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Contacting Fingerhut Customer Service Center

Fingerhut is a credit-based catalog and website that offers credit to people with less than perfect credit. Just about anyone can order from Fingerhut and make payments instead of paying in full at the time of the order. Most items sold by Fingerhut cost more by the time the customer has completed the payment plan than it would if the purchase was made outright.

Customers contact Fingerhut customer service to apply for credit, report a problem with an order or request an extension on a payment plan.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Agents are available from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. CST Monday to Friday. There are no customer service calls accepted on Saturday or Sunday.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-208-2500
  • Place an Order: 1-800-603-7052
  • Customer Service (Spanish): 1-800-556-3208

Mailing Address

Customers should use the mailing address as a last resort for customer service purposes. Mailing a letter takes longer than any other means of communication and there is no guarantee a response will be sent.

Fingerhut Customer Service6250 Ridgewood Rd. St. Cloud, MN 56303

Official Website

Visit http://www.fingerhut.comto apply for credit, place an order, log in to your account, make a payment and more. The customer service tab gives customers answers to commonly asked questions, which is often enough to solve most customer service problems.

At the bottom of the page you’ll notice a link for the Full Cost of Ownership. Customers often forget to check just how expensive an item is when they order from Fingerhut, so the company offers to show customers just how much they are spending.

Customer Service Email

You can use the contact us form on the Fingerhut customer service page to contact an agent. The form allows you to fill in the order and/or customer number as desired to speed up customer service response. Even if you don’t have an account you can send an email to the customer service department using this form. There is no traditional email address listed.

Fingerhut is also available on Twitter and Facebook you’d rather use your favorite social site to contact a customer service representative.

Our Experience

You cannot speed up your customer service call to Fingerhut by pressing 0. You have to enter a customer number or phone number to move the call. We entered our phone number, which the system then repeated back to us. Then we were required to enter the last four digits of our social security number before we could even be transferred to an agent. This is clearly a customer service number for people who’ve already ordered from Fingerhut. If you simply have a question, you may be better off contacting the company by Facebook, Twitter or Email.

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49 Comments on “Contact Fingerhut Customer Service
  1. my address was incorrect they send annd item to a incorrect address in ny ….my present address is in Nj 92 ryle park ave 1 fl woodland park nj 07424 how i resolve this matter please help

  2. why i cant get abill from fingerhut if i were late fingerhut be call me every day and talk about takeing me to court just not right fingerhut i be giad when i pay this bill off sign ira joe purifoy by the my father and mother love fingerhut but thatwas a long time a go

  3. i have not got a statement each and one shoud be fired or who need to take care of it sign irapurifoy ihavethe onefor the other it not right. someone cant do there job let them go.

  4. Are there any Americans that can do this work? What a hellish experience, trying to communicate with customer service! PLEASE, get some US citizens to assist other Americans. Is this really saving?

  5. You are sending me unappreciated advertising!
    please take me off of all email lists.
    The unsubscribe link does not work on your web pages.
    is this on purpose? you are not making any friends with us.

    FingerHut by far the worst experience i’ve had with a company. when i asked to speak to a supervisor i get the run around. Condecending attitude, no one their takes responsibility for not doing their job properly. so now as a customer i have to get stuck with a late fee. because none of the countless coustomer service representatives that i spoke to months ago,did not do the change needed for my acount. this is not the first time this has happened, last time they changed my address without my consent. It is frustrating.. biggest mistake ever. I would NEVER EVER recomend this company to anyone i Know.

  7. i placed an order earlier this month ,and i was promised that the order will be here on the 2/11/13 please contact me on this order is 1 water purifer and 1 shaving set.

    • This place sucks I bought a Blu studio 5.0e phone it hasn’t even been a month since I bought it I accidentally dropped broke the screen I’m still paying on this item even bought the 2 year warranty and now no one wants to help til next year when it kicks in then it doesn’t even come with case I will never buy from u again.the lady I talked with was very in my book I give this store a 1 very poor.

