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Contacting Frontier Customer Service Center

Frontier Communciations offers high-speed Internet, television and home phone services. You are asked to select your location to access some of the features available on the company website. However, there are plenty of features available to visitors outside the service area. Frontier Communications customer service offers a long list of phone numbers for residential, business and corporate contact.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Contacting Frontier customer service by phone is one of the fastest means of solving your problem right now. Wait times will vary, but the wait time for a response will always be shorter by phone than by mail or email.

Customer service is available by phone between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST Monday to Friday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST Saturday and Sunday.

Mailing Address

If you need to send your compliment or complaint higher, you can contact the corporate headquarters, also known as Frontier National, at the following mailing address.

Frontier Communications
100 Communications Drive
Sun Prairie, WI 53590

Official Website

The official website for Frontier Communications is This website is available for customers to learn more about Frontier services and the company as a whole. If a customer needs more detailed information, they can enter their home phone number or zip code at the top of the page for a dedicated website for the service area.

You may be able to view some general information for Frontier products, but detailed information may not be available unless you enter your service address as not all products and services will be available in all areas.

Customer Service Email

There is live support available on the Frontier customer service page, but no place to email customer service. If you are having an issue and you need to contact someone at Frontier about a problem or concern (or compliment) you can contact the Senior Vice President over National

Our Experience

The customer service line for Frontier Communciations is answered by the typical automated system. We pressed 0 to bypass the first question and 0 twice more to bypass the second question. We were placed on hold for two minutes with a repeating message before Dee in Florida answered our call. We asked if Frontier Communications offered cable Internet speeds and we were told no – only DSL speeds. The call took more than three minutes to complete – most of which was spent on hold.

Did Frontier work better for you? How was your call to the Frontier customer service department?

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79 Comments on “Contact Frontier Customer Service
  1. Frontier provides the worst internet connection I have ever had. I was a Verizon customer-seldom had a broadband problem, Now I have a horrible connection nearly all the time and no one cares to fix it. I have had techs visit, new modems, call after call. I am the only one of my neighbors who cannot get a consistent connection and they cannot figure out how to fix it-unless “you have a Mac” is the answer. Cannot go on like this-ther must be a solution somewhere, I just don’t have any options.

  2. My elderly mother who lives alone called in for service on her phone line over a week ago and it is still not working. This is not the first time this has happened. The line needs replaced, not spliced and taped back together. Please repair.

  3. frontier has been awful. everyday no service between hours of 5-8pm this is ridiculous. I lost emails. Ordering on line interrupted every time i use it. Why do we have to be stuck with this company. Service is poor. How do we get a new company in?

  4. Frontier truly is the worst phone company I have ever dealt with. Their customer service is terrible. I was a long time customer and then in June 2012 shut my land line off because I only kept the phone on because of the burglar alarm system. I was paying $29.00 a month for what I was told was the cheapest basic plan offered. I then decided at Thanksgiving time to turn the phone back on because I found out there really was a much cheaper plan. I never received a phone bill and called 3 times. After calling Frontier today (1/2/13) again about the fact that I had not received a phone bill, I was told they have been mailed and that I was assesed a late fee. So now my phone is off again and for good this time. Fortunately for me, my cell phone works from my home. And my alarm company offers cellular alarm service.

  5. Sub-par service. Made an appointment, that I verified twice, then a no-show from the tech.
    I called & they couldn’t tell me why. No apology, no effort to try and rectify the problem.
    This company does not appear to value their customers, in my opinion.
    Unfortunately, I have no other choice but Frontier in my area.

    • I will have to agree with all of the complaints about customer service. Someone was supposed to show up and look at me modem because of disconnection problems and extremely slow internet. No one showed up, no one called, I heard nothing. I am very disappointed that I do not have an option. Frontier is awful. I was talked into a booster for my house and was charged for it. I still do not see improvement. I wish I had some options. I would never recommend Frontier as a phone company

  6. Frontier is garbage i do online gaming and have had nothing but lag every single day and they try to make up excuses such as they are upgrading in the area yea right not everyday for months just admit that ur dsl is worthless

  7. The service here in Northwest Indiana (Portage, IN hub) is marginal. The internet comes and goes. Have called Frontier three times. Repair man came out, didn’t have his meter to check line quality. I don’t do anything especially demanding. But Frontier can’t seem to handle any peak loads. QOS it pretty bad.

