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Contacting Groupon Customer Service Center

Groupon is a crowd-sourced couponing website that offers deep discounts for products and services in a particular area. The concept allows business to offer deals and the subsequent savings are passed along to the customer. This is a great ideal for start-up businesses as well as existing businesses in order to drive additional sales and revenue. With so much emphasis placed on the customer, Groupon provides world-class customer service designed to assist the business as well as the potential customer.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers have the ability to contact a customer service representative during regular business hours in order to check the status of a deal, inquire about upcoming deals, locate order or find various methods to grow business. The normal business hours are Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm EST. The company typically does not offer live customer support on holidays.

Customer Help Center: 1-888-375-5777

Corporate office: 1-312-784-2366

Mailing Address

Customers can send correspondence to the corporate office here:

Groupon Corporate Office
600 W Chicago Ave. Ste. 620
Chicago, IL 60654

Official Website

If you want to find the deals in your area or inquire about marketing your business with Groupon, visit the website here You will need to enter your location or the closest city to your location prior to seeing the deal and promotions. Customers have the ability to sign up for deals and promotions from other cities across the country.

Customer Service Email

Email communication is typically a faster method to contact customer service, especially after business hours. Customers can contact a representative at You do not have to sign up for deals in order to contact customer service. Customers merely input name and email address and ask questions. We send an email asking about the requirements for service and are awaiting a response.

Our Experience

Since Groupon is customer focused, we were excited that the automated system only required a push of one button. Customers select the option, then immediately transferred to a live representative. Total wait time was less than 30 seconds. We asked the customer care agent questions regarding the service and asked what we do when we have a concern. All of our questions were answered without hesitation.

The representative appeared to be knowledgeable and rather pleasant. Our experience was perfect. Did you feel the same way when communicating with Groupon? We want to know your thoughts. Share them below.

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180 Comments on “Contact Groupon Customer Service
  1. have requested numerous times for you to stop all the e-mails, they still arrive…but do not want them. PLEASE STOP SENDING THEM TO MY E-MAIL

  2. I have already asked this in the “questions “area, but I tried to cancel my order within 5 minutes of ordering but the customer service and corporate lines are unavailable to take any calls or leave voice mails. Please help me with this situatioin.


    Robin Mercure

  3. My Panasonic camera battery went dead after TWO uses.
    Attempted to CALL Groupon and was told I was 60th person
    waiting!!! This is NOT Customer Service! Will TRY e-mailing them. Probably won’t do anything about camera battery either!

  4. I ordered concert tickets. They never came. I emailed them several times with no response. I called, but they are closed on weekends. The concert is Sunday. They were very quick to take my money, very slow with service. This is the first time I’ve used Groupon, and the last.

  5. Pleased with Groupon up until the last month. Not able to establish voice contact… they don’t answer even after a long wait.

    Also tried email, they quit responding without giving a good answer.

  6. Ordered chimney service. Never showed up when I called them they told me They cancelled Groupon would not honor service and Groupon was supposed to notify and reimburse me but did neither. Never ever again will I use Groupon

  7. Groupon is HORRIBLE when it comes to customer service. Their auto response emails tell you to expect a response in less than 24 hours, but sometimes I have waited for 3 FULL DAYS!! Their groupons are unreliable to say the least. Only had a couple that were worth the hassle of dealing with them.

    Tracking info on your order is no longer updated either. I’ve about had it with Groupon and plan on using the tons of other companies that are doing the same thing; but with BETTER SERVICE.

  8. I emailed groupon customer services 2 times in four days because I did not receive my full order. I have not heard anything back. Now I am forced to try to stop payment through my credit card. I will warn my many friends who are groupon junkies to beware and STAY AWAY from Groupon

  9. I bought Groupon for Trapoline -park jum time for two with deal $11. They charge 2kids more 15usd when we get in. It’s terrible, i will return remain 3groupon and we won’t buy this place anymore

  10. I have sent in 4 request for assistance and no one has replied to any of my emails, what does it take to get help from Groupon????

  11. Since they do not respond to emails and customer service does not answer the phone, everyone start calling their corporate number 1-312-784-2366 and ask to speak with the CEO!!!!!!

  12. I contacted numerous times about this. I have not purchase since. What I did purchase was a Shell gas card of $10 for $3 but never received. Can I find out the status of this please?

  13. Groupon South Africa customer service is terrible. You wait up to 30 minutes to speak to a customer service representative. They have not been able to solve a missing voucher problem after two months. So frustrating.

  14. The customer service at Groupon is horrible. Don’t call them expecting any sort of empathy or real customer service because they are rigid in their policies regardless of your situation. Their supervior Brooke W. is dismissive and arrogant. I am so done with groupon.

  15. dear groupon I did not receive my neckless ordered around the 10th dec2012 I did contact you and was advised to contact the company, which I did and they suggested they did not receive my order and was to ask groupon for a FULL REFUND £19.99
    Ann Burley


    11 months ago I bought a massage for a local company. They have not been responsive to my calls for scheduling, and when I did get ahold of them they said that they close 2 hours earlier (5:pm) and can’t ever fit me in. I emailed and called groupon and they refuse to refund me or credit my account. I called the customer service manager and not only will she not help me, but said that there is actually no one above her and I have no further recourse.

    This is the WORST customer service I have encountered for a long time and will not be supporting them ever again.
    Here I come Living Social, EverSave, DealChicken….

  17. I will not support Groupon or any that advertise with Groupon. For the following reason:

    A lot of local gun owners were hoping to take a concealed handgun course Friday night at a deep discount. Then the Groupon they planned to use was canceled because politics got in the way.

