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Hostess is one of the most popular names in snack foods in the US, but the company produces and sells more than just the famous Twinkie. The brand started as Interstate Bakeries Corporation around 1930. By 2003 the company was producing Nature’s Pride, Dolly Madison, Wonder Bread and Hostess brands but the company was also headed for bankruptcy. After the bankruptcy the name was changed to Hostess Brands. By 2012, Hostess again found itself in financial distress after breaking union contracts. As of November 2012, the company was given approval by the US bankruptcy courts to start breaking down and liquidating assets. The company is currently in talks with several big retailers for the purchase of the company’s 33 bakeries, more than 500 distribution centers and more than 500 outlet stores.

Contact Info:

All contact information for Hostess customer service at this time is for media and prospective buyers only. There are no consumer contact details listed on the official website or the informative website published by the Hostess company.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Media Inquiries: 1-212-573-6100 or 1-310-788-2850
  • Corporate: 1-972-532-4500
  • Information Line: 1-855-239-1428

Mailing Address

You can address a letter to Hostess customer service at the corporate office. There is a good chance the letter will not be answered.

Hostess Brands6031 Connection DrIrving, TX 75039

Official Website

You can find some information on the current state of the Hostess company at There is also a dedicated website for the legal proceedings currently underway at Hostess. That website can be found at These sites are likely maintained by a few remaining company employees or legal representatives for the company.

Social Media

There are no social media pages for Hostess Brands or Hostess customer service at this time. If the brand is purchased and production resumed, there could be brand social media pages opened by the new owners. The old page on Facebook has not been taken offline, but there are no current updates.

Customer Service Email

We found customer service email addresses for the brands and assets departments. There are also email addresses for two company employees currently working as company representatives.

Our Experience

There is no customer service team available for Hostess consumers at this time. All phone numbers and contact information pertains to the orderly and legal shutdown of the company, including the liquidation of all assets. If you have customer service issues there are no employees available to take those calls or answer questions. Vendors should visit the website to keep up-to-date on payment and business information. As of January 2013, it was unknown whether or not Hostess customer service would return as the company is still in legal limbo.

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81 Comments on “Contact Hostess Customer Service
  1. The Hostess Twinkies definitely do NOT taste the same after having been FROZEN. Been there, done that. Not a good idea. Just felt compelled to comment. All here at my office concur and feel Hostess should PLEASE re-think that plan.

  2. The hostess twinkies seem to be getting thinner. Sorry to say but i miss the old thick good twinkies. I think you guys need to fix this problem thank you

  3. If you print Twinkies T-Shirts with the slogan “sweetest comeback in the history of ever” – please let me be the first to get one! Love it.

  4. i bought 6 pack of mini powdered donuts and i did not notice till i was in the car were i notice only five donuts in the package it is still closed but not cool not cool hostess not cool

  5. I was soooooo happy to have twinkies back…. I grabbed the last in in the box, thankful i got to it before my children…. Went to bite in and a strong aroma hit my nose before u could take a bote. The smell is strong and very similar to acetone……. Why?????? Thank god i got it before my kids, i just bought the box, i need an answer that is disgusting and disturbing.

    • The same thing happened to me. The first box I got was fine & delicious. The 2nd (and last) box I bought had that weird “aecetone” smell/flavor to it. What gives?! Seems unsafe/toxic. Unfortunately the whole box was like that, not just one. Yuk!

  6. Every time I go to a grocery store there are never any cupcakes or twinkies in stock. No pies etc. You guys need to keep enough in stock for everyone. Esp. Since we have all been waiting to long. Little Debbies never has that problem!!

    • My Walmart keeps the Hostess items separate from all the other snack cakes – they hide them way over in the bakery section Maybe your local store is doing this?

  7. Dear hostess,
    I picked up one of your apple pie treats marked ‘A07172400 198X’ for breakfast this morning on my way to work at the Exxon station on rt. 110 in Westford,MA. I was delighted that they were once again carrying your products.But when i opened the packaging, I was disappointed in what I received.The said pie looked undercooked and soggy.Needless to say it wasn’t what I was expecting.I’ve always valued the quality of your product but this was quite inedible and unfortunately had to throw it away.On the way home I swung back into the same Exxon and warned them about the pies.Their response being that the pie probably thawed after being delivered frozen.Im just writing to inform you on how your products get received by the consumer

  8. I wish this was a positive comment, however it’s not. Since the items have showed back on the shields I have purchased the powder and chocolate donuts. The apple lemon and cherry pies and they have ALL been very disappointing they have all been stale And the pies were all dry and burnt the filling was even dried out. Should have never put the products out on the shelf if this is how you are going to continue to make them this way. I will NEVER purchase another hostess item again

  9. why do these 2 stores here in Helena mt. safeway and vans thriftway do not get but 2 kinds of twinkies?? why?? I asked the store , its like duh I don’t know?

