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Contacting H&R Block Customer Service Center

H&R Block is a tax preparation company that provides service year round to individuals and businesses. The tax company works with customers to prepare income tax refunds. Customers can choose to visit an H&R Block physical location or use the official website to prepare tax refunds online. Customer service is available in both cases.

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Contact Info:

There are a few bits of contact information, including the H&R Block phone number listed on the contact page. Phone contact is the quickest way to resolve an issue or file a complaint. Customers can also choose to contact H&R Block customer service by email or standard mail.

Phone Contact Numbers

The H&R Block phone number is listed, but there are no customer service hours. There is also no location for the customer service department, so customers are not given any idea of whether the service center is on eastern, central, mountain or pacific time.

  • H&R Block Customer Service: 1-800-472-5625

Mailing Address

H&R Block lists a customer service mailing address, but this address should not be used for sending tax documents or financial information. You can contact your personal H&R Block representative or your local H&R Block business for more information on where to send tax documents if applicable.

H&R BlockOne H&R Block WayKansas City, MO 64105

Official Website

Visit for information on the company or to start your tax return. You can start tax returns before the end of the tax year, but you cannot file the return until the tax department approves incoming tax returns for the current tax year. You will be notified when you can submit your tax return – typically in January of the following year.

Customer Service Email

There is no email address to contact H&R Block customer service, but there is an email contact form. The form is available at as a pop-up window. Simply click on the Send an Email link located to the right of the mailing address. The email form is auto-filled to send the email to H&R Block Bank, not the tax department. This could be a technical error.

Our Experience

The automated system explained the process of speaking with an agent in detail. Customers should press 0 to speak with an agent. In less than 45 seconds we were speaking with a representative. The conversation surrounded around voicing concerns relating to discrepancies of a tax return. We asked if we contact the IRS or H&R Block. The agent explained customers will need to contact both in order to attempt to resolve the concern.

Did you have a better experience dealing with a customer support agent? Share your thoughts below.

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46 Comments on “Contact HR Block Customer Service
  1. I will not use your company next year because my return cost me $180.00 dollars because I sold 40 shares of some stock. The person who handled my return at the Arlington Heights IL office didn’t know what the cost of the shares were so I had to come back and bring my stock information with me. It took less than a half an hour to complete my return. I was then told it would cost me $200.00 but because I had a $20.00 dollar coupon I received that off of my $200.00 charge. It was not really explained to me why the charge was so much. I will be using a private person next year because they will charge so much less. I will not recommend your company to any one who will ask me.

    Pat Utzke

  2. Just want to say thanks for me not having a thanksgiving you do not mention credit in your brochures’ not fair it’s my money .

  3. i filed my taxes with h@r block around oct 13 and the fed tax i mail in but the okla tax was efiled for a 175.00 refund.i have talked to everyone as why i havent gotten a refund when he said i get a refund within 5 days.the okla tax comm shows a return hasnt been filed with them and yet i keep getting the run around and lies.i have used h@r block for 35 yrs and stoped using them due to bad service.and look whats happen again when i tried give them a second chance. my attorney will be contacting u people as her name is sherri carver, a tax attorney in okla city.

  4. I WILL NOT use H&R Block again. No one speaks English per Emerald card and you do not speak to an actual customer service rep.. It’s a machine. I needed some important info. For 7 days now and still nothing! I’m furious!!!

  5. had my taxs done by sergio in the torrington ct office first time i had them done by a professional i’ll be back again next year he was great and got me more than i would doing them myself