    Chris Rainey has been teaching gun owners how to safely handle their weapon for the past three years. After 14 years in law enforcement, it’s his passion.

    Groupon worked pretty well for him last month, well before the Sandy Hook school shooting. After running a deal with the online coupon giant, 100 people showed up for his concealed handgun license class.

    He tried it again this month. Groupon said yes at first and then called back.

    “They said well their corporate headquarters said cut or remove all gun ads from their discount program, all gun ads, concealed handgun or training classes. So they’re not gonna run that right now because of the current political climate,” Rainey said.

    He said a representative from Groupon told him they stopped honoring all deals that involved guns after getting pressure from anti-gun groups.

    “I think that’s a crying shame. This is a good program and this is a citizen’s duty,” he said.

    In a statement emailed to FOX 4 the company said, “All scheduled and current gun-related deals featured on Groupon North America, including shooting ranges, concealed-and-carry and clay shooting, have been placed on hiatus while we review internal standards that shape the deal inventory we feature. The category is under review following recent consumer and merchant feedback.”

    Gun owner Glen Goebel was appalled at Groupon’s response. He can understand the company wanting to be cautious, but not canceling a CHL class.

    “There is a specific amount of good that can come from educating the public on guns and professional gun training as well,” he said.

    Rainey isn’t the only frustrated instructor. An Austin instructor set up a similar deal. Groupon pulled the plug after encouraging him to increase the deal because of high demand.

  18. This comment is to advise Groupon that I will no longer be purchasing any deals from them. I am incensed that your corporation caved in to pressure to stop offering deals like clay shooting, and other gun sporting events as well as gun safety classes. I am a legal and law abiding gun owner and as such feel you are discriminating against me. I will also be advising my female gun owning friends to do the same.

  19. Cancel me from my groupon account. You people are siding with Obamas gun and ammo agenda by cancelling sales on guns and ammo, so since you want to kiss Obamas butt, cancel my subscription. Do not contact me ever again, because you are all unamerican.

  20. Being a Single 52 year female retired US Army veteran I am appalled at the thought that you would side with those who are trying to strip all law abiding citizens of their 4th amendment Constitutional rights. Your actions of discontinuing Texas gun works their right to offer classes on your site illustrates that you do not respect those rights. I will never to service with you and my 508 Facebook friends will not either. I am sure they will inform their friends of your choice. Good Luck Groupon.

  21. Online deals company Groupon decided last week to suspend all gun-related deals on its site, making it the latest company to cautiously back away from anything related to firearms.

    “All scheduled and current gun-related deals featured on Groupon North America, including shooting ranges, conceal-and-carry and clay shooting, have been placed on hiatus while we review internal standards that shape the deal inventory we feature,” Groupon spokeswoman Julie Mossler said in an emailed statement.

    Hey Julie, Shove it we are done with you too!

  22. Deeply disturbed that you will no longer be offering online deals that have to do with any and all gun-related items. I will not be doing business with you and will discourage everyone I know from doing so.

  23. Just add one more voice to the rest regarding Groupon. I will not trade with them again due to their UnAmerican stance on firearms. Should not be surprised, though, considering where their corporate office is located – Chicago! Bunch of sick, demented people there.

  24. The customer service department is horrible! If you write an email they take several days to respond. When you call the telephone line you can hear several other people’s phone call and hear their complaints. I am not satisfied with products that are offered and they do not refund your money! Total scam!!!!

  25. Hi,

    This is in regards with the Order No E962E5EACF through Group On which is Small Barbeque Set delivered on 7-02-2013 at 3.30 pm by Blue Dart and the AWB No is 59085767112, came to a notice that the Small Barbeque Set is in Damaged Condition. Hence kindly request you to take a call on this ASAP.

  26. I have sent you seven tex regarding cancelling emails to me .Please take my email
    Address off your list
    I am 84years old at my age dont require Cancell Forever

  27. I have ordered from Groupon on Jan 3/13 and have not yet received my order but they were fast to take my money.It took 3 e-mails for them to answer me finally.They gave me a web sight to contact for a voucher,but the web sight cannot be found,so I guess I lost my money,it was the first time I have dealt with Groupon and the last.I’m going to make a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.I also think they are a total scam,and they should not get away with it.

  28. I have very best experience with Groupon customer service,always life person on the phone and so far so good. Customer service of groupon helped me many times.And this is my favorite thinks in the morning now drink coffe and check whats new on groupon.

  29. I actually had to return 2 groupons and the customre service was awesome. I ordered 2 groupons, and once a friend and I went to the business they were charging an upgrade for the service we wanted, so we decided to return the groupon. It was a Saturday so we both sent emails to the customer service email and received an email back on Monday. I instantly got a groupon credit refund, and they request more information from her. We called on Monday afternoon, with no wait during the call, and I requested to get a credit back to my card instead of a groupon, and she requested a credit back to the card as well. We both got exactly what we asked for, with little questions asked. Awesome and super easy!

  30. We booked a trip to Penang and Kuala Lumpur.We paid our money.All the flights and stays were confirmed.We are happy. THEN
    About six weeks before the trip most of the flight times are changed to horrendous times like flying to Penange at 11.45 and arriving 1 to 2am in the morning.I complained and was emailed the clause that we can change basically whatever they wanted.We have never booked through a group and were very disappointed in that once u pay your money you are a their mercy.


