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Contacting Intuit Customer Service Center

Intuit is the software company responsible for Quicken, Quickbooks and TurboTax. They also run websites like and Inuit Health and Financial Services. The company reported revenue of nearly $4 billion in 2011.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Contacting Intuit means contacting the corporate headquarters not the individual products. If you have trouble with one of the products or websites created or maintained by the Intuit company, you should contact that entity before attempting to contact Intuit. If you call the main phone number for Intuit Orders, you will reach the customer service line for all products.

  • Inuit Headquarters US: 1-650-944-6000
  • Intuit Orders: 1-800-446-8848
  • Inuit Canada: 1-877-772-9158

Mailing Address

Below you will find two mailing addresses. The first is the headquarters for Intuit US and the second for Intuit Canada. Customers can choose to contact Intuit about individual products and services or about the company as a whole. For faster customer service, contact Intuit by phone or email before mailing your letter.

Intuit US Corporate Headquarters2632 Marine WayMountain View, CA 94043

Intuit Canada Corporate HeadquartersP.O. Box 4182Edmonton, AB T6E 4T2

Official Website

You can visit the Intuit corporate website at or for the Canadian website. Contact information is located on the About Page. The Contact Page is helpful because it lists links for all products and services offered by the company. The links take the visitor to the support page, not the main page so support is just one click away for Intuit products.

Customer Service Email

You’ll find lots of email addresses on the media contact side of the Intuit website, but those contact emails will not help you with a customer service issue. We believe the best bet for contacting customer service, outside of calling and email (when available) is social media. You can contact Intuit customer service on Twitter by tweeting to @intuitinc. Even if the employee on the other end does not know the answer to your issue they will get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Our Experience

We called the number for Intuit Orders and the automated system gave us options to connect with customer service for each of the Intuit branded products, including TurboTax and Quicken. Once you choose your product the call is transferred to the appropriately-trained representative. Press 3 for products and 1 for TurboTax, 2 for QuickBooks or 3 for Quicken. If you don’t make a choice at this point or if you hit 0 your call will be disconnected.

Our agent was friendly enough and offered lots of information on TurboTax software and pricing. While the automated system is a bit overpowering, the agent made up for the 2:30 we spent sorting through options.

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13 Comments on “Contact Intuit Customer Service
  1. Just purchased the 2013 download- is it possible to obtain the cd. Problem with the software as CRT r is not an action line in order to reconcile an account.

    Need help in solving this problem


  2. I work in the training of members of companies in Sudan and I want to buy a program Quickbooks Enterprise12.0 Please informative how to buy the program and prices needed and all other versions of the program and how to send you the value of the program. Now I want to buy Quickbooks Enterprise12.0 .

    Thank you

  3. I purchased Quicken 2014 after talking to the “sales associate” at walmart, brought it home and found that it wasn’t useable for my purposes. I am a firearms instructor with a new retail outlet and was told I should have a double entry system. I am using the dome manual accounting system. I would like to return per your guarantee “60 days” could you please tell me the address to send it to and the proceedure.

    • This Neil Obus guy got outed by Senior Chief Navy Seal for posing as a Navy Seal. Check out this poser on the Internet.
      What a waste of human.

  4. I have a billing issue and have spent 27+ hours on the phone talking to dummies all over the world about this.

    I get promises of looking into it and calling back but nothing ever happens.

    Then they disconnected the phone numbers for the offices in Fredericksburg, Virginia and Reno, Nevada.

    The customer service cannot be given a low enough score because 0 stars is100 too high.

    Worst company to do business with, very disreputable !

    • I agree whole-heartedly with a 0 out of 100 stars in the customer support area. Impossible to place a simple call for product issues and if you finally work your way through enough channels, you get to try to listen to and interpret someone on the other end. This is not customer service nor support–not for a supposedly American company.

  5. I have tried to get help at least 20 times for your 2014. I does not work. Your customer service people have no idea about your program. I challenged them to do what they tried to have me do to fix the problems. They didn’t know how. They could not use your program. Your help files never answer the question. yOU ARE SO PROUD OF PUTTING MICROSOFT MONEY OUT OF BUSINESS. Their program always worked 0 yours never does. Their support people always got it right ( unlike everything alse about Microsoft) – yours never does. You/ your programs flunk!

  6. Trying to get customer service can’t get past any of the options and none fit my needs. I have 2 credit card charges for something we know nothing about. If INTUIT would help it would be nice. Calling 1-800-4INTUIT does nothing.

  7. I will never use another one of your products and will advise everyone I know to do the same. Your cowardice and the stand you have taken to aid those that would seek to deprive law abiding Americans of their 2nd Amendment rights is disgusting. By canceling the account of Calico Arms under pressure from the Obama administration’s Operation Choke Point you have stood up to be counted with all that threatens liberty inside our great nation.

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