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Contacting JetBlue Customer Service Center

JetBlue is a discount airline company that provides limited flights to major cities throughout North and South America. The Jet Blue customer service contact information is not listed as a customer service link. Instead, to find the information on customer service and how to contact JetBlue, you have to click the Speak Up link at the top of the page.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are various phone numbers for JetBlue based on your location. Typically, you should choose the number for the location you are currently in, not the location you are visiting. For instance, if you are in Germany and you have questions about your flight, you can use the German Jet Blue phone number.

US: 1-800-538-2583

Germany: 0800-6648288

Aruba: 297-588-5388

Ireland: 1-800-657427

Bahamas: 1-800-538-2853

Jamaica: 800-963-3014

Barbados: 1-877-596-2413

Mexico: 001-800-861-3372

Bermuda: 1-800-884-9616

Saint Lucia: 1-8777669614

Colombia: 01800-9-156761

St. Maarten: 001-877-306-4939

Costa Rica: 0800-012-1666

Turks & Caicos: 1-8773905447

Dominican Republic: 1-800-538-2583

TTY / TDD: 1-800-336-5530

Corporate Headquarters: 1-718-286-7900

Mailing Address

Most of the customer service information provided for Jet Blue include phone numbers and email forms. There is no dedicated customer service mailing address, but we did find the address for Jet Blue corporate headquarters.

Jet Blue Corporation Headquarters
118-29 Queens Blvd.
Forest Hills, NY 11375

Official Website

For booking flights or contacting customer service, you’ll want to use the official Jet Blue website at

The website offers customers the chance to find available flights and designate what types of flights they want to purchase, including multi-stop or non-stop.

Customer Service Email

Contact Jet Blue customer service with a compliment:

Contact Jet Blue customer service with a concern:

Request a Receipt for Your Jet Blue Flight:

We chose to contact the Jet Blue customer service email address for concerns. When we made it through the form we were asked for a confirmation number or flight information. We, of course, had neither. We will continue looking for a direct email address.

Our Experience

The customer service number for Jet Blue started with an automated list of options. We pressed 0 and we were transferred to another line. We were placed on hold to wait for the next representative. The total hold time was just 1 minute and 15 seconds before a bubbly Teresa answered the phone. We asked about the cheapest flight to Vegas and she answered the question without a problem.

What is your experience with Jet Blue? Did we just happen upon a great CSR?

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99 Comments on “Contact Jetblue Customer Service
  1. i was supposed be on flight 650 june 23,2012 it was cancel due to your pilot was sick,reschedule to flight 8050 9am which me and my wife had to sleep at the airport,i was told by troy your supervisor i would be reimbursed my rental car and hotel stay at jf kennedy due to the fact i lost my reservation for hotel stay and rental set me back one day of our vacation in Atlantic city New Jersey because of this.please refund me $281.59 for the head ache this had cost us on our vacation which your supervisor troy at S.F.O. had agree on.Troy had put notations in the computer also.Thank you Rick Wong

  2. I would really like to know why Jetblue has Travel Bank money expire? I am so unhappy with Jetblue about this. If you have refunded money put into a Travel Bank, it should never expire. Not everyone can afford to travel every year.

  3. I was on a flight from white plains to fort lauderdale and was stck on the tarmac for an hour amd a half. I was compensated wkth a $15 credit. I know delays happen and its part of flying but I feel like 15 bucks is an insulting payback for that inconvenience.

  4. I would like to find out where are your ticket distribution outlets in Kingston, Jamaica please and thank you.

  5. Need to contacy Capt. HOSKINS, reference a safety issue at PSE airport Puerto Rico USA. Please send me his email address or phone #
    Capt. Carlos MAri
    Former ICAO-INSP

  6. I intend to fly Jetblue internationally from New York to Cartagena with a bicycle in February. Your website says that boxes are not allowed but also states that bikes can be transported in a cardboard box. Could you please clarify that a boxed (cardboard) bike will be accepted or not. If it is okay could you tell me the costs for the bike 203 linear cm as a second piece of baggage.
    If this is not the appropriate forum for this request please email me the appropriate contact email address. Marcus

  7. I am Appalled at the non-existent customer service of Jet Blue Airlines. My Mother & Aunt had a flight from Raleigh Durham Airport on September 19, 2012 @ 7:30pm to JFK Airport in New York. They missed their flight, which was mostly due in my opinion to your lack of absence of customer service. First; the signs indicated Jet Blue at Terminal 2 but after arriving at terminal 2 there was no signage as to where Jet Blue was located on the strip of terminal 2. At the end of the strip we asked the Security Officer present and he informed us that we needed to go to the American Airline entrance for Jet Blue which was at the other end of the strip. We could either ride back around or walk thru the terminal however I would have to park. The ladies (both over 75 years old but not feeble) decidied to walk to the designated check in area. There they found a long line and no one to assist them. They approached airline representatives to be told that the Jet Blue Representative left and they could not help but suggested they go downstairs to a gate….they returned upstairs after wandering around looking for assistance and decidied to try the kiosk (I am sure you have a record of it T2TAKS73 RDU). Finally they got to speak to the woman at the American Airline desk who tried to help them (even consoling them) but the plane at already taken off. In summary, sometimes cheaper is not better particularly in this case. I am extremely dissatisfied!!!

  8. JetBlue,

    Im writing to you because i don’t know who else to direct this too.
    I was part of the NYFF a few years back and have your address from that. We were awarded a free flight for acting in the inflight commercial that was supposed to be only on the DR flights but ended up on all JetBlue flights it seemed. It was fun and a cool ad.

    Right now i have a situation where Im starting a surf school in nicaragua that for every 5 paying foreigners that learn with us we teach a local kid. We have had a very positive reaction and plenty of interest from outside sponsors. Now we have boards donated or heavily discounted to bring down, the checkin fees are gonna kill us. Our charity will be making several flights with you guys carrying boards, clothing for local kids and water pumps. Is there anybody that can help us right now even slightly with checkin fees?
    I have followed all the normal procedures/directions necessary from your website such as emails etc but no response. The wait time is 6 weeks but i leave next week??
    I also called and spoke to a lovely supervisor that stated she could not help or direct me to anyone that can. This is a small ask to a big company that is cut into sections making it impossible to achieve what seems simple.

    Can you please direct me to someone that cares or can help.

    Thank you very much and i hope your well,

    Shane Batty
    917 848 6719

  9. Subject: Compensation

    I am at the Boston Logan airport and the plane is extremely delayed. I feel as though I have paid for a service that has not been provided. I paid for a flight to get me home TONIGHT at 9:45pm. Not to hear that they are trying their best to find us a plane. If I’m stuck here, I expect compensation for time missed at work as well as cab and hotel reimburstment. Jet Blue should have a better process in place for events like these. I am in the transportation industry and by NO MEANS is this acceptable. I also expect a prompt response.

  10. I will travel from SJU to FLL and I want to know if you accept as a checked bag (free) my pole dance. The pole is in a box with a handle.

