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Contacting Frito-Lay Customer Service Center

Frito-Lay is a snack company that part of the same Pepsico family as Doritos, Tostitos and Lay’s. Other products like Funyuns, Grandma’s, Muchos and Nut Harvest are just a few other brands under the Pepsico umbrella.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Some of the contact information for Frito-Lay customer service is dedicated to the Frito-Lay company, but other information is for Pepsico. We’ve denoted Pepsico as corporate information.

Phone Contact Number

From 9 AM to 4:30 PM CT, Monday to Friday, customers can call in to the Frito-Lay customer service hotline to speak with a customer service representative. Representatives can speak with customers about product recalls, ingredients, complaints and compliments.

  • Frito-Lay Phone Number: 1-800-352-4477

Mailing Address

Customers can write to the Frito-Lay customer service department using a dedicated post office box. This address is NOT for Pepsico corporate. We have included the corporate address in addition to the customer service address.

Frito-Lay Customer ServicePO Box 660634Dallas, TX 75266


PepsiCo Corporate700 Anderson Hill RdPurchase, NY 10577

Official Website

The Frito-Lay official website is located at You can access information on current recalls, FAQs and even learn how to decode the letters and numbers on the package to explain more about the product. Frito-Lay customer service is available on the Contact Us page and various social media sites.

Social Media

Customers and businesses are quickly learning that social media is one of the faster customer service options. Log in to your social account and connect with a Frito-Lay representative.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email form is located at the top of the customer service page. You can ask the same questions via email as you can by phone. If the problem is about a financial issue of any kind, don’t include your financial or personal information in the body of the email. We contacted Frito-Lay customer service to find out why some chips are crunchy and others taste a bit stale in the package. We’ll update you when we receive a response from the customer service team.

Our Experience

The Frito-Lay customer service line is not open evenings and weekends, but the automated line does offer some information about how callers can get in touch with the company if there is a medical emergency after hours. Call 1-513-636-5112, but only after you’ve contacted emergency medical services or your physician.

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258 Comments on “Contact Frito-Lay Customer Service
  1. How can you justify the amount of chips you put in your small chip bags? And then retailers charge over a dollar for maybe ten broken chips. I have written about this before. The excuse then was they settled in transit. I don’t buy that. It’s a shame that a company as big as Frito-Lay is so stingy.
    Becky Hart

    • Enough is enough. It’s been bad for years but now just plain stupid. The bags r more n more air…n less n less chip. Paid nearly $5 for a bag of air n less than quarter bag of chips. Can take that they settle n transit n blow up someone else butt. I will take our familys money some where else

  2. when you ran that new flavor chip contest last year, I suggested chocolate chips, and never heard anything about my idea.i think that cheesy garlic chip I see that your coming out with chocolate chips.if you can check your records, about who sent in suggestions for new flavors, I;m pretty sure you will see that chocolate chips was my idea.i didn’t win anything, but now your coming out with them.i don’t think it’s fair that my idea may turn out to be a best seller.i entered that contest, because I wanted to win that million dollars too!please check your records to see if i’m right.if I am right, and these chocolate chips take off, maybe you could compensate me for my idea. thanks for your time

    • I sent in the idea for chicolate chips also, and recieved, NO RESPONSE either!!!! Along with the many other ideas i suggested!!!!!!!

  3. my son LOVES y’alls cheese Doritos. And he has become to love your baked cheese Doritos as well. I was just wandering I use to get your baked cool ranch Doritos back around 2005..would really love for y’all to bring them back :{

  4. Felt the need to email you to let you know how very disappointed we have been recently in your chips. We have been
    customers for many years; however, potato chip packages are now smaller, filled with fewer chips and are more
    expensive. It is not normal for me to complain, but I’m certain other consumers are feeling the same way. It
    is almost as if we are being cheated.

    We paid $3.29 for a bag of Baked Ruffles for approximately 54 chips…pretty sad. Do we NEED to eat chips…no…
    however we have always enjoyed your products. I also purchased a package of your regular chips as our granddaughter
    has to eat gluten free items and she can have these. What a disappointment when a bag of chips held so few

    While companies need to make a profit, I feel you have gone too far…to the point of being ridiculous. My husband
    and I will be searching for products from another company.

    Connie Bellows

    • Time to wake up!

      I felt the need also to let you know that I’m very disappointed that you are now making your bags of chips smaller for the same amount of $$.

      I recently went to purchase some of your sun chips, but when I saw that the largest bag was
      now only 7 oz. at $3.29 ; I refused to be ripped off!

      If you keep your chips at this size you will loose a lot of business!
      When I was checking out of the grocery store the cashier told me that many people were
      upset about it.

      Just a word to the wise: if you rip off the consumer it will come back to bite you in lost business. until you change it back You’ve lost mine!

      Mike Brady

      • I tried your new cheesy bread chips and they were Horrible!!!!!!! I ate two chips and threw the bag away. Money not very well spent, I’d say. I went to our Albertson’s and right now they are not stocking your honey BBQ chips.. now what?? Have you quit making them or what. Get it together or I’m not going to be buying your products any more!!

      • I think its a decent price, im very happy with the cheese curl bag,, the bag is full, they are fresh,,,and i also submitted chocolate chip in contest not everyone can be a winner.

  5. to whom this may concern,
    we have been eating lays kettle chips since you first came out with them….hard to resist not finishing the bag. however, in the past few weeks, we have noticed a difference in your kettle chips. they are extra crispy to the point of almost hard and then as we are chewing, it is hard to bite all the way down so that our top and bottom teeth touch. also, after we eat the bag, our fingers are so crusted with the flavoring and it is difficult to clean. we actually have to scrub our fingers. so, we just decided to look again at the ingredients, especially since we have started feeling ill after eating them. well, we noticed that you added a new ingredient……buttermilk. we have severe allergies to milk products and we always read the ingredients label. we love the maui chips but it contains milk products, we had to not buy them. however, when we first started eating the lays kettle chips, we did so because they do not contain milk products. It was so hard to resist that we almost eat it every day. we cannot believe that you changed the ingredients and added the buttermilk. we feel, that for the safety of others, especially those with severe allergies, you need to put that the product contains milk in bigger larger print in the front. if our allergies were more severe, we could have unknowingly injested the product and died of anaphylactic shock. fortunately, we didn’t, we just have to have suffer from congestion in the chest in head for a about a month. that’s how long it takes to get out of our system. there are a lot, I mean a lot of people who are allergic to milk products. for now you have lost our business and possibly many others because you added the buttermilk. and we don’t understand how buttermilk enhances the flavor of the vinegar and salt chips. we cannot understand why a change in the recipe if it is already good. we sincerely hope that you will address this problem. until then, we am sorry to inform you that we cannot buy your lays kettle chips anymore until they do not contain milk products. sincerely, mr & mrs tom

    • hi. why you take the good doritos off the market like year bact 2.0 it was the best spicy doritos you deside to put the doritos roulette in the hole bag you get 2 spicy chip ya right waste off money for the doritos your chip are full of air in the bag for the price whe pay hope you guys read people comment ottawa ontario

  6. I would like to know why when I buy the little bag of mixed nuts it mostly has all cashews in in maybe 3 pecans and 2 Brazil nuts in the whole bag and down here in New Orleans for a 2 oz bag is like $2.99 I’m sorry that’s really letting me down so please feel free to send me some free sample bags of anything…my address is 1836 hickory apt C Harahan la 70123 thanks so much melissa lane

  7. Thought you might like to know. We bought a bag of party size wavy Potato chips. They were not as good as we normally get. The UPC #is 028400164948. Love your chips, these were just not as good. Thanks for listening. toni

  8. My family of 6 enjoy eating chips but the it is getting ridiculous with the size of chip bags and the cost. Do you really think that a 9 oz bag of chips is a “family size” bag. Well, with 4 growing kids I can assure you that it is not. This bag of chips is over $4 a bag. If the chip bags continue to shrink while the costs go up I will have to reconsider our consumption of chips. I am seeking other alternatives for my family. I realize that costs are rising for everyone and you are in business to make money but as a consumer I am really getting tired of continually getting less for my money. Thank you for your time.

  9. I bought two bags of Doritos and they was the cool ranch type bought in food city in rogersville tn last week and they had a sour taste I wasn’t happy I’d like something done thank you my address is 302 Richards rd rogersville tn

  10. Just finished my first taste of Ruffles crispy fries. Ruffles have ridges and I expected these to be crinkle cut. It is my opinion that it would not have improved the quality of this product. Both my husband and I agreed that they are reminiscent of the dregs of the fries that we usually threw away. As we didn’t find the need to finish the bag, it is doubtful that we will be purchasing this product again.