  8. I can’t believe they are charging for a magazine. Just so you can purchase items as well. What a rip off.

  9. yes I tried to create a Fingerhut account and its stating that I already have an account under need my social security number and I never how do I correct the situation create an account

  10. I was upset to find that I could only use 500 characters for my customer service e-mail. There was so much more I wanted to say. None of it was bad

  11. I wrote you in November(certified mail) laid out soe things which put the game in your ball park. Your simple answer to me was for me to call you. I feel it is your responsibility to call me as I stated what I willing to do. You can either call or e-mail me and I prefer e-mail so I will have it in writing.

    I think it is pathetic that you do not have e-mail

  12. You are sending me unwanted e-mails! Please remove me from all e-mail lists.

    Your unsubscribe link does not work on your web pages. Perhaps
    this on purpose!?!?

  13. Ikeep trying to log in to my acct.but you won’t let me, I’m using my correct email address and password and nothing. Whats up with that?

  14. Someone else’s name is appearing on my account and they have not changed it. I have contacted customer service all to no resolve.

  15. On 11/14/13 I overpaid on my account by $27.54. I just placed an order for something else and asked that the over-payment be applied to my purchase and I was told, it couldn’t be done-it has to be applied to my available credit. That makes no sense to me as I would never even use all of the credit that I have. Please contact me ASAP. Thank you.

    M. Mackey

  16. I cannot believe this company. I was told that our Christmas order would be here no later than January 9th and now they are telling me another day. When I called they hung up on me so I had to call back and still got the run around. Was on the phone the first time over 1 hour. When I called back becuase the supervisor hung up on me I was on the phone with them for anoth hour. Only go through fingerhut if you want to be giving the run around and a very big headache.

  17. Well after waiting for over three months part of my order was canceled by the company itself without my permission. I am not happy about that. I will never go througth this company again nor will I recommend this company to anyone that I know, I will tell them to stay clear of fingerhut.I cannot believe that after all the run around that imwas giving the company canceled my order.

  18. I return my ring back because a stone came out, and they still want me too make payments on the ring that I have not receive back yet.

  19. I know you have been calling me but I told you in my last two
    e-mails that I will pay your company on the 2nd of may, so I want
    you to stop calling me. right now I don’t have any money to send
    to your company.

  20. I was with fingerhut for years I had platium status.I paid off every thing I ordered .when I tried to order in 2013 I was denied without explanation

  21. How do I get to speak to a live person?!!! I have an account and I returned something a month ago and is not found by tracking system

  22. I needed to call customer service today for some questions and your represenative was very rude,
    Never completyly answered any of my questions and hung up on me. I like your products
    And really want to place an order but if this is the service
    One is to recieve , well it makes you think twice.
    I really hope you can fix this and maybe you can answer
    My questions that I have.

    Thank you
    Doreen Oloughlin

  23. I have received numerous calls from your company (800-503-2463) and have told them I’m not who they are looking for and could they please take my # out of their dialer. When I asked what company they were caling from, they would hang up. That went on for weeks. Now, they call at least twice per day and no one says anything, they just hang up. When I finally talked with someone at a different Fingerhut 800 # today, I was told they couldn’t take my # out, I have to go through another department but the associate would not transfer me. I explained that I was at work and just needed to speak to the appropriate department but she kept insisting I hold on while she typed, even though I had been on that call (first with Leigh, then Elaine) more than 16 minutes. I don’t have a Fingerhut account, never have and never will. I just want not to be harassed anymore, PLEASE!