  31. I have been calling customer service during their normal business hours and Ive been getting disconnected dial tones and its getting old. I have been overcharged twice for 2 groupons.. I need to be refunded within the 7 seven days before I cant anymore :(

  32. On April 19′,2013 I charger 2,053 on my visa credit card today and I was purchase a 10 dollar for the musem. So can you put my money back on my card number is 410-917-8748 the card number is 4020490042651308 thank you.

  33. Beware Groupon. Subscribe at your risk. By mistake I gave Groupon my email address and ever since then I have been getting 8-10 spam messages per day. One of the biggest mistakes I have made. I would vole to unsubscribe from all.

  34. I have not received my order for my sheets. This is the second time a order did not be received. What is up with this. Please look into to this. Not happy

  35. I just called the customer service number and spoke to Ted. I wanted a full refund due to the business giving me “the business”. Ted was courteous and prompt. I got my refund. I love Groupons.

  36. the product which are shown in the images are not actual which you are delivering to us.. the product which you are delivering to us are most cheapest product as comparable to market prices

  37. Hi. I want to cancel my order by mistake. Its a yuka clothing. I tried to contact groupon but its really hard. Please cancel it right away. Thanks

  38. I would like to cancel the two groupon deals for Cohens eyeglasses.Please refund the amount $70 back to my mastercard. Very much disappointed after hearing what my friend went through in the NY store.Deal was nothing like the one bought ($35 for exam and glasses up tu $250) Friend was charged $20 more for the eye exam and was told the glasses started at $600 !!!! Shame on them !!!!!!

  39. I want to past on to you a good experience I just had with one of your customer service representatives. I was dissatisfied with a previous Groupon purchased and sent my request into for resolution. I later was notified via email I was denied my request. This morning I contact your customer service department by phone and got Jeremy on the line. After telling him of my situation and dissatisfaction, Jeremy handled it in a most professional way. The issue was resolved in a few minutes and he reinstated my trust once again with Groupon. Hats off to Jeremy for being such a great addition to your team! I hope others can experience his great work and wonderful work ethics.
    Beth Bright

  40. I bought one of those things that charges my phone.
    But nothing came with it. I got it in purple which
    Is beautiful. But there are no plugs on it to hook
    It up to the phone.

  41. Terrible. Bought a boat groupon and provider disapeared ! Since it was the wifes birthday, I had to replace with another groupon $50 higher. Groupon would not be responsible and credit me the difference. DOING BUSINESS WITH GROUPON IS A MONEY LOSING PROPOSITION. They are completely irresponsible even though they market themselves very customer oriented. Don’t be fooled.

  42. you guys really need to work on your customer service response time. Caller 30 in the que?….its not like im calling the IRS

  43. HOW can I get information/contact groupon about my failed attempts to obtain my password when every avenue ASKS FOR MY PASSWORD????? I do not remember ever entering a password for this (new) account, and have clicked the *forgot my password* selection at LEAST 12 times and never received the promised email with the password! And yes, I have added groupon to my contact list, checked my spam filter and even my trashed box, and waited anxiously for the password reset…I grow more and more frustrated as I miss the deals I want to receive! I am ready to just take myself off the list to avoid the disappointment of seeing something I want and not being able to get it!

  44. I have found them always to be very understanding and helpful
    I had a massage groupon, they quickly reimbursed me when I told them the therapist had given me an incorrect address (it did not exist) I also accidently redeemed groupons 2x by accident, I just called and they fixed it right away. I wonder how many of these places are the ones that do not deliver and not groupon,.

  45. Very upset with GROUPON! I have been a loyal groupon fan for a while now. I have been thousands of dollars on groupon specials.And everytime I run into an issue-the customer service is RUDE!-if you even get through the phone line. All of the numbers (including corporate number) are busy or you have to wait hours to talk to anyone. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. I will try to explain and stay calm. I received an e-mail inviting me to purchase a Dunkin Donuts gift card, value $10.00. Price to me is $4.00. I e-mailed my order, including my credit card and my home address. This was per instructions.I immediately got a message back saying my e-mail didn’t qualify so I wouldn’t get the gift card!!After many e-mails back and forth I finally got a message that my groupon order was filled and I can copy it and I was billed $5.00. I can’t copy it, I do not have a printer and I am not paying $5.00. Is this comment enough to give you some idea of what I think of Groupon ? Is this how you do business or is it just me? I want my Dunkin Donuts card and I want to pay $4.00 for it!! Thank you for your attention to this matter. Charlotte Cohen

  47. The absolute worst experience possible. I ordered 3 items and did not receive credit for the referrals. I spoke with a rep after the purchases and they told me the credit should come through in a couple of weeks. After a few weeks the credits did not come through and I called once again and spoke with customer service.

    Customer service told me that they would apply the credit and I thought the case was over. However, a few hours later I get an email that my account has been closed.

    I did not receive the credit promised and lost the groupons purchased. After telling my wife about this she was shocked. She heard the call with customer service and said we left things on good terms. How can this happen? Who can I contact for help with this?

  48. So far, only talk. Haven’t been officially contacted or refunded for a service I never received. Hopefully they will come around soon.

  49. Worst and terrible.. My order did not come at the same thing costumer service is always hanging up when you call them.. So disappointed and i will not recommend this to all my friends! I will never deal with this groupon anymore..

  50. Shipping is so slow…ordered something on 12/22 it is now 1/3 still nothing.
    Don’t understand why shipping is so slow…will never order anything unless it
    Ships in 7 days

  51. Some of the worst customer service I’ve received in a LONG time. They don’t even bother to read your email and just send a cocky, condescending canned response that has nothing to do with why you contacted them. And, you wait days for the non-response! What a bunch of crap – won’t do this again!