  11. I am 68 years old, have been eating Cheetos for years and years, love the product…but…for at least the last 3 or more years I have grown to like the Crunchy Cheetos. But just about every bag I have opened has contained lengths of hair. I am getting disgusted of picking hair out of the Cheetos. I am calling your office on Monday and I will write a letter. If I find one more bag of hair in my Cheetos I am going to see a lawyer. It seems a company as large as yours could keep the hair out of its product

  12. I have just seen the three finalist in the dousaflavor contest and let me say this is pure trash… you weren’t looking for a flavor you were looking for attention.. well you are going to get it but not in a good way.. I am making this my project to tell all church members schools, friends family everyone I know to boycott this company along with pepsi.. no decent family or person wants to see any of that on a bag of chips… nor do they want their kids to see this trash… Satan is certainly running this company and trying make the people think its funny or cute but guess what its not!!!! Shame on you for even looking at such let alone try to make us think this is normal advertising you are in for a big shock .. there a lot of good people that will see this for what it is and there are lot of other brands to buy.. say so long to your business and rightfully so…… you make me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Yo! Lays makes me angry. I open up a bag of lays chips and there’s about 3 chips in there! the rest is sat flavored air. It smells great but only tastes good for about 3 seconds, like Double Bubble. It makes me sick and I will not stop until Lays puts more chip in the bag.

  14. I enjoy Frito-Lays products, but only problem I’m having is when
    I request coupons for your product, I NEVER received them. I have
    went on the web site to print off the internet and hit a brick wallevery time. I always receive ads that are not interested to me.
    I would thank you so much if I can be add to a mailing list and
    suggestion of how I can get coupons instant without having so many problems. I have kids (they love your varity pack) and the
    coupons will be a great help for me at the store.
    problems on the internet.

  15. I can’t believe you guys have such a big bag and such little chips inside. I want the price to match the amount of chips you put into your bags. You guys are been really cheap and making your customers very upset. Please stop been so pathetic!

  16. I bought some BBQ lays for my sons grad party and maybe a hour later they were stale…I didn’t dare open the other bags. Kind of sucked usually don’t have any problems with lays thank you. Marchell calhoun

  17. I found a small piece of glass(I did take a pic) in a bag of my chips. Who do I contact about this issue? I’m pretty sure it’s dangerous to consume glass, yes I’m being sarcastic.

  18. Frito-lay company could you please consider making those Chester’s cheesey crackers bites because they’re one of my favorites and I love them so could you please make them to be sold in market stores?

  19. I would like to talk to some one of the company lays,in regarding that I very disappointed with there chips I open a big bag of chips the cost is 4.99 when I got home the bag was half gone empty I took pictures of the empty bag I’m so frustrated about this I would of thought that if I buy a bigger bag I get more out of it but my money was a total lost super diassapointed I love frito lays but this is the last time I will buy any of these chips again !! Please I would like a respond and I will send you the pictures of my chips !! IM NOT GETTING FOR WHAT IM PAYING !!!

  20. My wife purchased a bag of Tostitos Scoop Tortilla chips in the beginning of July, the top of the bag had American Flag graphics to celebrate the Fourth of July. Before opening the bag I noticed through the clear portion of the bag a bloody paper towel. As a Firefighter/Paramedic with ten years on the job I’ve seen my share of blood soaked dressings. My wife wanted to return it to the store where we had purchased it but instead I called the customer complaint number to notify them of what was in the unopened bag. During that phone call I was asked to provide marking on the bag but interesting enough the markings used to track the bag was missing. At first didn’t think anything of the missing print and the rest of the phone call was pleasant. I was told first I would receive a letter containing coupons that would reimburse me for the chips and second an envelope to send in the bag with the unidentified object. I asked if the envelope would accommodate the unopened bag and I was told if it didn’t then I was to open the bag take out some of the chips but to leave the bloody paper towel in the bag with the rest of the product. When I received the envelope several days later it was obvious the bag would have to be opened in order to fit. So I followed their instructions and included a letter that stated I was told to open the bag. I also took pictures of the bloody paper towel through the clear front portion of the bag and video taped myself opening the bag just incase.I also tore off a small piece of the bloody paper towel using gloves and tweezers, so not to contaminate the samples. I sent the product back and waited. So far a month has gone by and all I’ve heard is that they are still doing testing and I had to call them after two weeks had gone by to get that information. As time goes by I think back to the missing tracking print on the front of the bag. I can only hope that someone didn’t place the blood soaked paper towel in the bag on purpose and if they did why. It scares me to think my kids may have consumed a potentially life threatening item in a bag of corn chips.

  21. Extremely disappointed with my most recent purchase. Opened up the e bag of lays waves party size and only half the bag was full. Huge disappoint to see that, especially with what is considered a party size bag. Definitely not party size!

  22. I recently seen you guys are doing the chip flavor contest again. Have you folks ever heard of trolling? I am pretty sure that the people who are picking these flavors that you end up producing are trolling you. Either that or they have no business suggesting such awful flavors. Wasabi!? Cappuccino?! Mango salsa?! Are you kidding me? Who the heck in your corporation needs to be fired? A bum off the street could choose better flavors, yet you corporate geniuses decide to market this crap? Bye bye lays, nice knowing ya.

  23. I love chips! While eating a bag of Garden Salsa Sun Chips today, I noticed that the guaranteed fresh until date is expired. This is no fault of yours. I was wondering if they are OK to be eaten after the date and what might happen to me if do eat them?

  24. We have been looking for the cheddar bacon mac and cheese chips everywhere!!! We are unable to find them! If you have any ideas on how to fix this issue that would be great. I love these chips. Thank you.

  25. Why is it, I can’t find the NEW BACON MACARONI & CHEESE potato chips. None of the WALMART are carrying them in my area. Central OHIO.

  26. I work for a company that was contracted by Frito Lay. They have not paid their bill from October 24, 2013.
    I have contacted multiple people within the company with no luck in payment. I am currently on hold for the last 48 minutes to talk to someone about this matter. Very bad customer service. And for a company this big to not be paying their bills is unacceptable.

  27. Let me start by saying, i have been a loyal customer for years, i recently i’ve dabbled in your new flavors, ive heard good things, i bought wasabi ginger chips, and instead of tasting a wonderful flavor chip i so much enjoy, it was plain! The horror! I thought. As you can tell, the best part of my day was tainted by mediocre chips. I dont love lays because they are average, i love lays because they are diffent, thank you for your time.

  28. We usually eat Barbecue flavored Lays.
    I bought a new bag today and opened it for supper. They were awful. Very bland, like someone forgot to add the spices. And someone must have added extra sweetner.
    Maybe this was just a bunch of errors. Lord, I sure hope you have not gone and changed the ingredients. This bag had no flavor.
    I would send a number off the bag, but, which one?

  29. in a bag of Cheetos Crunchy Net WT. 1oz.(28.3g) of a variety 50 single Classic Mix was a small STEEL/METAL object I’ve bite on. I’ve open two more bag not to eating them; but to observed the contents.

    “Question” shall there be a concern or was there a Machine malfunction that if pieces of steel/metal broke off into the bags. Bar Code: 28400 04011

    Earl Jones
    Savannah, Ga.

  30. Since your “Do Us A Flavor” contest has started I was unable to find your Mango Salsa chips in any of my local stores. I was working in an area two hours away from my house when I had to get gas for my work vehicle. I went into the mini mart attached to the gas station when I saw one remaining bag on the shelf. I almost had to rub my eyes because I could not believe that I found them. This has been my only encounter with Mango Salsa and I still cant find them. Is there any way you can allocate more inventory to the New York City area?


    Dreaming of Mango Salsa

  31. we always buy lays potato chips at Wall-Mart and Kroger the last 4 times we bought them when we get them home and open the bag they are nothing but crumbs. and its because the stockers try to get too many bags on the shelf pushing them tight and crunching them.lays get the smaller shelfs at these stores while their brand and other brands get much bigger shelfs so these brands aren’t crunched and they are much better displays.i would appreciate anything that can be done.we love lays and don’t want to change but I think that’s why walmart and krogers wants us to do that’s why lays get the second quality shelfs.
    Thank you Mr Kenneth Willhem.

  32. i sent you an email last week regarding the new bones product for halloween. you failed to respone. i live in easley, sc cvs ran an add on this item but none could be found i talked one of the delivery men working out of anderson sc he said he had not seen any of the product. you really wasted ad money that the product never it the market in this wife eats a lot of the cheese products but was out of luck getting to try this one. very unhappy with this .

