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Contacting Harrahs Atlantic City Customer Service Center

Harrahs Atlantic City is another hotel and casino in the huge Caesars family. The family stretches from coast to coast with hotels and casinos in Nevada and New Jersey. The New Jersey casino market is booming due to temperate climate and growing fan base.

Contact Info:

To find contact information for Harrahs Atlantic City you have to scroll to the bottom of the main page and click on the Getting Here link. That link takes you to the contact information though it is not presented as Harrahs Atlantic City customer service.

Phone Contact Numbers

When you’re ready to contact the customer service department you can call the toll-free or local number depending on your location. Both are available 24 hours a day.

  • Customer Service (toll-free): 1-800-645-6774
  • Customer Service (local): 1-609-441-5000

Mailing Address

The mailing address for Harrahs Atlantic City is the same as the physical address for the hotel and casino. If you have a specific person or department in mind you should address your letter to the attention of that person or department.

Harrahs Resort Atlantic City 777 Harrahs Blvd. Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Official Website

For more information on Harrahs Resort Atlantic City, visit http://www.harrahsresort.com. The site offers information on rooms, events and online booking. At the top of each page you’ll notice links; some of which take you to other casino websites with others leading to more information on the Total Rewards program.

Customer Service Email

All customer service emails for Harrahs must go through the FAQs page at http://www.totalrewards.com/CustomerService.do?action=ACTION_SEND_US_EMAIL. For better customer service include contact information and a detailed message in the body of your email.

Our Experience

The website for Harrahs Atlantic City looks identical to the Caesars Atlantic City website because they are owned and operated by the same group. The customer service line, however, is completely different. There is a voice-activated system that you can only bypass if you listen to the verbal options and wait for the automated system to tell you to press 1 for an agent. We pressed 1 and the call was disconnected. We called back and waited through the automated system again. When we pressed 1 the call was disconnected again. Finally, we called the third time and pressed the number 3 for Harrahs Resort Atlantic City. We were finally transferred to Harrahs where we pressed 0 for an agent. The call dragged on as the automated system asked if we were a Total Rewards member. After 3:13 we finally reached an agent who had an extremely strong accent. We asked what cities the Total Rewards Air program flew to and she had no idea what the program was.

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5 Comments on “Contact Harrahs Atlantic City Customer Service
  1. Some friends and I spent the weekend in AC. We booked a room at Harrah’s because we had Total Rewards cards and comps. NEVER AGAIN!!! At check-in (Platinum) the associate was writing numbers down on a piece of paper and using a hand held calculater to give us our room total since we were paying cash up front. She did this several times and found out that there were additional taxes and fees charged that werent on the quote when the room was booked online. Ok fine, it is what it is. The associate said she will give us an upgraded suite. Ok upgraded suite was a nice compensation afterspending 20 minutes trying to check in. UPGRADE!! Upgrade from what, the basement??? The hallway on the 14th floor was filthy and disgusting and when we went into our “upgraded suite” the first thing we saw where the hand prints on the hall mirror, the room looked as if it hadnt been vacuumed in months. We picked up the trash that was left between the bed and night stand looked for a trash can and low and behold we didnt have one. Saturday morning we get up get our showers and the shower leaks all over the bathroom floor!! Now all the towels are being used to sop up all the water. We leave, housekeeping comes in, takes only the dirty, wet towels on the bathroom floor and left the dirty washclothes that were in the shower on the floor. When we came back to the room I had to hunt down housekeeping because they didnt bother to restock the coffee and cups when they were there. Good luck finding ice because half of the ice machines didnt work!! At checkout were shocked to find out the we being charged another 10.00 for a ‘room assessment fee’ !! When I assessed the room I thought I should be the one charging them a fee. After expressing our feelings about the hotel we were offered a 50.00 room credit which turned out to be only 40.00 because they deducted the 10.00 assessment fee from it. Just give me my money and let me out of this hell hole!! All I can say is that I have paid less money for a nicer room at Motel 6. I will NEVER recomend this hotel to anyone!!

    This was the absolute worst hotel I have ever stayed in!!

  2. Harrahs should get a better internet provider.The connection is very poor.I realize gaming is your most important job.But when you are on a business trip business and pleasure go hand and hand.Connection poor!!!!!!We only stay at Harrahs!

    Thanks Joan Hood

  3. Hey Rick,
    Thanks for letting me know where I stand with Harrah’s total Reward points. I would like to return the favor. I have stayed at Harrah’s Atlantic City several times now. I have to say it’s beyond going down hill to almost rock bottom. I paid $290.00 for a room on a Friday night. Granted that this is normally one your $79 special rooms Monday thru Thursday, but it was a disgrace. Everything about it was dirty and in poor condition. The hallways when you get off the elevator are very dirty and full of trash as was the carpet outside our door. This was suppose to be a non smoking room and there were cigarette holes in the curtains. The rugs looked like they had not been shampooed in years and severely stained. The bathroom sink was cracked. The bed only had a sheet with no mattress pad. The lampshade was torn and the drapes were hanging off. Because I was only there for a few hours, I did not waste what little time I had to complain and move but I was reimbursed $100 at checkout. Still not worth it. I was there for a special get away with my adult daughter, we hit the Red Door and the expensive New Italian Restaurant. I would not recommend the restaurant as our table for two was left waiting while the servers catered to the table of six on either side of us. It was so noisy that we could not hear each other and had to repeat everything several times to the wait staff. With no exceptions on the menu, we were limited as to what we could order. They forgot about us at the bar even though we had a reservation. Over all, we spent over $1000 for one day at Harrah’s and were very disappointed. With gambling available everywhere now, you should be focused on the entire experience as people will always need a vacation, not just a place to gamble. It is a shame to see your business decline, but maybe you should expand your focus and clean up the hotel. Right now it is a mess and I would not recommend it to anyone. We did not expect fancy, but we do expect clean, neat and welcoming. Will not be coming back any time soon.

  4. We recently stayed at Harrah’s Hotel in Atlantic City. We found the room very undesirable. There was a stain on the carpet, it was disgusting. The toilet seat was broken and was disgusting looking and very unsanitary. The paint in the ceiling above the shower and toilet was peeling badly and dropped on our heads. The drain in the bath tub did not drain properly when taking a shower, again very, very unsanitary and disgusting. The water backed up 4 inches in the tub. The fan in the bathroom didn’t work. The whole bathroom was fogged up, couldn’t see. The shower curtain and liner both had mildew and mold and was ripped. Again very, very unsanitary and disgusting. The toilet didn’t flush very well, had to flush it three times, even when nothing was in it.
    We stayed at Harrah’s many times, and the rooms for the most part were okay, but this time it was absolutely horrible. It makes us think twice before staying a Harrah’s again. Doesn’t Harrah’s hotel staff take pride in making sure their hotel rooms are clean, sanitary, and inviting?

  5. I recently spent two night’s at your Atlantic City location. I have visited all of A.C’s casino’s and yours is by far the worst. From our 45min. check in wait, the failure of service at the machine’s, the dirty hallway’s, rude employee’s’ they acted like we were bothering them. To the person that took our reservation. She seemed more interested in signing us up for a total rewards visa, than listening to my wife,s questions. I’m sorry, but considering all of the failing casino’s I think you should try a little harder. Before your next on the bankrupt list.

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