Contact Evernote Customer Service

Contact Evernote Customer Service

Contacting Evernote Customer Service Center

Evernote is an application that allows digital upload of pictures, notes and other digital items. There are several products and services in the Evernote line, including Skitch, Penultimate and Evernote Peek. For fun you can also use Evernote Food to remember the foods you love and Evernote Hello to remember people you meet. Evernote is available as a free or premium (paid) account.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no Evernote customer service phone number that allows customers to speak with a representative. The corporate number is nothing more than an overfull voice mailbox. If you have a billing issue you will be given the option to leave a message when calling the billing number for Evernote customer service.

  • Billing: 1-650-257-0885
  • Corporate: 1-650-386-1569 – Full Message Inbox

Mailing Address

The mailing address for Evernote customer service is the address for the corporate office. When writing to Evernote customer service about a problem with the Evernote service, give as much detail about the problem as possible to help Evernote customer service deal with the situation. If you are having technical issues, mailing a letter to Evernote corporate is the slowest means of communication.

Evernote Corporate305 Walnut St. Redwood City, CA 94063

Official Website

The official Evernote website is available at http://evernote.com, but that is not necessarily the most important customer service page on the website. You can access general and technical support at http://evernote.com/contact/support/. From the support page customers can enter a live chat with an Evernote customer service representative between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday to Friday PST by clicking the Start Chat button.

Customer Service Email

Evernote customer service addresses premium customer contact before free customer contact. If you are a premium customer you should log in to your account before contacting customer service as your premium status will speed up customer service response.

Our Experience

We gave Evernote customer service a call at a number we found online – though not on the official website. The number leads to a recording asking the caller for information about the charge in question. Customers must leave a voice message with the:

  • Name on the account
  • Email address
  • Evernote username
  • Method of payment
  • Invoice number
  • Last four digits credit card charge
  • Amount of charge
  • Reason for calling the billing department

We were unable to locate a phone number that connected us with a customer service representative – not even the corporate phone number is accessible.

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6 Comments on “Contact Evernote Customer Service
  1. I have never actually used Evernote. I tried it out but didn’t put any info in it. Now that I want to use it I have to go through hell to get back into my account. You ask me for 5 uncommon words I’ve used, how can I do this when I have never used the App?
    This is rediculous!!!!

  2. I want to cancel my premium account. We did not use it. I would like the yearly amount refunded. Thank you

  3. This account is all screwed up. You insist the password is incorrect– it’s the one i provided. When i try to signin a voice keeps repeating my info. You have the user name misspelled. I want to keep your spp but i need help to get this corrected. Please reply

  4. Apparently, as a relatively new product, there is no freely available customer service to help new subscribers with their questions. Over the years I have seen this behavior change in companies that provide programs in the cloud. To compete & survive they found they had to respect the customer & provide support for them. My experience just accessing my premium edition this morning was highly frustrating. I was shocked to find there was no easy access to get support.

  5. I subscribed in 2012 and then cancelled. Three years later you are still processing annual charges to my credit card.

    Please advise on how I go about getting a refund (US$45 charged on April 25, 2015) and getting assurance you have removed my credit card information from your billing cycle.

    My credit card company advises as a last resort they will change my card number if I cannot get any cooperation from you.

    Paul Paquette

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