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Contacting Good Housekeeping Customer Service Center

Good Housekeeping is a magazine and website dedicated to making life easier and more productive in the home. Men and women can find cleaning tips, recipes, weight loss answers and even in-depth conversations on sex. Much of the information published in the magazine is also available online.

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Phone Contact Numbers

The Good Housekeeping phone number is for customers who want to report a problem with their magazine subscription or contact customer service about a billing issue.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-925-0485 – Single magazine purchases only.
  • General Customer Service: 1-800-888-2665

You have to say Good Housekeeping or wait for the automated system to transfer the call to an agent to reach Good Housekeeping customer service. We waited more than eight minutes in all before the agent in the Good Housekeeping department answered our call.

Mailing Address

Good Housekeeping Customer ServicePO Box 6000Harlan, IA 51593

Official Website

You can read just about every story available in the print magazine online at The official website is FREE for all visitors, but you can choose to subscribe to the paper magazine for added articles not published online. You can also request back issues of magazines for a fee.

Customer Service Email

You can contact Good Housekeeping customer service by email at You have to use the subject “Good Housekeeping Customer Service Inquiry” on the email or, according to the customer service page, your email may not be answered. We sent an email along asking about finding the lowest price for a first time customer. What we really wanted was to test out the time it takes to receive an answer and the personal quality of the answer. We’ll give you the heads up when we receive a response.

Our Experience

When we called the customer service phone number for Good Housekeeping we were directed to the single copy ordering system. This is the system that allows customers to order single copies of past issues. We looked through the Good Housekeeping website and the dedicated customer service website several times for a general customer service number to no avail. We found another number on an external website, which did lead us to customer service. Our call was on hold for 5:13 before an agent picked up. When we told the agent we were calling about Good Housekeeping she transferred the call forcing another wait of 2:42.

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133 Comments on “Contact Good Housekeeping Customer Service
  1. I sent issues back to GH writing a note on the envelope to stop sending them and to cancel the subscription. The magazines kept coming. I received a payment demand in December 2012 and responded with a letter to their Subscription Services Department in to stop sending the magazine. I now have a “Final Notice” from them demanding payment. I am going to send them an email using the address you have noted above at their “Customer Service” department. We shall see if they finally get the message to stop sending the magazine.

    • I have received a “final notice” and “delinquent”- my subscription was good until Nov. 2014 – I put note on notice and returned to that effect and here I got another notice saying I owe 13.97. My account # is 0753903483 – I am not going to pay that and want my subscription CANCELLED after the final issue!! I see I am not the only person you are doing this to.

    • i have the same problem saying i ordered books and didn’t pay i never order any books without paying first i never ordered more books

  2. i love entering contest but yours and the solve media captacha are impossible. i am beginning to wonder if solve media is selecting who get easy (or possible ) phrases. If no one is entering you would get suspicious. I belong to a sweepstake site and many many are complaining, I am not the only one. This is a sample captcha . No i cannot copy it here. If i had a real contact email, I could send you an attachment.

  3. I am furious at receiving “delinquent” notices. I have never requested this magazine that I didn’t pay for it. I went to the website, logged my account number and cancelled. They have horrible customer service.

  4. I ordered by mistake your magazine, and every phone number I have used to cancel say’s it’s restricted. Whatever that meanes. My e.mail is, so if you send me this magazine it’s on you! It should be as easy to cancel a mistaken order as it is to order! Shame on you!

  5. I did not know entering your contest would result in another order for your magazine. I have a subscription to the magazine, but I was not planning on adding to it at this point . Please cancel the second subscription.

  6. I tried to cancel my subscription to Good Housekeeping online and get my refund for the unmailed issues. The online response they gave me was that my subscription would be cancelled but I am “not eligible for a refund”. In their magazine they always say all refunds will be honored.
    I also had this same thing happen with their other magazines, Woman’s Day and Redbook and Country Living.

  7. I have made payment for my subscription but I keep getting mail and e-mail suggesting that I am delinquent in sending my payments. I renewed my present subscription and also the gift one for my daughter-in-law and sent check to you.
    This is making me furious and I want it straightened out asap. I am paid up with my subscription through June 2014!
    Please get this information to the correct division so I don’t keep receiving “delinquent payment notices!”
    Thanks for your time………….Linda M. Hoag, Fargo, ND.

  8. Paid subscription in Feb 2013 for $24.97 for 1 yr. Two months later receive a notice to renew at $12.00 for 2 subscriptions. Called and was told to send it in or throw it away. Have taken Good Housekeeping for years more than 30 yrs and now I am paying double for something that if I had waited could have got for less. Probably will not renew next year. Looks like customer service would have tried to extend the year on my magazine. Their loss. Customer service couldn’t have cared less.