  33. I am so in love with your PUFFCORN. The rich buttery taste is supreme. This morning my eyes were puffy from too much sodium. OH NO! I finally found my favorite food, pop corn rich in butter, no hulls, or hard kernels (I have high blood pressure and Diverticulosis) I can’t have SALT and Kernals scrape the soreness in the gut. When my mother was pregnant with me, she craved pop corn, I love it so much but it’s harmful. I was thrilled to find you, with loads of butter flavor so perfect which is already SALTY then why add more SALT? IF only you could get the sodium down to 75 sodium,,, or as low as possible. The buttery flavor is all that it really needs. It’s already salty. Think of all the seniors that love popcorn but have HIGH BLOOD pressure, and can’t have it, and those with false teeth that love it but real popcorn gets under their dentures. HELP ME, PLEASE, I love this product so much. you can continue making it like this, but do like RITZ crackers, “HINT OF SALT” as well as LAY’S POTATO CHIPS, HINT OF SALT. just on the side. I hate all the puffs out there, trying to outdo each other with this cheese, and that cheese, and white cheese and cheddar cheese. I’m cheesed OUT!!!! Thank you, Antoinette (TONI) Wickhart

  34. my father is a regular customer of lays as we are owner of a grocery store. Like you we are also seller of your product however it seems to be a lot of difference when it comes to attitude , the staff who comes to deliever the order have such rude attitude which cannot be expressed in words, you talk about the head, manager or the supplier everyone is one and the same no point saying anything to anyone. There is no efficiency when we order what we need, when the order comes it’s not accurate, there is no hospitable attitude of returning policy . No one answers the phone when you need to make an order.It makes us feel really bad not only for us but also for you as a big company and these people spoiling your name . I am taking about Chandigarh here , eleven excellence merchandise pvr ltd , 827 industrial area chd 160017 and the name of the head who
    sends the supply here is Pankaj and the manager below him is Rana , order supplier Onkar . Looking forward for a response from your end and a action against these people before we proceed further.

  35. I’ve been eating hot cheetoes for years and I called the frito lay company to see if the enzyems that are in the hot cheetoes contain pork and they said yes but when I went to search it on the web it showed on various sites that it doesn’t contain pork enzyems so which is it does or does it not contain pork enzymes? thank you

  36. Lay’s will have to scratch their original slogan of, “You Can’t Eat a Just One”. Based on the flavor of their Lay’s (Pica De Gallo flavor.)

    You wouldn’t want to eat more than one.

    Where’s our real prize in the “Cracker Jacks”?

  37. I used to love you chips but for the last 6 months they have not been as crispy or fresh tasting as they used to be. Plain ruffles potato chips now and for months have tasted stale. and bland to bad.

  38. my grocery guy mentioned that you were getting rid
    of the Sea Salt &Pepper chips(flavor) kind…!!
    A lot of my family and friends are very disappointed
    as we all just love them the most, out of all of your brands.
    Please if your getting rid of any,maybe change out salt vinegar
    or ketchup…Will certainly change my brand of chips to buy next..!!

  39. frito has the most rudiest customer service department in the world need diversity training very slow in answering questionsdo not speak where you can understand them. the Decatur Ga team should be under ne2w management team. do not come or answer phone calls just picking up checks. have very nasty attitud3e

  40. Always buy Fritolay products. My problem is with the last bag of Tostitos….they were so salty I could not taste what I was eating with them, they made by mouth burn with so much salt. I finally just threw them away. I will try them again in the future and hope this doesn’t happen again.

    Thanks for listening.

    Barbara Bartholomew

  41. I always purchase Fritolay products. Had a problem with the last package of Tostitos. They were so salty I could not taste anything but salt, even made my mouth burn. I finally threw them away. I will buy them again and hope you have control of the salt shaker.

    Barbara Bartholomew

  42. iam fan of frito lay for years.i like most of your products,but the new wasabi& ginger is the best by far.when is it coming back on the market.i live in the state of ct.i shop at stop&shop and shop rite.please let me know when they will be back on store shelves.thank you.keep up the good work.

  43. Love your product but was a little upset with my last purchase bought a party size of lays wavy original and the bag was less than 1/3 full (3″) from bottom this is very sad!

  44. This is not about your product because I have always enjoyed your line of snacks/chips. My Iss came this moring driving home from work and one of your drivers was driving very slowly. I have no problem with them driving slowly until I went to pass and they suddenly sped up to 65 and I had to floor it to get by him and the oncoming car had to pull off the road because of this idiot Lays truck driver. I was extremely furious and waited for him to pass and took a pic of his license plate and I’m assuming a truck number at the top right side. I’m not sure what can be done but I thought this should be known to you at frito lay that one of your drivers nearly caused a serious accident! If you don’t care then shame on you for employing people like the driver I had this experience with.

  45. hi, this is a comment, about LAY’S CHEDDAR & SOUR CREAM favored poatoes chips, what’s the secret?,my wife and I love them, in Arkansas they just sell, off the self, when you can buy them, I can’t believe, any favor better, than this one, my daughter, said daddy, just try one,she was right, the other favors, are great,but do us a flavor,leave the cheddar & sour cream, for Arkansas

  46. Hello!
    I love your Lays potato chips but they would be so much healthier if they were made with olive oil instead of veg. and canola oil. Olive oil is so much healthier for us. I know that it’s more expensive but I think if you made a smaller bag made with olive oil, you would sell a lot of them. Thanks for listening!

    Diana K. Mohney

  47. Bought a big bag plain chip from superstore an on button of bag was or kinda like broken glass small like lil pebbles or sand like glass in the bags second one now I open to have tiny fragment glass like an got mouth full had to rinse sum stuck in throat so theirs broken glass in chips plain chips concern person, thanks.

  48. I can’t enter lay’s do us a flavor contest because the website seems to have some technical difficulty, and the cursor continuously spins and toggles. Can you help out with this?

  49. your Doritos commercial with a Mom asking children for help is disrespectful, I am surprised that you don’t know that.

  50. Frito lay,
    Over the past so many weeks I have gotten stuck on your product ‘munchies’!! At first they were fantastic, I could have a little bit of all my favorite chips. They come is cheese or spicey. Recently I bought a family sized bag,again. But much to my surprise it was so full of pretzels it was unreal. I didn’t want a bag of pretzels, or I would have bought that. I am thinking your company should govern yourself accordingly, there should be a fair share of all four kinds of snacks that are supposed to be in the bag. It was great at first, now your company has ruined this snack for me. I refuse to pay that much for a bag of munchies to get nearly only pretzels. You should rethink your marketing on this product, I do plan on telling this to everyone via social media, and my blog,friends…absolutely anyone I got stuck on this product. What you are doing is wrong.

  51. I purchased a bag of classic Lay’s. First of all, hardly nothing comes in the bag. Second, I paid for a bag of chips that I can’t eat because it had green chips in it….literally. I took a picture of it, and I’m going to send it to corporate. I have a bag of chips I cannot eat now. (feeling sad)(feeling mad)(feeling had)!!!!

  52. Dear lays i think it would be really great to have some regular chips but darker then what you have now,but not burnt although that wouldn’t be bad either
    It’s always the first thing I do when I first open the bag,and if there are more people like me you’ll have another winner thanks mark l

  53. Hello I would like to know if you guys can make a Hot Chettos flavored Ruffles, I was wondering how those two woud taste together. I’ve been eating your products since I was 4 and now I am 24. I really like the xxtra hot cheetos flavor and ruffles tapatio flavor. =D

  54. i bought a bag of chips and there was more air than chips. i am poor as it is and i try to get food and i get air.

  55. re: lays kettle chips, this last bag I bought had maybe 15% burnt chips in the bag as if they went through the fryer twice. Please let your quality control know this so they can update their process in regards to this matter. I bought them at the Frys store in case grande Az. if that helps you pin the location of which plant may have processed them, to have quality control review the fryer if not already done. The chips burnt are not appealing and after trying one have a bad taste and not something I would believe Frito Lay wants out to the public. Thank you for your time and concern in correcting this issue. I saved some if you want them sent somewhere for review but I’m guessing they will end up smashed, but let me know .. thank you,

  56. I put my code in from the bag of chips I bought for the win everything under the sun it tells me my code is wrong I was putting the code that was on the bag of chips.

  57. I Absolutely Loved the Salsa Cheetos… How come they’re not in stores anymore??? Those were the best flavor ever. Me and my children loved them.

