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Contacting Haband Customer Service Center

Haband is a retail company that operates solely via online and catalog orders. The company started in 1925 selling handmade ties, but things have changed a bit over the last few decades. Today, Haband is not as well-known some clothing and retail companies, but there is longevity with this company offered by few companies operating today.

Customers have to sign up for an account online if they wish to order from Haband. That account is the hub of customer service activity as all customer service is initiated based on the specific order where the problem originated. Customers can also contact the service department for general questions, compliments and concerns, as desired.

Contact Info

We found a contact phone number, email address and mailing address. The mailing address was hidden in the Privacy Policy.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service line is open from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. EST. There is no mention if those hours are daily or Monday to Friday.

  • Phone Orders: 1-800-742-2263
  • Customer Service (Other): 1-800-213-1220

Mailing Address

Haband Company, LLC
#1 Bargain Place
Jessup, PA 18434-1834

Official Website

You can look through the various items for sale from Haband on the official website at http://www.haband.com/. Haband started with ties, but the catalog offers much more than that today. The customer service information is limited, but customers have everything they need to contact the company if there is a problem or praise. Haband offers an affiliate program, so there may be other social media pages claiming to be the official pages. Haband is officially on Twitter and Facebook.

Customer Service Email

Haband is clearly behind the times because they still offer an email address for customer service contact. The email address customers can use to ask questions is service@haband.net. The website Haband.net does not exist and it does not redirect to the Haband.com website, so we’re unsure if this email actually works. We’ve sent a test email about sizing for one clothing item to see if the email is even received. The email did not bounce back immediately, so maybe it was delivered to a customer service agent – we’ll let you know.

Our Experience

The Haband customer service department does not get much love on Facebook and we understand why. Our call was placed on hold for more than three minutes. The customer service representative immediately asked for our last name and zip code to call up the order. There was no order so I tried to ask a question about a product and the agent asked for the last name and zip code again. She claimed she could not look up an item without that personal information.

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85 Comments on “Contact Haband Customer Service
  1. my act no 5780-9795-5047-9752- i have been trying to send you an order but i get a reply not acceptable. what is the problem

  2. I need to return a razor that does not work and I have no bill to send with it. Tell me what to do. Thanks 5044274926 is my phone number

  3. This is the fourth new mailing i have received and went to order the same day but not in stock or not available, for instance flannel loungers or woven boxers. If they are not there why put them in the mailing?

    • In late November i returned a (size) large Argyle sweater, asking for a medium.

      As of this date I have not heard from Haband.
      What has happened to my order?

  4. as of this date Please _____stop mailings and close my account , Ray A. Aderson 6620 Goodrich Ave Minneapolis 55416-2429. My customer # is 0312-839-533 My wife passed awaw AND I AM MOVING.

  5. I purchased a pair of Charcoal Carogo pants. The Zipper does not work correctly. It is very hard to zip up, zip down, and sometimes the zipper pulls apart when zipped up.
    I would like to return these for refund, how do I go about that process?

  6. Was pleased with prompt Haband service applied to a problem encountered recently with an order. Needless to say, I will be ordering from them again.

  7. sent back 3 pr ice house pants with defective snaps to their dist. ctr. in Ga. after 3 weeks called cust. serv. to find ut what was dong and recieved answer cannot find the order even though I gave them he #. told me to go tto UPS and prove I sent them. Did and then called & asked for a fax # & was told they did;t have one. Asked for a supervisor, asked to hold when rep came back said they have one its broke and they are trying to fix it. I don’t want money only credit so I can buy their denim pants that hve a button instead of snaps. This iss biggest runaround I every encontered and I’ll ell you I will Never buy anythig from theagaain even though we have been buying from them for at least 25 yrs.

  8. I am telling you again again. I still see Mrs. on catlog and others. Please do not put Mrs. Because I never get married. Please just put my name without Mrs. Okay! Thank you, Joni

  9. Re: order #4169024

    I do not have a copy of the original invoice for this order as I probably sent it with the return of the original order when I found the slacks were too large. My Visa statement shows a charge on 2/19 for $13.94. That evidently was the original charge with free shipping.

    In the return package the new pair of slacks were even bigger than the ones I returned to order a smaller size. On the invoice that came with the second package was an additional charge in the amount of $8.99 for a “Smart Label”. I don’t know what that is. However that made the amount I paid out for the order, $22.93. I expect to get all of that credited to my visa account.

