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Contacting FPL Customer Service Center

FPL, or Florida Power and Light, provides electric service to more than four million Florida residents. It is also one of the largest employers in the state, employing more than 10,000 people. FPL is dedicated to producing clean energy and supporting the environment. Customers seeking information about their account can register for online account access or log in to their online account from the front page of the website.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Customer Care department of FPL is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday and 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday. There is no one in the Customer Care center on Sunday unless there is an emergency. There are customer care centers offering FPL customer service located throughout Florida.

Mailing Address

There is no address listed for customers who want to send a letter to FPL customer service. We found the address for the corporate office, so customers can choose to contact the corporation in lieu of customer service. Include contact information and your account number, but no personal information like checking account, bank account or credit card information.

FPL Group, Inc Corporate Office
700 Universe Blvd.
Juno Beach, FL 33408

Official Website

The official website for FPL is http://fpl.com/. From the main page you can choose to manage your account, register a new account, learn about FPL and environmental causes or contact customer service. Click the contact us link at the top of the page for detailed contact information for FPL customer service.

Customer Service Email

If you wish to contact FPL about your bill, customer service or for any other reason, you can use the contact form on the official website. The contact form asks you for some personal information like your name, address and email address. You’ll also want to include your FPL account number if the contact in about your account. We weren’t exactly thrilled with the fact that communication could not be made without revealing our address, but we attempted to contact customer service about a dedicated email address for customers who don’t have access to the official website.

Our Experience

The FPL customer service experience is a bit different because there are numbers for several individual cities.  We pressed 0 five times before we were transferred to a customer service representative. We were told that our entire call would be recorded for customer service purposes. Mike answered the call in just less than two minutes. We asked if he could answer a question about our account if we did not live in the Boca/Delray area and he chuckled and said he could. We asked for a customer service email address and we were told that one did not exist.

Tell us your FPL experience.

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59 Comments on “Contact FPL Customer Service
  1. Ca lled to sign up for email promo. Wsas put on hold and the representative never returned to my phone call!!!

  2. I and my neighbors contacted customer service about trees into our lines. a rep came out and said they would take care of it. when people came they said the power had to be shut off. they also told the people behind us the same thing. it has been sparking and burning but they dont do the job because its too dangerous. shoud i contact help me howard to get something done?whats wrong with youre supervisors?

  3. Most unprofessional company I believe I’ve ever had to deal with. SO relieved I am with JEA now. I encountered problems with FPL from the moment service began. Never received a confirmation email to set up an account online so I could set up Auto Bill Pay and get fee waived. Called to get the email resent and they said it could not be resent, so in order to get the $300 start up fee waived, had to mail a voided check. After that finally got set up, ended up having issues getting my second bill paid, and had 2 bank overdraft charges when they attempted to withdraw the money. So, they then decided to freeze my Auto Bill Pay. I then attempted to use my touch tone phone to make the payment. That did not work, because the automated system kept picking up on extra numbers that I did not type when I was trying to give them my banking info. Called and finally spoke with a REAL person/representative who told me they could start back up my Auto Bill Pay, but I would still need to manually pay the remaining balance, for Auto Bill Pay would not go into effect until the NEXT meter reading. Of course, I believed her, so the next day I went to an authorized FPL dealer location that accepted payments, and wrote them out a personal check for the amount I owed. One day after I did this, without my knowledge, they withdrew the balance I owed before, which in turn, caused the check I wrote out to them to bounce. I ended up having 2 more bank overdraft charges, $64.00. I spent countless hours over the phone explaining the situation, to the point of tears, trying to get them to realize it was THEIR fault. I had to send my bank statement and the letters from my bank showing the charges so that they then could begin an investigation on the conversation I had with their representative to determine whether she provided me with the false instructions. They did contact me and say that it was their mistake, and I would be refunded the $64.00 charges. It has been over a month, and GUESS WHAT. No refund. No contacting me. You guys need to learn how to do your job. You have caused me so much unnecessary stress and taken up so much of my time. I dont have time for that. I have a 2 year old, work full time as a SERVER, so I’m not a financially stable individual. Thanks for nothing but headaches and a drained bank account.