  58. I was so excited to find Cracker Jack in the market in a large bag. The name brought back fond memories. I enjoyed the popcorn
    very much BUT the peanuts were rancid. The prize was a source of laughter. The date on the bag is: 26 Jan 16, a number below is: 33E 3119 03, below that: 29 18:38

  59. Just learned Tostitos is a direct donor to Planned ‘Parenthood’. No longer in my pantry. Good riddance. Plenty of other options available.

  60. I just tried for the first time your Gyro Chips. I must say, I’m not a picky person at all but after letting the entire office try some and realizing how awful it tastes we all agreed these chips are a no-go. First of all, they are EXTREMELY salty and on top of that they are disgusting. Please reconsider selling this product because you might not get the results you aimed for. 1-10? 0!!!

  61. Bought Kettle Cooked Potato Chips (Original) three weeks ago, fresh until Aug 25. Terrible rancid flavor.

    Tried again yesterday, different store. Same date as above and again Rancid flavor.

    So disappointing and waste of my dollars.

  62. I understand (I think) of what you were trying to capture in the Gravy and Biscuit chip, however, in no way do they taste like gravy and biscuits, they taste like buttermilk and sage. I am highly disappoint, but keep up the good work.

  63. Ilove your plain lays chips i am 55 years old these are the only chips that i like or that i eat, but in recent years the bags are full of AIR not chips and the prices are extremely high for quanity of chips that are in the bag,as a result of the small quanities and HIGH PRICES i know longer purchase my favorite chips. Thank you

  64. I tried Ruben, bis/gravy, gyro, and was/ginger and they were completely bland, no flavor whatsoever. Look I know what I’m talking about, these chip’s are awful. ..not true to the flavor and name on the package.
    Period. And I love Lays, but in the last 2 yrs or so some of you fell asleep.
    Now wake up, if you need a taste tester gimme a call.
    Thank you,

  65. I will discontinue buying frito-lay Cheetos puffs. I like the puffs because they are light and airy. 1 out of the last 20 bags that I have purchased we’re actually light and airy. It’s almost as if they were not cooked enough to instill the fluffy and airy texture. If I wanted the non puffy ones I would have bought them however, I prefer the puffs. Since they are so inconsistent I will no longer purchase any frito-lay Cheetos. It’s a waste of my hard earned money if I can’t get what I want and what you are supposed to sell.

  66. Classic Lays Potato Chips taste way too salty & oily, not fresh tasting even though exp. date is Nov. 2015. Think u packaged reject chips as fresh. I tried 2 different packages, one from Subway & one from Frys Grocery Store. Purchased Marana, Ariz. Package ID: 547122603 40 13:15 547224004 17 17:05 Exp Nov 3

  67. I entered the lays potato chip contest my chip I entered was the Ruben but did not see where to enter my name and phone# what can I do.
    Thank you

  68. I am really disappointed that you have decided to support the homosexuals by coloring your Doritos in the rainbow colors. I have eaten your products since I was a kid, and I have really enjoyed them. Everybody has the right to love who they want, but when you to put it on a product that the public is buying is wrong and unfair, because you are publicly supporting one group of people without publicly supporting every other group of people. I know you probably don’t care about my actions, but I have chosen to stop buying your product any longer due to your lack of concern for others. I have also chosen to tell everyone I come in contact with to do the same until you go back to labeling your products without supporting any group. Or, if we are being fair and just, you should do a bag of Doritos to support all groups of people, in fairness and consideration of others. For example, putting a cross on a bag for Christians. Your choice to not offend someone has offended someone else, and, whether it was deliberate or not, you have ran off all of the true Christians from your company.

    -A disappointed consumer, Greg

  69. I have bought Frito-lay and Pepsi products for decades. I just read about the limited edition “Rainbow” chips. I am outraged. You have lost me as a customer, and I will do everything in my power to discourage everyone I know from buying your products.

  70. I just read that you will be having “rainbow” LGBT products. Sorry, but I will no longer buy your product. Why not camo chips for our Military? American flag chips? To make a political statement is not why I eat chips. I don’t need your political statement in my food and won’t buy them again. Sorry. I have been eating FritoLay products since I was a kid and I am now 61 years old.

  71. Just a note to let you know I will not be purchasing Frito-Lay products OR Pepsico products from this date forward. I do not understand what sexual preferences have to do with CHIPS and SNACKS? As long as you align yourself with hate speech and foul mouthed people like Rick Savage, I have no interest in your products and I have eaten them since childhood. I will encourage family and friends to drop you as well. Those organic chips look better and better as long as they are not Pepsico or Frito-Lay products. And I WILL check. On the other hand………no chips or processed snacks are probably better for my health and my morals. Katheen

  72. Frito Lay just showed its true “colors” by producing a rainbow bag of chips for the queers. Even though I truly believe that the queers should stay in the closet where they belong and eat food especially made for “their kind”, I give you my word that in the future I will not buy another product from your company, and of course, I will send the queer article telling about such to all my friends and family. You, of course, are free to pander to the perverts all you want.

  73. I am glad you support the LBGT community with your new, but ridiculous rainbow colored chips. However, if you truly care about all humanity including African Americans, Mexican Americans, Caucasians, Chinese Americans, Korean Americans, Americans of all origins (Give me your tired, your poor, your wretched masses yearning to breathe free, send me your homeless tempest tossed to me! I lift my lamp beside the golden door!) all refugees and immigrants, our desperate Syrian refugees/immigrants, the homeless, working poor, hungry, homeless and impoverished children, you will honor and celebrate everyone, not just a specific demographic. You need to focus on respecting everyone and providing support, help and education for everyone. Shame on you for having such a narrow focus. Get out there and provide substantial nutrition and support for all those in need. As much as I have always loved Nacho Doritos and Diet Pepsi, no more for me! I’m conducting a personal boycott. Get a grip and deal with what’s important in this world. Make a real difference!!!! Don’t insult the world!!!

  74. I am sickened by the fact that Frito-Lay has chosen to spit in the face of God and all Americans by promoting homosexuality.

    Your Doritos promotion in support of depravity and mental illness is disgusting. May the wrath of God be upon EVERY Frito-Lay employee.

  75. I am appalled that Frito Lay has decided to support the LGBT with rainbow chips!
    I can assure you that you have lost a loyal lifetime customer. I will endeavor to inform any and all to fallow suit.

  76. I am finished with your products! when you advertise a product based on how you have sex you have crossed the line! I have many other choices for products and no more pepsi either!!! Hope that campaign works well for you!!!

  77. I’m very upset about the new Lays flavors. I have been search all over town and no one has the Southern Biscuits and gravy. I’ve looked for 2 months now. I’ve also gone back home and can’t find them. Walmarts in Oklahoma and East Texas don’t have any. What’s going on?????????

  78. Thank you for the rainbow Doritos. Previously, I didn’t know the company was anti-Christian and promoted the lifestyle of perverts. I’ve made a list of your products and will NEVER buy them again even though I really enjoy eating them. No more money from this unhappy customer.

  79. It is unacceptable that Frito-Lay has chosen to support Dan Savage and his organization, “It Gets Better,” through your “Rainbow Doritos” campaign. Savage is infamous for his disgusting and bigoted comments towards Christians and other pro-family figures.

    As a consumer of Frito lay products, I am very disappointed that your company would support such an organization. As a Christian, I am disappointed that your company would openly endorse a life style that God so clearly opposes.
    You need to know, because of this decision to support the LGBT activists, my family and every person I know will be informed of your new Rainbow Doritos product and we will not be purchasing any more products produced by your company. This decision is going to cost you millions of dollars of revenue!!!
    With deepest concern,
    Dr. Kris Bjorgen

  80. The day I saw my company vending machine was now carrying the “Garden Salsa” sun chips was truly a happy day for me. I get them WAY more than I should.. but lately, every bag I buy has absolutely no seasoning. I love only this brand/flavor of chip, and I don’t have a car to just go buy them from the store on my lunch break, so day after day, I get a bag from the vending machine.. and day after day, they have no seasoning. It’s not that they are old or the vending machine isn’t regularly stocked, because it’s stocked on a regular basis for sure… I just don’t understand why this keeps happening, and it’s incredibly disappointing!

  81. I always was pleased with your pistachios until I bought this one package , it had about half of it package that had a nut in the shell , I was very disappointed

  82. Yesterday, I had a choice to purchase Frito Lay products, which I really enjoy, or something new. Based on your gay pride Doritos, I decided to stop purchasing Frito Lay products and go with something new.