    Today I received an e-mail from you stating that you had credited $7.00 to my account. That doesn’t cover any of the charges I have had for this order. Therefore I expect a further credit in the amount of $15.93 unless the $7.00 is another additional charge which has not been shown on my Visa account as yet. If it is an additional amount, then I expect the total of $22.93 to be credited to my account.

    Evelyn Heyl

  10. I’m really upset with this company.I ordered 3 pairs of knit pants,and the total was 29.97,but they deducted 180.00 from my bank account,and put a grandmother clock on my order-which I did not order!Sneaky.I want this corrected,or I’ll sue you!And I’ll never order from this company again!I takes an act of congress to talk to a rep!Shifty business practices!!Very unhappy customer!

  11. To whom it may concern: I have been a customer since 2000. I really like some of your styles in clothing. I like to place orders with you. I feel that by the time I pay the few extra dollars for the bigger sizes and pay shipping and handling, I feel I am not really saving much on your items. I would like to receive more coupons for so much off each order and free shipping and handling. I would appreciate any help you could give me with this request. Thank you, Keith M. Tanksley.

  12. I was promised a dollar discount on my recent order. No amount of tweaking would help. The Omega Joggers (2)were to be discounted if (2) were ordered. I finally gave up and just spent an hour trying to navigate past the fraudulent and non-existent “service@haband.com.”. I have ordered by phone for literally decades from Haband. The illiterate telephone reps forced me to e-mail my orders. This last experience my force me to shop elsewhere. Please…fix your mess. I love your selections.

  13. UNSUBSCRIBE, do not send any more catalogs or ads & take my name off ALL shared lists, thank you, Mr. Townsend

  14. I havefriends introduce to me the products of Haband ,Ilike them ,please send to me WOMAN catalogs ,my adresse is 692 Joplin st aurora CO 80011 Thanh you

  15. I don’t know what kind of scam your company is running, but I did not receive an item I ordered for my mother. I called and the customer service representative told me I did not order it when it is clearly on the email you sent me as an order confirmation. Then I am told the item is on backorder and will not be available. Maybe a courtesy email informing me of this would have helped. Right now I am very frustrated and will advise my mother to take her business elsewhere!!!

  16. I placed an order for 3 pair Fit-Forever pants in Medium size ( the product size M inseam 29-30 ) and when I received them the package was marked with M but, actual inseam was 31 1/2 !!! I contacted customer service to return and Rem ( customer service rep I spoke with ) assured me I will not be billed for shipping back return since it was Haband error. My other issue is I should be credited for the entire order. ( S&H cost also when I placed the order ) I am very disappointed and hesitant to place another order in fear the same or similar problem with other items of purchase. Keeping an eye on my credit card for any credits and charges from Haband. Also, I was provided good courteous service by the rep.

  17. I ordered thru the mail service, the first order came & the 2 items were too large, so I returned them & reordered. Today 5/10/2013, I received the package from you & it only has one item in it. The items ordered were D0J06 a lace jacket-white, the 2nd item is D2N01 cardigan-white, sz M. I received item D2N01 the cardigan–NO LACE JACKET – white- ITEM # D0J01. Please ck your records & send this item out!!!!

  18. On 3/29/13 sent a ck for 56.94 for 3 mens vests. When shipment came there were only 2. On 4/10/2013 sent you a note requesting a refund. Its now May 15/2013 and I have never heard back from you or received a refund!!!

  19. All previous orders have been promptly shipped–WHAT HAPPENED? it’s been 16 days–The shirt color? ‘bologny’! You repeatedly said it was shipped before you contacted me about the color. If you haven’t shipped–cancel the order. (I previously cancelled the shirt order). Reluctant regards.

  20. placed a order with this outfit about a year ago, today i got my bank statement, they have been taking 14.95 out of my account since i placed that order, called a number that was next to charge and got a guy in INDIA could not really understand but got him to give me back 4 month,s back of this bogus charge, these people are a scam and will take your money for doing nothing. i could understand that india thing but then i saw the address of this oufit is pa, american,s steeling from american,s

  21. Part of my order was received, have not received the pant suit, ordered 5/28 Reference # 24261051. Please reply.

  22. I recently received an order, part of which were 4 gauze shift dresses. I am very disappointed with the workmanship. I have had to take 2 of the dresses partially apart to correct mistakes in the sewing. I would have sent them back, but to me it is not worth paying double postage. I may not order again from you if you carry such junk as that.

