Contact Gerber Customer Service

Contacting Gerber Customer Service Center

Gerber is one of the most prominent baby companies in the US. This baby company is responsible for baby food and other baby accessories that carry the Gerber name, but the company also makes Nuk products. For as long as we can remember, Gerber has also offered Life Insurance for newborns that can be carried for life.

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Contact Info:

We’ve listed contact information for Gerber, Gerber Life and Nuk, in some cases. We did NOT include email addresses, mailing addresses or website information for these companies.

Phone Contact Number

Gerber customer service can be reached by phone, but if you want to contact Nuk or Gerber Life Insurance, you have to call a dedicated number.

  • Gerber Phone Number: 1-800-284-9488
  • Nuk: 1-888-685-1238
  • Gerber Life Insurance: 1-800-704-2180

If you want to schedule an appointment with the lactation consultant or dietician, go to:

Mailing Address

Mailing a letter to customer service about your experience with Gerber customer service or Gerber products is something many customers prefer, despite more immediate contact options. Grab a pen and address that envelope to Gerber customer service.

Start Healthy, Stay HealthyAttn: Gerber Customer ServiceResource Center445 State St. Fremont, MI 49413

Official Website

We love the Gerber website at The site is extremely user friendly with dedicated pages for Pregnancy, Birth, Supported Sitter, Sitter, Crawler, Toddler and Toddler Plus. In addition to the information shared on the website, Gerber is also active on several social media pages.

Social Media

Being social with a company like Gerber means connecting via Facebook and/or Twitter. Friends of the company are privy to news updates, special offers and more.

Customer Service Email

The Gerber customer service email form appears after clicking the Email Us tab on the Contact Us page.

Our Experience

We called the Gerber customer service line to see if we could provide callers with a faster means of reaching an agent. The number is answered by a recorded system, as is the case with most companies today. You don’t have to press any buttons to reach an agent. Jan answered our call immediately after the initial welcome message. We asked Jan a question about Nuk pacifiers, though we know we didn’t call the Nuk line. Specifically, we asked if Nuk pacifiers used BPA. The agent offered to give us the number for Nuk, so she couldn’t answer our question. We searched the Nuk site and found that bottles and pacifiers are BPA free.

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4 Comments on “Contact Gerber Customer Service
  1. Recently I got sick and was no longer able to feed my baby breast milk so I chose your product Gerber good start gentle formula and it works awesome for my baby he has no gas he’s calm he’s happy he does not spit up. I just wanted to thank you guys for making that awesome product and taking the time to make sure that it was a way I’ll put the other product for infants and babies all the way around.

  2. Please delete comment off of message board didnt realize it would remain. Due to my phone number being incuded. Please!!

  3. Dear Sir,
    I am one of your customer every time I use your food for my baby. She is nine months but she is healthy looking like one year. Many people love her some of these people advise me to send her pictures to your company for your business just I would like my doughtier become famous.
    Please let me know!
    Thank you. Dr.mazama Naemzai

  4. We are students from Rosscommon Elementary school. And we have been researching about your Gerber baby food because are teacher said baby food is good and we don’t believe her, so can you send us some samples of your baby food? We want to do a taste test to see if she’s right!

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