    What happened to you people? PC is just wrong. Live and let live and stay away from the political fray.

    Have a super day!

  83. I love ruffles. When I get them at Costco they are fresh and chips are full. Just bought bag at IGA and half bag is bits and crumbs. Cant really dip those……maybe they squeeze them on shelf or something but its a waste of money!

  84. I have purchased your product for a number of years on a weekly basis I buy 3 to 4 bags I’ve noticed that your bags have been shrinking but you’re prices either stay the same or increase.I recall buying a family size of chips containing 270 grams now being 255 grams help me understand why these changes are happening I’m disappointed that it has come down to this.

  85. I was inside a circle K store when one of your drivers push past my legs as he was packing the shelves never once did he say excuse me I had no idea he was underneath me and I feel that it was very disrespectful. I said to him the word is excuse me and he said well I’m done now he went outside and laughed with his partner got in his truck and drove off. Very unprofessiona.on 107th Ave and Indianschool . License # CJ67930

  86. Hello, I purchased a bag of ruffles and only got 1 chip and some crumbs… I called customer service, explained my problem, and the guy hung up on me. His name was Kendall. This is bullshit and didn’t expect this kind of service from such a reputable business

  87. Unbelievable that you think so highly of the HATEFUL Dan Savage. He’s known as an “anti-bully”! Ridiculous! I will NOT BUY any of your products! No problem with Pepsi, I drink COKE. I pray that YOUR CEO wisen up because I’m not alone. This is not about Savage being gay, it’s about his HATRED. His comments prove it.

  88. For several years, I was able to buy Grandma’s molasses cookies at most convenience stores. Did you quit making them ? Is there an address I can write to, to order them by mail ? Thank you for your prompt response.

    In Patriotism,
    Lonnie A.Wadsworth,M.Ed.
    Combat-Wounded Vietnam Veteran

  89. hi i bought a bag of funyuns flamin hot bag on september 30 i bought from albertson in lafayette la and the bag was experied on september 22

  90. today my husband opened an 8 ounce bag of Lays sea salt and vinegar chips and laying on top was a blue glove (like surgical glove). While I realize these gloves may be used in manufacturing, it is certainly unacceptable to be in the bag and it appears to have something sticky binding the glove fingers together. I can’t believe this passed your quality checks. I would happy to send you photos, please let me know how to get them to you.

  91. over the last month my wife has purchased 6 bags of Lays Potatoe chips and in each bag there was at least one quarter of the bag that were chips hard as rocks … the numbers i took off the bag under the date and price are as follows …

    they were purchased at the Navy commissary Pensacola , Florida

  92. I’ve already left one message and it has not been responded to. My husband found what appears to be a surgical glove in a bag of salt and vinegar lays potato chips. I have pictures as well as the lot and expiration date if someone would direct me how to get them to the appropriate person.

  93. bought a large bag of tostitos, opened the bag and it smelled really bad, smelled like fermaldihide or fuel or something.

  94. I adore any Frito Lay product, however, I had the worst experience ever purchasing your product. I opened a bag of chips and they were extremely stale. Never experienced that in my life. I’ve been a dedicated Customer for over 20 years. I’m very disappointed

  95. Just wanted to say that normally I have no problems with your product until today. I purchased 3 bags of chips from my company’s vending machine. The sour cream chips were fine but both bags of plain chips were extremely stale and one had a large hole in the back as if something had ate through it. Very disappointed.

  96. Hello, I am writing as a favorite but now dissatisfied customer, yesterday I purchased a jar of Salsa Con Queso (Medium) and today I opened it and I was checking the ingredients as I looked up towards the neck I noticed the date…. EXPIRED it’s dated all the way back to June this year, I am 8 months pregnant eating expired salsa and cheese, I would like some sort of compensation or I will be forced to move forward with a lawsuit I will not be putting my unborn baby in jeopardy because the store is not keeping up with the stock. Thank you.

  97. Wednes I got a party size bag of sour crem and onion . All of the chips crumbled. The biggest one was the size of a quarter. The smallest you could put 3pieces on a dime. The Faust was 3.98. Was a waste of money. I will not buy lays anymore.

  98. I used to purchase lays and the chips changed and my husband did not like the taste. I just purchased 2 bags of Ruffles potato chips. The chips taste like there were wet. The chips were just purchased on Friday, October 30th. The expiration is December 1, 2015. The UPC Code is 028400 426435. These were purchased from Walmart. Both bags were bad. Please fix this.

  99. You guys are a rip off! Bought a small bag of chips out of the vending machine and there was only 4 chips in it!! I have pictures

  100. I am a disabled person with severe back problems and I shop at Brookshires in Emory Tx.. The other day I was riding one of the carts while shopping and I started to get up and get some Choc. chip cookies. I was having difficulty getting up and a gentleman who said he worked for Frito Lay offered to help me so I would not have to stand. This person seemed to be looking for a situation where he could help others. You have a very good person working delivering Frito Lays product to the Emory,Tx. area. I believe you would do good to recognize this gentleman for being willing to help another person in a time when most people seem to only care about themselves.

    Thank You for employing such fine people in your company.

  101. Hello,
    My 2 year old daughter looooves her Doritos!!! I opened a bag of Doritos from sams club and as I was giving them to her I saw a large chunk of something in it!!!! It may only be a bunch of cheese and chips packed together but it’s pretty nasty and disturbing!!!

  102. On Tuesday Dec. 1 I purchased a less than 1 ounce of Cheddar & Sour cream oven baked Ruffles. Upon further review of the ounces I see that is just absurd to have to pay 85cents for point 8 ounces, nut when I opened the bag to show the vendor & my co workers they all laughed & mentioned how ridiculous it was. Plus upon counting the chips,( which were app. 12), and “filled” ha ha a quarter of the bag. How about allowing the consumers to decide what to eat if they are going on a diet, ” the bag mentions 65% less fat. Does that signify LESS chips? Apparently so with Ruffles. Seriously get a grip & when the machines put chips in the bag MAKE SURE THE CHIPS FALL INTO THE BAG.

  103. Yes we purchased a ruffles cheddar,& spurcream potatoes chips. We are very unhappy. They don’t have very much cheddar on them, and if there is one chip one side doesn’t have any. We would like to get our $back please. Thanks

  104. I have been lover of ruffle potato chips for 30 years, over time I have noticed that the potato chip begain to have alot of crushed chips,now all I get are bags that are over half the bag has small crushed chips,I dont wont to throw it away, so eat the little crushed chips,they are not cheap.I buy them at a publics store.I thought it may be the store,so bought some from walmart,samething,I believe the damaged chips are coming from the plant.I think that your quality control is not doing their job,or maybe the packaging,but either way its not good.I hope you take this comment serius,so that something will be done.

  105. I purchased a bag of frito-lay scoops corn chips and i found a plastic device in the bottom of the bag. I am so disappointed because if one of my grandchildren had put it in their mouth, they could have chocked. I may be contacting an attorney, I have pictures.

  106. I have been a customer of your corn chips for over 35 years. unfortunately the stores in Maine no longer supply your barbecue flavor. I just want to say I have always been, and will continue to be one of your best customers of the corn chip brand. I also have many friends who also enjoy your product. we just wish we had more access at our local supply chains to the barbecue blend. I sincerely thanks you for all the years of continued service of a fantastic brand.

  107. We love Lays dill pickle potato chips and can’t find them here in California. We moved here from NY . We shop at Save Mart.
    Can we buy them online???

  108. I cannot buy your products from now on because your company supports
    Plan Parenthood. I love your chips but will buy others until you stop your support.

  109. Munchos – a great light tasting chip ,however the salt taste is to much. Need to have a taste meeting .As u already know Wise chips are known to be such . A little less salt will bring out the light taste of the potato.Thanks

  110. I recently bought a jar of Tostitos Salsa Con Queso….. I used about 3/4 of a cup. Went to use it again like 4 days later and it was all watery… doesn’t expire until 16 July 6….. Very disappointed

  111. I would like to ask if you would kindly change the lights on your facility in Murphy North Carolina on Highway 141 . I live across the street and my whole home is illuminated It is impossible to darken my home to sleep. You have lit up your small building as if it were an airport eight high voltage lights ….really there are lower voltage and please have some consideration, I am not the only home you are affecting … Your building is only a few weeks old and there have been several homeowners that have requested help here…please let us sleep at night, these lights are unnessesary.

