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Contacting HBO Customer Service Center

HBO or Home Box Office is a premium television channel available in some areas. The channel can be accessed with cable, satellite TV and online. HBO, like many other huge companies that provide customer entertainment, leans toward email communication, but they do list a customer service phone number.

Contact Info:

Depending on the type of customer service you need, you may not have to contact HBO at all. If your issue deals with the HBO channel as provided by your television company you’ll need to contact the cable or satellite provider responsible for pushing the channel to your television. HBO is not responsible for poor signal and other technical problems.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • HBO Customer Service: 1-212-512-1208
  • HBO Corporate: 1-212-512-1000

Mailing Address

The only mailing address available for HBO customer service is the corporate address. We were unable to find this address on the HBO website or the HBO corporate site, but we managed to track it down for your customer service needs.

HBO Corporate1100 Avenue of the AmericasRoom H13-16New York, NY 10036

Official Website

There are two websites for the HBO company. The first is the consumer-driven website with information on shows and programming located at The other appears to be the corporate website, which is located at This site offers company information, but the Contact Us page just leads back to There is also a Facebook and Twitter page for customers to contact an agent.

Customer Service Email

The predominant means of contacting HBO customer service is clearly the contact form located on the contact us page at This form gives customers the option of sending a brief message to the customer service team. No personal or financial information should be sent to HBO. Common customer questions are answered in the FAQs section, so you may want to check there first before sending your email.

Our Experience

To our delight, we didn’t have to wait long in order to speak with an HBO customer service representative. In less than 30 seconds, the consumer affairs agent answered the call. We got straight to the point. We asked for information relating to the hours of the customer support department, considering the company broadcast 24/7. The agent explained the HBO phone number is manned from 9 AM to 5 PM eastern time, Monday to Friday. No calls are taken on the weekend.

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178 Comments on “Contact HBO Customer Service
  1. I am feelng a bit ripped off here. Been tryin to get help but cannot find anyone to help me…here is my problem I have HBO GO application on my tablet downloaded and ready to go but evertime I try to watch a movie an “Error” message comes across the screen (therefore NOT letting me view any movies at all) can you help me with this problem by explaining to me what I need to do? Exact error message is the following: ” Error: A rollback to the system clock has been detected. Please correct the date and time in order to continue playing the content.” My “tablet” is an IdeaPad Tablet K1 with an Android 3.1 operating system if that helps at all. Thnx

    • I had the same problem eith rollback time. My watchlist has also been erased. I thought that with hbogo I could see a movie whenever I wanted.

    • I have the same problem on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. I am a Comcast subscriber and its Xfinity logo shows up in the upper right corner of the screen, so I am activated.

      Why haven’t you fixed this problem? People have been reporting it for several years.

  2. I tried to watch an episode of the Sopranos today on HBO GO and was informed that the episode was not available, thanks for nothing; as a paying customer I expect some compensation from the company directly since this is an HBO problem and not a Time Warner problem.

  3. What is wrong with HBO Go? I’ve watched it religiously since the start and now its doesn’t seem to work. I am a PAYING customer and the services are not meeting the expectation of the site. Why is this?

    • Rachid Homstedt-

      Maybe you are not meeting the expectation of the site, perhaps try paying more and most importantly find a new religion.

  4. Unable to retrieve HBO GO 4pm-10:30pm PST. Provider Verizon CA. Select Program on HBO-GO starts to retrieve 10-15 minutes later it may start to play will play for maybe a minute or two then states re-loading again 10-15 minutes may play for 5-10 minutes when again starts to re-load this continue over and over until I give up and watch something on Netflix.
    I have been a customer subscribing to HBO through local providers in Thousand Oaks Ca. for over 15 years. I would like to get programing I pay for and you are paid to provide.
    You should give west coast view some free time to make up for service we are not getting.
    Ken Koch

  5. i have subscribed hbo through tWC on staten island, i have smart tv and has hbogo apps, but it is not allowing me to activate inspite of calling twc , no one seems to know why i am not able to activate the device, all the time spend to get technical help was wasted, please have your tech support find a way to fix this issue

  6. We bought HBO to see the Game of Thrones series and when we were able to watch about 6 episodes of season 1 and then we were anticipating watching the next evening and season one had disappeared and wasn’t available! That series is why we signed up for HBO and now you’ve removed a whole season that we haven’t seen. We’re trying to catch up to current episodes. That makes NO sense to not have all seasons of a series available. What are we paying for? You keep randomly removing shows!! How can we watch season one?! Very frustrating!

  7. I am having a similar problem, it was working, and now is no longer. I am getting an error message 1007. It is impossible to even speak to anyone about fixing this issue. You can not speak to any technical support people. I have been over a week trying to get the movies to work, and no go. Maybe they should re-pay me 1/4 of the month’s fee….could be more as the problem is still not fixed. It is amazing to read this blog and see how many people are having problems as well.

    • Frances-

      I like the part of your post that says “no go”, because we are speaking about “HBO GO”. haha. Get it?

  8. I have been trying for several days to contact anyone with HBOGO to help with the problem of constant buffering and NO NO NO NO movie coming up or help from this company. I would not recommend this product to my worse enemy. fix the PROBLEM.

  9. Hi! I am reading Game of Thrones, and really want to watch the show. However, I don’t want to see the practically pornographic images that I’ve heard make up a large portion of the show. Are you going to have any censored versions?

  10. HBO go completely ruined tonight’s episode of game of thrones for me. I’m canceling as soon as the season is done. Your service stinks.

  11. I went to set up hbo go on my roku player. But my service provider (Direct Tv) is not supported are you kidding me. Direct tv is a nation wide dish company. I will be canceling my hbo service if Hbo Roku and Direct tv don’t get on the same page really soon.