  11. I had to cancel our return flight from FLL on Jan.26 due to a schedule change by Jet Blue. The schedule change prevented us from getting to the airport in time after our cruise ends. Because of the high call volume, I canceled online at It appears I only received a partial refund and it was in the form of a credit on a future flight. I want to request a full refund to my credit card not just a credit. I discussed this problem with an agent before the storm and was assured that a full refund would be made. I have meanwhile booked our return from FLL to RIC on a different airline. I am resorting to this form of communication because Jet Blue did not answer the telephone.

  12. On 1st of Nov, I was travelling from Pittsburgh to Newark via Boston and ultimately to Mumabi, India using United Airlines. But you guys lost my check-in baggage which I was suppose to collect at Newark Airport.I am calling every day to you people to know about my lost bag but yet to get my baggage or even a proper feedback. What should I do next &/or whom should I contact? Can I understand the procedural options I am left with? Please help me.

    My lost baggage details: Report number EWRB600254115,
    Bag tag number: B6692317
    You guys can contact me @ +91-773-801-9051
    email id:
    Currently I am in Mumbai, India

  13. To whom this may concern,

    I just started filling out the JetBlue survey online however, my problems go way further than I was allowed to write so I was able to get the email and hopefully we can resolve my situation. Last weekens, Nov16-18th, I was in NY with my mother and son. We were originally going for pleasure but after Sandy it didnt turn out that way. Her house wasvery damaged and I had to help her, she could not be alone. We tried to change our flight going home because work was getting started and it was very depressing. The fee for changing was $100, and the flight fee was $60 more per ticket. I had my credit card out mind you FOR 2 HOURS!!!!!!!!!! I spoke with 4 people, lines were getting disconnected, I asked for supervisors, you can listen to calls. I have texts that can be fowarded, etc… With those 2 hours of waiting, I got the $100 waived but the $60 went up to $200, and every person had a different price, some said $110, $150, $200….It was ridiculous, and people were rude. I thought my mother was going to breakdown. I had a 10 year old with me who was upset and one of the biggest problems is I have Epilepsy. I had not eaten, there was no power, I just wanted to change my flight. I was stressed out, upset, and very angry at that point. Not good for a person in my condition, I could have had a seizure. I finally found a supervisor who waived the $100 and guaranteed the $60 after hearing that I was on the phone 2 HOURS!!! She said she gave me the Handicapped row as a favor but it was not, but that meant nothing already….I needed to get out of the house and be done. I was ill when we got home and just spent Thanksgiving with my family so I am finally finding the time to write to you now, alone and calmly. I tried calling Supervisors again, but honestly, nobody cared. My mom has a JET BLUE #, and I fly all the time with my family but we dont have numbers. I Feel it was the most horrible cutomer serive I have ever experienced, and I am surprised because I have not had that problem with Jet Blue before. My name is Faith Waingarten-Kaplan and I was flying with my son Jesse Kaplan and mom Rita Waingarten on Flight 369 from Laguardia to West Palm Beach.

    Now we are looking to come up to NY with my husband and boys the weekend of December 7-9th and to be honest, I told my husband I would pay more and not travel Jet Blue due to how I was treated. I was not even asking for anything, I just wanted to origial $60 price I was told, by the end of the day, yes, I would have liked to pay nothing but I just wanted to get off the phone and home. I hope I have made myself clear. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 561-504-6222 or email me. Thank you for your time… I would appreciate it if somebody got back to me ASAP…

    Faith Kaplan

  14. Too often we write when we have a complaint and not as much when we compliment.
    Last week was very traumatic culminating in having my wallet stolen,and like many, everything of importance was the contents.
    I have a funeral I need to attend in Rochester, ny and with no credit card felt helpless. \
    When I called one of your helpfu employees told of paylater and after two attempts and some help from another of your helpful employees voila a ticket. He immediately recognized I was using a desktop computer and needed to enlarge the screen.
    I have transferred monies to my son who is going through financial hardships and now paylater you are the best.
    Thank you for your innovated programs and efficient staff George Soros was right to encourage you to become an outstading domestic and now of course international carrier. Jacqueline Barnes
    Please feel free to use this comment and my name.

  15. 10 December 2012

    Mr. David Barger

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    JetBlue Airways Corporation

    Investor Relations
    27-01 Queens Plaza North
    Long Island City, NY 11101
    (718) 286-7900

    Dear Mr. Barger,

    A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Jet Blue staff.

    I’m still at the JFK Airport awaiting resolve for two (2) unused airline tickets from Etihad Airways. Hopefully there will be resolve soon so that I move on to other areas of the USA.

    As you are aware, I’m the Chief Operating Officer for Babe Music and while in North America, I represent the Babe Music partners who are also from the Gulf Corporation Council. They are also copied on this email.

    I’ve notice that Jet Blue have utilized Babe Music lyrics for advertising throughout Terminal 5 at JFK in New York City. The Babe Music partners should know that Jet Blue’s business has increased tremendously since my arrival in New York City which is good for the airline and staff. Yesterday, at several points during the day, I counted a total of thirteen (13) Jet Blue flights arriving and departing JFK International Airport. That was astonishing to me.

    I realize that the airline’s fare structure is very affordable for passengers as well as low income families while maintaining their operating costs. I think that this is great and is likely the reason why the airline is increasing in popularity.

    In light of the above, I’d like to propose for free unlimited travel for myself within the USA only on Jet Blue airlines in lieu of a cash royalty settlement. Please note that due to the low costs of the air tickets, paying passengers will have priority seating over myself because I’m a flexible traveler and since the company needs the revenue.

    An electronic ticket can be sent to me at this email if an agreement is reached. Once an agreement is reached, I suggest that Jet Blue find one quality ad developed from the Babe Music songs from their current advertising and discard of all other Babe Music advertising. One quality ad can be used nationwide for Jet Blue and where the company will be easily recognized.

    We will contact you once the legalities for Babe Music is finalized and for investment opportunities.

    The New York Police Department are copied on this email so that they know that negotiations are underway and to avoid criminal charges against JetBlue.

    I wish the company continued success in the future.

    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

    Donna Ann Marie Thompson (Babe)
    Chief Operating Officer
    Babe Music Inc, Abu Dhabi, UAE

  16. I have been a Jet Blue fan for some time and fly with Jet Blue whenever I can. That said, I recently had to take a flight from Boston, MA to Raleigh, NC and back. It was the best flights ever!! Everyone from the ground crew to the flight crew were sooooo professional and my flight back to Boston arrived very early! I really think Jet Blue ought to give lessons to other airlines on how an airline should be done…Bravo Jet Blue!!!

  17. Dear JetBlue,

    I have always enjoyed your airline service though in my recent travels from Florida to NYC I had a disappointing experience. I had a well-sealed, beautifully wrapped gift containing a small container of lotion in my carry on. I appreciate the security precautions that the airline must take for the safety of their passengers but I was very upset that my gift was confiscated. I just wanted to express my unfortunate experience as it was very distressing for me.

