas City Star Customer Service Center

The Kansas City Star is a major print newspaper in Kansas City. The newspaper offers news in print and virtual formats with current events appearing online before it appears in print, in most cases.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

You can call the subscription department of the Kansas City Star customer service call center, but if you have an issue with the newspaper or you want to talk about a story in the paper, you will have to write a letter or email someone at the paper. There is no customer service number for issues other than subscription support.

  • Customer Service (Subscription Department): 1-877-962-7827

Mailing Address

In a digital world we would suspect standard mail to be nearly obsolete, but the mailing address is one of the few pieces of contact information available on the website. You can write to the newspaper about news-related issues or with compliments or complaints, but subscription issues should be dealt with by phone or email.

The Kansas City StarAttn: Customer Service1729 Grand Blvd. Kansas City, MO 64108

Official Website

The official website for the Kansas City Star serves a dual purpose – customer service and information. You can find the online edition of the newspaper at http://www.kansascity.com/. If you are interested in reading local and national news, the online edition is a good choice. There are some stories that will only be available in the print version of the newspaper – thus the subscription offers on the website. As for customer service, there is not much to choose from other than a customer care email form for subscribers and a phone number for the subscription department. Customers do have the option of submitting feedback by email, but the email address was hidden in the Terms and Conditions of the website.

Customer Service Email

If you have an issue with your subscription, you want to write a letter to the editor or you want to send feedback to the Kansas City Star customer service team, choose from the following email forms and address.

Customer Service Email Form: https://estar.kcstar.com/customer_care.php

Letters to the Editor: http://www.kansascity.com/contact_us/#kc and click the Letters to the Editor link.

Feedback: kcsfeedback@kansascity.com

Our Experience

Our call to the Kansas City Star customer service department was relatively uneventful. We were warned of long wait times as soon as the call answered. We were given a few options – 1 for new subscriptions, 2 to stop for vacation, 3 for difficulty with delivery, 4 to restart delivery or 5 to make a payment. We pressed 0 to talk with a customer service representative and the call was placed on hold. We did not wait on hold at all – the call was immediately transferred and answered by a representative.

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12 Comments on “Contact Kansas City Star Customer Service
  1. I have tried for hours to get into the star. I need to talk to a person
    about my account. They were suppose to let me know when it was about to run out, which they didn’t do.I will not pay WHAT THEY are charging as it is way to much. Please get in touch with me about
    our subscription.
    Mary McBee

  2. I have called four times reporting no delivery. I get the paper wed thru sun last week I got none. please let me know if my delivery will continue or if you have no delivery person in my area

  3. I sent this once but you did not pick it up. My mother was beat up by a county sheriff My mother /84 years did not understand the signals by hand that a deputy was giving the deputy wailed blows to my mothers car. My mother is sad.

  4. One Saturday a month I do not receive a paper. Calling, does not help. I can not find a paper at any store. I ordered extra comics (I care not for )and the extra Sunday paper (that I do not receive )so you could stay in business. I have been paying for the Star for over 55 years, it has become a important part of my mornings. When I do not receive it, I get very grumpy,then my wife gets upset. I am sure you can see where this is going, you are screwing up my life. I need the Saturday and Sunday paper, please make a better effort.I would hate to discontinue my service ( now there is lack of service)
    Thanking you in advance, Tony Abbott

  5. Your costomer service is so bad I am going to report you to the better bussiness bureau. I believe it is deliberate. I just needed simple questions answered. NOW YOU CAN CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Again I did not receive the TV Guide in my paper today. It seems like I get it about every other week. If you can not get it for me tomorrow which I would really appreciate I guess you can issue another credit. This is getting really old.


  8. I have had trouble finding any newspapers in Excelsior Springs area for the past week or so. Why is this?

  9. I’ve tried every avenue that I know to stop the Star. You can’t do it unless you go to their office, which is where I intend to go this afternoon. I’ve taken the Star for 40 years and try to report when I don’t get the paper and they respond that it will be delivered as soon as possible then they never deliver it! I can’t believe how terrible they are nowadays.

  10. I have tried for over an hour to locate a screen to vacation stop my paper, but all I find are multiple ads for Aruba, Scottrade, etc. Makes me feel that I don’t need this bother, just cancel the paper to lower my blood pressure. Just a small thing – vacation hold/stop. I luckily vacation held my postal service on line in 5 minutes. Wake up KCStar or do you want to continue selling subscriptions?

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