  52. I found a groupon I wanted for a massage. Since I had never purchased one before I called the doctor office to find out the process since could not reach customer service. He said just come to office and he would honor groupon price. Suppose to be over 200 savings. Got to his office and was asked to fill out complete medical history, insurance info and date of birth. why? All this for a massage and muscle therapy.I filled out medical info but not insurance or date of birth. The man at the front desk was clearly upst that I did not give him my date of birth. Date of birth is what is needed to steal a person identity. On the form it also wanted my social security number…also a way to steal identity. My appointment was about 1/2 hour late when I finally got my massage at the chiopactor office. As I was laying face down with my eyes closed I never thought that my date of birth, credit cards, and insurance info was across the room unprotected. Groupon needs to warn customers these things are not a requirement to get a massage. It sounds more like identity or insurance fraus or both. I feel betrayed.

  53. I purchased pmp bundle this morning, but I am having trouble in obtaining the redemption code, can you please email it to me or text it to me.

  54. I brought 3 shirts I saw 2 confirmation # & the colors are Red , Dark Yellow & than I don’t see the confirmation the White color shirt Please send it back to me in my Email

  55. I ordered cardigan set of tree on 2/8. So far the money has been charged, I still have not received my order. No track number. Should I worry about this? How long do I have to wait?

  56. I have 2 separate purchases made through Groupon that must be returned, due to allergic reactions. I have spent hundreds of dollars on Groupons & never had a problem with anything till now. I can’t find a person or a way to return these 3 items for a credit. Thia is getting frustrating! I purchased these 2 Groupons while on vacation in Florida, I also purchased others that were fine. But I have NEVER had a problem with Groupon Canada. Please help? I need to return these items ASAP. Thank You

  57. I have 2 separate purchases made through Groupon that must be returned, due to allergic reactions. I have spent hundreds of dollars on Groupons & never had a problem with anything till now. I can’t find a person or a way to return these 2 items for a credit. This is getting frustrating! I purchased these 2 Groupons while on vacation in Florida, I also purchased others that were fine. But I have NEVER had a problem with Groupon Canada. Please help? I need to return these items ASAP. Thank You

  58. I hate to receive the emails from Groupon.It is very annoying. I tried to cancel it but in vain. Most of my friends had the same experience. Please tell me how to deal with it?! Looking forward to your prompt reply and follow up action.

  59. UPS come 3 times to delivery for me but no body was home & then when I went to pick up the tell me the send it back please help me for that’s

  60. I ordered two different gift groupon and when I went to print them it said they were both already redeemed. I have not been able to print either. Please advise on this issue. Thanks

  61. Customer service is below average… They don’t answer calls nor do they reply to emails… I have used groupon many times and I am not planning on using it anymore.. I bought a facial and the company can not seem to find any times available for me to use it. They have also cancelled the appointment I had scheduled the day I was to go in. I want my money back GROUPON!!!

  62. Ordered a bed ensemble consisting of comforter, dust ruffle, shams, pillows, (White on blue pattern) and sheets (blue on white pattern) as shown in the ad picture. Arrived with plain blue sheets not even matching the blue shade of the comforter set. False advertising at its best. My first & last time ordering from groupon!

  63. I would like to give the poorest review to Spaa Heaven in Lansing. They did a mani-pedicure for me for $29 and it chipped on my fingernails the next day and on my toenails a couple days later. I went to the business and had to leave a note because no one was there during regular business hours. They keep their door locked even when open. I left a note and they called me back only to tell me that a week had gone by and they wouldn’t give me a refund and when I mentioned it happened after one day she got irate with me and swore at me and said I would never get a refund and continued to scream at me so I hung up.

  64. Customer service was very helpful in crediting my charge card promptly. The business I bought services from went out of business. Hassle free thanks

  65. For the first time in my numerous groupon coupons bought, my last coupon has turned my taste off to any Groupon purchases. I bought a coupon for a haircut, highlights, and blow dry. When I got there I mentioned that gray hair is stubborn, but that I wanted lowlights so that my grey hair would have medium brown lowlights. After the process was all done, I did not see any brown in my grey/blond hair, and said so. She said that it would come out more the next day, and that she is seeing it, so I left. The next morning, I noticed there was absolutely no medium brown lowlights and called them. They told me to come in. When I came in, I was approached by 3 stylists, and all said that they saw them. Not!!! I had them take out the book where the color swatch was out, and matched it to my hair. They still tried to convince me otherwise. The last comment that ended my patience was when one stylist said that if they were to do a full head application that the stylist did not have the time. I chose just to leave, and when I was waiting for my friend I heard them talking poorly about me in front of all their customers. I will never use Lisa B Salon ever again, nor GroupOn, mainly because it appears that getting a discount brings a reputation of a customer that may only want a deal rather than a decent place where they may want to come back.

  66. I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis a couple of years ago and I had a real hard time getting around and doing the things that I wanted to do. I tried therapy that didn’t do much. Then I had to try some drugs that was even worst I was still very sore and unable to do the things that I most wanted to do. I spoke to my doctor and told him that I wanted to try acupuncture he said by all means try it. I gave it a try with Dr. Chunhui Liu I went for 4 treatments and I started to feel much better. I am on my 8th treatment and I am able to do much more I will be forever grateful for this chance. I am sure that I will have to come back again in the future, but you can be sure that I will come back to Dr. Chunhui Liu he is very caring, gentle and he knows his acupuncture and the human body for sure.

  67. I returned a otterbox and it has been about three weeks and I
    Haven’t gotten a email or my refund ! I want my refund
    Of 27.99 back on my debit card. Very disappointed
    With this service!