    • They did the same thing to me ,,,,,,said they sent bills,,,,I never got them,,,so they shut me off,,,,,,then said they needed Eight hundred dollars to turn back on,,,,but that money now is nowhere to found,,,,,,do deposit is found anywhere ,,,how funny. I tried to get my deposit back and they have no clue where that is now…..they have the monopoly,,,,

  4. I want to talk to a person on a telephone. My questions can not be asked or answered with a survey.
    Please contact me, with a real

    • i have to talk to an actual person on the phone to find out where my money is. i have sent the money through the mail and yet my power got shut off. im not sending anymore money unless i find out where my money is. this is unacceptable. i need to physically talk to someone asap.

  5. How do we get electric put back on home that has 2 parents on oxegen and five children.

    Randy and Vada Dickinson
    3732 Easy St
    Port Charlotte, FL 33952 (941) 268-8513
    Family rents this home and gave owner $1,000.00 for electric, but owner of home said the home is being foreclosed and apparently kept money that should have gone to electric bill.

    Please see if there is anything that could be done for this family.

  6. why charge us a fee to pay our bill on line? this is the peek of insanity. How many other ways are consumers going to hold the messy end of the stick.? Where you ever hear that if a person decide to make a payment online it should cost more than postage? Will consumers ever win? your guess is as good as mine.

  7. Who the HELL doesn’t take VISA? What if I don’t have “pinless” card? I can’t pay through anything but actual bank accounts online. What if I don’t have checks? WHO EVEN HAS CHECKS ANYMORE! I wish I lived somewhere else. This company is ridiculous. Pinless credit cards, WTF. So I’m screwed if I have an emergency or have to change something short notice. God.

  8. I am not to happy with your company.. you have no email contact what so ever… “I have sent you two letters in regards to sending your company money in error. my bill had been paid and I would like an explanation of your tardiness for the past two years of no refund?.. please advise.. Michele

  9. I tried for 30 mins. to weasel my was through your “AUTOMATED PHONE SYSTEM” and I must say it totally sucks! Disconnected twice, could not get a rep to pick up; after 30 mins of not being able to talk with someone I gave up. Should you have the professional desire to truly act as a “Customer Service Department” you may call me at 941-737-8451. Be interesting to see if I get a call…..

  10. FPL has provided electric service to my Boynton Beach home for the past 40 years. Recently I’ve had occasion to call to report a power outage and would like to send a letter of thanks for the prompt service they provided. Would appreciate an address and the name of a person to whom this letter should be addressed.

  11. Vegetation in back yard died after a FPL subcontractor worked on line behind the house in Oct.. The dead bushes, one tree and earth boxes were in a cone pattern from a pole that had vines growing on it. We contacted FPL and Rob came out to look. He then asked the tree service company to look into the issue. They came over a month later and siad they could see no evidence of a chemical spill; they werent’ allowed to use but one oil based chemical and that they usually cut vines. Since they arrived to check on the problem over 3 months after the problem began and there were days and days of rain and wind in the meantime, it made it easy to say it wasn’t their mistake. They refused to answer if they found cut vines. Rob no longer will return a call and since there is no way to contact customer service (how convenient) ….
    I really wasn’t expecting FPL to do much except maybe remove the dead palm, but mainly wanted them to know about their subcontracter and little respect there is for their customer. Guess they don’t care either.

  12. i need to contact you in regards to your company, which is by all standards, absolutely horrible when it comes to paying your bill, im trying to give you money, but having a hard time i doing so. , and i will not quit until i get someone with high authority to answer me. this is the email i wrote, but no answer, this company is horrible, absolutely horrible ! OHH MY GOD !


  14. This company SUCKS ! They are the only company that in MY AREA of Florida, they know this and treat people with disrespect knowing that we are trapped and have no other choice but put up with their horrible attitude. I was told that they are not allowed to give out corporate address out to anyone!!!!! What the ….. Is that even legal ??? I wish they would go out of business bunch of low life’s.