  6. Used your Lynnwood WA location to have our taxes prepared. Peggy did an amazing job. But when I visited the 19723 Hwy 99 N Unit E location to sign the papers on Thursday I had a horrible experience. Doreen Farrar the Office Manager was no where to be found when I arrived at the location. The door was wide open – no one at the front of the office to greet me. This was about 5 pm on Thursday. I waited and finally sat down and waited. I heard a conversation going on between two individuals I did not realize was Doreen and another employee. After about 15 minutes another customer arrived. Still no one came to greet us. After about 20 minutes Doreen had finally finished her personal conversation with another employee and finally came out from one of the cubicles. She was startled to see two of us sitting there. Indicated she didn’t know we were there. I said someone could have walked through that door and robbed you blind and you wouldn’t have even known. To which she sarcastically responded there is nothing in here to steel. I said really don’t you have tax forms in here in fact that’s why I’m here its to sign mine. She was rude beyond belief. Unlocked a cabinet got out my tax forms and I signed them and was on my way. When I saw her name tag and realized she was the office manager I thought it was important for you to know the horrible customer service she provided. I realize it might have been a slow time for them but what about a bell at the front desk so people can at least announce they are there. And to be treated so rudely once I did get service was uncalled for. We have used H&R Block for many many years to have our taxes prepared. I have NEVER received such horrible customer service. Perhaps Doreen needs a reminder about how to treat customers and that it is her job to be at the front desk ready to great people during normal working hours. Thank you

  7. Efiled 2-16-2015. IRS accepted and direct deposited funds with Block on 2-24. I did not receive my direct deposit from Block. Was told they would call when IRS accepted return. Did not call. Then I went to office on 3-2 told be told I MUST have gotten it. When I questioned the 34.95 Bank fee charge for allowing them to take their fees from the refund , the light came on. Of course, I was never told I’d be charged for that service which has failed. Then they check the IRS website to see the money was sent but that was to Block not me. Then they said the direct deposit bounced. I checked with Bank of America I use and they said that was not true or there would be a rejection notice. So back to the office to be told NOW that Block had cut a check on 2-25 but I never got it. Still haven’t on 2-16. Last week on 3-10 they were checking on it. Then on 3-11 at 4:48PM they told me the were informing their manager. Today is 3-17. No follow up, no call and no check. I was a new Block customer and they charged me more than the CPA I have used for ten years.

  8. Made and appointment last Saturday to have my aunt taxes done. Person did not show up didn’t call or cantact me.
    Left all my information with another associate and after a week no reply

  9. Why is Julie Coleman allowed to bring her 34 year old son to the H and R Block on 103 street office for the afternoon everyday? Justin was never consulted on this. This is not the way a business needs to be run.

  10. hello…so I have tried to call…..long hold times…HR Block has no email or online chat… name is Terry Davis….my social ends in 1078….my address is 450 fairdale dr lexington ky 40511….dob 10/4/1960…..I wanted to cancel the “best of both” but online wouldn’t allow that…that taxes are already filed, so that tells me no one reviewed it….I want the $59 or $79 whatever extra was refunded back for this service…for it wasn’t used and I don’t want it…please ensure that the correct amount only is deducted from my return…thank you very much..Terry Ann Davis…859-948-1252

  11. To whom it may concern:
    I had my taxes filed, on Feb 5th,for the first time at Hrblock, by Glen Hancock at your Jefferson city,Mo branch. I was never offered the option to e-file my return, even after I asked him, he told me, it had to be mailed. After making it very clear that I wanted my refund direct deposit, he manage to screw that up! I don’t know how he managed this, I gave him my bank info, showed me to verify, and still messed up. I made several calls to get this fixed, being transferred to different departments, only to get different response each time, that was not correct. After hours of your “So called fixes”, nothing can be done. Now I have to wait on a check in the mail, while I’m out of town. The worst part is your reps have given me, no reason why this happened, and not even some type of refund for this errors. I even managed to bring in a new client, and she had no issues.The only difference was she’s a white female, and I’m not.I don’t know why the preparers you have , can’t file a simple return with direct deposit. Maybe it’s a lack of training or issue of race? From not being informed of my options and failure to execute, a simple task.In closing, I will be sharing my experience,people will wonder why, a African American who proudly served,who never had trouble with the justice system, received this kind of treatment, and still managed to bring in business. I’m very disappointed in your service, which I believed was the best in this field. I guess the color of my skin is more important, then my money.