  8. your customer service is horrible left on hold for 30 minutes only to be transfered to someone else who put me on hold. Never have I been treated like this by phone company and I want to add phone lines to account but cant get anyone to help me. FRUSTRATING

    • I will be adding a phone line to my home and now I worry if I will be able to. How long in advance should I start the procedure getting a phone line added?

  9. I dread having to call Frontier. The automated voice tells you “Your business is important to us” and then the whole process does everything possible to negate that. I’m left on hold for long periods of time, almost never get my problem addressed when they finally answer, and get promised a call back with resolution and have never received one, so I have to go through it all again. Twice, they’ve come up with new pricing that promises $X per month. A year or so later, it mysteriously bumps up by $100 and I have to waste copious time arguing with them to put it back to the original pricing. Bad company, bad service, therefore seriously considering VOIP. (BTW, that’s the key for getting what you want–threaten VOIP and they’re much more willing to negotiate.)

  10. Is there anyway to stop the SPAM I am up to over a 100 a day I could really use your help thanks elden

  11. my barn burnt down in Jan. of this year. we have always had a phone in the barn for over 20 years, do to our animals and having to call the vet. We also don’t get good cell service. I have tried to get the line hooked back up after we built a new barn. 4 weeks in a row they never showed up for our appointment. The following day after missing the last appointment Mike Long came out and installed a junction box in the barn. I assumed I now had service. There is no line going to the box. He told me I would have to pay for a separate line from our road to have service to our barn. The original line came off our line in the house. Even though the electric company replace the lines burnt by the fire, frontier won’t reconnect a line that is already there. I pay for wire maintance each month, but i’am told by Mr. Long that frontier is not in the business of giving out freebies. Why did he come out the day after the missed appt. and install the junction box? I’m sure it wasn’t free. I really need a phone in my barn, but I don’t feel I should have to pay for a new line when there is already one. I was also told I was lucky they didn’t charge me for the line they buried to hook the house back up that was pulled out during construction. Can anyone help me? gail

  12. Can’t wait for my contract to run out. Got lied to to sign up. Was told i would get 7m internet, and at the most I get 1. Evenings, dial up is really faster. Internet goes down at least 3 times a week. Tv goes out every time we get a drop of rain.

  13. took 4 tries without being hung up on (first 3 times I typed in my phone number) to get through to them. Kept hitting “0” on the 4th try and finally after almost a half hour they finally came on to talk to me. The person that answered hung up but left the phone on, so I hit “0” an few more time and finally someone else started talking to me. One of the worst customer service outfits I ever dealt with.

  14. WE have Frontier local and long distance service.For the last year we have had to call Frontier to get our bill adjusted. We are being charged for calls we did not make even being charged for in state calls when we have their in state service.Each time we call they tell us the problem is fixed but the next billing cycle has the same problem.WE are fed up with Frontier .Think it,s time to drop them and use just our cell phone you would think after a year they could get the problem fixed unhappy customers Gerald @ Eleanor

  15. we have had the worse service since frontier took over from Verizon my phone and internet have been out so many times and I have called my last time someone was supposed to have fixed it by Tuesday and this is Wednesday morning and it is not fixed I am a nurse and get called out to come to work some times and they are unable to get hold of me and my husband has multiple medical problems and we need to use the phone for 911 calls and this phone does us no good if it is not fixed today I will not pay the final bill and I will call vonage and you can stick the final bill as I will not pay it and I will contact the attorney general I am sorry it has come to this but I cant get any satisfaction otherwise

  16. we have had phone line problems for awhile and sat 12/21 a repair man showed up he said it was our vtec phones that were not working so today 12/23 we went and bought a new phone and it wont even give us a dial tone now we did this fixed asap because I am a sheriffs deputy and we need this house phone fixed we do not have cell phones and now no way to call out or get incoming calls please sent someone out as soon as possible

  17. Yesterday I waited on the telephone for forty-five minutes for customer service before I gave up. This morning I waited twenty-five minutes (listening to annoying ads–was that why I had to wait?) When a real person finally answered, he was very gracious but, when I explained my problem, he said he would have to contact tech support (which is who I called in the first place, as I understood it) and would get back to me within twenty minutes. I have now waited an hour and have not heard back. This is terrible service.

  18. I sent an e-mail to Frontier over a week ago and got no reply. My e-mail involved a complaint of discrimination between new customers and present customers. We, as present customer, are not allowed the same deal as new customers. I’m paying $30 a month for internet service while new cusromer are offered $19.99 with no contract for two years. Yet we, as present customers, are forced to go under a contract if we choose to stay with Frontier. That to me is discrimination according to the definition in Black’s Law Dictionary.

