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Greyhound is one of the leading bus lines in North America, servicing millions of customers with more than 3,500 destinations. The company started out as a small bus line in Minnesota just after the turn of the century. The values of the company are ingrained in the drivers as well as the support staff; enhance the customer experience. The company is committed to customers and provides several ways to reach the customer support team I the event customers have questions or concerns.Contact Info:The customer service department is available Monday through Sunday 6am to 3pm EST. The claims department is available Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm EST. Additional ways to contact the customer support department include email, traditional mail and through social media.Phone Contact NumbersScheduling information: 1-800-231-2222TY/TDD: 1-800-345-3109Customers service (Spanish): 1-800-531-5332Customer service (International): 1-214-849-8100Corporate headquarters: 1-214-849-8000Online support: 1-800-268-9000General customer support: 1-214- 849 8966Claims department: 1-214-849-6246Charter services: 1-800-454-2487Commercial services: 1-800-440-7712PackageXpress: 1-800-739-5020Mailing AddressGreyhound Lines, Inc.PO Box 660362Dallas, TX 75266Greyhound Lines, Inc.Attn: Customer ServiceP.O. Box 660691, MS 470Dallas, TX 75266-0691Official WebsiteGo to the official Greyhound website in order to purchase tickets, locate information relating to your destination city, sign up for the rewards program as well as find deals and promotions designed to save the customer money. Customers can also book hotels and vacation packages. Customer Service Email Customers wanting to send email correspondence to the customer service team will need to use the following email address or the customer feedback form We sent a message asking who the point of contact is for customers traveling with special needs. We found customers can contact Greyhound on the Facebook page or the Twitter page Our ExperienceWe contacted the customer service department with a common question, who is the point of contact after the customer service department closes for the day. After waiting through the automated system for approximately 4 minutes, we connected with a live agent. The agent was polite and willing to answer our concerns. The representative explained the company does not have an after-hours call center. The company recommends call as soon as the company opens for business the following day. Although we would have liked to have seen the customer service department open 24/7, we feel the response can help customers just like you. Did you have a different take on the customer service department? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. I have found that since my bad experience with Greyhound Bus Company in Baltimore, that the company DO NOT uphold their wrongdoings, when problems have been created by Greyhounds employees. I have found a solution to this problem with all evidence to forward all information as a legal matter and to involve the Media; if must.

  2. Trip

    My name is Anthony D.
    I went on vacation on March 11, 2013 to Oakland , CA with $1000.00.
    I received an emergency call from my family about a death and had to leave immediately.
    I had 400.00 left and not a penny more.
    My family paid $6300.00 for our tickets to Eritrea, Africa. I only needed to reach Tampa, FL by 1:30 pm.
    I purchased a ticket through Greyhound bus line that would have me there by 12:30 pm.
    When I arrived in Dallas, TX it was already late arriving.
    A Greyhound Employee by the name of Maria Zavala was exceptionally rude and abrasive screaming at Everyone where she wanted them to go. She refused to look at anyone’s ticket, so I asked her which slip I should line up to and she said line 3.
    She proceeded to instruct everyone incorrectly and my bus was actually on line 5 which was opposite of the line i was in. She told me to go all the way around and by the time I reached the bus I was at the end of the line, and then was told the bus is full.
    I was reissued tickets which had me arriving in Tampa at 7:30 pm. Unacceptable.
    When I spoke with several Greyhound employees about my situation they were all abrasive, rude and replied the exact same thing, word for word, which was, “that’s not my fault!”
    I asked to speak to a supervisor and Diane Brant was brought to me.
    I began to explain but was continually interrupted by her with statements as follows.. “Well what time did you get here? Well that was hours ago.. Where’s your tickets? Well there’s nothing I can do about it, we had two buses but the other driver didn’t show up! That’s not my fault. Theres nothing more i can do. This is the next scheduled bus!”
    My family cannot wait for me or repurchase tickets so soon and have everyone stay together. I have no more money and I will now be stranded in Tampa, Fl.
    I demand a full refund of $300.50.
    $285.50 for the ticket and $15.00 for the checked bag.
    This is the worst traveling experience I have ever had.
    I would like to think I would have a better experience next trip but I’m not sure I will ever take a bus cross country again.
    Anthony D.

  3. Had a trip booked to make a 7 hour trip (the actual traveling distance is less than half of that; Greyhound manages to waste 3 hours somehow). The ticket was exorbinatly priced at $80. Obviously, if there was an alternative, I would have taken it. But Greyhound knows that you’re stuck with them, so they opt to do the most unethical thing possible: charge out the ass for a bus trip that’s slightly over 3 hours long (assuming you’re riding with someone who can competently upload Google Maps and stay on the major highways.)