  23. I would like to know why Haband is using Sara Morgan?
    I bought 2 pair pants in a 18 to 20 with Sarah Morgan
    name inside.I gave them to a friend who wears a size 14 and they were a little tight on her.I will have to go else where for pants.

  24. I have been buying from Haband for many years and have always been happy with the products I purchased until my last order. I ordered several shorts , got them, wore them once and the zippers broke a 2 of them. I have been trying to contact CS but unable to use your site to do so. Whats the deal???

  25. Ordered two pair of shoes with two different color numbers & received both of the shoes in the same color. Very disappointing!

  26. The CS phone number listed is to a foreign country. Their CS is outsourced and useless. I was able to get a number to somoone in the states that was helpful and able to answer my questions.

  27. Ordered 3 pair of pants on 07/02/13. One pair was incorrect size. I mailed them back for replacement with correct size. As of today, I am still waiting for the replacement pants. My credit card has already been billed an extra $8.99 for the exchange. Also another pair of the pants had right front pocket liner that sewing thread had come loose in two places leaving holes in the pockets. My wife repaired them rather than having to pay another $8.99 to return them for exchange. I am beginning to think about quitting with Haband.

  28. I like your products…price and durability are pretty good. You even carry my super-sized husband’s sizes some-
    times. What I do NOT like are the fliers/slips of paper that you mail to us. Those are very hard for us to manage.
    They end up sliding onto the floor, I am in a wheelchair, &
    picking them back up is a chore. When you send catalogues that have pages fastened in the middle, then I shop from you. The slippery slips of paper just go into the trash!

  29. We ordered some pillows and waited over two weeks and upon contacting Haband found out they were out of stock. It seems like someone would have notified you so that you can change your order, other companies do.

  30. I received my order today. The desk set I received the clock does not work. I was suppose to get a watch but that was not in my order. Is that still being shipped. thank you.

  31. I have bought a lot of items through Haband, but never again. The customer service is so poor that I couldn’t begin to put it in words. Do not buy from them with the idea that they will fulfill the extras they claim. I’d rate them the poorest people I have ever dealt with.

  32. Sent jeans back over three weeks ago. Have not received credit. Talked with representative who was of no help. It took 10 minutes of asking to speak to representative before I was allowed to speak to one who was of no help. Plan to dispute the charge with credit card company. They wanted to know why I returned item. Would not take it did not fit nor did I like them for explanation.

  33. Very disappointed. I ordered a sweater back in mid Oct. by phone and waited until 15th of Nov and called on the status of my order because it hadn’t come yet. By phone they told me my order was out of stock and I asked why I wasn’t told when I first ordered. Sorry I was told. Well when will it ship I asked and they said this Friday. Ok, well that was over 10 days ago and today on the 25th I got a phone call to let me know my order is delayed because – – they just went out of stock???? No way to run a business.

  34. I had to return an order because it was wrong color & size. I didn’t have a return label, so called & was told it could take up to two weeks to get one, so I said I needed the exchange before that. I said I would pay the shipping & you could reimburse me. She said we don’t do that. Anyhow I paid the shipping & it cost me $15.25 with $50.00 ins. I called back & told her & she said we only pay up to &10.00. I have been doing business with Haband for quite awhile. Why don’t you include return labels with orders? Would solve a lot of problems. Anyhow I told her that I would pay the shipping, take me off the mailing list. Sorry that’s the way you do business. Just send me my exchange items.DON’T SEND ME A REFUND for shipping. HAPPY NEW YEAR…

  35. I sent an order for a CMFT SUIT JKT CHARCOAL XLG. It has been on back order and I would like to know what the status is? The number for it was 25603 Thank you.

  36. I tried 6 different numbers to call to have that VIP thing taken off . You keep saying it’s been done so why am I paying a late charge??? Please take all charges off my account, I don’t order enough to leave it on and I probably won’t anymore if this is how you do business.

  37. The last order I placed was for two pair of fleeced lined cargo pants. After wearing them both a couple of times they both had the seems around the pockets come loose. I sent an e-mail to return them,that has been at least three weeks ago, nothing yet. However I have received two mailings advertising more products. I have been a customer for several years but as now I am totally ready to trash can your advertisements. I was promised that the return material would reach me in two weeks. As stated before I have nothing.


