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Contacting Hoveround Customer Service Center

Hoveround is a mobility company that specializes in motorized wheelchairs for aging seniors. The power chair or power scooter, as the Hoveround is often called, can be used by anyone with mobility problems. The company has more than 20 years experience working with patients who need mobility solutions. Over the years, the company’s product line has grown to include lift equipment for movement between floors of a home.

Contact Info:

Hoveround offers a bit of contact information for everyone and all of the information is listed on the Contact Info page. If you’re having trouble with Medicare coverage for your Hoveround, the company may be able to help gain approval, but ultimately the final decision is with Medicare.

Phone Contact Number

Corporate, questions and sales – the three contact numbers listed for Hoveround customer service. None are listed with hours of operation, but we assume the hours are extended to fulfill the needs of customers across the United States.

  • Hoveround Phone Number: 1-800-771-6565

This is the number listed for corporate and customer service, but we knew there had to be another corporate number local to Sarasota, Florida. We found that number on the Better Business Bureau website.

  • Corporate: 1-941-739-6200
  • Fax: 1-800-337-0424
  • Sales: 1-800-542-7236

If you need assistance with service or support for your Hoveround, contact the service department at:

  • Service: 1-800-96-HOVER

Mailing Address

When you’ve finished writing that letter to Hoveround customer service you’ll need an address to direct that letter to an agent. The best address we could find was the corporate address listed on the Hoveround website.

Hoveround Corporation 6010 Cattleridge Dr Sarasota, FL 34232

Official Website

For information on Hoveround products, service or customer service for your equipment visit the official website at http://www.hoveround.com. You can also find support for Medicare claims and information about how to find out if you are eligible for a Hoveround chair or scooter. If you have another type of insurance, contact the customer service center at 1-800-542-7236 for insurance assistance.

Social Media

We did not find any social media pages listed on the Hoveround website. Social media is aimed at the younger crowd, which means the target audience of seniors is not likely to frequent pages like Facebook and Twitter. We did find tons of pages making fun of Hoveround equipment.

Customer Service Email

You can choose from several Hoveround customer service email addresses.

Our Experience

When you contact Hoveround, you may want to keep a pen and paper handy. The reason being is the automated system is quite lengthy and confusing. In the event you are an existing customer, your call is directed almost immediately. If you are a new customer, this is where things get a bit hairy. You will need to select three for the additional options. This takes you to another set of options. The next set of options provides several choices, but not directed to the general customer service department. We selected 0 to connect with the operator, who promptly connected us to the customer service department. This was a long process and took more than 10 minutes. When you contacted the customer care team, did you have better luck reaching the customer service department? we would love for you to share your thoughts below.

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8 Comments on “Contact Hoveround Customer Service
  1. I am very impressed with ContactCustomerServiceNow.com.
    I access this website before I purchase anything,
    and I shall refer it to my friends.

    Thank you for providing much-needed information.

  2. I AM 87 YEARS OLD AND DISABLED I NEED A POWER CHAIR PLEASE ADVICE ME HOW TO GET ONE AND WHOM TO SEE ARE WHOM TO CONTACT please also giver me the fax number that I may send them my enquiry by fax
    Your favorable and prompt advise is hereby respectfully solicited and for which act of kindness I shall ever remain grateful.

  3. Hello to whom it may concern. I suffer from multiple sclerosis and was trying for two months to get a scooter from Hoveround. I along with my wife Bryony Bouyer we are very upset and disappointed with the company. After claiming how they go above and beyond to help you and may at no cost get you what you need at minimal or no cost to you. Was a total false advertisement. We did all the work getting our info. from my Neurologist and physical therapist and insurance company only to be told I did not meet there qualifications. So now I am left to struggle to get around physically and mentally from this Very debilitating disease!!!!

  4. i just got my new replacement hoveround . it has started makeing a ticking noise i think either n left drive motor or left gear box . it is a start & stop thing . meaning some times it makes this ticking noise & some times it dont . i need hoveround to send a technition out to check it preferiable rick tackett. please . the person i talked to dont know who it was , all he wanted to do was argue with me . telling me that it was the stearing or rear wheels . that is wrong . the noise or ticking that i hear is coming FROM THE LEFT SIDE DRIVE . this is 4 customer service .

  5. I’ve been waiting on a tire to fix flat for 2 weeks. 5 e-mails, 4 phone calls=no tire. Customer service stinks. I wish I’d never chosen Hoveround. My friend who works with family home health kept getting busy signals also. She won’t be recommending Hoveround to her clients either.

  6. Dear Sir,I received a letter today & I have changed my mind about a hoveround powerchair,I really cannot use it as of now. In the future if anything changes, I will contact you.In the letter it said about my doctors appt.But as of now I dont want to involve the doctor.Thank you Dennis White

  7. I have been on hold for an hour now waiting was thinking about buying a new chair but now im thinking about taking my money else where hoveround you have poor customer service not recommending this to anyone.

  8. Att: t kruse
    Your customer service is something to be desired. Thinking about a new chair & probably revert back to prid

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