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Contacting Huggies Customer Service Center

Huggies is a household name for moms a new and old. Diapers, wipes, swim pants and training pants are all available from the company. Huggies is a Kimberly Clark company established in 1968, but the public wasn’t given the opportunity to purchase the diapers until 10 years later after testing was complete. Today Huggies is one of the most popular names in diapers and wipes.

Contact Info:

Huggies can be found in more than 150 countries, which means lots of contact information. We’ve chosen to add US contacts for Huggies customer service and some corporate information, where beneficial.

Phone Contact Number

From 8 AM to 4 PM Monday to Friday (CT) Huggies specialists are available to answer consumer calls about products.

  • Huggies Phone Number: 1-877-648-2484

If you’d rather talk directly with the parent company, agents are available during the same hours as Huggies customer service.

  • Corporate: 1-888-525-8388

Mailing Address

We found the same mailing address on both the Kimberly Clark website and the Huggies website. You can write your letter to Huggies customer service at:

Kimberly Clark CorporationDept INTPO Box 2020Neenah, WI 54957

Official Website

The Huggies website where moms go to find out exciting news about Huggies diapers is located at The corporate site for Kimberly Clark, the parent company behind Huggies, is located at The information on the corporate site is more business in nature, while the Huggies site is geared toward mom and baby. You don’t have to wait until baby is born to visit the Huggies website to take advantage of information and coupons. There is a pregnancy page and coupons are available to everyone.

Social Media

The big two social media sites are Facebook and Twitter. Both work well for customer service purposes, but each offers a different style of interaction. Huggies customer service is available on both pages.

Customer Service Email

Without a doubt, contacting the Huggies customer service department by email is the simplest way to voice your concern, opinion, compliment or question. You can fill out the contact form on the Huggies page, but there is no email address you can use offsite to contact an agent.

Our Experience

When we called the customer support team, we were delighted to have the ability to speak with a live agent in under 90 seconds. Did Huggies have an automated system? Yes, but it offered few options; one being for the customer care department. The agent who answered our call was pleasant and helpful. By the end of the call, we are delighted to report, our questions and concerns were addressed. This is what customer service is all about. Do you have a great customer service story? Please share your thoughts below.

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56 Comments on “Contact Huggies Customer Service
  1. I like huggies, but I just got a box of what I thought was regular huggies diapers it was the “guarantied fit” my son leaked poop though them. Not just one time or two but every time ( he was cutting teeth) I am sick of huggies “guaranteeing” things

  2. Hi Huggins team I write this coz I am dissapointed as far
    As huggies goes,I have been useing huggies with my twins almost from birth and on the 18th of April they turned a 1year. So my problem is that the naPpies are leaking can’t keep them on to long then everything is wet including their cloths. And we can’t just waste nappies twins are ecspensivejust imagen for yourselfs thanx for reading and hope to hear from you soon

    Kind regards
    Angelique van Loggenberg

  3. Hi. I have just purchased a large pack of Huggies Gold Green Bag for my 11 month old son. He wets through within an hour depending on how much he has had to drink. It seems to go right through the nappy, not just leaking out of the sides. Previously when I used your nappies he ended up with silicone type balls stuck to his bottom which seems to have been released from the lining of the nappy.

  4. Ur diper stink I have a 3 month old and he goes right threw them I will not be buying buggies ever again I use to love them when my daughter was born 12 years ago now there not so good

  5. I have been buying Huggies since my one year old was born and the passed like 7 boxes I’ve bought the diaper Velcro straps have been tearing right off when i change my baby’s diaper and I’m no too happy I’ve wasted my money not only have I wasted my money my baby is uncomfortable because when they break at the strap while she’s wearing them so she has a saggy diaper and she cannot wear any other kind of diaper because she gets bloody rashes from them… I will be calling and making a complaint about this issue because I Am not satisfied and neither is my baby

  6. I recently tried for a second time ti signup for rewards. I carefully followed the requirements only to have i kicked out by the system. It sucks. also I too have have experienced the tabs ripping off in my gentle hands. please fix these issues and offer sign ups over the phone as well. Thanks

  7. Just Opened huggies wipes in the hard plastic container, went to use them and there is black mold on the wipes…. Will not be using huggies anymore makes me wonder since ive been using huggies diapers and wipes how much more i havent caught.