  112. I live across the street from your new building on Highway 141 in Murphy North Carolina …The lighting you have placed on this building is enough to light up an airport, my home is illuminated and it is impossible to sleep … Please is it necessary for all this lighting …

  113. I live across the street from your new building on Highway 141 in Murphy North Carolina …The lighting you have placed on this building is enough to light up an airport Help

  114. I bought a bag of Ruffles and they were stale. I’m very disappointed, I have bought multiple bags and they to were stale. I would like to know what is going on here.

    Thank you.

  115. your chips have gone stail they do not contain enough air that preserves the chips its nasty. Chips don’t taste fresh especially the barbecue lays chips my favorite. Please correct the problem it poses a safety concern for your customers. Thank you for your time and I apologize for the inconvenience. Please feel free to contact me at my email address. If I Am mistaking please disregard this message. Greatly appreciated.

  116. santitas leave a greasy after taste for the past two years. tostitos are awful. the rest of your products taste bad too. you do me a great favor. i save lots of cash, buy not buying, pounds also. i used to like just about everything. if you dont care what you sell, i dont care if i buy. bottom line.

  117. Hi this is Sanjay Kalia from Jalandhar City PB. Recently I opened a retail confectionery shop.One of your company person visited my out let for stock but I refused to take stock because of stand he said that we can’t provide the stand to new outlet and stands are not available. so pls. provided stand so that I Maintained the Lays stock. Regards:- sanjaykalia.


  119. Dear: Ruffles

    Hi, My name is Connor form Ellsworth,Iowa, Lately I have been eating your Sour Cream and Onion chips and they are very good, but when i was eating them I looked at one of the chips and there was a little piece of metal in one of the chips, I showed it to my mom and she thought it was very strange to. So whenever you can tell us about this can you contact me again.

  120. I have been trying to contact lays since last year and no one even had the courtesy contact me back and it is hurtful when I just need a simple question answered I will get the address to write to them next time. Wonder id they will e-mail me the address.

  121. Hello! This isn’t a review but more of a suggestion. I’ve loved Doritos since I was a teenager. Now that I’m older, I really can’t eat them anymore because of the sodium content and there’s way too much flavoring on them. I totally understand that younger people love it and that’s great. However, it would be wonderful for older people that have issues with high blood pressure (and believe me, that’s a lot of people) to have access to a lower sodium version of Doritos. Thanks for listening.

  122. You brought the Cheetos sugar puffs out for a limited time .Why can’t you make them every day.,They are so good ,now I CAN’T BUY ANYMORE. I bought all our Dollar General store had .please bring them could send me samples .lol Thank you Pat l. Conley 212 w.3rdst . Rochester,, In.46975


  124. Just saw Doritos commercial about pregnant woman getting ultrasound. sad so sad nothing funny about pregnancy and dad eating Doritos and Childs reaction. Turns me off discussed with commercial

  125. I am so happy that you all finally brought back cool ranch Frito’s. I remember walking to school as a child, and it wasn’t a good morning walk with out me stopping at the corner store to buy a 25 sent bag of cool ranch Frito’s. Please don’t take them off the market again. All I ask is that you add a Lil more cool ranch flavoring. These one are just missing a Lil more flavoring.

  126. I just wanted to let you know that while eating a bag of Frito-Lay roasted almonds salted there was a piece of shell in the bag and I broke my tooth I know there’s nothing you can do about it of course it’s a risk you take when you’re eating nuts but I just wanted to let you know that I lost half of my tooth in my upper right side of my mouth

  127. Today 5/8/2016 i went to store to buy the 20 pack bag of chips for kids lunches and instead of getting 20 chip bags there was only 17 chip bags i was shorted 3 bags of chips. I wondered if this is something that can be fixed.
    Thank You

  128. Please. Can someone explain why Doritos products do not have a expiration date? Or how the coding can be deciphered?

  129. I’m having a hard time finding munchos have they been discontinued? I tried shop rite,Acme,WalMart,Walgreens,CVs, giant,target no one has them

  130. I was able to purchase Frito-Lay BBQ corn chips at all local grocery stores in NC. Now that I moved to MA, I can only find Honey BBQ Twists or Chili Cheese BBQ flavors.
    I would not buy either of these two flavors, so can you send me info on what stores in metro north Boston Ma sell the BBQ flavor?
    Thank you.
    Nance E Healey

  131. Ive been trying to find a way to contact been having problems there was a hair in my bag of chips i tried to email off website but it wouldnt let me the hair was stuck to a chip in the freshly opened bag and it didnt match anyone in my family its beyond gross and i had already eaten a few of the chips

  132. Hello!

    I am writing to tell you how much I LOVE your flaming hot Cheetos! They are so delicious and addicting. They are consistently fresh and crunchy every time I purchased them! Thanks for a reliably great product 🙂


    T Mini

  133. Omg I love biscuit and gravy. I do hope you continue to make. The best potato I have eaten in all my 71 years. Thank you.

  134. Omg biscuit and gravy the best ever. I hope you keep making it is best potato chip ever eaten in all my 71 years.

  135. Why did you stop making taco flavor doritos.there are favorites and we can’t find them anywhere.. Arkansas needs them back! Thanks so much…

  136. I just received my coupon for a free bag of Lay’s BBQ Chip Coupon Offer and the coupon expires on 06-12-2016 and today is 0613-2016. When I looked at I was so excited I got a coupon but was very disappointed that it was NO GOOD. I am a Lay’s fan and I only buy Lay’s. Please let me know what you are going to do.



  137. First of all I want to tell you that I just love your chips. Just can’t get enough. Now my reason for contacting you. I was so excited to open my mail today and see that I received a coupon for a free bag only to notice that it expired 2 days ago. I’m not sure who mails these to customers and just wanted to let you know.

    Barbara Harris

  138. Dear company,
    I received a coupon for a free bag of Lays potato chips today, the only problem was, expired 2 days ago. I don’t see the sense in sending a coupon that would expire any time soon if delivery may take longer than expected. Might I have another non expired coupon?
    Thank you.

  139. I am very disappointed that I can no longer get the lightly salted corn chips at the Wal Mart close to my house on Foster Road in San Antonio TX. Also it is getting very expensive as the bags are smaller and the price I going up. I just cannot eat off brand so guess may have to stop eating altogether as I am now on fixed income so have had t make sacrifices everywhere

  140. Today I received a coupon in the mail for a free bag of BBQ Lay’s chips. The coupon expired on 6/12/16. That is 5 days ago.

  141. I had the same issue as previous comments, I too received the coupon for free bbq chips w/coupon that expired 06/12/2016. Please let me know how this situation will be rectified. Thank you in advance.

  142. Received a BBQ lays coupon for free bag. I received it 6-13 and it expired on 6-12. Can I receive a coupon that isn’t expired yet?

  143. Very bad service in our area.1month se zyada ho gaya hai lays prodect ko shop pe distribute hue.5year old new rack will be issued.I am very tensed about lays sale

  144. Love your chips and have pass on the tradition to my family and friends But one day I was ready to enjoy my bag of ranch dortos I was surprised to find my chips all burn. I have a pic of them I as a consumer on a low income can’t really afford to be short change please let me know if u can help. Thanks would love to hear back soon. Sincerely loyal customer Caesar Garza


  146. found a large glob of funyun in our bag,
    would like to send picture as we can’t describe it very well.
    bought the bag on July 9, 2016 and opened it on July 16, 2016,
    expiration date Aug. 9, 2016.

  147. We have honour to request that i have a shop name of GOPAL DIARY & CONFECTIONARY at defence colony ambala cantt and selling the product of world large selling products of pepsico and we are also selling good sale of these products.sir we are purchasing the products but the salesman donot give the bill name of other shops by which in company record our retail is which our efforts and sale is going in vain.due to product billing of third party name.and the schemes and the discounts are availed to the billed firm.
    So i request u to plzz update our shop name on your database or software so that the retail can be count in our firm and company may able to see the sale and growth.which will help in the future.

    Yours faithfully
    Raj kumar

  148. I was eating lays stax bacon and cheddar potato skins as i always have enjoyed them but this particular can there were some chips without seasonin

  149. I have used your products for years (Lay’s) and become very disappointed .it seems to have more air in the family size bag then chips,for the cost of $4.29
    One would think you would get more then 1/3 of product. I no longer will buy the chips or any more of your products due to my income as a Sr. Citizen can no longer afford them.
    All good things come to a end.

  150. I truly do like your chips, especially Ruffles. But, you have gone too far with your pricing!!! Little by little as your prices increased, I’ve been buying chips made by other company’s, or yours if there happens to be a sale. Your last increase went over the top. You’ve now lost me as a chip customer. I don’t like being gouged.As a traveler, I get very frustrated being unable to avoid streets, roads or areas! Garmin has provided this function for years, why can’t Google?

