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Contacting Expedia Customer Service Center

Millions of people throughout the world travel on business and pleasure. A common concern is the amount of money spent on travel expenses. Several “budget” sites claim to offer the lowest price, but fail to make those promises come to fruition. Not to be outdone, Expedia provides deep discounts on airfare, as well as car rentals, hotels and bundles packages.

The online travel agent not only services the United States, the company have website servicing the following locations:

  • United Kingdom
  • Singapore
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Mexico

With a reach so extensive, customer service is critical. The company has world-class customer service representative handling questions and concerns of existing travelers as well as potential customers simply needed a bit of pre-travel guidance.

Contact Info:

At times, traveling is stressful and customer patience is at an all-time low. In the event travel accommodations are not planned, customer service should expect immediate contact. Expedia provides several methods so customer can contact the customer care department.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • A live representative is available 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.
  • Customer Service Department (toll-free): 1-877-787-7186
  • Customer Service Department (direct): 1-404-728-8787

Mailing Address

When customers want to address the customer service department in writing, send correspondence to the corporate headquarters here:

333 108th Ave. NE
Bellvue, WA 98004

Official Website

The official Expedia website http://www.expedia.com/ provides information on travel and applicable accommodations. Customers can plan a trip to include flights, hotel accommodations, car rentals or a combination of the three. An updated feature allows customers to locate things to do in the travel destination. Even though the company offers some of the lowest prices in the industry, they still want to entice customers to use the service by providing promotional offers and deals to further lower the overall cost.

Customer Service Email

A quick way to communicate with a customer service representative is to send an email to the customer service department. The customer care email address https://www.expedia.com/pub/agent.dll?qscr=fbak&&zz=1247500409281&&zz=1346164891252 allows customers to ask questions regarding accommodations, payments, cancellations as well as general questions. Customers do not need to enter itinerary information, but providing the information is recommended.

We sent an email requesting supporting airlines. The company sent an automated response stating we should receive a response within 48 hours.

Our Experience

Expedia forgets that the company name is used in the word expedient. There is nothing fast about the customer service department. When we attempted to contact the customer care line to inquire about products and services, we encountered a confusing automated system. There was not an option to speak with a customer care agent, so we had to select the first available option. After selecting an option, we were on hold for approximately 20 minutes. After the wait, we finally ended to call.

We attempted to call again and waited even longer. It appears as if Expedia does not want to assist customers. We want to hear your experiences dealing with the customer service department. Shout out below.

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130 Comments on “Contact Expedia Customer Service
  1. Crying as I write this. I WILL NEVER USE EXPEDIA AGAIN. Long time user of the company, untill they just booked my non-refundable cruise incorrectly and won’t help me change it. Oh well…it’s just $4,600!!!

  2. I had always loved using Expedia to book trips until I had to deal with their “customer service” department. They misspelled my name on my plane tickets and my e-mail address. After being kept on hold, playing phone tag and trying to decipher the very broken English on the other end for 5 hours, I finally was forced to call the airline directly. American took care of the problem in fifteen minutes (at an additional cost of 50 bucks). I will definetly never use Expedia again, and I am in the process of canceling my rewards card that I have with them. DO NOT USE EXPEDIA, even if your life depended on it!

  3. Today, I had a very pleasant experience with an Expedia customer service representative. I made a reservation to travel from Miami to Barcelona in American Airlines with assigned seats, returning to Miami from Madrid in Iberia, with no assigned seats, after calling Iberia and attemting toe get my return seats assigned, with negative results. I was thinking about canceling and re-book the flights again, so as to travel back to Miami with American Airlines instead of Iberia for a couple of good reasons: 1st,Iberia is most of the time on strike and 2nd., I did not want to be seatedin the middle of the plane and wanted to seat together with my wife in an area in the plane with two seats. I did not have to cancel, as the Expedia Rep. graciously was able to accomodate my wife and I seats in the flight to Barcelona to Lisbon; from Lisbon to Madrid and also my got my seats assignments from our return to Miami on Iberia, as well as my two other two companions.
    Thank you Expedia.

  4. When I called up to speak to an agent regarding a booking at Days Inn, Vancouver, Downtown, (Yssa)did all she could to take me away from downtown to another Days Inn in Surrey — & kept on recommending other hotels in spite of me insisting on being close to our cruise ship. She wasted a lot of my time, so finally I did not book through Expedia– a first for me. She was slow looking up info on the computer & I had a frustrating experience with her. I will do things myself on the computer & not use customer service.

  5. Had to cancel a flight. What you don’t know is that you have to book with Expedia to get your credit. This has to be done by phone (as does cancellation). If you find a flight you want, you have to save the itinerary and then call them (your quoted round-trip price is, meanwhile, rising). Enjoy a rotation of Frank Sinatra, shill for Expedia, another song you don’t want to hear, another shill for Expedia….

    Why did I ever leave Travelocity?

  6. booking No(ltin#1551-4935-4801)Check in 25 Apr CHECK OUT 27 Ap
    to change
    check in 26 Apr Check out 28 Apr
    total 2 nights

  7. Watch for hidden fees. Fees never shown on checkout. First and last time. I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN! Priceline and travelocity are a superior service..

  8. My husband & I have been on the phone all afternoon being shunted from person to person & company to company and are still unable to talk to anyone at Expedia–we don’t have the itinerary # and can get no further than that online. I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN!

  9. We have had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with EXPEDIA even though we have never been a customer.On checking our credit card statement we saw a charge from EXPEDIA Vietnam for which we never made.We have sent emails to EXPEDIA AUSTRALIA,EXPEDIA VIETNAM,EXPEDIA USA and contacted their CUSTOMER SERVICE by phone to request information relating to the charge.We suspect that details of our card may have been used fraudulently to purchase travel and we had been asked by our bank to obtain information relating to the charge and then progress back with the bank for appropriate actions.So far not one member of EXPEDIA has attempted to assist in any way other than to tell us to ring at our expense Vietnam to establish the details.This is not only impractical as we don’t speak Vietnamese and the cost involved would possibly be more than the amount charged.We would have thought that the company would have been concerned about the apparent use of the card FRAUDULENTLY.The customer service centre was deep inside INDIA and the the quality of our call through what appeared to sound like two tin cans with wire attached has further dissuaded us from ever purchasing or dealing with this company and for a US company and a country that forever complains vigorously about poor standards we find it completely appalling.We are heading to our bank to report the misuse with all of our emails and will be requesting the money be refunded to us and referring the whole complaint to the relevant authorities in Australia.I only hope that no other person gets the treatment or LACK OF TREATMENT that we have received and I will be advising all and sundry never to do business with EXPEDIA.Even NON CUSTOMERS have rights and if you don’t complain loud enough then you will get trampled.

  10. This is the first experience I’ve had with Expedia. As I am typing you I am still waiting on a customer service rep. Been on hold this time for 48 minutes. I was ready to book flight with Cambry but she couldn’t get your system to except my Discover card so she was going to transfer me but we got disconnected. Therefore I had to start over again held for another 20 minutes and once your rep came on the line she said she needed to transfer me and that is where I am, which is now 53 minutes later! I WILL NOT book through you again!!!

