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Contacting FX Customer Service Center

FX is a television network available to customers with cable connections. Some of the shows offered on FX include Anger Management, American Horror Story and Archer.

Contact Info:

Your best bet when looking for FX customer service information is to contact the corporate office in California. There are no phone numbers, email forms or mailing addresses listed on the official website. There is one email address; we listed that address in the Customer Service Email section.

Phone Contact Number

FX customer service does not have a dedicated phone number for general customer service calls, but you can connect with the corporate office at:

  • Corporate: 1-310-369-1000

This is not the number to call for order support. There is no order support number, so you’ll need to email support using the form listed below.

Mailing Address

Take up a pen and address your letter to the corporate office in Los Angeles. We’ve included an attention line denoting that the letter needs to reach the customer service department.

FX Networks LLCAttn: Customer Service10201 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035

Official Website

Everything you could possibly want to learn about the FX channel is available on the official website at http://www.fxnetworks.com/. You can read about current shows, connect with fans and purchase branded items with the FX or show logos. There is an FX application for Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Windows phone to make it easier to connect with the station from anywhere you are.

Social Media

Similar to other telecommunications companies, FX is fully integrated into the social world. Aside from the main Facebook and Twitter accounts, customers can reach the customer service departments of the individual shows through social media.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email address for FX Networks is a standard email address. If you click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page you are essentially asking your computer to send an email, which can cause a bit of a problem if there is no email client setup on your computer. Instead, open your personal email account and copy the email address below to send your question or comment to FX customer service.

If you need to Ask a Question about your order through the FX Shop, contact:

Our Experience

Contacting the customer service team was rather easy. At first the automated system asks for the extension number of the name of the of the party you are trying to reach. In the event you do not have the number or you choose to communicate directly with the customer service department, you will need to wait. We waited for approximately 2 minutes before speaking with a live agent. The FX representative was polite and helpful with our needs. Do you have a great customer service experience to share? Take a minute to make a comment below.

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45 Comments on “Contact FX Customer Service
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  2. Order no.10387515: It’s OK, German customs is the reason.
    Nevertheles I would have expected any reply.

  3. In this seasons opening episode Sons of Anarchy at the end there was a school shooting.I feel with all the things the writers could have done, this was out of spec.Have we all forgotten how we all watched the sad parents and familys in Newtown last year
    People don’t need incentives from the tv world more than what we have now.Mr Sutter DO YOU REMEMBER NEWTOWN,CONNETICUT
    this was of bad taste

    • What imbecile decided to air a Chozen ad with two guys in Speedos humping a rapper during the movie Iron Man tonight? And what a brainstorm to air the ‘Hey aren’t we great, we’re FX’ commercial featuring Shrek /Kung Fu Panda, etc. during the same segment. Choose a side of the fence, be kid friendly, or don’t. This ain’t rocket science here folks….nope, just plain poor taste.

  4. Okay so I wake up early every morning to watch Buffy the vampire slayer and it’s really driving me crazy that I skips almost half of the show! WHY DOES IT DO THIS?!?!?!

  5. Why is it for the past few years you play iron man once a week or multiple times it seems. Please stop airing this repetitive movie. I actually hate ironman now because of it being overplayed and I can’t bare to see it! Same thing with xmen the last stand. Please stop playing these!

  6. you are absolutely ruining my movie watching experience with all your damn commercials. I am watching THOR and you break for commercials every 7 to 10 minutes. I went to your network to see this movie but I will not come back. Why should I when I have cable channels and movie channels. You have lost me as a viewer for good!!!!

  7. Your network does not deserve to show movies if you are gong to destroy the rhythm and flow of a film with a commercial break EVERY 10 MINUTES. I am done with FX !!!!!!!

  8. Thanks a lot FX, I’ve spent 2 hours watching Transformers: Dark of the Moon, a movie which should only take 1 hour and a half to watch, but you tv broadcast has been messing up for the last hour of the movie. Thanks to you, I’ve wasted 2 hours of life watching a movie on you channel that I will not be able to finish watching. This is not the first time that I’ve experienced this. Better fix this.