  15. You are the worst utility company in the USA.
    i require & demand a detailed explanation, via email & snail mail as to why there was a power outage in my area 6/2. it made me late for work & I must provide this explanation to my employer.
    you people are a poor excuse for a buisness. you call fema during an emergency instead of attempting to take care of it yourself.
    shame on yuo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. My customer service experience has been about the same as all of you. I have been a customer for around 29 years so far. While the 07-08 crash was in its full swing, these bozo’s demanded a deposit of $350.00!! I had always paid my bill, never had my service interrupted. Well.. after reading these emails that are listed above, I guess I should expect absolutely nada. According to their rules, after 1 year of service (with no interruptions), we should be receiving our deposits back. Or at least a credit. Well no credits or refunds have been issued here so far!! As big as this company is and how much money they get, you would think they wouldn’t try to steal or squeeze the life out of their long term customers. Or any of their customers!!

  17. Where is FPL’s kindness as a corporation? When a conglomerate becomes this large
    Perhaps there is none. I have been a Florida native for 67 years, and my family
    goes back to the 1800’s in So fla. My family was in business for many years.
    I am on social security and have a part time job so I do not bring much home.
    Fpl has my deposit and a year ago they requested for direct pymt from
    my cking acct and if I did not do that then I had to pay another deposit of
    $120. Well in my thought process I call that financial or
    emotional hostage. Now that they have direct withdrawal from my cking acct
    they double dipped into my acct for Dec when I specifically asked
    them to take the next pymt out 1/13. It even indicated on the voice
    message that the $115 wouldnt be taken out till 1/13. So now my cking is overdrawn and I am on a
    fixed income. Nice thing to occur ard the holidays. A powerful and wealthy company
    against an outspoken woman who stands up for her rights.

  18. Got a new meter on my new construction 4 month ago. I have placed numerous phone calls to FPL to get the new account established. I got power from the day of installation of the meter, but still have no account number nor received any bills! What kind of company is this – they supply power for no charge? Last time I spoke to customer service was in Dec.2013. Am I entitled to receive power for free? I assume , yes!

  19. he tratado de reportar a alguien que creo que esta robando energia en su casa,hace tiempo atras observe que quitaba el medidor de su casa y metia unos cables al parecer estaba trabajando en el panel de afuera de su casa,la direccion es 9122 citrus isle lane lake worth fl 33467

  20. looking to move to florida.have to have credit check done before they will turn on power..unable to get a person..recording due to high call volume.can’t talk to a real person.there the only thing holding me up.before i can move down there.i need power before i go down there.need to no if they need a deposit before turning on the power. Dean

  21. I am a singel persdon living in a one bedroom appt. For the past 4 months my bill has avarged at 90.00 to 118.00. Even on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    Today I got a bill of 160.00.I could see a family of four in a three bedroom house with a bill this high but me alone in my one bedroom appt.
    Doesn’t this sound stuppid to anyone else but me.I know they have us by the short haires, and we eather pay or sit in the dark.
    I am a retired disabled VietNan vet on a fixed income and when they do something like this it means I’ll have to cut back on things like food,
    What in Gods name can I do about it.
    Signed: “NOT A HAPPY CAMPER”

  22. Spoke to 3 different customer service reps and got 3 different answers, it all started with a service rep that I asked to transfer my service from 1011 Exeter A, Boca Raton, Fl to 4051 Exeter C Boca Raton,fl she did not handle this task, but wrote a new account, which started the avalanch of threats to shut off my power, through e-mail and usps saying I owed $81.50, I went to the bank and I can account for every payment back to 08/05/2013 and even further if needed. I was told I had multiple accounts which I do not. I was told if I didn’t pay $81.50 by Feb 28th 2014 they would remotely shut off my power. I paid it and know something will screw up again, I paid the $81.50 under deep protest until something is proved to me, I would say FPL took it from me

  23. Customer Service Email
    If you wish to contact FPL about your bill, customer service or for any other reason, you can use the contact form on the official website. The contact form asks you for some personal information like your name, address and email address. You’ll also want to include your FPL account number if the contact in about your account. We weren’t exactly thrilled with the fact that communication could not be made without revealing our address, but we attempted to contact customer service about a dedicated email address for customers who don’t have access to the official website.

    The link tells you “to call” so why have a link

  24. I Just read your FPL Internet Web Site Item “The Best Settings for Snowbirds— Increased control with programmable thermostats.” Unfortunately, this modern energy-saving wisdom is meaningless except for a handful of FPL customers in an test program. When can the rest of us FPL customers get one?