  11. So far, my personal experience with Expedia has been great! I have had to make some changes to my itinerary and cancel some things on my trip and they have been great to deal with.
    Yes, wait times have not been the shortest, as they have had to call airlines directly, but in the end, everything was done and done correctly & in a timely manner. I wasn’t in a rush so waiting on the line while they checked things out was no big deal for me!

  12. My husband and I flew to America for 3 weeks holiday. Expedia messed up my return flight changing it 3x times without my permission and then told me if I don’t pay $650 then I cannot fly back to South Africa (home). I watched my husband fly back and I stood stranded at an airport in a foreign country with no money, no accommodation and no transport. Expedia hung up on my calls and even hung up on the American Airlines agent who tried to call on my behalf. I have now reported them to the BBB as well as a lot of US newspaper companies. I am a foreigner stranded in America not out of choice, but because Expedia chose the perfect opportunity to fraudently take money off unsuspecting foreigners. I will not pay their extra costs as my flights should NEVER have been changed to begin with!! I will fight them on this, even if I sleep at Salt Lake City Airport for the next week! Racist pigs stealing from foreigners!! All I wanted was to fly home with my husband. Now I sit alone, on foreign soil, with Expedia hanging the ticket over my head as long as I give them more US dollars.

  13. Absolutely absurd!! Rep. kept me on the line for 35 minutes….trying to book a hotel in Providence RI., The Hotel Providence on Mathewson St. She went through the procedure and then asked if I had been to COLOUMBIA < SOUTH CAROLINA before?????
    I asked why …and she replied because that is where your Hotel is!!! I explained that it was not…she quickly gave me a rate for the correct hotel(?) $179.and a "please wait" for 10 MINUTES!!! she came back on the line and told me that my reservation at the Marriot Providence was $249….explained again wrong hotel …she apologized and can on the line again..with the Rennissance.. $279…. I advised I wanted the HOTEL PROVIDENCE! they have no rooms was the reply…….please save me from idiots!! 35 minutes of cell time …35 minutes of my life for a ridiculous scenario!!

  14. I will never use Expedia again. I tried to change a ticket and could not so I spent over an hour on the phone trying to cancel it. I was told it by the Expedia rep that it was cancelled. When I went to use the credit I was told the ticket had not been cancelled. Then I spent another 1 hour and 53 minutes on the phone trying to cancel the ticket AGAIN and use the credit. Even though they have had my money for 3 months I had to pay them the airline cancellation fee instead of having it deducted from my credit. Then they took another $63 off for no known reason. NEVER AGAIN!

  15. Experience with Expedia:

    On Saturday October 5th,2013 I arrived to Hotel Tropicana in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and after identifying myself the front desk agent said that she did not have a reservation for me. After a while of this person being rude, looking in her computer and mistreating me; I pulled out my laptop and gave her the Expedia Itinerary number and showed the confirmation email on my laptop screen. She then told me that I have to print that page so they could let me check in. I asked her to take me somewhere in their hotel so I could print the confirmation and give it to her. The lady said that she didn’t have permission to let guests enter the offices so I had to go somewhere else to print the confirmation. I was told I couldn’t be in the hotel premises until I bring that printed sheet of paper. She said that I had to look for an internet cafe so I can print the page and come back later. The lady was extremely rude, I have never had such a bad experience in all the hotels I have ever stayed at; I couldn’t take it anymore, so I asked to speak with the manager; she said that no one was available to talk to me. After a while the shows up, I explained what was going on and the treatment I was getting from his front desk agent, then after being at that hotel for more than one hour the manager took me to the back office and allowed me to use one of their computers in the office and print the confirmation. I went back to the front desk and handed the confirmation to the rude agent; when I was checking in I asked for the wifi password for the internet in the room and they said that there was no internet in the rooms. I couldn’t stay in a hotel that has no internet access in the rooms. I am on a business trip and it is a necessity that I am able to get internet access from my room.

    I informed the rude agent at the front desk that I needed to have internet access and she didn’t really care at all, I said that on the website it states that the hotel has free wifi and again she didn’t show any signs of concerns to my problem. I decided to call Expedia’s customer service for help. I called from my US cell phone, paying $2 per minute and was able to speak to an agent. He identified himself as “Ricardo” I explained to him everything that was going on, the treatment I was receiving from the hotel staff, that there was no internet access in the rooms, that the hotel did not in any way resemblance the pictures on the Expedia website and that after being on a trip for more than 24 hours I needed to find another place to stay. Ricardo from Expedia said he needed to get the “approval” from the hotel and asked me if he could put me on hold while he called the hotel on the other line. I was on hold for 15 minutes, again at a $2 per minute call from a US cell phone calling from Mexico. Ricardo called the hotel and spoke with the manager who said they were not going to do anything. Ricardo then told me that the hotel was going to charge the one night “no show” penalty. I explained that it was not a “No show” that I was there and the hotel not only didn’t meet my expectations but they were extremely rude. Ricardo said he was not going to help me and that the penalty was going to be charged. I asked Ricardo to put a note on the itinerary and that I was going to deal with this on Monday (today).

    I needed to find another place to stay in a city that I don’t know and had to take a taxi cab and check about 10 different hotels trying to find an available room. I was finally able to find a decent hotel and was settled by 9 pm at night, instead 3 pm as planned.

    I feel this horrifying experience has brought Expedia’s customer service down. I am a regular client and had made several reservations using your services. I couldn’t believe that the company I trusted was not helping me in any ways; that you didn’t care at all, that I was putting in risk my own security by having to take a taxi and wonder around a foreign city without knowing where to go. The Expedia customer service agent didn’t offer to help me find another place. As a customer I do not feel that you were acting on my best interest. That on the other hand you were taking sides with your provider (the hotel) and not your loyal customer.

  16. Wow! Not a happy comment on this page. I will add another. I booked a BnB through Expedia for three nights in Glasgow. I tried cancelling the reservation, because my flight was delayed by two days from NYC to Scotland. The Expedia customer service representative refused to cancel it. Instead, the BnB and Expedia customer service representative made me pay the full $240 for a reservation that I tried to cancel WITHIN ONE HOUR of making the reservation. That’s right. I tried to cancel within one hour of making the reservation. These dishonorable fools will steal from you, and tell you to have a great day.

  17. Worst customer service I have ever encountered in any service in any capacity in my life. Flight was cancelled, but even with Flight Protection we were not refunded price of our hotel say. We have faithfully used Expedia for over 13 years, booking about 20 trips. We will never use them again.

    We were promised a refund on two separate occasions by two different service reps. I even saved a voicemail telling us simply to call back for a refund. After four more phone calls with at least 30 minutes of time being on hold per call we were told by a manager that a $200 dollar voucher would be issued to us. Nothing ever arrived.

  18. I compiled my complaint to Expedia 14 days ago. The room I paid for was not available (and not provided). I received one immediate canned response from Expedia.

    In the ensuing 14 days I have been on the phone to Expedia more than 3hrs 50mins. Expedia has never tried to contact me.