  68. I want to change my email since I no longer can access the old one but am unable to even contact Groupon Customer Support without signing in. It is a vicious cycle. You can’t send me a reset my password so I can sign in and I can’t sign in to change my email so I can get your email. One should be able to go online and contact support without signing in.

  69. From time to time I get a pitch for a Groupon deal like the one I got today. $5 for a $10 Starbucks offer. When I go to the bother to input my email, password and actually make the purchase I get the note…”Sorry, this deal is not available for this email.”

    This happens on a pretty regular basis. It is far from rare and I think it is unethical if not illegal in that the email was sent to ME and the offer, on the surface, looks like a typical Groupon offer . . .but, of course, it ends up being dangled out there and not available.

    To say that it honks me off is a big understatement.

  70. Worst booking ever. Got a room in San Diego at The Declan Suites for over 500 bucks for three nights and there is no restaurant or pool or jacuzzi or workout gym. Have a photo from their elevator saying all these are located on the 12th floor. They have none of these things sorry.So we wanted to go check out the pool. We asked the peeps at front desk how to get to it. Their response: “pool? We don’t have a pool. There’s no pool here ” and, “fitness center? We don’t have that either”.

  71. Hello I just ordered a 3 pairs of brown chair from you but unfortunately the 1 chair don’t have any hole to put the screws. Thanks pls let me know what to do. And 1 more thing I accidentally press twice my order for the inflatable double chair I only want 1 piece thanks again!!!!

  72. Pls cancel my order for inflatable sofa double I’m sorry bu I accidentally click it twice pls cancel thanks

  73. I bought a groupon for oil change in my car at a place called Quality Oil Exchange/Auto Repair in Delray Beach, Fl. I bought the groupon and when I went to change the oil, the people at the store told me I had to pay for the tax and other fees. So my question is, why don’t they said that when people buys the groupon?

  74. I did contact groupon @ this issue and it was PARTIALLY resolved. I recently moved to another state so was asking to have my info updated so I only receive groupons for my area. I was instructed to change my info which I did BUT the problem is I have to updte that info EVERY TIME I WANT TO SEE PROMOS FOR MY AREA. That’s a pain in the behind. Why can’t I just change it once. I certainly do NOT need groupon offers for KS when I live in PA! Thanks, Denise Streitman

  75. Love Groupon! Not only do they offer great deals from Merchants, etc., they are also there for the customer when a question arises. Their Customer service personnel are polite and very helpful. I highly recommend Groupon.

  76. We purchased a Groupon promotion for Sparkle Clean several months ago. The service was great. I asked for a price non Groupon and the owner gave me a price. We scheduled a window cleaning for today 7/3. The owner arrived and did not do the cleaning. He said he had told his people to not schedule us because he lost money on the job. Why did he show up and why did he give me a price at the last cleaning? Very unprofessional. I do not think you are doing Groupon any good allowing someone with this mans character to participate in your program.
    John Lenhart

  77. I have not received my lasts order .date6/25/2014 black soap and back pack .did get slim case for iPad . Thank you .

  78. I am trying to buy a two night for Red Rock casino in Las Vegas, but even the days are available but it is not alwoing it; can you help please

  79. I’m a good customer of Groupon I’m trying to place a few orders and It doesn’t seem to be letting me!!!…I’m starting to lose faith!!!

  80. Customer service is lousy. Bought Beats Headphones and less than 60 days they are broken. Tried to return and turns out Groupon is not an authorized dealer.

  81. I wanted to order Glass Nickel on Saturday , but I was busy . I went to order today but it,s gone can I still order it. We like it and would like to order 2 if we can.. That is in Green Bay , it’s Glass Nickel Pizza, Please let me know. Thank You. Theresa Barrett

  82. Ordered Brazillian treatment by Steven Mata who put me on his list one month after my purchase. I have been patiently waiting for a month. The day before my appointment, Steven texted me and cancelled on me for his sickness. I just couldn’t simply wait for longer so I politely asked for a refund. He refused and called me to shut up!!! I can’t believe how rude Groupon’s vendors are. I called Groupon and haven’t heard back. This is just so wrong! They just take your money away without honoring their words while treating their customers like s**t! Groupon really should learn from Amazon who is so responsible to their customers. They are supposed to be the ones who discipline their venters and satisfy their customers. Never thought this would happen to me…

  83. Love, love, love Groupons. We are retired and tried our first Travel Groupon to Lisbon, Portugal in April. Trip was amazing, the flight, hotel, city; couldn’t have asked for more. Telling all our friends what great deals you offer and can’t wait to do another one.
    Please, please, please offer a trip to Barcelona soon; getting ready to take off on yet another vacation and want to do Groupon again.
    Thanks for great deals and incredible customer service that addresses any and ALL questions/issues. You are the best!!!

  84. DO NOT USE Black Car Sedans! They are a bogus company that never answers their phones with a human being, or returns the messages you have left them. The web site is fictional and the appointments made are totally disregarded. I scrambled for a round trip airport shuttle after being left stranded by Black Car Sedans. Trust me. They are a FALSE COMPANY.

  85. I am trying to contact customer service regarding an order I placed 2 weeks ago, which they promptly charged my credit card, but never shipped the product. I have spent 5 hours waiting for someone from customer service to pick up the phone. Help! Is there really a customer service department?

  86. I have had THE worst experience. I ordered a 55″ flat screen that was over 1800 dollars on august 21st and have not received it. I called customer service today and He said it was escalated….and then just now I received an email from Groupon stating: we don’t have your phone number or email address which is why you haven’t received it. And yes, i received this via email. Lol. Everything’s in my profile. This is unacceptable. I will never order from Groupon again .