    • I feel your pain, I have Dish and even though I’m subscribed to Showtime Dish doesn’t support Showtime On Demand or Showtime Anytime. Luckily for me they do support HBO GO.You might wanna check with Direct on that. My roomate always had trouble with HBO GO and On Demand with them. As for the Roku device, it supports HBO GO, I double checked. If you go to and hit “Sign up” it has the list of providers that support it and Direct TV is one of them, so it’s not like HBO isn’t giving them the opportunity to and it sounds like DTV offers it. I’m really not sure where it’s going wrong. I’d check and make sure DTV supports Roku because that’s the only one I’m not sure of. I’m sorry to hear of the trouble your having, I’d go into withdrawls without Game of Thrones.

      • DTV does not support the Roku for HBO Go. It is a DTV decision not Roku’s or HBO’s. DTV does allow AppleTV, Xbox and Samsung Smart TVs.

  12. I really hope that you all don’t fire the dwarf in game of thrones. He has done a spectacular job! Please, renew his contract for season 4. The show wouldn’t be the same without his character.
    You do not fix things that are not broken. He deserves the money pay him!

  13. To whom this may concern-

    I have had problems with sound cracking and noise on HBO Hd movie channels and Cinemax . I have had the problems both with vios and cox communications. The cracking sounds only happen on loud action scenes like gun fire or explosions . I have read a few forums on this matter and it appears I’m not the only one dealing with this issue. Please let me know if something is being done to resolve this issue?

  14. The only reason I subscribe to HBO is Game of Thrones. Only a douche bag would pre-empt it with a fag show about a no talent Liberace. Admit you made a mistake ,lick your wounds instead of trying to get get Game of Thrones viewers to stay tuned . Fuck You

  15. When I sign into HBO (No) GO, it pops up a window from Verizon that says:

    Single Sign-On Error

    To watch videos, you will need to subscribe to FiOS TV with HBO.

    Funny, the kids were watching HBO HD at the same time, so I called Verizon. After 35 minutes of them debugging, they claim HBO isn’t authenticating my account correctly and to call HBO.

    HBO, can you PLEASE separate your on-line “service” (or lack thereof) from my cable???

    I’ll call HBO from the office today and hopefully someone there can figure it out.

  16. im wondering why all these people are placing comments about how shitty hbo is… this website is not intended for that… why dont ya’ll call hbo…

  17. Tried to watch HBO GO on my Samsung Smart TV but had no luck in obtaining support from Samsung who blamed the situation on the HBO GO app. Tried to reach out to HBO-GO for support but had no success in finding anyone who I could complain about the lack of service. Ironically HBO-GO works on the I-Phone and PC but not on Samsung’s Smart TV. Trying to get support from HBO-GO is nearly impossible.

    • Dear Astronomer-

      Get your head out of the the stars and read the instructions, then you would be able to work the HBO GO app. If the Andromenda Galaxy was common sense, then you would be the Milky Way because your not gonna recognize common sense until it slaps you in the face. HBO GO FOR LIFE!!!

  18. I wish I could go home before 5pm pacific. bad support!Having the same problem with apple airplay. Used to work! No place in APP to see where to get support! Once again bad customer service. Hope everyone get the idea.

  19. I suppose hbo will destroy there company by showing stupid liberal programs like Newsroom. One cannot live on liberals alone . I will never subscribe.

    • Gene-

      Where will HBO be doing this destroying? Is there a certain place that HBO people gather and literally destroy THEIR COMPANY? Because I think you mixed up “There” for “THEIR”. To further clarify, I will use it in a sentence. “A University, there is where Gene should go to learn english”.

      HBO FOR LIFE!!!!

  20. Trying to finish watching the Deadwood Series on HBO GO
    but NO GO!! It starts and then searches “optimizing video quality”
    FIX THIS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Thanks for ruining Season 3 of the Game of Thrones for me. I’m 70 and can’t afford to add to my TV package. I buy the series as it comes out and then watch, but you advertise on regular TV about Season 4 starting and show some clips. I haven’t seen Season 3, but I now know that King Slayer looses his right hand. Thanks for nothing.

    Question, when will Season 3 be available to purchase?

  22. I have been a customer of HBO since the Sopranos started, and enjoy having access to HBO series through HBOGO. I have trouble hearing and would like to use closed captioing. Why isn’t this available on HBOGO?

  23. Been trying to watch The Wire for days now, keep getting error messages saying that the “video is not available at this time. Ay idea when it will be fixed?

  24. If Bill Maher had a show on any network other than HBO his pathetic talent would be unemployed. I may be a small demographic in New Hampshire in the states, but most friends of mine who have HBO can’t stomach the Bill Maher show. He is toxic for the American way. I do not prescribe to The “angel ” network Espn/ABC/Disney their us of pc is too extreme. Unfortunately, Bill Maher has no right spewing his liberal views about a country and citizens who’s economy and idealism are being threatened. By Mr.Maher’s attempt to clense America with his plagiaristic comedy only breaches a line of contempt for his viewers as well as irradicate disdain from folks who have had enough of this whining. As a country we need to move past our trouble and go forward to eventually prosper from a better economy and lifestyle. Mr. Maher has not only shown he is ignorant of his fellow man but arrogant towards America only proving his antiquated propaganda has no place on a large network such as HBO or our living rooms.

    • Only a fool lives by what they see on television. You sir, and any other like you, should turn back to dust so that Monsanto can put you into fertilizer to feed the biologically altered corn they feed the poor.

      Now if you would like to explain how HBO is a network that can reach young minds, I would point out that this network is pay to view and not broadcast over the air. Meaning that the choice is yours and or the parents to prevent the viewing of such propaganda.

      If you read/view something and just live by it, you have larger issues and need to consider a convent. Perhaps you are 3 and mommy left the laptop on.

      Also just moving on without solving troubled areas means you will still have troubles… you are just ignoring them. I do not agree with everything Maher has to say. I do not agree with anyone 100%. That is the reason we have this crazy freedom of speech thing. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LISTEN!!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I myself think that for the most part Maher is a breath of fresh air. He’s a comedian but also an activist, not only for the poor but for many other things.How about democracy for America and bringing back the middle class. You don’t see the good things about him only what your small closed mind lets in. People like you is what makes our world suck.