    “We have tried to contact hotel but they haven’t returned our calls… if the hotel refuses to return our calls then we (Expedia) refuse to issue a refund…”

    This despite having to book duplicate accommodation (through Expedia) to cover the unavailable room!


    • Lets see this is the 4th call to Expedia for refund for rental car that was not there in big bad Detroit when I got there….Had to spend an additional $583.08 for a 4 day rental car, which I already paid for…I am on a fixed income, and that was rent money….But what else was I suppose to do?…..stranded in Detroit, Michigan in a major snow storm…Expedia wouldn’t answer the phone….Now trying to contact them for refund…..Yep Philippians with a person with bad English…who kept making all kinds of excuses…then hung up on me….2nd call, I asked for supervisor after another 45 minute wait….Yep….hung up on with broken English again….3rd call another 50 minutes…4th call …still on hold…I am mad as hell….how can a corporation get away with selling you a service then it is not available….And I guess it is my problem…for ever dealing with this company…..Expedia is a hard company to get anything corrected, and you get stuck with the bill…..Non Refundable……This is a huge scam………!!!!!

  19. iam a student of iittm gwalior,and iwant to join your company as for mentorship progrmme,so please tell me about your mentorship programme.

  20. They make false and misleading statements when you make a reservation. It is easy to make reservation directly with the flights or use bing. Absolutely horrible customer service when I asked for full refund after cancelling a flight within 24 hours.

  21. it took me two hours to book this plane ticket for my employee, after being put on hold then hung up on. Had to call back to finish booking. I should have realized the red flag and went through someone else then. but I didn’t. Finally got someone to finish the payment and booking only to find out that they put the employee’s birthday on the ticket with the person who paid for the ticket as the passenger. Now I’m calling back to have them fix it, and been put on a hold and disconnected from call already once. Calling again. I hope they get this fixed. it was a $729 mistake on their part and then I am going back to Travelocity. They are much nicer, patient, and do their job right the first time. I don’t have 2 hours to spend on the phone every time I book a ticket. We are a large company and do at least half dozen tickets a week. Expedia is a joke.

    • I was in this situation too. Expedia is a joke…. Their agent keep putting me on hold and then keep me waiting 30 mins then disconnected from call twice. I can’t stand with this service.

  22. very bad service , there is no one answer from expedia.com.hk when I called them to confirm the Itinerary over an hour waiting. I dont want to use this company again , never, ever……..

  23. I will never book a trip with Expedia again! I’m traveling with a group of 6 students to Italy in April. One of our flights was cancelled and I am currently 7.5 hours into the process of rebooking. Not happy. Long hold times, frequent disconnections, and rarely do they call you back once disconnected.

  24. booked a skip the line
    : THE CATACOMBS OF PARIS TOUR on the 26th nov,2013 for the 18th june,2014. we were contacted via email by the tour organiser not expedia on the 8th march 2014, 3 and a half months after accepting our booking and money to say we don’t do the tour on the 18th june. being summer we are unable to get a booking on this date with another company. so disappointed, spoke 2 an indian based customer assistance service, 3 different people, 2 hours. response, we r very sorry, we r vey sorry. u get refund. that’s all very well but now we don’t get to see the catacombs unless perhaps we waste half a day lining up for 3 or 4 hours. starting to panick as we have booked another several tours through expedia. trusted the large company.

  25. i booked a flight with expedia to fly with sprint airlines. later i find sprint charges $45.00 per carry on. will never fly with sprint again.talked to expedia and thay would not help’

  26. Horrible experience dealing with Expedia. I was charged for ‘fully refundable’ hotel room when I booked the ‘pay at the hotel’ option on Expedia – all information taken directly from the Expedia site when I booked the reservation. When I saw the charge on my credit card a few days later, I canceled the reservation right away and received a message from Expedia stating that I would receive a full refund. Several weeks later, I still have not received reimbursement which is why I called Expedia today. I do not want to deal with getting a reimbursement from Italy which is why I opted to book through an American site – Expedia. What a mistake. The foreign Expedia reps were quite nice and tried to help but could not – but when I eventually got transferred to a US rep – after about an hour holding on the phone – the rep was incredibly rude and actually told me that I have to take responsibility for this reservation (what does that mean exactly???) and not Expedia so if money it lost, the problem is my own, not theirs. What?? I am confused and quite shocked at how rude and unhelpful the rep was – she was actually yelling at me and telling me that I need to call the hotel in Italy and deal with them and leave Expedia out of it. She told me that my thinking that Expedia had any responsibility for this reservation at all was ‘just my opinion’. What??? I will never use Expedia again for any reason at all. What a joke.

  27. For those of you who feel like there’s no way to get refunded money that was put on your credit card fraudulently, listen to this:

    First, Google the “Fair Credit Billing Act” and follow the instructions carefully.

    Be sure to write a letter, certify its delivery, send an email to the expedia email address, and document everything.

    Send copies of everything to your credit card address, as they will instruct you to do so. They will have you fill out a form explaining the details of the unfair charges on your account.

    THEN, your credit card company will take up the fight FOR YOU! …. It is working for me.
    I honestly do not know how Expedia continues to do business at all, because their stingy, cutthroat business practices is disgraceful and horrific.

  28. Hi Im CARMEN how are you today My comunication is that I need you postme prize for last deal cruise cheapest im going travel with 2 more people all toguether is 3 deals for October or Nov the cheapest one hope receive your answer, have a nice day listen did you has spanish speaking people there it will be better for me remember for OCTOBER OR NOVEMBER

  29. This is Absolutely the last time I will ever use Expedia. Where to begin, I made reservations on 3.3.14. Left for a different trip, came back today. I opened an e-mail from Expedia that stated I needed to contact the airlines to get seat assignments. When I talked to American Airlines they said yes, I have a reservation, but not a seat, unless I spent $224 MORE for seat assignments. After 45 min on the phone, I spent the additional $224 so my wife and I could sit together. Think about it, it’s like buying a car with no tires or steering wheel. A reservation should mean an assigned seat. So I tried calling the customer service department. I was on hold for 32 min. I called back, went with the “call back”, so I didn’t have to be on hold. After the call back, the agent could not assist me at all with my issue, so I asked to talk to her supervisor. She said sure, and I was on hold for 22 min, but nobody picked up. I called back,it was the exact same thing but I was only on hold 17 min., but the result was the same, no one picked up. I tried it one more time, on hold 14 min and actually got to talk to a supervisor. As it turns out, Jeff the supervisor explained it as being the all airlines fault.
    I would suggest if you purchase your reservations from Expedia, you should not expect a seat, just because you pay for a reservation. In this case they did take my $1600. From the customer service end, it certainly seems to me that the airlines is always at fault, WHY THEN PURCHASE YOU FLIGHT RESERVATIONS THROUGH EXPEDIA IF EVERYTHING IS UP TO THE AIRLINES. This consumer won’t waste his time and money with Expedia again. These are my thoughts. William Seufert

  30. I find it very interesting that my negative feedback has not been posted on here. I guess if you get rid of the worst of the negative feedback you make the company look better. Where I will come into play for Expedia is that myself, family, friends and my business associates have all committed to BOYCOTT EXPEDIA and their rude customer service. If you are in doubt of what I say is true, read the other 26 comments above. WS

  31. expedia is a sucks place to book any fly, they give you a price and at the end they will still from your bank account, taking out other fees that it wont show at the time you bucket your ticket.
    recently i buy a ticke it suppost to be only $269.00, but then looking into my account, they take $25.00, delta international fee plus $8.09 air france, plus $19.34 expedia plus $0.58 for i dont know wtf. they do this, total i pay $322.76 for my ticket, they are fucking robers so please be carerfull, dont buy with expedia they will be empty your bank account in one phone call.