  39. haband is a professional rip-off company: beware do not do any business with them, or expect to pay for nothing. beware beware

  40. I just received order and 2 things were wrong, 3 season jacket was a 2xl and should have been xl 3 season jacket yellow had blue ink stain. I’m not sending it back because why should i have to pay 9.99 for your error. Please take me off the mailing list as i will not be ordering anything further.

  41. I have been charged twice for orders I did not place ($14.97 both times) I tried to call to discuss this and could not get a live person to speak to. Do not send me any more catalogues and do not accept any orders for Carilyn Wallace.

  42. I have been charged two times (14.97 each time) for orders I did not place. I tried to reach a real person to discuss this and it was I impossible. Do not send me any more catalogues and DO NOt accept any orders in my name.

  43. Please cancel my VIPPLUS MEMBERSHIP as I will not be using it for awhile probably winter months on fixed income. Thanks You. Please send email that it is cancelled. Thank You


  45. FYI
    I placed an order. Two weeks later someone hacked my Discover card for $347.00, This also happened 2 years ago. I will not be ordering anything more from Haband. You need to make your site more secure or screen your employees.
    Very disappointed

  46. I just tried to place an order. The reply was that I did have an account, but when I tried to place the order it said that I had an account, but said I needed to pay by check. I do not understand. If I applied on line it said that I was accepted why wouldn’t they accept the order?

  47. I was a customer of Haband for over 30 years. My last 2 orders were almost a total ripoff and I will never order from them again! I ordered sneaks and they subbed dress shoes, I ordered slippers and after 1 wearing, the stitching gave way. I sent the shoes back and they took $10 off the refund! I have tried contacting them but it is virtually impossible. This used to be a fairly reliable company in the past, but the last couple years, they are going down the drain and using fraud against their past customers now!

  48. This is the worst company I have ever done business with. I order the selection of choice and send a check to pay for merchandise. Check is cashed immediately by receiving party, and product is not mailed to me until nearly six weeks later. Try to call and you get stuck in the Philippians, with some agent that barely speaks English, and makes all kinds of excuses. I will never order from this company again and further advise my friends and colleagues to follow suit. If enough US citizens would make complaints they would provide US representatives to aid consumers who are tired of outsourcing valued employment from American employees.

  49. This is the worst company I have ever done business with. I order the selection of choice and send a check to pay for merchandise. Check is cashed immediately by receiving party, and product is not mailed to me until nearly six weeks later. Try to call and you get stuck in the Philippians, with some agent that barely speaks English, and makes all kinds of excuses. I will never order from this company again and further advise my friends and colleagues to follow suit. If enough US citizens would make complaints they would provide US representatives to aid consumers who are tired of outsourcing valued employment from American employees.

  50. This is the worst company I have ever done business with. I order the selection of choice and send a check to pay for merchandise. Check is cashed immediately by receiving party, and product is not mailed to me until nearly six weeks later. Try to call and you get stuck in the Philippians, with some agent that barely speaks English, and makes all kinds of excuses. I will never order from this company again and further advise my friends and colleagues to follow suit. If enough US citizens would make complaints they would provide US representatives to aid consumers who are tired of outsourcing valued employment from American employees.

  51. Cancel my membership to Haband Vip Plus. I can’t afford the
    $14.97 monthly fee. Cancel my membership as of 8-29-2014.

  52. I will never call an order in again after talking to someone not in the United States. I thought this was a US company.. also my mystery gift on my last order #1411088 was such a mystery that I have not found it yet…

  53. 9/6/14 Saturday
    I really have a hard time with your email address.
    I received my order but had to return 2 pairs of slacks.
    I did so a few weeks ago along with the prepaid sticker.
    I have not heard if you received the above and credited it to my
    account or not.
    I cannot always call.
    It is very frustrating.

  54. I placed in an order yesterday evening for some long pants, shirts,Dr.Scholl’s sneakers and Health rite soft-weave slippers. But up till now I have not received a confirmation code for the order after providing my payment debit card details.
    Does it mean that my order was not received or incomplete. If you need more information, please let me know.

  55. In August I requested cancellation of the Prime Service and cessation of the charge of $14.97. I received a response that said that this had been handled and yet in September I again face these charges. This seems to be BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE

  56. In August I requested cancellation of the Prime Service and cessation of the charge of $14.97. I received a response that said that this had been handled and yet in September I again face these charges. This seems to be BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE and PUBIC RELATIONS. To folks reading this, make sure that you know what you are signing up for with this company as paying a monthly fee when barely spending that amount annually is hardly economical and then battling to get the service cancelled is irksome at best. Beware.