  9. I sent my check for a one year subscription, but as of yet have not received a magazine. It has been 2 months now. Where is my magazine????

  10. I just got a notice today, saying that I owe you for a magazine that I don’t get. I sent you my check # and the account # telling you that I have paid for the magazine.I will not pay you twice for . Please do not send me another notice.You need to check your files before you start to complain about something that is not true. You have been paid once that is all you will get.I do not want you to reinstate the magazine.I will not ever order it again.

  11. I just received your magazine but I was suppose to also receive a free tote with my paid subscription? When will I receive the fowl tote?

  12. Why do you NOT put a phone number on your invoices!!! what if I didn’t have access to a computer….I would continue to get letters stating that I owe you money???…..

  13. I sent a check for 1 year 13 months ago. My supscription has run out and I don’t get any magazines anymore but I am getting collection statements for a year. There is no telephone number on the statement.

    Nancy Brown

  14. I just received a credit & collection department notice. I do not want, nor did I ever renew this magazine. There is absolutely no phone number on the statement you sent me. Please, Please cancel my subscription as of now. My mother-in-law ordered your magazine for over 60 years and thought highly of your magazine. I do not like receiving non-payment suspended service. I do not want your service, nor will I recommend it to anyone else. I will not be obligated to pay any further notices. Please do not keep sending these notices or magazines. Thank you!

  15. I received a letter from Good Housekeeping magazine.The letter informed me that my account was in collections. I have been waiting for my current to expire. I have the magazines stacked up because I haven’t read them. I did NOT agree to pay for more.
    I am sure you are losing a lot of customers due to kindled nd such. But sending out letters like this one,is not going to help your print magazine’s.
    I am very disappointed in your billing. Maybe you need someone new in that department.
    Oh, by the way the letter wasn’t signed.

    Linda Boyd

  16. I was very disappointed to read your article about “Why not do something BAD and feel good about it?” The suggestions were always things that hurt other people, as you are feeling better. I don’t think you realize the implications these actions have not only for the people you’re encouraging to engage in these activities (gossip; flirt with someone else’s husband; swear; read a racy novel), but also for those in relationship with these people. How would you like a woman much more beautiful than you to flirt with YOUR husband?? Do you put these in context of your own life, or just OUT there in the lives of your readers. All trashy ideas. Why don’t you want people to feel BETTER about themselves as they do something a bit dangerous! How about being TOTALLY HONEST for a day; riding a zip line; discussing openly your weaknesses. I was very disappointed in your article.

  17. I have been getting your magazine for years, even paid for daughters’ for a couple of years; every so often I have winced at some questionable or even crude articles or “reads”. But this is by far THE worst: “Why not do something Bad and feel good about it?” I agree with the previous response by Lynn, all TRASHY ideas.
    -Let’s see, a UPS man comes to the door, you suggest a woman flirt w/him while her husband is gone? He may be married, he may be single. REALLY! Just think through some possible outcomes, if you can’t think of one, just read that suggested “erotica” (aka porn). You really want her to turn on someone else’s husband/boyfriend? In some way, destroying marriages must be in the interest of Goodhousekeeping. Answer this, a wife catches her husband flirting and viewing pornography, his answer; “I just read Goodhousekeeping and want to be a better husband.”
    Marraige takes trust and commitment, articles like this destroy the very foundations of marriages.
    -Not only that, gossip is destructive to every one involved, including the one gossiping.
    -How in the world can you encourage “colorful” language? It’s all around us and is disgusting. It used to be that “colorful” language was apologized for when spoken in front of a stranger, but no more; all ages – male or female- use some of the vilest language.
    -Please cancel my subscription and I will never recommend this magazine to anyone.

  18. I have tried for an hour to figure out how to pay my bill on line…am now sending you a check, but will never sucscribe to your magazine again. Everyone seems to having trouble with your customer service.

  19. Have tried to pay my bill online (for 2 hours) to no avail! Do not put your info on bill if we cannot get to it! Where is your phone number on the bill! Cannot get ahold of you! What’s the deal!

  20. I hope you guys know that you posting your comments on here isn’t going to get your subscription canceled. The reason why they don’t put their phone number out everywhere is because some people will call and be super rude the whole time to find out they called the wrong number, but continue to complain and be horribly rude. Also the phone number for handling the subscriptions is different than the number for the people that actually write the articles for the magazine. They are in completely different states so complaining about articles won’t do you any good. Freedom of speech, if you don’t like the article then stop reading it, no one needs to hear you complain for ten minutes about something that the customer service rep has absolutely nothing to do with.

    It’s called respect people. Learn to be a little more respectful.