    Best wishes,
    Rachel Neifeld

  18. Good Morning,
    My Name is Kevin Williams. I flown in JFK From Lax early this afternoon. It was my first and now only time ill ever fly with your airline based upon how I was handled by Daniela in baggage claim. My one piece luggage was sought through by a Tsa agent in lax prior to my flight, the agent visibly left my ziplock bag opened woth my toiletries exposed and the pouch it was contained in unzipped as well, he or she then broke my zippers on my luggage and thought wrapping it up with 2-3 feet of scotch tape destroying my property and putting it on my flight to NYC, my luggage had no damage prior to this whatsoever. Your baggage claim agent was rude and had no guest experience training to let me speak after letting her have the floor. She referred to the guidelines of damaged baggage numerous times which only covers JetBlue is not responsible if my luggage is damaged from the flight over…NOT IF LUGGAGE IS DESTROYED BY TSA OR AIRLINE STAFF JETBLUE HAS NO RESPONSIBILITY. If she was completely right then why offer me a ‘$30 voucher’?? And why would I except this voucher that can only be used for another flight with JetBlue, after destroying my property and leaving it to me to make it to my family’s home with 2 pieces of tape loosely placed on it??
    As a new customer or regular one, efforts should’ve been made to accommodate my luggage and poor situation. What also disturbs me is how you deny any responsibility if you’re airline loses a customer’s luggage?! How in the world is that fair when a paying customer put their trust and life in your hands ?? Now i have to go out my way to buy another piece of luggage to go home?? its wrong, period. Daniela had no care in the world and that’s unacceptable, not replacing or making means to salvage my luggage issue is unacceptable. But I’m an optimist, I’m hoping you can see my side and do the right thing. Tsa should be ashamed as well. It’s Christmas time, the world is failing the treatment of its people. This wasn’t nature, someone should be held accountable and I deserve to be treated better and compensated fully.
    Thank You,
    Kevin W.
    I do have pics of the destroyed luggage, I would bend an email address to send them to.
    Here’s my info to contact me…
    Kevin Williams
    5401 Sepulveda Blvd Apt 19
    Sherman Oaks, Ca 91411
    I’m in NYC till Dec 28th.
    Confirmation Number: BHCUSY
    Baggage Report Number: JFKB600263275

  19. Some low down stupid jerk at Jet Blue keeps on sending
    me this dumb ass emails about job hiring position , I
    guess he or she does not have anything better to do

  20. Unsatisfactory! Claiming no responsibility for deliberately damaging my luggage and wrapping it two pieces on scotch tape by spoiling the zipper is inconceivable!
    Then blaming Tsa who them blames them is even more Ridiculous!
    The guidelines DOES stipulate that THEY may destroy your luggage and leave open your zip lock bag with your tolietres to fall out to go missing and some to then open inside!
    Funny thing they will do it NOT Follow you up on This Matter, and if you contact them and call them out on their guidelines that only covers damages they don’t cause NOT THE ONES THEY CAUSE BY HAND! Then, say you can’t use a lock which was proven not used for that only as a pully head of the zipper. Love it after denying everything they offer vouchers FOR NEXT TRIP less than the cost of the size of your luggage…are you kidding?!
    Why would anyone fly with you after that experience and treatment….NO ONE!
    What A Joke! Value Jet Compensated When In the Wrong…Period! What happened to honor code & obviously doing the RIGHT THING?!
    Justice Will Be Served…For All of Us!

  21. Flight #778 going to Boston from las vagus great day till I found out
    There was a delae but the weather was good you figure?at their last flight.
    I like the dirty hard floors at the airport!!! To sleep on for about 5hr’s
    But I no jet-blue will do the right thing and will give us 1/2 off the fare
    On this trip.(not the next one…..)

    Word off mouth goes a long way……happy new year

  22. Hi. This is the first and the last time I fly with JetBlue. I was supposed to fly from Colombia to FT Lauderdale at 12:34 pm. The fly was late 3 hours and not only with that the pilot left us waiting to land in the air for over 30 minutes plus other 30 minutes to get off the airplane. As my final destination was San Francisco, obviously I missed my fly and the the air company JETBLUE stated that I had not other option than waiting from Saturday until Monday to get the plane I missed. The manager was SO mind and treated me very bad giving me not hope and for more than I begged them to find me another fly, they only gave me an option to fly from FT Lauderdale to NY and leave in L.A. They said I had to look for the way to get back to San Francisco. I was so desperate until I spoke to a guy named Kevin at the JetBlue office who helped me finding me a fly for today, Sunday which I’m still waiting at the airport to board at 2:40 to NY then to Sacramento, and possibly JetBlue will find someone to drive me to SF. Even though Kevin was so nice and kind, I’m still so upset because this shouldn’t happen and the company should take responsibility for their passengers. Also, at the hotel (which JetBlue was supposed to cover everything) they only have me 3 vouchers of $10 which didn’t cover that much. I had to pay at the hotel for having breakfast only almost $10 and the drivers insisted for the tips I was supposed to pay them. Please don’t do this to any other passenger again!

  23. Today the unthinkable happened on my flight from syracuse ny to jfk with connections to barbados.. well you see as i was walking to my seat on the plane my passport fell out of my hands and we figure someone behind me kicked it under a seat, well needless to say I had to disembark the plane and try and find my passport not realizing at this point it was actually on the plane and not at the gate.. so this is where my wonderful experience comes in from jet blue. Jennifer was her name went above and beyond the call of duty for me and called jfk asked them to please search the plane after it lands and try and find the passport also asked them to hold my baggage there until further notice. she continuously looked with me and even dumped a garbage can and went through that for me. then down at the jetblue check in Doshon the supervisor did everything she could to help me out and once it was determined that the passport was on the flight the whole time Jennifer called jfk and asked for it and my bag to be put on the late morning flight back to Syracuse and rebooked me for the morning flight to barbados. Then Doshon called local hotels to find me the cheapest room for the night. I must say that was the most nerve racking thing to happen to me in awhile since it was a canadian passport and I would have had trouble getting back in the country. So to Jennifer and Doshon and all those that worked at jet blue today thank you, thank you, thank you…. you guys ROCK!