  9. Would you please consider picking up the glades from a and e they canceled it and it would fit right in with fx. If you could send me an email letting me know you got this email. Thanks peggy

  10. To Whom It May Concern, I recently tried to watch “How To Train Your Dragon” on your network and was appalled. The movie has a run time of 98 minutes and your network dragged it out to 155 minutes. Are you kidding me? Your network turned a great movie into a piece of crap! I will never watch another movie on your network! Many people I know saw the movie the same night I did (04/07/14) and couldn’t believe how much you took the fun out of that excellent movie! I hope your greed in advertisement is worth losing viewers. As for me, there are too many other good networks on tv to give a damn about yours. Signed, Lost Viewer. P.S. Absolutely Ridiculous

  11. Please for the love of God stop playing Iron Man, Transformers and The Matrix. Every night there is never anything on cable and my husband always watches these movies over and over again! It drives me insane that the same thing is on every day…I am sure there are plenty of other shows and movies that could be played instead. I love my husband but by doing this for me and every other wife in America u would be contributing to happy wives EVERYWHERE! I am not the only wife that thinks this way, so I thought I would let you know…thanks in advance!

  12. watched the first of Fargo series last night–the show was great but the commericals make it impossible to watch. There is more time in commerical than in the show it self. what a waste!!

  13. Don’t get it, I was watching 2 and 1/2 man at 1:00 pm pacific time and the show continues tomorrow, but when I checked the schedule for next day it is at a different hours, and by the info about the show, doesn’t matches the continuation.
    Question is? do you guys just play the show randomly meaning one day is with ashton and the next with charly and also the hours will be randomly play,all because the person in charge goes to work stone.

  14. Watching LOUIE now or should I say watching an endless stream of commercials! Got up before the show was even over tonight to email and say stuff it up your ass. LOUIE is overrated as hell, can’t even see it being considered comedy and the commercial blitz was it for me. I’M DONE!

  15. The language you are letting through your programming is getting very offensive, especially taking the Lord’s name in vain. Not everyone talks like that or enjoys hearing it. I know I can switch channels but want to express my opinion anyway.


  17. I watched the first episode of Tyrant last night via Comcast on demand. I have enjoyed many of the FX original series such as Always Sunny and The Americans. Although the depiction life in a Middle Eastern tyrannical society are probably extremely accurate, I found the rape seens to be way to graphic. An implication of such would have been sufficient. Due to the unrestrained nature of this show I will refrain from viewing the rest of the serious. Speaking in reference to graphic depictions, The Americans is at the top of my threshold.

  18. Tyrant is another show that proliferates soft porn. The first show has two rape scenes. Is the writer addicted to porn and has a skewed idea that we want to watch that crap. What happened to good writing and cinematography that told a story without having to show explicit scenes? What is wrong with you to choose to show trash like this?

    Good actors and story line is ruined to the point that we cannot watch without leaving the show with disturbing images and feelings of disgust. I never want to watch this show again and I think I will choose to block FX. You don’t have to show it – good writers can show the cruelty without turning the show pornographic and seriously disturbing to the point you can’t watch.

  19. Tyrant is brilliant – now for what ticks me off big time – the commercials – I swear I am looking at more commercials than I am show – I am seriously considering not watching the network anymore – when you pay to have tv in your home and are flooding nonstop with more commercials than programming – something is seriously wrong. Also, running info on the screen about upcoming shows is ridiculous – I want to watch the show on the tv set now – not what is coming down the pike – we need to get our antennas back and stop paying for tv commercials :(

  20. Tell us what you think is what you ask: What I think is you ruined another show. I digress please read my comment below…..
    Started watching the STRAIN. Great cast and special effects as well as great story line. I record most shows so as to not have the flow interupted. Despite fast fowarding (WAY TO MANY TIMES)I’ve givin up watching. You guys gotta be kidding. Another great show ruined. When I have some time later I’ll sit down and write a letter and send it snail mail until then i just had to comment on how you insult peoples intelligence by constantly breaking away for commercials. I’m outa here!!

  21. I just read to my delight that FARGO may return for a second season, however my glee was overturned when I also read that Billy Bob Thornton would not be cast. In truth, the actor was the reason I watched the first season.
    I would like to ask that this decision be reconsidered. Perhaps he could be a constant,albeit as different characters, as was done with Asylum. BBT made the show what it was-a hit. Remove him and change the feel. Please keep him in it.
    Perhaps you could survey your audience. We who watch it know what we want to see. Give us a chance to tell you. After all, are we not who the entertainment is for?
    Thank you.

  22. I am very very disappointed that Tyrant was not on tonight friday july 25th at 9:00pm! I have waited all week to watch this program. I work overnights during the week so I have to wait for the friday evening showing of Tyrant! Please put it back on next friday August 1st. I would appreciate this so very much!!!! I do not have tivo so I cannot record it. Please Thank You. Please

  23. I’m really trying to like the new show Strain, but you have soooooo many commercials. I’ve never encounter so many commercials EVER!

