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Contacting Garmin Customer Service Center

Garmin is a company that specializes in global positioning equipment, most commonly referred to as GPS. The company not only sells new GPS equipment, but offers updates for older equipment as new maps are available. In some cases, the maps are available for free download and in other cases customers must pay for the maps before downloading. Various support options are available from the Support link at the top of the page, including contact information for Garmin customer service.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We found three customer service phone numbers for the US and Canada listed on the support page for Garmin. There are also customer service phone numbers listed for Europe.

  • US customer service (toll call): 1-913-397-8200
  • US customer service (toll free): 1-800-800-1020
  • Canadian customer service: 1-866-429-9296
  • UK customer service (freephone from landline): 0808 238 0000
  • UK customer service (within UK): 0870 850 1242
  • UK customer service (outside UK): +44 870 850 1242
  • Austria customer service: 43 (0) 3133 3181 0
  • Belgium customer service: 00 32 2 672 52 54
  • Denmark customer service: 00 45 4810 5050
  • Finland customer service: 00 358 9 6937 9758
  • France customer service: 00 331 55 69 33 99
  • Germany customer service: 00 49 1805 GARMIN 880
  • Italy customer service: 00 39 02 3669 9699
  • Netherlands customer service: 0800-0233937
  • Norway customer service: 815 69 555
  • Poland customer service (freephone from landline in Poland):  00800 4412 454
  • Poland customer service (outside Poland): +44 2380 662 915
  • Portugal customer service: 00351 21 444 74 60
  • Spain customer service: 00 34 902 007 097
  • Sweden customer service: 00 46 7744 52020

Mailing Address

While there is no customer service address, you can contact the international headquarters for the Garmin company located in the United States.

Garmin International, Inc.
1200 E. 151st St.
Olathe, KS 66062-3426

Official Website

The official website for the Garmin company is From this website you can access the support website and information on products, services and map downloads. If you are looking for the direct link to the Garmin support website, you can use this link:

Customer Service Email

There is no email address listed on the official Garmin website, but there is a contact form for customers or patrons who want to contact Garmin via email. Use the contact form;jsessionid=86A96466D38443ED2892722BC75028CC for all forms of customer service communication.

We sent an email to customer service using the form to ask if there was a direct email address for customer service. We will update the response time when we receive a return email.

Our Experience

We called the Garmin US toll free number. We were answered by an automated response system. It went on a loop if we did not choose an option it gave. We chose an option for technical service and we were directed to a representative. The representative spoke clear English and asked us what our question was. It took about 40 seconds to get connected to a representative.

Although the email inquiry to Garmin was returned within 2 hours, the response did not answer our question. The customer service representative only provided additional contact information. Read the communication below:

From: Date: Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 10:31 PM
Subject: Re: Customer Service Email (KMM24568471I15977L0KM)
To: Richard Banks

Dear Richard Banks,
Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I would be happy to assist you. You can contact Garmin with the following email address:
Please reply if you have any further questions.

With Best Regards,
Rebecca Ha.
Customer Service Representative
2nd Shift Customer Service Team
Garmin International
913-440-8280 (fax) Att: Rebecca Ha., Associate #6364

Original Message Follows: ————————
Escalation from KANA On Demand Self Service
Subject: Customer Service Email
Message: I was looking for an email address that I could use to contact Garmin customer support in case I am not near a computer to access the online contact form.

Have you bought Garmin products? Did you have any troubles with them? Have you called their toll free service line? Tell us your story.

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9 Comments on “Contact Garmin Customer Service
  1. Would you please check out the screen real good as I can not see thru it hardly at all. To me it seems blurry and please replace the screen for an other one please?

    Also I cannot hear it very well I have to turn it wide open and still most times have to listen real hard to hear it.

    I really would appreciate if you can replace the GPS with a ZUMO GPS. Since I had the accident from the GPS having me turn down a One Way Street with on coming traffic I have had to have Back Surgery for 2 broken Vertabrates and 3 Crushed Disc along with major Stomach surgery.

    I also have had both knees operated on just because of my GPS having me turn down a one way street into on coming traffic.

    I do not fault anyone or anything, I am just asking for very much needed help with getting a much needed and Dependable GPS as mine is not one.

    ***PLEASE help me by replacing my GPS with a ZUMO GPS for my motorcycle.

    Due to these surgeries I am in bed 18 to 20 hours each and everyday and sometimes weeks and months at the time for all day long.

    ***I just want to ride some when I can, even for short distances and be able to depend on my GPS, PLEASE HELP ME OUT.

    RMA# 43239563

    Thanks Johnny

  2. I bought an european version of the nuvi gps that cannot be updated with european maps because of memory lack (when updating I am forced to chose the Italy and Greece option). I therefore bought an external memory card (4 GB microSD(TM) card) from their online shop on may14th 2012. I’m still waiting for the delivery (today is june 20th). Although I live in Italy I was contacted by mail on june 3rd from some Uk office saying they lost my address (!!). No one to contact on their website for online shop support, no online shop customer service in Italy or Us, apart from techincal matters. Very upsetting.

  3. Last few days i won 999.999 visitors for downloading garmin mobile xt application, but why i can’t get that prize

  4. Garmin were running apromotion for handheld GPS units in New Zealand. If you purchased a unit you were eligible for free topo maps . I specifically asked the retailer how long it would take to get the maps. I was told 2 weeks but if I rang Garmin this could be expedited. When I completed the online redemption form I was told it would take 8 weeks. Garmin resonse to my enquiry was that it was another department that was responsible for shipping the map and there was nothing theycould do.
    This level of customer service is apalling my recomndation is do not buy any Garmin equioment as their service levels are subterranean.

  5. Hi!! Isn’t any one at Garmin available to tell elderly folks how to up update their Garmins.. I spent the biggest share of one afternoon trying to get assistance and all 8 of the garmin employees did not know any more than I did. We have a Garmin nuvi 1300LM that we would like to get our Free lifetime map update and are getting the run around. Not one single person I talked to could tell me a simple way to update our GPS. Does anyone know a simple way to do an update. Garmin It would sure be appreciated if you could send us by e-mail, instructions on how to do the FREE update..

  6. I received a Garmin golf watch as a gift and after one round of golf I recharged the watch.Upon checking the watch I noticed a strange symbol like a battery W/a coil
    of wire around the battery. Soon every thing went blank
    and now nothing.

    Can the battery be bad? Could it be changed in the field

    Thanks Charley

  7. In preparation of a cross country trip I had the Garmin tecs. update my NUVI 1450 prior to departure travelling from Duluth, Mn, to Branson, MO down into South TX winding our way back up through TX, AZ, CA, NV SD and home. While travelling from Memphis, TN through southern MS my unit just quit working and I could not get it to restart/refresh. At this point I am about ready to throw it into a body of water and purchase something different and definitely NOT a Garmin and that it what I will do if you can not remedy the present situation.

  8. I have purchased Garmin Approach S2 Golf watch last year 12/21/13. As instructed by the seller, I sent $50 rebate form to Garmin without receiving any feedback until now. I have contacted Garmin customer service without receiving any positive feedback. Would you please let me know how I can pursue further? I’m frustrated and hope for your guidance.

  9. Hi

    I’m looking to buy a garmin edge heart rate monitor and cadence meter
    is it possible to buy the bundle anywhere?


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