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Contacting John Deere Customer Service Center

When customers see green tractors and power equipment, they know the name. John Deere has been in business nearly two centuries and continues to produce some of the most trusted products in the world. The company started small, but grew to a perennial powerhouse, making equipment for home and commercial use.

With a reach exceeding the millions, the company must maintain contact with the customer or risk losing trust and damaging the brand. This is why the customer service team is staffed with trained representatives ready to answer questions and concerns, both big and small.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Corporate Headquarters (U.S.): 1-309-765-8000
  • Corporate Headquarters (International): +49-621-829-01
  • Water division (Brazil): 55-34-3233-7216
  • John Deere Limited (Australia): +61-7-38023222
  • Power Systems (Argentina): 011-54-341-4101800
  • John Deere Solutions: 1-515-331-4750
  • John Deer technology Center: 1-310-381-2000
  • Financial Services: 1-608-821-2000
  • Marketing: 1-913-310-8100
  • Support: 1-309-765-3700

Mailing Address

Customers can send correspondence to the United States or European headquarters here:

Deere & CompanyOne John Deere PlaceMoline, IL 61265-8098

Deere & CompanyEuropean OfficeJohn Deere Strasse 7068163 Mannheim

Official Website

When customer visit the official John Deere website, customers can learn the vast history of a company spanning nearly two centuries. Customers can make purchases as well as learn how the company is committed to the community.

John Deere provides several ways to keep in contact with the customer service department, including traditional mail sent directly to the corporate headquarters, email sent to the customer service division, phoning the corporate offices or the customer support center or through social media.

Customer Service Email

Go to the customer contact form in order to send general questions and concerns to the customer service department. Customers can locate the specific department on the customer resource page in the event the concern is more specific. We sent an email requesting the hours of operation, considering the information was not available on the website. We hope to receive a message within few business days.

Additional ways to keep in contact with the customer service department include:

Our Experience

Considering there was no direct number for the customer service center, we had to contact the corporate headquarters. The automated system was clear and to the point. To speak directly with the operator, simply press 0 during the call. The operator then connected us with the customer service representative. We asked the agent if there was a direct number to the customer service department so customers would not have to contact the corporate headquarters. They informed us there was a number, 1-800-537-8233. They apologized that the number was not accessible on the website.

What can we say? John Deere understands how to take care of the customer. Were you pleased with the outcome? Share your customer call with us below.

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20 Comments on “Contact John Deere Customer Service
  1. Why can’t I find any John Deere underware for toddler boy. We are starting to potty train, and he
    LOVES John Deere Tractores!!!

  2. Brand new $12000 machine, 10 hours on the clock, 2 John Deere mechanics stating that it isn’t right. What do I need to do to get it fixed correctly? What do I have to do short of getting a lawyer? My image of John Deere is dimming quickly. And don’t, please don’t, tell me to contact the dealer. He is ignoring the problem now. He is not the solution, he is part of the problem.

  3. My father and I purchased a 6430 Premium new in March of 2007, the only new tractor we have ever bought. It currently has 4100 hours. In February 2014 while driving down the road it lost all power. Come to find out it has a piston problem therefore it has low compression. We are stern regarding servicing all of our equipment. We use nothing but John Deere filters. We know John Deere engines do and should last much longer. All of our other tractors are from 8-11,000 hours and have never had this problem. We Know this tractor is out of warranty but we don’t feel it is right that we should have to rebuild an engine on a tractor that has never been hot and has been serviced regularly. We have neighbors with this same tractor. One of the has the same problem and another one has had engine issues as well. We have been told that there have not been any problems with this model of tractor and this doesn’t happen but we know for a fact it does. What can you – John Deere – do to help us. We are loyal customers because we feel John Deere is quality – we have been let down by this experience. We are hoping you will maintain the quality we have come to know by assisting us with this matter.

  4. have a john deere 110 tlb it is past warranty but the entire casing wrapping around transmission and frame is cracked and split throughout in 25 years of owning my business I have never asked for anything after warranty. but this is obviously an issue with some bad or flawed steel. your tractor is literally falling apart. this machine is used very lightly it is at a college campus we take care of 99% of time and on blacktop. we are never on construction sites or any where rough. I can send you pictures of how clean this machine is. please help. I feel like “nothing breaks like a deere”

    • I just wanted to say I have the same problem, my 110 TLB is in two pieces wright now and I’m not quite sure which way to go. Seems like a whole lot of these are breaking maybe should be a factory recall, or is John Deere now making a stronger Bell or Transmission Housing.

  5. I was going to buy a D105 mower until I went to the manual download page and found that I would have to download one page at a time.

  6. This is my 3rd John Deere riding lawnmover, two of them had a Briggs & Stratton engine and the other has a 17 Hp Koehler engine. The Koehler engine is a far superior engine for my 110. I now have a 22 hp Briggs & Stratton for my 118 and the performance is terrible if I can get it started. Is the Koehler engine still available. At my local JD dealer I looked for another Koehler engine but could only find B&S. Speculation from the dealer is that the 22hp B&S engine has new pollution control equipment therefore having difficulty starting. I have informed my associates of the problems and they would like to know if the Koehler engine is available. My 118 has only two hundred hours and the 17 HP Koehler has 700 hours. Request information.