    • Watch …Rome, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, The Leftovers, Vikings, Borgia’s, The White Queen. Enjoy yourself. Avoid politics for a while.

  25. i am grateful to hbo for bringing us the amazing, disturbing and very important two part document on “fracking.”

    this is truly a crisis that is being kept from the public with outright lies ad distortions. it is our future and the future of our children and grandchildren that is at stake!

    josh fox….thank you for your insights, your courage and your persistence.

  26. I want to thank you for showing the Sopranos again. I’m enjoying every minute of this show all over again. I do hope, however, that you are showing them in the proper sequence. I think I’m in the middle but that’s my regret.

  27. My service provider is directv. I tried to watch an episode of True Blood and they say it can not stream at this time try later then I downloaded the go app for android and it will only let me watch the latest episode. So I signed in to hbo go on my laptop and episode 3 will play but with no sound. Yes, I put all volume controls up.

  28. Why does hbo only have the anti fracking documentary Gasland?
    And not a neutral documentary about fracking like Fracknation?

    I’m concerned about knowing the truth about fracking. Not opinions.

  29. I do not know who does your viewing schedule but I must
    say it horrible there is never anything on it’s the same
    crappy shows and alot of kid shows….I pay alot of money
    each month for this service and can never find anything
    to watch….I’m really think I will be cancelling.

  30. Programing realy sucks, old movies al the time, nothing new. You try light night soft porn, but really! Hard core is on the Internet. I would noty have you if it was not free for 3 months. Asta la Vista in 3 months.

  31. To have such great programming, it has lousy customer service. The first voice is, “Do you want to leave a msg?” Why would someone be calling to leave a message? Then it goes into a loop and gives the same recording over and over.

  32. Has anyone else had a problem with the audio on HBO GO? This started about two months ago, and has not been rectified. I can’t watch anything on HBO GO, nor on MAX GO, because of the sound quality…it always sounds like it is stuttering…breaking up, no matter what you are attempting to watch. It is not my PC to blame, as anything else I watch has perfect sound quality. I contacted Charter, and they said it was HBO’s fault, and that they could do nothing about it…THIS REALLY SUCKS-BIG TIME!!!!!

  33. I communicate with you on this occasion to request that its name be removed from the game Daenerys game of thrones is causing me problems, I had no knowledge of these games. My name is Daneris and Daenerys is same. I don’t like.

  34. hbo india is not showing good movies now a days.for instance movies of richard gere,julia roberts,jlo etc.we love your channel and looking forward tp see good legendary movies….thanks

  35. For a so called Premium channel you sure dont have Premium programs. Too much repeat showing of old shows and very little new shows airing. What is the deal with your networking. I would be ashamed to say I was responsible or even worked for such a so called Premium network

  36. you have been showing the same movies all summer, just changing the station. what happened to a NEW MOVIE every saturday night? we are dropping you!

  37. HBO GO on my AppleTV will not activate. It says my Verizon FIOS account is not subscribed to HBO, but it is. Verizon says they can’t help. HBO GO on my iPad works fine.

  38. HBO is a joke! Friday night is prime time movie night and all they have on is Bill Maher talk television. What a failure. What happened to the HBO entertainment value they had back in the day?

  39. Wow! Guess we are lucky that we haven’t experienced any playback problems when watching HBO GO, but oh, that’s right…we can’t even watch HBO bc someone got a hold of my account info. Seriously pissed off that HBO and DirecTV have been contacted multiple times about our account being accessed illegally, and no one can help. I have not watched anything on HBO GO for a month, while some completely worthless asshole is using my account info to entertain themselves. Multiple email and password resets, and even having my online account locked have not helped. Don’t even other calling HBO’s customer service,because they’ll just redirect you back to the website. I emailed HBO’s tech department on deactivating my account, and I got a really quick response that they needed some more info. I responded right away, and provided all the required info…and then nothing. Ready to just cancel my service, because that’s the only way this could possibly get resolved after all the other attempts we’ve made.

  40. Hbo go, while a good idea is so poorly executed that it often does not work. Case in point – tonight it is down again. Usually it just forces me to re activate or sign in again, but tonight it is just down, down, down on the only night I will use it this month. So, the best thing I need to do is look for an alternative in one of the other premium channels if hbo has such a hard time providing your programming.

    Disappointing, at best. You guys have been around long enough to be able to provide better service than this. And, no phone support on Sunday night? Wow. As I said, disappointing!

  41. Family Tree is fantastic! It is original, hysterical, clever and smart. Don’t cancel it. Give folks time to discover it. Advertise it. the monkey is a star! I have told friends to watch it and they all love it but had never heard of it before. Chris O’Dowd is so great as are all the other cast members. Take a chance silly people and go for another season!!!!

  42. HBO feature of bill M is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen!
    I will be canceling my subscribtion and will encouge every one of my contacts to duethesame!
    He is a piece of shit!

  43. Deactivate devices (iPhone and iPad) in an attempt to fix some bugs. Now HBO GO updates to ios7 version, it won’t allow me to sign in saying someone is already using this device!!! What do I need to do????? Anyone? I tried reinstalling app, reset my apple device, register again (but it won’t let me) – an other clues!?!?!? HELP!!!

  44. I do not have cable but would love HBO. Please consider allowing HBO go for non cable customers. I can not afford cable & HBO…

    Also please don’t cancel True Blood

  45. Dont understand why we cannot get hbogo to work on my wifes tablet, but yet it works on my tablet and tv, keeps saying wrong access code whatever that means,

  46. After hearing Bill Maher make fun of our WWII vets this week I will NEVER subscribe to your services again . What a classless ugly person to make fun of the very men and women who gave him the right to be a jerk. Shame on you for continuing this crap of a show !!!!

  47. Why is this second rate politician Bill Maher still allowed to spew his hatred all over your network? He obviously hates soldiers, hates republicans, or anything else that is not is lockstep with far left leaning idealism.