    On the day I was set to depart, the sole working ticket agent in a decrepit, filthy, unsafe bus station inhabited by homeless people informed me that the bus would be late by over 6 hours, citing a broken bus. I missed my brother’s bachelor party as a result.

    My ticked was changed to a bus departing the next day. Sure enough, the trip was delayed again by another broken down bus. I was informed to remain at the station and wait for the bus for an additional 4 hours. Having genuine fears about my personal safety in this disgusting homeless hotel, I requested a refund, which they were unable to give me at the ticket office. Instead, I had to waste more time to fill out a “refund request” form that would take an alleged “6 to 8 weeks” to process.

    “6 to 8 weeks.” Literally over a month to open a letter and type in a few commands on a keyboard.

    The entire business is a fraud and a scam. It is beyond inexcusable that they are more than capable of taking your money at the ticket desk but require bureaucratic outsourcing in order to nullify customer complaints.

    Since Greyhound seems intent on not refunding tickets, I will be posting this story on every site that evaluates their customer service.

  4. i reserved a ticket for minneapolis months ago for thanksgivings. the bus was canceled . but no one notifird me, my credit card was charged. when i went to the ststion . thinking i was leavivg on my trip that was when i was informed of the cancelled bus. i was informed that i would have to take the next bus the next morninng. that ment a eight hour delay. i could not pay for a cab three ways, i am on a fixed income, i could not sit on your hard seats for eight hours, so i went home . your company ruined my thankgivings holiday. and charged me for an unused ticket.your company is dishonest.

  5. This is Charlotte from County Connection in Concord, CA. I have been constantly getting people coming to our office thinking this is Greyhound Lines. You have our address listed as one of your ticket offices. I went to your website and found our address with your name on it. We’re not affiliated with you business wise or other. Please have this address deleted: 2477 Arnold Industrial Way Concord, CA 94520. I’m getting customers who come here lost & confused. Your cooperation is appreciated. Thanks

  6. My son have travel this pass saturday with grey hound and upon arrival in Iwoa he had no baggage wich contains documents l call Clevland which was the last time he saw them and a male costomer service agent spoke to me and he was being rude and hang up on me my son is stuck in a strange city with no luggage and his documents which he needs for a training l will never use Grey Hound again or recomend it to anyone

  7. Now they are telling me that my son will have to travel 13 hours to get his bags and it was there fault not tagging the bags

  8. there is no customer service,in this company, no person here
    makes over min. wage,no 1 person cares about nothing, no person can read labels on shipping, no person will take phone calls,
    grayhound will screw up your shipping needs, you will loose accounts, billing dept. worst ever, can’t add. starting at the top, NO PERSON AT GRAYHOUND CARES ABOUT YOU, YOUR SHIPPING, JUST

  9. This was the worst trip I have ever endured in all my years. I was going from Grand Junction Co. to Cleveland Oh. With all the transfers I had they lost my 1 piece of luggage with every thing I own in it. How does that happen? You hand it to the guy and the next stop,it was not there. I was told there is nothing they can do about it. WHY NOT??? Meanwhile in Cleveland my family was there at 4:50 pm to pick me up and of course my bus was not there. They were told I wouldnt be arriving till 1:05 am or 6:05 am.They went back home over an hour away. I arrived at 8:30pm and no one was there to get me. I’m in a strange town, no baggage,no family and no one can tell me anything except sorry bout your luck basically. Greyhound is a joke and I’ll never ride with them again.

  10. I paid for a ticket to go to Norfolk va.on oct 2 and return on the 11th. I canceled my trip because of personal reasons. I sent my ticket back in the refund envelope.i talked to someone from the refund dept, who said they received my ticket, and would send me a voucher good for 1 year. I haven’t received anything yet.would like to know why.

  11. while on a trip to baltimore, md. last week, i accidently left my wallet at a rest stop between pittsburgh and my destination. fortunately, i remembered that sunoco was in charge of the rest area and i called them immediately about my wallet. they were very helpful and said that they would do all that they could to assist me. unfortunately, greyhound did nothing but give me the run-around. the phone number for the baltimore station was incorrect and i was unable to get a response from the dallas office. i used to ride greyhound often when i was younger and the service was always top-notch. it seems that the newest owners don’t care about their customers.

  12. lost bag? Left Battle creek mi on Friday the 23 to moble al with a yellow tag on bag got to al on sat the24.Call every day and all I get is we are working we will call you no call. Every time we call back we get a dfferent answer.

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