Contact Jell-O Customer Service

Contacting Jell-O Customer Service Center

Contacting Jell-O Customer Service Center

Jell-O is a gelatin dessert brand belonging to parent company Kraft. The Jell-O brand was developed in the late 1800’s, but saw an uptick in product after the turn of the century. The brand became more mainstream and became a staple of the majority of households in the United States. If customers have questions or concerns relating to Jell-O products, you can connect with the customer service department through social media, email, traditional mail and by phone.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-847-646-2000
  • Customer Service (Kraft): 1-800-323-0768
  • Customer Service (Jell-O): 1-877-535-5666
  • Customer Service (Canada): 1-888-572-3806

Mailing Address

Kraft Foods Global, Inc.Three Lakes DriveNorthfield, IL 60093


Kraft Foods GroupConsumer Relations1 Kraft courtGlenview, Il 60025


Kraft Canada Inc.Consumer RelationsP.O. Box/C.P. 1200Don Mills, Ontario, M3C 3J5

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Jell-O website have access to products, recipes and the Jell-O Online Shop, where you can purchase molds and specialty items. If you have a concern about a product, the company suggests customers visit the Jell-O/Kraft FAQs prior to reaching out to the customer service department.

Social Media

In the event you want information relating to products, social media is exceptional. If you want to send a message to the customer service department and want a timely response, this is a different story. The average response time was more than 48 hours.

Customer Service Email

The customer support form on the website redirects to the Kraft page. Instead of sending a message to Jell-O, you are sending your message to the corporate offices. There is minimal information needed prior to sending your message. After completing the form, we addressed the return policy associated with the online store. The message we received after sending correspondence stated a live agent would contact us with a response within two (2) business days.

Our Experience

When customers contact the customer service department, the will have the ability to speak with a live agent in less than 60 seconds. You will not wait or have to endure a lengthy automated system. When we reached the customer service department, we asked several questions relating to food allergies and how the company process foods in order to avoid accidental contamination. The representative explained the process and addressed all of our concerns. We have to note the customer service team is knowledgeable about the products and procedures. The customer service team is one of the best in the business. What are your thoughts about your experience? Was your experience better than expected? Take a few minutes to share your experience in the comment section.

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91 Comments on “Contact Jell-O Customer Service
  1. In a recipe from a Jell-O Simply Stunning holiday desserts book, a recipe called for a 3.9 oz. pkg. of instant pudding. The box I had was 3.4 oz. Same size box I have always purchased. When did your company change the amount of pudding in a small box? I feel this duping the customer, as prices don’t go down, just the amount.

  2. I highly resent not being able to make direct contact to the Jello company. They have a marketting problem in Thailand. And, if it exists here, it probably exists in some other countties.

  3. I would like to register my distaste for your holiday ads featuring “Anything can go wrong during the holidays.” At a time of year when tragedies are more than horrific your featured a house burning and a man falling from the roof. I believe that this is insensitive to your customers who may have experienced such grief and no amount of Jello could make it better. Your company has a “family” oriented brand to uphold and I believe that you can do better than this.

  4. Jello pudding Commercial about the first day of school. Where the kids didn’t know he had to go back the next day. It is adorable and made me laugh. Good job!

  5. I would like to say how upset that I can’t find the Apricot jello
    anymore. For a while I could find it at Wal-mart, but now even they don’t have it . I have a great recipe using it that everyone, loves especially children. Are you not making it anymore?

  6. I called customer service in order to make a request about offering a new product. I did get a real person within a minute and she was intelligent and completely understood what I was suggesting. Very positive experience interacting with them.

  7. I want to know why do you use pork with your jello
    We can’t eat pork that’s why we don’t buy your brand
    Can you please make jello without pork

    • I agree with Hanna wholeheartedly.

      If Jello would produce the product without pork ingredients, I would buy absolutely huge amounts because I loved the one taste I got (before I knew it had pork), and I don’t like the non-pork product very much that other companies make. Many friends of mine have said the same thing repeatedly.

  8. I love your add of the little red headed boy who needs a double pudding cause he has to go back to school. Precious

  9. Hello,
    I just wanted to express my feeling about the jell-o key lime temptations! I think they are amazing! I want to try other flavors in the temptations. Is there any coupons that could be sent to me for that product? I would truly appreciate it.

    Thank you!

  10. Why are the Jello Pudding Cook & Serve disappearing?
    (in particular Banana)
    Many of my friends have noticed & are not happy. We don’t like instant.

  11. I am very upset that you have discontinued jello custard pudding in the box. I have bought years and it has been around a long time. I certainly would be very happy to see it on the shelves again.