  10. Ever since the Hostess has come back, I haven’t found any Ding-Dongs. Those are my favorite hostess snacks… Is the Hostess company not making those any more? If they are, how come they aren’t in any of my near grocery stores?

  11. My mom really loves chockadiles. And she is upset she can’t get them anymore. Is there any way I could have you bring them back? If so that would make me happy because my mom is happy. Thanks so much!!!

  12. Bought a few apple pies last night and when opened they were full of black mold. Gross. There should never be a reason for this to happen. Tried to contact the company on this but Cant seem to find a phone number that is not disconnected. I will no longer wast my money on your product. I think you need to start all over and attempt to get your products right before sending them to the consumer.

    • Same problem for me today with a box of Twinkies. I was SO grossed out, especially as i did not notice until I bit into one and it tasted disgusting. Maybe they are making their products with a different recipe now, besides also making them smaller. I never in 30 years have gotten a rotten Hostess item until today.

  13. I am 57 yrs old have been eating Hostess brand for years. The one treat i really enjoyed over the years is the cherry fruit filled pie…until today, i opened a cherry pie and there was only 4 cherries inside. The sweetest comeback ever ? I don’t think so when you cannot fill the pie. What ever happened to filling the cherry pie to the brim with all the cherries you could pack into it ? ? It also was very dry, very little cherry sauce inside of it. I gave most of it to my 4 dogs. I did eat the 4 cherries. I may start making my own pies after this. Come On Hostess, get with it !!!

  14. are you and american owned company or are you just like the same al qeda rat bastards that put the company into bankruptcy. in onther wordsm, are you hiring back the original empolyees including union members with the needed increases or will i and my 400 member organization continue to boycot hostess procucts?

  15. I have NEVER seen a molded twinkie until now. Not only did they taste like burnt tires but one was so gross and green I’m not sure that I’ll buy them again. had the same experience with the pies we bought. not cooked right and tasted nasty.

    • I got moldy Twinkies today – 9-12, in a box with an exp of 9-15. GROSS. I did not notice until I bit into one and it tasted disgusting. I am so disappointed….obviously Hostess items are not being made like they were before. I am 50, have 5 kids, and have never gotten a rotten Hostess item until today.

  16. Hello Hostess. When I heard that the snacks I grew up on we’re going to be no more I was bummed. U see, I lived in Gary, IN, a mere hop, skip, and a jump from Chicago. I had a running joke regarding Wonder Bread, and it’s slogan….”Helps build bodies 12 ways” since I was always teased, and asked how I got so tall.

    When twinkies made their return I bought several boxes, and I lost ate an entire box that day. Today I finally bought an apple pie. Yum! I wanted to wait til I got home to have it as dessert, but alas I could not wait, and tore into it. What a disappointment! Was a little annoyed that the pie was much smaller, but got over that. A dollar is only going to get u so much….right? The crust tasted like one one put too much flour in the batch. There used to be a tasty glaze on top, and the apples taste like rubber. Remember now, I lived close to the Hostess factory, so I consider myself an authority. My feelings were hurt to think the new owners thought this was a good idea to change something that was ready great! The only treat left is the Suzy Q. I sincerely hope u get this right. Others may not tell the difference, but man o man I can. Just thought u’d want to know.

  17. I bought a box of hostess cupcakes from my neighborhood walmart & noticed today that the packaging of the last two cupcakes was tampered with. It looks like the wrapping was opened and then burned/melted shut on one end. My kids already ate 6 from the box but didnt pay attention to notice thr condition of the wrappers. The box itself wasnt damaged so maybe this happened in the factory. I hope my kids arent in danger, God only knows why they were opened and melted shut again! Not cool that there is no way to contact the company to report this and get some answers.

  18. First person in history to get a MOLDY Twinkie (I thought they lasted forever.) Purchased a box of Twinkies, expiration date is 9-15-13 (today is 9-12,) bit into one and it tasted terrible. I took a closer look and it had some greenish black mold spots on it, under the wrapper. How gross! Been eating these for 30 years and never got a bad one until now.

    Having trouble finding a current customer service email address for them. I plan on sending them pics of the terrible treat!