  21. I was not subscribing to your magazine I was entering a contest that’s all every time I enter your contest I don’t subscribe and you send me a bill I don’t want the magazine I wrote to customer service your contact nu. And got no response this is my 3rd try! Yours truly M Harding

  22. YOU had a deal where if you ordered Good Housekeeping or Womans Day one of them included with the order –why am I getting 2 different bills? Please send the correct bill.

  23. I have called for sure 3 times maybe 4 requesting they stop sending emails. This has been going on for months. Yep, you guessed it. Another one this morning.

  24. I Have been trying to get you on the phone To stop this magazine
    that I Did not order I did Pay for this I have a Credit of $34.11 which I would like back
    thank you
    Steve Wendland

  25. I mailed a money order for $15.00 for 2 subscriptions
    now I get something in the mail saying 2nd notice. can
    you help me. I had to send a money order, do you not take
    money orders? I paid 15.00

  26. Please note,your advertising people selling some sort of health cream are obviously getting addresses from my personal address book on my computor,and sending me emails from my friends and relatives for the purpose of selling your products, this has to stop,a repeat of this procedure will result in my reporting this to the Federal authorities

  27. I’m cancelling your magazine due to the fact that you are
    geared to a younger group of females, since I am a senior citizen, I find you don’t address an older demographics, which
    is growing more and more each year!! We need to see fashions that aren’t for women in their 20’s to 40’s. Believe it or not,
    we older women are just as interested in age appropriate fashion
    as much as our daughters and granddaughters!! Please try to address this matter, till then I’ll just sit back and wait for my issues of AARP. A member of the much aging populous!!

  28. You cashed my check in December
    And was to get a tote bAg free.
    I see lots of complaints about your
    CompAny so I assume I won’t be
    Receiving my tote. I now will not
    Be renewing this or Woman’s DAy

  29. I received a letter from credit & collections department for non-payment of a subscription renewal. I paid for a one year subscription at the end of of the period and I sent the magazine back with a note that I am cancelling. I have returned 4 magazines with note on the bill I am not wanting your magazine. I reiterate keep your magazine any future editions will be placed in the garbage like other junk mail.
    I will not buy anymore from the shelf either, also, do not sell or release my information to other companies.

  30. Trying to get customer service from your company is a NIGHTMARE !!!! Again you have mailed me a bill for your magazine !!!! Really !!!!! This was given to me as a gift and ;yes it has been paid for !!!!! But you continue to send me a bill, with a statement….as I requested !!!!!! I’ve not REQUESTED !!!!!! your magazine !!!!! Lets see if you will respond to this e-mail…….VERY UNHAPPY :( :( :(
    Susan Crowder
    awaiting for a reply !!!!!!
    wonder if I will get one ! ! ! ! !! :(

  31. sent back all magazines first to 57th st in ny and then to harlan ia i am not paying bill my mom is deceased and every month 2 magazines come and 2 bills one for durethy and one for Dorothy.STOP I am going to complain to BBB your phone stinks If magazine comes again to quaker ave in randolph nj they are going in pail I expect a reply

  32. I receive Good Housekeeping magazine every month. I was mailed the one with the sticky fingers buns on front cover.
    Parisian Style Setter:
    I loved the articles on the dress designers. Especially Ines De La Fressange. I am going to Europe in few months’ and looking for different ways, to expand my wardrobe.I saved the page with, the picture. It is differently very stylish with the Jacket, shirt and pants.
    I happen to have a Axcess by Liz Claiborne, and the Jacket is beige will match perfect with my slacks and white blouse.

  33. With effect from today Tuesday 29th April 2014 Please stop my subscription of Good House-keeping and Woman’s Day Magazine.Thank you very much.

  34. I tried to cancel my subscription to GH Keeping and Woman’s Day expecting a refund – haven’t received it as yet? What is the problem?

  35. so far you’ve sent me three copies of the same issue! this is ridiculous….isn’t anybody actually working anymore??

  36. I received my new June issue today & started reading the story about a suitcase. However I find that pages 138, 139,140, @ 141 are missing from my magazine. What a disappointment! What happened? Shirley Winkss

  37. I am 83 years old and have been reading your magazine as long as I can remember. There are a lot of other women my age who support your magazine yet you never have anything in it about us. It is always “you can be beautiful and stylish at any age” but you never show anyone past 60. We have the money to buy pretty clothes and we would like advice on fashion and make up. I imagine a large part of you subscribers are older women. Why don’t you mention us sometime?

  38. Why I am still getting a bill for renewing my subscription. A check was sent on January 5, 2014 for a 1 year subscription and I am still getting billed. Please correct your records.