  32. I had booked the flight tickets from Delhi to Edmonton (Canada), but because of some reasons, I had to cancel the tickets, on 21st March and rebook the same on some other flight for some other dates. While cancelling by calling Expedia customer care, it was told that, the refund process will take 15 days including refund to my account.

    However, even after more than 20 days, the refund has not been processed and some Sunil Rawat has sent a mail saying that, I again need to speak to customer care and the refund process will 8-12 weeks. When I spoke to customer care, she told me to speak to airlines for the refund.
    Even, they have not shared any cancellation invoice, mentioning the amount to be deducted and other details. They promised me several times but still no action is taken at their end.

    This is nothing but the unfair trade practice followed by Expedia and they are cheating the customers and is 420 company.
    I want to file a case in the consumer court against them, please suggest a suitable lawyer in Mumbai.


  34. we are a hotel from turkey.We want to join expedia.But your website don’tworking.Could you contact us and send your hotel contract?

  35. Hi I am Gurinder singh from India. I want knows that I applied Morocco tourist visa.Embassy required Hotel booking and paid voucher. If I booked hotel can you send me Hotel Booking and Paid voucher.
    TOURIST visa
    • One Visa application Form
    • Two passport size recent photographs
    • Hotel Booking with paid voucher
    • Electronic Tickets

  36. Expedia is the worst service I have ever experienced. No one wants to take ownership for their department. I have been bounced around from one idiot to another. I highly recommend just callin the hotel directly. NEVER USE EVERRR

  37. Disgusted with EXPEDIA to say the least! 5 different changes to our outbound flight, followed by our return flight being changed only EXPEDIA did not inform us until 20 minutes after the changed flight had departed!! Who the hell us running this company!! As a result We were left for 12hrs until we could get a flight which we had to push for the airline to change us on to as they had no more until the following day! After all the hassle at the airport our luggage was then sent to New York instead of the UK as well as all this stress we had to spend another day in Las Vegas which is certainly not cheap!! More than £200 dollars which we certainly had not budgeted for!! Over all I am disgusted with this company and certainly will not be using them again!!!

  38. The most appalling customer service I have experienced, 40 minutes on hold and counting! Clearly Expedia does not want to provide genuine customer service. I will never use your site again.

  39. I had very bad experience with Expedia twice. I went on vacation to Ooty, India and Coorg, India on May 1st and 3rd. On May1st, I booked one hotel over the phone and could not get the same hotel as they fully sold out the rooms in Ooty, India. I stood outside to call customer care for more than 2 hours. It was raining and so bad day and was put on hold for hours. Very bad thing is India’s expedia team booked a hotel for me without confirming the availability of both hotels. it happened to me twice….so frustrated.

    2nd time, i cautioned the same as i had 1st bad exp, they booked very confidently. They booked the hotel and charged my card then called the hotel upon my request. They realized that hotel “HillView” is not accepting anymore bookings. I called Hotel Hill View directly, they said we are not accepting any booking from Expedia as they did not pay any prior booking payment from last 1 month. It shocked me…..verybad…I never seen this kind of experience when I was in USA. I never called USA expedia customer care anytime as always it was smooth transaction in USA.

    Finally, Expedia India Customer care team asked me to contact “logica” team, they put me on hold for more than a hour 2nd time as well. They tried to book a hotel for hours. It was more than 3 hours, i was waiting outside, time was 10.30 PM. I was totally disappointed.

  40. Am about to contact Expedia customer support centre regarding a refund for the return half of flights from Johannesburg via Perth to Melbourne as we have been delayed due to the hospitalisation of my husband. Is it worth making the effort?

  41. The customer service is a joke. We have been faithful customers of Expedia for many years; however, after this recent experience we have difficulty in believing in their values. Had an issue with accepting Discover for online payment. Used the call me back option and called back as promised; however, they could not figure it out and kept me on hold for 40 minutes. I ended up hanging up and attempting to rebook the flight without success the next day (noticing a price drop) and had the same issue. Called customer service. Placed on hold for 30 minutes and then was disconnected. Attempted to use call back option and wait time had grown to 1 hr and 12 minutes! They called back 2 hours and 5 minutes later and when I told them how upset I was at how long it took them to call me back (it was now 1am) they hung up on me. It sounded as if the call center was outsourced to a location outside the US…tsk tsk Expedia!

  42. Awful company will never use them again for anything. Site didn’t update the prices when I changed the date and so I ended up booking the hotel I wanted but 6 weeks before I wanted to go!! Spent 40mins on phone to be told it was being escalated to try and get my refund. .. 3 days later still heard nothing and getting near the knuckle now. £71 out of pocket, so far!!! Rubbish company DO NOT USE!!!!!

  43. I have sent 3 emails regarding accommodation ref 752419825276 re accommodation .I would like a real to my email ASAP as we going to Travelling around Europe and arrive in Paris next week.



  44. I have sent 3 emails regarding accommodation ref 752419825276 re accommodation .I would like a real to my email ASAP as we going to Travelling around Europe and arrive in Paris next week.



  45. I tried to get in touch with one of the actual agents for expedia and it was impossible. No number would connect me to an agent, and all I wanted is to speak with someone. Maybe I’m just dumb, but finding a number to connect to an agent should not be this difficult.

  46. I got charged by Expedia for a booking, yet when I went to loo it up on my account it said there were no itineraries available. Hmmmm….a little shady for a business to charge for nothing, oh wait I did book through them they just never gave me the confirmation email! Trying to get a hold of Customer Service about the charges and lack of information I should’ve had is like tryinf to pull teeth. I don’t suggest even looking them up.

  47. SHAME ON YOU! I booked a non refundable hotel in Montreal, BUT when I said ok to the price, no where did it mention UNTIL AFTER you got my credit card about the $20 a day parking. You advertised $91 per night so that with taxes is what I expected to pay. I do not appreciate being tricked like this, you should be upfront. I called and they said they could do nothing about it. What a bunch of liars. I have two more weeks of hotels to book but with “no customer in mind” service….

  48. Have been on hold forever with customer service as expedia never sent me the booking information via email. Representative answered and put me back in the queqe – I am still holding.

  49. Expedia should be ashamed and embarrassed by their lack of customer service. Their executives, as with the other companies they operate, want Expedia to run on auto pilot so they can go play golf and watch the stock ticker. No excuse for not having a customer service phone number on their support page or for their exceedingly long hold times, disconnected calls, and raising prices right in the middle of booking your reservation, then blaming it on the airlines. I was able to confirm that the price of the flight really had not changed.


