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Contacting Good Housekeeping Customer Service Center

Good Housekeeping is a magazine and website dedicated to making life easier and more productive in the home. Men and women can find cleaning tips, recipes, weight loss answers and even in-depth conversations on sex. Much of the information published in the magazine is also available online.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Good Housekeeping phone number is for customers who want to report a problem with their magazine subscription or contact customer service about a billing issue.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-925-0485 – Single magazine purchases only.
  • General Customer Service: 1-800-888-2665

You have to say Good Housekeeping or wait for the automated system to transfer the call to an agent to reach Good Housekeeping customer service. We waited more than eight minutes in all before the agent in the Good Housekeeping department answered our call.

Mailing Address

Good Housekeeping Customer ServicePO Box 6000Harlan, IA 51593

Official Website

You can read just about every story available in the print magazine online at The official website is FREE for all visitors, but you can choose to subscribe to the paper magazine for added articles not published online. You can also request back issues of magazines for a fee.

Customer Service Email

You can contact Good Housekeeping customer service by email at You have to use the subject “Good Housekeeping Customer Service Inquiry” on the email or, according to the customer service page, your email may not be answered. We sent an email along asking about finding the lowest price for a first time customer. What we really wanted was to test out the time it takes to receive an answer and the personal quality of the answer. We’ll give you the heads up when we receive a response.

Our Experience

When we called the customer service phone number for Good Housekeeping we were directed to the single copy ordering system. This is the system that allows customers to order single copies of past issues. We looked through the Good Housekeeping website and the dedicated customer service website several times for a general customer service number to no avail. We found another number on an external website, which did lead us to customer service. Our call was on hold for 5:13 before an agent picked up. When we told the agent we were calling about Good Housekeeping she transferred the call forcing another wait of 2:42.

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41 Comments on “Contact Good Housekeeping Customer Service
  1. I sent issues back to GH writing a note on the envelope to stop sending them and to cancel the subscription. The magazines kept coming. I received a payment demand in December 2012 and responded with a letter to their Subscription Services Department in to stop sending the magazine. I now have a “Final Notice” from them demanding payment. I am going to send them an email using the address you have noted above at their “Customer Service” department. We shall see if they finally get the message to stop sending the magazine.

    • I have received a “final notice” and “delinquent”- my subscription was good until Nov. 2014 – I put note on notice and returned to that effect and here I got another notice saying I owe 13.97. My account # is 0753903483 – I am not going to pay that and want my subscription CANCELLED after the final issue!! I see I am not the only person you are doing this to.

  2. i love entering contest but yours and the solve media captacha are impossible. i am beginning to wonder if solve media is selecting who get easy (or possible ) phrases. If no one is entering you would get suspicious. I belong to a sweepstake site and many many are complaining, I am not the only one. This is a sample captcha . No i cannot copy it here. If i had a real contact email, I could send you an attachment.

  3. I am furious at receiving “delinquent” notices. I have never requested this magazine that I didn’t pay for it. I went to the website, logged my account number and cancelled. They have horrible customer service.

  4. I ordered by mistake your magazine, and every phone number I have used to cancel say’s it’s restricted. Whatever that meanes. My e.mail is, so if you send me this magazine it’s on you! It should be as easy to cancel a mistaken order as it is to order! Shame on you!

  5. I did not know entering your contest would result in another order for your magazine. I have a subscription to the magazine, but I was not planning on adding to it at this point . Please cancel the second subscription.

  6. I tried to cancel my subscription to Good Housekeeping online and get my refund for the unmailed issues. The online response they gave me was that my subscription would be cancelled but I am “not eligible for a refund”. In their magazine they always say all refunds will be honored.
    I also had this same thing happen with their other magazines, Woman’s Day and Redbook and Country Living.

  7. I have made payment for my subscription but I keep getting mail and e-mail suggesting that I am delinquent in sending my payments. I renewed my present subscription and also the gift one for my daughter-in-law and sent check to you.
    This is making me furious and I want it straightened out asap. I am paid up with my subscription through June 2014!
    Please get this information to the correct division so I don’t keep receiving “delinquent payment notices!”
    Thanks for your time………….Linda M. Hoag, Fargo, ND.