  24. My husband Michael O’Leary passed away on the 24th of April 2014 at the VA Hospital from cancer and I would like to pay off this bill. Could you please send me the final statement as I do not have his account number on the bill. I have tried calling the service number and it was a waste of my time.
    I am not happy with your service department and I would like to close this account as soon as possible.
    Please send me an e-mail with his account no.and final amount to be paid.
    I will never want to order anything from your company.
    Janis O’Leary

  25. fingerhut has been around for over 40 yrs was named ALDENS back then.i have been ordering since then and since it has been of the last year I ORDERED products 2 of them one a total of $400.00 plus shippin. Slats for twin beds have not held up ,beds are oak and asked if they could send me wood slats.After talking to 3 reps on phone they said “cant do that 90 days gone by ” hasn’t been a year since I sent them as gifts to grandkids.I WILL CONTINUE TO PAY MY ACCOUNT, IAM IN GOOD STANDIN WITH YOUR COMPANY.I WILL NOT ORDER FROM FINGERHUT AGAIN!

  26. I’m trying to send y’all some information that y’all need but I don’t know how to do it but I’m gonna to figure it out so I can get this information to y’all

    Thanks for the help though

  27. I cannot log into my account to place an order. It says I’m not entering a valid email address. My customer# is 2448886416.

  28. ever since i call last november 2013 i ask about my payment i was told i just had to pay 399 in november the mistake i made i did not get a name so i try to explain every since that happen happen so i have been paying late fee it dont make no since ya havebeen taking it of my checking acoumt i have got phone calls and phones calls i try to explain this ya said we are being recording that not true this frist time i got a statement about this i told the person i talk to to go back and play it this can be taken care of i did not get no whereoh i forgot 2014 of this november a year so november 2014 i got 3 phone call i one week i did aname this time wanted to get this matter solve the past due i try to pay the past due amount i wanted to pay half and when i got my disbilty ceck of the mont i wanted to pay the rest but as we was talkimg she kept saying i will behind not if i take care of this it will be comming out of my checking account it when on and on so she said do u want the 49.00 to be taken out and i said no if i was not going to do it my way i got so upset with this person when i got off the pnone i had a pannic attack but before i hung up she hung up on me so nothing was solve so i as i got another phone call 9/23/14 talk to ann tullao about the same matter on the phone 2 hours i still did dont agree of talking anything out i explain what happen she kept saying she was sorry i was looking at my on line bank statement 49.00 was not on there to be taken out then about 5 minute boom it was on there ann saind she did not do as we kept talking she said we could do a hardship that the same that benn comming out tter will not be no more than my normal payment i ask her all this time why was i told this so i did it she said i would not get no more call and no fees so i had benn told this i would had to pay the 49.00 that still have not agree on if i did why was i call again a again but again i get another one same matter then i was told to call customer sevice i have had this promblem with fingerhunt i order stuff in the past and made my payments that why i dont undestand why this happen to me beause i it has been cooing out of my checking account so ya could had took that payment out in movember 2/13 9/24/2014 49.00 dollars could not have came out of my checking account i did not agree to i will never order anything else i known this is a book i can go and and on about this ya did to get american on the phone and non american for them i told alot of my rriends about this and that are dont going to order i am done whit ya

  29. My name is Dorothy meadows I have a complaint.
    I talk to 3 people today. That seem to not understand
    Anything I’m trying to tell them. Y’all fingerhut
    Took 113.98 out of my bank account. After the
    Order has been canceled. I send it a fax with
    My account information from bank. Which apparently
    No one has received. Now third person is requesting
    Same thing. Why can t anyone understand . They
    Sure don’t have problem taking your money. Help
    Would be greatly appreciated. Cause now I’m over drafted
    Thanks to y’all mistake .

  30. Hi I am upset couse you have not refund a credit to me account I returns a patio set three month ago and they still charging it can you help me plzzzzzzzzz

  31. I resent you using my name in a negative way in your commercial on T.V.” NEGATIVE NANCY” I have heard people referring to someone as a negative Nancy and they not knowing that is my name.TAKE it off your commercials asap.I am posting on Facebook not to buy your
    products as long as that commercial is aired.
    Nancy Chinnock

  32. I bought 3 of there holloween blow-ups and whit in 3 weeks I had to mail all 3 back. 1 the sipper was broke when I got it and 2 of them just quite working so I advise u not to buy any of there blow-up.

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