  39. I never ordered any magazines and if I keep getting these books I will sue for harrasment. You got that ! !

  40. Bad customer serivce/tried to pay over the phone/very long wait and then the customer service person hung up on me. By the way, I’m mailing in payment today/

  41. Very disappointed in Good Housekeeping. I ordered it through a school fund-raisers in back to back years and never did know how many issues I really had coming or received, but the magazine kept coming and coming. Now I got a notice from their credit/collections department (no personal name attached to contact) threatening me because I hadn’t paid my $10.00 deferred payment, but if I pay it now I can take $3.00 off. hmmmm – sounds like a con-job to me. You go on-line to pay or discontinue and get nowhere. I will never order their magazine again.

  42. I do not wish to be on Automatic Pay! Never did, just because I paid for subscription with card does not mean you were allowed to use again.

  43. My mother requested several months ago for her subscription to Good Housekeeping to be cancelled and to discontinue sending the magazine. She continuously gets the magazine and billings asking her for payment. She has returned the payment request and has requested to cancel this subscription 3 times. PLEASE DO NOT SEND PAYMENT REQUESTS AND FINAL SERVICES NOTICES TO HER. SHE NO LONGER WISHES TO RECEIVE THIS MAGAZINE. DISCONTINUE SENDING THE MAGAZINE.

  44. I have enjoyed Good Housekeeping for many many years. Why do you send a renewal for the magazine when it does not need renewal for well over a year. My subscription expires in August 2015 – yet you want my renewal now??? Please respond.

  45. I always send payment any time I order any subscription was last paid on june ’13 check #536.

    I can’t beleive there is not a phone no# that can bereaded to talk to a real person to take care of this problem. In reading the comments I am not alone.

  46. Hands down Goodhousekeeping and probably all other magazines have major billing department problems because I am having problems with 4 other mags. Not sure but does cancelling take care of the subscription renewal?. Look at fine print that is my next step if I can find what I need to find in the right paper work or right person to talk to. I sent an email to Good Housekeeping to stop sending mags and received back one to send back my address. My computer had decided to take a nosedive so I was unable to do that. In this computer world you would think my name would suffice since it is not a common one.

  47. please cancel order of good housekeeping this person has been deceased for over a year and a half please stop sending issues and bills since this magazine was never ordered or never wanted.

  48. I did not authorize you to add another years subscription to Julie A. Peck order #1383720396, after her present order expires at the end of 2014. You sent me a bill this morning. Please remove that order.
    CUSTOMER SERVICE/ Subscription Dept.

  49. I sent for a sample copy of Coumtry Living, didn’t like it so I cancelled. They’re still dunning me for the $12 subscription price no matter that I’ve sent 3 notices to cancel – the magazine’s just not my style.

  50. I have been a Good Housekeeping subscription person for years. Your website is impossible to deal with – can’t pay a bill on line – I’m over 70 years old and pay all my bills on line – if you cannot get with the program then I don’t need you in my life – called and cancelled. Good riddance……………….

  51. I want to cancel the gift subscription for another person. cannot seem to contact anyone, and I do not want to be charged for it.
    thank you, dee breuer

  52. I am writing to let you know that after reading GOODHOUSEKEEPING for 65 years,I am requesting that my subscription be refunded and stopped. Your last issue was by far the least interesting or entertaining in all those years. The last page decided me to quit. I really enjoyed the last changes that were made but this ends my reading another issue of similar blithering. My account #GHK0261305080/9#MAY 16. Why did you ruin a good thing?…. Sincerely , Maida VanPelt

  53. I miss Rosey! Why would you let her go? This young thing does not have the experience our Rosey has!!!! Rosey was a breath of fresh air, this new one is not even dry behind the ears. I will not renew this magazine ever again. BRING back Rosey! No,I”m not an fart, how”s 37years young? Thanks for nothing.

  54. Why do you hound people months and months before a subscription has run out? It’s annoying and enough to make me want to cancel my subscription (and my gift subscription)!

  55. I received a letter for a low price for the subscription, now I have an invoice from their department wanting $12 saying it is due by 10/18/14. I don’t know what that is about it says I ordered it which I did not! Please straighten this our for me and I would appreciate an e-mail very soon regarding this please.

    R. P.

  56. I did not want on automatic subscription. I sent bill back with cancel on it. Please take me off the mailing list and the automatic subscription. Thank You.

  57. I have moved and want my Good Housekeeping and Family Circle magazines mailed to my new address. How can I do this?

    • Don’t worry about not getting the tote bag ,it is only junk. You would not want to use it.
      I’m very disappointed with the new look of” Good Housekeeping”, especially the November Issue. I’m reading this magazine for over 30 years and always keep the Nov. & Dec. issue because I used to like them so much. But this is not worth keeping.To much advertising and no more good little stories and good advise is to find. The food section has awful pictures of dishes in there, they are not appetizing looking, nor are they even in focus!!! You don’t know what that dish should be. And yes, I agree with the the fact, that you don’t care about us women over 50!!!