  8. Paid subscription in Feb 2013 for $24.97 for 1 yr. Two months later receive a notice to renew at $12.00 for 2 subscriptions. Called and was told to send it in or throw it away. Have taken Good Housekeeping for years more than 30 yrs and now I am paying double for something that if I had waited could have got for less. Probably will not renew next year. Looks like customer service would have tried to extend the year on my magazine. Their loss. Customer service couldn’t have cared less.

  9. I sent my check for a one year subscription, but as of yet have not received a magazine. It has been 2 months now. Where is my magazine????

  10. I just got a notice today, saying that I owe you for a magazine that I don’t get. I sent you my check # and the account # telling you that I have paid for the magazine.I will not pay you twice for . Please do not send me another notice.You need to check your files before you start to complain about something that is not true. You have been paid once that is all you will get.I do not want you to reinstate the magazine.I will not ever order it again.

  11. I just received your magazine but I was suppose to also receive a free tote with my paid subscription? When will I receive the fowl tote?

  12. Why do you NOT put a phone number on your invoices!!! what if I didn’t have access to a computer….I would continue to get letters stating that I owe you money???…..

  13. I sent a check for 1 year 13 months ago. My supscription has run out and I don’t get any magazines anymore but I am getting collection statements for a year. There is no telephone number on the statement.

    Nancy Brown

  14. I just received a credit & collection department notice. I do not want, nor did I ever renew this magazine. There is absolutely no phone number on the statement you sent me. Please, Please cancel my subscription as of now. My mother-in-law ordered your magazine for over 60 years and thought highly of your magazine. I do not like receiving non-payment suspended service. I do not want your service, nor will I recommend it to anyone else. I will not be obligated to pay any further notices. Please do not keep sending these notices or magazines. Thank you!

  15. I received a letter from Good Housekeeping magazine.The letter informed me that my account was in collections. I have been waiting for my current to expire. I have the magazines stacked up because I haven’t read them. I did NOT agree to pay for more.
    I am sure you are losing a lot of customers due to kindled nd such. But sending out letters like this one,is not going to help your print magazine’s.
    I am very disappointed in your billing. Maybe you need someone new in that department.
    Oh, by the way the letter wasn’t signed.

    Linda Boyd

  16. I was very disappointed to read your article about “Why not do something BAD and feel good about it?” The suggestions were always things that hurt other people, as you are feeling better. I don’t think you realize the implications these actions have not only for the people you’re encouraging to engage in these activities (gossip; flirt with someone else’s husband; swear; read a racy novel), but also for those in relationship with these people. How would you like a woman much more beautiful than you to flirt with YOUR husband?? Do you put these in context of your own life, or just OUT there in the lives of your readers. All trashy ideas. Why don’t you want people to feel BETTER about themselves as they do something a bit dangerous! How about being TOTALLY HONEST for a day; riding a zip line; discussing openly your weaknesses. I was very disappointed in your article.

  17. I have been getting your magazine for years, even paid for daughters’ for a couple of years; every so often I have winced at some questionable or even crude articles or “reads”. But this is by far THE worst: “Why not do something Bad and feel good about it?” I agree with the previous response by Lynn, all TRASHY ideas.
    -Let’s see, a UPS man comes to the door, you suggest a woman flirt w/him while her husband is gone? He may be married, he may be single. REALLY! Just think through some possible outcomes, if you can’t think of one, just read that suggested “erotica” (aka porn). You really want her to turn on someone else’s husband/boyfriend? In some way, destroying marriages must be in the interest of Goodhousekeeping. Answer this, a wife catches her husband flirting and viewing pornography, his answer; “I just read Goodhousekeeping and want to be a better husband.”
    Marraige takes trust and commitment, articles like this destroy the very foundations of marriages.
    -Not only that, gossip is destructive to every one involved, including the one gossiping.
    -How in the world can you encourage “colorful” language? It’s all around us and is disgusting. It used to be that “colorful” language was apologized for when spoken in front of a stranger, but no more; all ages – male or female- use some of the vilest language.
    -Please cancel my subscription and I will never recommend this magazine to anyone.