  8. Hi there! ive recently switched to huggies gold for boys, i love them, but my last nappies that i bought the sticker breaks off loose on all the nappies on the 1 side thats so dissapointing

  9. The most recent box of huggies snug & dry ive purchased has been making large welps on my daughter. Ive used these before and had no problem with them, but after my experience ive seen other parents also having the same issue.
    Will never again be using huggies. We are highly upset.

  10. I have recently purchased a pack of huggies to my disappointment in the pack of 44 size 5 there was only 2 nappies that had the sticky strips all the rest have none, so I’m now using sticky tape to secure the nappy……

  11. I hate the diapers!! My daughter has had multiple blow outs in them and ruined outfits because of them. I would not recommend them to any of my friends.. Go with pampers!

  12. I recently bought a pack of Huggies for boys, my baby used it for about a week, and it was terrible!!! His bottom was never dry and he got a terrible nappy rash from using this product.

  13. I am so dissapointed last week friday i bought jumbo pack of huggies 2 the blue pack i am half way throw the pack already the tape at the back of the nappy is breaking it does no streach at all i had to buy the yellow ones the small pack i was also dissapointed because they are leacking

  14. My son has worn Pampers ever since he was born . I bought a big box of Huggies at Sams . I loved the price but the product leaks . My sons clothes are always wet. I need a refund so I can buy some Pampers

  15. I bought a big box of Huggies and am not to satisfied with them either they gave my daughter a bad rash and diaper rash and they leak thru as well can’t wear them too long cuz they will start leaking from the sides.. I want my money back.

  16. To whom it may concern
    My husband and I love huggies products
    We have used other wipes & diapers but nothing compares to the price and comfort of huggies.
    Thank you for making a great product that parents like us can love and believe in. Keep it up.

  17. I wanted to tell you how much I love your diapers but last batch I bought of size 6 some diapers were stuck together and it was hard to separate them.

  18. I recently purchased huggies for my first time and never again will I. My daughter has blisters all over her bottom which has never happened before. This is ridiculous. She has burns on her body from these. I will be taking this much farther than just writing a review! Go with pampers because huggies is a horrible company that does not care about the babies but rather the money they will make!

  19. We love huggies brand but the diapers are so expensive. Can we have some coupons or free samples please, we use size 3.

  20. The diapers are a huge disappointment. They leak! This has happened a few times for my 4 month old baby and the clothe get all wet and it can happen while he is sleeping. It really is frustrating and even my clothe got wet. Also had issues for BMs with Huggies. Not satisfied at all!

  21. I have been trying to sign onto the Huggies rewards program and every time I try to log on the the website it won’t load up!! Not sure what the issue is, but I just wanted to get signed up to start earning the rewards points. Please help me! I don’t know what to do! I even went into the Australian Huggies website and was able to upload that page, so what’s wrong with the US site??? I use cloth diapers and was considering using the Huggies wipes to earn the rewards, but if it’s going to be this hard, forget it!

  22. I had a diaper shower and got lots of huggies, but they are horrible !!! My daughter leaks urine all over me and the furniture while she wears them! Even the dollar store brand doesn’t leak, but luvs and pampers are my favorite. I wish I could trade in all these huggies for a brand that isn’t so horrible!

  23. I had my first born in Africa but he used pampers because then I had no choice. But when we moved to the U. S.A I fell in love with huggies. Since then huggies was the ultimate till they all grew up. Hearing peoples’ comment about huggies how fake huggies turn out to be is not good at all. I actually tell my family here and back home that huggies is the best diapers for all their children. I have been buying huggies for the past eleven years and had been sending it to Africa. Please huggies, live up to your name. We love your products do not allow little changes to ruin the trust we have in your products for our babies. Thanks.