  58. I received a offer from Good Housekeeping. If I subscribe for 12 issues at $7.77 I would get a free Toile Tote Bag. I paid my bill & got my first issue. What happen to the tote bag? I went as far as subscribing for two yrs. Now I am thinking about canceling. The book is really not interesting but I could use the bag. I do not think I will do this again. Thank you for your time. Joanne Gauldin


  60. Do you not realize that there are women OVER 50? There are many of us

    EVEN in our 80’s who are interested in becoming hairstyles and

    clothes. I realize that everything is geared toward the younger

    generation but we do have some dispoable income.

  61. As I said in my note to you this magazine is the worst yet and forgot to add us older gals are not important all geared to the younger people who are not interested in magazines and your ads. Would like to see this editor disappear but guess not a chance and of course you all know best.

  62. Your customer service is in dire need of repair. Your website ( is not user friendly regarding cancellation of gift subscriptions. No direct phone numbers to call for customer service. I think this must be by design. When I finally made contact with a customer service representataive I was disappointed in her demeanor and quality of service based upon the fact that I was cancelling gift subcriptions. I will not be renewing my own subcriptions in the future based upon your quality of service or lack of!! I will see if indeed my gift subscriptions actually are cancelled.

  63. I am trying to find the and no luck finding it, so guess I want be the lucky winner on this!!
    I do like Good Housekeeping magazine, always have.They always have good articles,whether for food, good fiction story, or makeup tips. Sure would be nice if you made it easier to find where we can actually sign up for the surveys. For all of those who don’t like Good Housekeeping. I made the mistake of ordering the Living Magazine when my granddaughter was selling magazines for school. Awful, magazine, dont waste your money on this one!

  64. I don’t believe I ordered the GOOD HOUSEKEEPING MAGAZINE and I do not want it anymore.

    f you want the copy back that I received, please sent me a self addressed, stamped envelope and I’ll be glad to return it to you.

    Thanks and GOODBY.

  65. Can not find Nov Survey, but wanted you to know that I am very disappointed in the new Good Housekeeping. Have read this magazine for over 40 years and now there is not enough in the magazine to want to buy it. Half the magazine is recipes. That is what food magazines are for. Give us more articles on the average person, celebrities are not the average person.

  66. I could not fine the NOVSURVEY link so I’ll comment here. I look forward to your magazine and have read it for over 55 years. There are usually decorative ideas, nice articles and good recipes, but recently I have noticed more and more ads and less and less content. In this issue there is hardly a page that doesn’t face or have an ad on part of it or ads on facing pages. I did find 13 and 16 pages in a row with no advertisements. Advertisements are Not what I subscribe to your magazine for. Has your magazine been taken over by someone else? At least you have not inserted perfume ads to make us sick.

  67. Tried to access your Oct. Survey online, but was unable to locate the site.

    I love your magazine with its many recipes with familiar ingredients and enjoy the personal stories of accomplishment after overcoming difficuolt situations. The moms who do what is necessary to be successful for their children are not only obtaining a better lifestyle but they show their kids that they can acc9omplish their dreams if they persist.

    I question the selection of books each month as they appear to be high school reading level. If GHK would grade the books by level of difficulty, it would tell the reader more. Can you tell us not only the subject but the reading level of each book?

    How about talking about foot health and not just wearing the right shoe. Some fashions for the 70+ woman.
    Lastly, the name “Good Housekeeping” is very dated and needs to be changed to a more modern, younger name that will take us into the 22nd century. The name Good Housekeeping is boring and not enticing to younger people who could care less about housekeeping. What about: American Living, The Best of Us, More, All Together, etc. Come on guys, you need to change with the times.

    Still great content.

    Thanks and no offense meant.


  68. Re: your Thanksgiving issue for 2014..anything would have been better for a cover photo..get with the holidays. I looked forward to an enticing photo on the cover for TG dinner. I threw it in my magazine rack not even realizing it was the Thanksgiving issue. Hope you do better with the Dec. Issue.

  69. I have already ordered and paid for my subscription and I keep getting invoices saying payment is due! Plaease take care of this for me.

    Thank you,
    Robin Pierce

  70. I have gone through the same paid for one year subscription received only 2 magazines.called customer services was told my subscription would be extended until February 2015.As of now I have not received anymore magazines. I called again I m told my subscription expired.
    Someone needs better customer service training.
    I won t be subscribing to this magazine again.

  71. why is the mag. so thin? also, I wish you had more stories and less beauty items.
    I have been a subscriber for several yrs. and have really enjoyed reading the mag. but it has lost some of it’s appeal.


  72. Why is the magazine so thin, now?

    Also, I wish you had more stories and less beauty items.

    I have been a subscriber for yrs. but the mag. has lost some of it’s appeal.