  18. I have tried for an hour to figure out how to pay my bill on line…am now sending you a check, but will never sucscribe to your magazine again. Everyone seems to having trouble with your customer service.

  19. Have tried to pay my bill online (for 2 hours) to no avail! Do not put your info on bill if we cannot get to it! Where is your phone number on the bill! Cannot get ahold of you! What’s the deal!

  20. I hope you guys know that you posting your comments on here isn’t going to get your subscription canceled. The reason why they don’t put their phone number out everywhere is because some people will call and be super rude the whole time to find out they called the wrong number, but continue to complain and be horribly rude. Also the phone number for handling the subscriptions is different than the number for the people that actually write the articles for the magazine. They are in completely different states so complaining about articles won’t do you any good. Freedom of speech, if you don’t like the article then stop reading it, no one needs to hear you complain for ten minutes about something that the customer service rep has absolutely nothing to do with.

    It’s called respect people. Learn to be a little more respectful.

  21. I was not subscribing to your magazine I was entering a contest that’s all every time I enter your contest I don’t subscribe and you send me a bill I don’t want the magazine I wrote to customer service your contact nu. And got no response this is my 3rd try! Yours truly M Harding

  22. YOU had a deal where if you ordered Good Housekeeping or Womans Day one of them included with the order –why am I getting 2 different bills? Please send the correct bill.

  23. I have called for sure 3 times maybe 4 requesting they stop sending emails. This has been going on for months. Yep, you guessed it. Another one this morning.

  24. I Have been trying to get you on the phone To stop this magazine
    that I Did not order I did Pay for this I have a Credit of $34.11 which I would like back
    thank you
    Steve Wendland

  25. I mailed a money order for $15.00 for 2 subscriptions
    now I get something in the mail saying 2nd notice. can
    you help me. I had to send a money order, do you not take
    money orders? I paid 15.00

  26. I sent for a sample copy of Coumtry Living, didn’t like it so I cancelled. They’re still dunning me for the $12 subscription price no matter that I’ve sent 3 notices to cancel – the magazine’s just not my style.

  27. I have been a Good Housekeeping subscription person for years. Your website is impossible to deal with – can’t pay a bill on line – I’m over 70 years old and pay all my bills on line – if you cannot get with the program then I don’t need you in my life – called and cancelled. Good riddance……………….

  28. I want to cancel the gift subscription for another person. cannot seem to contact anyone, and I do not want to be charged for it.
    thank you, dee breuer

  29. I am writing to let you know that after reading GOODHOUSEKEEPING for 65 years,I am requesting that my subscription be refunded and stopped. Your last issue was by far the least interesting or entertaining in all those years. The last page decided me to quit. I really enjoyed the last changes that were made but this ends my reading another issue of similar blithering. My account #GHK0261305080/9#MAY 16. Why did you ruin a good thing?…. Sincerely , Maida VanPelt

  30. I miss Rosey! Why would you let her go? This young thing does not have the experience our Rosey has!!!! Rosey was a breath of fresh air, this new one is not even dry behind the ears. I will not renew this magazine ever again. BRING back Rosey! No,I”m not an fart, how”s 37years young? Thanks for nothing.

  31. Why do you hound people months and months before a subscription has run out? It’s annoying and enough to make me want to cancel my subscription (and my gift subscription)!

  32. I received a letter for a low price for the subscription, now I have an invoice from their department wanting $12 saying it is due by 10/18/14. I don’t know what that is about it says I ordered it which I did not! Please straighten this our for me and I would appreciate an e-mail very soon regarding this please.

    R. P.

  33. I did not want on automatic subscription. I sent bill back with cancel on it. Please take me off the mailing list and the automatic subscription. Thank You.

  34. I have moved and want my Good Housekeeping and Family Circle magazines mailed to my new address. How can I do this?

  35. I received a offer from Good Housekeeping. If I subscribe for 12 issues at $7.77 I would get a free Toile Tote Bag. I paid my bill & got my first issue. What happen to the tote bag? I went as far as subscribing for two yrs. Now I am thinking about canceling. The book is really not interesting but I could use the bag. I do not think I will do this again. Thank you for your time. Joanne Gauldin


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