  25. This is by far the worst service center I have ever delt with period. I am very glad I no longer use FPL and have Duke Energy.

    I just received a new phone and number, and the old owner of said number is apparently past due and I keep getting phone calls. I have tried 2 different phone numbers, all the options, and could never get in touch with a service representative. In the voice mail it even says to call this number if it is the wrong person they are calling, but I can’t get through to anybody.

    This is certifiable B/S that the company makes it this hard to clear up a 1 minute issue. If they don’t contact me by me E-Mail address to resolve this I am going to lodge a harassment complaint because I can not talk to a rep to have my number taken off the other persons account. 03/20/14

  26. I signed up for e-mail billing. Got the e-mail bill, but no snail mail address to send payment to. I’ll send it to the general mailing address in Miami which I finally found on the FPL general website.
    Seems to me they don’t list the mailing address because 1: They never thought of that; or 2: They want to force everyone to pay on-line (because it’s easier for THEM); or 3: They don’t care if they get paid or not. Spend money where it counts and forget the “feel good” TV adds please.

  27. You send me an email threatening to put charges on my bill if I do not have a smart meter (still not proven safe) installed and you make it impossible for me to contact anyone to have it done.
    No phone contacts are available, even if your power line is laying in your pool. Your web site does not allow for this choice to be made.
    I am going on record now saying don’t ad any charges to my bill on or after 3-23-14 because I did not make a selection.
    What a poorly run company.

  28. FPL is a bully. If you don’t comply with the smart meter program, which I believe is dangerous, contributes to job downsizing, and loss of security due to monitoring by satellite, they force you by offering a “choice,” do what they want and take the new smart meter, or charge outrageous fees to keep the old meter. $95 fee and $13 each month. What a rip-off!

    If I could I would choose another service company. But like the planet, if something becomes intolerable on it, there’s no place else to go. Thoroughly disgusted.

  29. p.s. They also avoid giving you an opportunity to email them. Wherever the word ‘contact’ is, it takes you right back to the same page where they answer pre-set questions or an 800# to call. No chance to document your frustrations. How clever they are!!

  30. Received a mail/note today re cutting trees by FPL in near future. 1300 homes here in RiverWalk (off Okeechobee), all power underground; much the same from here to SR7. No telling how much money was spent mailing these notifications to homes in Palm Beach County situated in a similar situation – glad I’m not an FPL stockholder…..

  31. The lights on Siminole manor entrance are burned out people who work at business on Lantana rd. are let out late at night they have to walk in total darkness. The two pole lights by the Barber shop at the entrance to Seinole manor are burned out…….my grandaughter has to walk home sometimes late at night, alone, very dangerous. can this two lights be fix soon?

  32. As you are well aware, my family and I suffered a frightening day Wednesday, 06/11/14. A live power line fell into my backyard and into my pool. Nobody was outside when it happened but we witnessed from the inside, the snapping, crackling, popping and sizzling, as it laid in my pool. The FPL investigators commented that it was a hot and live wire. And they remarked it could have been due to several bamboo trees grown by my neighbor or the storm and the trees caused the power line to snap.

    What assurances are you giving me that this kind of incident will never happen again, and never threaten to cause loss of life at my home? You have not given me any kind of assurance or offered any measures of prevention in the future.

    We were given a tag on our front door several months ago, telling us that we had to trim our trees because of growth into power lines. Though, we have no trees that grow that high, and our surrounding neighbors do. I called FPL and told them, they mistakenly tagged the wrong house, and they need to have that resolved with our neighbors. To my estimation, that may have never happened and the trees continued to grow, and cause this frightening episode yesterday.

    Not only the scare of potentially losing lives, but the power line in pool fried my pool pump and all the electricity carrying power to it. I had an electrician over this morning to investigate. He provided a report that the pump, the time clock, the transformer, the motor, the panel, the light bulb in my pool are all shot and broken. My pool is kept in terrific shape and it’s still blue right now, but will be losing its look as time goes on.