  24. I am completely fed up with Huggies !! My son can’t pee or anything without the nappy leaking !! Huggies was on special so I thought I’d give it a go but cleary it was a HUGE mistake !! I can see why it was on special because its useless nappies !! I’ve spoken to many moms and they all have gotten fed up with this problem aswell !! I’m not waisting my time and money on this so called “best nappy brand” again !

  25. I always buy huggies for my boy but i recently noticed that the brand ar not as good as it was its either the strap breaks with one slight pull or my boy is just pissing ryt through,is there anythng u can do bout it coz i jst wasted money and the nappies ar just laying there.

  26. Hi Huggies… I just want to tell you… Your nappies rocks especially nappies for boys since you guys made them I’ve been using them and its the best thank you so much hope to hear from you. Keep up the good nappies…

  27. Hi Huggies… I’ve been using Huggies since my baby was born… And the best is Huggies for boys I love it… Keep up the good nappies. Hope too hear from you guys…

  28. Hi I’m sunil from trinidad I normally buy huggies for my son stage 5 from price smart trinidad limted but for sum reason they stop carrying huggies brand so I brought the same huggies in the same box but sold locally an was very disappointed with the product it was very thin an not as padded as the ones from price smart is there a different way to make your products for different countries or do u have some form of quality control I can send pics to illustrate my point if u wish the ones I brought are really poor quality can u look into this please

  29. Hi huggies,I have a 4 week old baby and used pampers for the first week but had to change to Huggies dry comfort due to my baby having nappy rash from the pampers. I bought a Size 3 jumbo pack of 76 nappies and I’m experiencing leakage and straps breaking on the huggies dry comfort. Its disappointing because I used Huggies on all of my other kids and never had a problem. Please advise what I should do.


  30. hi
    I am amin from iran
    I am manager of aras company
    my company is one of the largest broadcasting companies in the production of cellulosic
    and we worked my baby and molfix diapers brand in iran
    huggies brand in iran is very famous but import in iran as illegal without ministry of health clearance
    and many of dragstore and supermarket and chain store can not put huggies in shalves because is illegal and needs for healthy code
    and take this healthy code is very difficult and in some situation is impossible
    but my father is one of the senior officials of the minidtry of health and take this code is very easy for me and in short time
    please search market of huggies diapers in iran .iran has a good market for last years the rate of selling diapers was about 330,000,000,000 $
    we need exclusive representative of huggies diapers for iran
    I will wait for your kindly reply

  31. Me and my friend have been using huggies from when our children were born and we had no problems but the last about 2 months we bough huggies it was very disappointing. she uses huggies gold nr 5 for her little girl and I use huggies dry comfort nr 5 for my little boy. we have experienced that the nappies is not the same as we always bought. it leakes just after I few houer (3-4 if you are luckey) and the elastics that goes around the legs rips out and then the wee wee coms out there and then everything is wet. we pay a lot of money a month for nappies and we expect good nappies for our money. can you please give me some feed back on the matter. thank you


  33. I recently bought a pack of Huggies the diaper Velcro straps have been tearing right off when i change my baby’s diaper and I’m no too happy! I wasted my money but not only have I wasted my money my baby is uncomfortable. It is clear that the diaper is of a poor standard. I have photos for proof.

  34. My son is 11 months old. We recomend huggies comfort fit to everyone we know. The huggies diapers are the only ones my son can use. I have tried other diapers to try and save a little, but huggies have never failed us. Thank you for making the perfect diaper for my son.

  35. I recently bought a pack of Huggies little movers after 1 day use my daughter has gotten a horrible rash on her bottom very disappointed now i have a pack of diapers i will not use.

  36. I have a preemie and have been using Pampers but decided to try Huggies because for the same price I got 3 more diapers. They are so big on him that I cannot even use them. Very disappointed.

  37. I can not get the points to appear. I have saved like 5 huggies rewards and none of them are working even the points I had previously are gone.i find this extremely unfair considering I buy your diapers for the rewards and what I had was taken and what I’m submitting isn’t adding any points!