    • U guys should make the sweet southern heat barbecue in kettle chips like kruncher these chips are great kruncher will set them off one of ur greater chip

  151. Good Morning!
    I. Would like to let you know that I am a big fan of your product. and the Publicity you show on TV. I really think you should change it to a Family with children having a snack with DORITOS SNACKS INSTEAD OF THE EGYPTIAN which has no sense to the Chips tasting snack! Also, you may have a Family swimming nearby with Children haVing a snack with DORITOS SNACK CHIPS IT WOULD SELL BETTER TOO!! I. know because I create Giftwares and Receptions!! Luisa Battistin George Thank you

  152. Have you stop making Frito’s in 20 CTN. Pkg. If .not where can you buy them. I can find six pack not not 20 pack.

    Thank you for your help.

  153. My grandson and I love your plain classic potato chips.The only ones we buy. Just want to let you know he is scared of the picture with the teeth. I hve to hide the bag. He is 4 yrs. old No complaints just thought it might be of interest to you. Keep up the good work.

  154. I have a huge problem, I bought a bag of chips where I am currently working at and the bag was properly sealed once I opened it I found a lot of ants in it… not sure if I’m willing to eat anymore chips from lays…

  155. I purchase the 50 ct box of the “Doritos nacho cheese” chips on a monthly bases for years from Sams club. This box i have purchased had at least 15 packs that were almost empty. There was only like 3-6 chips in each pack. I never had such a bad experience before with Doritos. I feel like I didn’t get my moneys worth and I’m considering to switch to a different brand of chips.

  156. In England at the moment visiting family and always enjoy Walkers crisp or what we the call potato chips. I love the many flavors they have, but my favorite by far is the cheese and onion crisp. So i contacted Walkers and asked if they would sell them in Usa. They said they don’t sell them in the Usa, because of their sister company being Lay’s. So now my question to you would be, is there anyway you would consider selling cheese and onoin potato chips in America. Cheese and onoin crisp have always and probably always will be the no. 1 crisp in the UK. I think they go over like gang busters, if you ever got them going. Thank you for your time and letting me have this correspondence with you.

  157. I love the new Cheetos sweetos the caramel puffs are my most favorite I like the cinnamon sugar but then I tried the caramel and it was love at first bite

  158. I live in Boston Massachusetts are and would like to know if you could bring your zesty bean dip to this region. I have looked everywhere for it and would love to see you bring it to this area.

  159. Loved your Munchies, till you had only cheese. Why was it discontinued. Cheese isnt to my favorite. Will original munchies ever make a comeback, I am now eating doritos, which isnt much of assortment. Hope you dont change Fritos.Waiting for a good answer.

  160. Re: Beer ‘n Brats Lays potato chips. I found the site that said no longer available and I Am Bummed!! I can’t even tell you how many bags I bought. I thought they were fantastic – the most “believable of all your flavors”. I’m from Wisconsin and we know brats!! (and beer!) Is there any chance you’ll make them again? I went to 4 different stores this weekend hoping that someone might have had some in their stockroom and have just brought them out. I guess I should give up looking for them,
    but I won’t give up hoping they’ll return.

  161. Hello, I am writing to just brag about Frito Lay products I do not even know where to begin, I have two children who love Hot Fries, another who loves Flaming Hot cheetos but also loves plain Lays, I am the parent and I pretty much love all the products hands down and I would like to know if it possible to get some coupons or free samples in the mail for my family.
    Thank You

  162. Frito lay Co. My grandson don’t eat very much. But he and I love your sweetios the cinnamon​ and Carmel. So I would tell him if he ate all his dinner. He would get his bag of sweetios . But now we can’t do that I can’t find them anywhere.But if you know where I can buy some. I will truly appreciate it.

  163. Purchased 3 bags of Family Size Lightly Salted chip (Expiration date is over 4 weeks away). All bags were opened and taste like stale oil. This is not the first time. Time to change brands.

  164. I was pleasantly surprised to see Cheddar Jalapeño Crunchy cheese curls in your store shelf display. I had to try them! Wife and I both think they are wonderful. Please continue producing this option!

  165. Frito Lay is a dishonest company. You put GMO’s in your products and hide the labeling inside. We bought a big bag of lunch-sized bags of chips, and the outer bag mentioned no GMO’s, but then they are listed on the small bags inside. This is a very low and dishonest business procedure, and you have forever lost us as customers. You should be ashamed. We’re returning the whole damn thing and you will never get another cent out of us!

  166. I just want to say that many of us quite purchasing all frito lay products due to the stupid crunching noises on the commercials. It’s Very annoying. We don’t have to see somebody taking a bite of something to make us buy it. Or hear them eating either, very stupid. Same some money and fire your marketing people. If you think I’m the only one then google up ” stupid crunching commercials” and you will see that I’m not.

  167. Yes, I have gotten quite a few of bad bags of chips lately. Either there so salty you can’t eat them,stale and today a bag of August 29 had the nastiest burnt looking chip in the bag I have seen. I eat a lot of your chips since I worked at Frito lay in Lubbock,Tx in 1986 but I am at the point of almost changing brands. I live in southern Ohio and I know other people thinking of doing the same. James

  168. I have been purchasing Lays Potato Chips for decades, but over the past couple of years the quality has gone down hill with dozens of burnt chips in every bag, and badly molded, and/or rotten chips in way too many bags.
    The amount of chips in a bag is a Major Joke as well .
    Finally, the chips taste like Crap when compared to the Delicious Taste of The Original Lays ( Bet You Can’t Eat Just One ), Now Those were Good Chips !
    You have lost myself and my family, as well as many of my friends, because we are Fed-Up with Your Crap Chips !

  169. Do us a flavor contest 2017,what a joke, just got ripped off by having two of my flavor submissions stolen!! All in which are in this summers picks for public judging!

  170. Your potato chips don’t taste good anymore. Are you using a different oil? They also like their not cooked long enough.

  171. Disappointed- Three bags of CrackerJack and averaged only four peanuts per bag.
    2 7/8 oz
    The quality of the product is still as great as always. But, in my opinion, a grand total of only fourteen peanuts wihin the three noted bags is unacceptable. I hope you agree and address this issue.

  172. Love the cheddar cheese sandwich crackers munchies, but the box that we purchased had in each package a few crackers upside down having the saltiness by the cheddar and not on top of the cracker. Tasted way different. Just a little tweak and nothing major. Excellent product and keep up the good work.

  173. I tried doritos heat wave. HOT.
    My God. The only bad thing about them is the price. I’ll never buy them unless they are on sale.
    I wanted to send an email to you from your website but I could not because I would not click on the Pepsi SPAM ME button.

    Do you have any idea how anoying corporate SPAM is.

  174. I filled out an online form for recalled jalapeno chips but never heard anything from it. I was wondering what ever came of the recall? Usually a letter or email gets sent out.
    Thank you

  175. Disappointed, I bought a bag of Frito Lay Cheetos, cheddar jalapeno with a freshness date of Sept 26th and they were stale. I’ve never gotten a bad product from your company before.

  176. Good Morning,

    I purchased 2 bags of Lays Wavy Original Family Size Chips. The chips tasted like last year batched. The inside of the bags smelt and tasted old.

    Warmest regards,
    Mary Jane Disney

  177. Love the new frito lays fried green tomato chips !!!!! Bought a few bags. Are there any coupons you could send ?
    Thx !!!!!
    DJ Robinson

  178. I opened a bag and we began to eat the Tostitos Bite Size chips. We found a Bee or what looks like a Bee in the bag. Dead of course.

  179. Hello my name is Layla Rabadi I really enjoy your lays chip especially your classic potato chips, Sour cream and Onion flavor,and Kettle cooked 40% original potato chips, and barbecue potato chips. I would appreciate you sending me coupons or free samples in the mail.
    Thank you for your time.

  180. I no longer purchase food items produced outside of the USA borders for family, friends or workers. STAX chips made in Mexico have now been removed from purchases. Can you provide a list of your entirely produced USA made products? If not i will forego any purchases of Frito Lay snacks. Your response equals sales for your company. If you do not respond I will assume you don’t have an interest in your customers.

