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Contacting Frito-Lay Customer Service Center

Frito-Lay is a snack company that part of the same Pepsico family as Doritos, Tostitos and Lay’s. Other products like Funyuns, Grandma’s, Muchos and Nut Harvest are just a few other brands under the Pepsico umbrella.

Contact Info:

Some of the contact information for Frito-Lay customer service is dedicated to the Frito-Lay company, but other information is for Pepsico. We’ve denoted Pepsico as corporate information.

Phone Contact Number

From 9 AM to 4:30 PM CT, Monday to Friday, customers can call in to the Frito-Lay customer service hotline to speak with a customer service representative. Representatives can speak with customers about product recalls, ingredients, complaints and compliments.

  • Frito-Lay Phone Number: 1-800-352-4477

Mailing Address

Customers can write to the Frito-Lay customer service department using a dedicated post office box. This address is NOT for Pepsico corporate. We have included the corporate address in addition to the customer service address.

Frito-Lay Customer ServicePO Box 660634Dallas, TX 75266


PepsiCo Corporate700 Anderson Hill RdPurchase, NY 10577

Official Website

The Frito-Lay official website is located at You can access information on current recalls, FAQs and even learn how to decode the letters and numbers on the package to explain more about the product. Frito-Lay customer service is available on the Contact Us page and various social media sites.

Social Media

Customers and businesses are quickly learning that social media is one of the faster customer service options. Log in to your social account and connect with a Frito-Lay representative.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email form is located at the top of the customer service page. You can ask the same questions via email as you can by phone. If the problem is about a financial issue of any kind, don’t include your financial or personal information in the body of the email. We contacted Frito-Lay customer service to find out why some chips are crunchy and others taste a bit stale in the package. We’ll update you when we receive a response from the customer service team.

Our Experience

The Frito-Lay customer service line is not open evenings and weekends, but the automated line does offer some information about how callers can get in touch with the company if there is a medical emergency after hours. Call 1-513-636-5112, but only after you’ve contacted emergency medical services or your physician.

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9 Comments on “Contact Frito-Lay Customer Service
  1. How can you justify the amount of chips you put in your small chip bags? And then retailers charge over a dollar for maybe ten broken chips. I have written about this before. The excuse then was they settled in transit. I don’t buy that. It’s a shame that a company as big as Frito-Lay is so stingy.
    Becky Hart

  2. when you ran that new flavor chip contest last year, I suggested chocolate chips, and never heard anything about my idea.i think that cheesy garlic chip I see that your coming out with chocolate chips.if you can check your records, about who sent in suggestions for new flavors, I;m pretty sure you will see that chocolate chips was my idea.i didn’t win anything, but now your coming out with them.i don’t think it’s fair that my idea may turn out to be a best seller.i entered that contest, because I wanted to win that million dollars too!please check your records to see if i’m right.if I am right, and these chocolate chips take off, maybe you could compensate me for my idea. thanks for your time

  3. my son LOVES y’alls cheese Doritos. And he has become to love your baked cheese Doritos as well. I was just wandering I use to get your baked cool ranch Doritos back around 2005..would really love for y’all to bring them back :{

  4. Felt the need to email you to let you know how very disappointed we have been recently in your chips. We have been
    customers for many years; however, potato chip packages are now smaller, filled with fewer chips and are more
    expensive. It is not normal for me to complain, but I’m certain other consumers are feeling the same way. It
    is almost as if we are being cheated.

    We paid $3.29 for a bag of Baked Ruffles for approximately 54 chips…pretty sad. Do we NEED to eat chips…no…
    however we have always enjoyed your products. I also purchased a package of your regular chips as our granddaughter
    has to eat gluten free items and she can have these. What a disappointment when a bag of chips held so few

    While companies need to make a profit, I feel you have gone too far…to the point of being ridiculous. My husband
    and I will be searching for products from another company.

    Connie Bellows

  5. to whom this may concern,
    we have been eating lays kettle chips since you first came out with them….hard to resist not finishing the bag. however, in the past few weeks, we have noticed a difference in your kettle chips. they are extra crispy to the point of almost hard and then as we are chewing, it is hard to bite all the way down so that our top and bottom teeth touch. also, after we eat the bag, our fingers are so crusted with the flavoring and it is difficult to clean. we actually have to scrub our fingers. so, we just decided to look again at the ingredients, especially since we have started feeling ill after eating them. well, we noticed that you added a new ingredient……buttermilk. we have severe allergies to milk products and we always read the ingredients label. we love the maui chips but it contains milk products, we had to not buy them. however, when we first started eating the lays kettle chips, we did so because they do not contain milk products. It was so hard to resist that we almost eat it every day. we cannot believe that you changed the ingredients and added the buttermilk. we feel, that for the safety of others, especially those with severe allergies, you need to put that the product contains milk in bigger larger print in the front. if our allergies were more severe, we could have unknowingly injested the product and died of anaphylactic shock. fortunately, we didn’t, we just have to have suffer from congestion in the chest in head for a about a month. that’s how long it takes to get out of our system. there are a lot, I mean a lot of people who are allergic to milk products. for now you have lost our business and possibly many others because you added the buttermilk. and we don’t understand how buttermilk enhances the flavor of the vinegar and salt chips. we cannot understand why a change in the recipe if it is already good. we sincerely hope that you will address this problem. until then, we am sorry to inform you that we cannot buy your lays kettle chips anymore until they do not contain milk products. sincerely, mr & mrs tom

  6. I would like to know why when I buy the little bag of mixed nuts it mostly has all cashews in in maybe 3 pecans and 2 Brazil nuts in the whole bag and down here in New Orleans for a 2 oz bag is like $2.99 I’m sorry that’s really letting me down so please feel free to send me some free sample bags of anything…my address is 1836 hickory apt C Harahan la 70123 thanks so much melissa lane

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