  12. I’m unable to print my Ohio state tax form with out a water mark that says “form pending state approval do not paper file”. I talked to a service rep and she said that I needed to get my Federal tax accepted before I can print the state. This makes no sense. I have never had this happen before. I paid $9.99 to do the state. I would like a refund for that amount. I know that after reading the reviews on HR Block I will never hear from you.

  13. Absolutely terrible tax preparation. The people have no idea what they are doing. They messed up my federal return and didn’t even file my state but informed me that they did. Now I’m asking for a refund for service I never got and they are giving me the run around telling me I have to wait another week

  14. H&R Block – blocking themselves from prospering in the future with horrendous business practices. Since October, I have been trying to get them to resolve a matter since 2009 that was just brought up last year by the local government taxes. Every time – a delay happens, a couple weeks, to a couple months – with repeated phone calls, and a company that repeatedly shows that they do not care about their customers nor do they care about retaining them.

    I called earlier last week, and they told me that if in a couple of days, if no one calls – to call back. It’s going to the end of the following week now, and what a shocker – no one has called back again on the matter.

    H&R Block used to be, and I say used to be, a good company who would be very efficient with your taxes, and about appointments, and other matters. That apparently has become something that no longer exists.

    Go find another tax accountant, possibly an individual who actually cares about other people, and realizes that their customers are their best business asset, because without them – they have no business. Not the large, corporate greedy ones who think they are too large to fail, and thus, treat their customers like they are replaceable.

  15. I do not believe that you will be seeing me next year .I filed my taxes in the Perkasie Pa. office on 1/30. After paying $ 320.00 I came home and realized that a loan interest and was not on the return .Also that the tax rebate form was not prepared .Excuse me…but isn’t that what I paid $ 320.00 to the professionals to do ? I do not feel comfortable doing them myself and that is why I go to the PROFESSIONALS. Unfortunately the PROFESSIONALS missed $385.00 that I was entitled to .After I called to get an amended return ,I was told to send in the full amount because I might get letters from the IRS….so I have to wait 6 weeks to get MY money back that was your mistake ??? Then told they would give me back $50.00 ,do the amended return. I just came back from that appointment and mailing in the amended return and something told me to check again….the out of pocket medical is off by $231.95. So now what HR Block ? Another amended return ???? This year has cost more headaches than if I tried to do them myself ! You lost my trust !!!! I paid you to cover my back …leave nothing out…want no issues with the IRS….guess that’s not happening !

  16. I lost my &40.00 coupon I received by email. (I printed it out) I was wondering if you could send me another one. Thanks.

  17. Just wanted to let you know that your newest commercial featuring Anthony Davis, claiming that his tax bill would be cut in half this year Does Not relate to your tax bills in our town. Our, meaning my and my husband taxes were DOUBLE this year. I’m sure our paltry sum is of no real concern to a company as vast as H & R Block. But it is a real concern for us. Are the fees going to double again next year? I hope not for the customers you will serve. Sadly H & R Block won’t be serving us anymore. We were charged well over $400.00 for about 40 minutes work. And as we were repeat customers a lot of our info was already entered. Very little had changed from the previous year. As I said we will have to find tax service elsewhere, because this is too much for us to pay. Thank you for your time.

  18. I think you people are the worst company that ever existed. Loosing my money from payroll is a very bad practice for you. I’ve called you folks about eight times with my issue left unresolved. I thought I could trust having my payroll deposited to my emerald Card but that turned out to be a bad mistake. To add insult to injury,I received horrible customer service. I deeply regret any business that I had with h&r block. I think it’s time I took my business elsewhere.

  19. This is the 3rd time I am e mailing you.I need a refund of 10.59 for the state return You did not send it and there was a problem.Please put that money back into my account now.



  22. Paid for online tax filing….could do it it in with pencil in about 20 minutes and have been screwing for an hour on-line JUST TO ENTER IRA BASIS….which it wont let me do and won’t let me do 8606 myself…about a 30 second task….never hrblock again!!!!