  38. I am very dissapointed in your nappies,and as far as I’m conserned wwill not buy it ever again! My husband don’t have a big salary and tto pay that much for nappies just to have the wee to gome out of the nappy liner is disgusting!! Specialy if u are in town and the wee came straight out of the nappy on my cloths straight to the foor that was so embarrising,he doesn’t even go one night waking up tthat morning with a wet bed!! And then its huggies gold for boys!! Don’t know if I got a bad batch or what,but was very dissapointed in huggies,I bought pampers but ny bboy got a rush from the nappy so we moved over to huggies gold just to get a big dissapointment from the nappy.

  39. hello i am writing yu because my god sister has 3 kids…shes 21…her most recent is 8days old…i know she loves to buy huggies, but she simply cannot afford them.. and needs all the help she can get…i am reaching out on her behalf…if you can help out in anyway. I know she will appreciate it greatly..

  40. I bought Huggins newborn diapers and was very disappointed. They leak real bad. The baby’s bed would always be wet, And clothes would be wet. I wouldn’t buy again.

  41. I got some little movers for my grandson a big box and the diapers are like little swimmers I will not buy them again

  42. Warning to parents using Huggies diapers!! I just opened a new pack of diapers and out it on my 12 week old son. When I changed him, I found a long white push pin in his diaper. Luckily it hadn’t penetrated the skin too bad but there is a red mark and it’s swollen from where it had been poking him.

  43. VERY UPSET MAMA AND BABIES….my kids 15 mnths and 5 months have always used huggies welp both kids have “burns” so angery i have contacted a few lawyers they have welps and blisters would love to share the pix on on her unfortunately i can’t

  44. Dear sir
    i would to know about your company i want to import huggies daipers to afghanistan please contact with me

    best regards

  45. Until now i did not receive a sample of huggies pants.. how long should i wait before i receive the item???

  46. Dear huggies I’m very disappointed with your product little movers. Your double protection layer is crap, I notice when I changed my daughter her skin is moist from urine . I just. Purchased a large amount of huggies. It’s time to switch to another brand BEFORE. MY DAUGHTER HAS DIAPER RASH!!!

  47. Hello Huggies, I have been a loyal customer for over ten years, i have bought four packages of huggies diapers at target a yesterday and they were all stained and they smelled reallly bad, i am thinking about finding another brand but the only brand that is good for my daughter is huggies however i am pretty upset that this is the first encounter ive had that four big boxes of diapers are damaged. I am pretty upset, i dont know what you all can do but it is not something i am used to with your brand. Please help me, target will not take it back and i am scared to purchase any huggies diapers from target now. I AM UPSET. What do you suggest and how can you presuade me to stay with huggies brand, can you ensure that there will not be any damaged diapers?? Now the couple diapers that have no stains, dont have a velcro strap on it. Cmon huggies thought you can do better than that.

  48. I have been using Huggies on my son since 2007 which they were great. Now that I have a daughter in 2013 Huggies have went downhill. My daughter leaks through the diapers everytime I put her on one. Including the overnighters they supposed to protect her and she leaks through them. I’m going to move to Pampers because Huggies is not the one for me anymore. They cost so much money but yet you don’t get your money’s worth.

  49. I love your wipes. I have tried other brands but nothing comes close. The other wipes are either too thin, too wet or not moist enough. Huggies wipes are just right. Thanks for such a great product.

  50. I recently purchased a big box of Huggies diapers. I’ve always used Pampers but I wanted to try something new. I’m so disappointed with the Huggies brand. My son leaks through them and I’ve ruined several outfits. I’m requesting to get a FULL refund on these diapers.

  51. i am very displeased with huggies snug & dry brand i bought the box n i thought it was me jus putting the diapers on wrong or my kids messing with the diapers but i realized that it was the diapers i took one of my son and the pee jus fell out right on the floor right out the diaper as of it didnt even absorb any of the urine at all maybe yall should fix this problem for future references.

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