  87. Regarding redeeming a Printerpixs Groupon.
    Bought in May of this year and would never recommend this to anyone. Bought a 20 x 16 Groupon and to get a picture they would except had to go all the way down to a 10 x 8 for a photo to meet their min. standards. At least I have now used the Groupon and am done with it. Discouraging. Sincerely, Judith Cameron

  88. Be prepared to wait forever for a groupon item to be shipped. Example, item ordered on 9-5 expected delivery 9-11, as of 9-19, no delivery.

  89. Have been trying to get an answer on an order that was only partially sent 1 month ago. This is beyond ridiculous. They take your money & that’s the last you hear of them. Scam artists

  90. My husband and I stayed in a Wildwood hotel using a groupon. I always get confused between an ocean-view and an ocean-front room. To say the least, we were assigned a corner view of the ocean. When I asked if I could upgrade to an ocean-front room the woman said that people using groupons are not permitted to have ocean-fronts. It embarrassed me and made me feel cheap but we still stayed.

  91. Customer Service is HORRIBLE!!! How in this day and age do you keep customers waiting for 45-50mins to speak with someone in customer service. There are plently of businesses just like yours that people will chooose over GROUPON because of Customer Service and not being able to get through.

  92. Customer Service is HORRIBLE!!! How in this day and age do you keep customers waiting for 45-50mins to speak with someone in customer service. There are plently of businesses just like yours that people will chooose over GROUPON because of Customer Service and not being able to get through.

  93. Do not give them your C. Card Number. They will use it for fraudulent transactions against you. I had to cancel my credit card do to this CO.( Groupon ). They had charged up to 11 transactions in a 24 hr. period before I was contacted by W.F. Bank.

    I have know come to the conclusion, that this might-not be that good of a deal after all. I would look elsewhere for a discount Comp. Not this one.

    Time is money and I don’t have the time for this crap.

  94. Purchased your GoPicnic Groupon. How do I go about getting this product shipped? If it is too difficult, send me a refund.

  95. I recently purchased a Vax vacuum from Groupon which I wish to return as it is not what I want.How to go about this is s mystery,can someone advise as I seem to be given the runaround or there is no way to return goods

  96. I have been trying for days to get an answer regarding a charge of $24.99 for a personalized cutting board which was suppose to be a gift. My son never received notice of the gift.
    Since so many of us are having problems with Groupon to simply reply, my attorney David B. will be notified at my next appointment on Oct. 28,2014.
    It is not so much the money as the principle of their service. Courtesy matters when you are in business.

  97. I spent the greater part of the day yesterday trying to get ahold of somebody to help me with a gift card for Groupon. I was transferred back and forth between two service places both kept transferring me to the other. Finally one guy says he’ll transfer me to the right place; after waiting a half an hou, I hung up. Now it’s the weekend, & I have to wait till Monday to try again. I have been an avid user of Groupon in the past. I will rethink that for the future.

  98. if Groupon reads this I would appreciate a contact. Phone calls to customer service aren’t working. I have searched for an email to contact you and could not find one.

  99. Have ordered several times from groupon without difficulty. However, my last order has been a nightmare, I ordered 2 pair of fleece leggings for the fall/winter. they were never delivered. UPS can’t assist since I’m not the shipper. Customer support line is enough to make you scream……third time i’ve called and have been told a wait of 15 minutes an hour goes by and no one answers. guess this is MY LAST GO ROUND with groupon. What a shame I enjoyed the convenience.

  100. I have called 3 time today, and each time estimate waiting time is 15 Min~20 min, but over a hours, there is no customer service pick up the phone. I tried email, and they link me to Q&A which is not help me at all.

    I use to like Groupon, and purchased a lot through them, if I know there are much bad service, I will not order through them again.

  101. I purchased 2 spa packages on 11/10/2014. I have been calling the spa to schedule an appointment since 11/11/2014, but no one answers the phone or returns my calls and messages at the spa. So I called Groupon customer service since today is the last day for a refund due to the 3 day refund policy but I was put on hold for a very long time and then the customer service line was closed for the day. I have 2 unredeemed vouchers that I would like to get a refund for but I’m not sure how to return them to Groupon. Can customer service or anyone who knows the policy on returning unredeemed vouchers within the 3-day window please post how to do it. Thank you.

  102. I was told I would get a phone call back in 40 minutes. I have been
    sitting near the phone for 2 hours. This company is lame with not enough
    customer service people to help over the phone.

  103. merchant refused to honor my groupon and instead of giving me a refund, groupon gave me groupon bucks which I think is sheer garbage because at this point, I never want to order anything from groupon ever again .

  104. We purchased a groupon coupon for air-duct cleaning for upto eight vents and dryer vent cleaning from Five Star Ducts for $59.00. They came today to clean the vents and didn’t clean the eight vents because unless we paid them an additional $159.00 to clean out the trunk that the vents came off of it would create a big mess as cleaning the vents without cleaning out the trunk causes your house to fill up with dust created by cleaning out the vents. We only got our dryer vent cleaned out. This is really a bait and switch routine and really just an opportunity for you to spend $59.00 for the privilege for Five Star Ducts to sell you more services. Do Not Purchase from them. It is a rip off!

  105. I have concerns with the newer version of your app. There seems to have been a step removed. I have accidentally purchased a haircut… When the description said there were two options a pressed proceed in hopes to select the option without the foils… But instead it just thanked me for my purchase — of the more more expensive option that included foils. Super annoying but not really worth an email. Then this morning I went to purchase a groupon that quoted appox $285 for three nights hotel, I proceeded and it thanked me for my purchase and charged my card approx $345. A bump by $60 that I didn’t have a chance to approve before you charged me.

