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Contacting Humana Customer Service Center

Humana is an insurance company that offers individual, Medicare and employer insurances plans. Your contact information for Humana should be listed on the back of your insurance card. If you’ve lost the card or you need to contact a different department or division of the company not listed on your card you can find additional contact information here.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Humana phone number list provided online is split into four types of contact – individual, employer, agent and provider. Choose the contact number that best describes you.

  • Employer Group Plan for Members: 1-800-448-6262
  • Claims Medicare: 1-800-457-4708
  • Medicare Premium: 1-800-992-2551
  • Employer (Small Business): 1-800-232-2006
  • Employer (Large Business): 1-800-872-7207
  • Business Insurance Agents: 1-866-427-7478
  • Reset Password for Agents: 1-800-558-4444 (extension 4118)
  • Provider Customer Service: 1-800-448-6262
  • Internet Specialists for Providers: 1-877-845-3480
  • Consumer Medical Claims FAX: 1-888-556-2128
  • Humana Corporate Office: 1-800-486-2620

Mailing Address

The corporate address for the Humana corporation can be used for compliments and complaints, but it should not be used for claims other insurance account contact. We’ve provided the claims and correspondence address for your convenience.

Humana Inc. 500 W. Main St. Louisville, KY 40202


Humana Correspondence Office PO Box 14601 Lexington KY 40512-4601

Official Website

The master or main website for the Humana insurance company is available at There are other websites that link out from this main site. These sites are provided so the consumer can learn detailed information about a specific product or service, such as the Medicare plan available from Humana. Contact information for each individual plan is available on that specialized site.

There are also social media pages available for customers who have general questions about Humana coverage and insurance.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer contact form listed on the Humana website for the general public, but there is a secure email form available to members when they log in to MyHumana.

Our Experience

There are various Humana customer service numbers, so we chose to call the Employer member line for to share our experience. If you are a member you can press 1; if not press 2. When you press 1 you are asked security questions before the call can progress. You must enter your Humana account number or your social security number so the automated system can find your account. If you press 0 a couple times your call will be transferred to an agent. If you press 2 as your first option, you will be given additional options to connect your call with the correct customer service department.

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24 Comments on “Contact Humana Customer Service
  1. I have medical ins through Conexis @ a cost of $492.89 per mo. In Jan. I went to Walgreens to pick up 3 rx for a UTI and was told I had no insurance so I paid for the medications thinking this will be fixed in the next few days. Well that was 1/6/13 Now this is 2/22/13 and it is still not fixed. I called Express Scripts and they told me I have to wait till Monday and call Humana. I am very annoyed about this problem.

  2. Yesterday I spent over three hours talking to 3 different Don’t Give A DAMN customer support persons. I am 73, diabetic, out of insulin. I had enough for a couple more shots yesterday. The company that makes my insulin is setting on ready to mail me a supply since I am now in the so called donut hole and CAN NOT afford to buy any at the present. All I got from the 3 customer service persons was a hard time. I was to give them a fax number and they would fax the paper to show I have no more medications payments available to me. Over and over I explained the emergency of the situation and was each time given back ” we have rules and just don’t care type attitude.” It has now been well over 24 hours and no fax has come. I have no insulin now. I have been with humana for many years but since they DO NOT CARE except for their rules and it takes over 24 hours to just get a badly needed fax, when time to change providers comes around again I WILL BE CHANGING companies.

  3. I am getting calls at all hours of the day & night from a number listed as Humana Inc. on my caller ID. The number is from 502-722-9148. PLEASE MAKE THIS STOP. I have already registed with the DO NOT CALL LIST so I hoped this type of thing would not happen again. Please contact me and I can give you the phone number that’s being called. I will take this matter up with the Better Business Bureau if I do not hear back from you! Thank you in advance, Helen

  4. Why is it so damn hard to navigate through your web sight. I have been trying for hours to look at my account to see what shipping address is listed. I have been charged $44 for a prescription I never received and want to know what the hell is going on. This is the most unfriendly user application it is my misfortune to run across. I worked as a programmer for years and wrote many online applications and would have been fired for writing one like this.

  5. I bought my policy on Dec 7, 2013. My Supplement plan A card came today in the mail. I did not receive policy book with benefit details as TDI states is required along with rates, several other documents. So, I went to and tried to register as member, to my plan details and benefits. It is 01/04/14, on the 6th I have dr. app. My name, id number or medicare number and birthdate only got response “Name and number were unfamiliar as an insured humana policy. Why cant I register? payment was made on Dec 7. Thank you

  6. If my Wife still is being abused and her medication still is being withheld for her,by the phone by mail pharmacy that represents your insurance company,and I don’t have an advocate or menator from Hamana contact me as requested. I will be contacting all nashville news stations., to make it public , and will be taking a legal suit against Humana & Right Source RX for abuse of a senior citizen and withholding Medication that is required for my wife’s health needs.


