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Contacting Geico Customer Service Center

Geico, Government Employees Insurance Company, started as a company offering auto insurance to military families and government employees. The company has since grown into one of the largest insurance providers in the world. The company currently provides 24 hour a day, 7 day a week customer service to more than 11 million customers.

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Contact Info:

  • Phone Contact Numbers
  • Sales & Service: 1-800-861-8380
  • General Claims: 1-800-861-8380
  • Glass Claims: 1-800-510-2291
  • Emergency Road Service: 1-800-424-3426
  • Mechanical Breakdown Claims: 1-800-443-7411
  • Military Customers: 1-800-MILITARY
  • Collector Auto Insurance: 1-800-645-4827
  • American Modern Insurance: 1-866-760-4166
  • American Collectors Insurance: 1-800-360-2277
  • Motorcycle & ATV Insurance: 1-800-44-CYCLE
  • RV Insurance: 1-800-909-4246
  • Umbrella Insurance: 1-866-272-5192
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: 1-866-509-9444
  • Identity Theft Protection: 1-866-372-0634
  • Sales: 1-866-531-8099
  • Service for Assurant: 1-800-206-4065
  • Renters Insurance: 1-800-841-2964
  • Service for Seaworthy: 1-800-865-4846
  • Hearing Impaired Service (TDD): 1-800-833-8255

Mailing Address

Geico Corporate HeadquartersOne GEICO PlazaWashington, D.C. 20076

GEICO 300 Crosspoint ParkwayAmherst, NY 14068

GEICO 2213 2nd StreetCoralville, IA 52241

GEICO 4201 Spring Valley RoadDallas, TX 75244

Fredericksburg, VA

GEICO One Geico Blvd.Fredericksburg, VA 22412

GEICO 711 Kapiolani Blvd. – 3rd FloorHonolulu, HI 96813

GEICO 3535 W Pipkin RoadLakeland, FL 33811Macon, GA

GEICO 4295 East Ocmulgee Blvd.Macon, Georgia 31295Marlton, NJ

GEICO 8000 Lincoln Drive EastMarlton, NJ 08053San Diego, CA

GEICO 14111 Danielson StreetPoway, CA 92064Tucson, AZ

GEICO 930 North Finance Center DriveTucson, AZ 85710Virginia Beach, VA

GEICO 1345 Perimeter ParkwayVirginia Beach, VA 23454Woodbury, NY

GEICO 750 Woodbury RoadWoodbury, New York 11797

Official Website

The main section of the Geico website provides auto insurance quotes. Customers can also locate additional information regarding policies and types of insurance. Existing customers can file and track claims on the site. Since the customer service department is available 24/7, the company provides a detailed customer care page.

Customer Service Email

Customers can send general questions and concerns to the corporate email address here The company recommends not sending personal information regarding your policy in the email. If you have questions regarding your account, you should contact the customer service department by phone. We sent an email asking if Geico has traditional locations or is all of the services virtual. We are awaiting a response which should be within 24 hours.

Customers can also contact the customer service department through social media, such as the Facebook page and the Twitter page.

Our Experience

The automated customer service line is detailed. Unfortunately, the system can be confusing. The system provides an option to speak with a customer service representative, but it merely takes you to another automated system. Finally, we were connected to the customer service representative. We waited for more than 5 minutes. In our opinion, this is not what customer service should be about.

We asked the agent for details on filing claims. The representative walked us through the process. This helped, but the long wait time did not meet our expectations. When you contacted the customer service department, were your expectation met? Let us know your concerns.

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38 Comments on “Contact Geico Customer Service
  1. My girlfriend was involved in an accident with a Geico insured, we were given a fax # to send Geico a copy of the police report, and the fax was “unavailable)

    Rank BS, my friends……………..

  2. To day 02/07/2014,I reciver one letter that me no pay my premiun,
    $646.70.That account was payed on 02/02/2014 by phone and I give my new crdit card number for future payment.What happen GEICO?
    I have pruf of my payment.

  3. My girlfriend was involved in an accident with a Geico insured, we were given a fax # to send Geico a copy of the police report, and the fax was “unavailable) Me have same problem. Is Geico a serius company or …..what happen?