  57. I placed an order recently for 2 pair of men’s flannel pajamas. They looked pretty good when I opened the package so my husband tried them on, I altered the legs which were too long and washed both pair in cold water. The inside seams came apart and there was lint all over them. Thanks goodness I washed them separately from the rest of the clothing. They are completely unusable. Just wish I hadn’t altered the legs and I would definitely return them. I will not order from Haband anymore.

  58. I Think you may have to wait until “October” For me to pay for the “Blouses”. I can’t drive & I can’t get anyone to get me to the Credit Union.

  59. I’m afraid you may have to wait until October, For me to pay for those “Blouses”. I don’t drive & I can’t get Anyone to get me to “The Credit Union.

  60. I Think you may have to wait until October, For me to pay for “The Blouses”. I don’t drive & I can’t get Anyone to get me to the Credit Union.

  61. I just placed an order by phone and it was the worst experience. The person on the line was of such a dialect that it was very difficult to understand. Also the constant trying to sell other items was annoying. I tried to use the web-site however I dis not remember my password and was unable to connect for billing.
    I like the merchandise gut ordering is too hard on-line and the personal contact was unsatisfactory.
    I don’t know if I can continue buying from your. concern.

  62. Haband, Worst Company i ever dealt with on line. Placed and order from them and paid for 3 day delivery $21.95 then i find out that they say it takes 3 days to process the order. Put me in to the vipplus that i did not order that charges you $14.95 a month for what i do not know. Tried to cancel the hole order and Haband is saying they cannot and they tell me my credit card has not been cleared. Customer service people you cannot understand. What happened to push 1 for English? I would not recommend this Company to any one. Dumb me as i most of the time check out the rating of a company before i order from them. DJD.

  63. I have been ordering from you for 8 or 9 years. Now I am told I have to change my password. You can not recognize my password. I want to know why?

  64. I read you other posts and I see I am not alone. I bought a large order for a friend who is plus size and hard to fit. The order was not the right sizes to what he said he was. I returned most and 2 months later FINALLY got credit. I exchanged 3 of the items which was a nightmare – you tried to exchange 4 or 5. Finally credit for all but those 3 items were credited to my card. Then one of the 3 items was backordered. When the other 2 items came in, the fit was still not correct. I cancelled the back order which was not credited on the first return and therefore still a charge and returned the 2 items. I paid my own postage so this time the return was done with 1 month. I am still waiting on the credit for the back order. To complicate matters this all took so long, my credit card expiration date changed – nightmare of holding and holding to correct that. Now my card was a part of the Home Depot security breach so I have a new number. I just blew a gasket with a “customer service” rep if that is what you can call the idiot that I had a $12.99 credit and needed to give an updated card number. YOU SENT ME AN EMAIL AGREEING THAT I WAS DUE A CREDIT. YOU CALLED MY HOUSE FOR A NEW CARD NUMBER TO BE GIVEN AS THE OLD CARD WAS INVALID NOW. I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO ARGUE WITH SOME DUMB CR THAT THE CREDIT GIVEN 4 MONTHS AGO IS NOT THE CREDIT I AM REFERRING TO

  65. I should have read all these comments before I sent a $125.00 order for some clothes, I mailed the order on the 20th of last month and still have not received it, I ordered some sheets from another flyer three days later and received them within 2 weeks both from Haband so what’s the deal? now I can’t find a place to check on the order, that seems to be well hidden among a lot of stuff. I will not be so quick to place an order to this co. again I can’t check on the order without a tracking no. and so far I haven’t seen one of those either. if anyone even looks at these emails which I doubt could they please check on my order.

  66. on Oct.9, 2014 I placed an order with HABAND and it went through, I tried to put it on my same bank card that I always use and it came up through pay now or pay pal and I don’t know why. I have not received the items and for some unknown reason, I now have 2 more orders that I did not order or even see. Now I have a total of 3 different orders and no product. I’ve tried calling and Emails to get this fixed , and I’m tired of chasing buttons and being put on hold with no return answers. Seriously fed up.

  67. I ordered4 pair of dress slacks [first time iwore slate colored therear end busted out .returned them allowed2to4weeks no reply called4times their reply we cant find the package.IGUESS IT FELL THROUGH THE CRACK.

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