    Richard Draschil
    Chesterton, In

  7. Not happy with a D120 “riding” mower I purchased 2 years ago and have “pushed” more that ridden. Used it 3 times and then the Blade would not engage and it wouldn’t keep running. was told I probably “hit” something but I didn’t. So they sent truck out and said it was fixed. Still wouldn’t cut grass lower than a 4 setting and it kept dying. They came and got it and said it was fuel filter plugged and the belts were loose. Got it back 2 weeks ago and it is going back to the shop today 5/21/14 because it dies and won’t start. it only has 26 hours on it. I had one previously that got stolen that I had had for 6 years and no problems. This one is rediculous. Need to stand behind your products and make this right. I paid $2000 for this mower and have had to get repairs done also. Alot of money spent on something brand new.

  8. Looking for relacement part for my JD F725. Need a “differential lock pedal”. Please help me licate this hard to find part.

  9. I have a 73 or 74 John Deer 2630 tractor. The hydraulics stop working after running only a few minutes. I have replaced the internal hydraulic pick up pump, the main pump in the front, and replaced brakes. Also I have had the power steering rebuilt. Does anyone have any idea what else would be causing this problem. Thanks for any help!!!

  10. I bought a John Deere last year a push mower(JS36)i hit the side of a stump in my yard, so i brought it to my local john deere and i was told the entire crank shaft was junk and the mower is useless. I thought there was a key that broke off if an obsticle was hit to STOP it from getting catastrophic damage. so i spent $400 on a mower that lasted less then a year. After trying to find information on the mower i see it was discontiued, and all the reviews on it were all BAD. I will never buy another John Deere pushmower and i will tell everyone i know NOT to ever buy a John Deere your product is junk.

  11. Dear sir
    I have always loved johndeer equip.I had johndeere farm tractors ,a snowblower that’s 30 years old and just this year needed repair.My big problem is a riding law moored an LA 115 .my first problem was the choke did not word,,I put up with it for Three years ,and of course out of repair shop found aspiring that had never been installed .Now in the last year it been in the repair shop many times with engine trouble,would not start,they had to adjust the valves,just yesterday I was taking my grand children for a ride in the trailer ,stopped the engine to talk to a neighbor and engine would not start ,engine is hung up..I now hate johndeere repair shop sad my model has a bad engine .to make me happy ,I need a new engine that has no problems .I NEED YOUR HELP.

  12. I want to submit an agricultural invention (polymers). Could you send me a connection. I have patent pending. Thank you for your help.

  13. To whom it may concern,
    My wife and I operate a cow/calf operation in Northwest Arkansas. We own the following John Deere equipment: 240 Skid steer, 2009 6430 tractor, 2000 6410 tractor, 1967 4020, and a Gator. Of that equipment the most dependable is the 47 year old 4020.
    In addition to raising cattle I spent 22 years commissioned service as a Naval Aviator. During my Naval service I was directly involved in helping Ronald Reagan win the cold war against the communist.
    Having said all that, I would like you to know I do no like to use equipment or parts from a communist country. It seems that John Deere has opted to deal with the Chinese. In addition to supporting a communist country the products are cheaply made and do not hold up.
    Therefore, I challenge John Deere to show leadership to the rest of the nation by putting American made parts in their equipment. This would stop supporting a nation that supplies weapons to countries we are currently fighting and give someone in the USA a job. If John Deere finds it difficult to find American parts at least consider having parts/products made in a noncommunist country.

    Thank you for your time and consideration of my correspondence.
    Bill Yancey
    Captain, USN-RET

  14. I’M from English river outfitters

    asking for support to help with are veteran out reaching center we are in need of a lawn garden tractor or help with a lawn tractor that we all ready have that need repair if can help please send me
    replay Victor Goodrich

  15. I have a new invention for farming. I like John Deere. I think John Deere will love this invention. I see you don’t have a submission form to send inventions. I have this dated, plans, witnesses and a voice recorded voice mail to lawyer Ben Wilcox. I tell you what I will bring this invention to the owner of the John Deere Dealer Mr. Kibble and if he likes it John Deere buys the patent for it and it is yours. If you don’t like it you owe me nothing and that’s the end of it. I keep my invention though. I think I will set up an appointment with Mr. Kibble and see what he thinks. Kevin L Strand

  16. I have a new invention for farming. I like John Deere. I think John Deere will love this invention. I see you don’t have a submission form to send inventions. I have this dated, plans, witnesses and a voice recorded voice mail to lawyer Ben Wilcox. I tell you what I will bring this invention to the owner of the John Deere Dealer Mr. Kibble and if he likes it John Deere buys the patent for it and it is yours. If you don’t like it you owe me nothing and that’s the end of it. I keep my invention though. I think I will set up an appointment with Mr. Kibble and see what he thinks. Kevin L Strand

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