  51. Book a cruise via expedia for the last time, just wanted to change the room location. They claim it couldn’t be change, this is five days prior to boarding. Poor customer service, thanks for nothing.

  52. I have been going through an absolute nightmare since May 25, 2014. I made a huge mistake that I am trying to correct. 1st mistake was booking through Expedia. This is a long story, and it keeps going in a circle. I have been double billed. Viaa tell me to contact the Flamingo, Flamingo tell me to contact Expedia. (they have subcontracted to book a room) Expedia doesn’t appear to have a live person working, and they keep giving me options, and then disconnect. I am a senior that has been double charged for a room. I can not afford to take a hit of 832.62. I NEED EXPEDIA TO GIVE ME A NAME AND PHONE NUMBER OF A LIVE PERSON NOW. THIS HAS BEING ONGOING FOR WAY TOO LONG AND ABSOLUTELY RUINED MY TRIP.

  53. I forgot to name the other party in this fiasco and that is VISA. Visa tell me to contact Expedia as well. I am going to cancel my Visa after being a customer for many years. I have spent over 14 hours on this problem to date.

  54. I assumed Expedia was a safe way to book a vacation package, but I was very wrong. An issue arose with our reservation (a miscommunication between Expedia & the hotel resulting in the wrong room type – a 2 bedroom villa instead of the 3 bedroom we booked), and I have never been so disappointed in the customer service I received in my life. I spent $270 on travel protection for our group which infuriates me because Expedia could not even solve an issue that should not have required use of the protection. I spent hours and hours on the phone. Each time I called I sat on hold for extended periods of time before finally reaching an agent. I was disconnected (what honestly appeared to be hung up on) on 3 separate occasions. A case was opened for my issue. I was told an agent would work with the hotel to resolve the situation and call me within a few days. I slowly learned an open “case” means nothing at Expedia and no one will do anything to resolve the problem at hand. I called back after I had not heard anything and had to start from scratch explaining my issue all over again. Luckily this time I was passed along to the “lodging specialist” department (what sounded like a second tier call center at least in the US). I was hopeful the service would be better and they would finally resolve the issue at hand. Unfortunately, the same cycle repeated itself – opened a new case, was told someone would work to resolve, when I called back to check the progress (because at least I had an honest agent tell me that no one would call me back and I would have to follow up myself) it was clear nothing had been done on my “case” and I had to explain the situation all over again to a new agent. I escalated the issue to a supervisor. Again I had false hope she would finally help as she said she would have her agent call the hotel and resolve immediately and even gave me her name and contact information to follow up. When I called to follow up I was told she was unavailable. She never responded again. I finally gave up on Expedia and worked directly with Marriott who is luckily a reputable company with decent customer service. Based on my experience already, I doubt anyone will read this message, but I truly hope someone does.

  55. I would like to compliment Ms Megha Mongia for going out of her way to help me when I called the hotline from Singapore. She was patient, thorough and conscientious. From someone who works in the same line of work, I understand how unrewarding it must be sometimes to deal with nasty personalities over the phone. I hope she receives this compliment and hope she gets a raise. Great job Ms Megha! :)

  56. My comment is to advise you of our latest trip to Minneapolis with car rental booked through your service. The airlane tickets and reservation was fine, however the car rental was not. We were scheduled for a med size car at the Minneapolis airport. The car we did receive was a Ford Fiesta which,I believe is a small car. My husband is 6feet three inches and literally could not drive this car.We were offered a larger car, but at an increase in price We were very happy with everything but the car and thought you ought to be informed of such. Thanks for your careful consideration Dr. John P, and Kris Henn

  57. made reservation and told fellow I wanted a suite, not a studio and he booked me into a studio anyway, have been on phone for an hour this am and hung up on three times, transferred to a number that says to log into website and says goodby. no one will help so will tell you goodby as I will never use you again


  59. I just wanted to say thank you for the support I got from one of your Phone representatives(Attendents). His name is Magmus Pelera and He was like an angel from Heaven sent today. I was almost in tears from my situiation and He was so patient and helpful with his concern for my issue. He sounds like a great employee to have and a great asset to Expedia. It really helps to have someone in your employees to be compassionate and worked with me and my problem. He is an awesome employee and I hope he gets a lot of Prasie and recognition for his wonderful work. Thanks again. Lillie Stidham

  60. I have had the most horrendous experience with Expedia that you can imagine. over 3 hours on the phone with abrupt and smarting agents and supervisors. Also system experiences that I am writing a letter with details. This is still not resolved

  61. you can spend 4 hours on the phone and still not have a simple request of a booking cancel.
    i had book a flight for myself, my wife and 18 month old daughter to sit on my lap. i asked to cancel my seat but still keep my wife and daughter on the booking. was should have taken 5 minutes took 3 hours and it wasn’t even cancelled!. the 6 reps who to 3 of them i was transferred to without being asked to transfer told me it cant be done because my daughter was book under my name and she cant cant be transferred to my wifes name. this was all done after 3 of them called jetblue.

    i called jetblue myself after the last rep told me that they could transfer my daughters name. the rep on jetblue said it should be an issue but when she tried she couldn’t because of expedia! she needed her managers supervisor nearly 20 minutes with expedia reps to do the deed. like an idiot, i called expedia again to cancelled. i was transferred to a supervisor for this simple request only to have our phone shut off while the rep was telling me that i would be refunded. he called back only to have the phone shut off once i answered. when i called back i was again told i was going to be transferred i begged and asked to just cancel right there and then and not to be transferred, even if the phone gets shut off again bec i that time i called i was not allowed to use the phone based on my religious beliefs, he insisted. i agreed only if he supervisor would answer right away . 6 mins passed and still waiting.

    i had enough and couldn’t take it. i shut the phone bec it was already the jewish shabbath. i had spent 4 hours and broke my religious law and still didnt get my ticket cancelled. i will now be paying for a ticket i cant even use.

    dont use expedia if you will need customer assistance help. they are awful.

  62. Horrible Customer Care Service. I book room via Expedia.com.vn and they give a number of Customer Care Servcice with all foreigner agent. And noone can help or do anything to support customer instead of speaking and action impolite. I will never ever choose this channel again.

  63. Stupid agents messed my entire booking spoiled our vacation
    Never ever will recommend them to anyone.
    Cancelled my paid booking without my concent or knowledge.

  64. I have been using Expedia for 20 years and I will NEVER use them again! I was on the phone for over 2 hours trying to get them to fix my reservation…hung up on 3 times…then when I finally got someone to fix it they messed it up again! I had to call back again to ask for the room I wanted and they said it would be more money…really??? Your mistake…I have been on the phone for HOURS…no compensation…no customer service! There are way too many companies out there that are accommodating and helpful…I would have canceled but I don’t trust Expedia to refund my money! Never again will me or my family use Expedia!