  24. In May 2012 I booked a round trip flight Syracuse – Orlando on Jet Blue (reservation NCIQQT) for myself, my husband and 2 grandsons age 4 & 6. I paid extra for this flight as I wanted a direct flight.
    On February 1st we flew to Orlando and were to return on February 8th. On February 8th I called to verify my flight and was told it had been cancelled due to a storm. (Although Syracuse airport was open and US Air had a flight from Charlotte to Syracuse that landed at 11 pm with no problems). The Jet Blue representative tried to rebook us for Tuesday – 4 days later! I told her that we had to be home by Sunday as my husband was almost out of his heart medication. I was reasonable, telling her that we could take any flight – with a layover, out of another airport, etc. We were then rebooked on flight 28 Tampa – JFK – Syracuse for Saturday February 9th. This turned out to be very costly for us as we could not return our car rental to Tampa airport so we returned it to Orlando as planned and had to get a ride to the Tampa airport.
    On February 9th at 3:30 I confirmed that our flight was on time and we went to the airport. Arriving at 4:10 we could not be checked in. I was informed that our JFK – Syracuse flight had been cancelled. Again Syracuse airport was open so I do not know why this flight was cancelled. Vanessa at Tampa Jet Blue counter was very rude – stating that I should have confirmed the departure time – I had! And she notified me that Jet Blue had already rebooked me on a Monday flight. I was stranded at the Tampa airport – no rental car, no hotel, 2 little kids and a husband out of heart medicine. Vanessa offered no help. A TSA agent notified us there was a Buffalo flight – again I waited in line and this time Timothy was our Jet Blue agent – he was also rude. Telling me it was taking him extra time to issue the tickets as we had already rebooked and he needed to cancel and reissue. At 6:10 pm we finally left the counter to go through security, etc.
    Wouldn’t you know the only TV that did not work was my grandson’s. The flight attendant did give my grandson a free pair or ear buds – ? his TV did not work!
    We arrived in Buffalo after midnight, had to stay in a hotel and rent a car to drive home on Sunday.
    This situation was very stressful and very costly. I am being reasonable to request that Jet Blue reimburse me for Saturday’s hotel and car rental. I have contacted your online site and was told no. I am hoping that you can help. How often does someone have 2 flights cancelled in 2 days? I am responsible for making travel reservations for 280+ employees and if you cannot help to justify this situation I will no longer make their reservations on Jet Blue.
    In closing I would like you to know that a TSA agent at Tampa airport stated that this happens all the time with Jet Blue. He said that Jet Blue is very unorganized and no matter how often there is a storm that Jet Blue just cannot get it together. The Tampa news was also reporting on Jet Blue and cancelled flights. No other airline had the long line or cancelled flights that Jet Blue had.

  25. I would like to give feedback from last night’s flight 1097. As a recent convert to JetBlue I was rather disappointed with the service on last night’s flight. The flight attendant in our section (row 1) was nothing short of rude and condescending. . She never positively interacted with her section and often seemed bothered. The height of her arrogance was when she refused to accommodate a 5 year old little girl with a bathroom emergency! Her response to this child’s pleas and her parents begging her to please let this child use the restroom was nothing short of in humane! Needless to say this sobbing child soiled her pants. Is asking for understanding too much? Is this the Jet Blue way? Being snapped at as soon as we entered the plane and being treated rudely does not bode well for the Jet Blue brand. I hope our flight home is more in line with common courtesy.

  26. First time flying jet blue. From Logan Traveling with a disables child Very nice and accommodating at the airport gate. Thanks Beverly

  27. I had a terrible experience with Jet Blue and was told I would receive compensation through e-mail. How long does it take?

  28. I am very upset about your policies involving UNACCOMPANIED MINORS….my grandchild flew for the first time by herself, from Orlando to Providence,R.I., and it was not handled nearly as well as other airlines. Please put me in touch with the Supervisor asap. Thank you.

  29. What a disaster in boarding system in flight 1653 from Ft. Lauderdale to San Juan. From the outsider group to the incide crew. Remiends me of American Airlines. Hope your good service from before does not understimate our expectations.

  30. I flew from Barbados to JFK on 28th Feb 2013 returning 4th March. I fly on average 30 flights a year all over due to my work as a sailing captain. I was extremely impressed with the plane, the seating room and comfort, the inflight entertainment, the drinks and snack service and the check in service but what impressed me the most was the stewardesses….. Absolutely amazing… friendly, down to earth and I watched them help a mum and baby out they could not do enough. One tiny complaint was cleaning….my tray table had stains on it when I got on in JFK. I have written reviews wherever I can as I thought the package was real value for money and i hope you extend your service to Grenada and in fact throughout the Caribbean.


  31. Hello, I need help, I made a big mistake, and I can not fix it. I do not speak English and to make travel purchases, prei wrong with my confirmation # BBISVM, the itinerary must pass this inverted jfk to las vegas, at any time after 10 am because my flight arrives in Brazil the 7 am and I think I’ll need this time to not miss the flight, I know I will be missed but please could you help me? because I have no way to solve it over the phone do not dominate the language. Sincerely Jacqueline Piras

  32. I flew Flight #277 Ft. Lauderdale to San Francisco on March 15. I upgraded to one of your “more leg room” seats which was very comfortable. The flight and cabin crew were excellent. Your head cabin attendant was very efficient and pleasant. However, he was wearing a lot of very strong after-shave lotion. I am one of those unfortunate people who is allergic to strong perfume which causes me to develop an asthma attack. After 6 hours I got off the plane hardly able to breathe.

    I have travelled all over the world and have never had this particular problem with any airline employee.

    There are many many travellers who have this allergy problem and you would do all of us a big service if you would ask your employees to refrain from this personal behavior.

    This is the first time I have flown via Blue Jet and would certainly do so again.

  33. This morning as we were to board our flight from WestPalm to WhitePlains Flight number B6 572. There were a number ofwheelchair customers that were boarded first understandably BUT after that the customers that PAID to board early were dismissed. I decided to push myself and my husband up to the front of the line but people were asking will I have priority oarding and the people said,”Yes” that was not the case When people pay extra for certain benefits they should receive them. The boarding was horrible!!! I must say that the flight attendents were on the money and were very diplomated when people tried to sit in the exit rows and they did not pay for them Soi WE commend them but your ground crew at that hour need to be trained!!!!!

  34. Fri April 12 we were diverted to JFK delayed due to weather trying to get to Orlando for a Disney cruise with our grandchildren. Your agent. Gonzalo was a life saver. Not only he got the 5 of us on a direct to Orlando, he gave us a food voucher and made sure our luggage made it to the Hyatt. After traveling for nearly 14 hours, that was a wonderful surprise as the ship was leaving the next day and we were anxious about the luggage. Gonzalo is a very talented customer service person and we hope Jet Blue recognizes his capabilities in an age where customer service is so glaringly absent. The Kibbee family was most appreciative of all he did for us.

  35. I paid a $50 change fee for a Buffalo to Boston flight that was 2 hours earlier Thant scheduled flight to make sure I made an international connection.
    My payment was processed at the check in.
    When I went to board the flight I was advised by Laura that my boarding pass was not valid.
    I said I had paid $50 and was on this flight.
    She said I had not paid $50. I missed the flight because all the non paying standby passengers were boarded ahead of me plus a number of JB crew.
    All that Laura offered was a refund.
    I pointed out that I had made a payment and should have been on flight.
    All she could say was the flight was full and I was not getting on it. She them simply ignored me!
    I am very dissatisfied with the level of service and do not believe a refund if and when it is forthcoming is a satisfactory resolution.

  36. Barbara at the check in counter in Las Vegas
    is the best! She was so helpful and friendly my mood immediately changed for the better!
    You have a great ambassador in her,such a sunny disposition !