  48. This is about bill maher. This is the only place I found to sent a complaint. I am cancelling HBO tomorrow because of what Bill Maher said about our WW2 vets. I am done with you I have ignored him for the years on here but no longer.
    Susanne Stehly

  49. I am about to drop HBO from my contract. Everything carried other than your “made for” series has been shown and reshown for years. The same movies for years. Then you have that loud mouth, Bill Maher, who apparently thinks any shocking comment he says is worthy of a Pullitzer. The fact he can make negative comments regarding World War II veterans that would have any politician fired adds to your stupidity. This moron should be fired for calling old men stupid because they tore down barricades to a memorial that was paid for with private funding, not governments. It belongs to the people, not Obama. You are becoming another voice for Maher and his liberal gang of idiots.

  50. My comments on their web site: Bill Maher has once again crossed the line. You need to seriously think about canning his show. He is a disgrace. I do not have the option to cancel my HBO subscription because it’s included in my association fees…. BUT I WILL DO MY BEST TO HAVE OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS (on both associations I’m affiliated with) cancel HBO from our cable line-up. I will share this information with everyone I know who receive HBO through their associations. And as far as myself personally – I WILL NO LONGER WATCH ANY HBO PROMGRAMING!

  51. I saw the 34 seconds clip of Bill Maher commenting on World War II vets at their memorial. What crude and condescending remarks from this nitwit. I don’t subscribe to HBO, so, I don’t see this guy’s show. If I were HBO…..I’d let him go.

  52. I am so upset that HBO allows Bill Maher to talk about our WWII veterans so disrepectfully.I know about his freedom of speech but he needs to remember he has that right only because of them.HBO needs to support true American heroes not insult them.HBO and Bill Maher should not bite the hands that feed them.It is so easy to cancel subscription services.

  53. Bill Maher only has his freedom of speech to spew his hatred for others & to the say the “F” bomb every other word BECAUSE of our VETERANS. He is the very reason why America is becoming financially and morally BANKRUPT. He is a pathetic, slimy, disgusting LITTLE MAN who doesn’t deserve to live in America let alone have his own cable show.

  54. Shameful for Bill Maher to make fun of our WWII vets wanting to see the WWII memorial after they had pre-planned their trip to D.C. before the government shutdown. Regardless of the context, I also found Maher’s words describing the veteran’s as maybe the greatest generation but not necessarily the brightest to be beyond acceptable. We are debating right now about canceling our subscription to HBO.

  55. Not all ADULTS go out drinking on Saturday nights!!! Very disappointed with the 95% ratio of animated / kids movies as the premiere on Saturday nights.

  56. I realize that it is a money maker for you, but you should realize and understand that your support Of Bill Maher and his hatred of over half of the political system. Using divisive language he is issuing hate speech which you are supporting. Please review your policies and the requirements of the law. Expecting to see changes in this programing.

  57. I’ve been waiting for an update of the Broadwalk Empire for phone viewing. What is wrong with HBO web support? I paid my subsciption?

  58. I added HBO to my cable so we could watch Game of Thrones Season 3 on Demand. NOPE. It’s not available. HBO -you need to clean out your on Demand box and add the series that people want to watch! I am waiting??? Please put it on so I can watch it on my cable box. I am not watching it in front of my computer like a teenager!

  59. I will cancel hbo unless you fire Bill Rude Mahr,after what he said about the Boston bombing tragedy,he makes me sick,goodbye hbo unless you remove that drug cocaine pig

  60. I do love HBO, unfortunately after listening to Bill Maher”s comments the other night I have no choice but to cancel my subscription. While I try and reserve quick judgment on all public/ private commentary. This guy didn’t just cross the line he crushed it along with so many victims hearts here in Boston!

    What an ASS!

  61. Bill Maher’s comments about Boston Strong has pushed me over the edge. On the whole I could never see Maher’s cometic value and never really watched him but HBO on the whole has great programming. But In light of poor judgement on TimeWarners side to allow this fool to spew his garbage mouth, I had to cancel my subscription as well as sell all my holdings in your company. I hope you keep him on the air so eventually he will put you out of business.

    Boston Strong

  62. Your political position with Bill Maher is pretty obvious. I refuse to pay for his junk show, and plan to boycott any Time Warner offerings. Also sending notes to all your advertisers that my friends and I won’t support a company like yours. I understand I’m only a grain of sand in the ocean. Good luck.

  63. Ditto for me. I sort of looked at HBO as the gold standard in satellite/cable tv and I guess in reality they still are. But as far as streaming goes they seem to be pretty much bush league. One of my Roku’s is even hard wired but it makes no difference, the programming simply will not come up. Even when it does come up it takes far longer than any other channel. A true disappointment HBO, I’m sure you can do much better.

  64. Giving me a 212 number to call for customer service? That speaks volumes. I already tried to cancel through COX cable, but cancelling is the only dept not available on weekends? I’m watching all of ONE show on HBO right now, and it’s on for half the year. Making it about $30 month for those four hours. I’d still stay with HBO, if I could see old episodes (new to me) of “Game of Thrones”, so I could then watch the new season. No, I’m not sitting in front of a computer screen to do it. HBO and Netflix separated, and now HBO can’t show me old episodes (paid for over 10 years) of a series, so I may get hooked? Amazingly stupid.

  65. Dropped HBO after Bill Mahers comments about the terrorist attack in Boston. He is an idiot and I will not renew until this piece of trash is off the air. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

  66. Please bring back Eastbound and Down. It is the funniest show on television. TV will be boring without this show. I have HBO for this show only after Entourage, Sopranos, and the Wire have ended. DO not take Eastbound and Down away. Kenny Powers and Will Farrell are absolutely hilarious.

    • Robert-

      Your right “Television will be boring without this ONE SHOW”. Its not like modern day television provides multiple channels and multiple shows that you (the viewer) can watch and enjoy. You’re totally correct, we all should just get rid of our TV’s because ONE SHOW has been cancelled. Maybe we can use the material that makes up the useless Television sets to build some life size memorial of Kenny Powers and the whole Eastbown and down cast! Good comment Robert.