  19. Your new format for e-mail, especially the Inbox/Sent mail page is way too cluttered. Please tell me how to opt out of this “new improved” format and return to the crisp customer friendly “old” style.

  20. I was to have a fixed price for life with Verizon. Frontier took over and for a bit of time, it was honored. Then it went up $1.00 and when I asked about the increase I was told they had no record of my Verizon arrangement. Shortly after that, the price increased by $6.00 more per month and I have been told I have the lowest price available. Also, I was told that I have the slowest service (barely above dial-up) and can’t get any better because I am at the end of the limit of 3 miles from a source. I have had the modem replaced and now my Wi-Fi stinks and my internet access and e-mail service is slower than a team of worn out oxen in a rocky field.

    Price goes up; service goes down. Way to go Frontier!

  21. i can believe all ive read on the comments.missed a 21 dollar bill in nov. and my bill sky rocketed they want to collect 156.00 from me my advice to all is dont miss a payment they charge 7.50 amonth and you cant get caught up…plus they are charging $43,instead of my p.ment of 21.00 these payments are going god knows where and you talk to a different person every time.

  22. My land line phone has been out since Thursday afternoon. I live in a rural area and my cell phone doesn’t “pick up” unless I go a few miles down the road. I thought since I had internet service that I could contact Frontier through the internet to discuss my problem, but the live chat that is supposed to help me, says “off line”. Even ‘tho it’s the correct time to reach them. I really need someone online to contact me and tell me what the problem is. I’ve checked all the hook ups and possible problems in the house. Someone from Frontier should contact me right away, or I’m gonna go with a different phone & internet provider. Please respond quickly, I have no other way to contact Frontier at this time. Thank you.

  23. I had Gross viruses in my computer I went to Frontier help desk I Reggie answered the phone—-I just want to say how much I appreciated his patience with me I am an older individual and do not know very much about my computer–Reggie was very helpful,friendly and understanding–just want to say thank you so much for the time he spent with me and fixed it!!!! I now have frontier protection and feel confident This will not happen again—also talked to Trey and he was helpfull also. I have been so happy with frontier as my server everyon I have talked to are all professional and very pleasant–thank you for such A good job :)

  24. Landline is out, have an open circuit, checked it outside, no way to contact repair, I do not have another phone!!!

    Frontier support really sucks! At least the 4th time in the last 6 months I have had to contact support!

  25. I had a tech service on my computer via remote today and he did a wonderful job – I talked with two people before he took over and they were helpful as well. Thank you, Frontier

  26. I have had nothing but good sevice from Premium Tech Support. Can’t say enough good things about everyone Ive talked to. We’ve needed them a number of times already and they’ve always been very helpful. The latest-Kevin techal #177- spent a long time cleaning up after a scam call. Didnt think the scam went thru (what a fast talker )but finally told him I didn’t know who he was and was going to call my Tech Support and did.

  27. I would like to thank Suzanne ID number 128 for the great job she did helping me with my problem I think she did a great job and I would like to thank the others that helped. thanks again. C.D. McDowell

  28. I needed help with my startup on my lap top. I could get to my password site. Tom preformed a very long scan,keeping me posted all the time great job tech id tech a1181 thanks jim davis

  29. When my phone service was with Verizon I had noises on the line all of the time and people could hardly hear me. I had contacted Verizon several times about this problem. When Frontier took over my phone service I called and a service man found the problem and corrected it. I have had no problems with my line and the service man was pleasant and professional. Thank you for your service, time and consideration.

  30. Help. I have (just uninstalled it) Frontier Secure. It hasn’t worked for 4 months. Today a tech installed Contact Anywhere. I let her get off the phone because it kept asking for restarts. It stopped dealing with conflict at 75%. I also didn’t see anything to do with security, scanning, etc. I just uninstalled it. I am sad to say Frontier products are no good. I’ve had Frontier for18 months, I’ve had trouble with internet speed, high definition and other problems I’ve forgotten. Currently I’m battling with billing. My caregiver and I have talked to Robert (who made a mistake telling us how much to pay) Mike, Jerome and Tom, but the charge remains as a past due. Tom said he would have Jerome call me since Jerome told me it was all fixed. The problem is a maintenance charge in error. No internet provider should take up as much time as Frontier has. I once took a marketing class and one rule was: if you have 1 unhappy customer, you have 100 unhappy customers. I am now searching how to replace Frontier altogether.