  4. The corporate indifference at Geico is astounding.I was a customer of theirs for 23 years insuring 4 vehicles. I had an issue with one months premium and they told me to go elsewhere. I reminded them we were talking one months premium with a 23 year customer with 4 cars. I also reminded them ( I did some rough math) that they would be walking away from roughly 165 years of combined monthly premiums from my family account over one months bill and oh I forgot I never filed a claim in those 23 years and the utter indifference by the people I talked to was mind boggling. I will do everything in my power to make sure I tell this story as much as I can and urge you NEVER insure with GEICO

  5. Been a customer for many,many years.Never had a claim. I finally get one,a fender bender and have to wait 14 days to take my car to the body shop. Geico only has one in Pensacola,fl.

  6. Please let me know the fax number for your Macon, GA claims office.

    Please let me know the e-mail address for GEICO claims person Sarah Foster, out of your Macon, GA claims office. Thank you.

  7. I have dealt with Geico several times. They were cheaper then USAA (by quite a bit) and have worked with us on all our policies. Have them for Both Cars, Motorcycle, and House. Wife was just in a car accident, and they had a rental set up within an hour and gave us options on the type of car/size to rent (as long as we stayed under their cap limit). They worked quick on our claim and, unfortunetly with it being totaled, helping to get us a check cut. I would recommend them. I haven’t had any problems as the previous 2 people mentioned.

  8. I recently had n accident and they had someone out within 48 hours to look at my vehicle and since it was totaled they had a check sent within the week. They had me in a rental in no time and have been great. Would definitely recommend.

  9. When it was time to file a claim. They treated me like a slave on a plantation. They Wanted me to provide them with all my personal information that had nothing to do with my car being stolen. I paid for rental on my policy but was told I didn’t qualify for a rental car because my car was recovered, totaled. It’s been almost a month and I am still without a car. Never again. Do not consider this insurance company.

  10. My car was hit by a geico customer, it has been a month and still no check no phone calls exept for me trying to call them, and all I get is there still investigating the claim. Stongly do not recommend this company.

  11. Had my chain link fence mowed down the night before thanksgiving by a Geico insured client. Faxed my damage property info. Waited a week, called Geico and was told 1)my info wasn’t received and 2) to be patient not all info was turned in yet from the accident. Why does no one care? we are the screwed party.

  12. Correction after all was filed it showed on police report as of 12/16/214. Still I have 1/2 a fence and a childcare home that needs to have a safe environment. PLEASE FIX THIS!

  13. Company gave me a HUGE run around about cancellation when I got married and was added to my husband’s policy. I got the third degree about whether or not the new company had really researched all of the driving records and was giving me the best price and then gave me the WRONG fax number to send the cancellation letter to. I finally got a fax through to a number nowhere near to resembling the first number I was given. WIL NEVER RECOMMEND!!!

    • Can you post that fax number? So many people are getting the same run around and need the fax number to cancel the policy. I tried taking care of my son’s insurance while he was deployed it was a mess. I have a POA so it should have been no issue but it has been. Thanks.

  14. I have found Geico to be an excellent auto insurance company. Never a problem with a claim or roadside assistance. Very easy to get through to customer service personnel who are always knowlegeable and courteous.

  15. Absolute idiots. I called as an agency representative to get a FAX number to give them documentation on their policy holder and instead they connected me to the policy holder who was 3 times as confused as to why it seemed like I had called them. I called again to get the fax number and she then would not give me it without giving them personal details. At that point I hung up the phone.

  16. My car was totaled by a Geico customer. In the past 2 months I have been trying to get the claim settled. Finally given a fax number to send documentation, but the fax number does not work. Maybe I will just get a lawyer and let him handle this!

  17. Outraged, as a premium payment was returned due to a bank problem, the payment was resent, and again returned, rather then Geico calling us or sending an email, to inform of the payment problem, the cancel the policy, and don’t bother to inform us until 4 days after the cancelation. After an attempt to pay double payments, they continued to refuse to renew. No longer a Geico customer, and know I have a real reason to hate that green spokesman.