    I would gladly send screen shots if I had an actual email address to correspond with.

    Please reply. I don’t trust your app anymore.

  106. Paid for a promotional online course, but never delivered. Unable to contact any customer service. Will never deal with this company again.

  107. Find a way, please to stop all of these emails. Marking them as spam is not what I want. Telling me that these emails are generated by the retailers that Groupon supports is not an answer. Obviously Groupon knows the names, addresses and email information of their retailers and can therefore, should they choose to take the time, contact them and remove me from the many, many, many annoying emails I receive under the general label of Groupon. I WANT THEM TO STOP NOW.

  108. Hello, I am having alot of issues trying to look up coupons. Disney on Ice coupons or discounted tickets and also discount coupon to the olive garden. I need some assistance. I pulled up the search button no response.

  109. I purchased today thru Groupon dinner at Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse,located at Boylston St. Boston, but when I presented the coupon the person at the desk, Amy Lin, refused to honor the deal. We had to leave and go to another restaurant.
    My order No.1100-033404-240519 for total of $15.00
    Please reimburse, and please make it clear that this is unacceptable business behavior.

  110. Paradise Permanent make up was a wonderful experiance
    My operator was cherie she was very cool and done a great job. If you go to Paradise have cherie do your make up.

  111. Love Groupon… except: paid for a DNA kit for a gift. Nothing has been delivered and site is so confusing I don’t know how to check. I love to browse offerongs but HATE that returning to full listing takes you to beginning of list rather than back to item you just checked so you have to plunk through entire list to see next offerings. I’m sure I’ve missed some fabulous deals because I’ve thought “the h#%$/£ with this” and left.

  112. I have not been happy with the customer support availability of groupon. It is very difficult to reach them, even with e-mail. I now have 3 groupons that need to be refunded because the place went out of business ( Groupon never contacted me as promised) and 5 other groupons that I have not been able to use due to difficulty in communicating with the supplier. One wine tour had very limited hours on very limited days, a magazine that was impossible to sign up for and a massage place that was rude when placing a reservation with a “groupon”. Most service suppliers are not happy when you come in carrying your groupon.

  113. groupon is closing my account right after you refund my money that i have been waiting 2 months for and telling all my friends about what terrible customer service have.

  114. After a month I did not receive my order with Groupon. I was told there is no info on first call. Second call was told often vendors do not take down offer and you will pay for out of stock products and later get refunded. I have been told that I should get it in a few days – well see! Bad business dealings!

  115. I paid for items at DressLilly a month a ago and still no product in the mail. No live person to talk to on the googled number I found online because I could not find a phone number on their website. Horrible business dealings.

  116. I was booked on Spirit airlines for a trip to NY to see my dead aunt at her funeral. I got to Spirit check-in desk 45 mins before the plane was scheduled to leave and told my situation and that I was in a hurry to get to the plane. I was told because I was not at the desk an hour before take off they could not let me in. I asked for a Supv and the representative went to the back and I stand there for 20 mins waiting for a Supv who then said it would be impossible at this point to let me on. I missed the funeral and my aunt was cremated. I never saw her again and have not filed with that terrible company again. All the people I know have stopped because the airline has made it a habit to charge extra $100 for the next flight even if you are a minute late. In my case it was the last flight.

  117. I have tried every telephone number associated with Groupon. I have read every thing about cancelling. I have tried repeatedly to get through somewhere to complain about a purchase where the provider has a full mail box, does not return emails and when I went in person, no sign, and really no reasonable explanation. I am contacting my credit card company and filing a complaint and cancelling my account. Too bad.

  118. I ordered E-pens on Jan. 2.2015. Said by accepting the deal. There was nothing more I had to do. Coupon was mine. Be sent out within 7-12 days. Well, have not heard a word from them nor have I got any tracking number.. Sitting and waiting. Please let me know something.

  119. I wondered green shaker kit. 10 Jan 2015. My account has been debited £18.99. Delivery said within 7days. I have tracking no jc414946320GB. On checking it parcel is still waiting to be dispatched. I have contacted groupon by telephone, have been advised can take up to . 10days for response. I am not happy about this why can’t another order be sent out.


  120. I have found it impossible to get information about my acccount. It was a 50-60 minute wait on the phone and the email address that I had to search for with difficulty did not go through. I am still left without my questions being answered.

  121. LOUSY cust.svc. Tried to get groupon help by phone, computer said my wait time would be betw 50 to 60 mins. I’m sure they say this to everyone who calls that number to discourage people who have questions which can’t wait that long. At first Groupon was very customer friendly. Now they just suck. Thx for nothing Groupon

  122. I am extremely annoyed with groupon. I was wrongly charged by Groupon and I have tried to contact the company with 6 emails and I still havent recieved a reply. I tried contacting via social media and still no response. If I dont get a response I will be taking this further.

  123. My package was not delivered by UPS as the tracing information indicated. UPS was very cordial, apologetic and understanding but explained the shipper had to be the one to initiate an investigation. I contacted Groupon and the ONLY solution they offered was for me to check with my numbers. They would not initiate an investigation. UPS was kind enough to make an exception and started an investigation for me. Only problem is, if my package cannot be located, my money gets refunded back to GROUPON, not me. Good job, Groupon, stay classy. My first and last transaction with Groupon.