  67. East bound and down was one of the best things you’ve ever had ! The final episode made me laugh out loud so much I’ve watched 3 times so far! Pease please please bring it back?

    Also this last Boardwalk was a fantastic episode- please don’t kill Chalky off he is super unique and an incredible character !

  68. Your programming sucks now. The movies you show on your network sucks. Once in a blue moon you may show something worth while. Overall the quality of your programming has plummeted.


    Extremely Disappointed

    • Ms. Hardy-

      Instead of complaining about HBO’s great programming which is honestly great, why don’t you move on with your life and if you truly don’t like it, then change the channel. Also maybe you should use you time more wisely, for instance, instead of taking time to write horrible HBO reviews, you should try to find a life partner and turn “Ms.Hardy into Mrs.Hardy”.

  69. I’ve just watched the movie “killer joe” and I think you have lost any sense of dignity and proportion about the meaning of cinema and entertainment. The movie is a horrid and pornographic piece of sadistic madness. I’m cancelling HBO right now and I hope many others you do the same.

  70. what a f—ing joke. I pay for HBO, can’t get in on my roku, can’t get ahold of anyone at HBO. What the hell am I paying for????

  71. Ive had hbo and used hbogo for some time, I received a galaxy tab 3 for christmas and the sound does not work on the hbo go app! I wouldnt mind waiting this issue out if I had the ability to watch programming I enjoy on demand but it seems like nothing on demand is worth while anymore (no game of thrones only half the movie selection of hbo go). Please resolve issue with audio on new galaxy tablets! Im beginning to think I pay for hbo for nothing now!

    • Larissa-

      The problem is not with HBO GO but with your friend/family member who was so cheap that they couldn’t pony up the extra cash to actually get a iPad. The reason you can’t hear the sound is cause the galaxy is a horrible device. I actually have an iPad which I can hear and watch (with sound) HBO GO wherever I go. So your friend/family member should HBO GO-back to the mall and get you an iPad.

  72. What a way to run a railroad! Customer service is only open M-F til 5 pm EST, and I live in AZ. I have been waiting patiently for the last two episodes of Treme to be available on Demand and I am still waiting! What is the problem? They are available on hbogo, but not on my television screen. –How do I get reimbursed for a service that has not been working for at least two weeks? (Will someone actually write me back?)

  73. I agree with previous comnent….no sound comes through hbogo using a samsung tab3. The the initial hbo music comes through but as soon as you start the programs, there’s no sound! Please fix this problem as soon as possible!

  74. The worst customer service ever. Seriously?

    I have been trying to activate my HBO GO on my Apple TV for weeks now. Why is your website constantly failing?? Someone needs to fix it OR be available to assist a problem that a lot of people seem to have. What a shitty service for something you have to pay extra for.

  75. Can’t see to view episodes beyond the first two using HBO-TO-Go. Have seen the first two Mildred Pierce and the first two Thrones but cannot access subsequent episodes. I am an HBO subscriber and love HBO and HBO to-Go, but this is quite frustrating. I use APPLE TV to stream.

    Where can I go for help with this problem?

  76. I am sick to death of HBO. Once again I have a program that is worth watching, and HBO decides to cancel it. Boardwalk empire, Deadwood, Sopranos. When Boardwalk Empire ends, so will my subscription to HBO.

  77. I am extremely upset with the fact that with the hbo to go program people can now share their accounts numbers their friends and family. So they get to watch these series for free. While I have to still pay for the service. I have had hbo for about 8 years. This is not right!

  78. Just subscribed yesterday. HBO GO worked yesterday and most of today. Suddenly I’m getting the “video player cannot play this show”. What’s the deal? If this is how HBO runs their business, I’m cancelling. No need paying for something I can’t even watch.

  79. I applaud all you have done with your network. I still Love your intro over the town/city fly over without digital help! I have been a suscriber since 1981. I understand the competition you have. But please take a step back and remember….HBO sets the standard! OZ!!!! The Sapranos!!!! I have to admit I and my family are huge fans of the walking dead. However, my favorite weekly show we watch is BOARDWALK EMPIRE!!! WOW, no other network/cable can measure up to the standards you set and the HIGH QUALITY of the actors and production set. Steve Buscemi and the the rest of the cast should be commended for their efforts. You have the ability to build a “Godfather type legacy here”, plese do not give up!

    • I have to agree with Rick. If Maher can call Dr. Ben Carson “a drooling idiot”, “half brilliant brain surgeon, half Tea Party dumb”, I then have to believe he is a racist, bigot. How can HBO put a small mind like Bill Maher on your network?

  80. I have followed Sam Berns for some time. I learned that the documentary “Life According to Sam” was to be shown at Sundance then it was to be on HBO. My mom has cable but no HBO. We weren’t even able to pay per view – we had to have the HBO package. I happened to be doing a search recently and found that we could watch the documentary without charge which we did. I was very informative and touching to learn about this young man. Sadly he died last Friday. I did a search again for the documentary and found that it was only available if you have the HBO package – interesting. I do hope that HBO will be making a rather large donation to the Progeria Foundation with the money they will be taking in because of Sam’s death. VERY THOUGHTLESS AND POOR TASTE HBO PEOPLE!! :-(

  81. I have been an HBO customer for years with Direct TV. I don’t know who is in charge of your programing, but they need to be fired. I am really tired of the same movies on night after night, week after week, month after month. I have seen the Die Hard trilogy shown over and over for the last year. The same with the Superman trilogy. I also do not think we need to watch Christmas movies in the summer. What is with all the movies about Vampires and the undead? Also your after dark (Showtime) keep showing the same things year after year. How many times has Co Ed Confidential been on? Full Metal Jacket I know by heart. Why are children’s shows on at 10 PM on school nights? Well I think you get the flick, no pun intended. I guess I will just cancel and watch ESPN. Thanks.

  82. Was super excited to be able to watch hbo on my new tablet. It was the deciding factor to subscribe. Still haven’t been able to watch. No sound. The hbo theme plays and the movie starts…with no sound. Forget about trying to contact anyone who can help. Shame on you hbo. You have forgotten about you’re customers… used to be the best for customer service. What happened? Really disappointed.

