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Contacting Jack Daniels Customer Service Center

Jack Daniels, the whisky with history and attitude, is one of the most famous liquor companies in the world. The story starts in 1866 with the registration of the Jack Daniels distillery. Not much is known about the company’s creator Jack Daniels, but it is known that he loved good whiskey and aimed to make the best barrel of whiskey every time.

Contact Info:

There are only two pieces of contact information listed on the Jack Daniels customer service website – a phone number and email form. The remaining information was pulled from various sources. Jack Daniels is a Brown Forman company so we’ve also listed corporate information where necessary.

Phone Contact Number

According to the Contact Us page, Jack Daniels customer service is ready to take your call and answer any questions you have about Jack Daniels whiskey.

  • Jack Daniels Phone Number: 1-888-551-5225

Mailing Address

When choosing to contact Jack Daniels customer service, you can choose between the Jack Daniels customer support address or the Brown Forman customer support address. Neither is listed on the respective company’s contact us page, but both are found in website’s privacy policy.

Jack Daniels Consumer Support3310 West End AveSte 600Nashville, TN 37203


Brown Forman Consumer Support850 Dixie HighwayLouisville, KY 40210

Official Website

To find out more about Jack Daniels history, visit the official website at http://www.jackdaniels.com. You can also educate yourself on the company behind the whiskey at http://www.brown-forman.com, the website for the parent company Brown Forman. Before entering the Jack Daniels website you will have to enter your birth date to prove you are at least 21 years old.

Social Media

There are quite a few social media pages for Jack Daniels and all can be used for customer service purposes. First, you have to register for Twitter or Facebook, depending on the contact you wish to use.

Customer Service Email

One of the few pieces of contact information we found easy to locate is the Jack Daniels customer service contact form. You can use the form to ask just about any question about the ingredients, aging process or taste of Jack Daniels.

Customer Service: http://www.jackdaniels.com/contact

Our Experience

We like the customer support team at Jack Daniels. When we called, the agent immediately answered the call. We timed the call and the length didn’t exceed 5 minutes. This is perfect for the customers with limited time. The best part of the experience was the agent answered our questions and resolved our concerns with a level of professionalism not seen in this particular industry. The overall experience was great, but was your experience any better? Share your thoughts and concerns below in the comment section.

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10 Comments on “Contact Jack Daniels Customer Service
  1. All I got from the JD web site was rude message about my browser “not meeting standards”. How’s that for marketing – annoy your prospective customers and prevent them viewing your web site. Smart.

  2. Where do I logg a complaint of a bottle JD that I bought and it was the worst ever I had in my years of drinking JD. I bought it about 300km from were I stay on my way home from holiday. I paid R585 for it could have bought ice tea for much cheaper, its as if it was alcohol free. Please advise

  3. Hey what’s with the shit cola in your cans been drinking them for 30 years something about the red corners on them …

  4. Hello, I purchased a gift pack Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey with a flask included. I gave this as a gift and we put some of the Jack in the flask. The problem is that in the morning the flask had a leak and Jack was all over the counter. I understand defects happy but I’m hoping that Jack Daniels stands by their product. I was imbarassed that I gave a defected gift along with wasting Jack. I was wondering what can be done to make this correct.
    Kind regards
    Sandra Parzynski

  5. i bought a bottle of honey jack daniels as i do every friday the top was damaged and couldnt be removed i rang the asda store were i bought it they told me there was nothing i could do as i had left the store i was gutted when i got home it wont ever stop me drinking the best drink on the planet please would you check and make sure it dosent happen to any one else

  6. I am 59 years old and have been drinking JD for most of them. They, JD, offered a $10.00 off coupon on 750 ml bottles. I bought 3 in a week and sent receipts back as requested. All 3 were denied. I would like you, JD, to honor them, the coupons and be more responsive to the needs and promises made to your loyal customers. This is by no means a threat, however, I will switch brands and not buy YOUR product any longer if this is going to be your policy and not honor YOUR promotions. Thanks, Ken Endy

  7. My husband bought a bottle of JD in the beggining of April this year. The bottle tasted off so we bought another bottle at a different place, immediatley we saw that the 1st bottle has a different colour to the second bottle. It does not even tast like wiskey never mind JD. I sent an email on their website on 6th of April and still no reply from them at all. This is shokking cant believe nobody has responded as yet. Wow u would think u would get some response but NO nothing at all.

  8. bought the 4pack jack Daniels & cola as a gift for my family from China when they saw it it was nice but later we saw that the labels were upside down not very much impressed


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