    Marjorie Flood

  73. I am trying to rate this issue for a chance to win $5000. I searched “” but I cannot find the site. I see from the comments that I am not the only one having this problem. Please contact me and let me know how I can enter.

  74. I received another bill from you but I have already paid on 10/24 on check #2342, Chase Bank which has already been cashed. I had sent for my daughter Karen Walters to receive the free gift.

  75. I have been trying to log on to the Tell us what you think web site to no avail. I have been a long time customer of Good Housekeeping magazine. Please help me.

  76. I renewed my subscription to Good Housekeeping 9/30 2013. I sent payment in full for one year. My last issue was O(ctober 2014. I did not not renew nor did I receive another issue after the October one, yet I keep receiving these harrasing notices. I have been a good housekeeping subscriber for many years, but I will never subscribe again, because of these underhanded tactics.

  77. LONG TIME SUBSCRIBER, paid bill, now receiving delinquent notices, no phone number available & difficult to contact. What are all these highly inflated prices for Gift Subscriptions? NOT HAPPY!

  78. Writing letters does not help so why take the time and effort to write. I sent a check for a bill which I did not owe but was tired of getting bills that said PAST DUE. I explained all this in a letter and my check has been cashed. Yesterday I got another PAST DUE BILL.

    I am now requesting that you cancel my subscription and send refund for the balance due to me. I wonder if you can understand that.!!

  79. The January 2015 issue is the worst issue EVER!!! If I had wanted a fitness issue I would have bought a different type of magazine—THIS IS NOT UP TO GOOD HOUSEKEEPING STANDARDS–This issue is a waste of good paper-shame on you

  80. My original contact with a customer service rep was unsatisfactory. She left me with a very distinct impression that my concern was not valid. Not a chance GH made an error and didn’t pursue info to be helpful. I paid the renewal, included a note expressing my concerns. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a very fine letter from Jayne Garnett, Customer Service Center, with the facts to resolve my concern. There was a gift renewal made to my daughter’s account which both of us were unaware of. THANK YOU, JAYNE. GH gets the GH seal!!!

  81. I have been a subscriber for almost all of my adult life. I am now seventy-six. For the past few years I have had to mark down in my book when I renewed my subscription and for how long.You send a renewal letter six months after I renewed and it just confuses the issue. Now I get a better offer for one year and it comes just after I renew. This is not right. I am very disappointed in you and the magazine business in general. I suppose it is because you are fighting for survival but to get money way ahead of renewal dates and extend the subscription is wrong. What happens if you go out of business and we have three years left of magazines. Of course we won’t be aware of it unless we write it down.

  82. They try to trick you when they send notices. They say you’re subscription is about to run out, when in fact, it’s a notice that unless you contact them, they will put your magazine on automatic renewal and they will keep sending you bills! Very deceitful. Their customer service is useless – they make up crap and try to give you some song and dance. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER get a subscription from them again. Also, I’ve told everyone I know about this. So far, I’ve talked 6 people out of getting the magazine. Ha ha ha!!

  83. I do not want any more magazines from HEARST –
    – No Good Housekeeping,
    – No Food Network Magazine
    – No Oprah Magazine

    When you are signing up OR trying to make contact, you are to



  84. Today I received a credit and collections department notice for a subscription that I never re-newed and was informed that my good standing would only be revised to good standing once the payment was received. They are holding my good credit hostage and I fill forced to pay. BUT I WILL BE TELLING EVERYONE I KNOW OF THEIR TACTICS.

  85. Having paid my Good Housekeeping bill in October, I was so furious today to receive a very nasty letter saying that I was delinquent with my payment. I have been put in the delinquent file and my credit standing is very poor. I have called Good Housekeeping today, after writing many times on the bill that I have paid to cancel everything and I NEVER want anything more to do with the magazine.

  86. Account # 445539117 I have asked you NOT to send any more subscription invoices and you ignore it. I DETEST these practices. I DO NOT WANT YOUR

  87. I have been on the computer and cancelled the stupid magazine. I have called the number and it is not a good number!



  88. I read the Comments and got the answer to the question I was going to ask about .
    The letter from your Subscription Services Department is sent to everyone , even if their subscription is in good standing . Really !!!
    My subscription expires March 2016 . My bank records show I have payed .Your letter empties that I am dishonest and not paying my bill .
    Your company is very unprofessional and dishonest !
    I will not be renewing my subscription when it expires .
    Bulling is NOT very good for a business .

  89. I have been receiving two (2) Goodhousekeeping magazines per month. Please remove Robert Vogel from the mailing list. The GH magazine should come to Suzanne Vogel.
    Thank you.