  12. I bought your ready made Jello 4 pack recently. I thought it tasted much sweeter, much different than in the past. Ingredient: acesulfame potassium. Like high frurose corn suryp, I won’t be using that product anymore. Just can’t leave things alone, got to go cheaper but definatly not better.

  13. I opened the box of Jell-o chocolate cook & serve and the bag inside had a cut on the bag and when I shook to put into my pan on my stove the mix went everywhere. Again the box was not damaged. It looked like a cut about 3/4″ long. The scu # on the box 43000 20651 and I purchased at Market Basket, Rowley, MA
    Nancy Surette
    I was making a pie not happy that this happened; so I took the time to write about this.

  14. Can you get on the Peanut Butter flavored pudding. I’m sure it would sell real well. This house would buy tons of it.
    Thank you
    Dorothy Leurquin. 4-6-15

  15. Have been unable to find “Wild Strawberry” jello in grocery stores. Use this particular jello in a recipe named “Wild Strawberry Delite”. Is it available anywhere?

    Thank you for your time.

  16. Hello . I am wondering why you discontinued the pkg. of butterscotch cook pudding mix. That was my favorite. The instant is still available but it isn’t the same.

  17. I cannot find your cooked pudding products. I use the vanilla flavour in the summer with a lot of fresh fruit desserts (flans etc.) Please let me know if you still make the product and where I can purchase it. I WILL NOT use the instant mixes as their flavour and texture are not the same. I guess we pull out the old cookbooks and make the cornstarch puddings from scratch! p.s. my sister in Nova Scotia said they cannot find your cooked products so I guess you have discontinued the pudding mixes – WHY???????

  18. I know this is very insignificant but I just started to make a Key Lime Pie for our Forth of July dinner. When I had my boiled water waiting…I opened the box of SF Lime Jello and after tearing the small brown paper to release the powdery jello there wasn’t any jello inside the brown paper. Flustered, and frustrated is just the beginning.
    Mistakes happen in manufacturing especially when working with machinery.
    No big deal just a little disappointed.

    Linda Burton

  19. I am looking for a product popular in the 1960s and 70s that was called “Whip and Chill.” Was this made by Jello? If not, do you know who made it? Many of us would like to try and recreate the recipe if possible.

    Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.

    Jane Duval

  20. Hello,

    A box of chocolate pudding I recently purchased from a suburban Philadelphia Giant had a torn interior bag. It was dated August 16, 2016. I’m not sure if many were like that or what, but I did not eat it.


  21. You guys make it seem all candy land when really you people slaughter animals just for the cartilage for your “jello” it’s not right

  22. We have a instant pudding suggestion: Instant sour cream onion mix for dips,
    Instant Jalapeno Nacho cheese mix for dip; Cheese flavor dips; all flavors are made with two cups of milk. with the instant Jello marketing. Please credit us for give you the Idea. we ask .05% of sales for 15 years. Thanks

  23. hello I have been trying all sorts of receipes some from scratch some from ready to make . I am now 73 years old and have been frustrated by my many flops at trying to master TAPIOCA pudding through many many years.
    FLASH it finally happened I made fabulous tasting TAPIOCA and I am so happy with the results for my husband and myself./
    a giant sincere THANK YOU to the Kraft product called JELL-O COOK AND SERVE TAPIOCA
    shows you are never too old too give up on your TAPIOCA DREAM WOEW!!!!!

  24. I have always depended on the pie receipe on the boxes to mix the pudding for pies. what will the new cook do to mix it. why change a good thing????

  25. I have an idea to the maker’s of jello pudding snack packs you need to put toppings on the tops of the containers like the yogurts have that would be awesome

  26. recently i purchased a package of instant pudding, lemon, to add to my lemon – poppy seed pound cake. it took me a while to find it. i stood in front of that jello display for at least 5 min. or more….
    why have you changed your package design. in teeny-tiny letters about 2mm tall was the word “instant”; if i were designing the package i would put INSTANT in large letters so THAT A PERSON CAN READILY SEE IT! Actually, i would design a whole different package, with different colors, pictures, lettering, etc. when a person walked down the aisle they should easily be able to distinguish the two products: instant vs. the cooking variety

  27. I am sad to say, that when I opened two boxes of vanilla instant pudding to complete a dessert for a holiday luncheon – the pudding was banana flavored! needless to say, it did not work well for my dessert and I am very disappointed, and it has left me without a dessert for the luncheon.