  65. I have wasted over 5 hours on the phone on four different occasions speaking with multiple employees and supervisors and keep coming to a dead end! They are supposed to process my refund for the flight change fee incurred by American Airlines because I originally purchased the vacation waiver insurance that said they would do so if I had to cancel my reservation and rebook.

    I have now rebooked a new flight and am trying to get my $200 back. The last four people I have spoken to made it seem like the easiest process giving me a different response every time. I have now tried e-mailing, calling and faxing and now the fax number won’t go through. It takes 30 minutes minimum every time for them to find my flight itinerary that was almost a year ago.

    This is the most absurd process I have ever had to go through and the customer service has been so incredibly awful. Sadly most of the people I have spoken to try to be so nice and helpful but are so far from helpful I want to scream. My patience has been tested to the max and I can guarantee you if I ever have to use Expedia again, it will be because it was my absolute last resort… right behind walking to my next destination!

  66. Expedia is the worst site I have ever come across! Recommend NEVER to buy anything from EXPEDIA, especially an air ticket! I can’t find anywhere on this stupid site for a mailing address, so that i can request for a refund! An this is after 4 attempt phone calls that I had to hold on for 30-40mins only to get cut off!

  67. I want to change my flight,from morning till now 9.40pm, no one answer the phone and keep on hold and wait for long time, what the hell of 24hours customer care.

  68. I would not advise anyone to use this company. I have had both my flight and my daughters cancelled whilst away so had to spend the time trying to get home with no help from Expedia and them telling me what I had to accept which was not reasonable. They leave you on hold, say will ring back and do not and are totally unhelpful telling you its not their fault. Happy to take your money but not to refund


  69. Even though I booked my trip nearly two months in advance and paid full price, the hotel was overbooked and without even telling me they put me in and old dilapidated condo with no air conditioning. Since I was in town for my daughters soccer tournament upon arrival I had to leave and returned to the resort at 10 pm. The condo had furnishings from the early 80’s, smelled musky had no air conditioning with four box fans raging inside that sounded like an airplane hangar. The temperature at midnight inside was 84 degrees. I went to the front desk and they had no options for me and had no other rooms to offer, when I asked for a refund they told me I had to contact Expedia and that they were unable to locate any other rooms in town. This situation could not have been worse for me since I was planning on having my son stay with me, because of the condition of the room he would not and I can’t say I blame him. All I wanted was what I had booked a king size bed with AC in the resort. They told me that the hotel had overbooked and not left any rooms for online bookings such as Expedia. I will not use this service again as it ruined my week end with my children which is priceless to me. I will book directly through the hotel or resort so I am not treated as a second class citizen.

    I have been placed on hold for hours, they say that they will call me back and never do. This is a shell game and I highly suggest that no one uses this service.

    It is now personal and I will make it my mission to tell all of my colleagues and everyone else I know to never use this service ever.

  70. Absolute nightmare have spent hours on the phone and still have not resolved our issue,we are at this moment on holiday but before we left were promised an email within 48 hours as our flights have changed for the return journey,having checked online with the flight Id it still appears that the flights have not been changed,I have emailed expedia 6 times from holiday and still have no response from them,we have another 7 days not knowing if our return flights are the correct ones or not.do not even reply to an email is disgusting to say the least and then leave you in the dark about your journey home when you are on holiday and having to stress about it every day when you are supposed to be enjoying your holiday.

  71. One of my cousins helped book a trip for my parents and two other couples for a church event in KC. When a medical emergency occurred, my parents couldn’t make it. So we had to cancel it. The supervisor at the time said we could cancel and book a new trip, but would have to pay a price difference. After a few months, my parents decided on where they wanted to go, and we called to book those flights. The reps said that we had to pay a $200 fee when the supervisor said we didn’t have to. So we were transferred to a new supervisor who said we had to pay the fee. Once we got into talking, he said we had a $300 credit that we could use. So we agreed, and he said the total was $220.

    How is that possible? If we have a credit of $300 wouldn’t the $200 fee be negated?

    We kept asking where the credit money was going and why the total was $220, but he didn’t seem to understand. He just kept saying that we had the credit but would have to pay that $220 out of our own pocket. We decided we didn’t want to go through the hassle. But my parents said, they wanted to go and would pay that $220.

    The next day I called to book those flights again. I called and was transferred because the rep who answered said he couldn’t book any flights for me. I was put on hold for 30 minutes. As soon as the other rep answered the phone, she hung up on me. I had to call again, give my information, and was hung up on, AGAIN. I called a third time and was doing my best to be nice. The third time the rep said he could book my flights for me but needed someone’s help and put me on hold for another 45 minutes. After he came on and said for me to hold on for a bit longer, he hung up on me! In the end nothing was resolved, so we booked our flights with someone else.

    This is horrible customer service, and I know customer service. I work as a customer service rep.

  72. I have never used a so called business with such poor customer service, yes, they sound professional on the phone but will place you on hold for eternity! I spent over 3 hours on the phone trying to reschedule a flight with a cancelled flights credit. I was hung up on and spent hours just waiting for the supervisor. My card was charged twice and I had to call back 3 times! After reading all these reviews I will never use Expedia again.

  73. Dear Business Partner,
    Greetings from Europcar Qatar!

    We would like to have the email contact of EXPEDIA EUROPE
    kindly let us know if you can help in this regards,

    Thanking you,

    Mohan Khadka
    Accounts Dept.
    Europcar Qatar


  75. So upset called to setup a trip to Hawaii to see a family member that is ill and she may not be around much longer said I wanted sept 17-22 or 23. So I was looking at my itinerary we get there at 6pm on the 17th and leave on the 21st at noon. well this is not what I asked for. I called in and got the old its not our fault and extremely rude people!! next call I ask for a supervisor and she said hold and slabs the phone down. How is this my fault when I said what I needed??? If I had done it myself online then it would be my fault. Why are they so rude??? I am extremely upset that I cant spend as much time with her as I would like. O I guess I could change it for 400.00 more dollars. Customer service nope not at all.. I am going to send this to abc news on how you all treat your customers. How many times did I need to repeat what I needed??? Well I feel that something should be done! thank you for cutting my time short with my loved one!!!!!

  76. I booked a week end at Myrtlewood Villas in Myrtle Beach. Turned out to be a bad deal. The key to the unit also worked to open the unit next door. And once my door was unlocked it would not lock. The deadbolt also would not work. I went back to check in and the young woman was not helpful. She said they could get the lock to work. I didn’t point out that this would not address the issue of one key fitting locks for 2 units. Of course she said there would be no refund. I wanted to let you know. I got the contact information for the manager and will probably give him a call as well.
    So I lost money, had a bad experience and now think less of your “deals”. And yes, i tried to call you, left a message but no one ever called me back. J Cook, Columbia, SC

  77. The customer service at Expedia is unbelievable. They are rude when I called for questions regarding my package. Mia and Louie put me on hold for hours and I could hear the background that they were talking and laughing. That is incredible. Finally, Louie just hung up on me.

  78. The customer service at Expedia is unbelievable. They are rude when I called for questions regarding my package. Mia and Louie put me on hold for hours and I could hear the background that they were talking and laughing. That is incredible. Finally, Louie just hung up on me.