  181. I am so disappointed in Frito Lays. I fell in love with the jalapeno corn chips. I bought at least 4 bags a week until they were gone. I can’t find them anywhere. Please, next time you introduce a new flavor, put some kind of message on the bag informing the consumers that the item is seasonal or promotional only. I would have been prepared for this. Had I known, I would’ve bought more

  182. frito lay is not fair to its employees. I work in Georgia northeast Ga. The manager I have discriminate against certain group of workers and treat other great. My position he treat me like I am below him. He reward RSR for certain thing, does not one thing for merchandisers. offered RSR $100 for coming in on off day, Merchandisers are told on a daily basic DO NOT go over 40 hour. We do half of all work done on a daily basic. He does as he want and frito lay backs him 100% This is not fair or right

  183. It’s truly a disappintment to note that the amount of chips in a bag of lays is filled less than half of the bag. Can your company do something about it like filling it up to at least about 3/4 of the bag? I do understand that you need to fill some air in the bag of chips to maintain the crispiness. It is truly unfair that I’m paying a certain amount of money and I only get about a bag filled with 1/4 of chips.

  184. I have a GRAND idea for the upcoming Christmas season. A few years ago Pringles came out with several flavors and I bought them all an put the cans in a brown bag and passed them around for a taste test and a guessing game on flavor. It was great. I will do the same with Lays, if all the flavors are around at Christmas. Fun flavors should be around at that time.

  185. Frito Lay-

    How dare you support the anti Police, anti Military, anti American behavior in the NFL. Your financial support of them taking a knee and bad mouthing this nation is beyond unacceptable. I will not buy your products again, and will convince everyone that I know to do the same. Have fun being against America, and America will have fun being against you in return.

  186. Due to support of NFL and NFL players protesting during the National Anthem, I choose to use my small voice and pocketbook and will no longer purchase ANY of your brands.

  187. I have personally used your products exclusively for 20 years. I am also a Veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps of 10 years. I will boycott all your products until you pull your advertising $’s from the NFL. As an American and Veteran I find their behavior regarding our country’s flag is reprehensible. Until advertisers pull their money I will continue to boycott them. Good day
    Sgt. Holloway

  188. Employment Specialist – Assist people in need of work with finding appropriate careers, getting training, applying for jobs, and settling in at new workplaces; Reviewed and updated their resumes, ensuring their resumes adequately indicated skills which the clients possessed, coached clients on interviews and job search tactics, and maintaining confidential client records; Provided sample resumes for various position to indicate that the qualifications needed to work on assignments were demonstrated.
    Transportation Specialist – Coordinate and overseen the processes involved with the passage of materials, goods, products, or people; Ensured riders and drivers safety were thoroughly explained throughout the corporation; Worked across a variety of industries, overseeing these driver and the transportation process in general, functioned adequately and properly within transportation guidelines.
    HR Clerk – Support to the payroll and internal clients by reviewing and analyzing employee data to ensure all compliance is met regarding representation eligibility. Investigated and analyzed discrepancies with paperwork to work towards immediate resolution.
    Project Manager – Provided support to the payroll and internal clients by reviewing and analyzing employee data to ensure all compliance is met regarding representation eligibility. Investigated and analyzed discrepancies with paperwork to work towards immediate resolution, prior to employee’s hiring.
    Billing Clerk – Assume the responsibility of receiving and sorting incoming payments with attention to credibility; Manage the status of accounts and balances and identify inconsistencies; Issue and post bills, receipts and invoices; Check the validity of debit accounts;
    Update accounts receivable database with new accounts or accounts missing vital information. Issued payments for accounts utilizing our service. Ensure all clients and vendors remained informed on their outstanding debts and deadlines; provided solutions to any relative problems of clients; Wrote thorough reports on billing activity with clear and reliable data.

  189. As long as Frito Lay is a sponsor of NFL football, that allows players to disrespect our country:
    > We will never purchase another Frito Lay product, nor say good things about them if asked.
    > We have a choice where we spend our money and whom we do business with.
    > It will be not with your co. as long as you sponsor the NFL and they allow players to kneel during our national anthem.

  190. As a Veteran and son of a WWII Veteran I cannot buy your Unamerican/NFL products. Remember 60% of products and services are bought and paid for by conservatives. Your company is a disgrace. Try reinventing. Won’t work.

  191. I will not be purchasing any Frito-Lay products I like the Tostitos but as long as it has a New York Giants on the bag I will not be buying it should have a choice I will not be buying a product 4 overpaid disrespectful professional football players

  192. I will no longer be purchasing any product associated with PepsiCo and specifically Frito-Lay since you are an official sponsor of the America hating nfl!

  193. I really like the Mesquite Stax, but I give up …. I’ve looked and looked but can’t find the missing chips.
    Every tube seems to be missing 1.5 inches of chips !

    Just curious.

  194. Until the NFL owners stop their players from taking a knee I will no longer buy your products. I know it is not your fault but you do sponser them

  195. Dear Frito Lay,

    I’m writing in concern to your status as a National Football League (NFL) sponsor. Since your organization is a sponsor the National Football League, I will no longer be a customer of Frito Lay, or consider doing business with Frito Lay, until either you stop sponsorship of the NFL, or the NFL actively prohibits its players from disrespecting the United States National Anthem by kneeling during the singing of “The Star Spangled Banner”.


    Charles L. Sprowls

  196. I have enjoyed your products for many years. This weekend, I chose to purchase other brands because of your sponsorship of the NFL. I am offended by the disrespect they are showing to the flag my uncle died fighting for.
    I hope you will remove your sponsorship soon so that I can go back to enjoying the delicious snacks I have enjoyed for so long.

  197. Your products will not be bought in this house hold. You are related to the NFL. Members of teams are disrespecting our country. Therefore I refused to buy your products

  198. Just nasty . we got a box of your ranch cheese sticks and i was really excited to try them but after the first bite I wanted to throw up. why didnt you use real cheese this brings your brand down

  199. My family really enjoy all the different variety of chips and Pepsi products. I was wondering if i can receive some coupons or special offers.

  200. I just wanted to let you know that due to your support of the NFL, I have stopped buying your product, which saddens me because I love me some lays tater chips, but I love my God and my country more and I cannot support you while you support these people that have absolutely no respect for the greatest country in the world and the men and women who have given their lives and the ones proudly serving now. My son is one of these people, and all that is asked for is honor and respect and they are not getting that at the present moment. I sincerely hope that this matter can be resolved soon, but until that happens I will not buy your product and I just wanted to let you know.

  201. I had never tried your Stax until I saw them our dollar stores. Original Lays has always been my favorite. Your Stax are a 100% better than Pringles. I haven’t tried the hot ones cuz the limon ones weren’t what i expected. They tasted like someone just dumped too much chili powder on them. I had an addiction to original. Also liked bbq & cheese. You got the salt on the right side & you make a thicker, better quality chip than Pringles. It also doesn’t have a hint of oil taste. Did you do a taste test pannel?

  202. Vinegar & Salt, BBQ, & Limon are also outstanding. I tried the other new chips but didn’t care for them. We are also fans of the Frito chips. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

  203. I bought a bag of ruffles cheddar and sour cream potato chips. When I opeded them it was less than half full and they looked like plain instead of cheddar and sour cream. Really

  204. To Whom It may concern;
    I purchased a Halloween box of 18 bags of chips for the children. The six bags of plain chips along with the 4 bags of ketchup chips are expired with the date of OCT. 24,2017. The other chips had a date of November 24,2017.
    Why and How can this occur ?

  205. Hello, I just wanted to write you guys to let you guys know that my family and I love your products! I can’t bring myself to buy other brands of chips. My kids enjoy taking them for lunches at school and snack time at home. If it wouldn’t be too much to ask to send any coupons It would be very greatly appreciated
    Thank you in advance
    Melissa Chappins

  206. I love frito lay products. Pricey for 3 teenage boys and 7 yr old girl. My teenagers prefer the big bags to while my 7yr old girl loves the snack bags. My husband and I just get in with the teenagers. Love chips and dip good time for movie night. Send me coupons any day of the week love you guys.

  207. I purchased some Tostitos scoops (party sized bag) and I am immensely dissatisfied with the product. I was expecting scoops and there were multiple chips that were flat. This atrocity damn near ruined my snack time with dear friends..

  208. I only got one bag of chilli cheese Frito’s and it supposed to have 3 and two bags of nacho cheese Doritos and supposed to have 4.

  209. I bought your product lays chocolate covered potato chips with Almond bites at 1103 Pendleton Street Greenville South Carolina this morning I wanted to say that this product is so awesome I bought them to work and let my friends taste them so me and my friends say THANK You from South Carolina

  210. I want to express my problem with the nacho chips. The smell is overwhelming. Theres a terrible processed smell and no cheese smell. I will never purchase them again unless you change what you are producing

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