  83. I have hbo subscription. Until today, had no trouble with HBO to Go on my apple tv. Today, I get a message that I don’t have a subscription. Verified subscription w/ provider. Can watch HBO programming through cable right now, and when I to to hbo to go on the apple tv I can get an activation code. However, at the website, I am still told: don’t have a subscription. Have checked email address / account, to make sure all is correct. Most frustrating: have been on hold with customer service for 40 minutes. Is this normal???? Do they actually have “customer service”??

  84. I have HBO in my subscription with Comcast and it comes with the package or otherwise I would cancel it, you play the same OLD movies day in and day out, your line up should offer more current shows, we are getting to the point of not even watching tv anymore

  85. Many of the lucky few at least got to watch somethiing on HBO GO, Mine always says error- try again later. I keep paying for it. It is going to cause me to drink cleaning fluids with wreckless abandon. Nothing can ruin an evening worse than HBO GO. They should rename it to HBO Gotcha

  86. I am appalled at your new series called the “Looking ” degrading the innocence of our children and young adults….why you choose to put this kind of programming on your line up is so hard to understand. Everyone family and friends are equally insulted that this is on our TV sets!

  87. hi,I and im sure the rest of the American citizens who watch your show true detective, would appreciate it if you guys would air the current episodes in English and not in Spanish Episode 4 was aired in Spanish and Episode 3 was in English. im pretty close to unsubscribing. please fix it!

  88. I have HBO and am very satisfied ! I hear they are ending Boardwalk Empire , this coming season will be the last. I am disappointed but i guess it is what it is . My thought is , we can’t somebody like HBO or ( cough cough ) showtime or starz do a series on the biggest gangster of all time , Al Capone ? My friends as myself love when big Al comes on in Boardwalk . He makes the show !!!! I think it would be a hit for HBO , come on think about it HBO ? Scareface !!!!!

  89. I have HBO and am very satisfied ! I hear they are ending Boardwalk Empire , this coming season will be the last. I am disappointed but i guess it is what it is . My thought is , we can’t somebody like HBO or ( cough cough ) showtime or starz do a series on the biggest gangster of all time , Al Capone ? My friends as myself love when big Al comes on in Boardwalk . He makes the show !!!! I think it would be a hit for HBO , come on think about it HBO ? Scareface !!!!! Sounds like a hit to me !

  90. HBO GO is likely the most asinine attempt at a meaningful web site. I have to create a new ID with HBO because I changed providers instead of linking my old one to the new provider. All usernames I generally use are taken, so I will forget it, making it useless. Who was the architect of the system, they should be FIRED. I can make more useful data associations in my sleep. For a company with a lot of money, your ability to develop useful websites is only outdone by Comcast. Hire real programmers and web designers, and some day you may actually not get someone who would have just canceled if not for Game of Thrones.

  91. Dear HBO,
    I have subscribed to HBO and I watch the channels. I am a little bummed that there is no set channel for HBO shows. I am tired of either watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I am sure there are more movies for Harry Potter other than 2, 5, and 6. True detective is always on every channel and does not allow room for those of us who doesn’t want to watch Girls either and to watch movies worthy of the money we pay to watch movies without having to log online. I love HBO and I understand the need for variations on each channel… but sincerely… I am tired of the repetitive shows… please give me better variations with better planned times. Thank you

  92. Hbo go is still not compatable with samsung tab 3. Good picture but NO sound. I’m sure that this problem belongs to some chinese outfitf out there. Netflix knows how to make there products work, why don’t you.

  93. I have avoided Bill Mahers for many years. His hollier than thou attitude is nauseating! His diatribe about our Olympic athletes is moronic and short sighted. He is no athlete. If he persists on HBO you will not continue in my home. With all the competition for my viewing dollars, cable is rapidly falling behind.

  94. It seems impossible to get help for my malfunctioning hbo go app. I have video but no sound!! It is the only app on my samsung galaxy 3 tablet that doesn t work!!!

  95. I have HBO go through my xbox and it always fast forwards without me pressing the button to do so. How do I stop this?

  96. I don’t want my email address displayed anywhere! Too many kooks out there! They’ll be emailing me all sorts of garbage! Thanks

  97. Dear HBO,

    I like Harry Potter as much as the next person, but can you please move on to another movie in the series and stop playing the Chamber of Secrets?? Seriously it’s been like 4 months. Theres 7 other ones to pick from! Thanks.

  98. Hey guys can any of you tell me how much is it to have HBO GO monthy, I wouldnlole to get it but I need to know how much is it?

  99. I wish HBOgo was available for the xbox one. I realize it’s very early In the streaming systems lifetime however it will be around for a while and I was wondering if we could be looking at support for it anytime in the near future

  100. HBO go has worked for me since the spring of 2013. Suddenly with the ios 7.1 update it continues to work on my iPhone 5 but won’t work on my iPad 2. It says I am not signed in. When I try it says I am not connected to the internet and to try again. Then when I press the sign in button, it crashes and I am taken back to the iPad home screen.

    Is this a known problem with a fix? Please provide a suggestion to fix this.

  101. HBOGO application does not allow you to activate your PS3 device if you’re a Comcast XFINITY subscriber!!!

  102. My husband and I think that This week with John Oliver is one of the funniest, most intelligent and much needed shows ever on TV.

    Thank you for your courage in putting something on like this. I will promote it to everyone. Please please keep this show on.

    Bravo HBO!!!!!

  103. I know what the show is about and I like the concept but I will not be continuing to watch the leftovers ……the last episode gladys was way too much ……I mean like a certain degree of violence I even really liked the scene in fight club of the brutal face beating BUT!!!!! This was too much for me I even lost my appetite while eating which never happens because that stuff really dosent bother me but this was way too much sorry liked the idea but I cant keep watching

  104. Every evening between 9 pm and 11 pm HBO GO has issues.It stops for a while and stops. Messages tell us they are sorry for the disruption so I know it is not our system.
    It is so irritating I am going to cancel HBO altogether.
    I am not a Beta Tester.