  79. I’ve called Expedia to book a trip to Cancun because the website kept freezing up on me. When I first called it they kept me on hold for 35 minutes. Then the line went dead, after calling a second time I was on hold for 40 minutes. When I finally got through the agent advised me that my trip was now $200 more! I gave her my cc & she advised me that my credit card had declined. I gave the representative a second card, she said the second card declined also. I called my credit card co while I had expedia on the other line. The credit card co co confirmed the transaction but Expedia wouldn’t give me s confirmation number. The next day I found out that they charged both credit cards. THEY ARE thieves! I’m him hold now for over an 1 hour to try to get a refund! I CAN’T GET PASSED THE AUTOMATED SYSTEM to talk to a live person! They just picked up the call & hung up on me! OMG!!

  80. I called again & selected the option to make a new reservation & they answered the call in one (1) minute! Funny how these call get answered so quicky while others remain on hold for over 1 HOUR!! Class action lawsuit anyone??? We need to teach these crooks a lesson!! I NEED MY MONEY BACK!

  81. I booked a “standard room” at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel through Expedia. However, on arrival was told that Expedia had booked a parlor room with a SOFA bed. Really? What kind of hotel has a standard SOFA bed for 225$/night? I will NEVER use them again!!

  82. I booked a “standard room” at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel through Expedia. However, on arrival was told that Expedia had booked a parlor room with a SOFA bed. Really? What kind of hotel has a standard SOFA bed for 225$/night? I will NEVER use them again!!

  83. Hello,
    I booked hotel at Vacation Lodge in Pigeon Forge Tenn. After booking
    from October 16 to checkout on the 19th 2014 the I was booked on the wrong days and charged. I called customer service that was very helpful in correcting the dates but states the Hotel was booked up now and they would check on another hotel for me. Also gave me $200.00 credit for another Hotel. Well they booked me at another Hotel for my October dates
    that was 30 miles away from Pigeon Forge. Check in went good until I got to the room. the room was full of Stink bugs on the window, Bed, Bath room so forth I caught 8 housekeeping caught 13 rooms were book no other rooms available. Bugs also got in suit case. No refund said I would have to get that from Expedia.com cause thats who I paid. Can you give my money back for my next trip?

  84. I got screwed by Expedia. I had a credit of $171.00 and when I went to book my flight to use the credit, Expedia inflated the price of my ticket by over 40%. You just lost a customer.

  85. my son was going to dallas to see a doctor. he used expedia to book a room. when he arrived he was instructed to park in the garage. however his truck being a lifted truck would not fit in the garage due to the clearance. he asked where else he could park and was told take a chance find a spot out on the street if you want but we cant help you. he let them know then that he couldnt stay there if he couldnt park on the premises. so asked them to void his reservation due to the restrictions in parking. now there was no harm or fowl it was just a mishap. he had to go elsewhere to find a place to stay but not upset about that. Now expedia bills him for $171. Credit back his money. This is ridiculous. If he was told about the restrictions in parking it would be one thing. Do the right thing Expedia

  86. I’ve always been happy with Expedia customer service and this time was no different. I realized I made a mistake in booking my flight, called Expedia and got the answers I needed. Shawn, the Expedia agent, was helpful start to finish. I was upset at the long lay over with the reservation I made. She told me exactly what she was going to do so I wasn’t on hold without knowing what was going on. She took care of checking into every detail and although I was unable to change the flight to a shorter lay-over as I had hoped, I know that everything that could be done, was done. I owe Shawn a great deal of thanks for the attention she gave me. I will continue to use Expedia for all my future bookings.

  87. We had a terrible experience at the Leonardo hotel in tiberias , your advertise it’s wrong. It’s not a clean hotel , the room smell with cigarette smoke and the food it’s really bad. There is not enough parking and if you are late you have to find a place on street. The rooms are dirty and the bed it’s horrible and can’t sleep , there is not enough towels or toilet paper

  88. They obviously never learn. Stuck at an Airport in Egypt without a pre-paid taxi transfer and told to find our own way. So why no email address and how are they still in business?

  89. Really, Really Hard to be Upbeat about This Terrible, Terrible Company. No feedback as You Stranded My Wife & Son in Miami last Night, leaving Them to Sleep in the Terminal. I Am So Sorry that So Many have Suffered Because of Your Inept, Dishonest Service. Expedia, Your Glory Days Are Over…..
    DC in SJC

  90. I cancelled my reservation. either put the money back that you illegally stole out of my account or suffer the consequences as a result of a class action lawsuit. it is my money and Goddamn it I want it back into the account that you illegally took it from.
    if,you think that I am fooling then wait too lone to put my money back into my account and watch what happens as a result.

    Paul Eugene Burmeister

  91. We have used Expedia for years with little to no issues until tonight. Unfortunately tonight was not one of those nights. Started off ruff but ended well. We went to the Expedia website as usual and put in the information for the date and location we wished to book a hotel. The wife had a coupon which we entered and I can only assume that this made some change to the booking date because when we finalized this screen, paid, and got the confirmation screen the dates had changed. We instantly called Expedia customer service. Well, customer service is only as good as the customer service representative on the other end of the line. The customer service representative individual we connected with swore he was located in America even though his Spanish accent was so thick my wife almost instantly asked for another customer service representative. The second individual gets on the phone and my wife once again explains the issue with the dates for the hotel room. In broken English he says “There is nothing I can do you would have to contact the hotel, no refund”. My wife asks for a supervisor “There is nothing I can do you would have to contact the hotel, no refund”. So I get on the phone with the supervisor and persistently ask about ten times over the next five minutes to speak with a customer service representative in America. I’m told on more than one occasion I am in America or I am an American. So I then ask, are you in the USA? Cricket, Cricket, Cricket! I ask again are you saying you are in the United States of America and that you are a United States of America citizen. He finally responds with “I didn’t say that”. I then ask what is the name of the country you and the call center you are currently physically working out of in? He responds “San Salvador”. I respond “Once again, I would like to speak with an American customer service representative that is physically inside of the United States of America”. Wow, what a difference the quality of service representatives are. Spoke with a guy named Langston. I’m sure Langston is probably at the high end of the scale of Expedia’s representatives. It took some work on his part and about fifteen minutes but he got us taken care of. Had we not demanded to be transferred to an American representative we would have been out a few hundred dollars.

    The moral of the story is demand an American and keep call center jobs in American.

  92. My last booking 75XNAB was terrible.
    Frontier is worst airline that I ever flew ( and we fly a lot).
    For seating they charge you money and they don’t even serve sodas without charge. The Hotel Deauville in Miami is also terrible. They charge $20 a day for the pool which is not even heated and $30 a day for parking ( if available) and $55 for valet parking. We had to call 2-3 times a day for them to clean the room. If no compensation , I will never use Expedia

  93. I have not realized how bad this company is until I missed my connecting flight and tried to call expedia for support.
    First of all: there is no customer support phone number.
    Second: They sell a scam insurance option called travel protection plan by Aon Affinity company. Of course, do not expect any reimbursement for travel interruption, this is a scam.
    I will never use expedia again for travel.