  28. Very disappointed. I was making Napoleon Cremes for Christmas and purchased Jell-o vanilla artificial flavor instant pudding and pie filling. I like Jell-o brand because the color is brighter. The pudding was banana in the two packages I purchased. 23 oct 2017 DB06 00:11the

  29. Dear Jello,
    I enjoy your products. I find them refreshing, light and tasty. It is a good alternative to many fat and calorie laden desserts. Especially since I am seemingly always on a diet.

    What I find disappointing is that NONE of the flavors are natural and that the ALL have artificial colors. It seems that in this day you could create alternatives that are more natural in their look and flavor.

    Please let me know if you have any coming down the line. I have seen them made in more with alternatives that are very appealing.

  30. I find that your deserts are no longer real food. I will no longer subject myself to false colors or flavors. Please get into the current century where real food is expected. Thx.

  31. I just wanted to make a suggestion you guys should make candy’s that you can add to the pudding cups. I have done it with m&m and it is great. Thanks for a great product.

  32. I recently purchesed your white chocolate instant pudding mix for a receipe I was making.I was extremely disappointed,I didn’t taste any chocolate at all,it could have been vanillia you couldn’t taste any difference.No one I serviced it to mentioned anything about white chocolate.Very Disappointed! you have to go back to the drawing board on this one and put some flovour in it before too maney people try it because they won’t like me buy it again.

  33. Bonjour,
    Effectuant dans le futur une soirée ( jeune) avec vos produit nous vous demandons si il serait possible de nous sponsoriser pour la soirée en nous envoyant bannière et autres objets de votre marque …
    Elle s’appellera soirée australienne et nous utiliserons vos produit pour fait des jell-o shot
    Serait-il possible de nous aidez dans nos démarche ?

    Bien à vous
    Etienne bastien

  34. Dear, JELL-O company, staff
    I love your product so so much! Your jello idea is genius and delicious of course. I love making jello with my mom all the time, my favorite one is the blue one. It tastes amazing. Could you please send me some coupons? Thank you for being such a great company.
    (if possible, a response would be appreciated :))
    – Haley Nelson (age 11)

  35. The last four packages of sugar free chocolate puddings (cook) have not been sweet.. I think there was a problem.. I am a diabetic so need the sugar free.. I have been unhappy as I made pies in both cases and we were very dissatisfied with your product.. Unfortunately I have destroyed the boxes … sorry.. Thank you . Mrs Lowe

  36. I bought 4 boxes of vanilla instant pudding to make 2 double batches of cookies for gifts. They were ruined because the pudding made the cookies taste like banana not vanilla. This was very disappointing since everyone who has ever tried my cookies just loves them. Not so much with these. A big waste of my time and money.

  37. My mom tonight made jello chocolate pudding…after she was half way threw she stop I ask what’s wrong And she spit something out and it was 2FLYS!! Not even kidding.. I took pictures..just sick..yep she’s writing a letter as I’m doing this comment.. Where can up load pics.
    Sincerely disgusted

  38. I purchased you Jello Strawberry Creme Instant Pudding, when I went to use it there was a hole in the bag and very little powder left. End of the box had 06 Aug 2017 DB06 08:34

  39. I have not seen jello pudding pops for a long time. Are they still being produced. My kid and my friends kids ate them all the time. I’m sure there is a market for them if they stated coming back into the grocery stores.

  40. Extremely disappointed with Jello cooked lemon pudding for lemon merange pie filling. Consistency is all wrong, taste is wrong, and not enough to make a pie , no longer cooks to a sort of clear yellow, it’s looks like it has milk in it now.. No decent directions for cooked pudding … Only microwave. Yech !! Will not buy again !!!!! Recipe for lemon pudding changed AND not for the better … Have decided to make next pie filling from scratch. I have been using cooked pie fillings for years …. Won’t after this experience . Feel it was a waste of $$ to buy this product !!!

  41. I just bought Dulce de Leche pudding cups because it looked so delicious. It is NOT delicious. It has hardly any taste whatsoever. 45% fewer calories, 98% less taste. So disappointed.

  42. I would like to know if you can bring back the dessert WHIP AND CHILL? I understand it was discontinued because it was loaded with bad chemicals. It was very convenient as an instant mousse. I imagine in this day and age you can revamp the recipe to make a healthier version. I’m guessing it will be a hit with consumers.

  43. I have bought gelatin and instant pudding several times now and it is always leaking. Not sealed of cut or just not right. Packing is a problem that needs to be checked. This last box was sugar free DB061 246.

  44. Dearest Jell-o company,
    Please oh please consider bringing back the custard. It was truly the best custard in all the land. I miss it so very very much. Do you have any dusty old packages of it left on the shelves that maybe you don’t need that I could have? Or maybe you could just start selling it again? It is my favorite thing in the whole world and I miss it so much. It is very terrible.