  19. pissed! Got a big 10 pk box of twinkies from tram-law.. was so excited only to say… ” no seriosuly, where the f*** is the cream filling” as my girlfriend choked on the dry sponge cake! This new junk is even more junk. First two opened were dry, through the bottom you can see that there was some effort as something with 3 prongs penetrated through the dry spongey poo. But it didnt get filled! Every single one, with the exception of one were false filled. Is there an email I can send to hostess! I want my twinkies!

  20. I must say I am highly disappointed with your glazed apple pie. I have eating those for many years this was my favorite of all the hostess products after my real favorite choco-bliss was sadly taken away back in the early 90’s. The apple pie was WET!!! I picked through the whole lot of them. They were all wet so I waited for a new shipment because I knew hostess was not responsible for this but I was wrong. All the pies are wet every store I went to they had wet pies. I was told that the store receives your product frozen. Please stop that it results in wet soggy, droopy pies. I hope these are pilot pies this cannot be your final product. I hope you all get it together real soon. If not oh well….another one bites the dust.

  21. your website dos not help us see when the next thing is coming out when is the suzyqs going to hit the stores you should call the phone number u have listed they do not now they work for hostess got to love hostess but do not like the web site now I cant post a comment

  22. Finally found some Ding Dongs at out local Fry’s store. I was so happy to get one again after months without. Then…I opened the find that they were much smaller that before…and I took a big bite and there was barely any cream inside and the whole thing tasted different…not yummy at all. I cut open three more and they were all the same. Very Low quality. It says “the sweetest comeback” on the package. What a load of crap. Its only a matter of time before this company sinks with products like this. Sad :(

  23. I purchased hostess cup cakes and I tasted so kind of chemical and now I have to put it in the trash. That makes no kind of sense!!

  24. I bought 2 boxes of Hostess Cupcakes, That night I was almost done eating one of the cupcakes I got a moldy taste in my mouth. There was no mold on my cake, but when I checked the rest of the opened box and the other box and their was mold on most of the chocolate icing. They still had several days till their “before” sell date. On the next business day I called the customer service number on the box and she said she was mailing me out 2 coupons for a free box of cakes and another coupon for the inconvenience, it has been over 2 weeks since I called and no coupons. I have received mailed from other countries in less than a week so why is it so hard to mail it from within our own country. Very disappointed. Hostess is nothing like they were when I was growing up in the 70’s and early 80’s and their products don’t even taste as good.

  25. I’m writing concerning your new chocolate Zingers.My wife has few weaknesses one of which was the old chocolate Zingers.She was delighted to to see them make a comeback,she finds that the new Zingers are horrible compared to the old recipe.The icing is no longer creamy and the cake isn’t devilsfood.Is this recipe here to stay or can She look forward to Zingers eventually tasting like they used to?

  26. The same exact thing as #28 above happened to me. Moldy cupcakes with several days left until expiration. Customer service told me they were sending out two coupons…one for a free box and another for my inconvenience. It has been about six weeks and still nothing. What’s up Hostess?

  27. Hello,

    When will you get the Suzy Q’s back on the shelves and I hope they are fresh when you do. Some of the hostess products are not as fresh as they use to be. Quality is important folks. I know it cost but it will go a long way with customers.

  28. My husband and I purchase alot of Hostess products for his lunch. He loves Ho HO’s but this box had 2 so far that were opened (not sealed on one end) and hard. The cup cakes have a harder icing than before. Sure hope that you get this fixed.

  29. the twinkie is very bad. the cup cakes are bad. the little choc donuts are awful. What did you do the the recipies. they taste awful and I will not buy anymore. which I had because I loved twinkies and suzy q’s. what..oh what did you do???????

  30. I bought 2 of the apple pies from family fare, and they were hard and chewy. I love the fruit pies, but was very angry when I bit into a stale pie. I think it was sitting in the ware house since the last time hostess made them, and just threw them out on the shelf to get rid of them. What the heck is going on? And why haven’t we seen any Susie Q’s yet? You guy really need to fix things at hostess.

  31. I wonder why Hostess feels it’s necessary to keep pits in the cherries when they make the pies. after the stores not having any for 5 weeks, they were finally back in stock and I bought 2. after biting into one and chewing it, I bit into a pit and chipped a molar. needless to say, I had to call my dentist to set up an appointment. but he is backed-up so I can’t get in for 3 months. the appointment will cost $75, but the cost of the dental work will be substantially more than that. I’m not seeking restitution, just an explanation as to why it’s necessary to keep the pits in the cherries. was this a quality control problem? was it over-looked?

