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Contacting Honda Financial Services Customer Service Center

Honda is by far one of the largest and most successful automotive brands on the planet. The company, passed in Japan reaches to an international customer base. The company doesn’t just stop at selling vehicles. Honda Financial Services provides a means for customers to finance newly purchased vehicles and power equipment.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Honda Financial Services provides several methods for customers to contact the customer service department. Customers can either call the customer service line; mail correspondence, visit the official website or email the customer service department. The customer service line is available Monday through Friday 9 am to 5pm. Customers can access account information any time throughout the day.

Customer service phone number:

  • Alabama: 800-532-8127
  • Alaska: 800-205-8235
  • Arizona: 800-445-1358
  • Arkansas: 800-448-9307
  • California: 800-205-8235
  • Colorado: 800-448-9307
  • Connecticut: 800-457-9929
  • Delaware: 800-916-9939
  • District of Columbia: 800-517-9699
  • Florida: 800-543-5636
  • Georgia: 800-543-5636
  • Hawaii: 800-205-8235
  • Idaho: 800-205-8235
  • Illinois: 800-542-6632
  • Indiana: 800-542-6632
  • Iowa: 800-542-6632
  • Kansas: 800-448-9307
  • Kentucky: 800-542-6632
  • Louisiana: 800-448-9307
  • Maine: 800-457-9929
  • Maryland: 800-517-9699
  • Massachusetts: 800-457-9929
  • Michigan: 800-542-6632
  • Minnesota: 800-542-6632
  • Mississippi: 800-543-5636
  • Missouri: 800-448-9307
  • Montana: 800-448-9307
  • Nebraska: 800-448-9307
  • Nevada: 800-445-1358
  • New Hampshire: 800-457-9929
  • New Jersey: 800-916-9939
  • New Mexico: 800-448-9307
  • New York: 800-457-9929
  • North Carolina: 800-517-9699
  • North Dakota: 800-448-9307
  • Ohio: 800-542-6632
  • Oklahoma: 800-448-9307
  • Oregon: 800-205-8235
  • Pennsylvania: 800-205-8235
  • Rhode Island: 800-457-9929
  • South Carolina: 800-517-9699
  • South Dakota: 800-448-9307
  • Tennessee: 800-517-9699
  • Texas: 800-448-9307
  • Utah: 800-445-1358
  • Vermont: 800-457-9929
  • Virginia: 800-517-9699
  • Washington: 800-205-8235
  • West Virginia: 800-517-9699
  • Wisconsin: 800-542-6632
  • Wyoming: 800-448-9307

Mailing Address

Customers can mail questions and concerns to the corporate office. On the official website customers can select the state and send the communication. The American corporate office address is:

American Honda Motor
1919 Torrance Blvd.
Torrance, CA 80501-2746

Official Website

The official Honda Financial Services at provides a multitude of information concerning the available products and services. In order to locate specific services, customer must log into their accounts.

Customer Service Email

Honda Financial Services does not disclose an email address to send communication. Customers with a valid account can email customer service, but this requires customers sign into an account.


Customers with Internet access can contact Honda using the official Twitter page. Send messages to @HondaCustSvc. Responses are returned within the hour.

Our Experience

Calling Honda Financial Services is an arduous task. Customers must first select the language of the call then the customer is asked to access account information using the account number or social security number. If the customer wants general information, simply select 0 twice and the call is transferred to a live customer service representative. The approximate wait time prior to speaking to a representative is 30 seconds. We asked about the available services. The representative was polite and helpful.

Our experience was pleasant. Did you have the same experience when dealing with Honda Financial Services? Tell us your story below.

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15 Comments on “Contact Honda Financial Services Customer Service
  1. IMPORTANT: Please direct this concern to someone with knowledge about website SSL security for the Honda Financial Services site.

    I have no confidence that the login to the access web pages for making online loan payments is protected, and I would like to see that remedied. This is a major design flaw. What is the advantage of having the site protected by SSL security if the unencrypted username and password must be exposed before arriving at the secured pages?

    Specifically, it appears that my username and password are being transmitted through the internet BEFORE reaching the SSL encryption security. Displaying the VeriSign logo does not mean the transmission is encrypted, when the “log in” button directs to an address that begins with “HTTP:/”. In this case, my username and password go to “http:/”.
    This exposes the customers’ username and password, such that anyone with software to intercept the transmission gets a plain text view of that detail, and would then allow unauthorised parties to freely log into the customer account.
    Please require that those responsible for designing and maintaining the web site fix the login page(s). The button that sends login credentials MUST go to an address that begins with “HTTPS:/” to be properly encrypted.
    This needs to be a high-priority assignment.