  45. Hello,
    I tried the jello Creations dessert for the first time this past weekend. I was very disappointed. The instructions to make the pudding left the pudding extremely soupy. It didn’t set almost at all. So I was left with a groupie dessert instead of nice pudding desserts. I don’t know if anyone else has had a similar experience, but I was very disappointed. I’m not used to something of this quality coming from jello. Maybe take a look at the instructions and make sure that that’s the right amount of milk to add? Anyway, I just wanted you to know that after following the directions exactly, I was left with a less than satisfactory product.

  46. In March 2016, I purchased a 3 oz. box of Jell-O island pineapple gelatin dessert. When I opened the box, I noticed that the powder was not smooth. It was caked up and not looking the way the gelatin normally looks. When I smelled it, it had a rancid smell. Of course, I refused to eat it. I had bought it to use for a medical procedure I was going to have in June. So of course I no longer had the receipt to return it to the store. I am thinking this was a bad batch and someone needs to pull the rest of this particular product off the shelve. The number on the box is DB03 23:42 with and expiration date of 22 JUL 2017. Can I be reimbursed for this box of gelatin mix? If you contact me, I can tell you which store I bought it from. Thanks.

  47. I’m absolutely crazy about jell-o (The gelatin variety); having it after many meals and in between snacks.
    I also enjoy your chocolate pudding, though not so much the instant variety it doesn’t taste nearly as rich as the one that has to be cooked up and is well worth the trouble.
    However, as soon as I put the cooked variety in the refrigerator, the liquid begins to seep out and collects at the bottom of the dish or cup. After a day or two, the chocolate is sitting in a pool of chocolaty liquid, looks very unappetizing, and changes the taste considerably.
    Is there any way to reduce or prevent the seepage so the chocolate remains firm.
    Thank you sincerely …………………. Sam

  48. Why are you putting BHA in Jello. I dont want the answer to be that its a preservative because there are other preservatives out there that Dont cause cancer. Like vitamin E. So much for my Christmas Cheesecake

  49. called early today and asked if your products contained pork. The lady answered no, that they “use” too but not now ,but onlne it says you do. Do you???

  50. Please put the blackberry jello back in the stores I see most consumers want to buy it l do.let me know if you can do this I would really like to purchase some thank you

  51. I was disappointed with the Jello lemon merange pie Temptations. I usually eat the 4 pack chocolate or chocolate swirl. I love lemon pudding which I can not find in the Jello brand. So when I saw the lemon merange pie, I was very excited to try it. But it did not have a much of a lemon flavor, and left a very bad after taste.

  52. I WANT BLACKBERRY jello!!!! I’ve had a Blackberry Wine Cake recipe for years that I make with Mogan David blackberry wine. Every body loves it. Need the Blackberry jello.

  53. I have always liked Jello products, however, I hate it that you still have ASPERTAME in your diet jello.

  54. I purchased sugar free pre packaged jello and got home and opened them up and they are liquid. I will never purchase again.

  55. I used to buy your Jello pudding that was fat free, but now my local store no longer carries it. is there some way I can get them to carry it again? Or have you stopped making the fat free kind? I miss it. The sugar free ones don’t taste as good as they did.

  56. I have looked everywhere for, ” Lemon-JELL-O Cook & Serve,” Have you discontinued the Flavor? If not, would you please tell me where I could find it. I live in Riverside, Arlington Heights area.

    Thank you, in advance\

  57. I would like to know if you’re still making, Lemon Jello-Cook & Serve?
    If so, where might I find it in Southern California?

  58. For the first time in a lifetime of use I have been unable to get sugar free chicolate pudding to set. Three cups of powdered non fat milk doesn’t do it. What can be the problem.

  59. We regularly use the jell-o sugar free instant Jell-O but lately have had a problem with the inside package. Sometimes it is not completely sealed. This morning I started to make a one crust jell-o chocolate pudding pie and when I took the package out of the box it spilled all over the counter and floor. What a mess. It was very hard to clean up. I just wanted you to know there is seems to be a problem with the sealing of these packages. Also would appreciate receiving a coupon to replace this one. Thank you.

  60. Why can’t you make your sugar free Jello with Stevia instead of the poison aspertame that you use. Many people would buy it if you used Stevia. Same with diet sodas. We are finding out more and more that its a unhealthy sweeter. Please switch to stevia. Same with
    Any sugar free item, it’s so unhealthy

  61. Why are you putting gum based products in Jello pudding mix? What happened to basic ingredients you used to use? I recently purchased several boxes of sugarfree Jello pudding mix. I made some not knowing that their was gum products in it and experienced gas, bloating and pain. I then looked at the ingredients on the box and Xanthan gum is one of the ingredients. Guar gum, Xanthan gum, locust bean gum and more are being used in many items now and
    It’s hard to find foods including dairy and dairy substitutes that don’t have it.
    Please don’t add these gums to Jello. I cannot buy it any longer.

