Contact Higher One Customer Service

Contact Higher One Customer Service

Contacting Higher One Customer Service Center

Higher One is a payment and refund processor for colleges and universities. According to the company description, Higher One helps make billing, payments and refunds that pass through the college business and financial aid departments seamless and simple so students get the money they deserve and have access to simpler payment processes for tuition, fees and other college bills.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Finding a phone number for Higher One customer service is a little difficult. We know customers have to call One Support, but the phone number for One Support is not listed on the Higher One customer service page. According to the One Support page, colleges and universities are given the One Support phone number after a contract is established.

  • Sales: 1-866-444-4379

Mailing Address

There are three addresses listed for Higher One corporate offices. You can choose to write to one, two or all three addresses, as desired. If you are a customer of Higher One you may have a different contact address than the ones listed on the official website.

Higher One115 Munson St. New Haven, CT 06511


Higher One 80 Swan WayOakland, CA 94621


Higher OneThe Medical Building3284 Northside PkwySte. 400Atlanta, GA 30327

Official Website

You can find information about Higher One customer service, products and services on the official website at http://www.higherone.com.

Customer Service Email

The only contact email form we found on the Higher One website was a sales contact page located at http://www.higherone.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=52&Itemid=111. Students and colleges have access to a dedicated customer support website, forms and phone numbers that non-members do not have access to. You may be able to access customer service on the HigherOneCard.com website at http://www.higheronecard.com/landing/start.jsp if you are a current card holder.

Our Experience

The Higher One sales phone number is listed with an extension number, so we tried to access customer service via this number. We were given the option to press 5 for Higher One customer service. After pressing 5 we were warned that we would need our Higher One card number to reach customer service. We listened through a list of options and chose 5 again for non-card holders. After a long message the call was finally placed on hold at the three minute mark. A message then played to warn us that call wait times were in excess of four minutes, making the total call time a minimum of seven minutes before a customer can even speak to a representative.

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3 Comments on “Contact Higher One Customer Service
  1. I keep getting a recorded message from Higher One telling me to log on to my account, but I never knew I had an account. Can you please verify if I have an account with you or not and if I do, what is the account about?
    Gene Gobble
    Ft. Collins, Colorado

  2. I have been trying to establish a password for my account it seems this is a game to these operators especially when they lock me out after my new password is not excepted or even the one they issue for 60 seconds not sixty minutes is not excepted too. they have many address and the background noises makes me wonder if they are nothing but thieves

  3. I am due a refund- and do not have access to my card, ( I never used the card)- I went online to try to find my information but I guess I never registered this card. I attended the College of Central Florida in 2013-and 2014..
    Please direct me to the proper contact so that I can resolve this issue.

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