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Contacting Fortune Customer Service Center

Fotune is a website and magazine from Time Warner. There is no dedicated website for Fortune, though visiting will direct you to the CNN Money page for the online magazine.

Contact Info:

There is a limited amount of contact information for Fortune customer service. There is a good chance you are contacting the same cell center team that handles all customer service issues for CNN Money and other Time Warner properties.

Phone Contact Numbers

General and tablet customer service numbers are listed on the Fortune customer service page. Neither include hours of operation, so we can assume customers should call during normal business hours.

  • Fortune Customer Service: 1-877-604-3909
  • Tablet Edition Customer Service: 1-866-784-9817
  • Corporate: 1-212-484-8000

Mailing Address

Since Fortune is a Time Warner company, what better corporate office to contact than Time Warner corporate? We found no mailing address for Fortune, but we’ve included Time Warner’s address in New York.

Time Warner IncAttn: Fortune Magazine Customer ServiceOne Time Warner CenterNew York, NY 10019

Official Website

You can find the official website for Fortune online at Not all print stories are listed online, but online stories change more often and tend to follow the current trends. Print magazines don’t have that freedom because they are only delivered to customers on a print schedule. If you want more contact information for the company behind Fortune, Time Warner, visit the corporate contact page.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email form is located on the same page as all other contact information. The form requires the visitor to fill out name and email address, but optional information like account number and phone number do not need to be entered to send the email.

If you are interested in writing a letter to the editor of Fortune, address the email to There is no phone or mailing address listed for Fortune magazine letters to the editor.

Our Experience

The customer service department was easy to contact. We called, selected the applicable option for the customer service team and waited less than 2 minutes to connect with a live agent. When we connected with a customer service representative, we wanted answers to common questions such as canceling a subscription.

The agent gladly assisted us with our question. The agent provided several options. Customers could either cancel over the phone or by mail. An interesting fact the agent provided was customers could see a final bill even if they cancel a subscription. We liked the customer service department and the level of detail provided by the agent. Do you want to comment with your experience? Comment below.

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16 Comments on “Contact Fortune Customer Service
  1. We are interested in corporate subscription of Fortune magazine. OUr company is based in Bangalore, Karntataka, India. Pls. let us know your subscription rates to the above email ID.

  2. The article by Sloan is ridiculous. Corporations are supposed to maximize the investments made by their stockholders. Sloan waits until the end of his bashing article to mention tax reform. That’s where the real fault lies. Idiotic. My subscription will not be renewed with articles like this.

  3. Why my account has been locked?

    I been waching wheel of fortune for almost 30 years. Your attention is appreciated. Thanks.

  4. My I D number never wins or come up for 2 years now I can despretley use that money that you give away every day I am on the verge of being homeless and no these programs suck in the state of florida there is no more help to pay for rent and utilities and I am dire straits am in need of that $5000.00 dollars so I don’t wind up homeless now please help me win my spin I D number Thank You Kelly

  5. Regarding Alan Sloan’s article on companies leaving America , I have seen the attitude of our government on repatriation of off shore corporate money. There have been approximately three low tax repatriation periods. The government stated that most of the money went to buy back shares or ended up as dividends in place of creating jobs or industry. I believe, first, it is not the governments business how a private company uses it’s money! It will eventually enrich this country. And, secondly, we are losing many of these companies to low/no tax countries. Wake up and smell the coffee. Oblige, Jim Compton, RPh

  6. All I want is wheel of fortune spin number. I do not like to join Facebook. So please provide me with a wheel of fortune Spin number. Thank you.

  7. My account with wheel of fortune has been blocked and I am not get in to see if I have won anything. When I try to enter my account No & password it says please contact client service. What can I do?

  8. Alan Murray: I am interested in a update to a Fortune article titled Buy high and sell low. This was in the March 8,2004 issue by Matthew Boyle.I am sending a copy of the article by snail mail March 2,2015. Thanks for your time. I love your magazine.

    Bill Washburn

  9. Your magazine is a required reading for my classes.
    It is necessary to read ahead. Students love
    the articles on investment, economics and management
    particularly leaders and leadership.

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