  37. I have flown on Jet Blue for years and today was the first time I met a rude person TIRA at gate 6 JFK

  38. I plan a trip from Long Beach Airport to Las Vegas on May 28 departure and return on May
    30, flight departure is 9:05AM I received a e-mail from jet blue , to check in on May 27, I have book a super
    shuttle to the airport leave the house at 5:00AM, when I arrive the airline , I print out the
    boarding pass , the security told me that the flight is cancel , we try to find out what happen at
    the counter , they say my flight reschedule later tonight at 6:00 pm. I told the attendent how come
    they don’t inform me , I have to cancel the whole trip from hotel to show ,because I am not able to
    get to Las Veges, yet I have to arrange shuttle to bring me home, the Jet Blue crewmember was so
    rude, he say is not their problem they already e-mail us for the cancelation, I just have to due
    with the hotel and the show ticket. since I am not able to go to Vegas I ask to cancel the flight
    ticket get a refund , he say he have to charge $100 for the tickets penalty for the ticket
    cancelation,my son find out they e-mail us 4:30AM in the morning for the flight canelation, they
    expect us to check the e-mail every minute even we are sleeping, we leave with the shuttle at 5:00AM they did not leave us enough time to rearrange the trip.I ask the crew member why they send me e-mail to check in the flight and send e-mail to my son for the flight cancelation, he say our company have two system , one for tell customer to check in flight , the other is for cancelation, I start to question about this system , one system tell you to check in and the other inform you to the cancelation, , they only leave a few hour before the flight inform you the cancelation, and the timing is in the middle of the night. 4:30Am I would like to hear from your
    company what kind of customer service you provide, is it our fault the flight cancel, I want to compensate $100 for the shuttle fee travel to the air[port for nothing. is this the way they treat the customer. what kind of customer service is this.

  39. I have a question about carry on, I want to bring my skate board board on board, just the wooden board with no wheels(flat wooden board) it’s not rly a skateboard so I shouldn’t need to check it in right? Can I just bring it as my carry on and put it under my seat? I don’t want to go to the airport and be told that I can’t do it and have it taken away…I spend good money on it..

  40. With the recent comments about Sid Crosby by a very ill advised pilot, I will NEVER fly with JetBlue ever again and will encourage all of my colleagues, friends, and family members to also ban JetBlue for life. I can only hope that somehow this forces the airline out of Pittsburgh and causes financial destruction for years to come. Sid Crosby is a consummate professional and has positively impacted thousands of people in his short career. I wonder how many times this so called “professional” pilot ever visited a children’s hospital, or worked with abused or disadvantaged children?? JetBlue has shown their true classless colors!!

  41. Ms. STARR in BOSTON is a ground flight attendant is HORRIBLE. She tried to get me and my 8 year old children keck ed off Fight sa i had adler top. Mandy questiona when Fight 687 on July 11th Washington late. When i got a supervisor JT,he apologized And We boarded Fight. I will NEVER fly Jet Blue again!!!

  42. I have been a lot of flights over the years but the one that I was on yesterday morning was an early one that I barely made from JFK to PBI and when I did make the plane I noticed that one of my carry on bags was left at the TSA check point. Lynn who was working the gate came aboard and asked me what it looked like, my name, etc and she actually ran herself to TSA and then had them run it through the machine and then ran it all the way back to the plane at Gate 26 for me. This kind of action and customer service not only deserves to be acknowledged but to be rewarded. I am a Jet Blue fan for life now and will recommend their airline to any future travelers out there. I want to thank you Lynn from JFK it meant a lot to me there were things in that bag that I would not have been able to replace. I hop you get acknowledged for your excellence!


    Don Buck

  43. Waiting at airport in Orlando fl for 7 hours now I had flight in afternoon then jetblue switch flats ill 700 then945 iam very up set

  44. To whom it may concern,
    I am writing to let you know that on my recent trip home from L.A on Jet Blue Flight # 223 when I collected my luggage and brought it home I noticed on the side pocket of my luggage as I opened it I found it had a slit inside the pocket. The slit looked like it was made with a knife. Someone had put their hand inside the slit and rummaged through the contents of my luggage. This was very upsetting to me to say the least. If the security agents had wanted to see the contents of my luggage they would have asked me to unlock it but I don’t think they are the ones who made the slit in the pocket of my luggage I think it was the baggage handlers. I feel that Jet Blue should give me some form o f retribution for damaging my luggage.
    Sincerely, Marian Hughes

  45. Jet Blue was supposed to be founded on the premise of being a low fare carrier. Their fares are as high or higher than all the major airlines. In addition, Jet Blue charges up to $80.00 each way now for the More Legroom Seating. Their claim that they are a low fare airline is a bunch of crap & misleading to the public. Once in a while they throw out some stupid $40.00 fare to travel 200 miles, like LGB to LAS or something. Then they call themselves a low fare carrier. Fares in most of their markets are higher than their competitors. I guess it’s all about the marketing. Their customer service is arrogant and unprofessional. Once you buy that ticket, forget about getting any help with anything. Jet Blue gouges passengers on everything. They have become no better than any of the airlines the try and distance themselves from. They are now all one and the same – high fares, lousy service & a level of arrogance that is unbelievable.

  46. At least 400.00 worth of my belongings were stolen by a jetblue employee, who insisted that my carry on luggage could not fit over head and gate checked it. It took them four hours to return my luggage to me and almost all my child’s things were stolen.I filed complaints and was never reimbursee for my stolen items…. Now I am going to try writing to the headquarters, if I still receive nothing, I will be filing a lawsuit.

  47. I AM on flight 1348 from SJU to Washington, Reagan. This is THE second flight I take in less than a week (Monday I flew from SDQ) and it’s sad to say that both aircraft where filthy. Cleaning crews Should Open the seat back trays and at least check. Plus, if you sit in any row-you’ll notice all the dirt accumulated around the seat racks (below). I understand turnaround time is an integral part of your airline, but cleanliness is also of utmost importance. Not a truly agreeable situation when you open the tray table and find dirt!

  48. Sitting here in boston at 8:20 waiting to board my flight scheduled to leave at 7:33. Was delayed to 8:10 with boarding at 7:40. Terrible communication. Very disappointed. Website says estimated to leave at 8:10

  49. I’m in Greece and my flight to Paris is delayed 4plus hours. I leave JFK to go home to austin texas tonight. I arrive in austin at 11:58pm. I won’t make my flight from Paris can we take the next morning flight?

  50. I used JetBlue airlines for the first time and I am sold. I will always travel with this airline. the Customer Service it’s phenomenal. I enjoyed the flight and the service so much that I want to work for them. LOL.

  51. My second flight was delayed but the way I see it, it’s not the airline fault. I rather have the airline take the proper precautions for our safety than going ahead and making the people happy regardless of the safety issues. I am glad that it all worked out regardless of the delay. Life brings many unexpected events and JetBlue airlines handles them very well to benefit all the people traveling their airlines.

