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Contacting Hotpoint Customer Service Center

Hotpoint is an appliance company in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company prides itself on being the leading home appliance business in the UK so customer service is a big deal. There are more than 1,000 Hotpoint technicians currently serving customers. Technicians are available by appointment and all repairs are covered for 12 months after the repair is complete. Hotpoint even lets customers pay the cost of repairs over 10 months without an interest charges.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Hotpoint customer service is open in the UK from 8 AM to 6:30 PM Monday to Friday, 8:30 PM to 5:30 PM Saturday and 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM Sunday. In Ireland, customer service is available from 8:30 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday and 9 AM to 12:30 PM Saturday.

  • Installation and Repairs UK: 08448-224-224
  • Installation and Repairs Ireland: 0818-313-413
  • Spare Parts: 08448-225-225
  • Warranties: 08448-24-24-24

Mailing Address

The head office for Hotpoint customer service is located in Peterborough. You can mail your letter to:

Indesit Company UKMorley WayPeterborough, PE2 9JB, United Kingdom

Official Website

The Hotpoint customer service department website is available at You can download your appliance manual, register your appliance and get advice on how to clean your appliance to maximize life. If you want to purchase an extended warranty on your Hotpoint appliance, call 08444-810-481.

The official website offers a detailed FAQs section that includes a Solve It Yourself section for customers who want to troubleshoot the problem at home.

Customer Service Email

Customers who prefer to send an email to making a phone call or sending a letter can reach Hotpoint customer service using the contact queriesform. The form requires your name, postal code, valid email address and phone number before you can send your message. For improved customer service some customers find adding the model number in the email is helpful.

We found no indication that Hotpoint appliances or customer service were associated with the GE company in the US. GE offers Hotpoint appliances. We’ll let our readers know when we receive a response from Hotpoint customer service.

Our Experience

We need your help telling others about Hotpoint customer service. The company claims to offer excellent repair and customer service options to customers, including interest free payments for 10 months, but are these claims the same as the experiences you received in real life? Leave a comment below telling everyone about your Hotpoint customer service experience.

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6 Comments on “Contact Hotpoint Customer Service
  1. Thirty one years ago, in 1982 my husband bought a Hotpoint Microwave Model E964-002 Serial number TM920842R. This microwave is still working today, without any problems. We have raised 3 children, who loved cooking their snacks, and popcorn every day in the faithful microwave. We have told everyone we know what a marvelous product you have made, and that QUALITY is hard to find, and we are keeping the Quality alive in our house. My mother, was so impressed she has told all her friends about the microwave that is as old as her granddaughter. We are considering giving this microwave to our granddaughter, and purchasing another microwave. You’de be right if you said we will be only buying a Hotpoint. I have not even started searching as I would not want to be unfaithful to one of the hardest working tools in my kitchen. Thought you all should know about a truly satisfied customer for years and even decades. We have joked that it might live to be 50, but we aren’t sure.
    Adele Horton
    1007 N. Shiawassee
    Owosso, MI 48867

  2. My washing machine, less than twelve months old, faulty, Hotpoint advised purchase of cleansing agent £30.00, made no difference, engineer came out, could not trace fault, advised nil charge,request visit from seior engineer, phoned Hotpoint, informed me there will be a charge, advised me to purchase second warranty or Hotpoint cant help me.Machine was purcased via B&Q, they spent over one hour on phone to Hotpoint, still no joy. Would some one please advise, my mchine is still not working

  3. My partner bought me a washer dryer 3wks ago on a £50 cash back deal and Hotpoint are making it very awkward to claim my money back excuses galore you just can’t get easy responses from customer services

  4. Firstly let me explain this isn’t a complaint, on the contrary it is to tell you how wonderful our Hotpoint Freezer has been. It is now approximately 36 years old and still in very good condition. For the record, it is a Hotpoint Iced Diamond Food Freezer **** rating. We are just about to have our kitchen re-fitted and we are loathe to put it out to pasture but how much longer can it possibly go on for before we start having problems? We have decided that a new one is on the cards, perhaps you can advise if there is one to replace this very dear old friend
    With thanks.

    Carol Wise

  5. About 5 years ago I purchased a Quadrio fridge freezer 15 months later it broke down so I took out extended repair for abou 18 months and it was mended no problem. Last night at 1830 we noticed the interior light was not working so we closed the door planning to look into the problem after eating our dinner, however on closing the door there was a loud bang and the whole thing stopped working. On further inspection we found the cables at the top of the left hand door had frayed so we effected a temporary repair to no avail. Checking on the Internet for details we found that this model was known to have a wiring problem and should have been recalled but wasn’t. I rang hotpoint at 0815 today to be told I would receive a call back within 2 hours, no call came its now 1627 I am on my 6th call so far and no call back. I am now told it will takev24 hours for a call back. I have thrown food away and can’t go shopping for food to last the weekend. Are hotpoint going to pay for this food and for my family to eat out at the weekend?

  6. Greetings- 20 years ago I purchased a Hotpoint dryer that we used daily!!! Even though it still worked I decided we needed to replace it and our new Hotpoint was delivered today. I have never had an appliance that has served me as well as my trusted Hotpoint dryer. Thank you for your quality products.

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