    Suzanne Vogel

  90. Dear Sirs,
    In your April issue you asked for our thoughts concerning what we like/do not like about your magazine.
    I have not been able to log into that website.
    So, here is my input. I have been married for 52 years and have been a subscriber to Good Housekeeping most of those years. I miss the short story fiction you used to include. They were a nice respite from my day. And also the human interest stories. I have had other friends also comment that they miss the fiction and short stories which introduced us to so many new authors. Consider my comments. LY

  91. A while back I emailed and you said you would get back to me. I told you I was disappointed in the magazine. The older version had short novels and stories. Now the magazine is much smaller and I can read It in one sitting. I would like to have your feedback. My subscription renewal is due soon and I don’t know if I will do it.


  92. GH April 2015 has to be the best yet. I’ve spent the last nine years researching Climate Change and have written 2 books expounding on the fact that we’ve reached the Point of no return. If everyone had just changed to CFI’s when they were introduced, cut gas consumption, et al this rush to disaster could have been slowed down; but not stopped. I’ll be 89 in April and have lived to witness these changes beginning with my childhood. I just want to say thanks to you for all of your hints at the bottom of the pages, and your outstanding articles on pages 100-103. Leave it to Time and Good Housekeeping to tell it like it is. Thanks again. Jane Milligan

  93. WOW!!! almost 100 comments and most of them negative. Add my comment to the rest. Good Housekeeping Magazine has become like another catalog. Practically all the fashions, both clothing and home decorating, give both the price and where to purchase them. Good Housekeeping Magazine is no longer of any interest to me.
    I want my subscription cancelled. Dare I ask for refund on the balance of paid issues? By every ones comments it would be a waste of time.

  94. I have just received my second copy of the Easter issue of GH–last month it was 3 copies of the same issue. What is wrong with your subscription department that they can’t figure out a renewal order properly?

  95. Your magazine is a joke anymore, there isn’t enough to it that I will renew!!! It use to be a good magazine!

  96. why don’t you answer my emails. I do not like the newer version of GH. It is not a good as before. It seems you are addressing a younger audience, no novellas.

    Thank you

  97. Got through the automated part easily, spoke with a live person that was very courteous and helpful. Way more pleasant experience than with most other customer service groups.

  98. I had no trouble getting through the automated part and was connected to a very courteous and helpful person who was able to discontinue the automatic renewal without a problem.

  99. After many years, I didn’t re- order Good Housekeeping magazine. I received a credit and collections dept. notice. Not a happy person. I owe you zilch!! Not a penny!! Correct this problem. I would appreciate a response to this.

    • Please note: I just entered the $25’000 home makeover, please cancil my free tril order, I am alredy a suscriber to your magazine, please just enter me into the contest only.
      Thank you!

      Janice Smith
      Redmond Or.

  100. Hi, I never ordered this magazine. please cancel me and take me off the list.I am not interested. i dont want anymore sent to me I only got one and i am not paying for it Thank you please take care of this

  101. I just entered for a $25’000 home improvement contest, I already have your magazine, do not need a new subscription please just inter me into the contest only.
    Thank You,

    Janice Smith
    Redmond Or.

  102. I received two of your February Catalogs and One of your March catalogs For which I placed no orders. If any money is taken from our account or we are billed for these and or any other magazines, I will share with my attorney and the public your fraudulent actions and will go foreword with a lawsuit. Since I have the internet at my disposal I have no need for any Magazines. This is my first and Final Warning. I do not tolerate Scams.

  103. I was very disappointed with the Good Housekeeping magazine I purchased today (May 2015). I was looking forward to sitting down with a cup of coffee and enjoying the magazine. However, it was page after page after page of advertising and very few articles to keep me interested. I know you need the advertising to offset your costs, but, this was just too, too much. Once again, I was very disappointed and will no longer purchase the magazine. I am sorry to see you go.

    Barbara J. Kropf

  104. I saw so many negative reviews about problems canceling a Good HouseKeeping subscription that I wanted to contribute something positive. The phone number for General Customer assistance worked fine for me and I was able to cancel my automatic renewal easily. All I had to do was indicate the magazine name, give my subscription number, which is on the address label, and I was connected to a very nice human. I have no problems with the content of GH magazine‚Ķ..just don’t have time to read it!.

  105. Like many who have commented here I think the magazine is not anything like the magazine of the past. I have been a subscriber for over 30 years (my Mom over 60). Where are the human interest stories, short stories, etc. The “new” format putting similar topics together is horrible and leaves me skipping entire portions of a magazine I used to read cover to cover. Also…the April 2015 issue completely ignored the Passover holiday…not all of us celebrate Easter so calling it an Easter issue (as someone commented above) is disrespectful to many subscribers. I also find that the current magazine has very little that is of interest to older readers. Since this new editor “Jane” has taken over the content has gone downhill. I have sent numerous emails and even called the corporate office with no response. Disgraceful!! I will have to think long and hard about renewing this magazine I used to look forward to every month.

