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Contacting Holland America Line Customer Service Center

Holland America Line is a cruise company with 15 ships setting sail more than 500 times a year. Some trips last just the weekend and others last much longer, with extended stays and unique ports of call. Though the name may suggest otherwise, Holland America Line cruises depart from locations other than Holland. Some embarking ports include Fort Lauderdale, Buenos Aires, Valparaiso, Rio de Janeiro and San Diego.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Holland America Line customer service is available from 5 AM to 7 PM (PT) Monday to Friday and 6 AM to 5 PM (PT) Saturday and Sunday to book reservations and take customer service calls.

  • Reservations: 1-877-932-4329
  • Ship Services: 1-800-541-1576
  • Planning Department: 1-800-445-3731
  • Shore Excursions: 1-888-425-9376
  • Mariner Society: 1-800-547-9139
  • Emergency Contact: 1-888-361-8803 or 1-206-281-3535
  • Special Mobility Needs: 1-800-547-8493
  • Guest Relations: 1-206-905-8962

Mailing Address

Address the envelope for your letter to Holland America Line customer service to:

Holland America Line Guest Relations 300 Elliott Ave W Seattle, WA 98119

Official Website

To read up on the cruise specials offered by Holland America Line, you can visit http://www.hollandamerica.com, the official website. Contact information is simple to find as is cruise details. There are prices and reservation booking available on the site.

You can also keep in touch with Holland America Line customer service using those social media sites consumers frequent so much.

Listed on the site are the terms and conditions (contract) for all travelers booking a cruise through Holland America Line. It is crucial to read over the contract BEFORE booking the cruise so you know exactly what you are agreeing to. The contract is available at http://www.hollandamerica.com/legalAndPrivacy/Main.action?tabName=Cruise+Contract&WT.ac=footer_Contract.

Customer Service Email

Contact the Holland America Line customer service desk using the general email address at guestrelations@hollandamerica.com. You can also send your message using the online form at:

Guest Services: http://www.hollandamerica.com/contactUs/Main.action

Our Experience

Although we connected with the customer service team rather quickly, we had serious concerns with the level of detail of the customer service team. We asked the agent for information relating to the cleanliness of the rooms. in particular, when does the company perform a thorough cleaning of the room in order to remove known food allergens. The only information the agent could provide was the daily cleaning schedules, which seemed more like a stock answer.

We feel as if the agent didn’t want to provide any additional information on the subject. Did you feel the same way when you connected with the customer support team? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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12 Comments on “Contact Holland America Line Customer Service
  1. We have a trip on our cruze for décember 18. I had pay, i had completed the listing for the bording pass but after a lot of attemps it’s imposible for printing de Bording pass. We had go to friends for making a new test,,,,,nothing. we had phone on your department 2 times, but we say go to the Library…Common!!!! I have a brad new Pc and my friend to , we have the very brad new Adobe version….Nothing….Give me a adresss at Fort Lauderdale for go to take my bording pass.

  2. On February 16, we took on 2 week Caribean cruise on the Ryndam. For being a Mariner status our room was over the engine and thrusters which were very loud. We would prefer deck 6. Shore excursions were were too pricey. Wine and beverages were very expensive. Unfortunatelty we were not allowed to bring our own bottles on board. Cannot believe why wine was so expensive, consequently we ordered one glass at dinner time. Why or why was it so costly.
    On the positive side, the crew and help were exceptional.

  3. I Sailed aboard the Amestredam with my family of four on July 20-27 of 2014 to Alaska. I do have a couple of very important comments. First you really need to TRAIN your people on the phone and familiarize them with the rules of the ship as well as the contents of the CABIN. Because i was misinformed on two accounts, i was charged a lot of money and my kids were grossly inconvenienced. The “well-informed” reservationist assured me that club Hal don’t accept kids where in ports, which forced me to take my children with us on different shore excursions which did cost us a lot of money plus some off shore excursions were really boring to my kids like Victoria , BC. Something I really was longing to see and because my kids all the time were complaining I really couldn’t enjoy at all. also the offshore excursion at Kechikan etc.. and after all that guess what? club Hal is OPEN for kids during any stay at any port. The second thing the same person assured me that there is there is no DVD players in the cabins. Well actually there are DVD players and i was given the right information we would have brought many movies which would have made our trip more enjoyable especially for our kids. We paid a lot for this trip plus the Airlines and offshore excursions! and we could have enjoyed ourseleves more and more but based on the info of an “ignorant” agent we did not. Therefore I am requesting that we would be offered another cruise with the same accommodation level we had. Since we really suffered and didnt enjoy our cruise at all. also i would like the address for customer service since i would like to write a formal letter. thank you
    Moataz Maasrani

  4. I forgot to mention that we sailed from Seattle. We cruised before with Disney, Princess, Royal Caribean and were never “insulted” like that. Please refer to my first email.
    Thank you,
    Moataz Maasrani

  5. We received a request to complete a survey following our most recent cruise. We were unable to complete the survey and would like another forwarded to us.

  6. We recently sailed from San Diego to Mexico on the Westerdam and received a survey by email to complete but were unable to do it by the date required. We would like to give special recognition to a few of your employees:

    Joel Reyes Ortiz Wine Attendant
    Dian Dining Steward
    Nino Assistant Waiter
    Amit and Sherwin Gift Shop

    We received excellent customer service from these employees !! We felt they went above and beyond their duties to make our experience a very pleasant one.

  7. Oosterdam, Sydney to Fiji, Dec. 5 – 19. A very tired ship, not enough light in room for reading, poor food quality and selection, lack of variety of theatre entertainment, constant loud music at the pool. Details being sent directly to HAL.

  8. the box here is too small to recite my complete litany of complaints so just a few. i have been overcharged on my account by$1000 compared to the invoice i received upon disembarkation, which appeared correct. my flights were also thru h-a and due weather were cancelled both ways. no notice given, no assistance re alternates and spent seven hours in line at ft. lauderdale airport without any food or drink. still no help. have contacted travel agent but closed on saturday without any emergency number. no warning of cancellation when left the boat even though known to staff, just dumped at airport so the next group of fools could get on! never again with Holland alan tucker

  9. My wife and I along with several friends where on the Panama Canal cruise that left Florida on March 6th. We do not believe the excursions we did where worth the expense, except for the canal experience to the Pacific side and the submarine viewing in Aruba. The Kukoo Kunuku dinner and nightlife experience was a complete flop. The food was bad and two of the three ‘local’ bars they took us too, well we where there only customers, so the local thing was out. The driver drove like a maniac, the roads are not what you would call smooth. We did the highlights of Curacao and folkloric show which was a waste of time and money. At the museum our female guide would start talking about the object before most of us where with the group. Learned nothing from this experience. As far as on board ship the crew where hospitable particularly our cabin steward and our supper table waiter. The buffet was boring as the same things where severed every day. It is very doubtful that we will every take a cruise on Holland America again; and we will be informing our family and friends about these experiences. Also, we never did receive the email we where suppose to concerning the evaluation of the cruise, so that’s why I am sending our comments from here.

  10. I travelled on the Nieuw Amsterdam 8th March -22nd March 2015. I was twice asked for and gave my e-mail address, so a survey form could be sent to me. As I have not received a survey form yet, please would you send me one.
    Thank you
    Mary Hobson

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