  52. Never again. I had my worst airline expletive today at Logan via jet blue. We. Where on 2021 from Logan to west palm and the flight was delayed. We where told till 11:50. Went to airport resturant and had some breakfast . I called jet blue and asked for update and the live person said they had bone ? Now this us 40mins after the flight was supposed to leave . We got back to gate as we where being paged and told they where loaded and ready to go BUT my seats where givin to a mother and child who where in row 11 as child not old enough for emergency . I was not asked but told. I hate the middle or back of any plane and spend hours when making my reservations to be sure I get the front. I asked attar tend to stay but told no . This has left mr with a real bad taste for jet blue and will probably find alternative airlines fir my future flights. Thanks you. Duane L Jellison

  53. You are the worst airline I’ve ever been on. jet blue is a joke. You should be embarrassed. The last 4 jet blue flights I have been on have been delayed on the runway at least an hour. I am currently sitting on one of your shit planes for over an hour and a half. The weather is perfect outside. There are no excuses. You guys are terrible. Nobody should fly this airline. You are pathetic. You should give up and go home. You have lost every single customer on the plane forever and I hope jet blue is terminated. So remember fellow travelers, when you’re thinking about flying jet blue, DONT. Take American Airlines or a cab. Jet blue. You suck

  54. My husband and I are long-standing JetBlue customers who are completely frustrated with the airline and doubt very much if we will ever fly them again. To understand our previous loyalty – we were among the many passengers stranded on the tarmac for 13 hours waiting for JetBlue to fly us to L.A. We never left NY! Yesterday was even more frustrating. We were booked on flight 431 to fly to Sarasota. We checked many times and saw that the flight was “on time” before we had a driver take us to LaGuardia. As soon as we arrived, I was notified we were pushed back to 3:30. Okay, we understood. Then it w

  55. This is part II of my comments that disappeared from my screen, most likely already sent to you. (I’m not surprised that your comment center is as messed up as your airline is!) Again – my husband and I were booked on flight 431 yesterday. After checking many times to see if it was on-time, we were driven to the airport. The flight was bumped back twice, to 2;30 and then 3:30 and then shortly after it was cancelled. While we waited for a very long time for our luggage I received a text message that the flight was leaving from gate CXL??? It’s cancelled and it’s leaving!!! It cost us more than $200 to travel unnecessarily back and forth to LaGuardia airport. Why weren’t we notified earlier of the cancellation. If the airline didn’t know earlier, why didn’t it know? How disorganized is JetBlue that it didn’t know till mid-afternoon that it was cancelling the flight! I am finished with this airline and will shout it to the rooftops how unprofessional your company is.

  56. Jet Blue changed by flight time which caused a problem with our travel plans. When I tried to get on a later flight, they told me it would cost $150 per person. So, if I want to change my flight, it costs $150, but if they change my flight, I am out of luck! Go figure!

  57. Boy its to bad your guys are cold and tired and you shut down your airlines! You guys left my 2 children in New York for 2 days!!!! We will never fly with this airlines again! I’ll bet your CEO and Board Members got to fly themselves and their families out any where on their private jets, but you left my kids at an airport 6 states away. Thanks

  58. TERRIBLE! My wife & I purchased tix well in advance.On take-off from JFK-Burlington,VT ,my assigned seat would not stay in upright position.The attendant told me to switch seats & I noticed there were two nearby ones available.I requested them so that wife& myself could sit TOGETHER as planned.The attendant told me that we “could Not sit there as they were extra-room” seats.We had to sit separate while those seats remained EMPTY& UNOCCUPIED…Very poor customer relation!

  59. I have been going round and round with JetBlue since they stranded me in South America at the start of January, 2014. Nothing but excuses and delays. Used to love JetBlue, but boy are they woefully unprepared to deal with their flights and issues out of the US. After several reprints of documentation, etc to try to get reimbursed since I had to use another airline to get home, NOTHING but excuses. Very disappointed and they’ve really dropped the ball on their customer service.

  60. I need help- called your 1-800-538-2583 after waiting 8-10 minutes each time-told by Fabelola and Amber to go to email for help? Tried but everything but what I need!! What I need is list of all my flight information from 1/3/14-1/12/14. Many changes were made due to bad weather-need Mine and my husband (Rex Cary) information for insurance. Confrimation number BEPLUA. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF ANY READS THIS.

  61. Went to pr and was stuck for three extra days and I feel jetblue should reimburse me for the inconvenience at least they should pay for my hotel and my extra parking fee

  62. Why did you not indicate that I am a registered “pre-check” for security at Ohare? I was inconvenienced by this morning. Both United and AA automatically post PreChecked on the boarding pass.

  63. Just would like to say jetblue as made the goal of making costumers feel welcome and enjoy their flight.godbless keep up the good job.

  64. After having a bad experience with one of your agents I was finally able to contact Agent #69268 who was most helpful and quickly resolved my problems. Pleaswe give her my thanks.

    Fira Wagman

  65. On March 1, we were returning from Vieques to Boston. We arrived at the airport earlier than we planned and we thought that we could check our luggage and spend the afternoon touring Old San JUan, but there was a time limit of three hours to check luggage. We noticed a Jet Blue customer service desk located in the lobby. We asked if we could change our flight to an earlier time. Doris, the customer service represenitive found seats on a flight, but there was some difficulty changing our tickets as they were tied to Cape Air. She went the extra mile going to the Cape Air desk and clearing our tickets. She changed our tickets and gave us clear instructions about checking baggage and gate numbers etc. She kept her smile and friendly,caring manner. Jet Blue was well represented by Doris, she is the best customer servide person I have met in along while. Jet Blue is lucky to have her and we were lucky to find her.She is a Gem.
    Barbara and Robert Ketchel and you will see us again. Thank you Doris.

  66. My husband I want to express our heartfelt gratitude for Crew #1160 (Tammy Jensen) for her patience and competent assistance in arranging our difficult schedule. Ms. Jensen demonstrated genuine concern over our extended telephone conversation. She is definitely a valued asset to your company.
    Best regards.
    Peter & Pat Shea

  67. My wife and I were scheduled to be on flight #1683 from NY to Orlando departing at 8:02 AM on Tuesday April 16. The night before (April 15) at 11:17PM I received an email stating that “Due to unforeseen events, the following flight has been cancelled.” The e-mail goes on to explain that we had been booked on a new flight, listed below:

    April 17, 2014 New York to Boston Departing 12:50PM Arriving 1:57PM
    April 17, 2014 Boston to Orlando Departing 7:44PM Arriving 10:45PM

    After receiving this e-mail I proceeded to call your customer service line to get a better explanation of the situation. During my first attempt to call, at 11:21 PM on April 15, I was on hold for 46 minutes when the call ended for no reason that I could see. At 12:08 AM on April 16 I made a second attempt to call your customer service line. This time I was on the phone for 2 hours and 38 minutes before speaking with someone. When I finally was able to speak with a human I was told my only options were to look for another Jetblue flight or I could be refunded my money. The problem with looking for another Jetblue flight was that there were none available the morning, or even the day, I initially planned on leaving. In the end, I asked for my money to be refunded and I scheduled another flight with US airways. This cancelling and rescheduling with another airline cost me $125 more and delayed my arrival to Orlando by four hours.
    My first issue with the way this occurred is that no clear explanation was given as to why my flight was cancelled. Additionally, I saw that the flight out of NY to Orlando before my flight and the four after mine that morning were not affected; they were scheduled to leave and as far as I know had no issues. My next issue is with the time that my flight was rescheduled for. I booked a flight for the morning, so how could you possibly rebook my flight for the following evening, with a layover, that would have us not arriving until 10:45PM? I had a hotel and events booked in Orlando for both April 16th and April 17th. Should my wife and I lose out on the money and the experience for those two days? My next complaint is with your customer service line; why am I on hold for over 3 hours and 30 minutes before speaking with someone? That is just ridiculous! Not only had I been inconvenienced with the flight cancellation, but then I was expected to wait on hold for 3 hours just to speak with someone…absolutely UNACCEPTABLE!
    I used to believe in your company and always thought about Jetblue first when traveling. As a result of this experience I will never travel with Jetblue again. Additionally, I will tell all my family and friends of this experience and recommend them not doing business with your company. The lack of communication and urgency on your company’s part is shocking. And as result of this poor customer service you lost two customers for life.