  18. Still waiting four months for GEIKO to repair car their insured crashed into. They only give runarounds, lies, false information. They don’t even answer their phones. They also have lied about a rental veh. Still not provided. It seems this is an insurance fraud racket. People pay for coverage. But GEICO refuses legitimste claims by a complex system of continueously unanswered phones, runarounds, redirects, lies, stalls, excuses. They are owned by Warren Buffet. Maybe his billions come from our stolen money.

  19. Still waiting four months for GEIKO to repair car their insured crashed into. They only give runarounds, lies, false information. They don’t even answer their phones. They also have lied about a rental veh. Still not provided. It seems this is an insurance fraud racket. People pay for coverage. But GEICO refuses legitimste claims by a complex system of continueously unanswered phones, runarounds, redirects, lies, stalls, excuses. They are owned by Warren Buffet. Maybe his billions come from our stolen money.

  20. I am wondering if Geico even promotes safe driving. Was on Hwy 70 in Missouri just outside of Warrenton when a car covered with Geico advertising blew by me. I sped up to see how fast it was going, I followed it for a short distance at 85 mph! How ironic, right?! The car got off at the Warrenton, MO exit. Kind of sounds like the attitude of some of the employees mentioned above.

  21. As a medical biller I see a lot of problems across the board with this el stinko company. They take their clients premiums and then when their clients get in a car accident they don’t pay their claims. I have seen this over and over as I work other offices doing their insurance billing. Do not go with Geico, they rip off their own customers, this is how they can offer you cheap insurance…..they suck!!

  22. I recently added my boyfriend and his vehicle to my insurance policy because I can get it cheaper (he will have full coverage, towing, and rental with me that he didn’t have with Geico). He called to cancel his policy and the agent told him he had to go online under his account and in the Resource Center to select Contact Us. She told him that there would be a little blue box for him to cancel his policy. He told her there was no such box (and there is not!) and she told him he would have to mail her in his request to cancel his policy. They would NOT CANCEL over the phone! She even offered to match what his rate is under my policy, but our problem is that they raise his rate every 3 months without letting him know!! I WOULD RECOMMEND RUNNING AS FAST AS YOU CAN FROM GEICO!!

  23. Have had a pd claim for almost 2 years that NOBODY has returned calls to or responded in any way. This company is the worst. I used to have this insurance myself then after seeing how they mistreat claimants, I dropped them after 15 years as a policy holder. The worst!


  25. I need to know why my first monthly payment is so much more than it has always been???

    Due Date

    Total Amount Due

    Service Charges

    08/05/2015 $190.67 $5.00
    08/27/2015 $97.78 $5.00
    09/27/2015 $97.78 $5.00
    10/27/2015 $97.78 $5.00
    11/27/2015 $97.78 $5.00
    12/27/2015 $97.74 $5.00

    • Donelle, it looks like they charged you a deposit for your insurance. This is pretty common practice as insurance companies bill in advance of the coverage they provide. So they want to make sure they get your money if you stop paying and then they will provide you with 30 days to pay in the mean time they used your deposit to pay for your coverage. They should have explained this to you though! At State Farm we use a similar deposit system, unless you set up automatic monthly payments, then you don’t have to pay any deposit. Good Luck!

  26. Double paid themselves from my account. Can’t get a “customer service” person to get my money put back in my bank account. Calling it a little Glitch! 4 calls in and no solution. Called bank to stop and was told to call Geico. Got hung up in Geico voice response mess. 4 calls into Geico and still not one solution into how I am getting MY money back into my account. Lousy company with no customer service skills at all. They were mad at me for them taking MY MONEY!

  27. Now I am paying more for the car insurance, than for the car monthly payments . This car is 2014 Model Kia Forte. It is a lease car taken on 2013. Right now the odometer is 11388. Used only by me, for my personal needs. Will appreciate the check up this rise. Thank you, Ramonita Hernandez

    Policy# 2010-01-14-64/01288

  28. I did not get a return mailing address envelope from you to return my coverage information form. Is it possible to fax these papers back to you? If so, could you please send me your fax number. If not, please send me the proper mailing address. I live in New Mexico if that is important. Thank you very much, Deann Vaughn.

  29. This company is the worst. No matter how long you’ve been a customer, they continuously go up on your rates and will do nothing to lower them when you decide to move on. I think they’re fraudulent!!!

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