  94. Best Regards day January 24, 2015 made a reservation (vacation package) including auto san juan to santo domingo and everything has been a disaster. I understand that the company is best expedia and especially world. It was crazy to do rervaciones with you until this hard time I’ve spent with this trip. I request you to please give me back the rent of the car as the car rental company wanted me not validate my America Express card which made my reservation from the beginning of it. I saw the obligation to cancel it and rent a car with Avis rental company at a higher cost. Desire to help me with this unfortunate subject as soon as possible. This is my reservation number:


    Dennise Valderrama Cintron

    Best Regards day January 24, 2015 made a reservation (vacation package) including auto san juan to santo domingo and everything has been a disaster. I understand that the company is best expedia and especially world. It was crazy to do rervaciones with you until this hard time I’ve spent with this trip. I request you to please give me back the rent of the car as the car rental company wanted me not validate my America Express card which made my reservation from the beginning of it. I saw the obligation to cancel it and rent a car with Avis rental company at a higher cost. Desire to help me with this unfortunate subject as soon as possible. This is my reservation number:


    Dennise Valderrama Cintron

  95. I have recently made reservations for a trip to Cancun. The service provided to me was the worst service I have ever received. First to make the reservation, I was on the phone for 3.5 hours and then my credit card was charged 3x the amount. I have been struggling all day to obtain a refund. This is the first time I use this service and it will be my last. I’m not sure what kind of business Expedia is running.

  96. nothing but trouble, nothing but trouble, nothing but trouble from beginning to end. I am so angry right now I would report them, but where, Never never never use expedia.com

  97. I have never dealt with a more inept company that is clueless about customer service. Trapped in the world of the Philippines, I spent hours on hold and being transferred. I was told I was being transferred to the US only to find myself back in the Philippines. First I was booked and confirmed for a hotel that was sold out for NEW YEARS. My entire New Years was ruined. When I called them to tell them about it, they offered to book me in another city, where I had no intention of spending New Years. After hours I finally did get a US agent. I was given what I was told was a $300.00 certificate for future use. Well guess what, when I went to redeem the coupon was broken up as a $100 and a $200 certificate. Called and got the Philippines. I was told I could not redeem 2 coupons at one hotel. I asked WHERE in the terms it said that and NO ONE could tell me. I was shuffled around and hung up on. I called and each time demanded to be transferred to the US and was told to hold on and I when someone answered I was right back in the Philippines. Alternatively I was told there was NO WAY of transferring my call to the US. First my holiday and that of my friends ruined, then I try to use the damn coupons. After 4 hours and 5 hang ups I reached a “supervisor” she still refused to transfer me to the US and said she would try to resolve my problem. She didn’t and then wanted to transfer me. I couldn’t take it anymore. Please do not use this company, do not put yourself through the horrible stress, anger, embarrassment, hopelessness and helplessness I went through – Randy Padilla

  98. I have tried every avenue to get thru to Expedia.com am at my wits end. Have had an accident and can’t travel but no way do they want me to get thru to cancel my reservation. Disgusted.

  99. What costomer service? They will not respond to several of my emails or call backs and it is hilarious trying to attempt to contact them by phone they are Horrible worst contomer care service ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Expedia is awful , the staff are rude , TIMOTHY hung up on me , guess he just could not be bothered to change the booking !!! Sofia said the supervisor will send u an email after i called the USA from Dubai and spent an hour online .SERIOUSLY U GUYS GET PAID FOR DOING NOTHING AND YOU ARE NOT HELPFUL !!!!

  101. Expedia is the very worst company I went on and reserved a room they said you will not have a cancellation fee I had to cancel due to an emergency they charged me the whole room rate which was $69.00 how can you do that …. what a rip off they are im fighting this

  102. Expedia is a dishonest company that that not provide a transparent manner to contact them to correct errors in bookings. As lawyers we strong advise against using Expedia or if doing so be careful of the risk of dishonest business practice from them.

  103. What sort of idiots run Expedia. They waste my time sending me an email about special offer flight deals, I get enticed in for a trip I might make in a month or so, and the prices come up, wow, so efficient, the an advert for Lufthansa appears and obscures the price column!

    I take the trouble to find their phone number and they want to charge me money for calling them!

    Their CEO is apparently someone named Dara Khosrowshahi : You’re no good at your job, dude.

  104. Lemon Tree Hotel and Suites Anaheim Ca. Do not stay at this hotel, Hookers have rooms with their men coming and going. It is in a bad neighborhood. The maid even said that management does nothing about the hookers. It is not a safe hotel and the star rating should only be 1. Why expedia has it a 3 star is unheard of. Expedia employee needs to stay there and than the star rating would go down. All I can say is stay away from this hotel. Read all the reviews and you will see that only a few give it a good review.

  105. I was on hold for 13 minutes since my last post (9:38)
    Finally got a person and started to explain and got disconnected.

  106. Horrible experience! Not only were my DIRCT flights changed without my knowledge to flights with layovers, I know find out I am in seats witout power or TV. The only thing I can do is cancel my plans and wait a week for the money to be refunded…unfortunatley my daughters sweet sixteen trip has been put on a bad start… Will never use Expedia again.. Very unhappy with their customer service as well! 2 1/2 hours on hold to find out there is nothing they can do to help fix the problem. Scam scam scam!

  107. EXPEDIA IS A DESPICABLE, PATHETIC COMPANY! I called to cancel a reservation package and the worthless csr didn’t cancel the flight portion. when my credit card bill came I saw the mistake, but since it was more than 24 hours later they wouldn’t refund my money. they issued a flight credit. I have to pay $150 on top of that to take a trip before February 2016. a trip I can’t afford. the money for my flight must be a nice little reward for the csr for ripping off another customer.

  108. When calling Expedia, I was put on hold for nearly 1 hour. Finally after i reached a customer representative, the fax number she gave me doesn’t work after multiple attempts. I had to call back which is another endless wait time. EXPEDIA’S CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS TERRIBLE!! I WILL NEVER USE EXPEDIA AGAIN!!!!

  109. Never using Expedia again!!!

    Our flight was cancelled at midnight due to fog. 4 times expedia hung up on me when trying to sort out my flights. Shocking customer care. In the end had to rebook flights online. You guys are a waste of space and I’m going to make sure the whole world knows it.

    Have a great day. Xx

  110. Horrible canceled a flight within 10 mins of booking on march 10, 2015 and now its 3/21/15 and still haven’t received my money and been on hold back in forth with different ppl for a week everybody saying different things NEVER AGAIN HORRIBLE AND I STILL DONT HAVE MY MONEY just called back my wait time is now 43 mins……..


  112. Best day is awful! We booked an all day excursion paid out money had our boarding pass etc. And guess what ? The tour bus didn’t have our name even though we had our paid pass . Their response ? Oops want to go another day? Unbelievable!!! I am making sure we cancel our trip to airport with them because can’t afford an oops on way to airport . Never again Expedia ! The operators name was Juan .

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