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Contacting General Electric Appliances Customer Service Center

GE is a huge company with hands in aviation, customer training, electrical distribution and energy. There is even a division of the GE company that backs credit cards for huge companies like Walmart. Though GE is known for huge business, they also have a strong hold in home consumer goods. General Electric appliances are some of the most popular and best-selling appliances in the US.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is a complete phone directory for General Electric appliances customer service. The main Answer Center is open from 8 AM to 10 PM Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 7 PM Saturday. All customer service lines operate on EST.

  • Answer Center: 1-800-626-2005

If you own a GE water product, contact customer service Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM.

  • Water Products: 1-800-952-5039

If you need help with parts and accessories, call between 8 AM and 7 PM Monday to Friday or 8:30 AM to 5 PM Saturday.

  • Parts and Accessories: 1-877-959-8688

Other customer service phone numbers listed in the directory include:

  • Appliance Service: 1-800-435-2737
  • Warranty Plans: 1-800-626-2224
  • Telephones: 1-877-394-9775
  • Consumer Electronics: 1-800-448-0329
  • Small Appliances: 1-877-207-0923
  • Digital Cameras: 1-800-730-6597
  • Generators: 1-888-575-8226

Mailing Address

Customers who want to send a letter to the General Electric Appliances customer service team can send the letter to:

The General Electric Company3135 Easton TurnpikeFairfield, CT 06828

Official Website

GE has a unique website for each of the company’s divisions. The website for General Electric appliances customer service can be found at Appliance descriptions and new models are listed on the website for consumers to use as research before buying. You cannot purchase the appliances from the website, but you can enter your zip code and find the nearest dealer. You can also view the General Electric appliances customer service website in Spanish at Social media pages for General Electric appliances include:

Customer Service Email

There is just one email form listed for General Electric appliances customer service. You can find the form at You do not have to own a GE appliance to contact the company, but if you do, include all relevant product information to help your customer service agent answer your question the first time around.

Our Experience

When customers contact the customer service department, they encounter three options. In the event customer do not have a question relating to a recall on a dishwasher or the recall on the washing machine, they will press 3 for the customer care line. We connected with a live agent in less than 1 minute.

When the agent answered the call, we asked for information relating to service centers near our location. The agent provided the location and provided an additional piece of information. They explained that repairs are typically covered if the product is still under warranty. if not, the out of pocket expenses could be greater than the cost of the repair. We are grateful the agent provided this bit of information. Did you agent cover all of the aspects of your call and answer you concerns? Let us know below.

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3 Comments on “Contact General Electric Appliances Customer Service
  1. I thought your comapny might be interested in knowing that I received a portable hand mixer for my wedding in June of 1961 and I am still using it today. This is the only mixer I have ever owned. The only problem I have with it is that the plate that lists the different speeds keeps falling off. Otherwise, it works great.

  2. I own a wall double oven installed in 1980 in my (then) just built condominium. Model #J-KP 36G009BG. Serial #RH650675G.
    The ovens (well cared for) operate FINE. The problem is, the CLOCK which operates the SELF CLEANING APPARATUS is “kaput.” I went the rounds setting up appointment with technician. On
    the day of appointment, he called to say “No longer manufacture the part,” and that I am basically
    OUT OF LUCK. I tried CUSTOMER SERVICE. The t.v. ad which depicts two ROBOT BOXES answering customer calls is not FICTIONAL. I was offered a different technical appointment, which
    would lead to the same solution NONE! ! ! And that was IT. Really???? That is “SERVICE”? NO SOLUTION for a well-made, perfectly functional appliance that needs a new clock, or method to override the clock so the self-cleaning apparatus can be implemented? HELP ANYONE?

  3. Natalie,

    The replacement clock is a digital model, and the part number is WB19X10006. It is available on-line at various major appliance parts suppliers commonly at $294, but careful research will reveal that it is available at about $235… or perhaps less.

    Installation is somewhat difficult. A properly experienced repair person probably would require one to one and one-half hours. Basically, you should plan on at least $400 to replace the clock. With care, focus, and diligence, an advanced do-it-yourself person with electronic experience might be able to replace the clock CORRECTLY is one-half day or less.

    Good luck.

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