    I called FPL this morning to file a claim, and request an electrician and repair man out to my home immediately. I just hung up with your account supervisors, being told that we are denied a claim because of vegetation. The same vegetation that you mismanaged and neglected out of a customer to remove and remedy. This vegetation and shoddy maintenance of FPL property caused the life threatening incident and the damages to my property. You must resolve immediately, you must repair, and rebuild immediately and offer a plan of action and assurances that nothing like this will ever happen again. My life, my wife’s and my newborn’s lives remain at stake.

    This is on record.

    Brandon Morrell

  33. 6-26-2014 I tried 3 times today to speak with a service representative. I waited on hold for a rep and each time when they picked up the phone they could not hear my voice. I checked my phones and they are working properly. Either your reps can not hear me or they are pretending not to hear me.

    I would like to get my fpl account corrected, buy your inadequate system is making it very difficult.

  34. I am very angry at FPL. I usually pay through the credit Union, however, being in and out of the hospital put me behind. Your customer service personal really are the lousiest people I have ever had to deal with. I received disconnection notice. I tried for an extension and wasn’t granted one. I tried to pay on line but was flipped like a beached whale first one page then another. Since I can’t afford the $15 fee to go western union, I have had to rely on snail mail. The payment should reach Miami within the next couple of days. Shut off the power, but don’t charge me extra to turn it back on. You should be ashamed of yourselves for not listening when I called and not having a good email, so people could follow it.

  35. I had a question about a check issue, which I called your customer service today, briefly spoke to an accounts supervisor, she was rude and ignorant, she hang up the phone while I was speaking with her. my issues are still not resolved. Thanks a lot FPL!

  36. We first contacted FP&L on July 7, 2014 to get temporary power to my property to begin construction. After 3 weeks of communication Mr. Jawara who just got back from vacation, told me that I needed a transformer and it will take an additional 6 week to get it installed. I ask if there were any other provider and Mr. Jawara assured me that there were no other game in town and there was nothing to do but wait or find some other source of power. I am new to the area and have found most things move just as slow as this.

  37. We have a very tall pine tree at our residence in St. Augustine, Fl. The tree is located on an easement we agreed to grant FPL due to proximity of their equipment. Its trunk has split off into two very tall trees. The bark on the one closest to the powerline is peeling off the tree and by all appearances it is dying or dead. It threatens a power line within approximately 1-2′ of it. We called FPL to report this and ask for someone to come take a look. We were told that unless the tree is in contact with or touching the power line, they are unable to do anything. Obviously, once this tree splits and breaks, it will not only knock down the power line, but take out the power and anything that is near it, if not killing someone nearby. Where is the common sense here? FPL needs to step up and protect its customers and citizens. Very disappointing.

  38. They say if your behind to let them know and ask for an extension which I did 2x. I had been in and out of the hospital and were making payments and I told them that I would pay them $223 on the 3rd if not sooner and 90 on the 12th. They couldn’t give me time since My check was at the end of the month and moved to the 3rd. Well, I paid on 8/27 $300+. They turned off the power on those days that were 90+ for 5 days because they wouldn’t give me the extension. I am billing this company for the food I lost during this time due to the failure of this company to wait 5 days more. I am an angry citizen with this company that lives on disability and they refused to work with me.

  39. I just received a letter from FPL about the ON CALL Program. I wrote to FPL earlier and stated I do not want to be in your ON CALL Program any longer. I do not wish to receive any contact from Personnel in this Department headed by Mike Andreolas. This man is the worst. I want this ON CALL equipment out of my house EMEDITLY !!!! THIS IS MY SECOND REQUEST.
    Darel E. Anderson

  40. I have been waiting over a week for SOMEONE to come and cut the growth on the sagging wires and fix the leaning pole!! even wrote to my City Clerk complaining, still NOTHING!!

  41. I have made various request to have extremely tall Pine Trees trimmed down in the Hollywood area, so as not to pose a hazard to our surrounding neighbor’s property and personal safety. We have had our request denied multiple times, stating Fla. Statues. Pursuant to a FPL tree trimming department representative, stating that the branches are not touching the lines, therefore not a hazard, yet the tree is less then 5 feet from the lines and a transformer. It is regrettable, and we disagree and will continue to pursue FPL in the hopes of resolving the issue and preventing a possible disaster should the trees fall during a storm.