  62. Please bring back Americana egg custard,I have been on so many web sites looking for it and there are people all over the world looking for it.Please bring it back,you will not be able to keep it on the shelves!!!! Thank you

  63. Hello, I am writing with a problem I had recently with your Sugar Free Fat Free Chocolate Jello Pudding. I bought the large box so my grandchildren could make the pudding for a treat. When we opened the box, the inside liner was slightly torn and a good portion of the pudding mix had fallen out into the cardboard box. And it also fell onto my kitchen floor. I hope you can check to make sure this doesn’t happen again. The number on the box was 15 APR 2019 04 12 DB02 Thanks.

  64. I will quit buying Jell-o pudding. You’ve added Ca than gum and it cause awful flatulents and abdominal pain. Stick to simple ingredients like you use to do. I used to buy a lot of your pudding but not anymore!!

  65. 9/11/2017

    Dear sirs,

    I am a long time consumer of Jello chocolate pudding. Predating the days of Bill Cosby as your spokesman. My family probably consumes 75 to 100 cups a year. It was a good product to gain extra life out of milk that was getting old.
    I recently made 4 cups of chocolate and 2 cups of your tapioca pudding. The tapioca was good the chocolate was inedible. I am a good cook, but I thought I may have done something wrong. I tried again, making six cups, which is the amount I usually make. Again it was terrible, it was gritty and not as rich in chocolate, it tasted as if there were a spoonful of garden soil in each cup. I noted on the package you have changed your recipe. Somebody should compare the old recipe to the new one, if you had you would clearly see that you now make an inferior product ( read new coke, same great taste my ass).
    I guess I will have to either find a different brand or learn to make it from scratch.

    Vincent Craig

  66. Where can I get a lot of Apricot Jello.
    Can’t find it in the stores anymore & I have made an apricot & pineapple salad
    that everyone loves for years, but can’t find the jello now.

  67. I wish you would advertise your Simply Good Jello in the Midwest. It is a great product but none of the people in Kansas City know about it. It doesn’t have the coal tar dyes, it has natural flavors…It is great! Please please advertise here. The grocery store managers don’t even know about the product. I have students who are allergic to coal tar dyes and other junk put in our food. They would love this product. But you can’t get it anywhere because people don’t buy it because they don’t even know it exists!!!!! What’s up with that???

  68. I am wondering why you don’t make pumpkin spice pudding. I use it in several recipes and my family is disappointed that I can no longer make them. There are all kinds of pumpkin flavored products. WHY NOT PUDDING !!!I am very disappointed

  69. I would like to consume your Jell-O products but I have a few questions regarding your Jell-O products before I do. First I would like to know if any or all of your Jell-O products are kosher. Second please let me know if there are any animal ingredients, and if so which animals are they derived from?
    Third where do you source the “gelatin” in your Jell-O?
    Thank you so much

  70. Hello.. I would like to see Jell-o come out with more varieties of pudding cups. For instance.. Oreo. They are convenient for lunch boxes and it’s always the same chocolate or vanilla or mixed! Or s’mores which is chocolate. I vote for Oreo! Please take this into consideration and thank you for your time😃

  71. I recently purchased two Jello pudding mixes. The Dark Chocolate Mounds and the Chocolate Almond Joy. With my first taste, I was amazed that I could taste salt in this pudding. I checked the nutrition information on the box, and it contained 490 mg. of sodium. I am totally at a loss as to why chocolate (or any pudding) would need salt, and especially such a large amount. I will not purchase this again. Two members of my family are on salt restricted diets, and I personally do not use much salt. Given the number of people in the US who must restrict sodium, and the number of people like myself who use only a little salt, I would hope that the Kraft/Jello company would seriously consider omitting the salt in pudding recipes.

  72. Hello: I cannot find Peach flavored Jello in several stores now in Las Vegas, so I decided to write to see if the company still makes it..I need Peach for a punch recipe and will substitute if I have to, but if you DO still make it, can you direct me to a store chain in Las Vegas that carries the Peach Jello? I have had no luck in finding it so am checking to see if it is still being made. Thank you.

  73. Has Kraft discontinued Jello “regular” cherry jello ready to go jello?
    I have only been able to find the unsweetened cherry.
    Thank you.

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