  23. Today I spoke with Maralee (not sure of spelling) via phone at your Plymouth, MN H and R Block location. She provided good customer service and went above and beyond to help answer my questions.
    Thanks for being there.
    Colleen Talbert

  24. Have had the worst possible experience with staff at a Maryland Office. I would like to write a letter and would like to know the name of the manager of the H&R Block customer service department. I know H&R Block is a large company with a large number of employees and contract workers. You need to know that everyone I have had contact with has been of no help to me at all. And no one is willing to take ownership of the problem. I have called and filed a complaint with the customer service department. Got an automated reply. The suggestions that this automation reply suggested were worthless. Left a message for someone to call me. Been a week. No response. I feel strongly about my complaints and I want to talk to someone who can effect a change and/or understand the pain is suffered. I know HR Block can do a BETTER job.
    I don’t think management takes complaints seriously or even cares. I truly regret my experience with HR Block and will never use your services again. And even with my sincere and appropriate complaints, I had to pay an outrageous fee. So completely unhappy with how you handle ME and my serious and legitimate complaints. what a waste of time.

    • I agree, nobody at HR Block cares about complaints, I’ll never go there again, can’t get ahold of them ever!!!

  25. I want to thank Amanda Stroud at the Pawhuska, OK office. My husband just recently died and Amanda was so patient and kind to me. I will of course continue to use this local service.

  26. the worst experience ever. don’t do it. they don’t save your original returns, if you made an amendment, and the customer service phone number doesn’t work. I went to an H and R block office, theyre not able to access anything done online. total mess. of an operation. again worst experience ever

  27. Terrible, terrible, terrible. I’ve been waiting weeks for my tax person to finish my taxes, now he won’t call me back, don’t knowwhere he went, still waiting. FRUSTRATING.

  28. You would think that after “importing” my tax documents AND many years in the industry, that H and R’s online tax system would be worthwhile!!!!
    I have entered most information MANUALLY as the antiquated, useless system that H and R has is absurd!!!!

    What a waste of my time!!!!!

    Never again.

    Dave Geddes

  29. Gail Oliver at the Canton Rd. Marietta, GA branch was so helpful and kind to us. Very knowledgeable and we just cant say enough nice things about our experience with Gail!

  30. how do you get off your call list, I have been doing business with you for well over 30 years and every year I get call after call telling me to make an appointment. I have told them at the local office ( Hadley MA. 01035 ) to stop, but they keep calling. HOW DO I GET THEM TO STOP. do I need to go elsewhere to have my taxes done.

  31. Dear H&R Block
    Just want to commend Audrey L Henry,she prepared out Taxes in a friendly Professional Manner. This is our second time with her,and she certainly goes out of her way to get everything we are entitled to.
    We used her services at the Newburgh NY Branch in the Newburgh Mall.
    Lie I mentioned the second year we ware using Her services,
    Thank You
    Stephen and Anna McGeady

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  38. I had the worst possible experience dealing with the staff of H&R at, Avenida Central Pinero ,316 Pinero Ave, Puerto Rico. The staff there work as if they are doing you a favor in filling your taxes.They are very unprofessional and with no sense of pride of what they do. I have to say that this office needs to be shut down, I have been dealing with H&R for over five years and the office that I used to do my taxes was relocated and they forwarded my business to this office. They sent me to a firing squad. I regret this experience with HR Block and will never use or recommend their services again or to anyone at least at this office.

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  44. I just received a notice from Canada revenue that I owe 3700 rather than a refund of 900. They indicated that additional information was needed, and they sent that request to my tax preparer, that would be you. No one contacted me. I phoned the Nannimo office, they said yes, received the notice in may. They then said they left a message on my answering machine. I did not get that message. There was no follow up, email or letter. They were not very helpful in conflict resolution as promised and have left me on my own. Is this acceptable conduct?

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