  105. The episode of left overs that occurred last Sunday showed a lady getting stoned to death!! This is not something that should be on tv!!! This was so disturbing I started to yell at the tv!!!

    There was to much blood and to many close up shots!! The sound editing was horrible!!!

  106. I hope the newsroom is going to come back on for more than just one more season, it is one of the best shows you have.

  107. I am also receive a server error message every time I go to view a show and I haven’t even been able to watch HBOGO for three days now! It won’t load videos. It says server error. I pay for the service I expect it to work correctly. I have spoken with Xbox and comcast and it has been termed an hbo problem. 3 days?? And customer service has done nothing to help. You’d think that loyal customers could receive some assistance

  108. I have been a loyal HBO customer for the last 20 years. Over the last 5 years I have noticed a disturbing trend in the programing. The programming has become politically charged with an extreme slant towards the liberal side of politics. From the garbage that Bill Maher spouts the the left leaning movies such as W and game change, the programing has become nothing more than a liberal propaganda machine. As such I have decided to discontinue my service with HBO. I no longer am willing to pay for garbage programing with a liberal slant.

  109. After reading ALL the above maybe I do NOT want the service.. HBO Go is a scam!! I have only streaming for all my TV entertainment. You can get anyone on the phone so it is like HBO does NOT care to handle any customers. Let’s just route them back to their cable providers… So much for customer service – HBO has NONE!!! Until you can provide a COMPLETE service to all customers, with or without TV Service Providers, please do not waste our time.. Deleting my app and will look for a different streaming channels to enjoy. Those who are tight on budget, smart NOT to hand your $100 a month to cable company’s, get a Roku 3 and stream what you really want to watch for FREE!!!! Need Netflix or Hulu Plus for just $8.00 each a month. BOOT your cable or satilite company’s and save over a grand a year.. HBO needs to get up to speed and join the streaming world.. That $5.00 a month for HBO Go would have been a nice fit.. Off to find a channel that wants this family’s $$$$$. Good Luck to you all > PEACE <

  110. I have an internet ready tv. I’m tired of paying outrageous cable fees. I’m wondering if I can get HBO without having to subscribe to a cable provider.

  111. Hi,

    I don’t mean to be that asshole critic who leave a mean review. I really dont!

    I’m just honestly curious. What’s up with the HBOgo UI?! Why is is so incredibly bad?

    It’s been the same (or at least appeared to be the same) for honestly, god knows how long.

    A few things that drive me nuts…
    there is no one click button to automatically rewind 10 seconds (or any seconds)
    there is no way to jump to the next episode
    when looking at a catelogue of options (ie all documentaries, or all episodes of a given show) scrolling functionality is about as fun as a flaccid dick.

    What I find most crazy is that more and more people are moving to online viewing. Why y’all just chilling on the hbogo?!?! Improve this already!

    Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts,

  112. NBC’s 12 mini-Series contract for Anne Rice’ s “Witching Hour” has expired. Personally I do not think that they could have done it justice like HBO could. SHE has millions of fans for this book.This would be a moneymaker for HBO You folks should look into it.

  113. Hello ,
    My name is Ami and i was wondering if if you and your company could air the show “The Secret Circle”. Thanks you for your time .

  114. How does the person in charge of programming live with themselves. Absolutely horrendous movie selection. I’m a long time subscriber. What a waste of money. Shame on you HBO !!

  115. Most HBO shows really suck, I would like for the CEO to sit down and watch his own bullshit for a week, I keep the Service because Cinemax and Showtime ain’t much better and at the meantime high management is making a ton of money, and playing the same bullshit for a whole months sucks, whoever picks these movies should get fired, there’s a couple of series that are really good, but other than that everything else is pretty much garbage, I hope someone looks into this and changes the programming.

  116. I have a problem, with HBO GO. when I want to watch whatever video ,cant load and says VIDEO PLAYER ERROR
    “Sorry, the HBO GO server is not available right now. Please help what to do.
    Phillip Shives

  117. it is 10:14 on tuesday night and right now in 202 HBO CHANGELING you sat on the channel but that is what’s not on. HBO needs to get it together. there is a vince vaughn movie is on not changeling. i have been paying for years for HBO and it really pisses me off when i but it on and the right movie is not on. yes i do have better things to do than to email you people but when i pay for it you are taking money out of my pocket for this get it together would you.

  118. Have been a Directv customer for many years wth HBO premium channel.
    Just purchasEd a Roku media player and should get free HBOGO channel due to above subscription.
    The HBO on Roku shows about 30 seconds of The Sopranos and then buffers for another minute.
    This happens for anything you watch on HBO Go
    What’s up here HBO.?

  119. Same movies over and over and over and over again! Mostly horrible. Waiting for Boardwalk Empire to end so I can dump station that I actually pay EXTRA for. Debby

  120. Looks like they are redesigning sections of the app interface. Please note they have made past series (non featured episodes) unreachable/accessible. Love the app, looks like someone fogot to readd the link. Had been watching old episodes of ‘Rome’ – at this moment I am unable to navigate to the videos.

  121. I would love to have just HBO. But it’s so expensive.
    Your shows are terrific. Especially True Blood & The Borgias.
    My 2 favorites, which I only got to see parts of with the free previews, thus missing a lot of the shows.
    I wish there was a different, less expensive way to watch the shows.
    It would be nice to be able to get the shows only for a much lower price.
    HBO is my favorite channel with 2 local channels.
    Wish it was possible to pay for only the channels I want to watch. You need your own TV service, or a puck & choose package I could make my self. I hate that True Blood is ending, please reconsider. S.

  122. If you pay for premium tv then that programming should continue all year. HBO should not take holiday breaks. You should ignore all religious and secular holidays. Indeed, it should be a relief to have the continuity of the hbo programming to look forward to during those times.