  124. I have been on hold for customer service for over 2 hours and 20 minutes and still holding after I was told the wait would be between 50 minutes and 1 hour (which is already WAY too long to have to wait). I will not be using groupon again if they can’t service their existing customers in a reasonable time. This is beyond ridiculous. I’m sure your making enough money that you can afford to hire more customer service representatives. Good bye groupon. I’ll be sure to pass this terrible experience with groupon to my friends and family. Your quick to get our money – that’s it.

  125. I bought a traffic school online program from Groupon. When I went to put in the voucher code on the online traffic schools website to redeem the voucher the code was incorrect. The traffic school said I should talk to Groupon. Groupon said I should talk to the traffic school. Long story short I have been on calls to both companies for over 5 phone calls. The wait time for Groupons customer service is over 50 minutes and I still do not have a resolution.

  126. I have spent a total of 3 hours on hold for Groupon customer service.. I am livid.. A million dollar business that has a call center that sucks! What do they have like 5 reps that work there???

  127. I have returned an item I received and i am trying to speak to some one from customer service but you have to wait for 60 minutes. they are not good. will never deal with them again. I am contacting my credit card for my refund. Their mails will go to my spam.
    never again…..

  128. The Groupon For D&M Window Washing…..TOTALLY NOT WHAT

  129. I have been trying to cancel my order #1100-033742-403878 dated
    January 19, 2015 and have been unable to get it done. They did not have as I assumed from the info given I want to receive a credit for my purchase. Marilyn

  130. good morningk-
    i had placed an order for a sofa cover too many times and i only need one order the order was placed this morning,2-22-2015 i want to make sure those orders were canceled and not charge to my card
    i a confirmation number 1100-034720316299 not sure if thats the correct confirmation number i know i checked my bank acct and it pending 8 orders for $28.73 please make sure i get my refund. thank you and please reply asap

  131. I was trying to give a feedback on a bad experence I had with a purchase , couldn’t get hold of customer service or find an email address to write my complain
    Can someone contact me so I can give my feedback

  132. Customer support is marginal at best especially if you are a merchent. My business is seven days a week you could never reach them by phone and they never return your call the same day.

  133. Hi,

    I was just about to purchased a todays resaurent deal (umberto seafood restaurent) in little italy ny ny. and and just realized last groupon we reedemed at brasil brasil restaurent dinner purchased ever, due to the waiter service and the comment. The waiter cornered me said insulted me front of my date. saying must give more tips.

    I meant to complain rightway away but forgot until today as my habit to check groupon email and saw something interesting so I wanted to buy this groupon but when remember that incident I changed my mind.

    Thank you!! Never using groupon again.


  134. I want to purchase a close-out BeautyRest Recharge Pillow Top mattress, send it to an address in Dolan Spring, AZ but was unable to complete the order because your site keep listed my primary resident as recipient address. Please help!!

  135. I would like to do an advertisement on groupon, how do I do that or is there a number that I can contact the sale department to ask about that . Thank you very much for your prompt response.

  136. No se que paso no puedo imprimir la orden de compra parece que apreté algo mal por favor si me pueden ayudar es para el concierto de journey &steve el día 15 de marzo solo pude tirar foto la tengo en mi teléfono gracis
    regla cabrera

  137. I will no longer buy from you.Bought 2 dresses and have spent over a hour trying to return.Can not get to my account.Can’t get shipping label,half web is down.If I ever get a label,I will pass on other things.

  138. effective immediately please remove my email address from your records. I have found in the past things that interested me but have trouble getting into the system so it isn’t worth my efforts any longer. Thank you

  139. Ripped off by Groupon again!
    I tried to sign in for the Six Sigma Complete Course today 4 hours before it expired for $79, instead my credit card my credit card was charged $2299! What a rip off!!!
    I tried to get the charge cancelled, but Simplelearn said the would refund the $2299 in 2 weeks after an investigation! What a joke, what a rip off! What a mistake, Groupon has gotten labeled with again! Don’t you feel like you have committed a felony using a company like Simplelearn to steal from your customers?

  140. I’m not happy with the item I purchase because it is not in good condition at all I will no longer order any other items from you all the server was not what I want it to be been on hold for a long time I will make sure that I tell my friends and family do not order anything from u all

  141. I am very surprised with my order. I ordered the deal get 8 packs of cottenelle flushable wipes for 13.00, what I received was 1 single pack, I sent a email right away, I did hear back only to get a bogus answer about checking with the shipper, neighbors, I did receive the order, but was shy 7 packs. not sure if I will get anything resolved after reading all these emails, what a shame, I have bought with out problems for four years. I guess this may be the last time I buy, Pretty exspensive wipes, I could of bought 1 pack for under 4.00.

  142. Groupon sent me a message stating my package was being delivered however I haven’t received it yet. I try and try to contact groupon to no avail. They charge my account but no product. I will never get anything thing from them again. Trying to contact customer service is hell.

  143. Where is my package Groupon said it is on the way sent me a tracking number but no package. Trying to contact customer service is Hell.

  144. My daughter and I purchased Sparks furnace cleaning from Groupon. Sparks told me I had a sound in motor giving me a large bill to replace [just out of warranty]. I declined and never once heard the sound the whole winter. My daughter had her furnace cleaned to sell home, and they red flagged it saying she needed a new furnace. Sparks cleaned chimney and told her it had cracked crown and flaking. They gave her a huge bill for repair. The chimney had recently been cleaned w/ zero problems! I do not believe these people are reputable, merely looking to make money through Groupon. I assumed that Groupon would ck out the status of aompanys they endorse.
    BBB does not endorse this company, neither should you! VEry unhappy with these transactions!

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