  68. I recently canceled a trip and was shocked to find out that my panic attacks of being closed in wasn’t a medical condition, even my own doctor recommended I cancel untill I get a catscan to make sure it isn’t something serious. No wonder there’s a lot of incident of emotionally disturb passengers they can’t afford to loose $150 of the service charge. Anyways my health comes first but it’s unfortunate that they couldn’t do the right thing with a true blue member since 1999.

  69. Great Airline however the security line stress and insanity at EWR that I incur
    each time I fly your airline is now the last. I will fly
    United at any price to avoid the incompetence. To start
    Your day for a 6AM departure with a one hour
    Security process is crazy.

  70. Congratulations to the attendants of fly 861 Boston to San Juan all of them know how to the their job. Nelson and Yolanda the best and the other attendant too, sorry for forget her name. GREAT JOB.

  71. i wrote a letter to customer service dated 6/25 regarding my experience, with NO response. I would expect a call/email

  72. very up set with jet blue
    flew to New York and when got there took wheel chair down to get my suit case and go to Royal Macau foro next flight, a luggage service agent looked at my boarding pass and said we transferred your suit case already just go to royal macau and check in, what a lie, got to Malabo and no suit case, found it still at jet blue luggage storage. lucky got my suit case back but jet blue wouldn,t forward it on to malabo just sent back to florida.
    several medicines, all my clothes thanks for not sending my suit case and medicines onward like was promised to me when went to get my suit case.
    john ostrander

  73. I just spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone trying to book a getaway package. However, all I ended up with was a head ache. The first coustomer representative gave me the package that was excellent but I had to consult with my fiance. I asked for her extension but when I called back I was unable to reach her so I spent more time with another representative that had a hard time finding the same information and gave me completly different prices. After so much time with this rep an no results I became frustrated and hung up to speek to the third coustomer service rep who also gave me totally different info. Three different people three different answers. Then I spoke to a supervisor who admited that the reps were confused about the information I was given but she refused to give me the original package I was offered. I have been a Jet blue coustomer for the last couple of years and my fiancé has been a coustomer for much longer. We both have true blue accounts and even the apps on our phones. However, this experiance is makeing me rethink my loyalty to jet blue. Trying to get a flight resort and car package was supposed to be exciting but jet blue has turned it into a huge aggravation and wasted my time. Thank you for absoulutly nothing Jet Blue coustomer service.

  74. JetBlue used to be a good airline. Not anymore. Like so many other corporations in America, the quality of service and employees has gone way down. One of the things that used to make it good was the fact that all seats were the same, no classes. Not anymore. Now the Extra Room seats cost more, therefore making the cheaper seats uncomfortable. They are the only airline that allows dogs to ride with their owners at their seats if they are “service dogs” or “comfort dogs”. What a crock of s**t! Now anyone can say they have a service dog and put a little sign on the dog and have it sit with them. Who cares if the person next to them paid $100 extra for the “extra room” seats?
    On my flight 415 the other night from NY to SF a strapping 25 year old who could obviously see perfectly, hear perfectly, and was clearly a weight lifter had his huge Boxer mix on board with him and the guy stuck in the middle seat next to him,an extra room seat, had to had the dog under his feet the entire time. Allergic to dogs you say? Who cares because as the old dried up flight attendant, Maureen told us with a huge nasty attitude ” dogs take precedence over people”. Maureen also forgot to make the Russians sitting next to me close their seat belts for take off. She never made coffee, offered a second drink during the 6.5 hour flight, ever got the man behind me who asked for a second snack the snack because ” they are in the back and I can’t get them now” by the time she could get them, she’d forgotten all about it as most of the time she spent sitting down and on her laptop giving us all a nasty view as her skirt was hiked way up and pretty much everything could be seen. This woman is clearly at least 60. You get the picture. Additionally, there were a group of very loud Russians on board who were also just enormous. Although I had row 1, an extra room seat, the Russian whale sitting on the aisle blocked passage in or out. They also kept their suitcase sized carry ons in front of them so I had to climb over them any time I needed to get to the bathroom. Other whale sized Russians were allowed to stand up at the front yelling in Russian and flailing their arms for an hour completely obliterating the light and creating a feeling of claustrophobia negating once again my “extra room seat”. Finally after an hour of not being able to hear anything with my headphones on as loud as they would go, I climbed over the whale and his luggage, tried to not get smacked. Y the other whale doing the yelling and flailing ( btw, he did actually smack others trying to get past him to the bathroom he was blocking…Maureen did nothing) and had to go to the back of the plane and interrupt all 3 attendants from their cackling personal conversation to come and make him sit down. They put the seatbelt sign on and told everyone to return to their seat. But of course the Russians never did put their seatbelts on.
    Oh…did I mention the Extra Room seats come with Extra Speed, meaning a shorter check in line. Well don’t fall for it! When I arrived for my outbound flight in SF, I had to stand on the regular line with 50 people in front of me. I was first told to stand on another line, but after 15 minutes being ignored I walked up to the counter and got scolded for standing on the “Mosiac” line, whatever that is. When I said I was told to stand there, I was told by the “gentleman” that the person who told me that “doesn’t work for JetBlue” . Well how am I to know this when he is at the JetBlue counter? Signage is a great invention, people…you may want to try it. And although I cannot remember his name, this “gentleman” saw I was noticing his name and with the anticipation that I might complain about his rudeness, he made untrue remarks about my being rude so when, after days of trying when I finally got one of the 4 ” Customer Commitment” team people to call me, Carolyn, she argued with me, spoke over me, I never got to relay any of this to her and after about 3 minutes of trying and seeing where it was going, I gave up. No one seems to be going for this “Mosaic” scam which apparently lets you stand on an even faster line for a fee. Another desperate ploy to squeeze more money out of people and create another class system.
    Oh yes, did I mention, my original flight on July 15 had been cancelled. Although I was at the gate myself, the video screen was never changed to reflect this. I’d been there since 10 am and it was now about 3:30 and there was no announcement made either. I found out from a text from my friend in NY who was going to pick me up. Sad, isn’t it? Inexcusable actually.
    There’s more but this is already too long. But I do need to mention when I handed over my card at JFK for the $2 bag check fee, I was sneakily charged $99 for the Extra Room seat I was given as a courtesy for other blunders. I had to put it in dispute! Stay away from JetBlue!

  75. Good afternoon Jetblue , my husband and I flew Jetblue yesterday flight 163 from JFK to SRQ that left at 7.53 am early .
    I was in seat 17B and my husband Steven Hartman was in 17C . A young couple showed up late and she was sitting in 16B and he was in 17A . Guess what , she was sulking and almost in tears because she wasn’t sitting next to him. Seriously and a nervous flyer . I switched seat at their request because I also knew that she was going to cause trouble the all flight long if I didn’t . I was a Purser for a main line carrier for 25 years and am now retired . I know what this type of passengers can do to a flight and the crew members .