  123. HBO service is terrible. I downloaded HBO go for my xbox 360 2 weeks ago, and it worked for a few days and the HBOgo server has been down ever since. Also when I was on my computer trying to watch HBO go the “auto quality” setting which you are unable to change is always set too high. This causes ANY program you watch to be choppy and UNWATCHABLE. I went on forums to try to find solutions but no hope, I even called up HBO but they were closed at 2:00pm on a Monday. I’m unsubscribing asap.

  124. I signed up for HBO just so I could use HBO Go and it still does not recognize my account as having an HBO subscription. Quite a piece of crap if you ask me. If it is not fixed soon I am cancelling my subscription

  125. Why, but why don’t we see decent movies on HBO????? All these violent. Science fiction, actions movies are sicknening!!!! Repeats and more repeats day after day are a rip off to people like me that pay so much money every month. I am seriously considering canceling HBO.

  126. I read that HBO and BBC 2 are working on a remake of I Claudius. What is the progress on this project and do you have a release date yet ?
    Thank a You
    Ed Miranda

  127. We have been trying to stream HBOGO to our
    samsung smart TV UN46F5500AFXZA. We go through the procedure and successfully log on the computer,but the TV indicates not available at this time.This has been going on for weeks. Our service provider says this is an HBO problem. Please contact me ASAP.

    Sincerely, Howard Wilcox

  128. i watched season 5 broadwalk empire on sept 7, 2014 and couldn t belive those two young boys you had at the banquet collecting the money. u should try to find find other places for them. they stole the show. they fit the part to a tee.

  129. More over she gave me some stupid answer about why that seems like she was reading it off a screen. What happened to you hollywood? Who hurt you! Who hurt you??? (oh thats right you all like screwing with people).

    Such hypocrites they have no problem filming sex and violence but hey ask for something other then pg 13 during the day and your the bad guy. You HBO ladies suck! (i am talking to you CEO)

  130. HBO GO is a horrible experience. Once in a while it will actually connect to my tv. More often than not asks me to activate it. I go on the computer follow the directions and get a activation successful on the computer screen and the tv says can not connect at this time try again later. It’s a waste. Amazom Prime is quick to access and they have good movies and tv shows. I’ll check back with HBO GO in a couple of years to see if they’ve fixed the problem.

  131. Please remove any shows with the hate monger Bill Maher, no entertainment value at all. We pay a lot for your movie service. My continuing subscription depends on it!

  132. I was disappointed to see a rerun of true detective on Sunday night. I pay a lot of money for this service and expect to see new original programming and this time slot thank you.
    Dennis Sousa

  133. HBO Go is awesome but can we get some 720p??? Awful quality. I can waithe buffer time if it just optimizing my download speeds. No big deal, but watching these shows and movies on my Super AMOLED display and getting less than 360p is almost not worth it. Please fix this.

  134. Ok, HBO makes some of the greatest series’ on television. Howvever, what is up with HBO playing Lord of the Rings & Mission Impossible every stinking day? Seriously, WTF? add some variety for heavens sake…your programming department cannot be that lazy or stupid!!.

  135. HBO is OK, I guess. It replay the same movies over and over and over, all of which are usually pretty crappy. I get HBO for the HBOGO so I can watch the series. Well, HBOGO can’t even keep their servers strong enough to watch a show all the way through without it pausing a hundred times, and you can’t pause it to allow it to buffer and keep up through an hour long show. I highly suggest that everybody just pirates HBO’s shows until they can get their shit together and figure out who the internet works.

  136. You guys need to start the inheritance cycle series. This Is the cycle of 4 books that are “Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance!”. If you starts a show on this I know EVERYONE WOULD LIKE IT. There’s already a movie about eragon but has like no detail. If you made a show you could include all the detail and stuff and everyone WOULD WANT THIS!! Please start this show series and make it awesome!!

  137. For the past month, we have had a continuing problem with HBOGO.
    We have to constantly activate it. After we activate it, it will work for a few days, and then we have to activate it again. It is extremely annoying. Please fix it.

  138. This is about the big picture dyslexia, you should look into the Lab school of Washington or Baltimore to school that specializes in dyslexia I know I graduated from there no I’m in a one live sound engineer. The web school was started by a woman who couldn’t give up on her own son, her name was Sally Smith and she was the head of special education’s at American University before she passed away a few years ago. I thought you might be interested in looking into that side of the story of dyslexia is well there save hundreds of both of those kids.
    Scott Lange

  139. Although I know the impact will go unnoticed, I will no longer view Real Time with Bill Maher. To condemn the entire Islam religion (which spans several countries within many continents) based on the actions of a few is truly appalling. Reminiscent rationalization of the words that have been said and acts that have been perpetrated unjustly against people throughout our history. Mr. Maher’s biggest clue that he is dead wrong should be when Fox News has his back. Also, why does Mr. Maher invite guests on his show of differing opinions and then he talks over them and tells them they are wrong. Isn’t it supposed to be a discussion? I am done.

  140. Wish I could get help on my issue. I called and was on hold for 10 minutes before giving up.

    The below episodes of The Wire and Game Of Thrones are not viewable through VOD on DirecTV (they come up blank when downloading via RECORDING or PLAYBACK)….

    I figured it HAD to be a DirecTV issue but they swore up and down this issue has been going on for quite awhile. They stated this VOD episode issue was an HBO problem, not DTV and only HBO could fix the issue.

    I CAN watch these on HBO Go but since I only have an iPhone to do so, it is a pain to watch on a small screen.

    1-5 The pager
    2-4 Hard cases
    2-5 Undertow
    2-6 All prologue
    3-7 Back burners
    5-8 Clarifications

    4-1 Two Swords

  141. I recently dropped my show time for hbo because the wife wanted to watch game of you stop showing G.O.T AND ALL I SEE ARE MOVIES FROM THE 80″S AND 90″S WTF why can”t you at least show the reruns of G.O.T. so my wife can be happy and I will be happy.

  142. I have a suggestion, why not do a Russian mafia series. Everybody loves watching mob movies. Sopranos being the best. I would love to see what HBO would do with a Russian mob series.


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