    Please let me know when I can expect this to be addressed.
    Thanks you.
    — Michael

    • I set up sign in last June ’12 – It won’t work and when i tried to reset it said my password is not available – no kidding – I established it last June. This web site seems to be a big problem for others too – for payments especially. can’t you find someone to create a good web site? All other bills I pay on line have good web sites – check with any bank, or cable company, electric company, etc. WHY CAN’T HONA MAKE A GOOD SITE FOR ACCOUNT INFO AND PAYMENTS ????

  2. I would love to know how to talk to someone alive.This is very unprofessional,I’ve been trying for days to speak with someone about my account and every time I call it tells me you are closed due to unexpected issues and hangs up on me. Very upsetting because now my account is late and has never been late. Please let me know how to get a live person asap please .

  3. Why doesn’t Honda Advertise the RIDGELINE at all. This is the third Ridgeline I have leased, and I am amazed at people across the country that don’t know about this truck, or about the trunk space. What is wrong with Honda and their advertising department, when it comes to the Ridgeline?

    Clyde J. D’Antignac III
    Missouri City, TX

  4. Honda Financial Services supports unscrupulous Honda dealerships in scamming you out of your hard earned money. You cannot speak to anyone of importance by phone; they refuse to tell you who your lenders are or your money factor for a lease. You cannot contact anyone by email either. In a word, buy or lease an American brand.

  5. Does Honda Financial Services actually have a Customer Service Department? I am unable to reach anyone to inquire about a late payment due to the system not allowing me to pay over the phone. System says that all of my forms of payment are unacceptable leaveing absolutely no option at this time to make my monthly payment.

    I then attempted to reach someone on Saturday and today without any success. I then went online to see about paying online and ran across this posting from Michael Koester above which reaffirms my fear of using the site and my compolete discontent for not providing any opotion to actually receive assistance and speak to a live person.

    Against my better judgement I went to create an account and tried to log into the system but I am not able to ecuase it says that my email is already in use. I have not even set up my information or gone to this site but the system still says I already have an account. Now if that is the case then I would like to know how to access information and especially my username and password.

    I am at loss and will have to use snail mail to send in my payment; LATE. Which is now a poor reflection on me and my delinquent payment history, all thanks to an inadequate system and lack of ANY live personal option for assistance.

  6. I called up many many times to the customer service number they listed on the website and never got any chance to speak a live person. Bad service!!!!!
    If there is a rating for 0 , i definately go for 0 star.

  7. I can’t for the life of me find a way to actually speak to or even email a live person at honda financial services! I need to get another copy of my memo title and i’m completely at a loss for what to do.

  8. I have been trying for three days to contact Honda Financial in reference to my 2011 Honda CRV which I turned in to the dealer and leased a 2014 Honda CRV. I have been unable to speak to a person on the phone, there are no options and this is very frustrating. After trying, your system says you have used up your time and Goodby. Sometime you really need to speak to a live human being.

  9. You will never talk to a person, there is no option for it. I will never buy another Honda based of the fact that there customer service in the financial department is lacking beyond belief.

  10. I have been playing around on this website for a hour. I CANNOT find any way to access MY statement to pay my property tax. This website is AWFUL!!! You would think that they would make is easier for a person to send them money!!!

  11. My new lease on a 2014 Honda Pilot has been a horrible, time consuming, unprofessional, deal. Failure of Honda Financial to reimburse me for a $325 overpayment on the leased trade-in, has now reached the 3 week mark with no outcome. 4 customer service reps have been “sorry for the inconvenience” but still no one can tell me when or how I will get my money back.

  12. Bought new Honda Civic – paid total amount by check – received paper work on car saying Honda finance Corp. is the lean hold. Called car dealer and the person who is in charge of getting my titled after paying for the service told us not to pay attention to it and just white it out. Is this the common practice for the Honda does business? I am insisting on Honda to correct this and have a clean title sent to me.

  13. Was trying to obtain a copy of my lease agreement and was told I’m overdue on a payment. Absolute worst most disrespectful phone conversation I have ever had and still do not have a copy of my lease! Honda should be ashamed of itself! I have leased 4 cars from Honda in past and will never again, HELLO TOYOTA!

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