  31. My phone service sucks we called 2.5 weeks ago told them we had no phone service they said it would be a week. They came out and fixed a bunch of other lines and said ours was fixed didn’t even call to see. So we called again and they where supposed to be here Monday but no show they canceled the work order said it was fixed and now its going to be another week that’s 3.5 weeks plus 4 week ends my phone hasn’t worked that’s bs

  32. Reasons unknown, my 87 yr. old mother’s phone service went out on a Monday morning. Called that afternoon and customer service wrote a report and said service should resume shortly. That evening called again and heard same story. Next morning customer service gave the same story. Upon speaking with a rep in another state, they refused to let me speak to a local supervisor citing this is their rules (no one can talk directly to a supervisor unless it’s a Frontier customer service rep.Today I learn that a cable outside must be repaired and that it is not scheduled until Saturday. This is the soonest date as it is reported that an 87 yr. old is considered a medical emergency. Bottom line: medical emergency with Frontier takes 5 days to resume. Feels like we’re living this nightmare in a 3rd World Country!!

  33. my email does not work, haing lots of problems viewing, will not recognise my id or password, a box comes on screen asking for me to check and change it.

  34. My 91 year old mother has been without service now for four days and no one has even came out to check the situation out. It is her only means of communication. This is absolutely ridiculous since she explained her situation to customer service. Hopefully nothing happens to her where she needs emergency assistance. They definitely need a new way of prioritizing their services to customers. Very, very disappointed!

  35. Because of all the problems with bait & switch, being misled on services offered but later learned they don’t have them, and many connectivity issues on what services they did provide, I finally stopped using Frontier early 2014. Even though my account was zeroed out Frontier continued to contact me stating I had an enormous balance. As of about 09-29-2014 or the 30th, I again contacted Frontier about the incorrect balance. The guy this time said it was nearly $400!!??! Outraged, then he disconnected our communication. October 1 I got a credit bureau alert that $158 was reported by Frontier to my excellent credit record. I immediately contacted Angela Norton in escalations. She finally got back to me today stating she was as shocked as I am because my account reflected a ZERO balance and that she contacted collections to instruct them to remove the negative mark on my credit. I contacted her again and ask for proof of her contact and instruction, to them and proof of when they contacted the credit bureaus including what letter they sent to delete it from my credit record. I have gotten nothing back! My fiancé and I are trying to qualify for a new home at present time! Frontier is so problematic with their false promises, their offering services that they know they do not have, stating 12mps, but I only got 3mps, and their Frontier Secure Internet Security breaches caused severe damage to my data by allowing over 140 malicious intrusions and viruses to get into my system. I have lost all of my data now on two computers, and more problems with them. Now they have damaged my good name in credit! They need to fix it and have the negative remark removed immediately or else! Even their corporate division stated they were in error for doing this, yet nothing has been corrected. Wow! To hell with them… filed a BBB complaint and Consumer Fraud complaint as well. My next step is a legal court proceeding. They have caused both emotional, mental and financial hardship every since I started with them. They are liars and cheats! They don’t care what rep tells you what because they just lie or say “oh he/she was in error but we’ll do this or we cannot do that”, whenever they are faced with their unlawful business practices!

  36. Tech, Mark,#246 provided excellent service to correct a continuing problem with security. Hope the future shows the trouble is now corrected. Joshua was also competent and helpful.

  37. I would like to sincerely thank Rick Mandelik Unverse Technician for helping us get our phone, internet and television back in service. Rick was helping me out over the phone with some problems we were having and at the end of our call we got disconnected and lost all of our service. I called back and spoke with another technician and she was not able to get our service back on. She took down my cell phone number so a technician could call me back. Meanwhile Rick was trying to call me back of the home phone that wasn’t working. The second tech I spoke to had added my cell phone number to our account information and as soon as Rick saw it he contacted me and got our service back up and running over the phone. We were so pleased not to have to wait for 24 to 48 hours for a technician to come out to the house. But while I was on the phone with Rick as our phone service returned a technician called me right back. I explained what was going on and he told me if Rick was not able to get our service right back to call him. His name was Chris. Thank you to both Rick and Chris for the great customer service. Thank you Frontier.

