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Contacting GameStop Customer Service Center

GameStop is the world’s leader in video game sales, purchases and trades. The company specializes in new and used hardware and software as well as offering discounted accessories. The company has a reaches 17 countries within a network of more than 6,600 stores. GameStop also features an online game portal, designed specifically for online game play. At times, customers have concerns and are not able to visit one of the locations. This is where the customer relations team lends a hand.

The company features several verticals so customers can contact a representative.

Contact Info:

The company provides several methods to contact customer service. Customers can check the GameStop FAQ’s for recently asked questions or concerns. Customers can also call the customer service line, as well as send traditional correspondence through the mail.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer care line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-883-8895

Mailing Address

Traditional correspondence to a customer service representative can be sent to the following location:

GameStop Corporate Headquarters
625 Westport Pkwy.
Grapevine, TX 76051

Official Website

The GameStop official website provides an extensive amount of information to the customer. The website features a link to the other properties, including the monthly magazine Game Informer and the PC download site Customers can find information regarding downloadable content, pre-owned games, hardware and accessories, as well as current trade-in values.

Customers can create an account in order to receive up-to-date information regarding new releases and upcoming information on products and services. When an account is created, customers can order online and check the status of their orders.

Customer Service Email

In the event customers cannot reach a live customer service representative, they can send an email to the customer care center. The email to the customer service department is Customers do not need to have an account or enter personal information in order to send a message. We sent an email asking the policy on pre-ordering video games and are awaiting a response. The company states customers should receive a response within 24 hours.

Customer can also contact the company by:



Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department, we encountered the automated system which provided an option to speak to a live customer service representative. We waited and waited and waited. For approximately 10 minutes, we waited and never spoke to an agent. We called again and after waiting again for 10 minutes, spoke to an agent. We asked questions regarding the trade-in program. The representative was knowledgeable and even apologetic for our wait time.

Overall the experience was not in our top ten. When a company wants your hard earned money, especially for a discretionary purchase, one would think customer service would be on the ball. What did you think when you contacted the customer service department? Share your comments below.

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18 Comments on “Contact GameStop Customer Service
  1. Have tried to call the customer service number many times in the last 24 hours….waited on hold with the automated system for 20 to 30 minutes at a time and no person ever answered. That is not acceptable.

  2. I bought the gta 4 for Xbox 360 and I want to install the police pursuit mod but I don’t know how I been searching on the Internet to see how and I still don’t know please help me out I want to know how to install it so I could be playing as a police officer the whole time

  3. I would give them a zero if possible. I have tried calling 4 times in the past week and waited for over 30 minutes each time. Nobody picks up at their online customer service department. What a joke! It’s bad enough they have prices higher than other retailers, but customer service that doesn’t pick up the phone is very likely to drive people away. Great business model!

  4. Horrible phone support. Called 3 times within 3 days and waited over an hour and a half each call and no one ever picked up! Was a pressing issue too. Gamestop needs to hire more people or outsource so at least someone picks up the phone when customers call in less than an hour and a half!!! that is just unacceptable!

  5. Waited on hold for an hour and 45 minutes today. When someone finally answered they immediately hung up. Apparently Gamestop doesn’t want to do business with me. No big deal. There are plenty of places that are more than willing to speak with their customers.

  6. what i think is game stop needs to have all games like the frist xbox games and ps2 games some pepole still have those thing and want to get more games for there old consols if u get this ples cang it THINK YOU

  7. My Xbox 360 console I give game stop he no give my console back she say trash your console latter she say police took your console I complete costermer service 10 days ago no response plese help me

  8. Hi,i am using your service for long time.
    EBGames , Gamestop .
    But after years i still find the same problems. I am going to explain mine.Now,i took a new GameStop Power UP Reward Pro card.
    I have had my purchase in NYC,every thing ok,but i am a professional traveller so now i am in Italy and can not use my card,tomorrow i am in London andi will ask but for sure i can use only in USA again next month,why i can not do it?
    I have a coupon i should use to get 6 month of playstation* and a free copy of The Last Of Us. It was expiring Yesterday and i could not redeem it.
    After long time i joined you again,but i finded the same old things,just ask why if i join you in USA or anywhere in the world i should take card all over the world to buy games or take promotions??
    Because, before i was buying at your store but without buy the card. Just an example , i buy Apple services all over the world and i can use it all over the world,why can not use your services all over the world?
    In the shops in Italy told me ,that i am not the only one did that.
    Tomorrow will try in London.
    Expecting your answer ,have a nice day.

  9. I have called customer support 3 times been on hold more than 25 minutes, the online chat is just a worse , all I want is to confirm shipping of a package , on the website the shipping tracking # is wrong and will not pull through UPS !!!!!!!!!!!
    worsed customer services ever… good luck finding an email address too

  10. I would like to compliment the associates at the Howell, NJ store located at 4803 Rt9 North.

    My 9 year old son and I went into the store to replace an xbox360 game that was damaged. An associate on the floor was very helpful.

    When we were at the counter to make our purchase, SAMANTHA (367582) was very helpful. She suggested renewing our PowerUp membership and pointed out all the benefits. (Basically the membership “pays for itself” with the added benefits and coupons.) She also suggested the $3 GPG insurance policy and explained exactly how it worked.

    She shared two small gifts with my son that were tie-in gifts from previous new game releases. He was so excited! She suggested taking a photo of my receipt with my phone in case it was lost.

    I worked for many years in retail management, and I was very impressed with Samantha’s customer service! I wanted to take the time to compliment the service that I received at this location.

    Thank you so very much!

  11. GameStop has the worst customer service I have ever encountered! Can’t get through to them on the phone! Can’t get anyone on-line. There is reason to believe that the customer service department doesn’t even exist! Being no one has ever been known to communicate with one. Well, how can you communicate when you won’t answer phone calls, or live chats!! At least have an e-mail address listed so customers who don’t have all day to wait can get in touch with you! I didn’t renew my PowerUp membership. I do not intend to ever shop with GameStop again!! If you think you are the only place we shoppers can buy games and accessories you are very much mistaken!!! GOOD-BYE GAMESTOP! I’ll drive down the street to Walmart from now on!!

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