    I am a Trublue Member and have dealt multiple times with this kind of situation when at work.
    This passenger should attend to her needs when she or he makes their reservation so the others don’t have to accommodate them .
    Thank you for reading

  76. I just want you people to know, that I have been trying to get a job at JETBLUE for years now. It seems that for some reason I don’t qualify for anyone, even though I did learn not to apply if you did not have totally all of the requirements for that job. You will not be called. I learned that by one of your ex HR employees, who I thought was a really nice person that interviewed me. I come to realize that even if you do have all of the requirement, you still need probably a doctorate degree to sweep the floor. Well after all of the rejections from JETBLUE they probably are not worth working for anyway. After meeting with such nice people there I guess it’s all a show.

  77. Just wanted to mention a thank you to a great Jet Blue employee in JAX, FL. Our bags failed to arrive d/t very late transfer from non Jet Blue flight on Oct 22,2014. Rose (do not know her last name) in Jax helped us with the forms and a few other things that helped. She went out of her way to provide excellent customer service. Flight 1677 was from JFK. Thanks again!

  78. I wanted to start by saying we have travelled Jet Blue in the past and have received good service. This all changed after my husband and I were delayed a day getting home due to issues on Jet Blues part. I called customer service and spoke to 3 representatives. My husband and I received no compensation for meals and expenses and both lost pay due to missed work. After speaking with the 3rd rep I was told my husband and I would both receive $100 credit. I checked my email to find we both received $50 dollars not the stated amount. Again, my husband and I spent hours at the airport due to the delay and did not get a flight to Buffalo until 10/31 which was a day late and we both were forced to miss work. My husband then contacted Jet Blue to discuss the situation and was basically told sorry but we can’t do anything further. He then expressed his disappointment with service and with the lack of resolution. The rep then put him on hold for about 20 minutes. When she came back told him that the best that could be done is to credit $100. The bad part was that this was what we were originally told and then found not to be true and only with further complaint was Jet Blue willing to offer what was originally promised in the first place. My husband was obviously upset and asked to speak to a supervisor and was promptly hung up on. This is truly awful customer service. Between my husband and I we spoke to a total of 5 representatives and received no resolution and were hung up on. I am not sure what the next step in this process is but know that there were at least 16 other people on flight 368 that experienced the same inconvenience. I can’t imagine that they didn’t call with similar concerns and I hope they didn’t’ experience representatives that put them on hold, hung up on them and gave them the runaround. To be told we were getting $100 each and then finding out it was only $50 a piece and calling back only to then be told they would change it to $100 which doesn’t begin to cover missed work, no meals and our time and to boot the $100 was originally quoted and then wasn’t honored until my husband called back. The treatment we received was unacceptable; imagine sitting in an airport all day due to the airlines issues, not receiving any food vouchers,being detained in NYC overnight, having an extra travel day and expenses,missing a day of work and pay and then calling for assistance, speaking to 5 reps and to top it off being hung up on. I hope someone will take my concerns seriously and make an attempt to offer a reasonable resolution. In the meantime we remain frustrated and disappointed.

    Thank you for your time and assistance,

    Trina LaFleur

  79. Yesterday myself and my wife were on a Flight B6 359 ( NY to Burbank. We had a wonderful flight. The nice wide seating area , TV and last but not least a great flight crew. Our Flight attendant MS Tamara Montana was exemplary. Friendly, engaging and of course helpful. She made our trip go so fast we forgot we were sitting in one place so long.
    Thank you Jet Blue management for doing your job so well.


    Mitch Glanzbergh.. Shadow Hills, Ca.

  80. Way to go Jetblue in taking action that no other airlines is doing by sending officers from all around the United States to NY for the funerals of the two officers. Jetblue is a company of leaders. Keep up the exemplary work.

  81. Your web page is impossible– no info to contact you, to be able to SPEAK with a person ( even though there is a number posted that describes that a real person will answer); no info. re. a flight that is arriving in the computer… and an impossible “conversation” with a machine that does not recognize JFK, numbers, places, etc. s0 –frustrating and a sign of disregard of the customer, lack of order and responsibility. I give you a minus on all.

  82. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your generous and sensitive offer to fly police officers to the funeral for those officers killed in action.
    I will fly Jet Blue every opportunity I get from now on.
    May God be your copilots on every flight.

  83. Thank you for supporting NYPD and thus all
    Police Officers. Honoring the fallen officers by giving
    complimentary flights to the funeral was a wonderful show
    of support.
    Carol Strevel

  84. Hi, my name is Mariam Hurley. I am writing in regards to an airline credit. My family had a trip planned. My mom had a massive stroke two years ago and was unable to go on the trip. We were under the impression that she would have an airline voucher with no expiration date. When looking in the credit account it showed that the money voucher was gone. This saddens us deeply. We have family in Florida and always use JetBlue to see them. She has not fully recovered from the stroke, but is finally at least out of the hospital. We really felt that the credit would still be there. I hope you can help us with this situation. It has been an incredibly difficult past two and a half years for us where our lives seemed to be on hold. We value your airline and would love to continue doing business with you.
    Thank you for your time,
    Mariam Hurley

  85. I’m a frequent flyer, and I wouldlike to know how I can benefit for the frequet flyers miles.

    thank you,

    Elba valdivieso.

  86. Customer service by phone is horrendous, takes half hour just to speak to someone.
    The flight itself was good. The pilots and crew gave exceptional service. Especially the crew on our direct flight back from San Juan to Newark Jan 4, 2015.
    We were scheduled to fly home on Jan 2 but after our flight being delayed twice due to weather, our flight was finally canceled. We spent the next two nights at the airport hotel which cost us an additional $425 (a pet fee of $80 a night was charged for my Chihuahua traveling with us) plus food for two extra days. Jetblue did not even have the decency to honor a single food voucher to us or help cover some cost of the hotel. The woman was snippy with me when i inquired about assistance, since we did not have any money. I had to have my parents send me a picture of theur licence and credit card to my phone, so we could pay for the hotel room.
    I travel alot, mostly international, and ive never had a worse experience than i did with my travels to San Juan.
    My total trip cost us $3,500 for airfare, 6 nights at hotels, food and cab. For that amount of money i could of traveled to somewhere way nicer than San Juan and with a different airline.

  87. I was travelling from Jacksonville to Philadelphia on Jet Blue (2/11/15) and I was treated well starting with the check in agent Denis to all the onboard staff. It was truly a welcomed treat. The delayed waiting was not that bad because your guests yesterday was well informed with kindness and consideration of our concerns about changes. Thanks for safe travel to my home state. I will be looking forward to my future journey on your airline. Keep up the great customer service. Sincerely, T.T.

  88. I resent JetBlue now charging for the first checked bag! All the airlines made plenty when oil fell in price. I am also a stockholder and feel
    Jet Blue should charge for something not everyone needs, like Wi-Fi. I don’t need 100 tv channels. Get creative and find another way to please the stockholders with mucho shares. Give the passangers a break!

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