  32. I am really disappointed in the new product. What happened? You have to buy two cupcakes to get what you used to. Chinsey!!!!!!
    My friends and us will not be buying any more. You want more money and give less product. The same donuts were to small for the package they were in. Wow what a disappointment again. I will buy Franz product they taste as good or better and they give nice size product.

  33. Just bought some Ding Dongs ate 1 tonight . Have to say they are not the same as before so much smaller in size and taste different needless to say I doubt if I will purchases anymore .

  34. I have to say that I’m so disappointed with all of the products they are dry ,frosting is hard ,I have bought zingers, twinkles ,cupcakes and that are not the hostess brand of old not even close the frosting is hard and nasty , I will say the snowballs are sooo close to being like the old ones BUT they are still dry . So sad I was thrilled beyond Belief when I heard hostess was coming back , :-( but I won’t be buying any more tired of wasting my money ,

  35. I Thought i would be happy with Hostess back ! But the new company is not the same and their dING dongs are smaller and
    are horrible some don’t have creme others have excess !! and some just a mess !!! A SHAME….

  36. There were little red ant looking bugs coming out of my Hostess Ding Dongs Cakes. Got them out a vending maching. The package appeared whole and without leaks. YUCK!!!

  37. They are not even close to tasting the same as the previous ones. I have 44 boxes left that I purchased before the shutdown, and I have done several blind comparisons with my friends and they can easily tell the new ones are not as good.
    There is more cream filling which overpowers the taste of the cake. This may be a good thing since the cake no longer has it’s famous caramelized sugar taste. I believe this is due to using more corn syrup and HFCS to cut costs. According to a friend, who is a baker, you cannot caramelize HCFC without getting a chemical aftertaste, since it is created by adding a GMO enzyme to corn syrup in order to make it sweeter tasting. This enzyme is also thought by some to be the leading cause of diabetes in this country.
    And, NO, I am not willing to part with my remaining old stock. so don’t even bother to ask.

  38. Why did you ruin Hostess Cupcakes frosting by changing the ingredients to something less than real chocolate. They used to be my favorite Hostess product but I’ve since crossed them off the list. Why the change? Why fix something that wasn’t broken?

  39. While biting into one of your cupcakes I noticed a red splotch on it. I don’t know what it was so I threw it away. It was baked into the cupcake, so I know it wasn’t from me.

  40. I bought a Cherry Fruit Pie and I tell you it was the worst piece of rubber that I have bitten into. It was so hard I could hardly bite it off and it did not any taste and there was more crust than anything else. Bad experience!!

  41. Where are the strawberry hostess cupcakes?? You have the chocolate and the orange cupcakes! Please bring back the strawberry ones! They are my favorite!!!

  42. i do not like the bananna filling. i hope this doesn’t last and you go back to the cream filling. if not i won’t be buyig your product any longer , thank you

  43. I just tried the strawberry twinkie. YUK
    the cake was flat and heavy the filling taste too artificial, you can taste the red food coloring. The date on the box is jun 18 2014
    other number B 041921000 1-09 22:25

  44. I recently bought a bag of your powder sugar Donettes. I am wondering what you have either added or deleted from you recipe. They tasted very gummy, not like the donut I remember! Why would you change a good thing?
    They used to be so good. I will not be buying them again.

  45. I was so excited today when I saw my favorite snack, Hostess Ding Dongs on the Walmart shelf. Then highly disappointed when I took my first bite…the new version of Ding Dongs is nothing like the old recipe. The cake is dry, the icing is crumbly, and there is very, very little cream filling. The new Ding Dong is just that…a new snack. It is not a “comeback” of the old beloved snack. Best Regards, Joyce

  46. We are glad that you’re back, but the quality and the pricing is really horrible. Cupcakes not as good as they used to be hardly any cake in them.

  47. Dear Corporate,

    I recently hosted a party, the theme was 1950’s, back when we all remembered the taste of icy cold bottled Coca-Cola and Hostess Cupcakes. It was a fun party, some of the biggest laughs came from opening the undersized little brown droplets passed off today as Hostess cupcakes. I’ll refrain from any graphic descriptions, but it gets worse, what have you done with the recipe? The dull, dry cake resembles nothing of the original Hostess Cupcake?

    It boggles my mind that Hostess in an attempt resurrect the failing company, has lowered its standards by diminishing not only the cupcake into some feeble unrecognizable rendition of the once all-time favorite Cupcake, but the taste is inadequate as well!

    Obviously your marketing departments budgets is a small as the “new” cupcake and their attempt to snow the people into accepting less has gone so very wrong. Good memories will never be forgotten, but poor renditions of a good thing already have. I won’t even begin to tell what our response to the Wonder bread…it’s over guys, let it go.