  8. After numerous calls to Humana I was mis-transferred four times and hung up on two times.

    This is the worst customer service!!!! The agents don’t have a clue on how to transfer a call and keep hanging up on the members. And this is what we pay insurance for…this less then zero service.

  9. There customer service is the worst, all the times I have called I’ve had to wait for over 30 minutes and after waiting I would get transferred to other departments. I cancelled my policy due to frustration with the services and now it’s been over a month and I have not received a refund and they keep telling they will give me a call and fail to do so. I would not recommend.

  10. Hi, I recently purchase Humana Health Ins., but I discover that my Doctors are in the Humana net work. All of my Doctors are at Christ Hosp. They are in a different plan from the Obama Care that I purchase on line.

    I want to keep my same Doctors. Can I change to my plan so I can keep the same Doctors?

  11. Why do your commercials have to be so LOUD? Maybe you should have upper management have a TV on in their office and have to listen to them for a week. That would change things… They would probably do what I do and many people I’ve talked to about LOUD commercials. THE MUTE BUTTON! AND make a mental note to never buy their products…
    I would appreciate some follow up on your reasoning. It gets peoples attention alright. NOT GOOD.

  12. My CPAP machine provided by Apria Healthcare, a provider for Humana, broke 17 days ago. I have made numerous phone calls to Apria and they have promised to ship the part three times, but I have not received it. I wrote to Bruce Brossard President of Humana six (6) days ago and still no one from Humana or Apria has contacted me. The CPAP machine helps prevent strokes and without it I am more liable to have a stroke. Does anyone care?

  13. My wife had a stroke 9-15-14. Medical Professionals were unanimous in agreeing she needs acute rehab. It was denied by A Dr. Alexander medical director in Dallas , Texas for Humana.I am a licensed insurance agent and good friend to the health insurance industry seldom if ever using benefits. I am appalled by this decision and will urge all seniors to beware of Humana

  14. It seems very simple to me. Instead of having this advertising Blitz to get people to sign up. All you have to do is stop with the mail flyers, telephone calls, emails, TV commercials,etc. Just lower your insurance and part D premiums and I guarantee by word of mouth seniors will find out and they would be signing up with you in droves. Quite simple.

  15. worst insurance in the world. nothing but a bunch of liars. will lie to get you enrolled, lie about the plan, agent made 3 appointments for mother so she could cancel and never showed up. no hospital in our network. the list is even longer

  16. I have had Humana for about 6 years and they were great until now. To get my medication refilled now I have to file complaints with the Mississippi Insurance Department. My RX has been the same for 12 years and now Humana has decided it’s to much. It’s to lake to change but next year I will get away from Humana. I see 5 different doctors and I will pass the word about Humana, “STAY AWAY FROM HUMANA”

  17. Horrible customer service. I’m trying to cancel my coverage because I found a better option, and they told me via chat that the only way to cancel my policy is over the phone. I’ve called several times and they keep hanging up on me. I am going to file a complaint with the Mississippi Department of Insurance. There is no way this is an innocent mistake–they’re trying to take money that I didn’t agree to continue paying.

  18. all I want to do is cancel my plan I talk to a guy name Justin on line for a half hour all he said was wait ok wait he acted like it was his first day all I want to do is cancel
    and find the fax to cancel

  19. I signed up for Humana 11/25/14 and today, 1/15/15, I have yet to receive a card or plan information. My policy was to be effective Dec. 1. I have talked to Dahlia, Mindy, Cotrissa in Customer Service, Mike in Sales, Michelle, a Supervisor, Rochelle, Amber, Donna, Keisha, and Audrey. They’ve all been just as polite as they can be, but not one has had an answer for me.
    Since calling hasn’t worked, I tried to email but my sign-in is not accepted. They have worn me out!

  20. OMG…..was on hold for over half an hour and the call gets dropped. So I go online…..your website is down. I do more web searches for phone numbers and get 7 of them…..six declare you are experiencing technical difficulties, the 7th is the corporate office and the message is ” all representatives are in an ‘all-department meeting’. ???? HUH ????? ARE YOU FOR REAL? THE ENTIRE CORPORATION IS IN AN ALL DEPARTMENT MEETING? WHO LET’S YOU GET AWAY WITH LYING AND THIS KIND OF SERVICE? Who? what agency oversees you? I’m calling my state insurance commission and finding out how to log a complaint against you bozos. GREAT WAY TO DO BUSINESS!!!!!! How did EVERYTHING GET SHUT DOWN? WEBSITE, PHONES !!!! YOUR CORPORATE OFFICES???? UNREAL. SHAME ON YOU

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