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Contacting Fluor Customer Service Center

Fluor appears to be a support company offers engineering, construction, maintenance and project management for other companies. The company is best known as a construction company, for which Fortune ranked the company with a number 1 spot on the 2012 list of Engineering, Construction firms. As of December 2012, the company is responsible for at least 40,000 employees in more than 60 countries.

Contact Info:

We attempted to find detailed contact information for Fluor customer service all in one place, but that was impossible. We managed to gather bits and pieces from several pages and put it all together in one place so you don’t have to go searching for Fluor customer service details.

Phone Contact Number

The main phone number for Fluor customer service is the corporate number. There is no dedicated customer support team waiting for consumer calls because Fluor does not work directly with consumers or offer consumer products.

  • Fluor Phone Number: 1-469-398-7000
  • Aliso Viejo: 1-949-349-2000
  • Anchorage: 1-907-865-2001
  • Arlington: 1-703-351-1204
  • Austin: 1-512-343-1111
  • Baton Rouge: 1-225-291-9380
  • Charlotte: 1-704-526-3500

Clarksville: 1-931-552-0232

  • Dallas: 1-972-450-4100
  • Dublin: 1-925-307-1200
  • Greenville: 1-864-281-4400
  • Greenville 2: 1-864-234-7335
  • Greenville 3: 1-864-295-7800
  • Long Beach: 1-281-263-1000
  • Washington DC: 1-202-548-5800

Mailing Address

Your best option for contacting Fluor customer service is to write to the corporate office in Irving, Texas.

Fluor Corporate HeadquartersAttn: Customer Service6700 Las Colinas BlvdIrving, TX 75039

Official Website

Check out http://www.fluor.com for information on the company’s locations, business practices and more. You’ll notice there are office locations across the world, including South America, Africa, Asia and Australia – among others.

Social Media

We didn’t immediately find any social media pages for the Fluor company. There are some pages listed as being Fluor pages, but none are associated with the corporation. We would love to know if you have information about possible Fluor social media sites. Share any links you have in the comments below.

Customer Service Email

Email may be the best means of contacting Fluor customer service because it is the only means openly listed on the website. We found email forms for general, business and contractor inquiries.

Our Experience

If you are in a hurry and need to contact a customer care agent at Fluor, you will be delighted to know the call connects immediately. We were expecting a wait, but when a live agent answered the call, we were a bit surprised. We asked several questions relating to products and services. With a hiccup, the agent answered all of our questions and concerns. The experience was perfect. Can you say the same thing regarding your experience? If you have a moment, can you tell us about your customer service experience? Thank you.

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3 Comments on “Contact Fluor Customer Service
  1. I worked for Fluor in Bagram, Afghanistan in the Transportation Department under the leadership of Jackie Tolbert/Wilson, Darren Williams and Kent Ingram. Safety was the most important aspect of all. In 2012 after watching a National Airline cargo go down before my eyes I could no longer focus for lack of sleep and reoccurring dreams I couldn’t go on. I was the person running from the Mission bus that someone put on utube. Now I am home after 4 years of the best job of my life. I saw the world and I want to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to work and service my country. Thank you very much. Angela J Williams – 1616 Wipprecht – Houstn, Texas 77020

  2. I was in Iraq Kuwait and Afghanistan for five years all tougher working for the DOD.I would like to know if Fluor is still operating over seas. Please let me know. Thank you.

  3. I have worked at commanche peak for 10 years during outages. I understand Fluor has gotten contract back for the outage work. I have been trying to contact them for over a month and all I get is a voice mail and no return call from recruiters. What are we suppose to do when they will not call you back?

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