  38. we have been having internet signal problems, I have called tech support 6 times they schedule a tech to come out and fix the problem but they never show up or call, what is going on with this company? we changed our schedule to be here when they say they will and they don”t have the courtesy to call “bad service”

  39. i have been trying to contact customer service for 2 days. i either get hung up on or disconected. i know nothing about this so call take over. i have been with at&t for years and was always able to contact someone to talk to. are you for real

  40. Going through “The Change” to Frontier Commutations. Since A T and T gave up, for the last 2 weeks I have had off and on Internet. I have restarted the Router about 20 times. Right now there is a 6 hour wait to talk to Customer Service. Changing to any other provider will be better than Frontier. DO NOT GIVE THEM A CHANCE, YOU WILL REGRET IT.

    Sent to almost 2K Facebook Friends

  41. This is the worst sevrice on the planet!!!!! It’s always down bad connection on wireless out in Californa At the light House Resort … Even the office says the wish they could have a different service provider, now that not saying much for the service that we pay for!!!!! and don’t send me an I’m sorry back just fix the damn problem u have 4 boxes out on the property and the mgr in Gault Ca, is an uncaring person u need to fire him!

  42. AT&T really DUMPED on its former customers by selling out phone service in Connecticut to FRONTIER. We are left HIGH AND DRY with internet service that is absolutely useless – if it isn’t down, IT IS DOWN. Try to use anything ON DEMAND and it will DIE right in the middle of a video. Am going to have to contact our computer geek and see what can be done to get a new internet service – Hughes Net or something more expensive – which will probably work when FRONTIER keeps dying out.

  43. phone service has been down for at least 5 hours saying all circuits are busy, Frontiers wonderful , as advertised, reliable service stinks. And believe me, this is not the first time!

  44. I have been sitting on hold for over 20 minutes listening to crappy music and recordings about Connecticut (I live in Michigan) all this to get to repair. What is wrong with this company?

  45. I called Frontier yesterday in regards to a problem with my new account. I received a promotion flyer on my door that offered Fios installation, with no installation fee, no contract and no need to purchase cable or home phone service. I received my bill and noticed they had charged me the 149.99 for the instalation fee. I called on 11/11 and they asked to call back because my account was so new it was not in the system yet?? I called back yesterday, explained the problem and the representative refused to remove the charge that was offered on the flyer. I confirmed to her that when I called to request for service the representative confirmed that would not be charged. I asked to speak with someone else and I understoon it was not her fault if she could not do that but that I needed to talk to someone who could take care of this. She placed me on hold for 45 minutes and then they disconnected the call. The service is a true disappointment. You are lied too and I am pretty sure they were aware they continued to have me on hold.

  46. This is the worst service anyone can pay for !!!! Soon as it’s time to re new which I pay once on month I am leaving your service! I have to call all the time ,because I cannot connect to the lighthouse resort where I live in California on the Delta river … in Isleton California ….. The repair to the boxes out here come out of Gault California ….. It took a repair man from there office 10 day s to come out to repair 1 box in my area out of 4 when I call I reach some one in New York! they write up a tag and send it to Gault ca. this is just not the service one signed up for
    I will be going with a modem and with Delta wireless right out here by where I live ive had them before there towers are 5 miles away and I don’t have to go through the hastle of calling 2/3 time a day to Frontier !!!!


  48. There is only one or decent people I that I know of at Frontier service. I just fairly recently got a lifeline discounts page online to print out. Frontier displayed Georgia`s lifeline which isn`t as strict as CTs lifeline. Today I got a message from Frontier saying I was denied discount services because I didn`t give them my income. It turned out that they showed me online only Georgia`s lifeline. I just pray I`m not gonna have any more problems with lifeline.

  49. Five Stars to Techs Cortney (ID ?) and Tom W. 181 at customer service for their professional and knowledgable help in formulating our Frontier Security. Much appreciated, Thanks RAC.

  50. There is always problems with Frontier, from the actual phone lines, to the equipment, to incompetent technicians, in person, and on-line. Every time I CALL FOR A SERVICE CALL I WAIT FOR HOURS!!!

  51. I am convinced that frontier does NOT care about their business. I have been waiting 1hour and 45 minutes to talk to a customer service rep about my plan. I was going to upgrade my service but am seriously thinking about moving to Shentell. Really.. I do not think they are ever going to answer the phone and if it isn’t answered soon. I’m gone. The service is beyond aweful..

  52. Frontier’s service is awful!! Our home phone is not working this morning. I do NOT want to wait on “hold” for 18 min. from my cell ph. so I thought I would try your website. I would have been number 105 in the queue!! NO THANKS!!

