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Contacting Customer Service Center is one of the many consumer credit websites that advertises the ability to receive a free credit report, but there are costs associated with some of the products on the website. The FREE report can take up to two days to receive, so customers have the option to pay $1 for an instant report with credit score. The credit score is not part of the FREE report. If you choose to pay the $1 you are also choosing to sign up for a recurring payment of $16.99 per month starting just 7 days after your initial order. It you choose not to cancel the service within those first 7 days, you will be charged. This causes quite a few unhappy customers so has published a reminder at the top of the website reminding customers of the recurring payment, as of November 2012.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The phone number is open from 6 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 5 PM Saturday and Sunday PST.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-481-6826

This is the number you will have to call to cancel the recurring payment.

Mailing Address

If you’d rather contact the customer service department by mail, you can choose to write to the customer care department in Texas. If this letter is pertaining to a recurring payment you may not receive a response before the next payment is deducted, so contacting the customer service department by phone is a better option.

FreeCreditReport.comConsumerInfo.comAttn: Customer CarePO Box 2390Allen, TX 75013

Official Website

Located at is the official website where you can download your free credit report or access your instant credit report. When you access the instant report for just $1, you should contact the customer service department the next business day to cancel your subscription to the website or you WILL be charged. You can even choose to call as soon as you download and print the instant credit report to cancel the trial.

Customer Service Email

There is no email contact form, which is not a common practice in Internet retail. Instead, the company has chosen to give consumers an email address to contact for customer support. The email address listed is We’ve contacted support to test how long it takes for a response. You cannot use the email address to cancel your subscription, as far as we know, so we’ve asked customer service to let us know if emails are accepted as a means of canceling a subscription to the site.

Our Experience

The customer service phone number for is automated. Press 1 for billing, 2 for username and password help, or 3 for general questions. You cannot press 0 to bypass the system. We reached a customer service representative after waiting more than three minutes on hold. The agent told us we could cancel the trial immediately after receiving our report, but that can celling would stop the updates on our credit score. The agent pushed hard for our social security number to access our account.

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