  24. Your new show Partners,billed as a comedy, did not even produce a smile , no less a laugh. Terrible writing, and your decision to make The one character’s wife ‘s infidelity with a priest was so typical of liberal writers. Bash Catholics. You’d never dare go after any other religion. Catholics are fair game. It couldn’t have been that she had an affair with anyone else, let’s go after Christians. Shame. Hope your show tanks.

  25. I enjoy So You Think You Can Dance. It was phenomenal all season until tonight!!! Travis is very talented as a Choreographer. Beauty reveals truth and the opening episode was so awkward and did not make sense because true beauty does not lie. That opening act was awful. Keep politics out of the show!!!!

  26. I personally think your channel sucks ass. You play good movies sometimes but why all the goddamn commercials what yall think people pay out the ass for cable to get a shit ton of commercials.

  27. To Whom It May Concern: Today is Wednesday October 22th, 2014. I was watching the VIEW this morning and Whoopi Goldberg announced that your channel FX is TERMINATING THE BRIDGE!!! Have you lost your MIND??? THAT IS ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS YOU HAVE EVER AIRED. I LOVE FX SHOWS THE BRIDGE, TYRANT AND MY FAVORITE BESIDES THE BRIDGE IS THE STRAIN!!! WICKED SHOW. You really should reconsider cancelling the Bridge, as Whoopi and Rosi (from the VIEW) say it’s their favorite show. BIG BIG BIG MISTAKE. I hope more people write in so you will reconsider this decision. I HOPE YOU DON’T CANCEL THE STRAIN OR THIS COUNTRY MAY BE IN A UPROAR. Thank you and please respond to this email. Linda Georges

  28. Sudden Link? Screwed this whole country, and with that came? some of the worst programing i have ever witnessed from alot of networks,AMC,TNT,FX, you introduced FXX, but could you use FXX to air movies that are semi popular that we all still like to watch like Knight and Day,Open Range,Transporter,Kick Ass,,theres a bunch that could be playing,in the evenings,,,i dont want to watch stupid reruns of the Simpsons, FX? your really begining to lose my faith in your program directors abilities? SLACK!!!…Thank You

  29. The evenings are considerd primetime, I have yet to view one epesode of Mike and Molly,i dont care to watch two overweight people bantering back and forth,especially nine times in a row on a Thursday night. Why cant that junk be shown way later, like after nine? PRIME TIME? Come on FX,,put movies back in those time slots,,,and i dont care to watch reruns of the Simpsons, that show is junk, you have to be a moron to watch that junk,,,,The program director is just plain lazy and has no imagination, and should leave that job to someone who can think outside the box.

  30. Why would you cancel “The Bridge”? I found it to be one of the most interesting series on television. I will miss it, as will many other viewers.

  31. You need to tell the blond lady host it is “star TREK’ trek- a journey not ” star track” track something for a train to run on.

  32. March 18, 2015


    From: Richard Bourgeois (SAMPLE SCRIPT WITH AN INVITE)

    I created a TV Sit Com program from my second book, “PICK-UP LINES” that has a chance to compete in most time-slots. More important it will attract advertisers, and generate bottom-line profits.

    Would you direct me to the responsible person to submit new ideas. I would like to provide a sample script for your/his consideration. Understanding the volume of emails you get, I will send only with an invite. At least 50 scrips could be ready within a month

    Your audience will be Teens, College age, Middle Aged and Seniors. Cable TV recognizes this fact as they are reintroducing old situation shows. Capture Cable Audience with current happenings. It is aimed as an R rated program, however entire viewers will be tempted to switch to FX. There is one main reason that by the fourth program, Pick Up Lines will be the top rated in its time slot.. .

    Give me ten minutes to explain and sell you on the idea. You will understand the last sentence above.

  33. Trying to watch a program on FX is useless. 5 minutes of program and them 3 minutes of commercials. You have become like one of the shopping networks.
    You are losing viewers because of too many commercials.

  34. Downloaded FXNOW app on my smart TV but unable to activate using Charter as my provider. Entered my Zip Code and selected Charter but when I go back to the list of providers it still isn’t listed.


  36. I was so looking forward to seeing The Bridge this summer. It was my favorite program on any network. I feel quite let down that it has been cancelled. The themes are contemporary and close to what we could see happening in the near future in terms of cartel crime and violence in this country. I think it was a mistake to cancel it. I hope you will reconsider this decision and that more people will write in after they see it will not be on again starting in the summer of 2015.

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