    Sharon Adams

  48. I have been a very long time customer of Hostess products and love them. The last box of Coffee Cakes that I purchased had three of the eight cakes that were not completely sealed. The cakes were hard and unable to be eaten. The other six were fresh and delicious. Seems to be a quality control issue. Just thought you would like to know so that this can be corrected.


  49. Was so excited about seeing Hostess bring back the fruit pies, I bought a box of 6 mini’s, can’t buy just one and I know why, they are absolutely terrible, the box looked good then when i opened the box the little pie that was maybe 1.5 by 1.5 in size was smushed, lacked flavor, and had no glaze on the pie like the original’s. I guess by reading previous comments they should not have comeback, all the product’s that we have tried with the exception of the “chocodile” (chocolate covered twinkee) have been at the least very disappointing. What happened???

  50. I bought a bag donettes frosted mini donuts from wal mart [bag info b 073021000 211 03:51] Opened the bag had strong chemical smell tasted one donut and it had a bitter taste. What do I need to do , return it to the store or to you?

  51. Being a diabetic, I was just wondering why won’t Hostess come up with recipes with Splenda.You’re probably thinking a diabetic is askiing to add a sugar substitute to a classic recipe this is crazy. Well it really shouldn’t matter if someone diabetic,or not, it’s more important to have the option,rather than risking a sugar coma, just because of the lack of sugar-free products.I know this a long shot,but I thought I take a chance.

    Mark Gravett

  52. I got a box of twinkies in sept 2014 & they had bad chemical taste& couple of the twinkies are now green moldy inside unopened package! I did receive 2 coupons for free product but really? I dont want another tainted treat! All I want is answers to what is wrong with the twinkies?

  53. I brought a box of Hostess Cupcakes from Target,the Frosted Chocolate cake with creamy filling. The 12.7oz(360g) box, best by Nov. 21, 2014. the # on the box is B 0917 24000 260 04:46. The cupcakes were hard and dry, not good at all, I had to through them away, that was money lost. I have all ways bought Hostess but now I won’t buy them anymore. I don’t have money to waste. So disappointed, I got them on Oct., 17th, 2014. Get it togeather.

  54. Used to buy the Donettes. The new version tastes like a chunk of Lard dusted with powdered sugar. Will be buying Little Debbie donuts from now on.

  55. OMG- I love the banana Twinkies!!! I’ve tried most of the flavors and wasn’t a fan. The banana Twinkies remind me of “Banana Flips”. They are the best. The original Twinkie was with banana flavoring. Please continue to make this flavor. Thank You!

  56. On Dec. 31st I purchased a box of Hostess cupcakes. That evening when I opened a cupcake to eat it I noticed it was covered in mold. I checked the expiration date and it expired on Nov. 19th. Need I say I was very disgusted.

  57. ust bought a box of 10 chocolate filled twinkies. Was so excited to have got the last box as the picture on the box look so enjoyable, but once I got into the package and had just 1 bite was very disappointed!! There was barley and filling inside as pictured on the box and now I have 9 more that I really do not care to eat. Very Disappointed!!!

  58. I don’t know what you guys have done to the Hostess brand but the texture and taste are horrible. It isn’t even close to the old Hostess. I don’t eat a lot of Hostess stuff but every time I have since the change I haven’t liked it. You guys have truly blown it.


  60. hi guys writing to you from Ireland.i have a son and his friends addicted to your range especially the famous you have a distributor in the irish republic or indeed do you require one as the products are near impossible to find.
    Kieran weir

  61. I know that it is a competitive world for these types of products, and the hype of making things with less calories, however when some of the ingredients like sugar are removed it makes for a product that has a terribly bittern, with a nasty after taste, and kind of strange texture. I bought some, and thought they were not up the the old standards of the “Hostess” Brand. Will not purchase any additional products from Hostess!

  62. I just have one complaint. Everything has gotten smaller but the price is higher. Your mini muffins are smaller cupcakes, and your price got higher. Too bad Such good snacks

  63. Welcome back !!! But….it’s not a total comeback until you bring back my favorite… Where is the Susie Q ????

  64. I just want to be refunded for my zingers. I ate most of the box but got down to the last 3 the packages were opened and cakes were chopped up. Broken up and split. Coupons or something!!!

  65. Your mini pies are a great idea. Buy them all the time. I just have one thing to say. I feel it would be great if you made more flavors. Say like chocolate and strawberry. Separate of course, or one mixed who knows sky’s the limit. Never had an issue with your product.

    Thanks! Sheri

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