  106. I canceled the subscription in Sept 2014 now I am receiving a bill demanding payment. Not the way to do business. I have tried to call and talk with a rep with no luck getting through. Again not the way to do business. Please cancel my subscription!!!!

  107. been trying to get on line at with promo code xcs258 to order and get the rate to 5.00and get the tote bag and seven day anti-aging meal plan for 88% deal cant get it orderd

  108. I JUST sent in my renewal for Good Housekeeping for $29.97 Check #3331 – dated May 30, 2015
    Today, May 26, 2015 I received a bill for renewal for $15.00
    Please explain this discrepancy….
    Thank You…

  109. Moreover on woman or color over fifty years of age I love your magazine not much on women or color nor the fifty and over singles nor adorable thins I have read the magazine for over thirty years love it but sometimes won’t get it just looking. At the cover

  110. I wish to cancel my SUBSCRIPTION TO GOOD HOUSEKEEPING. You continue to send bills and it says EXP OCT 16. I have never received any FREE TOTE BAGS EITHER. PLEASE CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION

  111. I am finally getting around to letting you know of the new format after reading the latest edition. I have subscribed to Good Housekeeping for many years but am so disappointed in the new magazine. It does not have the depth of old, is full of ads, caters to the young, has few stories of interest, and is basically a magazine I will not subscribe to after my subscription runs out. I am sure the lack of depth is because of the cost to produce just as newspapers are facing. However, to get readership, the written word has to catch the eye and take more than 5 minutes to read. Those of us who are over 60 have the time to read, but we need what is relevant to us and that is not pages of make-up suggestions, clothes that are long out of our realm, etc.
    It has been a good run for the past 40 years though. Good luck.

  112. I signed up for Woman’s Day and Good Housekeeping. Both have been sporadic at best I subscribed in March and so far I have gotten one Good Housekeeping Magazine. The Woman’s Day has sent three, but after three phone calls. Very dissatisfied with this subscription. After seeing the reviews below I am now concerned I will be billed for renewals when I can’t even get my current subscription!

  113. I want to STOP receiving the Good Housekeeping e-mails with tips and information in them Cannot locate a website to do so! I am getting very tired of the e-mails and would never again subscribe to Good Housekeeping just because I am so annoyed!

  114. I paid my subscription on June 6 and check has already gone thru the bank. Why am getting another notice with discount. Please explain this to me. Thank you

  115. I have been a customer for a long time but noticed magazine is a lot smaller now and does not have enough stories as it did in the past. There is too much emphasis on prepared meals, need more real life stories. I get better deals from the other magazines that have my subscriptions. Redbook alone offered me for 2 years at $10.00 which I took. I also get a good deal from People which I have subscription for 9 yrs now. So cancel my subscription.

  116. I received an e-mail from Woman’s Day about entering a contest to win a fabulous vacation. I filled out the form and was immediately told I had subscribed to Good Housekeeping magazine. No mention was made of such beforehand. I was already getting GH, but I will assure you I will never subscribe to get that magazine again. I sent letter to customer service telling them that I did not subscribe and did not want it. Do you think they paid any attention to that. No, I received a copy on that unwanted subscription today.

  117. I just subscribed to your magazine. I am now beginning to regret it. I tried to enter your survey to tell you what I thought of july issue and I
    serached for it for 25 minutes. with no luck finding it. My
    women who read this magazine really spend $160. for a clutch(page16).or do they monogram their clothes ? or wear Ivanka flats for $125. or pay $300 to $550 for a carryon suitcase? I think I don’t think this is the
    magazine for the average woman.. or maybe just for those who wish they
    could live like this?

  118. add on to previous comments.. If I wanted to try to win something like that Lido leather bag… how would i go about entering ..???

  119. My August issue looked like a reject. From the binding, it was all wrinkled and I had a hard time opening the pages, they would hardly lay flat to read the page, Then a good portion of the pages had not been trimmed, so they stuck out of the magazine like a bookmarker. Really felt like I got a “throw-away” issue.

  120. It’s 8/15/15 and have not received my September issue yet. This seems to be an ongoing problem.

    After subscribing for almost 50 years, I am going to let my subscription run out in May 2016. Very disappointed in new format. Magazine is 1/2 the size it used to be. No more novel excerpts/short stories. Now geared toward young, yuppie people still raising children. Too much advertising. Clothes/accessories shown are not for average women; i.e., $150 skirts; $450 handbags. From other reviews I see, you’re going to be losing business from the “older generation”.

  121. I received my Good Housekeeping magazine today and I ended up throwing it in the trash. Half of it was upside down! If I receive another one like this, I will discontinue my subscription!

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