  53. i hate this company. have trouble with my land phone evey week. I have a handicap daughter and need a phone. had a health issue and did not receive the call. going to take legal actions now



  56. Horrible Customer Service – spoke w/several people and no one will give me answers on linking my 2 accounts or accept payment for the 1 account that is overdue (due to them). Asked to speak w/a Supervisor and was transferred into a black hole.

  57. Have not had Internet service since Thurs 12/25, had tech here Tues 12/30, worked for about an hour
    After calling back and getting the run around they will send someone out on Friday 1/2. I am extremely frustrated that I have yo wait one week to get this resolved. I have been a loyal customer since 1973, but that is going to change. I will be looking for a new carrier. And you should train your people to more compassionate to customers one was extremely rude to me

  58. just wanted to thank mark id#246 for helping me with my desk top.He was very kind and courteous.The 24/7 tech support is awesome thanks again.

  59. your customer service is horrible left on hold for 30 minutes only to be transfered to someone else who put me on hold. Never have I been treated like this by phone company

  60. I attempted to call Frontier service this morning regarding a phone call I received from someone named Rachael at 5:01, Jan 6, 2015. I could not understand the call, but am certain it was a marketing call. When I checked my caller ID, my name and number was the only one reflected. How can this happen?

    I put the phone on speaker after I was advised to wait for a representative to answer the call. Twenty-five minutes later I hung up the phone without ever talking to anyone. Yet, I get requests daily to add other features to my plan – are you joking!!!

  61. We have DSL with Frontier and for 3 weeks it doesn’t work .We call and it take 30 min. to get to them .We keep getting billed . We have net flix and can not watch it . but are paying for it . They keep saying they are working on it but nothing is happening what do we do.

  62. I recently called Frontier for help with wifi connection and Tech883 took my call answered my questions in a friendly polite manner and helped me solve my problem. I am extremely grateful to this person and all the friendly service I received. Please let this person know how much I appreciated their help.

  63. Customer no-service. Service representatives are rude and not helpful. We have not had phone service (land line) since Friday morning. We are being told that service will be restored sometime before 3:00 p.m. on Monday. This is not the first time we have had this kind of problem, one time we were without service for 5 days. Obviously they don’t work on Saturdays or Sundays to repair their problems.

  64. The worst customer service ever. I have not had phone service since 1/19 in the evening. I called 1/20 at 1 PM. Reggie put a ticket in and said it would be fixed with-in 24 hours. Not the case. Called on 1/21 at 2PM. Alex from Teck support would not help. Called back, got teck support again. DIANE (USELESS), Hung up on me. Called again. Once again got teck support, your phone system only goes to teck support. Donnie answered. Said it would be fixed by 5PM. called back at 5:45, talked to Christina, she dis-connected us. Called back again at 6:06 PM, talked to Emily. Much better. Said it would be fixed today ( 1/22). Just called again, talked to Maddy. First she stated it would be fixed by 5PM, then changed it to 2PM.

  65. The worst customer service ever. I have not had phone service since 1/19 in the evening. I called 1/20 at 1 PM. Reggie put a ticket in and said it would be fixed with-in 24 hours. Not the case. Called on 1/21 at 2PM. Alex from Teck support would not help. Called back, got teck support again. DIANE (USELESS), Hung up on me. Called again. Once again got teck support, your phone system only goes to teck support. Donnie answered. Said it would be fixed by 5PM. called back at 5:45, talked to Christina, she dis-connected us. Called back again at 6:06 PM, talked to Emily. Much better. Said it would be fixed today ( 1/22). Just called again, talked to Maddy. First she stated it would be fixed by 5PM, then changed it to 2PM.

  66. once again you have proven to be the worst comp. I’v ever had the misfortune to have to deal with . my bill has never been the same in 3 months ,even though after 3 phone calls 2 hours of my time 3 customer service agents later ,a 1 year promise of rate staying the same I have 3 bills with different rates for the same service, your so called call back service NEVER calls back ,so this leaves me with the time wasted tear system witch can really make the custormer cry. Now my 2nd TV has no service at all I had a tech that was suppost to be here on tus jan 20th,but shock of shock you never showed up or even called to set another appointment, To say I am fed up is an understatment I WOULD LOVE TO HERE ANY RESPONCE FROM YOU ,BUT I KNOW YOU NEVER CALL BACK cant wait to find another provider so sick of you from Susan tavagalione

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