    We have researched the cost of having each tree cropped and the cost is in excess of $500 per tree, which we do not have, since my husband has been ill and unemployed for a longtime. I’ve explained our hardship to FPL representatives various times by phone, in person, and in writing, to date we have not had any assistance, many rejections, but no assistance. We are responsible homeowners and do not want anyone hurt by the trees. FPL has crews in the area constantly, we see them working on common areas, so it would not cause undue hardship for the Company to attend to our concerns for our safety and that of our neighbors, but still we have not had any cooperation or assistance.

    We will continue to address this matter with FPL, in hopes they will do the right thing for their customers. Should the trees fall, we will not be held responsible, since we have given ample notice to FPL of our hardship and inability to resolve the hazards conditions.

  42. What customer service? The available phone number has been busy for the past three days, and I mean every minute of the day. There is no email address so absolutely no way to contact anyone. They can add all the charges on your bill that they want and there is nothing you can do about it. So now we have Nazis at the electric company.

  43. Thereis atree that is touching the fpl cables and also over my patio tree ,I need an expert opinion what to do ,please let me know when\ you can visit me,thanks digna soltura.

  44. FPL is a very unprofessional business. They transferred someone else’s old balance to my existing account because I temporarily lived in the same house with them. How should I be held responsible for someone else’s debt. I’m pretty sure that this is illegal and I have already contacted my lawyer to handle this situation.

    • omg they just tried that on me too! They said that when I started my service, my deposit was 438.00 so I paid it. My first month bill was only 36.00 give or take. Now all of a sudden my budget bill got cancelled because of a past due balance from a previous account. I moved here from ARKANSAS! I know that crap ain’t right. I called and talked to a manager’s manager and she “fixed” it. Just got a letter today to pay another 438.00 deposit! What gives?!

  45. I CAN’T EXPRESS THE AMOUNT OF HATRED I HAVE FOR THIS COMPANY. I am current on my bill, it’s not due until 12/16 and today is 12/12. I have had nothing but problems out of these people from the get go. I just received a letter to pay another $438.00 deposit due by January 8th. WTF is going on with these people?! I Paid the deposit back in April of this year to start service in the amount of 438.00 and now they want another one? I wish there were another company to get power through in my area, this is getting ridiculous!! If I had a phone to call them, oh believe me they would get a NASTY phone call right now! Anyone else keep getting random mail from them wanting more deposits??

  46. I CAN’T EXPRESS THE AMOUNT OF HATRED I HAVE FOR THIS COMPANY. I am current on my bill, it’s not due until 12/16 and today is 12/12. I have had nothing but problems out of these people from the get go. I just received a letter to pay another $438.00 deposit due by January 8th. WTF is going on with these people?! I Paid the deposit back in April of this year to start service in the amount of 438.00 and now they want another one? I wish there were another company to get power through in my area, this is getting ridiculous!! If I had a phone to call them, oh believe me they would get a NASTY phone call right now! Anyone else keep getting random mail from them wanting more deposits??

  47. FPL does not have an email address or contact form anymore on their web site.

    Also, please have your comments published with more current dates the top for more recent information. 2012 comments may not apply to 2015

  48. Good morning.

    My name is Jesús Alberto Lozada, I live in Venezuela and I am not your customer. You have been making a mistake with my email address and I will appreciate to correct it.


  49. 19th century practices in the Digital Age

    1. How does one without the ability to SPEAK contact customer support? (no email of any kind for customers to use to obtain support)….

    2. They CHARGE money to use a debit card (see #3) to make either an over-the-phone payment OR an online payment.

    3. They don’t accept Visa. Nope, I am not kidding.

    4. In order for one to actually make aforementioned over-the-phone or online payment one is redirected to western union speed pay. This to me, is unbelievable. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We live in the ‘Digital Age’ and these neanderthals are incapable of accepting Visa debit/credit cards AND they don’t even have their own digital billing.


  50. Don’t reply with bogus claim about being able to use an email form, as thisform simply isn’t attainable through the website. It automatically boots user back to the mobile site NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES ONE SELECTS ‘FULL SITE’. Mobile site does NOT allow user to do anything but select a phone number. I assure you, I write code for a living and your mobile site is a disaster, to say the least.

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